HOT RODS 10 1 17 HOUR 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 1st

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Jesse James's new sculpting gig, upcoming cars for Kia, and Ford looking into autonomous cars.


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It once and a your guitar you know not all because a loved doing it you love yelling and do as awesome. I have got to thereby is October 1 and a big set to everyone who came out to Carolina motor for us we're all some time. It was a long day it was hot David it was a great day it was good cars great I'll let you know this is the story of mobile me how can you go wrong this is a wonderful just a great place exactly it was so that hornet's league right now up. Bunch of stuff to talk about arm. Let's regular show the show number 43 were like less than nine weeks away from art when your anniversary enormous. Tire via one did you look at me with those bedroom and says while I like that crazy to offer it on my own homeland. When you're OK it's one year. Mean you forever exactly. Do they view is iso. You don't with the rhetorical magma or don't you tell by the tattooed fabricated the areas that on all of Jay-Z. Maybe I even heard of Jesse James at this point he's now game for little just a little while just jays for much pave the way. For all the shoes he sees exactly solicit let's talk a little bit about who Jesse James does before we in the news what he's doing. So Jesse James. Has an amazing career. His name first popped up as a bodyguard for several brands including Sam Gordon did you know that really we who's gonna play football yeah amazed at all kinds of crap. In 1992 Jesse James of Wesco shoppers and his mom's garage it's yeah I mean obviously we know the story was to shoppers still opened the Mobil's Roche. Don't wanna own. Came to Vienna sausages exits as. New York via missiles Alex then appointees mr. moon either good now now. Any hazards just Danza also bill and I'll racism figure eight race caller is walls offer a trophy drove which I think it's pretty cool and makes Gomes. It won't organized and you get carried away calmed down. Amongst his knee into accent. Iso. As you just ruin it for their money. Just yens and also pursue other business ventures such as Cisco overs which was located very across from. From West Coast Choppers. Mom his nationally published rod magazine and Jesse James firearms unlimited. So yes burgers. It's the chopper motorcycles. And what more you line he's also ladies line of apparel. On a chopper a lot of pero he said his own. Woods and publishing. Business forum who's made a decision verbal. Yes that that's highlighted the career best earlier the old days I mean he's dated more Hollywood starlets is of the day in and screw that I needed would give the economic they made up for the eggs got coaches. Would care. And no election that little access to visual. From. Deterrent in her yeah yeah you better yes Oprah droll and they go yeah her New Year's Day ago that one ha. New united that's all he needs agent jeweler is worth the Google she's worked the Google. All right so in the year 2000. And on president merger happen. And this is where we all came in and Jesse James this government will documentary called motorcycle mania a member that actually the time. Motorcycle mania was a very very huge hit and is on something. It changed way discovery looked at things that change the way a lot of people look at things. On soon after that following issue's success. Discovery approached just James who was the with the idea of a new show and I was monster garage. Muster Roger was a great show I'm the sponsor wrote a you know and as funny as year you know 2000. You're talking about you know seventeen almost four years ago now. Go back and watch met says monster garage annual light on my guess this is awesome and it laws. And is still list. We it was there was something totally different. The only wasn't wanted to blow hot rod Schumer with a built wilds of the liberals of fabric haters CN. That were out of this world however the big guy named wink yeah she passed away. Other forget they were doing a drought remember George bears was actually on the show went on yeah. Well that it will standing ambulance and they need it like a little short drive shaft Cutler. To look basically the true mission to ocean after the reread it up you that the drought they put in this. Angels will stay and bill cults they tables. They're like wait called one up like the table in his hotel room that night the risk of a mad genius yet. And and that show brought them now I mean. The 96 abolish says that turned to a Zamboni Aaliyah. About the you know the fumble must return to normal yet the snap on drug bill launched delivering packages that aside I mean there's that they Eddie Bauer explorer eternity to trash the weight he's taken a trade show today the school bus that was Aponte and coming you can go on for ever and a pelican. The pelican was also well above the the Colorado they built in Folsom prison yup thousands of dollars in when and in any other hurston digs its own grades and