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Monday, September 18th

John McManus interview on Federal Reserve and debt; Emmys


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It is indeed it's now 507 on 1063 WORD. The other states talks they should bear I've told you I've told you aware. All right. I can even tell you are Eagles advantage talk line is 1803471063. And don't have a call here that rule talk right now with the gentleman who is back in the Greenville John McManus joins us hello John. Hello nice to do it do good to have you on John is going to be speaking at tonight's. Ed does Siena in downtown Greenville 7 PM this evening that's at 944 south main street if you don't know. Under John has a frequently offered opinions about the Federal Reserve board. His presentation is called dollars and cents why we need a sound. Molly policy. So beyond that title John what are you going to be talking about tonight. Certainly gonna he replied yeah about that but we'll talk about the enormous bet and missed. I the United States we are now that the greatest debtor nation in the history of mankind. We owed twenty trillion dollars admitted plus another hundred. Indebtedness that they don't admit to either. Things to Medicare. So security himself put. There's no money to back those so that. The American people are facing a tremendous amount of indebtedness. What we're doing to our children is unconscionable. His status stop that it doesn't stop our country's gonna stop. You know I always think. I must who knows a guy this guy went to de clawed dot org which is by the way a wonderful web site. And I knew it was coming I actually missed the day that it happened but indeed the official. And as that John McManus notes about the total but the official US that in fact has now surpassed. Twenty trillion dollars Tony 1169000000550. Million and you can't count the hundreds of thousands of its flashing by too fast. But the additional debt per citizen in this country is up to 61901. Dollars. Now when you talk about the additional debt. A job. Who one what are we talking about it what's the difference between Minnesota twenty trillion dollar debt. And the be a bit of the year and unofficial total. Well the unofficial total includes there's a sense. The do you mind me that is owed by any Social Security Administration. Pensions Medicare and so forth. The money that has been set aside. The amount of money that is taken from people's salaries for its own security presence. It doesn't exist. If you go to the so called trust fund that never has been warned that they they call about the Social Security trust on our you find it idol who's. Exactly and there is no money in the of that money is already been spent on missile silos and park ranger uniforms right. All kinds of things started so hopeful look what we in the John Birch Society epicenter. Well we say it has to stop. And we have does it begin to pare down government. And then take whatever is left over from the ordinary taxes to be in that Taylor the national debt. Who who owns the national debt you know we talk about twenty trillion dollar like who looked at CIO news of that. The largest single holder. Of the indebtedness of the United States is Communist China. One point four. Trillion dollars. Does that figure into oil and we have eight foreign policy dispute with China of course it has to. Absolutely and I you know we're we're we're we're selling our own sovereignty. In addition to bankrupting our country. And you know Richie we just go on and on an hour. I looked at talked about the fact that it. I I had a bunch of fourth graders one day and explaining to them a little bit about this now. And so I finally set to one of the fourth graders I sit and get heavily in debt should we give away money. Talking about foreign aid programs. And the kids said no. And I said please try to put congress. Well absolutely. We yeah we have to get a handle. On on what we owe a lot of people have above problem visualizing a number this big and I have. I finally I thought about a little long time and I finally found a way. To visualize. This number. The average hair on your human head is a tenth of a millimeter in diameter. OK okay if you are to take. One. A million. Human head players. And put him side by side. It would stretch about the length of a football field and one in zone that's one million with an AM. One billion. Human editors side by side would stretch. 63. Mile males. One trillion. Human head hairs side by side would go 63000. Miles over one quarter of the way to the moon. So when people hear millions billions trillions and kind of equate them they're not the same thing and Tony are pretty guys just an unbelievably large number. Well a trillion is and number followed by twelve students who. And I. That's a little bit Arctic can comprehend. But it gives you an idea Olivia indebtedness of our country. We didn't hit a one trillion mark. Until Ronald Reagan administration. That's one trillion that's one trillion we we have is that John birch is certain that. I've been president for many years. I actually had a program note trillion dollar debt we tried it. The Reagan administration to. Say that we're not gonna go past this number well we not only went press and I'm bill would pass. Two trillion with with Reagan and. The Internet is put some perspective located for George Washington. To Ronald Reagan. That hit one trillion. And then since Reagan we've had HW bush Clinton at W bush. Obama and does trump and we've gone in those five presidencies we've gone to Tony trillion. Correct. Right it's a good way looking at a then and the coast. Stroke now I ask you. Is it open to the public this a presentation that does that currently. At night when we always have no sort of our. The visit as an admission charge but. They've worked out a deal here if you bring five. Candidate nonperishable food. You get in there and note that will go to Florida to help the people that there are suffering from our. So fire. Cans of food