Focus on the Upstate 81 - The Salvation Army - 11/26/2017

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, November 26th

Major Pete Costas, Area Commander, and Marketing & Special Events Coordinator Chelsia Spivey talk about the Salvation Army's Red Kettle and Angel Tree campaigns, among the most important of their many activities in service to the Upstate community, especially at this time of year.


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Welcome to focus on the upstate a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the upstate my name's Chris Evans to day my guests are major Pete Kostis the area commander. For the Greenville Salvation Army and Chelsey despite leading marketing and special events coordinator. For the same organization good morning on good morning Chris thank you very much for being here it's been awhile since it had the Salvation Army on but tis the season of course. Ideas have via the red kettle campaign coming up awarded to talk about that. The first show I just want to give you. A chance to introduce ourselves to the upstate audience tell us about the Salvation Army probably a recognizable organization for most people listening but. Just in case somebody hasn't heard of you. What does the Salvation Army do and who needed for well. Chris we've we serve the entire community. From top to bottom and a lot of times that we really are the bottom rung on the ladder of success for people getting out poverty. And we helped them up Blatter and there are other agencies that we coordinate with throughout the community that does help us in meeting people's goals and getting them establish has. Productive members of society once again. Salary Sharon has been doing this for about a 126. Years here in greens or. So just a little while yeah just a little while and about a 152 years around the world how. And I'm very large organization internationally we're in a 128 countries around the world and you just fighting the good fight. Well thank you very much so generally speaking poverty prevention poverty alleviation is as you and your goal. And you mentioned that you coordinate with other organizations around around the upstate and talk a little bit about that who won't put you do you collaborate with them and what do you do. Well for instance we participate in it the green bull homeless alliance and they're about twenty different agencies including. Stay hidden and county and city agencies law enforcement agencies. Other nonprofit. Service providers. And we meet once a month now we establish plans then we're trying to. Not only eliminate homelessness but to keep it eliminated he says to prevent and keep people. Off the streets and we're fighting all the time justice to get. Things done is true. Through bills and they and legislatures and dying give more affordable house saying just. Though the whole gamut education from behind him more work you mean everything that people need in order to sustain themselves. So does the does Salvation Army actually have homeless shelters in the areas that says that you provide to people here angry will we do we have a a shelter for homeless and how women and children we have a homeless shelter for men. We also have a rehabilitation for men I was drug and alcohol addictions. And and quite busy with them that campus of activity. Talk a little bit of bounds beyond the Greenville area via I know your station here in green movement across the upstate what what sort of facilities are there from the Salvation Army well so we're Sharif how. Has some as a column or CO a TS price good when the Marine Corps early rendering corn and we have core and Spartanburg who have a core small core that is attached us here as there's a part of our area command down in law Hala. OK and then and now a kind of accounting. We have a service center over Pickens county and easily. And then there there's a core and not Spartanburg one and Anderson and Time Warner and what's the name of that community in my mind just went like I'm new to the region. And and that's OK let's set let's talk about that because on this program and end on several horror Entercom stations we've had. Major Melanie Davis amber and her husband is an update intent that I view for. And it and my understanding is that there are no longer here with this the green below the core. Well we are celebration army and right to military and like the Methodist church on our our district headquarters are divisional headquarters we can move us from time to time has needs arise strength and can melding dear friends of mine have known them for thirty some years. We're transferred from Greenville home to Houston Texas. And and they can use our prayers are still recovering from all of the the flooding and yeah I'm very anxious and suffered from hurricane Harvey. What were they here for that was yesterday and that was their command and they were overseeing much of the Rupert the impact and the restoration. From them from the storm herself. Coordinating the volunteers and other summer Shermer resources that. They came to help them. Why imagine who is you were mission of homelessness alleviation you've got to have. A huge response whenever there's a disaster like that hurricane earners Quaker -- some sort of tornadoes even because homes get destroyed in annual. Suddenly wind up with. Thousands potentially media in an in an area later Houston potentially millions of people without housing. Hundreds of thousands in. And and that does that sound we stay prepared to work disasters or EDS is for color emergency disaster services. And while Harvey was going on not in Houston you know we had the storms come to Florida my hand right Irma and I and a two. The Caribbean as well and salary Sharma is on the scene in those locations as well we actually sent a pay canteen which is say an emergency services vehicle. From Greeneville. We started off in