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Monday, September 18th

Trump, UN, and NATO; National debt


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Where's my free candy you know I've been hearing that now for four months nobody ever gives me free candy. And I look forward to it so much it's a bonus hour than the boys as freak they. And but I never get in the I feel somewhat cheated. This is Jim Bohannon here I'll give another try tomorrow will say oh look at that look at that money penny just had to be free candy. Say life is good folks. Here at 1063 WOR DB of state stock station the Eagles advantage talk line as 1803471063. 1803471063. Yeah watermelon flavored it looks pretty good. And I covered since retirement planning text line is 7130771307. He with the folks at their texting here. When I was enumerated all the stuff that would be necessary for college educations to be free. That extra right you forgot that the pre college would also have to have donations from the utility departments. But their electric and water and don't forget about the Wi-Fi so we had to donate that is well. That's all true yeah the list goes on broad people talk about free this of that no they're not talking about three but talk about you who. Paying for it okay. Policy well Jim free market will solve problems of health care governments grew up roads nuclear power plants. Will see if in fact a free market solves the problem of health care I'm not sure that necessarily will. Of course the one problem is that the insurance companies do not wish to ensure most of us they wished to ensure the US Olympic team. People who are young extremely healthy and you'll never ever get sick that's what they wish to ensure. Unfortunately their those of us out there. Who. We do get sick we get old we don't take care ourselves what have you well goodness gracious sakes alive Alomar in Spartanburg mr. limerick meant. Is back here. Let's see yours and take on the woman screaming Telus Telus Telus where. Bob's first callers and I'd be brief the GO Telus Telus Telus where's the beef. As he flipped the big Mike gone through this radio icon is just Hillary again. Giving me grief OK that's good. The do have to have an actual program. With with Alan maybe have to have a limerick off. I do number X twos and we have to do that. There's more my favorite to Lumix leveraged by the way. Source for the man from Japan and the whose poems would rise Emma but not Stan. And as wide as was he says it's because. I always try to cram as many syllables and the last line and every pore in my like I ride as I possibly can. So there there you go there's another memory that I like friendly there was there was so. C has a goon. There was was the wisdom of the what's was they went so beyond the last who hailed from the bay state of madness. When she took a notion to into the ocean water came up to her knees. Well it doesn't rhyme yet but it will when the tide Gibson. Goes okay. Who is something for us. For the but the alum of the world to us to think about I guess limerick lyzard Jumbo. Money but he had to pay for that there's those as the use free love. The show thank you Dan that's well no I don't think money Benny acted before but I do believe that that. Intercom had to pay for they can't be right did you is this your personal candy. Although it did OK I stand I stand corrected. I have received free candy courtesy of money but I got from the bank. All also the bank gave it to you yes. OK so this this particular job about as which blank you go to is none of their business traveling they gave me lack. Or that day so another words we're talking about freebies given to customers. So I got free candy from money penny who got us from her bank and are up for free but for free but only up to a point trust me. Are granted these are this is small change in terms of what the bank isn't and briefed Cheney had did not say where that since freaking Andy well paying for up I'll guarantee you that that the bank. At some point if they give away enough three candy they will charge. Depositors more. For. Alone let's say or conversely they'll pay less in the way of interest on interest bearing accounts. So I there is a bank in the upstate. And which if you go there you may get a tiny fraction of a penny less from that bank because they gave me through money penny. Free candy okay that's our folks but I have to try this out here so so watermelon looks pretty good. Dumb downs of their rented dubbed them. I know it's a straight line but ya ya right Jim good or had a mature when I know okay. Let's see oh here's another when there was for the man from Nantucket yet we we've been there we've done that would gag gag gag go there though it's it's radio. Can't go there I see here I thought trump had a plan that would balance the budget in ten years and Republicans wouldn't discuss it. I gotta tell you if I gotta tell you if. Yes he does have a plan that he says would balance the budget. And I have not been shy. About backing president trouble I think he's right and I have not been shy. About. Say when I think he's wrong. His budget is. Unbelievably. Optimistic. There are many things that I think Donald Trump is doing right and he's trying to do the right thing on the border will see what this deal with Pelosi and Schumer turns out to be. He's trying to do the right thing as regards the Paris accords he's tried to do a number of things right but his budget. Is going to give us more red ink than Barack Obama ever thought about doing