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Friday, September 22nd

Health care; John McCain; Amazing true facts


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And today featuring a special cameo appearance by guest star. Bob my client. It's not done the right. Is backed coup well what's what's remaining of him. Is back. Now boy dance. It's been a while I did not intend for it to be out quite this extensive that. You know it is what it is these things take time had to a table timeout for. Medical procedure and not take a couple of days slightly longer. Then I'm originally anticipated new and let me going and it and apologize up front. For the equality in my voice today but you know any time they they clobber you over the head. And knocked you out to do the surgical procedure they stick that anesthesia tube. Down your throat and it always messes with my vocal cords or a couple weeks. And so odd that this is this is about the best that I've been talking. As cents a week ago Wednesday. Last thing I remember saying let's not make sure you knock may completely out don't check. I had jokingly told the anesthesiologist. He asked you know what I was doing with them peace of two by four in my hand and I said well it's just in case what you're doing doesn't completely work. Out on how to make a mistake it's going to be on the side of caution thanks to a Jim Bohannon Tony dale and all the Yasser Philly informing while I was out and I actually am going to be way to. Orient pretty extended period of time here I believe well I mean. You know I'm I'm obviously. Endorse the shortened work week I wish I don't. Show on Friday. But that isn't may I will be with you out of for the foreseeable future. I think. Believe all the way until Thanksgiving may reasonably good you know money and as you well. And now thanks to the above bets for carrying on in my absence was wellness money penny and little penny back in the news senator. I'm so glad your back Bobby Mack in on the text line thank you appreciate that. Great to be back sorry M and sound the way I knew the night my guess you know some voices better than non. And I learned to appreciate. Now but where where I am. Is good at and I'll attacks like president guy hosting the bubbly maxim. It does sort of seemed that way here's value join me NBA part of the conversation today and is the Friday free for all the all skate. Meaning of course. Typically during the workweek at least when I'm here. Spore addict patients who and I happened to be in the neighborhood. Trouble on the radio station. And we. During the you know Monday through Thursday. It's it's pretty much on the issue is. That I bring up things that are of interest to me that I think will be of interest you and so therefore we wanna talk about but down. On Friday. All bets are off so if there's a Burr under your saddle about a particular issue. That we have written hasn't had enough relevance or whatever reason to be touched on today's your day to go for a parent. Ingles advantage talk line number told free from anywhere. 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address Bob. And one a six story. WL RD dot com this headline. Just can weigh in on me that the breaking news area. This is this is from may I should've seen this coming. But I didn't. Department. Washington and the Associated Press Senator John McCain has declared his opposition. Just in the last hour or so. Judy GOP's a last ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare. Dealing a likely death blow to the legislation and perhaps. Really Republican party's years our vows. To kill the program. Many of of which by the way Val static kill the program. Came from mother ride knowing chief. Who now will be forever known as they wrote as the Republican. Who propped up obamacare. John McCain. Who just recently was reelected. As senator from Arizona oh west until just a brief way. This is part of John McCain one of John McCain's campaign accounts. From last November all right. But John McCain is leading the fight to stop Obama care I'm John McCain and I approve this message. And there's McCain on the floor of the senate casting a vote. Has there ever been a better argument for term limits. Then Mitch McConnell. And John McCain. Quote I cannot in good conscience. As Amy had a conscience. I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham Cassidy proposal. McCain set and a statement referring to the bill by his BS shelf. Senator Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham a state of South Carolina and bill Cassidy of Louisiana. Quote I believe we can do better working together. Republicans and Democrats and I'm not yet really tried. Most certainly he hasn't. And how you work with Democrats anyway. There idea of bipartisanship. Is that conservatives. Are totally. Give up their positions. There are conservative positions. And a seed till whatever it is they progressive. Commie Democrats wanted to do. That's not bipartisanship that's domination by one party. And the domination we should have my one party in this instance. Of course is a GOP. I which controls the house controls