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Wednesday, September 13th

Irma; Storm reporters; DACA; Trump's crossing over


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Ali good afternoon to you or good afternoon and Wednesday September the thirteenth we all survived urban. Which is a good don't know must confess what we'll talk of more about urban today from time to dialogue the other news today but I must invest. But that was that without power for about 22 hours. And a wind gusts. I realize though that the wind gusts that I face here in the upstate. I don't think a one of them hit hurricane. Speed in the seventy miles an hour sustained winds that her case. I I think I might have had close to fifty years six. Which did buy it with vodka some neighbor's trees fortunately away from where we would. But I it occurred to me the probably I was looking at gusts. 13. Of the basis to 880. Miles an hour winds. Over and not a mention. 180 miles away wins going as fast. As a NASCAR vehicle. Heading into the straightaway I mean. Unbelievable. The amount of damage wrought by six and who certainly talk about that is that time passes today Hillary Clinton. As though her new memoir about of course about her failed presidential campaign titled what happened. And at that. It Rihanna requested mark what happened. Clinton apparently has that has no idea. So we can talk about that as the day goes by. President trump of course. Me salute with the members of both parties he's going to see if he can get things through but he. Congress usually Democrats. Which is of course perfectly fine with that. One caveat one month loans small asterisk there. That is what yet through congress what price will the Democrats make him pay. And that could be very revealing we can't remember but we're not talking here about eight doctrinaire conservative and president trump loses a man. As had some shifting view points over the years that is settled more lesson to a conservative. Viewpoint certainly far far better than me informants and Hillary Clinton. And she. Won the White House but you can't be all that sort of just exactly where. President troubled go especially when dealing with people as devious as senator Chuck Schumer of New York. Or congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California. We'll certainly find that I'd like to be grist for a new this afternoon. Here at 1063 WO lord deity of states talks station are Eagles advantage talk line it's 103471063. 1803471063. Become instant retirement planning text line 71307. 713. 07. And good to have all of you board today if anybody wants to shared the stories of the storm would be happy to hear about that as well. As though we look back on the Irma and in particular we will add that at one point they get around to. Well. At practice. Meteorological macho. Okay. The TV reporters demos sure are bigger men. You. Don't do remind him and on them under a hurricane force winds waiting for a license plea to whip by. It a 150 miles an hour and cut my head clean off. Which in some cases might be a public service all right Tim and his past 3 o'clock here on this Wednesday afternoon of September the thirteenth that's right Friday the thirteenth balls early Wednesday. This week at that will be of the rest of the week for a Bobby Mack who's out there doing who knows watched. The ever active. Bob McClain it's hard to know what he he is up to given occasion that it will have fun. And that will give things a bullish out here on the Barbie programs agreed to 7 PM. And this is your chance to this album as well and he variety of issues I would just just taking a look here. At this of this whole. Debate about. The TV reports but no where. In some cases. Not many. But in some cases you may be talking about reporters who actually know what they're doing in storms there are. Reporters who were based in certain areas. For in the mine works for CBS radio and Peter King Peter lives and land. Peters to CBS for decades. Peter has seen a hurricane before. I hear reports from Peter the chief of the store I'm pretty sure he knows what he's due and and he knows not to be too stupid bit with some reporters especially some of the big name reporters. Who aren't if you will does airlifted him to the big story of the day. They may or may not know about hurricanes. And so they may or may not have the right Tuesday. Don't do what I'm doing I don't know what I'd do it. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. First of all full confession I have done that. I had a television earlier life. And a I have acted. Like. Tiger macho jerk in the weather have gone out into those those those wins. And the motivation. For one thing you don't look like what's okay announcement for your colleagues now I am not by inflammation. You risk taker. I don't oh Whitewater rafting. Don't. Louis search engine to fifty feet to do through waves of Hawaii. Do right roller coasters. I just don't really care that much from I have read them. But if the job calls that's different messenger job. There's a special call. The seizure Joker Georgia man. Your mission should you choose excepted of course you don't believe that much against you in case we decide to let you go. You're mission is to go to either the storm. The heart of the storm right to the core of the storm and report and so I am about them. That's part of the macho blind modules part of it. You you also. I think you have a desire to show your audience and he would be. I'm I'm tough I mean that's that's not a natural I think human. Expression maybe some