or. Nine dollars and beefy. Need either will get you and then we'll go to. We're glad to see anybody that I did a presentation of this the local members of the John virtually certain. They hired me I came down from Boston this morning. And I do a lot of traveling around the country so I'm glad to be back in South Carolina. All I want John McManus thank you very much appreciate you're joining us this afternoon and we had to so we would. Talking about the indebtedness of the country which is just enormous. Enormous already. Jim Bohannon for Bobby Mack 515. Here on a Monday afternoon no back in a moment. Five Tony Juan on a Monday afternoon and it was just stuff. Wow. Hard to believe it was just eighteen minutes ago we were talking about the year the national debt which S and at that time. Was 20169550300000. Dollars okay eighteen minutes ago in that period of time. The national that has gone up six and a half million dollars. In. Eighteen minutes. That's that's pretty remarkable. All right so for what it's worth Jim bow for Bobby back here on this Monday afternoon. And the national debt is just take a monologue in rural feel really depressed. On the recommending this bit. You wanna if you really educated. Go to debt clock dot org I have urged. People I know in congress and you really need to have placed above the speakers that day is in the house and the senate. That the debt clock dot org just the one figure the US national debt and so that every time you talked money in congress. But you can look W and watch these numbers flashing by. And seriously go to debt clock dot org I'm really serious. Debt clock dot org and watch the numbers slash buy they are just us pounding. Already. Here's a number four your 1803471063. 1803471063. This Eagles advantage talk like don't Chenault. And of course you've got this a common since retirement planning text line at this 71307. 713070. With the techsters are saying over here. Other conversation of billions billions trillions reminded me of the Redskins owner. Say give coach George value and unlimited budget in the exceeded that yeah that's Edward Bennett Williams said that had that's true about George Allen I gave you an unlimited budget. And the exceeded his fifth that's truth. Absolutely true quote here that Syria. Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt before he left office of the second term I believe slow. Of course the national. Budget and the national debt were considerably smaller than they are today but I believe you're correct. This year in the first indication that it Republicans about to Crum bell. Is when the laws of the republic are misinterpreted or abuse against the Republican self. That's 11 side I agree that sounds kind of apocalyptic but unfortunately I think detectors correct. Another one and I forget the originators of this quote. But. A free is that I how you go paraphrase of the quote it's certainly says what could be of the person speaking was trying to say. A free society can exist only as long as it takes a majority of the electorate. To realize they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. Well. We've reached that point. And long sent some. All right. Were steady and now 544 this Monday afternoon we have Stephen who is a traveler's rest to give us a shout today hello Steven. Hey you know what I'm fine thank you. I hope you know the visual on the the data. Enough port do you Spiegel hot dispute ally. Is up Fox News or maybe sixty out what else percent correct so in a year it tramples approximately six trail again. So that's that's a little laboratory like years and they. Upload unconditional. Well that's a that's certainly certainly great Boyd and the nearest star of is is is over for like you whose whole package so yeah. I have a lot of that's a good visual you're you're right student. Can crash I had in India and so we get honestly it. Well I wish that we we did grass that unfortunately there's far too many people out there whose only basis in voting. And thank goodness that they don't to devote that much but these are people who vote for one thing who's gonna give me the most free stuff. That's their whole basis for voting. Well you know that that. It's self defeating it will collapse at some point and everybody you know mile 400 and Indian assistance and MacKay also drew me relief they used their brains in birdie at. Well you would think that they would he said that they don't have a brave new tell them that this is not sustainable. I mean sustainable. Us four syllables writers Steve and you're talking three syllables beyond their vocabulary. I don't know what are they don't want non sustainable means they have no idea a lot more free stuff. Exactly now that that's a shame that. Anyway I given the state people that visual you get a in the Indian Nike says he can a little like the look and hopefully. I would hope so you gotta keep drives Steve and I'm with you all the way and I thank you for for sharing that do appreciated. Yeah it it would certainly be helpful people would would realize that. But not self sustaining doesn't mean anything to these people. Something else about free stuff where we're hearing more more calls for free stuff free health care free college. Again it has to be emphasized that this is something you can do when speaking with some of these clowns. The only way there is free college. Is if the college was built on donated land and by contractors who did not make a profit using workers who did not receive a paycheck. And materials that were donated the colleges that are run by administrators. Professors. Secretaries custodians who all. Donate their time that would be free college education and everything else as in in the real world. Is somebody else pay import so don't ever let anybody he issue with this free health care. Or free college education ain't no such thing. And again these people might shrug their shoulders and say well okay that's fine that's what I meant but it's an important distinction it isn't free there is nobody