I'm sorry. But yes he did have a plan and if you buy into his projections it would balance the budget. No chance in the world there is such a thing as sleek. As the Laffer Curve and supply side economics can in fact work under certain limited circumstances. That is to say it's possible. To lower tax rates and increase tax revenue John Kennedy did its. But. This ain't gonna happen with the trump plan so for what it's worth. He did have such a plan. And I hope the Republicans would discuss it because it wasn't much of a plan. And you'll count me among the Republicans. Who would say come back when you've got a realistic plan there you go. Hey Jim should I feel guilty for getting a retirement from the Marines of course not you are that's marine. You have defend this country. We don't give enough. To our veterans. Know you should not feel guilty forget your retirement from the Marine Corps you earned that. You put your bottom alive and particularly in the Marine Corps. No way in the world and you aren't getting enough from us but thank you for your service big time. Thank you for your service all right. 1803471063. Is the Ingles advantage talk line and becomes its retirement planning tax line 71307. Glad to have all of you with us today Erica Miller come across so we're stuff in the news that I have to share with you I'm not sure if you love. You recall this particular bit bizarre Steve monster with all the teeth which hurricane Harvey washed up on the Texas coast. Our researchers finally know what it was the aptly named a fan and that to boost snake Il that that creature. It washed on the Texas coast is a fan and tooth snake he'll next time I'm at the beach. Remind me not to pit one okay. Mercy for heaven's that was ugly ought you probably saw this I'm sure has been all over TV in the YouTube. A by now you've got the chainsaw none right sister Margaret and who revived reformer knowledge of chain saws to open the cleanup at. Miami is a Carroll high school where she's principal. Well yes she's got some online tips such as though when using a chainsaw. You don't need to solve back and forth with the blade as she was doing okay. And we have 615 and we Georgia Jim both from Bobby Mack we have Bobby back back on Wednesday at the best part of all. So low back remorse they were this is just a moment. That must be my Q okay eight ball side pocket. And it is now with 642. We're moving along and officially the Russia is going to be over soon I know unofficially. Which is to say if you're an old yet it is going to be over for awhile for a lot of you take it easy be careful. And done. We're glad to have you with this especially alive you know that's the best part. Because they don't they don't those count. That listeners as soon as part of the audience OK 1063 WORD the upstate stalks they should. And a Jim Bohannon for Bobby Mack today and tomorrow Bob will be back all fit as a fiddle as they say I'm not sure how. How fit the average fiddle is the Bob will be at least that fit come Wednesday afternoon and the back in the saddle again. The Eagles advantage talk line it's 1803471063. 1803471063. The common since retirement planning text line. 71307713. Is 07. K year. Let's afternoon. Then. What we should mention this before we left today about the president and his. Trip to the United Nations. He's going to be a lot of world leaders and we met the leader of Israel among other people today. And I commended for that. And wish you the very best they big appearance before the UN general assembly. We'll come tomorrow. And there will be a number of things that he can do it a number of things that he cannot do. First a ball he can do very much. About much of anything. Because as the United Nations. And that's an oxymoron the United Nations are not a group of nations which are united about very much. That's true for one. To a certain extent anything you do with the United Nations is window dressing. You were there to show that your heart's in the right place. And you're trying to goad. Through the motions were with a world body which on occasion. Has done some good things let's let's be honest about it on occasion it has. Has not a bad job of distributing humanitarian relief efforts. On occasion its peacekeeping forces would not really challenged by anybody have been helpful. But largely the United Nations is a terribly enough and effective body. And that's just the fact of life so the president will go to the motions. First and foremost on his list will have to be. Two convince other countries to help the US pressure North Korea in the giving up nuclear weapons valid one of the odds of that happening. You get more lip service may be maybe one or two more nations will say you know we in the Sierra Leone or Chad we'll apply our. Enormous influence. And will will help us. Changed North Korea's mind that's the problem is you're dealing with an awful lot of little ciphers states who meaningless countries. Places like Iceland. Which has a quarter of a million population embolism but Spartanburg or something something like that. I mean. In Spartanburg should not have a seat in the United Nations neither probably should Iceland. But they are an individual country and that's so we freedom so one quarter of a million people there. And a 345 million people here same vote in the United Nations General Assembly. Okay. That's one problem. But he can get some lip service in that regard I don't think that either of the two main. Leaders who could have an impact on North Korea. Are going to be there