Focus on the Upstate 72 - Cancer Survivors Park Alliance - 8/13/2017

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, August 13th

Kay Roper, Executive Director of the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance, talks about the upcoming CHOP Cancer fundraiser and introduces Teryi Youngblood-Mussof, the Celebrity Chef Coach Coordinator, who shares her own connections with cancer.


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Welcome to focus on the Arab state a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today I have in the studio Kate wrote for the executive director of the cancer survivors park alliance good morning Kate thank you for being asked glad to be here it's my pleasure to have you and you have brought with you Terry Young blood news off. Who is one of the shaft coordinators chef coach. Coordinator for your upcoming chop cancer event and we're gonna talk about college you ladies are a rowdiness and yeah. It's I'd describe. It it's fantastic Ella the energy so. First off let me ask you questions and usually ask which is what does the cancer survivors park clients do you and indeed do have four. Thank you Chris we are found a 23 whose mission is to change the way we live with cancer. Because with the statistics today of fourteen main people be dying as it keeps addition the United States but. Probably get 60% of that we'll live with it hopefully more grown every day so you live with the disease. And so what we try to do with the park especially provide aid they need it will be a catalyst. For collaborative activities for all the wonderful agencies and hospitals and organizations who are doing such good things to connect survivors. And we want to provide a very peaceful healing place for that. And we will also not only connect those that are here to create new programs for all survivors. And I think its interest in this statistic usually statistics gonna just fly over my head that you mentioned fourteen million people will be diagnosed with cancer but 60% of them. Will survived that and getting up every day and it reminds me I mean not that long ago cancer was considered a death sentence it was. You go to the doctor induction as yet cancer and in you think. Yeah I need to update my will that I'm not gonna have much longer but now you go to the doctor induction as yet cancer in the cook the next question is what OK so what do we do next. And wonderful research their their peace they're coming along are just amazing and so we want to make sure that survivors know about that. Ended the year had access to it LB a lot of the nation of the park as well. On and we need daily summary it's game point just to the messaging is that you what that person survivor you know if you do have that horrible a situation where you do lose somebody in this world. On that you know you're there to celebrate the life until we might be important to herb mentioned its net take. And this is one of the things that are really like about cancer survivors for our clients and and securitization. Is the the use of the word survivor because you're not talking you're not just talking about the people who have had cancer. And have beaten at an Ender in remission and and living their lives you're talking about the people who also have survived that are related to the people who who haven't. Because Val Skinner ran the digest caregiver and you all live the journey here and one of the cool things about park in the gardens are at their eighteen different garden center all representatives of different journeys. Some quiet summer joyful summer not summer scary. So we're sharing and some are very quiet so it's it'll be unique in the trying to finally opens Clinton people can experience that. You know and I know the last time you were here you mentioned a partial opening you know what they start with this. Tell us about the park describe the part purses is in downtown Greeneville. I'm in in the really falls partly here your mom part slump credit trailed downtown indexing will connect. Files park with Cleveland Park. Right I met with a serious and you know the Greenville chamber of commerce his campaign yes it is right behind that area so falls park is where the liberty bridges yes that's correct due to getting nice bridge that we've got downtown and then Cleveland part that goes. We've Lanny yes it really hasn't exhibited I mean that's been around forever. So so this is connecting it falls park in Cleveland Park right where the swamp rabbit trail run trailer and what many people remember is a green. Metal bridge that we. Lovingly called that she's greater blame it appears like she's great had holes in it. And with that watts young women and older people that would carry their dogs across sickest Yemen and now it's very dangerous it would be suffering during rain. I just don't want somebody who tried to ride a bike across that bridge and felon and was hurt very badly actually love laceration actually so that bridges is not going to be there anymore thank you guys are replacing that with a very nice foot bridge. We are similar to the liberty files Prius same designers that built false Parker to bring our park. Believe it or not we're actually nestled between church street and Cleveland street if yes has been ideas get on six point eight acres. Let me try and trust land trust on the organization donated much of Atlanta us rewire our sewer authority here Graham also related blog at orient. On let's say Trevor has done an amazing job with the conservation easement that we have to make sure we abide by in all of that is to keep it a very beautiful sacred. Peaceful place in and non they will have these the programming that I talked that a little bit before. I'm going in there as well we will have a children's garden. Here's special piece of sculpture that. Currently in the next six weeks you'll see unveiled in honor of someone very special and our community OK we haven't survivorship educations and terribly to slip a hallmark and half of the area. And it will be like a beacon of hope you'll be able to see if the church street they'll sit in Cleveland street. And we even had to be able to light hits in different colors of cancer their twelve loudness of cancer. And depending on wind ideas on that within that building it will truly have special programs it will celebrate how we