tree in the back of the treasury. And in point of fact you're talking about somebody else pay anyone who that someone else be. Gosh let's think about that and who wouldn't be. Learn how old that would be us the taxpayer yes that's right. But we don't pay that much of it taxes right it goes so why does have a few more things dostum a few extra hundreds of billions of dollars or trillions of dollars. It's OK it's all part of the tax burden no big deal. That's the view of people like Bernie Sanders. It really is it's it's unfortunate. What is remarkable. And this is something else that that needs to be brought up that is. That in the past Bernie Sanders is that is off load the wall left wing nonsense. And he's for what stood out there all by himself look like a whack of Sawyer okay. Well. Now. There are nine members of the senate the last time I checked nine somebody having said that the numbered grown but there were at one point nine. Democratic senators. Who all were backing this notion of there were a lot of people on medalist who are serious presidential contenders is the logger in other words. Just an off the wall left wing thing now serious politicians think they can run for office under this free money stuff. Watch the Democrats have Tony Tony they're gonna go far far left I'm serious. I'm Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain. And this is moral 63 WORD. Of the time is now 549. All right let's just chatting air shall we had 21803471063. There's the Eagles advantage talk lie number. And the 1063 WORD. The upstate -- station is delighted to be talking with you gene and Paul Lee and hello Eugene. I don't care bye thank you. I hired here earlier talk about being in the even though they would own them don't really care reward zone. And my only opinion much as people left their Burke. I sold the place well we're very grateful. Won't go hard followed dollar partnered. They're acting and understand I didn't sure he would but they say that she track under steer clear. You know quarterly tolerant and giant farm to look forward by Ashcroft polish and you're not playing very. Bad back and understand what straight dollar important. Tried to steer clear of that straight away prominent paper ordering you know they acknowledge her for their. That that was my understanding. That that was that affect what took place I didn't see that particular report. I just read you one story this is a USA today story it says. While she was on stage of the Emmy Awards Sunday night Dolly Parton did say a single word about Donald Trump or the the estate of a US politics but how many viewers or president's. During one of the show's most any true moment so spoke volumes well I don't know I think I'd letter speaks volumes for herself in that regard. Yes she did reunite. Was there cast mates from the movie nine to five which by the way I was a 1980. Movie so let's you know 37 years ago. Apparently went Wimbley the comments were made about the sexes the it has to go lying hypocritical bigot. Dolly's eyes widened a bit. But. So anyway. She did not have anything to say about that particular aspect of a Saudi regretted. But that Eugene this year I mean you're there. And there weren't a lot of opportunities for her to do to avoid that sort of says that besides. Mean she agreed. To come on stage and make the presentation so you knew that we Dolly is no no stupid person Dolly new. If she was walking out there was Willie and Jay in the that they were gonna do this. The army she agreed to be there. You know. I can learn experiment but I played she's got a lot more questions military usual character live. Have been good but. Yes sir appreciate your call Eugene you're absolutely right on that score she's a certainly does. It. Again it was to be expected. I guess a Dolly is no no dummy are members of the the classic line she gave this is a back which he had just achieved prominence. A who's on the old the tonight show with Johnny Carson. And Carson asked her is she was offended. By blonde jokes. And dollar says are not offended. And are not dumb I'm Norma blonde so loved again I've interviewed her several times and I must say she's a pretty delightful person here. Let's leadership. Up from our road commerce is retirement planning text line 71307. He just stood there kept her mouth shut Jim Lily Tomlin Jane Fonda were all blending yeah but that was my understanding. Let's see here. Well as Jim somebody ought to tell little pricy Sissy Lindsay health care is they writers I used to as low. Those tools at the Emmys Michaud. Well senator Graham which is now reverted. He is trying to find an alternative. Two obamacare. That is not as bad as obamacare and in that regard. I applaud him. What he's talking about the block grants to the states would be better then obamacare so. I'll look I'll give him his his credit he's not a panacea not a perfect answer. Alessio got Ron who is good to do cellular Ruth this afternoon at 5:42. Good evening rod. At a different things and after network and get a ball aren't they don't want to let populate. And I'm not that it's any just dimension. Solid commitment to time that Lily Tomlin and and groups from the waist that's in the bird this year we've been hot about it look at. Sheet has Dayton. Absolute epitome of grace sit and reputation and great thank issued. There are considered I would guess. And it was just an absolute bullet being debated I think C did a good person to person. And the job. Everything. I would say they issue is that what you are conservative. Strong supporter. Well that would be my guess and again as I say she did not say anything you not a part of this conversation but again she agreed. To be a present there. She knew like Jane and Lilly were gonna do so I mean you can you can judge whatever you want to she knew it was going to be at the very least an awkward moment. Standing out there between these two so whatever I don't blame her that. If they outgrew unless. They get. Charlotte and indignity. Yeah sometimes that's true I would