the senate and owns a White House. But as long as we have people like McCain. I'd wanna back slap and not be jolly good fellow as we they chuck U Schumer is an anti policies of the world. This is what we got. McCain continued. Nor can I supported without knowing how much it will cost. How would go affect insurance premiums and how many people will be helped or hurt by. Well the answer to that Senator McCain is we already know how much Obama care costs but trillions of dollars that are unaffordable. We know how insurance premiums have been affected by obamacare could this they'll be any worse. And we know how many people have been helped or hurt. But. McCain was a decisive vote against the GOP's last repeal effort in July. Once again the 81 year old demented senator battling brain cancer and a twilight twilight of a remarkable career. This is from the AP what's remarkable about his career. Except stabbing the people that sent him to Washington in the back. That's remarkable. Emerged as the destroyer. On his own party signature promise to voters. President Donald Trump and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had both been pushing hard for the bill in recent days. McCain's BFF and the senate Graham mistake was an author. She just got through saying. I didn't see this coming but I should have. Isn't it patently obvious and when CN McCain. Are are not as buddy buddy as they used to be even when he does not warm McCain's lap. On those cold wintry nights in Washington. As AM. Lap dog Guizhou work. Does he just stand Wednesday in the back true. 20. John McCain. Trump declared during the presidential campaign he would quickly demolish obamacare will be easy. Well we thought he would they thought it'd it would be easy because he's not. You know he had fellow Republicans. In Washington and he doesn't. He has guys that are. Part of the deep state tour more aggressive in protecting there as governor of a Panamanian famously said and blazing saddles protecting their phony baloney jobs. Then they are doing what's good for America or certainly. Anything to help their party. This is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. I'm gonna check and see if Arizona has recall. South Carolina does not. We can't recall. Somebody's been elected to a federal office. But an Arizona does those people out there should recall Lindsey Graham immediately. He immediately. John McCain. If not sooner well you've seen one you've seen a mall. Lindsay McCain. Six CNET history here on the body mansion quick break here and then now. We come right back here as I returned from the Friday free for all fired up and ready to deal I am after all. They attacked on to the right. I amazing. True facts coming along in this hour. On that later in the TGI definition nobody Mac channel. But own hands in the newsroom CEO we squeeze in a good news story. For today as well all that and more as we go to the phones for the first time here on the Friday free for all. Thanks are patiently awaiting Michael is aligns our leadoff batter here on the on the Allstate I'm Michael and welcomed the shell. They are pro or you're taught in public during your talk about bode has dominated. Just. He certainly qualify see Asia even worsen a bonehead I'm. On iFanboy friendly radio show can't say what I really think about done McCain and when they when it is trader's actions. Or you know you'd you'd shut that you know we're dominated a one party technically I don't mean McCain as a dominatrix. Don't worry I do that wouldn't agree to split and I'm sure that tomorrow on the side. I am I going to. Have a forum for it and he very rare instance here by my count. Oh can't come on a more serious well. I'd blame them Graham ball more than I do McCain came out and I am sure that you and you're gonna be feeling exactly that same way. Ordered our reasoning. Because McCain goatee is an idiot and didn't really believes it is idiotic decision so he can now. Though Paul on the other hand my impression of him changed member would be a congressman got shot sometime back. Okay I'll watch and Fox News when that happened right. Also mention that we have wherein Paul Cullen and could she was there he couldn't talk about what happened. Tropical doctrine Christine and I sat mostly loose coal and and then after it was over actual channel commitment to commercial launch CNN. And CNN has like. Then we've got Graham poll only in the told what happened. Political authority and that. And what I am actually be created about five minutes later and you're a whole corner that all happened mammal or in himself out in a disaster. And they're and that could be. A couple of explanations for that one. Could be that whenever. On a a tragedy. Like happened at the baseball practice in Alexandria. Back in spring occurred whenever something like that happens. All of the major networks and and all other major shows whether it's today she'll our GM here which I want. All their producers immediately get out there Rolodex. And start calling around trying to find people. That they can quote you still wondering how I am trying to moratorium. And an Arianna and