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Monday, March 12th

Bob McLain Show - Hour3


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And for folks may not be familiar with the because that we use your name is is not exactly. On the tip of everybody's tongue like you give us a brief little bio of we are now where you came for sure Ahmad businessman a conservative and a marine. And I think guy I'm getting into this race because I think we need a lot more of that downing Columbia instead of career politicians. A career government insiders and lawyers well that's I think that's a senate that will resonate with a lot of people. We give us a little bit personal shortsighted I'm Mary two beautiful lady named Courtney we met on a blind date. Really I tell people she just left working for President Bush in the White House. And I tell people I knew I had to merrier after the second date. And she felt the exact same way just took her a year and a half to get this thing and I'm wondering rationally. But I we have two beautiful boys two year old and a five week old. Grew up in Greenville I tell people I groping green ball right when. Downtown was only one block yeah and from the higher it all the way to trio and that was about it though. Love love Greenville grew up here went to Washington and leave for college hourly while I was there are 9/11 happened I felt really called to go in the service. By for my country wanted to lead Marines in combat that's what I did. It's been ever whenever 300 combat missions in ramadi Iraq fighting al-Qaeda in the insurgency of there went on a second deployment after that. Came out of the military service and believe it or not a lot of people told me when I did job interviews I've phase would a lot of veterans face which is. They would tell me I appreciate your service but we just don't feel like you have any real world experience. So you can you could tell them a thing or two about real world experience aspect I think senator. You know I fight to really explain their people to the values of what veterans bring to companies or tell people hire veterans because yes veterans will increase the profitability and culture of the company. And not dole hire veteran out of pity. Hire him because you won a major company great and that's what I did I came out I started. A company called Lima one capital but we do lending to real estate investors. One and it's named a lot of people say well how'd you come up with the nick again Lima warned that it was my call sign and I rack share. I wanted to use my second call sign view it was nightmare. Not that I care capitalizes did they after the financial crisis would be perfect answer we'll have that rang out to a that that your that your looking for says started a company. Started when my company gunnery sergeant who is at 22 year retired marine master sergeant. And we built the company together we now employee it's headquartered in Greenville which a lot of people told us don't headquarters in South Carolina your finance company. But I love my state and wanted to build here and we have eighty full time employees right now in Greenville. About two and fifty part time employees throughout the country we win throughout this the country. We went specifically to real estate investors. How we've been recognized is the fastest growing company in the state. I'm one of the top ten best places to work in the most ethical companies that are not only have we had great group. We've done it in the right way I am very proud of the company and now we manager for a billion dollars. Amanda and the timing us right now as well because the Obama administration and the they have fabulous recovery that we saw. The the nine year recovery program that apparently people puppet administration. Is implementing is over with and now we have a guy in Washington who actually understand business are I wake up every morning so thankful that Hillary Clinton is not our president please yeah. If you have a question now for John feel free to call a angles advantage talk line number 80347. 1063 is that what our first caller. Is is calling about Patrick are stunned that something else I'm on the go ahead now and get him. Adequately dealt with the Ralf was in Spartanburg hi Ralph and welcome to the bunny match up. You there Ralph. And may have beyond beyond cell phone and not seen that. Black hole of death. Then he fell under center want to Ralf I give skull back John great and here we're talking with John Warren his GOP. Gubernatorial candidate. Anderson and giving us a little on his background. I was talking issues a little bit John I guess based on your background he goes without saying that you were a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment. Love the Second Amendment. Will always defend the Second Amendment. Regardless of how many liberals regardless of what party there and I try to take that right away for hours promise. It is it's interesting because. Here and South Carolina. We are somewhat constitutionally ham strung. In the ability of the governor. To accomplish. Things that it might be easier accomplished in other states where. They may have a a more liberal constitution. One that grants more powers. Out of the governor's office than it does here in South Carolina. People are very very frustrated. When they see the level of corruption. That's going on in Columbia quite as governor would you be able to do to have to combat. The the good old boys level of corruption. I I agree