Charleston where there for just a couple days until we were rerouted down to Florida and we were down in Florida for about three weeks. And then not just we've had people go to Houston as well to an end to serve and to help out there. Well in the Davis is among them that you mentioned that they were reassigned there. That are about this sort of dual nature of that at the Salvation Army mission to say it's in a large organization. A win these these courses you call them. Yes and and everything goes really from the bottom up bringing we we have a structure that might appear to be top down. But everything originates on on the field. And the work that we do year round does not get interrupted necessarily because of a local long disaster and we can keep doing those things that we do day in day out and that's who. One of the hardships lessening of the difficulties of maintaining such a rigorous service model. Is that nothing stopped and here we are at christmastime. Will we do major fund raising we do a major serviced two children within our community news but all the other service continues right along with that. Well and let's talk about that because as I mentioned tis the season for a for Salvation Army to be particularly visible now I'm not injured. Idol the rest of the year but this is probably the time that people look most going to associate with the organization. Because of the red kettle campaign tell us about that. Well kettle campaign has been around firm well. Hundred years or so I just started and in San Francisco. And the late eighteen hundreds I guess there was a long time ago and this has become. An international. Emblem of the Salvation Army particular Christmas time and says this has become our. Our annual fund raiser almost around the world but certainly in the United States. And we raise about. Forth of our posture will dollars at christmastime hand to help us serve throughout the entire year and it's very important to us that this campaign with the red kettles and the bells. Is is successful. And so we make Mondale fashion when we earned it we're we're really hustling him. To get people to to give them to contribute. And how can we just. I have earned the trust of the public and we wanna maintain that trust in and serve the people and put money back into the community were goes to help people. The how else is the Salvation Army funded. Well we do have and various grants to come to us from corporations. We have a feud. Federal dollars are government funds that come to us for shelter purposes and they certainly help. By and large you know we get all over funding from contributions from the podium and if people want to donate I know. Outside of finding a red kettle someone. Well they can donate online go and visit our website at salaries charmer agree we'll dot org. And there's a link there that can take them to make a donation and Chelsea is it is our special. Coordinator for all media is fat and fact and she could tell us more about. He's still donating online min and I get talk. On the website is this really isn't a good looking web site and you and has a lot of information I gathered but just at a glance. Talk a little bit about what people can expect to find at the such as Salvation Army Greeneville dot org. Yeah I would say our website is kind of a hub for any questions that you have you know. About what the Salvation Army does. Even how can I get help for a friend her for him in number for myself. And how can donate or volunteer my time and it's pretty self explanatory this get a soft Salvation Army green buildup or your big red but is that right. Give volunteers. Yes they red buttons you can't miss some there's a detonation button at the top there's also one in the middle of the page and that's it easy to secure giving form. I'm speaking give a donation of any amount we can also click the volunteer button which takes you to a volunteers and site. We have several volunteer opportunities solicit right now. I'm a lot of those being kettles. Comedies. We encourage the use of volunteers. Per kettles and this love that thing that's on my favorite things about the holiday season is seen these same police have grown up as children ringing the bell. I'm at a sites and now they wanna take their children entering the ban. There's so many stories about it I just love seeing nice year after year. I'm so that's a big game are onto your site right now. There's also other small things if you want to come into our office and help with clerical work Kiki and if you want to serve a meal on the dining hall outlet whether that's a normal meal our holiday meal that's available as well. Thank. So lots of volunteer opportunities of course and to be sure with the Salvation Army in your area any any core I mean you know have to come to the green lawful and shows wherever you are you're in Spartanburg Anderson mentioned a con county hand in Greenwood Greenwood Indiana. So so your local Salvation Army will have volunteer opportunities for you saloon and and of course donation opportunities. Where can people find that the red kettles he's it I remember. Remember in this I don't know this might be a touchy topic but I remember a few years ago there was there's kind of hullabaloo about some organizations were. You know did they were not gonna have red kettles at their locations and some of the war and and became kind of this divisive issue what. What happened there and is that still haven't heard much batteries. There are no hard feelings clear enough with any retailers. That have. National policies brand that will not allow the Salvation Army to have a cattle there. We don't boycott we don't do any kind of negative campaign against anybody like that but we're so grateful for those who do allow us to ring the bell. This year and in this region. We we've lost one of our major locations. I'm not to mention the name all fair enough but