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Wednesday, September 13th

Obama care; Controlling border; Misc


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Look considerably duly welcomed by appreciate it up appreciated. 8 minutes past 6 o'clock here. And I wish I answer we got this rush hour under control but. Hang in there folks I mean it. You either get their late or you can not get there at all and it's pretty much the way it is so that's Andean. Keep it covered right here at 1063 WORD via straight talk station. The Eagles have managed talk why does 18034710631803471063. The comments and retirement planning text line 71307. 71. 307. Let's see here. The text statements hi Jim I want your voices of little. Pricy Sissy Lindsey Hough and and those celebs going about climate change at IQ thirty from a Michelle. Let's see here I was a crowd supporters simply because he was not a politician. He truly wants to get this country back on track as long as little in the and a passenger Paul Ryan and between the beat McConnell let him do what he promised. Someone needs to shoot the movie who go and and children for stinking whenever. Whether or use today. Certainly auto obamacare. Again. 49. Republicans voted to repeal obamacare. Zeros Democrats voted. Now that again it's. But the outcome that we had hoped for. But you have to know where the support came from it's not like like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are out there actively urging that we keep Obama care. They were out trying to convert people who are a lot of different voices of the Republican Party. But I've met other a lot of different voices. In the of the Democratic Party which is likely going to rebound to the benefit of conservatives. Because if you watch. The Bernie Sanders wing is poised to take over that because today. Are convinced that Hillary Clinton was a little too conservative. If you bid full bore. Off the left edge of the world socialist that you would have won. No she wouldn't have but that gives Republicans their best hope in 20/20 that the Democrats in fact try to prove that and goes so far left. That even be increasingly liberal electorate will not go with the Nielsen. Who win those. Anyway. Thoughts here. Follow lightweight media. Comments on retirement planning text line here. I'm neither rich nor poor enough to be a Democrat original to be Republican crow was one of the few fighting for the middle class. Although alleged either party regardless by money you have. But it it isn't to a it is knowledge that they listened to you that's certainly true in the sir a lot of view if you can prove there are a lot of you know all all listen to you. To stop all foreign aid to the national demonstrated which of course would be forever. First of all hope that you realize picture that the total amount of money we spend important made his money bugs but on the windshield of the national debt. The total amount we spend imported probably it's. Is the amount and the dead every five minutes ago. There's no taxation is theft no it's not actually taxation is simply the process by which people organized. Two. Provides civilization. Now you have excessive taxation but it it's voted on in the appropriate the appropriate procedure. And and and governor slash president whomever signed it in a theft so sorry about that that is flat wrong. Drug did not say the rich will be taxed more he says some may pay more like a a a pretty much the same thing. If fifteen Brazil is the rate of the rich are paying timbers that now. The they would pay more. But be taxed the same as everyone else to step I don't know what he actually said well first of all the 50% rate he's talking about is not a personal. Income tax rated as the corporate. Tax rate. He's talking about. And the Richard not Big Ten percent and right now if you are talking about corporations are paid what 39%. Its highest rate in the developed world. And there's nobody up there it was rich who's been attempts at tax rate so that's a distinction without a difference counselors say. Anyway at 18034710631803471063. And just noting the problems that that we have in this country and and the approaches that we're taking too. You don't have a unified voice even with the lead given party there's no unified. Voice. We just have a lot of different opinions which is the side of a free society of the sales. But you have vote book might be called the corporate wing of the Democratic Party Clinton and which is pretty liberal but at least acknowledge the existence of free enterprise at least me. They are able to course that people who donating tons of money to them through their foundation whatever ails. The you've got it pure all out socialist wing of the Democratic Party to Bernie Sanders. The apparently will be financed through the money tree growing in the backyard of the treasury building to probably did know about. It's not actually there. But it is a matter of you have socialist dreams are allowed to dream really big because after all your heart is pure even. Your brain is much. A Republican Party there all kinds of varieties. Of Republican social conservatives. Libertarians. Got deficit hawks you've got supply siders you've got. Isolation as conservatives can deal conservatives who got. A slew of people of differing views in this country you have people who just flat ball various parts of the spectrum regarding for example what we do with health care. There are some Republicans up there. Who they're they're not full board Democrats. But they're just not very conservative Republicans and they keep getting reelected. But like you can. Just wave a magic wand and make them go away while we need are more elected Republicans. Now coming out probably. I'm guessing probably. Republicans will lose some