Bob with your first testament in terms of being a weak governor. I'll tell you that's why we need strong leadership in that position because it's not a constitutional gift of the governor so. In my experience leadership's composed of three things of a person. Number one is that person's core values. To his or core competencies. And three is whether or not they have the courage to do what's right I can tell you. I will bring the right core values to Columbia I'm a staunch conservative. I'm all about service and I'm also about bringing some common sense which is sorely lacking to Columbia in terms of competence. I think leading 300 combat missions in Iraq is an important thing he develop a lot of leadership skills doing that you're building a company. To where we can bring some business skills down the Columbia. Some basic things to take up for the taxpayer. He had to take up for the little guy. Because right now we have I talked about we have an insurgency growing in Colombia it's an insurgency of special interest groups lobbyist. And a few career politicians. Who want to stick it to the little guy. And the little guy has become any hard working south Carolinians. Who doesn't live off of that insurgency. And that's why I wanna run that's who I wanna take up for when I'm down in Columbia as governor bill. It's it's sad it's sad to see what they're up two down their because they you may be aware John they recently proposed. And and then get away with because of the blow back they faced in response to it. A new tax proposal. Where they say it was a bait and switch kind of deal when they essentially sent hey on South Carolina taxpayers here's what we're gonna do for. We will reduce the sales tax but where did that and sales tax on things like doctors' bills and flew it. And the people immediately. Some you know with the what my little transparency there was there a shell labeled a recognized. Now than that this was a tactic on their part like Wilson last time the good old boys in Columbia ever came up with a tax proposal where they are going to have less money in their conference right. The last thing that we have is a money problem we do not have a revenue problem. We have a problem of people not responsibly spending. And making sure that the money is spent properly that's why it I wanna bring some common sense and some business skills down there to do that. But so let's get some folks an opportunity to ask you some questions directly beginning with that Amy. Who joins us this afternoon hi Amy welcome to the mummy Mac show when you're on what John war. Thank you and that soaring debt have my support for sure thank you. The a couple of let's at least a couple it was terrible or. But I had two questions number one is there any and we can do. At our re billing that. Gas act that was asked that nobody wanted a court governor McMaster. You know intentionally because they quickly to get it. True and number two. What you play insert in predicting that income tax and that Obama got obliterated. So the first thing I would do is unfortunately I would disagree that nobody wanted to tax cut. I mean that tax increase unfortunately too many people down in Columbia warning that tax countries including governor McMaster. I would love to repeal that. Again we do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem and the DOT is Ryan it's totally incompetent it's totally corrupt we need to reform it. We need to come up when an overall strategic view of how to solve the infrastructure problem in South Carolina has its dire. And they told us that we pass that tax. All of our roads are going to be beautiful bride I don't think that's happened the roads are still terrible. I'd DOT is still incompetent and needs reforming. Is that that extended the state infrastructure bank in your assessment your job absolutely. Absolutely. And then in terms of Al income state tax that income tax you know we have. I think we are 42 in the nation in terms of most expensive taxes when you add up everything and that is just abysmal. You know we live in a conservative state our people are god fearing conservative and hard working and we deserve better. Says that what I would like to do I'd like to broaden the state sales tax because right now only 32% of what. Is sold is taxed. And if you can do it he can broaden it to about 48%. The reason I dropped was because of all these special interest incentives that the Statehouse has given out. So if you do that you can stay revenue neutral and then significantly. Bring down the income tax and the sales tax rates and what that would do. Like you've seen with the trump. Tax plan. That would stimulate so much job growth throughout the state and I'm the only wind in the entire race it's actually created jobs. I know with a small business owners need we do a great job of recruiting companies to our state. But who gets penalized in the state it's all of the hard working small businesses that make up. Anywhere from sixty to 80% of the jobs in South Carolina that's why we need to reduce the income tax. Well all you would need is a few more gunnery sergeants and daughters sergeants gets things done TSA if they they're the guys that really run in the next eighteen after five take a quick break here you'll be right back with more I might just this afternoon in this hour of the program as John warrant. GOP candidate for governor we'll be right back here and above they match up. Your attitude. Welcome back 523. Nice to see the sun. Finally making