wanna help us about for. No I think it's interesting you mention it a children's cancer. Area and that and it's important to remember. That that kids get cancer to I mean this is it's. It's scary enough as an adult by not having been diagnosed as cancer myself but I I can imagine it's scary enough as an adult. To go through that it it must even scarier is a kid that I know I was. Let's talking to a doctor what is a long time ago and she was giving a lecture at of my college and and I Astor question afterwards. And the response was something along the lines of cancers an old person's disease. And I know that point that she was trying to make but my first thought was well seem do be happy to hear that as an excuse so they don't have to think the only what not but now. Cancer really does affect. Everybody it's it says no you would discrimination on the old young. Across all lines male female everything and one of the Clara who was leukemia survivor she's 1213 out that when she started with us she was like fourth. Or with part childless and see the journey the celebration of payment goes to every single morning. As it is children's garden is gonna have a special area with the team play. On week we don't know if this is gonna be able to actually happen but working with the city Wimbledon maybe have. Times win pediatric cancer patients can calm and we can make that area free of germs and do whatever they can't be allowed to play and when I teach we'll limit for those may be walking in the you know a healthy child to see a caution on that child has named after him on his hair why and there's just a lot of teaching opportunities. Education. Our listeners will know that that we just recently went through radio Fonda here and become a wonderful job and what benefit thank you very anxious to benefit to the people health system's Children's Hospital. And our that is that is one of the things that radio Thon goes to find is the the cancer kids' camp. And you guarded scary I don't know why yes camp courage. And this is it this kind of another necessarily desert camp but it's kind of the sit along the same lines something for the kids to go outside and do because. Most of the time they're pent up in the hospital. They are Angie just Children's Hospital has is has invested in the children's garden and they are our dear friends we just it and they're supported and non. There's a very special statute it will be unveiled saying and they have a smaller version at Children's Hospital. So to encourage the children to get all Welling that is hard candy and look sculpture it's very sweet story very veteran. Ninety another isn't okay we've let's go next interview Chris what I know we'll have a back some time uncertain. Terry I am gonna get chief in just minutes but I official asked K last time you hear you talking about the beat the sport campaign F how his how is that gone. Whale day will we eat at at this park we want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to steal their part of it. And said because spark to complete the park. On is a very important to us because you can donate five dollars you can donate that thousand dollars whatever you want to make CDC and you can be part of our park. And so this was an opportunity to to try to finish at the campaign it's a seven and a half million dollar campaign. We are just about the air. Com and every penny counts and we love the fact that that every penny counts. And give us a brief them rundown on the progress that you've been at the boardwalk was finished a while they're down from Fletcher building up at Yahoo! that the interest rates. On that's a thousand foot boardwalk right and that is complete it was done in February of 2016 believe it or not it topic yesterday that that's been done every year. And in each area of the gardens are slowly being at in the breach opened up this summer he mentioned part tightening of the par rice tray we cans from 6 o'clock on Friday evening. Com till nine in and Saturday and Sunday from flooding into 9 PM can't park towers. By now stretch in the weight Lucas on the copper corporation here this hour. Padilla worked on it you're working on don't wanna keep it safe said that I'm hoping this fall upon the trail via the during the week as well. And December is the target date to have to ho park and then in January really starting a special programs that'll. That healing. Are right so coming up is it one of your big fundraisers the chop. Cancer event and we have you've brought with you Terry Young blood new soft the military TV chef coach coordinator tell us about your involvement with job. Cancer it. Did chop cancer that is needs me last year I judged and it was so exciting and me we are just part of something so amazing and Atlanta just felt like I said. I had witnessed. And a miracle it was beautiful. And on this year the coordinators. Island advance asked me to be there shift coordinator and to help them to coach the teams. And get them ready for this competition is the competition is amazing because it takes amateur show apps. I put them on a stage and asked them to create three courses. Have a meal in twenty to thirty minutes for each course and settle electric burner right or not I don't I don't I think tacitly abandoned Bernard did or did he think murder and and that tiny bottles in the yeah I kitchen space science. It isn't an exciting event that to be a part of and I can't say it. To catch these guys and help them get to a point where. They're creating something amazing for us to judge so three dishes in thirty minutes that's almost like a real restaurant well. Yeah well now the prep the and the structure so. If each each team is divided and C three sub teams and they each and I'm H player creates. An appetizer. And then another pair will create that they entree and and other appropriate dessert and then the three teams will compete against each other in a time situation. And the idea for this came from. One of the TV shows how does not count Food Network says and competing media the chefs against each other. And debt and you are the coach for all of the shall we say celebrity chefs the local let me. Your local celebrity chefs in okay my radar yup and what good stories they are survivors of some kind of calm and carries a tag those professional chef thinner and right so we've. Into it had a net