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Bob Mclain
Wednesday, November 22nd

Scam artists; Bank of Parents; Animals that are troublesome; Deer


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Hey are you Dylan 407 on this Wednesday afternoon Thanksgiving eve November 22 of 27 team. And our own. Eagles advantage talk line 103471063. Jim Bowen for Bobby back here as we talked to Joseph. In notes central hello Joseph welcome. Okay hi there on big. Odd lines and you. I don't expect it. Indeed be based you're. Jeff I don't problem remember last you're not well. Mark I'd hate your opinion on out there yet here we go back into something that I can't wait to move on. No go right ahead no yes will be happy to talk about that go ahead. OK but what department that you list. I if people call me up. And they want our release them into your regular at issue is open enrollment gap between now and whether that December sometime. And they want to offer me any term. And they've won these star then there any access to all that what is there any way possible. But I start met and celebrities out there are already out they'd know which hit dude grab. I can't I am gonna try and met them up well it actually happened already or are even better that light weight or. Why should he told me what actually do. Well I took personal I take major talking about some form of Medicaid supplement that's what it sounds like because of that and will. And Medicare. And Medicare or what kind of deterrent sure. I don't want what you covering your house your car your health what kind of picture. Out shirts. And it tells us okay. It helped Derek and they want you got a bit lucky so it won't ultimately after thirty days and at all at their iBook and I'm mark them up. I left my feet up from either are right here atmospheric can upload my wife about this. And they'd say oh we looked at our reporters are injured probably now. They don't then even though they don't help they got people yet they want to say just sign up then and now. I at all I don't like it. Actually it is it will pay a monthly. I I am thoroughly and trust me you are very wise you are very wise Jolo to. To pursue the course I would even go to an email they can deal with you two ways either in ordinary snail mail or face to face this notion. Of age you gotta do it right now and be it has to be over the phone forget about it this as gam written all over it I don't think any reputable insurance company would work that way. I think the wise is that you can do with these people is to take down what information you have on the walk away and inform the Better Business Bureau that's what I would do. I'll do it now caught on. It's no longer certain. What does that tell you know what does that tell you. There. Are more. Yes go running it. Okay. Couple weeks ago I had these people. The federal government. I. Oh. On the guy that. Two. I don't want more war. Oh. Then they would. But now. About 200 at eight. It ever catch it and I'm not on the years. Two luckily dictator that's born to pick and their. That's a major a major scam me you'd you'd never do anything like that if the government has money for you they'll send you a check. And don't know endeavor go through something like that and the government will never ask you to put money. Down first okay is to give us 200. And that Wilson to 9000 no no no never works that way ever again take down what information do you have. Have nothing more to do with them and and return turn that in that case frankly I'd call either. The FBI I would call the FBI that's what I would. OK and I appreciate you sound and Big Apple iPad may bureaucrat about all you've got up. They balance I don't hate Sony it was her out very. Absolutely will's will will put down that they valentines for February and will also aim for eight. A very happy Thanksgiving thank you Joseph appreciate your thoughts there. At 18034710631803471063. Which is the Eagles advantage talk line comments of retirement planning text line 71307. 71307. Where are number of people have offered some thoughts here. Moon. Jumbo even as they know nothing Bolivia like it lets you talk called in my throat oh thanks. I doubt you're in the Olympic Leo okay. The fact that you listen to this station and 1063 W orgy of states talk station. It's proof that you were not known okay. Texting and walking can get to mud sizzle of the text are criminals looking to attack those oblivious to what's going to run them that's true. That's absolutely true there are of course places. Where you're are certainly less likely to get mugged and even in those places you can always get hit by car. But just walking and texting. Never a good idea ever. Ever at at the least you were on the risk of tripping. Falling down I mean you fall down face first he could not get some teeth repeats it just a dumb idea all the way. Let's see here's another good quick question page of this curious of over the years have you had to work a lot of problem is being in the media hope boy. I'm a a lot of politics that's true that you it was a a new guy on the block you always work colleagues because of course we expect. Our radio to be there. 