AM special cameo appearance today. Have been a solo wiped out. I was the end cloudy gray overcast skies 23 after five here in the body Mac show and my guest in the studio as John Warren. He is a GOP gubernatorial candidate and them are taking your questions this afternoon on the angels' advantage talk line the numbers 80347. One a six story and if you would like to text in a question. And I just notice I have twenty new text messages in the Q. That number is 71307. Alice go back to the phones and bring in now Danny. Who is a Nextel hi Danny welcome to the body might show with Jon war. Bobby thank you particular cause or month lows on mister mister Warren I appreciate your service thank you Danny. Really looking forward to seeing what you can do in this cycle the only thing out meant that the get elected it period Bobby. And RM Beckham. Well I I made and still Reese until it's. It's from time to time well I hope you do yeah but I but my questionnaire regarding offshore drilling Ahmad. Orchard Bob Barr Ahmed Abdullah controversial but. Like you hear your thoughts on. Whether or not we should proceed with offshore drilling at hang up. Pray so Danny Diaz in my first hardball right now I don't topped up offshore join it is controversial. I'm a true conservative I believe in American energy. We have got to get off of our dependency in the Middle East I think Donald Trump has done an amazing job of opening up Alaska to drilling. When it comes to offshore drilling in South Carolina the state is torn. As a conservative. I tend to think that everything's really local. So when you have the entire lower part of the state. Who is a Peru's staunchly to drilling because of our number one industry being tourism. I tend to take notice. Another person told me they ask me that question to highlight the mountains and I said absolutely love the mountains and they civil. Would you support drilling or mining of Paris mountain or table rock and I said. No I wouldn't because I don't want an in my backyard so my position is if we don't need the oil off of the coast of South Carolina. Then I don't think it adds enough value to really. To justify it. The thing that and it throws me about the argument from the other side on this John is it it's somewhat disingenuous in that. The the left has a way of framing arguments to try and make them work to their advantage for instance and in this particular instance. They talk about the billions if not billions spent hundreds of millions of dollars. That are brought into the states through tourism and that's true enough but they frame the argument and such a way that it's. Either tourism or drilling. And and don't don't take into consideration that the two could be mutually compatible. And I and I would be open to exploring. If we wanna have debates really understanding I think both sides to a poor job of really explaining. What is the technology. What goes into it what are the benefits of even exploring. You know to know what's out there. What are possible detriment so I'm opening hearing arguments by the and that's that's come my position on camera now. OK fair enough Paula is next up I'm Paul unwelcome to the volley much earlier on what John Warren GOP candidate for governor. It's strange about this particular color yes and to restore entry or service 300. Combat mission gratified Kurt trek it's very very impressed. Thank you thank you very much. Armed if I heard correctly are a few minutes ago on the radio before the last commercial you mentioned that south Carolina department which frank kitchen let's cola. Could you please name names of members that you know to be corrupt and Syracuse to name names did you please explain why you refuse to do. I'm going to hang up now and mature to the question. Okay thank you all appreciate golf I think corruption doesn't have to be tied to one individual has to be tied to. How the money is spent. Are there certain roads throughout the state that serve and zero value to all of the south Carolinians whose taxpayer dollars go towards that rude. I can name certain counties in that area so what we really need to do in the corruption as. The state. We need to appoint quality. Appointees to the DOT we need to have a comprehensive roads plan. To look at certain roads like 526. Eyes 73. All of the roads throughout the state and how to improve them rather than certain senators getting appointments. To really help but there are small areas with beautiful four lane roads that go nowhere and no one uses them here. Are you suggesting inferences that you might find in safe warrants downing. That might be a possibility you know and and and if it violated chime in on under question as well. I US judge to name names one name that I have mentioned on this program with regularity as the man who has no longer. AF SC DOT commissioner his name is John hardy. And he is the son in law of the most powerful politician in the state that's Hugh leatherman. And he has served numerous shares more than a decade. On the SE DOT board and on the same time. He has also been and the major advertising executive with Lamar Advertising which does business with the state to the tune of millions of dollars when you drive down interstates. And you see these signs on the side the road. That and my issue of well which restaurants and gas stations are and well. Of those that are not put up free by the state. The state is paying a company to do that. And that company is a subsidiary of Lamar Advertising. And that's subsidiary