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Wednesday, September 13th

Immigration; Slave labor; Leftis agenda


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Yes extremely special. Very professional very short bust my bus only has one axle let's house special I am Jumbo over body back. Now shall life specialists. And slowness at times today tomorrow and a Friday as well. As we have 163 WOR DV of snakes talk station here for your approval. If you revenue per Russell the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. And there is Wesson Greenville telewest. HM cagey about it and actually. You know we actually certain amount you probably know with. Why not we'll win America throughout the welcome to the end we needed to build a nation to connect. The powers that be decided that we need this and this is like what the other college you know we needed these people. What can we just Wear themselves strain in the New York yet hit the speech. Brought them Iron Man I mean why aren't we put them on the little island. Called L alum mark what are we days. What was that for a number of reasons of course though one of them was expected to. This was in the Euro for mass inoculations that a lot of sick folks in the company an extra effort in Macomb and you know actually there were others who work frankly the big wave of immigration came at a time that there was a wave. Of those marxism sweeping Europe would make sure we didn't have a lot of things people out there currently drawing them. Oh believe me Ellis Island was it was no picnic you don't know you went through the ringer. I like to point out a lot of people. Yet we got up you loved I would like nice people outlook we got offered. You ever remember this thing a Little League parents haven't come in Ellis Island and I looked in my paper do you look really sick. They wound up putting him into a hospital. And easily you know he's looking out the window longing for his freedom you could see the statue of liberty and I'm like. You know they have doctors they brought people into that great call and I said that they would have already have you know 2030 people in here. And when that immigrants were coming and they would think that these people are likely due to people cannot catch the eight people would main goal at. If there is they had I'm a bit soda if they had any current. Something that made him think that this person wasn't going to be able to give up work work work. They did not have access to any EA report initially without the idea that people like you and I you know we we read the stats we understand the whole kitchen. I think all we chat a point these things that we think these other people don't know and somehow. This will affect them protect the format can change your mind I think gets me theirs it's no different. Being global. Warming. It's the same thing Al Gore hoped for in this what right now the polar eyes camps were supposed to be mailed. My Ellison will be gone at least when a guy so. I don't know how in the world only in the liberal more continued trying matter. And now college. Global cooling. And it's stalemated accident in which says it meant to begin with except we. Harper which are completely wrong and somehow or all student government and I'd sticker than it ever. One of those special attributes of today's liberal is that they don't think that's harsh and cruel and I'm caring for a field. They ask you to go visit him that's some Duma seats even when it comes in my can. A decision that every instinct that in nature gave you kill you not appear. And that's their problem but what that other route every natural instinct is functions that god gave us at all. Let me let me give you in one sentence the viewpoint of the contemporary American liberal way as ready. Here's a viewpoint of the Canterbury American liberal. He is not easy being better than everybody else but I tried. That is for what they are seeking desperately is moral superiority that they are better the view. And they'll go to any lengths to do it even adopting policies which are neither morally or legally nor. Economically superiors. They'll do anything on the bottom and they don't have green at all or didn't like you said they're better than also deadlocked on lock. You know John Travolta to fly around the world with 747 of the basketball court and not you know partially equipped for him to three people. And while lecturing you and I that we really should turn our thermostat in it down another entry to greet. Al Gore's Al Gore's travels. Are the carbon footprint of a small country but of course I was traveling. In pursuit of good so he gets an exemption whereas the warm and I I don't usually that we're in. You know Pete ball low carbon credit before he took golf and himself a check for that expenditure. So it wasn't that will be equal when he was no unseemly. That. Works nights that he ought to go around. Yeah it whereas my bias UV you buy at one that that would be criminal. I'm not quite well it's it's just they're trying to get an hour and whatever spunky little. Screw ball odd beer they think that angle I can run and to just give any box. Two despite their boat bear that way out you know they'll they'll sell well so they're sold the debt minutes pretty much. Yeah it is it's a fact and it's unfortunate that we've allowed to get this bad and out of your way and another. Did you know cable we don't have a camper let them do. Well you know you wanna talk about the GOP. You look at all the Sudan and you know the one thing not total lot of friends a lot of the light truck deducted you didn't get up to admit. The only thing that could pull the curtain back to the point that we see it right now on his expiry. The ring. Up there in Washington and the odd beer these guys absolutely bought and paid for. You know they are parakeet away at worst a freshman. Congressmen senators come up you know an exit ban on liquor both LSU wanna beat the complete committee chairman of the sources. Okay how are get a chairmanship you're gonna see it go away weeks they say if you wanna come to the banners. If you wanna