not deny that run essentially true I've not had the privilege by the way it was only Dolly would. But I would like to do that as an executive bucket list and I'd like to do that some time. Live at the ones that they can't wait called out. And that is to go to these big shelters nation and ever won numbers just superb superb. Yeah that's what I've always heard about all I'll try to do that we'll have to interview her again no one of these days and I appreciate your thoughts very much Ron thank you appreciate that. On the Barbie Mac show here is to one. Well Jim Bohannon did today and tomorrow we're still going to be doing that the new and improved Bob McClain at debuts on Wednesday afternoon. And I think you'll you'll enjoy. A very much should talk with him at that time. He Ford toast of forgo the sex change operation so that was part of the reason he was when you know that right now. Okay five's the forty far I have Jumbo for Bobby back bag of a moment. 10 minutes before 6 o'clock PM today is rolling along unless of course you're out there on portions of the highways but. Had again. At home safely. 1063 WORD. The upstate talk station Jim Bohannon for Bobby Mack today and tomorrow. Where the Eagles advantage talk line is 180347. 10631803471063. B common sense retirement planning text line 71307. 71307. Let's see here those exchange for a Bob hey Jim well thank god for small miracles OK at that remark could come back on New Year's. Here's one for you it's funny how we used to watch things like NFL games and the in the news. And pageants just to get away from the real world. And every day politics now they have to be slammed inside of every single one of these things that we used to use as our getaways you out. That's true there is nothing out there they cannot be used as a message somewhere trust me. I'm surprised that that some doctors. Our tattooing political slogans on the the bucks of newly born babies here. It's Theres another texture. I'm the one who sent a message about Andrew Jackson a should've put it in context you said that Washington to Reagan was one trillion dollars. If Jackson paid off of that before I let dobbs and 1837. Been banned bureau under Reagan as trillion dollars okay I'll buy that van Buren Drury and that is very true. Fair enough and sort of just a 180 years to get to one trillion estimate of 210. The that's about right. Okay. I do it's it's a point that's worth worth noting soils and a duly corrected in the in that regard here. Let's a you Bob should not have this exchange she's just by the wishes okay find enough about my big mouth here. Let's see here why didn't father come out on a tank. I thought I thought but. Yeah it is that we did find an old anti aircraft guns you come out and she could dub it amen up into the sky and hopes of killing American century ago. Let's see here if the US government were auto maker they would only install accelerators. And no breaks I think as you said before this thing jumped to yet. If the US government work auto Lincoln middle is always salaries and see no need for breaks that's true. Absolutely it's certainly true. Okay. A number of things here that are worth best analog here. The US debt to. How do you even begin to pay down this runaway debt. Well there are several things you could do. First and foremost you'd need a constitutional amendment a balanced budget amendment with teeth and it's only. All only a an article five constitutional convention of the states would accomplish that. By personal view is. That. It should already be a balanced budget amendment it should be a surplus budget amendment would just to say that except in times. Of a congressionally declared war. Horry certain pay get on a real depression which you do not mean they collapse of 20 wait a torn about 1929. Levels. But in the event of a real economic depression. Like 1949. Or. Eighty Grassley declare war. Except in those times. You would not only have a balanced budget you would have what I call a surplus budget amendment which is to say. A 1% of all federal revenues and have to go to the national debt. In addition they need a lie and item veto for the president which forty some state governors have allowing them to go through. And to be told portions of a bill that would make a lot of sense that you also need to outlaw. Pork which is to say non germane amendment the amendments to legislate. Excuse me non germane amendments to legislation that's centrally important. Of those three things go a long way okay Dave is on is a cell phone this afternoon those chat with Dave show it. I can. Fine thank you. The good good I wanted to call because I never hear anybody talk about this and not all trying to talk to long. Right now what you've been talk about the dead and then. Senator Gramm's plan. And in. Dollars of art GDP annually is spent on health care. And that is increasing at a rate of about 15% per year and if we use the rule of not iron we can learn that. Within five to seven years. That's going to double and it's going to crush our economy perhaps within shops are. And then we talk about you know hey char send and try to replace obamacare and bring like bat. When we're not ever talking about lowering the cost of the actual healthcare style or try to. I addressed that cost issue where there insurance. What. The president could do tomorrow. Without congressional approval. Is Al attorney general Jeff Sessions. Indict and prosecute. Several of these CEOs of these health care companies through to the last fifty years have escaped the Rico lost. Which every other industry in this country. It's helped to. To force market transparency in pricing and after about three of those guys go to prison. You would see and they've already shown that health care costs in this nation yeah. All but they're waiting they're way out about jury absolutely right in the we're gonna go to break here but to. It was they apply the Rico laws that healthcare executives wanna fly a Jumbo for Bobby back in 4 minutes before 6 o'clock everybody.