is run by mr. hardy who is also. Up until very recently and SE DOT commissioner. I think you can connect the dots on your own. I think one thing that this leads to talk so we need to talk about ethics reform yeah one of the biggest things that we have to pass is a requirement for arms going transactions. Nowhere in the financial services world. Nowhere in the medical world to nowhere in the legal world. Are you allowed to do. Have you know. Arms linked. Transactions to where you can appoint your family members you can point your business partner and that exists in Columbia and that's one of the things that I'm gonna do when I ended down a Colombia is to end arm or require arm's length transactions. And and charged ethics is concerned me a gentleman who stay ahead of the ethics committee. I just had a DUI charge where he was involved in an action against him dismissed. Because the highway patrolman didn't offer him a blood test. When he and already baloney point nine and the brothel what do you think would happen Bob if if the same thing happened I am I thinking graybar hotel and on I don't I don't think we're getting off that easily now I don't think so they're 530 here on the bunny match you know any is ready to go in the new center. Now we're back with more of your calls for GOP gubernatorial candidate John warrant on the other side stay right there. Somebody keeps ringing that bell and a backer. Welcome back 53822. Before six turning out to be really nice afternoon now against some sunshine here I'm joined in the studio this afternoon by John warrant. I'm John is amongst the GOP gubernatorial candidates we were talking a during the break John house asking about. The polling data that's out there and you had some dancing numbers and you can you share any of that with a us. I'll just say this that I would not have gotten in the race if I did not see a clear path to victory. I think the voters of South Carolina I'll want and deserve a true conservative who is competent who has grown a business who has created jobs. And can take the fight to Columbia. Nothing against gallon now camera. May catch your butt. He is 71 years old man and I can relate to that I'm 71 years old myself viewer. Your Howell John meaning gesture in your late thirties I'm 38 and it now. So there there's a difference in the not I can attest there's a difference in the energy level. Between those two ages. Back to the phones we go let's bring in Rick next hi Rick welcome her on the Bobby Mack show on WORD would John warrant. There you have these big Mac called answered that question purpose order I do look as CEG. Two per if repealed could build our plan. Quite a predatory. Can't bear where. So it clear should. Draper Kirk they're bigger person or not. Kind of wonder what what are your unpacked. Oh see you could be your iPad or protection from love the great fear the future. Gotcha thank you Rick appreciate the collier shot about the failed nuclear reactors so I think this is an example of one of the greatest failures in South Carolina. Political history and you have right now a four billion dollar loss by Santee Cooper which is insured by all of us. And what we need to do I'm the only candidate to put forth a plan. And the number one reason for that is. I'm the only candidate who hasn't taken any dollars from the Santee Cooper board so the first thing they should happen is no taxpayer and South Carolina no rape here. Should have to pay another dime for a failed nuclear reactor that is never gonna come on line and I think every listener can agreed that. Number two we need to fire the entire board they're totally incompetent. Fire them for gross negligence. You know one of the things it's not talked about is they allowed a CEO. Who lost four billion dollars they didn't fire him they allowed him to retire and get an 800000. Dollar a year pension. Nowhere and the world of common sense nowhere in the business world would that be allowed to happen. We need to replace them whether equality board. Energy. Specific. Experience required which we really don't have across the board right now if you look at it. Then we need to have a forensic audit we need to find out where did the money goes. Because right now they say that the sites only worth a billion dollars but they've already spent about nine billion into it's a weird did the money ago. And then finally we need to bring in some Smart investment bankers. Tell us give us a valuation on Santee Cooper only then can we make a decision in terms of what we should do with it you know government masters says we need to sell. And I think he thinks we can just put up for sale sign in the yard and it's just gonna sell like a normal house. That is not how business transactions ago I'm the only one who is bought and sold. Businesses and I think I will bring great experience to. Really salting a very complex. Frustrating. And detrimental problem for South Carolina. Yeah it is certainly a complex issue and one of the things such puzzled me and I haven't seen. I'm always seeing minimal discussion about the whole thing cave again. Once Westinghouse. Which was seldom does a contractor for this project once Westinghouse. Went down went bankrupt they went belly up and meant Chapter Eleven or whichever chapter. They took is Westinghouse. The only company on the face of the planet that would have been capable of finishing that project. Plus think the other thing is most people if you're gonna do its construction project that size you're gonna