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Monday, November 13th

Roy Moore Scandal; NY subway dropping ladies and gentlemen greeting


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Hello Hani greeting is a welcome salutation. And Monday Monday can't trust that day all lol on studio. As we get underway when our number one. A balmy Mac electric radio program in the air chair. You know our genial host rabbit shock jock self appointed president of insensitivity. University. Where we specialize in non politically correct studies. I am of course they attack dog on the right. Not to mention me bombastic. Loud mouth of the south. About that weekend now we've we've had better. Be used. Maria I guys that pebble that I played on only played at 9:30 on Saturday morning. I had on thermal underwear. A heater in the golf cart. The chemical hand warmer us and I stole. When it's freezing. And going. Man. This is. COLT. And and it and it at least. Boy but the good news is. As they are recovering meteorologist. I have been checking out the temperatures. In the equatorial Pacific. And I you may inquire. Why in the world are you checking out the ocean temperatures in the equatorial percent well because. You see if they reach a certain level of warm. Or a lot of warmth. On determines whether or not we end up where they another L menial. Nino that espy Neil of course for the baby. The child has it it com's. Close to Christmas time when we see those waters warm up and when they do for us. Here in the southeastern cheer of the United States occurs including the upstate of South Carolina. It means that this winter. Should be warmer than normal. And drier. Than normal. Conversely. Where its driver one group its web for another in the northeastern part of the United States. And nothing against gun but it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of yankees. They are going to be act colder than normal and more preset. The normal. And yet your assumption is an assumption is correct when they appreciate it falls through cold air. You know which again. Well you get something frozen. Now whether it's snow or ice away so. Fingers crossed. An and by the way any of the more up to date tracking comes out on Thursday. So wild card check that. And about right now it looks like yeah we're in pretty good shape. As we head into the winner money winners on a minute media or whether Mans winner is right around the corner. Because at the end of end of November. Is on win. Whether man's fault. Concludes and winter begins with a 1 December on a calendar of course is later in the month but. When we care about the calendar we're concerned with the real world that we live in getting underway here for Monday and as always your input. Is invited to encourage and welcome here's valued join me. And take part in the conversation today or send me a text message. Four on being part of a conversation music Ingles advantage talk line. 803471063. Or texting. The common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063 WL RT dot com one holdover. From our Friday. Veterans day salute. Betty. Ass sent me a few more movies. It's for though as we did the top ten war movies of all time bid by. Shooting times. And it was a website to put together we and a lot of disagreement. About and been in any event of people were suggesting other great war movies. This was not really a a war movie per say a prewar. Moving. Not from here to eternity. For which Frank Sinatra won the Oscar. And of course that famous son beach scene. The fighting Sullivan's. That's the film that inspired. Saving Private Ryan. 1776. And one of my favorite movies of all time Lawrence of Arabia. Audience. And a quick trivia question for you for the botnets for this money penny and a any back in the Newser how tall. Was Lawrence of Arabia now don't think of don't think of Peter O'Toole in the movie as he was what 626 theory and how tall was a Lawrence of Arabia. Go ahead and while you're gonna need the Mike personal money and we we do matter who speak into a microphone around hollering crop. Up. I'll I'll I'll without. About a whopping 56. Okay and I'm too little when he says 56 that's I was gonna say between. And seven so yeah six lead to a guy. He took time 54. Okay are hot out. Of money pending in any python. I'd tower over them of course and five cents. My deck he made a Florida and in other in other way Brett warrants warrants spoke like twelve languages. Pop up. Oh and in my email I mentioned on the show on Friday. There was the out. Which group wasn't enough to mentioned in this or not but anyway it's. On the army special forces parachute team. Now we're gonna be doing a jump. Into the downtown airport hearing Greenville. Saturday at noon while turns out it was a politically inspired. Diop. A citadel grant and former US army ranger. Two gay leap of faith Friday mile literally jumping into South Carolina politics. I announced a delay an airborne ranger should by sky diving into the event. Said Bobby Cox on his FaceBook page. I'm not afraid to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft that's where I part company went body by the way I was always afraid it's not gonna permanently get an aircraft. And I'm certainly not afraid to take on the problems of our stayed with a bold new leadership. And there's a picture of India's is from the post and courier. And he jumped in up. On a lot of times you and the spec ops jumps. Jumpers eventually you'll see him jump with a flag. And I guess this is Bobby in the picture during that it's really tough. To jump with a big American flag Beaulieu has a counterweight on the bottom of it meant I mean it just didn't beat Kerry joy all over the place. A photo posted on FaceBook out shows Cox parachuting into this event when an American flag waving behind. At Cox on Friday announced his candidacy for south Carolina's 21. House district which includes Greenville. His campaign website says he's running his he Belize