the presidents of China or Iran or Russia I don't think. If they are there that I don't think the president Trump's going to be meeting with the limits of course. Would would do a lot. Also we are can be pretty sure that the president trump will be criticizing. The nuclear deal with Iran. And he will address the economic meltdown in Venezuela. And the civil war in Syria in other words if there's a a headache there a world problem headache. Expect the president to address that and it will be helpful that he explains while our positions are. And two putted quite bluntly it'll be hopefully once he states those positions he doesn't go around undoing them with a 3:30 AM tweet. A that would be helpful also. Those are beneficial things a Donnelly the president will pursue. What his aides are calling UN reform that's a polite way of saying we pay what we're supposed to pay everybody else should pay what they're supposed to play. There are about. 200. Members of the United Nations rounded up to 204. For the sake of the math that means that that to any one country is one half of 1%. Of the United Nations membership. And what the percentage of the budget do we pay of the UN sort of like a quarter 45% that's about what we pay. And there are a lot of free motor countries out there. Now. Let's look at what the president had to say during the year the NATO meeting. The group with seven other group of twenty summits at the NATO summit the president also talked about deadbeat countries. We still meet their obligations. On the case of United Nations. It's really not that big a deal with the UN doesn't do all that much is all that important NATO does a lot that's really important. And it was very important that we tell the number of NATO members to get off there. Lazy and cheap doves and pay their fair share of that already depend on you list. Military logistical support. And frankly US blood. In no defending their country so Lisa do is write a check. So the president it was all absolutely right and I hope he does bring this up of the US. So. There are those who have said. That the president at the end the three previous big multilateral summits that he attended. The NATO meeting of the group of seven and a group of twenty summits. And I quote this is Stuart Patrick senior fellow with the council of foreign relations. Trump came off as boorish and money grubbing and often unresponsive to the concerns of partner nations. Boorish wheel that's that's Donald Trump. Money grubbing nobody was sure that means what we demand other people to pay what they agreed to pay if that's money grubbing then yes Stewart will be doubtful that also. Who we are not the the World Bank. In that regard if somebody agrees to pay a certain amount and that's the deal than they pay that amount. More than they get grief from us that's the way it ought to be if that's your definition of money grubbing. Then you're not as bright as your title would indicate that you're supposed to but he. And are responsive to the concerns of partner nations. Well that's supposed to mean we're feeling a little tight right now as we spent all of our budget on domestic items is a little you worry about our national security. Well I am on responsive to that too. So you can put me in the same column there Stewart. Okay 1803471063. Jumbo for Bobby back at 649. With Tony free before 7 o'clock our time here at 1063 WOR GB of states talks stationed. The Eagles advantage talk lion is 1803471063. 1803471063. Become incensed retirement planning text line. 7130771307. So we're just about. An hour and a half. From having first brought up. The national debt tonight at that time we said it was 20000000000169. Billion. 550300000. Dollars right now is that twenty. 1169000000596. Will dissuade admittedly it'll it'll be in the is because to do 597. Billionaire just a second. We just we just kill little time here it's moved so fast that it did takes virtually no time for things to move appeared. So we're getting closer 979. And 8998. Go. Tony trillion under 69000000597. Million dollars what it's increased 47 million dollars in the last hour and a half that's our national debt. Seriously Dick Clark dot ordered very. Instructive website anyway. We were talking even about what president trump can accomplish that the United Nations. And as I said the first and foremost they're not a great deal. Of the United Nations is not equipped to do a great deal it can deliver humanitarian aid. And do would reasonably effectively. It's peacekeepers. Have kept the peace in a few places. Where no one seriously challenged them it's also been brushed aside the few places where people did seriously challenged them. But in the lay in the United Nations are even given a noble experiment tag it was a noble experiment. Which countries thought they had and improved on the League of Nations. But it's still a bit of disappointment. And and maybe it's a disappointment only because our expectations were too high we are not one world. And we are not one people and there's not going to be unity among peoples of the world which. Who shares so few values in common so that's the first thing. Don't expect the president to accomplish a great deal. At the United Nations he may get lip service and a few things maybe a couple of other minor league countries. Will. Say okay where in support of sanctions on North Korea these will be countries. Which probably have never had a single dollars' worth of trade with the north Koreans. So we get stuff like that. Don't make much difference