chemical which over the flop with a blue and it's too cool. But I mean all these great creations came from me you know the producers discovery's wheels Jesse james' mind and and it changed the game it really did. Kiss from here you know OK we it was just choppers and then we came once counting and it is kept grown and snowball and and discovery. They they realize some oh yeah. In the the you know there's money in motor sports and now we flash forward today in because of all that. You have your just exchanging heavy street hello herb and yet here. Richard Riley you have your street outlaws all the spawn from. That there exactly arming loan repaid him just jays play the way these guys so I'm in us without a shadow of doubt. Let me just James was gonna be involved when many other TV projects and even their the competition would guess monkey in Orange County. The biker build off which was a another huge success. And then you know like we said this every shell realised how well to wheels would do. They apply that four wheels and manages open the market. Assuming TV show is to make great things came out that in an all spawned from Jesse James. Way that when motorcycle mania that's where it all started. I mean that was like. Duke Google said way. -- all of this I mean you look at discovery gentlemen it's like two thirds automotive yeah yeah yeah double Wall Street Journal which is all automotive. You're talking about you know channel one time. Was going over to. Uninhabited tribes and you know all in Australia for. And going and checking out all cans wildlife and different things like that check out the world love that little should be exactly. And they end quickly Cranston now its automotive. TV's channel. I mean really. Could you imagine just is just got to get to borrow dragged with his holiness. I. Could you imagine what like a Steve Irwin saga. Go to Myrtle Beach has crunchy oh brought to you look you could Cuba DT choosing team and he's the street hustler ciampa build. Meese did GC genes we simmering in his natural habitat. Peeling a bike Luke getting. Do you get it placed your immune anger and get a resume he needs CUC machine located between these two tubes or look at the way it dealt. He pretty will spark me up all I suspect psyche. Oh god yeah evade toll divert voter no bigger imagine that you tickets can you imagine Steve Irwin ordered Richard growing smash up. Used car salesman. Who hope she shows T shirts. That meant little it. So Jesse James and have come who find himself in Austin, Texas and open up bosses speech up. While we're have yet another Discovery Channel TV show which obviously didn't last long. And eventually led to demise there as as well as Indian around the shop in general he left the shot total. On so it's been a few since we've heard from Jesse James until this past week when my brother in law also happen to send me some cool information. Code brother in law so Jesse is seeming. With carbon new series. It's called the parlay James project. An island on June councils where then does tennis on where. But it's James is playing and joined forces with sculptor sculpture artist Albert Parlow parlay. Mom to make two sculptures each James and parlay wheel star on the sculpture and you don't finish. Very intriguing okay Eric here's where gets better. There's actually underlying theme com accounts up to this to the show. And as the teach kids to do some with a hands. You know. All the people in the world are wont to. I thought I. Some of these features Jane's what are you shouldn't do with a say it's not Jesse. And it's insane scintilla mis malevolent ghost moment with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. You know whoever the mode go in the we'll turn. Easy to actually use of pot and close to whatever way we're. I don't think it's going to be like that at all but what is going to realign. Is commercial breaks I tell you can't take them we've got to take it does states and uses coaches the first bit. All the action dale resin via Radio One a 63 WORD. What went wrong routes and Rio. What's gone on they've seen two of about jones-jennings. Sony's goal we would do anymore Megyn nine lottery you know you got that wrong went wrong. So they. And Jesse James joined forces wins our power play. And political news build couple sculptures. And wall haven't won we'll start sculpture and young fashion. It's cute and it's human it's in Asia. And as a said before going to break is there is underlying theme to this show in as to teach kids to do something with a hands when he wants to. Issue the industry you know of metal work and all this. Has a lot to offer any you know show the value of jobs that give people self worth and a good day's pay into. But make him not pottery. The making sculpture yeah that that don't include pottery all the time. A man Clinton medals sculpting tools we my little school. Yeah they go okay. October. But here's the thing he thinks picking on this TV ship. None discovering. Really I'm not who would've PBS. All right. And and and the US is hurting for ratings Willie Howard Jersey GO KC here's my thing I'm not