that's and that's the other. Part of the explanation wasn't was senator pol. Pushing himself again front of the cameras to exploit. A tragedy to. Two Weldon don't promote his own brand or lot. You gotta figure would push. Oh on the healthcare. Burden the media is more likely to put a camera in front of the eight of the one virtue people voting idea or on the 48 people voting for very true because minority. Chose. Pretty. Story. And and know what weeks are an awkward going or out to get right conflict. Drives. New stories and it's certainly drives. Talk programs. In in cyberspace as well as on on the cable shows so yeah and it structured boundaries against Indiana adults adults. Oh yeah out. Our power to give anybody would be it. The criticism trigger a total currently what certain. My order from our current account Lisa Murkowski. Yup well apparently she was just about on more yeah. According to the news this morning. So if they had just lost McCain now or Paul they would have been fine right boasted the man. And it's it's good news and columns alerted law. Yeah I am yeah probably so I mean she's she's she is a true Ryan how she's no nearer to being a Republican and then Chuck Schumer spent. Distance on the engine with. He even if they had gotten maccast he's vote. There are a lot of people that probably would have been upset that the GOP was going about rounding out these votes. The same way that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did when they got obamacare passed by putting and on particular. Sweeteners. For senator from various dates. To make sure that. Think they would get our money out of this. I'm kind of surprised slick and get ready Joseph Manchin or one of the other Democrat actually actually in a risky. Re election next year. And and it makes you wonder. Whether they didn't think of doing it or didn't think it would be effective. Or whether those Democrats are now thinking. Well look trumps failed on obamacare repeal he's not looking so good there won't take our chances. Very small now. It's it's going to be fascinating to watch it play out. It's just a shame that that all these people are playing. All these politicians in Washington are playing with people's lives out here where we went out Michael in the real world. What would be to be careful Cooper don't walk so portal in the happening is that the next election. What surname Nancy Pelosi will be the new Dominique Kirk's. Bush Daryn or Aaron are now that would be all we need thanks a lot for the call Michael I appreciate it good to have you here today senator. In on the tax on Bobby your back on country kick the bucket no not still there. Bob we're happy with whatever sound you can Muster from your sore throat today about just glad to have you back. I'm Bonnie it's called down for maintenance. Glad your back yep president and Bob when he getting the other knee done Nona now let me just fine. It is other ancillary problems. That now I've been dealing with a Bobby welcome back you didn't mention Tara sitting in for you that's right. Wintry spell and now from Carroll was kind of on short notice just thought I'd be able and capable of coming back on Wednesday but just couldn't make it and held out as long as I could before finally now letting mark in the the other folks on up on mahogany row are aware of the exacts all have their huge desk turning I'm a delay Dick Kennelly letting them know so much like Tara was 80 wait. Now while I was a late scratch. From the field and careless affiliates at thanks Kara appreciate that. Terrorists sent me a funny idea text message too by the way she said I'm glad to see that your six changeup or. X. Again she figured I'd be announced on. You know there was something something along those lines so I text her back. And said don't thank so I appreciate the encouragement please note my new email address Roberta and Bob I'm glad we finally got rattled a rid of the liberal running your show libertarian isn't for the win. I chipped. Obviously look at your back. And I you are most definitely miss still think springer should fill and you when you're outside he should have in my kimono and do some cameos ownership he does that dome without even. Invitation. You just just joints and whatever it feels like election is fine. Now on a serious note welcome back Bob Hope you're doing well I am on better thank you. I welcomed back Bobby hope you didn't use up all the obamacare now. Still have their private insurance. Still gainfully employed. I'm Bob just thankful prayers were answered and if not under present your back now go do what you do. Aren't I just blazing saddles references again this is Harvey Korman. And as. Well. I can't read the name of the characters young man in Hollywood that anyway. Harvick warming up now go do that voodoo that you do a slew well. Bobby Mack welcome back I wish the Viet Cong and capped McCain. Bobby how can McCain in good conscience and an. Now Bobby you're dead on with McCain you go. Bob I know be painful for a lot of people and I've always felt we should let obamacare implode. Maybe the people of the people who keep up with that