but it'll look good on the scorecard. Okay. The president also will most certainly criticized the nuclear deal with Iran. But. That does gonna accomplish much either. He won't change any minds and analysts we bail out of the deal that won't accomplish anything he'll talk about the economic meltdown and Venezuela. Possibly. There's southern Maryland can be done possibly do at a meeting the number of Latin American. Leaders. Today if I could maybe one of the later meetings today. Which we'll talk about the Venezuelan crisis that country about to implode. He'll blow the civil war in Syria. And what finally happens there. As Nikki Haley quoted the president slaps the right people he hugs the right people. And he comes out with the US being very strong in the end. And there's a lot of truth in that he does frequently slapped the right people and hugged the right people. So well and don't expect a great deal. It it would be helpful. And I'm really serious about this it would be helpful if the president. Stick to the teleprompter okay. This is not the time to go free Wheeling he's not talking to his base he's talking to the entire world. And I have no problem in sticking a finger in the eyes of the world when it's necessary. And it's necessary for example it is on this Paris accord that's necessary. The rest of the time. It would be very helpful to the country if he played nice as much as possible. He is not there. To make. A lot of his backers feel good right is there to pursue the best interest of the United States that you know make America great again thing. Well that's what he should be doing of necessity. It'll be. It'll it'll be required that the president stick his finger in the eyes of the world and a number of occasions when he can avoid it. For policy reasons that he should avoid it again. Don't make it any worse than it has to be. And it does have to be bad there any number of things of these self interest of this country dictates. That we do the rest of the world won't like you don't have to be. Any further than that down the road on civility I have no problem with him referring to the the leader of North Korea's rocket man that's five minute that man deserves it. And in number of leaders of countries. Who deserve that and worse. But there are people who were more or less are friends not on everything. NATO allies who won't pony up the amount of money video NATO and the sort of thing. Countries which. Of may have via opposed to us and our views on the the Paris accord but otherwise or more less friends of the United States where possible. It would be very helpful to begin sticks to the teleprompter. This is not a political rally. To save the winging it for the political rallies that would be helpful right. Seventeen now for the our 7 o'clock and Jim bow in the for a road for body back. And we're looking forward to seeing the man. He's had his ups and downs and last few days but things are looking good we're told and then above your you know you know Bob is just sitting there probably. Dissecting every word I've said that while I was so this absence of that. And he's right he would have said it better but hey you know it was something we talk about just playing records we've figured no you probably wouldn't really care for the so here we are yank it away and doing so a lot of funds should talk to you folks are really is. But the good of the baba back in the saddle again it will. Alessio boy I really I really got to Al are all fees these awful without a slew. Of of limerick to I don't have time to read all of these but the he's a a very. A very. Prolific limerick writer his album art. Let's see here well Jim this is from Michelle who takes a good deal. Well Jim I mean don't agree with you you are not a live tarred. I promise Bob I will be nights off a well I appreciate that thank you Bob by human show. No I'm really not I mean I just making a lot of fluff. A make a lot of of liberals very uncomfortable. And that has never bothered me I do not consider doing shows. A cry myself to sleep moment. I see what has to be said. And there have been occasions when I've said things on the radio that I apologize for but him and all the time I've been on the radio that's a lot of decades. The number of times I've had reason to apologize. I'll bet you lessen the fingers of both fans because I try to be measured in my words. Jumbo for Bobby back and it's 645 but friends. I have British issue disembodied voice says we have 11 minutes before 7 o'clock at 1063 WORD. And we got Edward out there and great bull have a few thoughts on the day hello Edward. Pay. You know I hear. Talk show hosts today. That's a Turk one all your other stick when it the other station has fit. Write your congressman or congresswoman. Write a letter to tell what you want and tell them what you think need to be done. There about this about that you know armor day when network but I don't believe they listen no more. I think they do what they want. They don't win. Well fortunately. But or but they go in moderately rich but they come out millionaires. And I really don't think they care what we think that's my thought. Well I would offer of these us first of all they certainly care I guess that that's that's his say so he's got. First of all they certainly care what a lot of you say. And you don't think your voice counts what you individually no. But if they get like Tony calls. Or or texts or emails or something. Oh they listen a lot. If there are numbers out there believe me and they come from