house seats because usually the party of the presidency. When they have been duly elected there first midterm election they lose some seats in the senate that would ordinarily be true but because. But 25. Of the 33 senators up for reelection. Are Democrats or the two democratic leaning independents. And ten of American states trump carried it's almost a given the Republicans will pick of four point senate seat to make all the difference in the world and things like. Tax reports for repealing and replacing obamacare. Our time is 650 Jumbo for Bobby Mack it's 163 WORD. Added do good afternoon happy Wednesday afternoon if you're stuck in traffic. Canyon there 621. Time 63 WORD video please talk station. Apropos of us some comments that came up on the comments and retirement planning text line 7137. About. The rich not paying more. This was explained by itself could go to Republican senator John Thune who is. Conservative so. As they Googlers were the president has made it very clear that this is going to be about middle income taxpayers and a high income earners. Although they may get some rate reduction. Will lose a lot of deductions. So you might see yourself if you're rich. Placed in a slightly lower tax rate. But almost deductions laudable goal away so you'll still wind up in a lower rate paying more in taxes. That's the way it is. Worth weakness and lawn Q okay. Wanted and reports 106310347163. Eagles advantage talk line. And back to two Dockett just for a moment here. We have of course here via. Media generated image. Of the dreamer. A toddler dragged here by desperate parents through no fault of his own. Who goes on to become valedictorian lab a great job at Google okay. Let's change that hypothetical. Dreamer. 226. Your world. Here illegally. Who came to the United States when he was fifty. Sneaking in. The small group of young males this guy is a member of the violence creek and he's managed to avoid any felony convictions. A couple of arrests expunged through diversion programs. Is rap sheet true is just one trifling disorderly conduct conviction which was actually forcible assault. But a prosecutor let him plead down. To a minor misdemeanor. Now at the moment he is a suspect another nasty assault our hypothetical. Is. And began its threatened to witness who is now refusing to testify. The police and prosecutor. Would love to charge him but they know it would be futile. Meanwhile. Though he long ago dropped out of high school he has rigged a slot in the government funded ged program and so on paper. He is and school. Now under Obama guidelines are gang bangers qualifies as a dream where. A dream yeah. Unfortunately. Under the terms of the president's commitment tweeted at the behest of Nancy Pelosi. This gang banging dreamer has nothing to worry about because there will be no action. That needs to change the release it that's what the president attended he needs to clarify exactly what he did in ten. Because that's acceptable. Acceptable at all. All right here. Talk about the various wings of the Democratic Party and I was talking about the socialist win someone texted more likely fascist wing. Of the Democratic Party that's true. You had a number. A knee jerk liberals who dropped the term fascist. In an instant even though they apparently have no understanding of what the term means. Fascism. Is the government's system of intense government control. Oh the individual lives of people. Often. Accompanied by police state trappings. But does not always. That would make Michael Bloomberg. It borderline fascist and former New York mayor who went around. Going after sixteen ounce containers of soft drinks and other such. 1984. Style George orwellian. Ideas. People on the left. Don't seem to understand the term fascist. As to what it really means anything that that sensor on the left. That anything they say or two is automatically okay any opposition they put it to others like silencing. People with whom they disagree. That's okay. They don't realize that makes them a fascist. Amenable brown shirt like Hitler's minions did but they're still fashions an ambulance. 1803471063103471063. Eagles advantage talk Klein. Our comments with retirement planning text line 7130771307. And that's the really sad part of these people are too. Well educated. To understand. What fascism releases. That they had infect every reduced the term fascist. To the level of the term racist who just decided becomes a generic all purpose put out. I disagree values you're racist I disagree would use your fascist. Have no idea what these words mean none whatsoever. They have cotton candy between their users. But unfortunately sometimes. They vote. And Victor. Uneducated opinions of the ballot box and cancel out. Opinions of somebody who actually knows which end is up it's not a good thing not a good thing so keep that line. That vision of the dreamers I sympathize. With the the dreamers who really are the young people who were dragged here really are about the Koreans or whatever they applied themselves. I sympathize with them. How ever. How ever as long. As you have a provision like that in all. You're going to have a continued insanity for people to break our other laws to get the country parents who want the opportunity. And while I'm sorry. We have people who live through no fault of their own bin askew of the law. I don't want to provide yet another incentive. Eagle to break into this country. I suppose you could offer some kind of grand fathering two people in the only if fact you enforceable border oh that would mean building dual mode yes. And at the present time of course we have. No way to enforce our immigration that's truly tragic part. We don't have anyway to force them. We. It doesn't matter at this juncture if you have a weak immigration