24/7 just as you expect that the water to be there and electricity to be there this sort so yeah I've worked all the qualities I actually reached the point. Where my view of a most though is since. So we're chip doesn't keep you from from observing most holidays mean a few hours on the air. Mean that's it. And also hold a news shop there's always time to. To do something in the way of dinner or. Some kind of service whatever what are the qualities about fireworks display. So well it's a muzzle the day's shot. I've what I've found about working holidays. Some good things. For one thing even if you were during the daytime. You have to have a dress code note note suit and be of that nature and I've known places word even on the fair or not quote meeting the public expert who tied. Rats but as. Also the rush hour no rush hour on holiday. That's wonderful I love no rush hour so and parking never a problem with parking. I was on working on holidays was kind of kind of fun plus is sort of a camaraderie. And those who are working. You feel like the club did all right. Jumbo for Bobby Mack he's not working this holiday. And it's now 450. Afternoon all good to have you witnessed here it's a 21 minutes past 4 o'clock. On this legs giving you that's right it's that the movie of people that are competent retirement by text lies and a than a month freeze heroes of the motor happy Easter happy Valentine's Day Jim OK but at. We can all exist right. OK builds so the stuff out there that. Is happening on this date here it's now official. From the Federal Aviation Administration. To the annual Turkey trot festival in Arkansas there are no federal regulations against. Dropping live turkeys out of a plane. Even the last time to died on impact. Lawrence general manager Arthur Carlson of WK RP in Cincinnati once said. As god as my witness I thought Turkey could fly. At a OK Quist creations. In. Alameda California there bakery. Quiz creations. As guts of the special available for Thanksgiving. Served with cranberry sauce mashed potatoes with gravy and green being Castro is a cake with a group they do there bakery. We can't taste like K but it looks. Just like a Turkey. Can be viewers premiere of 500 bucks. Well. This. Order Pringles. Pringles has come up with eight new flavors of chips. They far. Turkey mashed potatoes stuffing cranberry sauce creamed corn green bean casserole Mac and cheese and even. Pumpkin pie Pringles dinners served. British doubles been giving me royal treatment for the wedding anniversary and rightly so in fact mother's seventieth. Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Philip. Nice little present appointment as a Knight grand cross of the royal Victorian order. A lot of new bathroom. And of course for that that plane too and he wears something to put on there won't be quite so plain. Okay. So things that are happening it's that Thanksgiving you know it comes closer and closer here. That's he won by comic book it's well preserved action comic number one. And if you're in the comics you know this is the holy Grail league June 1938. Comic introduced Superman. That forbids next month that the profiles in history auction house in Calabasas California and made that one million dollars. Purse. Today. There's a well treated couple at a five star hotel in Washington DC. The winner TO. With room starting to about tonight that they went to 3009 the bill was the victim but the national Turkey federation of course. As you know via two gifts pardoned by president trump before being sent to the Turkey farm in Virginia tech university. And yes we know this is Washington DC. They can tell these turkeys from all others. Trust him they could to go all right. Most of them should be sent to the farm. Equipment that. Few of the things that I find out in the pass along on this day. It's we we note again. Some of the other things that are happening in his. Here's one in Albany, New York. The capital city of New York is gone crows but officials that he planned officials in Albany says that ultimately have begun now. Using a variety of creative and non lethal have a bit of its techniques from biologists. To drive away thousands of crows who routinely gather all the immediately followed Witter. They're going to be using fireworks. Spotlights. Not harmful lasers. And recorded Croat is great distress calls to disperse. The crows. That they are also the Vietnam reasonably could inadvertently and so human residents although they don't matter. Urges taxpayers. City officials and local should be prepared for loud noises and flashing lights. Okay just a couple of thoughts here. For ten gauge shotgun. Beat for the homeless. Aren't there crows repeats it again. The year of the typical of people that are possibly. Peter related it was tried to get. An elephant declared human. I'm not getting up. There to be human being for the tried with chimpanzees that did work. And they go opposable club for its vote. I I for the life via their midst of the and another problem of course many parts of the country have this problem crows well I've seen in places certainly. But. East every league east. Geese are whooping machines. Peaceful takeover playground. At your kids are wall in the goose filth. Again I don't care about non lethal yes and just go out and start shooting because there actual laws against. Decent law abiding common sense would get in trouble. And suggested that the beat changed. Again. To engage. Meet for the homeless. Now if you are a true dyed in the wool liberal I would think that this would distort shorts or use little hero BO got to go to worship animals. Alba but that helping the homeless. Back importantly their brains a little braids we'll just short out of I have no problem with a whoever. Shoot government. And then you'd simply be all right 1803471063. As the Eagles advantage talk line where we got Alex Boone Pickens hello Alex. I don't Jim. I think I would let my children the money are on their home a minute makes sense if you got to get the money when you die again Malone mama half also interest free. If they sell a house early you'd get in the pay you back if you die you give it to them through your state they don't pay tax on the guest. That that's a bit of give there is that the fact about the visibility of the tax on the