sure if it's PBS hurting for razor Jesse James hurting for TV others will culmination of you know. And Jesse's actually optimistic and I can see his point casino have to deal with a drama the discovery wants to start chemicals rather out of stations as well you know he have a point there too I don't know I think this big and you know breath of fresh air. The result and that's for sure I'll watch it. I'm I'm curious that the one would have very little little sicker. I don't know I mean I think it's very good I think it's awesome to see someone in his position. There's been where he has been and done the things he's done. To want to do something and want to be apartment project. To help to use Tina. I mean teach these kids something other than tapping on a cellphone I'm with you as hasn't fixed but you just say a couple of ways but only jones' simple gestures joking about what kids do just giant giant you know. You know I don't. Guess what all old actors get bills just like new actors until in the into animal either you get is something to pay the bills but I don't know I think. It was almost a regional West Coast jumper sure I thought that out there. Mean if you look back the old RBs Jesse James he's always been very humble about what he does. On you know I think even daring motorcycle mania adhesive and be on it. That you know he's nothing more than glorified welder and he's always kid that same attitude that drugs Nuba hyper realism fiction. When you know if you got it I mean I mean these schools and all the whole lot of real welders and they don't have those mommy you know. It's like he's averaged Rollins is not mark the knees or salesman. He's just in the right place at the right time will you view that. And just gently as the exact thing is in the right place over a larger roles and I'm more than glorified news source Deere and well Richard Rawlings also is not a humble guy at all. So no known around port Richey tricky British Open is a great you're not saying there's anything wrong with not being humble but he is not and that's fine it works for him. It's got a long way this. Beat out. I sing and about I was I was kind of reminiscing on the careers of Jesse James is he someone a lot of us. Has seen go from highs to lows and highs to lows. And have watched his career. From start to finish. Look cute the phones to exactly are not. So bad so bad about Jose is is and that's what a come publicly and I think just just just is a hell for that cater he's a fairy tale again. Not this mowers and visual when it comes to love in my opinion not content limit let our stopper in their looming just man asked this question. Do you think it Jesse James ever done what he done. You know started Wesco shoppers became a successful. As he did you think Sandra Bullock whatever looked in the second time. She wouldn't it Glor Wilbur who happen. Well there goes my hopes to Eagles. Although all of them illusion did you lose the subs the of that out there. She didn't miss congeniality or Spain was going to be. Is okay as a putt putt at. Cannery is those funds and equipment but Tokyo Rosen you know little business isn't as his. Socialism and national and them they won't doable matrix thing. Now how could elicit. I only know movie was gonna have a kid Jack the Rangers somehow you give into in the room wasn't builds that's also excellent senior venture. That Clinton's bogus journey. Oh. Offered Arizona. You were three were like well you know our momentum. This is so it also dig his way. Way way way way off subject. There was a time when Pizza Hut. Gave out dvds when you order a meat lover's pizza and one of them was bill and Ted's bogus journey and that's when I first seen it. And you know you lose your cool places league Q did they give you away with the peeps yeah went and win their hand me. As bill pointed out that's terrible that's four plus highlight of your career isn't it's a meat lovers but I mean that's all you can kill it. As a highlight of her career and for a dinner and a movie and a sheet and ish. I'm as a slave let's leave Jesse James loan for saying it was hop and shift gears a little bit. A samba Kia. Key. The Korean corporately the Korean car company. Com am out of you've seen this or not the canal with a new car the stinger GT it's a very very nice car is I've not actually seen pictures this thing is. Very very very cool it's it's upscale European luxury caller and it in the you know its price tag on the 50000 dollars and commentary lucky enough they'll park Lewis. Alert killed or days so that you know we really really really had back to create Gordon is Hyundai Kia or covenants rule yes they are. Are so here's the deal dealerships. Will have to fix antiquated dealerships if they want to even sale listing and GT. I know let me give he'll flashback as to why. This is as we said this is key is first stab at a luxury European sports fan but they know if it is to sell. The mantle passed the car alone and look at the dealerships. I personally am only heard good stories about Kia are member someone I can't remember who. Back when Kia first came out strong weather