law or be strong immigration law. Because a week immigration laws that you can't enforce. Is not much different from a strong immigration law that Japan imports. You can't imports. Such a law if you do not control your border and Democrats notwithstanding. You've got to control the border first. First then we'll decide who gets. I have no problem. If we really need people. Increasing the number of immigrants as long as we decide who they are. We keep track of their visas a little over steak. This is about immigration this is about. An issue of law enforcement plain and simple. The dreamers constitute an incentive to break the symbol for Bobby back at 629. You budget Torre tuna before the hour at 7 o'clock. And that we are live and local here at 163 WO lord Levy it's talk station. Quite local here. The leader in the upstage. And enjoying it immensely. And live bullets a year. That hurt to poke myself on the arm of the SharePoint. I definitely alive so that qualifies. Articles about its top line 1803471063. 180347163. The comments it's retirement plan text line 71307. 71307. And advanced and texture we need to go back to hard labor for criminals put them in it chain gang. Let them build the wall. Of I would have no problem with the whole notion of using. Prison labor and the problems that whatsoever. Again. The the ban on and voters servitude. Is not to include. People who have been duly convicted of crimes and and have been imprisoned. I have no problem. I would be sure that people who build a Wal-Mart effect people who could be counted on to do quality job but the otherwise. Not a not a problem for me mostly about the yeah. Yeah Hillary Clinton analysis of all of those. White nationalist racist out there who defeated her. And you stop and look at. The 700 counties in the country that voted twice for Barack Obama. 13 of which flipped to crop in to a B 613. That's locked. Almost wanted for a president Obama's 2012 white working class supporters. Defected. Either going to Donald Trump or voting for a third party candidate. Are they all. Bigots all these troubled Obama voters millions of once reliably democratic voters. Pulled the lever for the first time for a black president yet they were suddenly whipped up too racist for her. Body trumps racial ethnic and sexist appeals. Hillary's words. Couple. In fact million visa working class of low income voters and white. Pollsters Stan green owner Stan Greenberg pointed out recently. The don't have any white working class problem and working class problem. And Democrats have lost support with all were smokers across the electorate including. Minorities. Unmarried women believe it's all across the country why did so many Obama voters defect to trump. The liberal super pac priorities USA action. Listed the top seven priorities of Obama voters. Who swing. These are the top seven number one protecting social security and Medicare. Number two creating. Good in job America from its number three. Drew Americans have access to affordable insurance number four cleaning up corruption and commitment. There is ample for. Number five cracking down on outsourcing and six that true wealthy pay their fair share in taxes the number seven. Keeping Wall Street and check their sheer white nationalist agenda there. Just bizarre. You can almost feel sorry for ways she's had such a period of denial. She has run twice for president wants. Failed to get the nomination. Once. Got the nomination field to win the White House will she run again. If she thinks she can win I'll guarantee you even now. She's she still has a core of support make no mistake about it there were democratic presidential primaries held today. Hillary Clinton against did not hypothetical post the real flesh and blood opponents could probably pulled out 20/20 5% support. She's got a follow. She'll run again if she does polling indicates she has shot to win. It is bizarre if you look at the age of the people involved here Donald Trump is the oldest elected president in US history. He was seven Zoellick. Now look at some prominent Democrats who were being mentioned in 22. Elizabeth Warren 71. Hillary Clinton 73. Joseph Biden. 78. Bernie Sanders. 79. Was this the PGA seniors tour relying. Pretty bizarre. But of course this is not the party of new ideas. Anyway it it just strikes me odds that we would be here. All of these excuses. From Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has said that she is Donald electoral politics I've I'm not convinced that. But it doesn't really matter if she understands what happened but there's little sign that the Democrats as a whole understand. But to list would do what is necessary to win back working class voters in the heartland that they have declared themselves the resistance. Which further alienates these voters who put Crump and office while hoping that they can turn out there liberal base in the next election. This strategy failed in 2016. And it's hard currency of doubling down on failure will work in 20/20 quite frankly. Despite the view of more than a few. In the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton did not lose by being too liberal. It. I don't have pretty bizarre but that's that's a view out there if she'd just been. Or I should say too conservative she just got a little more liberal. That she could have pulled it out. Yours you can. It. That that's a real hope for. For the Republican Party the Democrats will believe. That all those people who showed up at Bernie Sanders rallies are all going to vote. It's a simple fact. That only one person is able to make these people vote that's Barack Obama when he's on the ballot. Audio eight voted for a volley one point ten. Obama said please give media and democratic congress and they did not turned out it was the Tea Party election 4012. Obama Rome's four wins reelection. 