have to be required to provide. And insurance bond you would think so what happens to the entrance bonded we never get one because that would be just basic common sense that would ensure that the contractor. If he goes out of business. There's enough money to complete the project so that's one of the things I would like to explore. It's just a total debacle. Clearly done by politicians and and a very expensive one at that time I think if you're looking for an insurance bond John probably the but the legislature had in mind was the taxpayers of South Carolina researcher at spot while that's what it always is and I think that's what they. Are expecting for this pension system you know we have a nine. Billion to 25 billion dollar shortfall for the pension system that no one wants to talk about they just keep passing the buck. I tell people you know South Carolina government state governments different from the federal yes you know the federal government it screwed up to. But when they spend money that they don't have they can print more scrutiny a US south Carolinians we can't do that so I got to bring someone and it actually has solutions I'm a problem solver. That's what lenient in Columbia. I Lanka part of the part of the problem of people don't understand is that you know as you pointed out in Washington. In 121 trillion dollars in debt and they're unconcerned because they can keep the lights burning 24 hours a day at the bureau printing and engraving and and just keep pro Rolen out more dollars now they'll be worth the west but Donald Dell album. Stunning stunning 544 here in the Bobby match up take a quick break here and then when we come back on the other side. Welcome back to the phones more questions for John Warren including some from the text line as well. Now that number 71 threes are sent the right back here on the Monday Monday can't trust that day edition of the Miami Max yeah. You know when you look at all the ups and downs and have been going on and now Wall Street in recent weeks it in points out. The basic premise that basic investment proposition and that is risk. Vs reward. And the amount of risk here engaging in an ENN near retirement. Could be a contributing factor to the possibility of something you don't wanna help. Running out of money when they market cycle against default. This is where my friends Tony gale Philip Allen and their staff that common sense retirement planning the upstate original retirement planner command. Because say they can help you address the risk of running out of money and retirement and at the same time looking for good. Asset growth opportunities. They use something called rigs that's the retirement income generator. A policy that that was. Employed by the economists at Stanford university and using that they can create a plan designed to fit the income needs have you and your family. And address the risk. I'm running out of money you can arrange an appointment to sit down weathermen talk about it just by going to their website CS RP dot info or by calling on at 806876768. Whatever you do. Don't went running too much risk rob you of the potential to enjoy the kind of retirement lifestyle you dessert. Securities offered through Madison avenue securities LLC MAS. Membership run and say take insurance products secured by the financial strength of. We. Work work work work work work work. You're right down and that's how we knew Maria slave labor four hours each day over a hot microphone and not computer terminal here on the body matchup. And from time to time we bring you a special guests of interest to try and give you an idea give you an assessment of the and the individual who's campaigning and now the officer running fourth and. Case in point today is John Warren. He is now one of the GOP gubernatorial. Candidates and we are taking your questions in the next couple minutes here. Ingles advantage stock line number 80347. 1063. And they tax line number 713072. The phones we go will is next up with that we John I will and welcome to the bunny match shell. Play ball below thanks and don't think particular question home. On during preservers to grow their home. Rome my question is. Would you be willing to do mom I'm on the tour and order got three years ago a locust that disrupt our own will on the pure former economic prosperity. On brought up. And in Georgia the governor. It is pretty much solely responsible for what happens with the top brass of DOT. Would you be. Opposed to doing something like that word not only. You can try to eliminate beat the ominous. You know no one knows exactly who didn't. Present in the DOT where now we have someone to do. All argue that sort org or calling state to say this is your DOT. You do you failed that putting more people in place. What you know would you be opposed to do a public that make in the top brass of the DOT. Solely. It certainty. And the work where they failure he can pardon immediately. Brent thank you well appreciate the call. That's a great question well alternately I would like to abolish the DOT commission and be responsible for the reds. I think we need to have more. Power given to the governor I think not only DOT is a great example but also our education system because right now. You know the governor does not appoint the secretary of magic or the superintendent of education which he should. You know we've got tremendous problems and education tremendous problems with DOT alternately if you look at all of the problems in South