suvs and minivans and everything and it's my bottom and and there have trouble with a meant to go back to the dealership management holdings as well I mean no questions asked replace the engine neither. What about I think it was him on the product of this will be excellent portfolio. Books. You gotta look at. Green course changed in years you you think with a Hyundai utilities you Hondas they have an element they're gorgeous colors but their intimacy where they belong to exhale yeah. Or the Kia Rio yeah I mean there are the key is Cynthia yup. I mean do you bow wanna give you want and stuff like that result gimmick stuff but another man and they are the cylinder making a quality caller. Yeah and that's that's just what this is about. You know and in times past. Key is not had a good reputation there's actually been some horror stories. A Tom and four make parlance sorry editor of a lot nick actually sing emails that killer Kia dealerships. And got some very interesting response from him when he was asking about on just a simple questions about pricing and stuff. A lot of home mom did anyone give him pricing in. Armies in this generic email out in the bottom like hassle him about even given a price and they wanna know what he was well on pay per month. Before. He can't even on get a price on the caller. But that they want. Are they someone else's -- maintenance of the show Israeli so we can takes abortion rights say well we'll talk more about key is coming up here next right here and harrah's and happy are all 163 W forty. It goes and runs rampant drug deals but these key is can now understood and regain mr. dealerships well yeah yes you're absolutely right thumb so when Kia first hit the market bomb. They were thereafter the guy who couldn't afford going on there Toyota you know other loan value budget caller that. And customers who were not versed in the ins and out of autumn car buying this is as they went after the people over there I was a little bit. Get a minute car. You know they may not the best credit score in the world or whatever but they can human call and that's what they went after. Were the best cars and all. Are all right you still see some old Rios on the road ever known him. But ten years later in key is moved out from his value brand to target the more mainstream Meyer. And even now they're looking and then move and you know further upscale like this thing or GT. Well the problem is there dealerships. The needs an adjustment. Adjusting. Yeah com. Heaven algae for this. Are so you take nearly idea right. And recently McDonald's is revamp themselves. Main downs is now the new Ruth's Chris. Once mcdonalds now sell stakes. High in like you have black time on them right now. Toll change. Here's a problem. It still looks like McDonald's. The floor. Here's the problem he is facing you go full we Ronald exactly here's the problem he is facing his one assemblies of steel cars. But the dealership still look like there you know and he's shopping center by their criminal laws exactly so. In order to even carry this new stinger GT. Dealerships are gone step of the game and revamp their old Mario but the spending thousands millions of dollars. Exact rules of war or Honda Hyundai just recently done this in Nam here about oh I guess 56 years ago Chevrolet read it. You know yelled blue faces in the Chevrolet dealerships now. That was a recent thing just of scaling their dealerships. And now Kia is having the same thing so. I think it's cool I mean you know I literally you know obviously key has been around for years and years and years overseas. But seeing it come to America is something actually get to see Newton says the birth of an auto maker here in the US if you will. And see it actually growing and becoming something major in becoming a real tender loving is such a critical Korea. But you know hey this just farther growing pains are known at their oil well us please commit a big adjustment this transition. Aaliyah. Oh yeah and chancellor racing's. That's my Kia story. That kept. Ice memory along down another automaker in the news Ford. Its forward has choose you know retired analyst. Ford has shows joined forces would lift. You know the uber. What do aloof clearly let you know an analyst. Do we drove for. A well they're living the living in developing their autonomous cars. To communicate with the lift Smartphone and a. To tell me you're calling your aside joke now. Yes I am like your corkum and a lot of attacks him his feet he can you imagine that alone may end. Lifts. And Symantec's again you measure the free stuff this goal and they went here's the beautiful thing you can take this console Smartphone now all of this in here have an hands. And you can send a message now. And guess what which you'll save them is it's creating a free killed in the backseat yeah I mean I guess what though it commands a car to come here. That's your telephone. But I understand that I got the technology either camp. But now what you gonna do when you've got to we've got this drug do the district of Michigan the ball and it will call lift it pulls up you know by