it is because of change of corporate ownership Bryant and we've lost about six or seven locations that time we're gonna suffer a little bit hit from that. I action. And so we try to make it out their new retailers and we try to establish relationships with them. And then the relationship can can vary somewhat let us start earlier in the season how similar to start the day after Thanksgiving similar start on December 1 some wall only let us start from like December 7 two wrong. Christmas Eve Bryant so be it in various from. From corporate policy or corporate partner to corporate partner. Well and that that gratitude is is really notable I think that that you're not. You know very hard feelings towards the the people who say no we'd rather not have you here pitchers so grateful for the people who will looks absolutely yes that's how would we couldn't survive without those who support us so what anybody that you can't mention any places that says that that says this can mention what people can find red kettle of volunteers out. Well starting the day after Thanksgiving now who are. Policy our national policy with Wal-Mart kicks in and OK and so wal marts are always very gracious as always had a strong partnership with them. Local on grocery stores son Milo is and angles are very supportive. We have found. Big lots and over and they don't listen to Haywood mall is very gracious is the only announced that it can't their a lot of people around to allow us now very. I'll add to that kind of put the ebbs and flows of you know losing a son that also game gaining some others on this year we've been very. Thankful to have partnered with downtown Greenville for their holiday happenings festivals. I'm it's a holiday festival downtown it's December 18 intent on how we're actually having bell ringers and downtown Greenville which we've never really done before. So we're excited about that you know as you know there's so much foot traffic you know we angle especially around the holidays. You you mentioned holiday happenings you wanna talk about a happening place Pringles got to be in the conversation down and very little is throwing really it's growing in and prospering in name recently been on a bunch of lists you know top ten best cities to visit list that kind of thing. So as to tell us again but this festival one states and in time. Sounds so we'll be in downtown Greenville action on T weekend sometime. For that Christmas parade on December 2 animal how to bring her out act the one city plaza right where the Tupelo honey race is right there. And we'll also have stringer is out at the holiday happenings festival. On December 18 at ten. It through so the first two weekends of December right is when you'll be you'll be you'll have an extra and bell ringers in in downtown Greenville accelerators is that is an ever dreamed I'd be okay yes that's yeah. That's I think that's probably how they're how they're well known and a lot of people will will mostly put its. Change or maybe even know some some folding money using Collins and you into the kettles but every once a while we hear his story about something unique it's. It's shown up any cattle deeds you remember anything like that he had. Story like that actually last year we received in various times in various locations. Silver points really beyond some unfit sterling silver it was focused early show we're going you know meant it's million US minted coins and some dollars meant to dollars and half dollars cent. Yeah we were able to market those send Ang get time a market value for him really is so I mean obviously going to be worth much more than the other face value of yes yeah. A whole not a whole lot more lush yeah our mid depends on the condition that young that we market them and and sell them to. Points stores and empires now. Talk a little bit about so. The other donations and this is common for people to donate cash you know Anne and I and I have I learned from talking to other. Nonprofits that that really is one of the best things because passage pay cash is fungible any people always wanna donate. Canned goods or bottled water and and those again a much appreciated but it. Nothing's been easily cashed just. So well but most of the time we knew when we're looking or resources for helping people. We can provide those types of material resources with little trouble but when it comes time to pay a utility bill offered to pay around for a family. Or to move them from one location to another pound material goods won't do that you have to have money. And so you know without cash donations or checks or had transfers of funds unit that that type of snap them giving. Now we're limited in how we can help people. So that's one of the one of the other things that. The Salvation Army does I guess in the end the spirit of preventing homelessness is he's actually got expense assistance for exactly the tube so that they can stay in there now that's one of our major social ministry expenses as homeless prevention. Passion. And they know that you got in addition to the red kettle campaign that says that happens at this time a year you've got another campaign goes on called Angel tree tell us about that just yeah. And so this year dark Angel tree program or actually providing Christmas gifts. For about 15100 children this 900 equivalent at a little over 600 Italy's in Greenville county. And that's just remote county of course I'm in other core in Spartanburg and Anderson and providing. Christmas for children as counties as well. And we did that three of the community's help. How we haven't Angel tree actually Christmas tree and I'm Angel tags on it and the he would mall and that's out now. It'll be our through December the tenth and every Angel attacker presents one child. On the attack is the child's name and their age. Their gender and then their Christmas wishes so they their parents tell us