you don't get to the big party that is how work and that's how that system is just corrupted. There whittled down. They give it and yet they get a taste for the money. The family it's a little how often you begin collecting an army it's pretty trampled human nature we how many or what it's saying. We care a lot but do we get up there and expects that like cheated big check. And tell you that you and yours are taking care of forever your member of the club now the thing you got to do is just not be so anxious to have another member you're going. I'll I'll take it how a lot of people feel they get elected to congress and most people who were elected to congress in the beginning. Are very very dedicated they know what that must be done to save the country even if they're on the far left they have their own ideas that. But they get there. And they go there for a charmer too they have got much done their back venture and haven't made a subcommittee chairmanship and they realize that if they get elected one more time. But they'll have some influence. And that's when they start to equate their reelection with the good of the republic and want tomorrow that or argue don't you have gone over to the dark side. Actual trial now that we're in India so he can make a negotiation bomb plot himself without any. Input from us I mean that's why we send them there I think is pretty much what he says you know once we let him think he might solve decision. And we don't need to confirm or let him know what we think. But why does the strong conservative overtake Lindsay on a primary. Well. Yeah about wildwood the TNT around green will not give up trumps why they have zeroed truck bumper stickers shirts on. A lot that I have to personally go around in disperse hundreds of troops shot a million children and manual because certain. You know the GOP in downtown green almost had no trial memorabilia whatsoever until ride at the very. No I was not aware of that that you have loved opera episode to the studio cadaver you don't. Well we are good and out of the really good for new let me answer questions about maybe it would be closer to understand and I guess I have. Not a not a clue as to why they would've that would've done that. We're gonna take a break here OS like you for your thoughts it's a 550 unit 2163 WOR DB of six talks stationed Jambo for Bobby back. The year ago it's by putting two of this Wednesday afternoon Jim vote for Barbie back in the by the way out will be here. The rest of this week plus next Monday and Tuesday. So while Bobby America knows that they're talking about Samoa. Bladder surgery he had everything would well we're told and does so there that's that that's the good news so. Of the botched going to be back in around here before you know at 1803471063. Is the Eagles advantage talk line. And the comments that retirement planning text line 71307. And we turn to Willie. Who's on his cell Dellucci hello Willie. On. I'll very well thank you. Opposite things under violently. I under the usual MO. There at a woman a couple Paul. Now we can't grow up all the usual might make. It welcomed what encore. They didn't like that. They're all trying to collect. There are no blue book. They're trying to collect them. The black made. And it is our patrol. Will be quite late. It now will do we will. Now welcome back you know they. You have not yet. It hit the ball illegal aliens come and all elected not vote to come into Barry you'll. We can't put them into it and everybody. That they won't vote for. But look I'll put it that way I hope you don't. I would give it they begin with the arm. If you get away with the evidence still is still broke the law. You know but at the pump but then nobody quite a lull a little bit not that it irrevocably that it the old school they get old. I'm playing and it ended noting political wouldn't count on. They don't pay no. Don't. No I'm not I'm not but it didn't quite put him account open you'll like it they pretty content but they'll let you bundle. Well an umpire and that we didn't know. Although pretty. And we won't get it I don't know people criminally. Because it will be so decent. We don't exactly right we do you do. Certainly you should not be getting reduced tuition and host of the other benefits to work were dumping on people who broke into this country. You don't want it bad enough we don't send it back but but do did give the bonuses congratulation you broke our laws have this of that yes. That's right they they're rewarded. Or below. Now the mobile I'm Michael. Well it is put it that well it got all the lay in brought all these rule that. Ultimately though. Now. Pick. I lost or their willingness to learn. Yeah go ahead. Yeah don't you were about to say I think who's gonna pick all the fruit. I. No beat here at these days will not work. Well they don't they they might if in fact it was that or not get anything. They may not want to but I mean if you have these skills. You might have to lead the justice in this world the notion that Americans won't do certain things. Well it is that or not than. You be surprised company will. Well I don't want they all know that are very out they'll model where the automatic and do. Well. No it it you nobody all of the ball right in them and know. Well. What will it be nearly in the count and more than. Then it didn't try to aren't allotted the war would it not the Campbell LO OI don't worry. Well there are little. What are the benefits of having illegals if your company and you don't mind breaking the law. The let's face it what's that what's it illegal to do if you're paying them less than to say the minimum wage really gonna do complain to the law I don't think so what you have your small time slavery. You know you have the urge her to. Outdo the very well they're not right and it ate food or not. I don't don't. Don't let it would take on my own what can't replace. Their problem. Here's what you could say one thing Willy and that is that that it should no longer be a fine if you hire someone. Illegally it should be jail time you'd be surprised how fast. I don't mean. Three