Carolina. The vast majority of them happen because the legislature. Controls those areas and the more we can get more power to the governor. The people of South Carolina can then hold the governor responsible. For how he or she performs. Would you be if they. Are John about having a clear up a cabinet level. Office. Created a platoon eliminate state infrastructure bank and and the SE DOT aboard now the rest of that I would do that for both the infrastructure as well as education. Now part of the problem is that and in in the the collar. Pointed out in in a roundabout way of him when he was shocking about having. Now one person that would be accountable somebody that can be responsible. Are for whatever happened to good bad or indifferent. And unfortunately we do have an SE DOT board of commissioners but unfortunately. They are so politically hard wired to hand that they are essentially untouchable. Absolutely and that's that's a situation attempt cannot be allowed to persist. I text her. As says I have more fear of an army of sheep led by a lie and and I have of an army of alliance led by sheep Alexander the Great thanks Bernie Mac for introducing me to mr. Warren I found my candidate from a trip. I'm Bobby can you give the cliff notes on the Sandi Cooper project I'm not sure what's going on. It's it's a long and involved. Processing goes all the way back years to the legislature having created an environment. In which what has happened has been allowed to happen and is now attempting to put the the taxpayers on the hook that's about the simplest shorthand way I can describe the situation is is that accurate job. It's absolutely accurate and and thing is if you look. You know there are still politicians. Running for governor who are still taking the money the Santee Cooper boards so you know. Probably a little bit a conflict of interest there. Alpha doesn't AMA becoming annoyed because I know people won't get off at 5 o'clock and some get off at 530. In May beginning at this hour we gave John an opportunity to tell you a bit about himself his background and and something about it is so personal and family lives on my TV and opportunity again John to revisit that for people that may have missed written don't know. The details of your bio. So I am a businessman a conservative and a marine. I'm running to serve South Carolina I'm running to bring conservative principles to fight for what I consider. The little guy. The little guy has been forgotten in South Carolina. Instead he's been replaced by special interest lobbyists and career politicians I'm gonna fight for that little guy to guide it. Guy and the girl that works so hard to provide for their family. The though the primary of course is is upcoming. In June and in May be a Greenbelt Tea Party. Is going to be conducting a debate. I hear in nine Greeneville had done the usual location that we use sand which is right downtown across from my from the ball yard. A would you be willing to let to commit to participating in that debate just. I will be at any debate anytime anywhere. I assume the governor McMaster has not. Registered for that debate. I don't understand why the sitting governor won't come in debate. I I frankly don't understand why the sitting governor still Dodgers invitations not only for myself but from Tara and others. To appear on this program because he certainly has in the past over the course of the last fifteen years or so. I am told by people close to him that. They feel as if he would be a projected in a negative light or. Subjected to intense cross examination and questioning. And and I'll point out. To the governor's campaign in two of the individuals involved that look. We may asks are hard questions. That will leave farewell gave him an opportunity to answer the questions but as the governor of the state who is seeking. Reelection wave feel like he knows a Jewish constituents to. Come on to this of this type before me not to show terrorism or another. And men than. I'll allow his constituents to do here. Why he has made some of the decisions and he's made during that time that he's been in the governor's mansion after being having been appointed with governor Haley went we went to the United Nations that. To this point they had they continued to resist all in treaties. So. We'll we'll keep you posted will let you know if they change their mind could be the polling data some are borrowing a line could be an influencing factor will say. Or maybe the governor's campaign has just made a decision that they don't think they can be helped. By appearing on on my show or on terrorists but I can tell you this. There are darn near half a million votes. Our eighth in existence here in the upstate of South Carolina. And knives and these are full sure motivated and will be going to the polls and if you are passing up an opportunity. As mr. warning Katherine Templeton and others have done. Cannot come on man and answer questions him about eight year positions on issues. Then now let the chips fall where they may John it's a pleasure to major. I appreciate the opportunity to be here my pleasure sever fine thank you can for our servicer. And we look forward to seeing at the debate in day in in May rather and and probably. Unknown various other occasions between now that sounds great great to have a year we'll take a break here for the news of the top of the hour then we come back with one more to go. Bonus hour still remains here on Monday. I'm Bobby Mack show on 1063. WOR day.