Colombia is broken and he's not mistaken there. And in dire need of a new leadership to take on issues facing the palmetto state. As a veteran himself Cox also said he intentionally wanted to announce his campaign this week. I wanted to announce my run during veterans day weekend because it was the honor of my life to lead our men and women in uniform into combat. He Greer Republican will be challenging incumbent representative Phyllis Anderson who was first elected to the state house and 2010. Cox's high flying interest not entrance also landed him on FOX & Friends 8:45 yesterday morning. Now where he was asked about his decision to run for office with veterans in mind. Wow. Not Cox served for. Combat tours in Iraq. And is currently eight lieutenant colonel in the US army reserves said his desire to join the military was cemented after the 9/11 terror attacks. And I also director of government strategy for gun manufacturer. Sinks hour. OK welcome to the race Bonnie. Thank you for your service. Nice clean jump. Out away from all reports. A big event coming up tonight you may wanna know about as well and another page from the L loony lefties. And and how their influence on society. Just seems to be taken for granted and never ceases to amaze me they come up when these. All looney tunes ideas. And then they just go ahead and implement them as if it's SO piazza that standard procedure. And I don't want to know how they get away with doing as well I mean I'd I know how but. I'm there ought to be more push back on sixteen after three here on the Bobby Mack should take a quick break here and be right back on a sunny. Monday. That winner would spring on Dalia winner Alan. Welcome back great to have you on nice to essays some sunshine back today kind of cold and now wintry looking and wet weekend as well in on the Ajax line 71307. As god as my witness I thought turkeys could fly. Of course he famous quote for mr. Carlson. Yes station manager the big guy at WK RD in Cincinnati. As somebody mention him because I'm sure they are cognizant of the fact I mentioned last week a couple of times and beginning today. We will be giving away want today a fifteen dollar gift certificate for a butterball. Turkey. Okay Indy 5 o'clock hour. We will play guess the movie. We play a brief. Very brief. Excerpt from a film which I think you'll find recognizable. And and then down. Give me an opportunity to have guessed the movie and know win the Al butterball gift certificate by the way on Friday. I will be our conversation. With the butterball Turkey help line lady. It just always say a fascinating conversation. And down. Now what do 000 and also on Friday and will be our playback. Of they WK RPM Cincinnati great Turkey drop okay. About how I dressed down for golf over the weekend bobbing no one wants to know. About her undergarments. Well like I can't think positive and you know I've. Who is sharing. Bob I can top that Saturday. I was a bald rock wearing a full set of under armour. A set a regular term goals eight turtle fur stocking hat. And that eight turtle first docking at first docking at not turtles don't have for day was eight like turtle shaped. Perhaps stocking. Body warm murders wool socks and insulated having go out and still froze my butt off. It's kind of windy. It wants like fifteen to twenty out of the north. Still had the icicles on it from Boston. Bobby I saw that Duff fox NFL pregame show found a safe place to show the National Anthem without a protest. On a navy ship in Norfolk. That would do it. Speaking of Boston. Bobby Boston just broke too low temperature low records. The lowest awhile hole by one degree. From may 24 degree record set in 1901. The other was the lowest daytime highs. Both on the same day. I'm surprised. It was that cold without Al Gore being there and having one of his global warming conferences. This every time they do. Other Mercury always plunges. Money even if Roy Moore is revealed to be of pork character. I will still have gigantic concerns about the deep state and how they work against us. Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy surely got to pass. Yes they do it. And don't call me Cher. Coming up tonight. At the at Pelham Bay to mill fire department. 6 o'clock I believe so and yup. Dessert social 637. Median program starts at 7 PM. The Republican women's club. Not Greenville Spartanburg. Posting their event in honor of veterans day. Now that speaker will be George Blevins he is a director of of the veterans affairs for Greenville county and as a retired. Air force veteran match tonight. Base will tell Alan Bates mill fire department that's highway fourteen south in Greer. Have right in my right beside the appellate medical center. Just step off I 85 at exit 56. Okay. Here's what I said about the in the lefties going crazy with their loony ideas and they just. Seemed to get away with implementing them as as policy. The MTA. In New York. That's a Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the people who run the subway strike. New York city's MTA has banned subway operators from using the phrase. Ladies and gentlemen. And the question man immediately occur to you why in the world where they do well. Because it's not inclusive. In. I used to jokingly say you know under speeches ladies and gentlemen and those of you wish you were. And now you know as a ladies and gentlemen and those eye view of indeterminate gender I guess. Transit managers here we go with big brother and I thought police. Transit managers will be monitored. To ensure they avoid the phrase. Announcements on subways and buses will no longer do we ladies and gentlemen. Court in an attempt to be more sensitive. To gender identity. And they told the Washington freebie can. They common greeting. Will be replaced with non gender terms such as passengers. Writers. Or every one. MTA spokesman John Weinstein said banning ladies and gentlemen would provide riders with clearer information. It will. How well would do that John. We're fundamentally changing the way we talk when the writers to give them better and clearer information. Boy you're not a lady eerie gentlemen what are you. Don't answer that. The announcement was part of a memo sent to transit employees last Friday instructing conductors to be more. Empathetic. Two riders and sound more human. A New York Post said the move is taking political correctness too ridiculous heights and I would certainly agree when that. They're trying to be politically correct. One MTA employer told the paper they're acknowledging. That they have some transgender writers and I don't want to offend anyone. He MTA instituted mandatory training on transgender. Gender awareness. For all employees last year but that was a fund class. 