drought and give her new bedroom she's looking back you would have been through most. And they both got to Miller allowed us. The next thing you know they get a backseat nature and make a baby. In your call. Well I think the cars home belonged to lift and thank you for that description which usually don't get that you as the danger in this little lob danger in this could you imagine that war veteran watch people doing while single dollar in a caller I like how that's where your mind when. But I just can't allow people work. And about it Miller leno's awards or those mullah but you know loves. You are you commit the first disputes. Bush Iowa governor broke a bit is saying is give a bad idea. I says that Thomas cars from the get go out and hold Thompson and more like him because children out of road to real old. Shaking her groove thing that appears on the I don't know whatever what are the kids in our regular of the slang term for. Make members via from a document from a can make it sweet Lou what are they do you know I think we should flashback to the fifties terms of making will be. Macon will be exactly and I think Megan's mother but this whole gulf rigs to bet your governor you're not autonomous caller. If you're like you look over and you see you both drastic physical. Look at all don't take a picture of the level goes up 32 Apollo. He goes you've got called disposes of the president got a bit robbery and it. You know that would cause made amenities were over over Chris did anything and everything about it is cheaper to live together over the go to oh yeah Nevada rounds Donna. A a so Fords basically for anonymous vehicles. We're not building prototypes for the sake of building prototypes meaning they're serious about. Is there really pushing for the pushing forward with a four intends to put thousands of these callers on the road and Ford's new CEO Jim Hackett. Mom is meeting with the holes is governor week. He's an analyst and earlier this year and since man usually runs about Altria and the other former CEO he got fired actually for the deal that fell through was futile. Dealing with a Thomas goers. C newscaster announced and heartless. So basically you're saying nobody is on the we will be sick. He. But he meets with a investors who this coming week to outline strategies. For boosting profitability or modify the source of the yeah with a concern if you're not gonna if you're going to proceed please put on a machine and go. There's a million dollar idea and to say and there's a million narrow and dollar idea today so that takes you take your Smartphone push that in. It's a bit more of them out. And they will GM Tesla for BMW and other tech companies are all in this race to get self driving cars on the road first. And again I have flashback to what we've said so many times before I am a 100% against this this is such a bad idea I mean you know and now Tesla is even heard yet missiles even cushion toward. Electric semi trucks which eventually will lead to I'm sure self driving semis. Boy she is Steven. Wars is crazy and a gloriously in the future. See back in my my childhood we had always see in the future is called the Jetsons zone and they get and they get these little bubble blowers aren't. Through there but they still had a Stewart we'll joystick Hannah would have some good thanks. Ayers putted well and which did was gentle joystick it would autonomous. And sound just one more time. Want to say something can I get a read on and can can. Act. The death of the NASCAR local vigilance is not perfect for her but I mean that is something that we neighbors sojo. That's stupid. I period is and man that's been my argument this whole time is. The danger aspect of a yes he can make one stand their line yes he can make it stop with the means to. But you know you look Equifax just got hacked and you know all my information yet to it. And what what happens when a hacker decides the hack these callers. Oh you know advocates Kansas smaller though of those computers to anything about it he took you're good pay and wickedness into Wal-Mart. And that is as real tragedy of his say or do you want to decode real. Submit to the what does it introduce it on any flashbacks couple weeks ago we're talking about fort. And whether wanna do is actually make removable steering wheels and pedals and have a placement Foreman truck. Let me paint this as territory that it they need to remove you remove their heads from their government okay well about him again go back the letter. So RA season there any players staying well and your panels on the strong because you want leg room for the strip. Also new car intact. And also in the scar starts at concurs Robin Baghdad. What are you going to do. What do you do we what king and he I bet the that you got at their mercy and you've got to blow your shoulder when he. Would call real. The road and rail links to aid yet if he's. There won't go below fifty calories you're she'll. He'll jump off from another car on the end on designing on Google gears keep to demonstrate you wildcat I mean I'll he's not exactly. So yes again I'll say and I'm