months of club fed doing hard tennis I've talked about real hard time you be surprised how fast those employers suddenly stopped hiring illegals. I wouldn't want them. Yeah I don't know it bought it or not. What will a year ago that I appreciate your thoughts and thank you very much for joining us now support 28. And a 1063 W ordeal stakes talks vision I would note the one of the they'll talk in the west and Greenville a moment ago. And he was talking about the Ellis Island experience of a century ago. Day after you got me and if you got. You learn English big time it was mandatory now it was a available. They were there were schools there were classes on the light but you learn English you learned the language of the land. Which is as a ought to be. You you try going to Mexico City and at that asking for some kind of vote bilingual education in UB laughed out of the room. You learn Spanish and in Mexican schools or you don't learn anything. Again. We seem to be the only pack of fools of the world when it comes to issues of immigration just bizarre. Just are. So. We'll we'll talk some more about a a break is coming appear to the college and retirement planning text minus 7130771307. We will explore that. In this them greater length of course the angles of that talk line 1803471063. Bubbly Backus is resting up. From successful surgery and you'll be back here next Wednesday Wii from today. Okay the time was 549. But I don't know about that legendary stuff but anyways 22 minutes before 6 o'clock here on this Wednesday afternoon. Jumbo and for Bobby Mack and Bob ball returned a week from today he's convalescent. We were at when those three RD the State's top station and we're talking about how organs of the bill below our. Oh we do not have well to man. You're gonna go get a loan here a minute anyway. Anyway aren't Eagles advantage talk Clyde is 1803471063103. Point 7163. Of the comments that retirement planning text line. 71307. 71. 307. Steve what is being attacked the diseases out there today. The name. It's the year. Never trappers need to understand that most trump supporters never claimed he was a conservative Hillary sure it was a that's certainly true that's why didn't back into the primaries were it was all that conservative but when he became all stood in the path. And Hillary Clinton. In the Oval Office. He certainly earned his positive place in American history. Absolutely and you certainly could claim he was of the conservative in many ways it's certainly true. Drew all right. It's a year. Who are we Jim who are we to believe terrible toll is personal household income. Highest it's ever bid to think that we are doing justify. Well of course the thing is that this elbows are doing just fine. You cannot say that we are doing this line some of blues bar and its problems art. There you go. It's extra windows they totally disagreed as we are subsidizing most of the world on the backs of the middle class. Well we're subsidizing that much of the world you can argue it's too much of it but we subsidize that world. Forget the common misconception. For an ages. 25% of the federal budget. Or at least 10% notes a fraction of 1%. And it should be scrutinized absolutely but it ain't that much. Here. Subsidizing the world will be. It much easier. That you. The whole immigration subject. Is is one that needs to be addressed I think at its base and it's cool we live in a world of nation states. There are those out there who don't like that. Like to think that were all one big happy world all hold hands and combed by and just on our way to get would have nation. States no we're not the only alternative at this stage of the game and grow at least another century. Is anarchy. Anarchy. I don't see the basis. A consensus performing kind of quote world government even if we had one there's no guarantee would be all like like what we've come to expect. Him. Provisions of the bill of rights will would load that gives maybe three. No but the point is is not what ought to be in this discussion the point is. Why it is we are a world of nation states that's the way it is. There's no such thing really international law because there's no international enforcement mechanism. We aren't a world of nation states. The nation's states have the absolute right at their discretion however arbitrarily to decide. Again. Who gets into their country. How many. How long and for what reason that is the right of every nation stated if you Rory meaningful nations they did about your right it is your obligation. So to do. That's the way it is. And again if you wanna argue about what ought to be I would argue that for the time being at the very least it's certainly ought to be that way too many people other act. As though that's not the way it is a social. Vacuum at the duke post it again in California recently with the scientists at immigration is a right. No Bozo. You brain dead little creep it is not. You might argue that that you think it ought to be I would say it shouldn't be at least that would be debatable because. We could be talking about what we think ought to be what is is not debatable. It is not a right it is never bin arrived and I don't see any way into the foreseeable future it should ever be right. But that's the kind of idiots that we have been teaching in schools leaders one of the real key problems that we have in this country. It's that we have largely abdicated control of our educational system. Let's not forget that among developed countries hours as the most decentralized. Educational system in the world by far. In France the ministry of education. Could tell you this morning. What every student in France was doing that more UK through twelve system what are yours they have there. That they're all on page. 38 of there there biology detector on page 77 others in French grammar text. Because every student in the country like France. Is on exactly the same curriculum oddities active in the same way with the same textbooks we have a very decentralized system in this country. We don't act like it. It requires constant police and yet look at how many