in and I guess she can take a look at how. Some Campbell water somewhere somehow. Well and that that was the next thing I don't wanna ask is what makes huge here he qualified to do it wanted to be a coach well I am I would it's. Lucky enough to be part of table threw one from there aren't coming thus at least. So these pictures just right for thirteen years before being offered the opportunity to happen. Castro be stripped down falls park and and table. We want to owns a number of restaurant hamburger and a Green Zone bullies get in Italy nosedive. And so he's of course it's yes. Huge part of downtown and it's immense growth and restrictions that. I am very proud to be part of that effort and I will always be a part of their family. Currently staying out Hyman taking care of my family. Understandable and my husband chef Steve in his office still to show us. That's how Israel and the lady guys thank you took our economy so that it takes some time off I could understand that so it in the family so it would and that's fine. So you are an actual verified professional chef. Yeah what are you haven't it teach these people who may or may not know how to boil it. Exactly so there are there skill level ranges from I've never touched anything but a microwave oven to I think that I had with that is their original dominoes yes exactly sack. I've got I've got. All of these wonderful amazing personalities to deal and that's going to be fantastic and and each of them have their own specialty that ain't there are in their own minds amazing and Jan continually do that. Certainty to put them all together and to get them to work together as a team to create something. In a certain very small time constraint is going to me I think. Fallen more than challenging I think these guys are so intelligent side driven and there are so I prepared team to get out there and to make the. Best dish that possibly can it's going to be a breeze and yeah but it's fun for immediacy as he non executive directors to CDs teens come together Chris. Alex say most of them don't know each other write different you very diverse backgrounds theory different worlds and we have. Lead he Metallica's oncologists surgeons who are specialty. I had especially fields we have a model this year a young woman who was just a wonderful. On and everything in between we have an airport executive we have. I'll onto turnovers we had gone a bit and and they they bring up probably meet each other but they're all survivors Meehan said they come together on this day. They have a common goal and they're ready to get it and he's on the right last year they're fantastic and you need to be there yup because that interaction between these teams and that the camaraderie and the competition competitive spirit that there is. Utterly entertaining and fantastic as the main thing. So how do people get to go. How to how do you go to the child can get a fund raiser for the parking for the alliance and says they actually have to go to our web site which is chock cancer upstate dot com. And they'll get to a large purple screen can consistently see on the dating. There and it's kind of I guess called on the funny what you Heche yes you had the advantage they got tickets they're a 150 dollars a ticket but thank honoring and most of that is tax deductible. Swappers' as we send them of course documentation but it is an event of just fun proportions and you have to re. Meal and three courses you have a full and open. Bar area reception. On the just fund people. Says they actually it's a ticket to advance ticket and event candy sponsors we have lovely sponsors are three hospital systems in the upstate sponsor this event. On we have some local people that do as well so we're very excited to have sponsors and instill campus solicit the website again John cancer upstate dot com which is a micro site off of our normal site been right district that. Which is cancer survivors parked out or. All kinds of information on that website if to find out about twelve top cancer event but it additionally anything else that that be the spark campaign that you mentioned. I think me spending next year it'll be something on the tee that's kind of fund clients that we do. We we'd like to think this is Chris but like. We did better get busy denying this Dina for or against it. So cancer survivors part dot org is the main website yes chopped cancer upstate dot com. Is where people can go to I get tickets if they want to attend the event. Probably see photos and and things like that has. There are some fund that is on the top cancer upstate dot com and at two sites of course toggle between each other right but on in you can see eighty and some of shift here from last year on the stage but you can see and it isn't pelican of him but his casually elegant that makes him just fine. Absolutely and they did you are shown you pictures earlier it does look like a lot of fun. Talk a little bit of balance the about. How the evening goes teary just from from your perspective visit as a judge last year and and how you expected to get tonight what's what's the course of events. The course of events led. Via an introduction to team's first OK getting. Who all of these amazing people are that's that are survivors and don't know each other are didn't agent prior to that this practice that we're going to have this week. And these guys go into practice kitchen and they hash out their recipes and there courses and things. Then on that stage that night. Will sounded upset that. First the three teams will compete doing their dessert. And while they do they're dessert. We get to. Watched. It just interactive camera everywhere that you is that really well there there's a camera eye grabbing my children there's a new era there so that we march everything on this large screen TV. I'll meanwhile some and is doing option. And people are voting and people on the screen is changing written dollar's going up and it's absolutely it's they're so much going on you really can't focus has been. It didn't hit a team competition team competition individual fund incompetency in Indy text event like that Sasha said this on the top cancer ups and dot com. You can cut your favorite Jeff. Tell me that it's a similar model to Dancing With The Stars right and and that's that's it that's part of the best stretch competitive