gift that's true amateur who knows that the course that that the house of the senators on the verge of I guess changing the rules about about at least of what people inherit. But in terms of oh vote. What you give them when you die when you die. I'm not certainly one of these people like get some of these multi billionaires not have a multi billion dollar. The bank account but he unified did have a ton of money. Not of these people is that margin garden were giving almost morbid charity and they're gonna get Tony license and coy and a couple of pictures of me you know I would do I would give them about I'd die. But leading up to it. Money for a down payment maybe Alex a but I am not sure I go much beyond that especially the the co signing a long you think. I think it's interesting and other or one cup final and I mean surely wouldn't do that I had the money. I would just let them do that myself as part of that it and didn't get the rest from the bank. Federation junior Jimmie is. The next 25 years baby boomer what they call the Silent Generation which is the World War II. And the depression babies they're gonna give their children twenty to thirty trillion dollar. So didn't substantial amount of money coming their way we're gonna happen is these younger kids they're not gonna say that like their parents they're just gonna spend it. So that was surely will help the economy so the content in there as well Apache deeply touched on. And yellow that. Points point's well taken Alex I appreciate your thoughts Jumbo for Bobby back 1063 WOR DB of six taught station time now for 29. Yep ports and yet here today as though the time has now arrived at 21 before five. On this Wednesday afternoon Thanksgiving before yeah no it. Kimbo for body Mac. At 1063 WORD. Street talk station Eagles advantage talk like this 1800 Freeport 71063. 1803471063. And the comments since retirement plan and text line 7130771307. And it just noting the thoughts I have about the the great care that Albany, New York is taking. To be sure that they do not kill crow persons that are making a mess city. Aside from the noise and of course that the whooping masses of crows. And virtually. Carpet. A group. Some techsters note yet porches that caliber comedy troop. Its ports and it's true. Fortune and Islam for about the hundreds of cultures and you okay. They're all kinds of critters out there. That well. Daily because a hazard and birds are particularly bad it is flocks of birds cause. A lot of damage and in in areas just you look at the cost that it comes out your tax dollars two too clean and buildings in the sort of thing. Flocks of birds. Ari serious health hazard if you have birds ovary playground. Who we were the kids play a lot of jurisdictions that simply acquiescence of OK kids can't play there anymore the birds have a place to poop though. They don't. They can buy it though other place to poop really can die. And they can feed. Hungry the children's. Which would be ideal that again I'm not urging anybody to go out and break some stupid law stupid law is still law that you had trouble do. But urged that the law be changed. And urging that animals which reduce taxes. A flock of geese. Are for the most part new instances. And crow's. New sanctions. And they can move or they can they can die and they can beat people. It would be Arctic but again though unilateral action here because. Even need to go to jail it's stupid law is still. Law. It where he wanted a good 34710630347163. Eagles advantage talk line. It does bring me to something that I'd have brought up this time of year at that time of year. I have to live. On these critters. And I used to have to. Drives. These craters the liberal talking about rats with antlers. Might term for dear. Of that. Is a critter. Knows that a lot of good PR over the years all the way about the movie Bambi. Is pretty cute. Well. It depends on location. Talking about a course deer vehicle collision I'm not sure. How dear to him to be equipped. With such a tiny brain. Indy Indy critters you would think that is at least a mammal. You'd think in the brain he. Urged fast. Lights at night. But they stay on the hard black ground for the most part. We've stayed away from hard black ground. Roque. And you should should should should yes room for. I. Resigned this week do you record although I'm not a great believer. That the the first step in in deer hunting and over even the efforts that would. On the window. But I do note that in the United States an estimated. 01 and a quarter million dear related accidents or career. Every year. And that results in an average property damage of 3300 dollars of that that figures. Twelve figure five years old so you. You figure that the quarter million is larger. And the 3300 dollar average property damages larger. Largest proportion such accidents happening and yet November exactly. At the time of the year. Going back to 2000. The of the six point one million lightweight motor vehicle collisions reported in the US one million involved animal vehicle collisions. Deer vehicle collisions we do about 200 human deaths. And at one point one billion property damage every year every year. And things need to be done about it. State and federal government's insurance companies and drivers spend an additional three billion dollars in an effort to reduce them manage the increasing number of your vehicle collisions. But it's not open. Deer and people don't mix well. They just don't. Look for the deer not good for the people. In the my hometown wardrobe misery that was a teacher who died. You did your that your came through the windshield. And decapitate under. I. Did deer myself. One. Way to the airport. And car. And the portion of the insurance on