their constituency like. There is their state of their congressional district they care a lot if there are a lot of you. And so you've just got to add your voice. And hope that there are a lot of other people who had their voices well believe me members of congress if enough people from very voting district. Say that the sun rises on the west they'll vote that way oh yeah. But the notion that they they had to just do what they want yes they do do what they want below they want us to be reelected. You must understand at first and foremost the wanna be reelected as one person. If you have a viewpoint they have not heard anywhere else. Know they'll be ignored but believe me they have staff members whose job it is to compile what they're hearing. And of the got 37 messages today phone that text emails what have you all saying as such and such. Believe me they care and they many of them won't change their minds. And vote accordingly. And terms of them all going in sort of wish him coming out very rich. No all not necessarily output this way. A certainly people who get elected to congress as a group tend to probably be better off than most of us that they're not all millionaires certainly. Other mere fact that there are some many that you are shall we say roughly independent. Of a time clock. Lawyers. Doctors people like that. They are better off than the average person in terms of money. As mean their wealthy necessarily some are he has some Ted Kennedy's who run for public office. But the they all come out rich no they don't all come out rich know they don't that's that is is a myth some do. And you have to ask serious questions about how some of them do. People talk about how rich Nancy Pelosi it will Nancy Pelosi started that Ritchie married rich. Okay she was rich go again. And and some people try to get Richard. And they get caught in conflict of interest. Maxine Waters husband got caught nothing like that and and why she she of course was not defeated for reelection. Because her constituency quite frankly. Votes along the lines I outlined earlier which is how much free stuff the senate for me. They have shall we say so what lower standards regarding matters of ethics okay. But no a slider with part of what you said. In that in terms of what you say no they don't care about what you individually say but if enough people say the same thing they care a bundle. And the amount messages to that in and oh yeah they care a lot trust me they have aids whose job it is. To measure the pulse of the public to see which way the wind is blowing. They care. And so you've just got to make sure your voices heard and hope that enough of your friends. Bothered to do the same thing which by the way a raises another point. If you know people who agree with you. On a lot of the issues of the day then get them off their bus and have them do this to bump up hard to contact your member of congress and your two senators. They have web sites they all do. One of the tree Galley for a lot of this area in my house. Or wherever you may be weak we cover more than one congressional district. But we're predominantly course in South Carolina so senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott they have web sites let them at all. How do you feel tell your friends let them know it does as a group it matters. And that's the important thing to note here if enough of you do it it does matter. And in terms of the rich and richer blindly go in above average in income and they some of them come out rich and some of them don't. Some of them don't. So I wouldn't I wouldn't care that that too far in that regard. Anyway. Bobby America returns. On on Wednesday he's been up to for a while I've been doing this now let's see last Wednesday Thursday Friday today and then again tomorrow. So wish him the best OK I would do the same thing but I won't see him because. Pay when I'm when he's here I'm not all right as a general rule let's I just drop in and a and sit him on the show sometime haven't done that as much of late as and so began the filly and here. But always happy to have a chance to do that Francisco fund this is a good good good thing getting due to fill in for folks so I enjoy that. And I hope all of you we'll take it easy as of the traffic it continues to be a problem and much of the area. I'll be joining you here very shortly in the in the traffic had to do my best to put stay safe. And stay in one piece. And tell your friends about 1063 WORD. The of states talk station that's that's pretty important. Are we got Georgia Malden no give us a final thought believing hello George. Are you they're George. To deny putting all of us but George. Well I'm not sure where Georgia is but it was great almost talking to you and George I'm really sorry about that. And or George went there. Anyway. We're always happy to have a chance to chat would you do it again tomorrow. And will also tomorrow should be taking a good look at what president trump has had to say to the United Nations again keep your expectations low. I just hope that he does not try to wing it is not a political rally. Please Mr. President just read the teleprompter. Is the the speech ought to be something you agreed to in the first place but. Again we don't need to make any any enemies we don't need to make. Just a little word of advice or to pass a law. This is Jim Bohannon I'm filling in for Bob McLean and to do it again tomorrow for Barbara turns all on Wednesday. Unknown till tomorrow. Be safe be well. It's now four before seven.