800 employees were trained on how to promote an inclusive and positive work environment. A New York City Subway also launched an ad campaign against man's spreading. Into when he fifteenth. I'm not I'm not even gone anywhere near. Man spreading place. A bombing how about. Out attention ladies and germs. Which is. And I just dozed on. Micro sleep. I just dozed off for a minute. And and I woke up. A whole new world. 329 here on the Bobby Mack show we go to the phones for the first time right after we check in with any in the news center. As Bob and they Bob answer roll on here on Monday. As this money 33822. Before four I get a lot of up. Solicitation emails from our various. Public relations firms who pushed having a guest on the show to talk about various things in them some of armor topical like with Thanksgiving coming up. And I got one here about. I share and Schweitzer international adequate expert. And can discuss a number of Thanksgiving topics setting place. Ascending plan and place cards. Sure there's ever been. And stately McCoy and manner of things you know it it's every man for himself parent. How to set the Thanksgiving table conversation. Starters. I got a few of those. Of which would that would end up they either are now it and a food fight or worst case in a fist fight. Now. Topics ago what are you grateful for this year other examples include upcoming or pass travel. Musical events bestselling books look out. Newly released movie is a work out. Food. Sports. One gal. And holiday memories. I'm Sharon to talk about prying personal questions that can push all the wrong buttons are you seeing anyone. Winner are you going to give me some grandkids. And what do you think of president Trump's tax plan. We should have shared on what do you think money penny. She's just she's laughing hysterically telephones we go let's begin and Clinton today where it's totally here on the bunny Mac shall I tell me and welcome to the program. Well ultimately impacted built the base. So good on how one question but it appears partner. Okay I'll ask a question about Derrick or an all or almost certainly go all the one who would know what the volume maxed metal pits was about bets about. How you know. Detonator admitted yes very lord knows how wall and I hope other so he's not right and insults at them all of this up about what it meant in this and other popular. Now on how to get parallel there will look at how has stepped apple that Alberto Hollywood they're playing like they're right but you don't eat a political. Speaker told SW police. Well sitting out. You don't win eight which you can't carry it to run presumptive. And the second part if what did make him toxic. Didn't need to party in the Republican Party did. You know they had a lot a little cautious brushing my upset with him or not it could go back in purple beef pork in because it might make people about it. Share and and both are fair questions thank you tell me appreciate that I will attempt not to answer them in order okay. And now and thanks thanks for are you listening scenario. Yeah yeah okay go because I'm I'm gonna let them get off of the phone here and answer your questions over here let me answer your first question about judge Roy Moore. And at least four women coming out of the woodwork. This is a guy who has been. Maybe the most highest visible cab has the most visibility of anybody in politics and Alabama for decades. Going back to the fight over the ten commandments when he was a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Now let me ask you this house. A reporter from the unbiased Washington Post. Goes to Alabama. To interview. Roy Moore supporters. And during the course of these conversations. Some Roy Moore supporter. Supposedly. Says to the post reporter hey have you heard these stories about Roy Moore. Acting inappropriately with teenage girls when he was in his early thirty X. And the reporters as you know I haven't heard that and the more supporters as well here's a woman's name talk terror. So the Washington Post reporter goes and speaks with Hershey's. Is all yes that's all true that happened and by the way. Three. Women that I know alone. Not the personal friends now that I've ever met him but 3 women that I am aware of also made the same charges against Roy Moore and guess what. I just happen now have their names phone numbers and addresses and email accounts. Wanna talk to the film. And the Washington Post reporter does. And they all have their sand story to tell. And then now the law. You know and post reporter goes home. And writes the story. Does this sound logical. TU. It is not to me. About they toxicity. A being associated with the Roy Moore and of course you know Mitch McConnell. Saying now Roy Moore should just step aside Bobble by an all these all these other establishment. Rhinos. Rushing in front of the TV camera don't you shouldn't you should resign from a race blob on block. And tell my mind went with many Roy Moore supporters and Alabama. The toxicity. Is gonna blow back on those who failed to support Roy Moore and take his word for it. But none of this happen. So I think it's gonna be toxic in reverse. Now will that