people vote on school board elections school bond elections. If you could 25% turnout. Of one of those elections because there probably scandal. People don't turn out we have handed over control. And how can we be shocked. That we have now a generation and a half. Of economic illiterates. And in some cases political illiterates as well how can we support be surprised. That they are somebody young people who buy into the whole notion of the of the socialist money tree. We've been let them be taught that way. We've got to read seized control of education that's of particular we'd meet people of every state capital structure as the Dickens includes Columbia. We have to have people start calling in state supported institutions. And simply. Reading back to them. What it is that's being allowed on that campus and then in forming these presidents of these universities that if you want another penny state money one more pity. You will correct this this this this habits. At least happen in every state in the union. If it's happened in one state. It's news to me. That's where most of these problems come from we have allowed a leftist agenda to be jammed into the skulls of our young people the Jumbo for Bobby back 63 WORD via ups talk station at 545. Honestly even. It is about him action I must beat them again and I guess. All right 1063 WORD the upstate talks station where the Eagles advantage talk line as 1803471063. Yen that Eugene is up there in Pauley a deluge in. I you don't game. I'll wells that he. This won't call an argument ago. And usually it's somewhere about called a presidential universities about a question this split strategy and to colleges. Well I don't know if there's a portal school if their state supported school they should beginning tax money for that. Well what I want so there was no word clamps and it was a prayers and another universe do that was cushion that leftist agenda. Back when they had social action and you what happened before and it laid it happened. Because he said he won't do it to embody that teachable moment. And they want a national championship where I. But managed Miguel. Empires will include this little hole right now. Is it that is a state school know what what you can do about private schools is is limited although I would note that there are very few. Institutions of higher education in this country that don't accept some federal money. But it it's a state supported school. That they are. Are answerable to the state legislature and the heads of the the legislative committees of education in Columbia need to be calling people like that on. Of the of the florid just that telling them either you you'd change what you're doing or you don't get any more money. Will closure down. I can agree with debt and screw board and the people that agenda universe to Asia to call him out there. I appreciate both have. The available to answer we'll thank you for your call UG and I appreciate that they. They they are not gonna listen to reason OK if you have that viewpoint you automatically know that you're superiors everybody else you're smarter than everybody deals. You're not gonna persuade them. No you yank the purse dreams. What keeps them going is state tax dollars at state institutions. Of higher education and state tax dollars. Are what they have to have. Why are our state legislators. People who that the big dip. The couple of those on the education committees them Colombia why they're not calling these people on the car but it's that you are another pity. Out of this legislature you will change this businesses that miss those are state supported schools as I say. There are limits to what you can do with the leftist agenda at private schools although again the feds could do a lot there because almost every school in the country private or public receives federal money. But for the state schools universities state colleges what have you. They get state money that's the best ball of what they get. For Pete's sake. Why are we not demanding. That they make some changes there are trying seriously. These these leftist educators are trying to determine the campuses in two authoritarian many states. I'm sorry that the way we do things in this country it's high time we made that abundantly clear. So if you wanted some people to get mad that I haven't had the names and phone but I guarantee users house. Education committee in Colombia and it was a senate education committee Columbia. And the two people who chair those and there certainly Republicans so there there certainly a pre disposed. To be concerned about this. It's the Democrats ran the state legislature. A lot of things would be going too well but this will be one of them that would be going too well those are Republicans. Demand. That they called to account people with these leftist agendas people. Who are putting forward the notion of no free speech on our campuses. Discussed in. But if it's a state supported school it's not that hard port to end to just show a little intestinal fortitude it's not that hard. Really. It's not that hard. You simply use the power of the purse if you have another Pitney. You will do the following things why because that's a state supported school before we give you state tax money there are sort of standard you have to meet. That is perfectly within the power of the legislature so good. For the life of I don't know why this is being done. Demand that it be done. You can't solve every problem. At the state government level but this is one of polls squarely in their corner. It can be it can be changed at some of the problems that we talked about today the problems we talk about every day. On 63 WORG. Those problems go straight back to the product. Of people pushing leftist agenda on our impressionable young people and needs to stop. Certainly that applies to Kate K through twelve as well. But it can be done trust me it can be gone lean on them and but 063 WOR DB of states talk stations Jim Bohannon here until one week from today when Bobby Mack does return. And already now we've arrived at 4 minutes before 6 o'clock development and.