from this incredibly competitive thing going on on the stage where each. Payer is. Slicing dicing chopping with things. Screaming hot things that and trying to produce a beautiful plate full faith that. Appetizers fantastic so far there's one team. For cancer has one car at a from more this I I want to be attached this year so that I can I say I decided to. I'll take up this coaching situations and its stars Monday Tuesday Wednesday I get together into practice kitchen with these guys and help them to produce these things and certain time period. I can't wait to taste some of these things and then as they're producing. Are our illustrious. NC Boca I would ask them questions while they're frantically trying to say it couldn't find the money sent. And and ask them these wonderful questions and then you get to hear their stories as well and when it comes time to put that on the plate and take it to judge. They get to tell you why they chase a certain things. Last year. There at the teen that it won that desert part of the competition. Actually the best story that might be like I was I was almost in tears. Because the inmates mideast and people look at us like are you kidding you're an it person in the end house like it was the best. We had an assortment manes had different textures different flavors and different things and then he's back about why they changed that thinks that their cancer fighting ingredients and that. Because of the mouth sources someone hat while they're going through this team and treatment that that was easiest thing for them to Kensington mine on any validity I'm not CNN's eight. These things worked brilliantly together and so thoughtful and the stories just it's it's utterly. Thrilling GE just get a sense. And can't destroy our out in the faint they can't get the word out now and they talk about you know my agency's cancer fighting ingredients. And and then you know then there's still competing against one another fiercely and is that a lot going on. I ended that night whenever you get to choose and and somebody has actually won this competition based out how incredible their food. Why is as a place that divides that again from right person day in it's it's such it's such a rewarding thing. And you tell me some of the recipes are are the kind of thing you do is a no win no people have cancer they get put on a specific diet but. And that some of the recipes are incorporating that sort of. He has sort of thing and I am one of them actually Eminem makes recipes as as honest to goodness this is one eight during a time after my treatment. And essentially what we ate last night so it changes their lives whenever they have to change their their thought about what they put in their bodies and how they. How they feed themselves and how they're able to use to consider this when you say all of thought the guys and say you. We're gonna your greatest rock more states that someone can drink it at that price achieve it and it's it's just inspiring. And it's so much so much fun since his CDs as. Changed things and involved sit in to make it. Cancer friendly or Sarah Jessica any taste and what we Anthony man putting question that was black deemed it was a black talking into the gunmen hitting death and it was healthy in good is that we served as the desert last year and teach the out of the crowd doesn't actually eat with their fixing threaten the meal is amazing extra on that question that I've been playing it was fantastic to please everybody and just I mean he's healthy. And edit things that they think come up eleven and the way they just put it to themselves and challenge themselves to find a way. Say it integrate these these textures Andes phase so that it it's relevant. And the inspiration you're talking about. Everybody having their own story in the both of you have your own stories. Regarding cancer did briefly tell us your story. How cancer has affected your life. But still hit the hell it. Give us the short short version. The short version. I'm lost money. Involved stat. Two esophageal cancer and I was in high school. That was a hard hard hard led to watch. And since then my aunt had liver cancer about my mom's brother actually had them. Breast cancer. He had cancer in his memory plans. There are men out there who have breast cancer it's a new tool that is unusual and it does happen in real work for him. And it went a little blue dot on it and let's in my sister's breast cancer. Two of my extended family my cousins have had breast cancer so we've without a lot of it in our family and I have watched it. From one extreme to the other and. Nike does is my ancestors survive and Mike doesn't survive and other laws. My husband's mother died of lung cancer in 2000 loves us and we are all. All affected by it so intensely sometimes. I'd really like you couldn't throw a rock in that someone that hadn't been affected were touched by cancer in one way or another. So you really are one of those survivors that the cancer survivors parkas for TS I mean that's just. I'm Tess to listen to run Novell some. And tier I had no doubt that yeah. I had this all I think this humbling thing really meant a lot to me because. We all wondering bill yeah we all once again there and to experience this piece of his beauty. Because it's it is about remembering Anna and about remembering the struggle. And remembering all the good things and remembering how much. Work we have yet to do he gets it where. This is the livable thing and we are able to you seem to trust that that's going to happen. Well thank you Terry for sharing your story when this. The chopped cancer that is coming up the dates it's Friday August 25 August 25 starts at 6 PM at the TV convention center. Sponsor money Kinney. I'm OK let's say that hasn't been very precious fair enough and you can go to chop cancer upstate dot com. To get tickets to vote on your iris of your favorite chef. And of course as always you can go to cancer survivor park dot org for any other information about the cancer survivors Parkland. Key Rupert executive director of the cancer survivors park alliance and Terry Young both new soft have been my guess they think you so much for being here ask. Thanks Chris it's my pleasure I'm Chris Evans and this has been focused on the upstairs. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. At CE Evans