the remote color. But remember the five year cross that road early morning dark. In the headlights bye dear missed four. One of them forget the look of that dole. Rolling across language it upside down cross. Of them cue cards practically killed. Not quite totaled almost. Anyway more about a rats with them from combat to book for Bobby back at 445. It everywhere this today 10 minutes before 5 o'clock. The day before Thanksgiving Jumbo for body back here at 1063 WORD the upstate talk station with the Eagles advantage talk line. 1803471063. And Renee is in Greenville hello Renee. Governor Tim RD. I'm fine thank you. Great Anderson may be and what kind of put this on Obama about here by. They're very mean there with me or second. I quoted Padilla belongs to. They don't do that depends summer on the property others. I depends on where they are suppose. OK okay well if we shouldn't bureaucracy from the weekend in trouble with the government. I believe so. We get outside and even you know opened up so don't go to the deer belong to the government. That depends on where the deer ours deer that are on government property there are gear than on private property. Okay by the we should be here I'm private property of other things that we get in trouble with the government right. I believe so yes. Okay. So are we getting here Alibaba we will establish that fact that are not sure exactly where we're going with the house. How are absolutely right it was where we're going here's the deal that. If the deer belong to the government and then is that you're running on about god I have my back and got damaged bile on I hated the year. Shouldn't the government pay for it because it's very dear. Though it's not just their deer in the fact that the government may regulate when we camera cannot hunt deer does not mean they own all the gear there are deer that are on private property to be principles considered. Part of what goes with the property. Well I thank her. Okay appreciate your thoughts the things but Renee again. We need to to keep deer away from people IE I knew a couple back in misery and nice home in the country. Load. Dear big into the hole Bambi thing. Of the year. Now they were out in the country in the it was in the well developed area but there were houses on the road this couple fed. The deer attracted the deer right up to their home right near to the roadway. There were people who hit deer on that roadway there was damage and the deer of course died. But. I mean they were responsible stores and answer all the deer might have wandered on the road anyway. But they they attracted them there I mean that they were just asking okay deer meat car cart media here let's see if we can't destroy the deer. A damaged the car and maybe even occasionally injure or kill the person. Not a good idea in my okay. Column. Is. In more hello welcome. Or is that rob it's hard for me I guess it's raw aren't law. Okay delighted being. You see in tomorrow's. Thanksgiving. Annan Annan who played absolutely. You can go and how can you go written. South Carolina. I work construction. And I had to go down to some there. And power envelope country in re partnership. Tension component change imminent. I had done. Currently in some intermittent head and it I have a cruel five million we retired dallas' number bench and we ended drive to a certain area. And Jerusalem they're going down to 95 would Alltel was. And we have to pollute our problem with Turkey's. The return mission they're born Turkey's army and when trying to recruit in the future these all over the place because a luncheon earlier. And the places that. They raised certain that destroyed from another thing. And driving down the road in Turkey you don't want to deploy each. You're talking about blue bird flu and Doug Turkish political. Without these I guess would be domesticated turkeys that that you ran across there than a wild turkeys are different the crew I don't know I don't know if you saw dom. They can do so let's look up at the sky and able drowned from when the race. Yeah I mean we're Turkey didn't treat certain hurricane. And then Turkish but only got loose coming a bunch of employees who got destroyed. That region each other PGA domestic Turkey usually show and there was a big city and deferential to social Carolina. And local country Schindler. I have the uncertainty. And drive down early have to real working 1216. Hours a day. I repairing power she slipped a hurricane you will hinder. Half and we just what a terrible shot guns and thank all acting we're governed on the road and haven't done Turkey shoot them and dear. There. And it doesn't happen that often no that very much appreciate your your books that evidence of that sort of the kind of admit that. The can be kind of distracted no doubt about it the domestic turkeys in my experience or just not the sharpest knives in the the produced gore wild turkeys on the other hand it to me priests pretty sharp. And and sometimes their rather. He says he does respect the human. Obama. Where your state. It's it's a wooded area. The deer used to be Turkey's I don't see too many wild Turkey anymore but there was a pack of them and neighbor of mine runs. When he ran. If the turkeys were out that they they would chase him. That's a but he would stop he would confront them and they would stop. And the which programs are a million it would follow that they seemed like they were not just you know intent on being friendly that they would just at that they are. Aggressive so be it is that. I'm really in the critters. Should not interfere with people. That's a good general to talk about deer Turkey. Crow whatever you eligible Bobbie back. And there were a little 5 o'clock three minutes it's.