damage Mitch McConnell how can you possibly hurt. A guy whose approval rating is 13%. Okay. So. I hope that answers both of them squashed by the way. And nine mrs. To me highly entertaining. Roy Moore said today he thinks Mitch McConnell should step down perhaps the senate majority leader. And now. The out and I vast majority of Donald Trump supporters would certainly agree with. Court every 44 here in the balmy night show got to take a quick break here when I come right back. Jose if you are next up here on the money Mac show on Monday. Had been there done that especially on Monday when they needle is pointing to the big. Running on empty and the background. In on the attacks wind this afternoon 71307. Bob regarding the MTA to be totally inclusive they need to say you all. That would cover it to write or. Al Bob regarding Roy Moore the swamp monsters to rise again to devour another conservative. Republican circling again to shooting each other in the front. I go out. Bob can I sued Democrat Susan BS is killing me I'm surrounded by global warming climate change and guns. And I only fear that you Rooney's behind them. Bob speaking of safe spaces or NFL games. In BC gave Joseph Biden won at halftime last night's game when Matt Lauer asked if he was a running in 20/20 eight. All of the actors dressed as football fans in the possibly phony bar cheered up Ferrari SLA. Bob don't transgender people extensively wanna be referred to you by the gender they identify whipped. And therefore wouldn't saying ladies and gentlemen not be offensive to them. And Bobby about the New York City Subway attention commuters and commuter rests. Catcher. Out Bob even the Communist Chinese all stood when they played our National Anthem in China. And now finally as when Bob global warming is L. Got you. To the phones Leo banks are patiently waiting Joseph. Is a long and also want to talk about the pew list Roy Moore I Joseph and welcome to the program. You know I'm good thank you spend spend new generation of her on how much what we call do you. I couldn't nude man who'd just I'm my mistakes. Mitch McConnell was judge and jury over roared more. I actually felt torn himself art that say we believe shall win and what you think or it wasn't McConnell. Mark Bowman helped. Press releases whenever Hillary post told a lie her body was accused Obama or assists somebody wing or somebody like we received yet. I I believe. He US previously occupied. Doing some important senate majority leader work. Only working overdoses trying to get. It didn't amount limitless help but he always looks like just seeing at least twice single they would see a picture. I think you think McConnell has had any as span no argument with you there McConnell should be gone tomorrow's majority leader. Peter king of New York he's a congressman right. He says get this. He says Roy Moore should prove his innocence. Or. Withdraw from the race like correct me if I'm wrong badminton Josep that. Is this not still America where people are assumed to be innocent until they're proven guilty in a court of law. Not quite sure and certain party. Aren't gone yet you have to begin a certain party in order that happened. Must just be that it's Monday and and I overlook that salience. You're right now. And it as far as the other transit authority. It is the problem is not the people asking people to seep into yup. Right it would appear that people are taken into this nonsense I wanna be caught your hardest wonder. Or they're gonna start address immediately else the president that L. So the problem is these idiots think you'd need an all time that's the issue here and Europe on KP and whatever they are and I can repeated earlier. Always all these MTA guys their own union. Why not make it a union nations say I'm since time immemorial. We've been saying ladies and gentlemen. On why is the name of although it's politically incorrect. Do we need to be changing it now to. Attention rioters or. Attention transgender. Attention ladies and gentlemen are those of you or of indeterminate Joseph what is this all out. Attention New Yorkers felt that I can't. At Accenture. Well but to see if you see a change in New Yorkers and the people from joys saint. And can net against. Our own get all haughty. Subway you're never heard what we're talking you know I I can temper. So many chances in the subway in new York and that's a bunch since I used to work there. I would not I can't hear it over the cacophony of noise about people being beaten up a month and dropped. But it didn't give an and that's the problem people stand up this nonsense stop this Turkey but. Yep they wanna thank you bad mood does a good to have you here today sir. Bob any sex change make you automatically guilty unless you can prove he didn't do it. I think we're Mexican more mixing topics up there by the way. It was veterans day weekend. Three players in the NFL took a knee. During the National Anthem before they New York Giants game at the San Francisco 49ers. As he rest of the league starlet. During veterans day we can I tell my baby doll Brenda. It almost struck me as. Being stolen valor. When I'm channel surfed by and I saw all these coaches dressed in Cody. Dressed in an olive drab. And can most stuff. It struck me as a phony. Last gasp effort. To say look look. Now I'm throwing out their chests we support the military and and I was a surfing by and the game last night as well here's Chris Collins worth. Boy is he ever a company guy he knows where his bread is buttered he sank gal on all the players didn't sever these three guys and all of players that said wanted to know. That done their their approaches has nothing to do with a military. Like the military is not dishonored. By the actions of these. People. Back on the other side our number two is right around a corner here and above they match up substantially more on Roy Moore is coming up. And down and out quite quite interesting developments. They are right back.