sure we'll talk about this some more. I am a 100% against this this is such a bad idea I agree. So while I think we are quick second time for low culture shock. Your efforts to show its 2072. L Graham McNamee and grandma. Ice today as seventeen Saudi Arabia has finally allowed for women who drive cars. Mold and above women's rivers take that world war and we complain about American how strict we are breaking drive callers you know lot. I bet you they would stand for the nation's anthem that's all I'm saying that maybe you're still sure animal down over there. Exactly beverage Angel a lot of things you got their eyes so. Auto makers are staying to profit from this it is Hoover and other stimulus rats are not so much 80% of their customers are women. So Cooper and other apps like their realty huge hit. But you know cart car dealers are going now marketing term limits of this little of this change in law the trickle is very very neat that it was really these Cuban Israeli usually cool and so we better stuff this commercial break sounds get a man all right guys they continuous and hot rods and caviar right year old wanted to 63 W Lordi. Muslim intolerance that they are. Rod what's going on almost caught you by you're government and don't I don't want smoke until they. We go until above the knees and utilities so drunk or read taken nerve feel like some toward I think causing the concern that thing in pompano and is now. And concern within your and you know yeah emotional levers that it you're his hero there in the pool for. A I guess as we talk about or Columbia the next couple weeks it is we of his skis we will file rather it's a year so. Next weekend. Now eyes of their own two weeks from now on October 5 I think our president of Serbia ruby Tuesday's for our election. No more let us Marlins. This trek guys is the last cultural hot girls and happy hour cruise and we got a lot of big things coming up we're working on. The needle in auto run loved it breaker rules alone and we look much forward and gospel we really you know we're not kind of listless. Cerner we're we're we're doing away with cruise around be stated we get some bigger and better things coming. But let me remind you you're not going to wanna miss are less treason. Always going to be a lot of fun visit you'll be huge and we're not going network dress we're assuming hosting shows on next year. Just we won't get ribbed Jesus name. Bomb Bruges is doing great Lewis we love all the guys there a look at Gordon mark in armor is epic among miss them probably don't want to go over there awards spring mix. Iceberg. It and more slots on the cabbage credits manages because of the top IG split. Yes we've had a great time there editor based came out and smell awesome has been real fine. But this is glass of wine and were making room for bigger and better things. And guys you're not going misses were going to have a blast route now won't we don't live radio show from there. More Romeo and you know the guys are roaming on the mix and just have a good time whom agree shoot us. Imovie jump pass out to which when he first were only down Lorenz at a high school for loans FFA. Caution I think it was really cool Alicia actually was talking brenly goes to show up for you haven't classic tractor share there a sort of a fairly easily a really really cool thing for the for him. It's great they're just going to Ronald Delors as borders down there anyway. And like we talked about last week. Bomb when you finish a bullish jokers on over to the nostalgia station Q ballistic pitcher with eco arc. Give bush just check him generally does sport to a core SharePoint exactly yeah. This sport local courtship so his but the T shirt. And go and we'll make that occurred. That's got I guess October third first to November 3 Brad tower and the loss they. Just a beautiful seem. Insensitive instances. Let's do what's going full on time want to suggest you not taken a backseat you're only four and foremost see every single room Vega sort of thing we seek will keep you totally posted on FaceBook page is superior. And via the radio show. Absolutely. We're on the great time out there and that's where real demand a lot of people in to space hello payable on a block cool interviews tree yes. And that's the goals pharma go in its foreign. But honestly expect better things to do it and won't fifty miles or today and all those alone thought oh I know these it was a lot of fun. Com but we're out there doing things that make him moves ripped in all honesty for yes. You know to bring back down to bring back home or they experience. The people we get me. We know we want you don't just James global courier I'm sorry man I'm all I have to Glor five disc jockey does this. I am just being a real ones they rely on my listeners are anathema glorified radio personality that's on him. As you can get arrested for me and I can actually don't don't don't don't don't risk their boy nine days. Around that. He won 63. That he was a silently and alone so when Jesus troop boost. Now overseers the lower had a similar run a great time does is really awesome. On