2014. Obama says please go vote. His name was not on the ballot they did not and that was a year Republicans took the Senate's. Going to be a tough time I think for Democrats really do 645 Jumbo for Bobby back. And we've got to eleven minutes now before 7 o'clock. It is wrapped up later this evening Jim Bo for about him active who returns a week from today. And next Wednesday. Have him back in house and a rare and ago so you would have a chance rimmed. Get back with the listeners on the of the twentieth. Until that time will be holding Fortier. In the afternoon voted. Something at the comments and retirement planning text line 71307. We need to go back to hard labor for criminals. But the that a change it let them build the law. How old is exempt them stories subscribers there. Three men stormed into a Cleveland talk gold recently. Got a bit more than they bargained for three employees opened fire. Killing. One of the robbers perfect it's drugs servants Moscow absolutely perfect. Of what's with the hot coffee. They cottonwood Arizona woman has been arrested. For tossing hot coffee in the face of a fast food worker Ed and looked only at Georgia. A woman grabbed a bag of cash from an armored car worker by throwing hard copy news agency weren't an ATM machine. We at the point where Starbucks orders. Should come with a five day waiting period and permit to carry. On. Limit durable white cloud Michigan is headed for prison for the rest of life after being convicted of her husband's murder. Witness who clinched her conviction. Repeated Marten Durham last words don't shoot don't shoot plus an expletive. Witness. Was there. Parent. Okay. Here's the basis for repeal there's abuse. Could possibly. Possibly be here's a little trick of being chased by police. Blood line 11 with fake emergency calls against the cops are pure trailed. Whitman to this because of how well it didn't work for Clayton Nelson. In castle law Alaska but next time Clayton. You're now of course there is no cell phone rulers themselves. She connects to but there's also follow. About the two men who tried to hold a plea bargain would blonde Maryland the other night it's a really bad idea. It's an especially bad idea to hold up a bar. These same night it's the seed. Of eight police department retirement party at that but then you know that now. You know do your homework. And find it's. Going to be a criminal you've got to do right. In Bridgeport Connecticut Michael Pinto is accused of selling cocaine from hold his wife Jennifer was at work. That would be officer Jennifer Pinto a twenty year veteran of the Bridgeport police. You've strained relations there in the NATO council that in. Your future. See here and Easton Pennsylvania man has got nearly two years in jail. For choking his seven year old mother who. Who changed the TV channel. When he gets out could be in a statement Tuesday. Earlier in the particulars. On you change the channel. And afraid of going to choke you. In Alpharetta Georgia a man with a gun has climbed through a McDonald's drive through window climbed through the drive through window. And after rubbing employees heated typed genetic code to get money out of their cash registers. All while wearing his McDonald's uniform. Police call leads. Clues believe. Kabila and former employees to save a jump to conclusions. In shipments burg Pennsylvania police responded to noise complaints and after a warning. Drove off. But not before he owner of the house put on the theme from the cops TV show and jacked up the volume. The officers returned. And rolled up with citation which. Said. Bad boy bad boys what you gonna do completely change the warning to a citation because of you. A eleven immediately it's good straight there often and since that means they're actually. Chip and if you police officers yours and they do. It's a crime epidemic in Britain. Reports of theft up 40% in two years in fact last year in Britain there were 261. Cases of stolen. Cats. Why. Would you stipulate cat. I don't know okay memo do ones were ego of Phoenix's future really got to try to steal cars as police say you did. It's best not to leave Seattle at the scene of the crime especially if it was playing a video. Titled. How to steal a car. But then you know thank goodness Macomb. In west Mifflin Pennsylvania. David McHugh has been charged with punching one woman at a country music concert of lifting and other off the ground by her throat. That would be former west Mifflin police officer. David Q. But it Kelly Mercer and cash Kennedy of Baton Rouge, Louisiana police say it's not a good idea to leave your two week old child alone in the car. While you go to work. Not to mention that we wield a police say your line of work is. Burglary. So probably not a good idea either there and Saint John's County Florida police. Have a woman in custody. Suit of slow but to a fishermen's lives. Cursed him. And bit the line and two before swimming off later the woman was apprehended screaming at certain times I'm bleed the naked. An accurate statement. Everybody. These out and are just a few of the items of crime but there were no rental laws. As the one texture put it ever goes so all of these two would criminals are in the northeast of sale and a lot of them do seem to be. That's unfortunate. We will welcome you to the program again tomorrow 3763. W lower deviancy talks mission Bobby Mack. Is on the mend it don't forget our Eagles advantage talk line it's 1803471063. And the comments of retirement planning text line 71307. Much to talk about. We will do so thanks to the text you said thanks Jim good stuff beats say the book club and godless appreciate that you'll do the same be safe. And it will be back again tomorrow till then enjoy folks.