three to a laser. Items at the child would love to have and then as well lest there clothing sizes is that. Which is or what they need that the clothing or at which is what they want but the clothing is that what they need right at. I and we ask bird donors to provide as much on the tag is possible with knowing that. Miss Lee how safe for the most part. What is spot for that child is all but they're receiving on Christmas morning. And it's important to note that these are your requesting new items sir is you you have people donating. Used items all the time and it does Salvation Army has thrift stores around the era. That that that's probably where some of your other funding comes from the these are specifically new items looking. We want these children chi you get these items from saint costs such as why we ask for them to not be wrapped up thanked the aid. Are packed and bag and the parents come and take them not actually were denied distribution day on December the twentieth this year. On the parents come pick up the items at the TD senator actions earned Christmas clear house is located. And I've been to that onetime items that really joyful XP it really is you know I idea and that that the whole process is really. Very simply mention that the giving tree in in he would mall you can go and pick up the tag. Everything is listed on the air and and as much as there's no spending limit and and as much or little as you can move towards you can provide you desert are happy to accept. And then the you take it and turn it in either of the desk there I actually whose late so I had to go to the TDs and yeah I know I was on a busy guy. I I had to go to the TV senator to make my donation and you know but actually I'm I'm remembering now. There was a there was guys there who was picking up a donation. For his family has used apparently on a listen had several children that he was receiving a donation for. And he happening in can army in the parking lot and asked if he can have a ride home because you know about you even have a car and I think I can you write home he said he was. Relatively new to the area was still looking for work and I I've made a recommendation to one on you know John that he can do is there any again in in the terms of preventing homeless do you do you do any occupational. We have what we call works there OK and so we. Condition meant to receive. Training and hands in small job skills through our family stores and two campus. Activities. Working either and housekeeping. We're in. Yard maintenance and things of that nature. But instilling in them just work skills of getting up on time you have showing up on Canada. And working with them to do to develop that kind of character. But also to stay clean so that you know when they get ready to go back out into the job force. And they've been offered drugs have been off alcohol first six months or more and they're ready to face the world again. Well it and it seems like he would provide this sort of I reciprocating cycle of you know you if you stay clean you can get the job and the job will help you stay clean here he's forces the the the lessons that they've been taught through your area as Haitian now. I had a little a good experience last night our women's auxiliary. Is going to be doing a candlelight service this Christmas season and one of them women in the until we're asked if I thought I could put together a male chorus that would sing. At the candlelight service and are reluctantly said yes. So I had my first rehearsal last night was about a man. You don't read music. And have had limited singing experience okay just after an hour and a half of those men were laughing and we're having good time. And we're singing Christmas carols. There's just a good experience and and there's so grateful for having any kind of experience like that where they're actually learning something new and being able to apply so. Yeah it's it's great to have those kinds of relationships with men who are. Trying to learn to start over make something of their lives. Chelsea you are talking about the web site earlier and that it one of the things that people can do through a Salvation Army Greenville not org. Is if they need help AM in you know always got a chance to us to make a donation if you give help. You can make a donation you can volunteer but if you need help what you need to do to get help from the Salvation Army yeah. Really acting the easiest way that help can be accessible to those who need it it's a car phone number. It's on the website packing it in now it's 86 or T 3548. And three. When he called that number actually added. You know men are on rehab program will answer the phone either either one of them in they're so helpful. I'm they'll connect T whether you need shelter whether you'd need to make an appointment for direct assistance. Whether you need thing you'd. If we don't have. Option that you need we'll connect you to another agency that does sound that's on number again is 8642354803. Artist visit our web site Salvation Army Greenville dot org a lot of information on the air about Christmas assistance or direct services are. Shelter ministries anything that you might need to you can also send us a message on FaceBook. And are pretty responsive app waits to get either right I'm service in is. Take our order a room presumably whatever area here and our record earnings and Anderson Greenwood miss and don't wanna leave them out enough. My guest and they have been a major Pete Kostis the area commander and Chelsea is by any marketing and special events coordinators for Salvation Army green both thank you very much for being here today thank you thank you Crist has been my pleasure. I'm Chris Evans and this has been focused on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the upstate with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic. Email Chris. At C Evans