event will finally see what the Democrats did do them. I'm Bonnie I'm shocked at this news of from McCain not. Bob welcome back glad to hear your on the man. Bob it's time for trump to join up with the Rand Paul and offering free market and on alternative. For everyone who wants it. And now finally this on listen not hear usually pretty intelligent and I respect you. But you sound like an idiot going on and on and on about how Graham and McCain didn't work together. This however was nothing but a dog and pony show. And if you think it was anything else and I think your IQ has dropped. It's patently obvious though that all the people in congress do is urinate down our back NTELOS is ranked. There's something to be said for that was a fiction from the beginning on this deal. And is that why Rand Paul said I'm just not gonna play. Take my ball and go home. 330 here on the body and actually go back to the phones I catch up with more from the tax wind and. Out on Jimmy few samples or John McCain on the campaign trail. Bitterly critical of obamacare and promising faithfully repeal act. Big during a special guest starring appearance today via. Bob McClain. Starring as Bobby Mack 339. Here and Ian TG IF tradition body Mac show busy first day of fall today by the way first day of autumn. Now we could get a little list. Of not for those of you don't like fall they're they're actually flawless. Is popular season for a lot of people Leon and collars and the cooler temperatures and all the rest and and fall as one of the one time laughter. And also because on the golf course we boy play what's called the leaf rule. That is it if you hit your ball and it's not somewhere in the fairway it's often the sign in the rough. It's covered up idol we years at a far from the trees and it's probably. Really close of the fairway and you just can't find it. Because of all those dreaded really it's just drop one there and play without penalty. Well you gotta make the rules work three year old right. That's obviously what John McCain does it makes a rules work for him ever the American people anyway we put together. AM a brief list top reasons. I you hateful to win some appropriate music. For this. See. Yeah I guess I guess. This probably wouldn't be okay here we go at the top reasons people might call. You may control the it's harder to tell you explain your winds are real. And which ones aren't thinking I'm split up ground yeah. You hate Paul because you're a Democrat. Everything turns the color of Donald. You painful because it's football time. And furious Cincinnati. New York giant. You can call because you're frustrated. In your efforts divine pumpkin spice groove may sixth. Just not working out toward. You hate Paul because. Graffiti artists switch from colorful past bills in the summer. To those depressing her stones. And finally you hateful because here's Scott Barry O and fall means you have to fold a ton of sweaters. At the gap. I expect. That. Well I had some time on my hands while I was out in on the attacks on 71 threes are seven mr. Bob. All politicians are liars and thieves they steal our money and never tell the truth George from mall. Yeah this just again. Now. I'm Bob why are people rag and now Rand Paul and I it was a bad bill set distilled collapse. I would never know who would have or not. Bobby declaration of independence indicated people will suffer evils as long as they are soft for a ball. Alcoa should think we are NAND flash point where we won't take it anymore is there any way to know busy establishment had any clue how close we are. From camps and not travelers rest no I don't think they do. I don't think they do and all can. Made they don't realize it you know there were times in this nation's history in the past. When politicians did this kind of stuff and they found themselves swinging from light poles and. Bob what are what does Kim Jung Owen have his Hillary style pantsuit. On a bunch about president trumps threat to destroy this country. He's been making the same nose same threats against the US. For weeks. Yeah yeah well east is trying to scare us at all trying to scare us. Now no not yet KM. Pajama boy. The bunny Max exchange joke was started on line by Bohannon. Then Karen decided to run whether that said welcome back. If I had to listen one more day a Jambo making apologist excuse all defenses for rhinos like Graham. I think I would have shot. My radio. Don't do that. Who does. Al welcome back Bob reference your of Senator McCain recall rant about a recall for Rand Paul or what about Susan acknowledged. Our Lisa Murkowski. And about the text message saying I'm Bob don't kid yourself only missed none of them and a dog and pony show from the beginning textures as I agree. I agree dog and pony hey look over here at the bright shiny object. Oh I'm about to on the Harvey Korman reference go do that voodoo that you do so well Headley Lamar. Thank you that's heavily. Clock blazing channels. Bobby please post on the WL RD web site hey we eagle petition. To add to our state constitution. Recall provision for any person holding public office. I could we get it on the