deadly don't want stay up on our FaceBook page collectors were Romeo and tons of fun. And like drugs that we want to their for every part of it so stay tuned for that in the in the pungent. Give back when we have very. Windows straight back to a November 11. Were only down on down and commerce Georgia at video land then drag away. I got it and the Atlanta Dragway for the southern neighbor heavy shootouts. Guy as I've said it before I'll say it you know preach about it next year this is the coolest event for your 4000 pound plus callers. Caller showed drag racing is only event for us or shown up. Com this is awesome of them out there really is the seat in Tennessee station wagons like my cold front wheels off the ground. I mean just things and as off Somalia Lincoln you know marketing senators pull back wheels off and grew the week it was Jack. Rules. Which is actually wasn't a fun time doing that and all the Jews there was it was you and I thank you I think you told us. I. Well we're not Becker Obama say what I wrote that my buddy Jeff Giles announced. And he's gonna live there will fail which are chills through me his command has got a lift him what we'd done it to dislike for a half hours. With limited like two minutes so. These to his man. I'm Dan analyst and is much and got a bad. Bad bad bad most major. Well locals will matrix around. They have got November 11. Atlanta Dragway commerce Georgia. Southern shiver heavy Shia it's not going on this this man. The mail offline and of course Robin hire me up in the tower two and ams and seeing they call all the action on all the action that's Iraq. I get moving on November 18 is going to be the fifteenth annual Christmas for kids show up but he injured countless some complex. In beautiful Concord, North Carolina. Ratio of great calls goes over the Schroeder's. Visual always pulls between 600 dollars every year severe terrorists silent auctions great music portion of Robin on relatives in the me. It's going to be the middle no last year in I don't know if he's honored him last year of school is mostly coming at a illness. Last year Rick Hendrick actually open up his personal car collection. Which. Is an invite only on a normal day. And this is a really cool opportunity and I I hope he opens that in this year. On you see some amazing callers and reeks collection. That you probably couldn't see your kid is sick he has every color combination could have been a 67 quarter. It's yup and both convertibles and heart out. Mom you know. Obviously I think you're right listen position bananas on the about a guy he's in the 92 impala SS. Car that was built by Jon moss for seem a show of 2000 Amin of 92 you have John losses order if I do actually added on 96 dollars us on Romania. Up your segment that fits that as a result like like you know I. That goes a fluently and be more. Like those guys for durable succeeds is that it's. But I mean the guy created great core it is a wonderful project like like beep and. You know Rick Hendricks got the nine to two new callers that call it with a 510 cubic inch mine motor the dual throttle body set. And then of course is goes 95 Apollo assesses bill like none other. Arm he's got both those tours in the collection like you said the corvettes so much this course from his earlier days seeing images in the and the whole complex itself was pretty awesome. There's buildings all around the outside the cache of cases life. On does a really need looks fully operational dairy queen and so is this actually legitimate dairy queen it's on dairy queens registry to stop but it's not over to the ball exactly is no dairy queen bush view. But a man it's an amazing plays any any can't take ages of the says there's never an opportunity to post pitchers. You can go on lining kids a few here and there. On a rig since may reach more than in the cash show a little taste of the background tomorrow about just every beautiful tour that they want to I'm now another has. Bomb so it aid if if that would if they argue warned that that's going to be opened up I will be personnel line. And if you have the opportunity to go up there on November 18. If you don't go for the chorus if you don't go to help the riders out at least get a check that out. As the very least the take that there is absolutely amazing oh yeah for sure that's the right there were true as worth price of admission we. On this movie on December 2 or lash of the years coming over a hoax motor sports another great shows him the second annual toll choice for top drive. On as we said before to many times you know they don't want last year and cannot wait promote. And really push at Ford this year and keep pushing it to be a bigger event. And raising more and more Toys for Tots to Leo that's a great calls go look at the troops come through like his dog and things but guys like hawks motorsports. Looking for the kids absolutely. I guess well we got winded up right now the same and will be back nine going into the meat of Serbs agree here on our odds and happy hours or remove these guys stay tuned journalists and morals and happy hour a 1063 W awarding.