November 2018 ballot. I'm Bob Rihanna have to start to go fund many paid for should at least. If you did this sort of adolescent. And I it's it's beyond my control. And I'm just. I'm just dealing with the circumstances. As I'm Mazar fine. Bob Graham act Cassidy would keep. Preexisting conditions which keeps premiums I keep the taxes keep the regulations. I it will fail but under the State's it will have trumpet Republicans fingerprints on it. What did fail on its own it would do away with the individual mandate. And the business mandate of some of the best things I can find an. Bump up. And Bobby. Can point out any more blatant evidence of nepotism. When it comes to Ron and Rand Paul. Kamal. I'm Bonnie knocking Rand Paul yelled we don't really needed doctor's input on health care gimme a break he is AM and I and I've doctor. Bonnie welcome back. All I gotta say Duane and taylors thank you Duane appreciate that. When we come back on the other side the TG IF edition of our amazing true facts. Polly wanna act well. Polyone whenever Amazon rules and you. Conveying. One way. Or any other. Obama care is is going to be a thing of the past RA so yeah I GOP. Thanks to recalcitrant recalcitrant. Ryan O members about their own party are unwilling to do what they promised over and over and over again for seven years repeal and replace obamacare. But it it it's it's doomed. To collapse under its own wage anyway. Back in on the tech's wind Bob the flashpoint when the American people have had enough is a secret to everyone. So it will come as a surprise like a bouncing Betty mine. Patrick. Bob remember when not Jimmy said he would do another nine elevenths style attack in the US and would play the movie and her view. In theaters because it was mocking him. I think we should make a second one and seasonal job. Al Bobbie it's not petty Lamar you know it's heavily. I'm Bonnie look at what Tony Blair a squirrel. Got. And speaking of nine John McCain and he can promise. All of them once or twice I guess to repeal and replace obamacare. We need to repeal the Affordable Care Act and we need to replace it. I am proud to once again stand with my Republican colleagues as we continue the fight. To repeal and replace obamacare now majority of Americans today. Oppose the presence failed health care law. And they're counting on us they're elected representatives in congress. To fight to repeal and replace. Now well. Thanks a lot John done for him your assistance. In that effort OK here we go as promised at today's edition own. Mom mode clear. This is pretty weird I've I've told them money penny story in my body back in Memphis. Whose mom and dad had apparent. And he went over their house one night to it just it just dropped in unannounced and knocked on the door and a voice said command. And he tried to door and it was luck. So we knocked on the door jamb and not try the number again is still locked. After the voice had repeated command. So they want to over the window looked down. Knocked on the window heard the voice against sake come and. And they're sad their parent in the cage inviting him to command well 39 year old. Korea and Pretoria us from London recently got a random package from Amazon. A thirteen dollar a pack of gift boxes. Which puzzled her since she hadn't ordered it and had no idea how it wound up better how else. After some investigation she finally figured it out her parent. And ordered yet. Korea and has an Amazon echo at home which by the way is gonna make up. Bunch of Christmas gifts I'm sure and you can access 1063 WORD. Through your Amazon echo as well and her apparent. Mimicked her saying. Or. No. You know what she's saying is election. And then giving it to command whatever the parents sent somehow wound up. Making Alexa think. They were trying to order a package and gift boxes. Amazon says that any anger or her little accent as free returns some respiratory as is not stuck. With the other boxes of ordered. Buck. By her parent doesn't have parents named does that show you. Bunny is a Paris and you know. But he is wound up bunny loves election. Actually impede the investigation probably didn't take that long enemy and you know win in an entire. I'm semi trailer full of crackers. Pulls up at your doorstep. You know there's there's something I'm going on there. I don't know if Taco Bell really understand so what powers their customers. I guess they think that people to go to Taco Bell like to get out loaded and then have somebody on take guesses drive through now they're. Messing with the out. Both sides of that equation against Taco Bell is planning to open about 300 more locations around the country. Over the next five years of these stores. Won't have drives through its instead. They're going to serve. Al key hall. All part of taco Bell's planned to be more hip and upscale. Because let's face it win now somebody says Taco Bell those are definitely is two words in a may. Come through my hip and upscale. I can't I'm not there's a today's amazing true facts news's next only come back on the other side. Larry O'Donnell a BS NBC as a classic melt down. We'll shared with.