colony may yield them expression on these days certainly. You come along way baby you'll find a lot of women to go the that the kind of weather as well. And some of them are a lot lighter than some of the men. Eager to pick up a hurl across the street with one big goes to win anyway that's part of it. But for whatever. The rationale behind it there's another one that I think needs to be noted that is that. Broadcast outlets radio stations TV stations networks what had. Want the audience to identify. With fewer people that's where what year slogans like seven on your side. That's the slogan used a lot of the nation's capital. Who should really care with a seven is on your side seven should be telling you the news in an appropriate and correct matter. Seven shouldn't be on your side with that supposed to be yet. This is the kind of slowed with a lot of people really need to have dispute that the it is warm and Fuzzy kind of feeling with these people so. When you have someone out there risking his life see you know make up today. No suit and tie though indeed he's out there. That is waiters and and looking you're pretty scruffy because he's just like you. These will be amortized he's just like you with his high six figure salaries just like you. Anyway I that's always talk about today were to look at period the advantages and disadvantages pitfalls of president trump playing footsie with the Schumer is and the policies of the world. And all but of course right here at 1063 W orgy the State's talk station. Are Eagles advantage talk line is 18034710631803471063. Become instant retirement planning text line. 71307. 7130%. And that will be back with more Jim Bohannon in for Bobby backed the rest of this week and it is 350 on this Wednesday afternoon. Yep we're right here you're right there are 320s our time on this Wednesday September the thirteenth. And the time for us to. Interface still publicly legal and several states. With the the Eagles advantage talk live major principle instrument that's 1803471063180347163. Become instant retirement planning text line 7130771. 307. Euro and 63 WO lord Levy of states talk station Jim Bohannon in for. Bobby Mack spells. And got used to taking a look at it's only antics. That occur in there in front of the camera. And it also comes on the radio but as dramatic of course you can hear people in distress on the radio. But it on TV of course you can you can watch their body being buffeted around by the wind did it can be quite dramatic. The lives for a minute. Here's one a person who contacted us at the Cummins since retirement plan text line 71307. And I was mesmerized by the actual storm towards reporters got in the way it would grandstanding. I wonders. I would yours. That in many cases they did get away and they sort of bad example I think for people as well. Quite frankly I he would just to think that it's. It's time to back off a little bit from some of that. Although. It's certainly. At times it can be amusing that you good news look not very hard on the yeah. On the Internet that tree I haven't checked YouTube lately but I'm sure there are tons of outtakes of reporters doing various areas stupid things are giving yet. Of knocked on their king and by the winds but that again it is it has never been my favorite. It sure to watch at least people behaving in kind of a dumb way especially in view affected. Suppose I know some of these people and you know most of them are not really. That. Death defied him in and and realizes that something about a storm to bring this out people it's not I suppose. The into the republic that this happens but nonetheless it's something that march you'll workers I've discovered from talking with friends and number of people. Who who watched that. And think it's stupid as well and yet of course we rewarded. Because we want to. And the ratings people don't care whether we're watching him going wow that's truly courageous or watching something and saying. That's really don't know is just care if you're watching it. And you go in the column for that station. And there are ratings go up and their advertising dollars go up and they will keep doing whatever it was. Adopted you as part of their audience so. About 323 on this Wednesday afternoon. End up I'm noting this this budding. Love affair that the president has with the truck immensely to our community. Old pals and don't use the stuff forget that Donald Trump's given. More than a few bucks who have some of these folks. I know he's a great deal maker and will to a kind of a deal. He works out but it fee gives the Democrats. Any major chunk of their agenda. And that you got to kind of wonder if that is really the the best interest of the country certainly. Or in the best interest rightly of president did trump. But. It does seem as though the president is. Moving in the direction at least some in the direction of the unconstitutional. Distortion of prosecutorial. Discretion. Employed by President Obama. And his two not to execute the laws faithfully. The president has been pretty happy. About is sandbagging of congressional Republicans and diesel Treasury Secretary might. That he called Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. To gloat about the positive news coverage the press has been incredible. Well I guess it's much change pace certainly for her in the press has been regrettable but. Anyway he looked for other areas of vote of bipartisan cooperation. And in any event. It's it's not at all clear that he's. He's making deals in an arena that's new for him okay this is an arena in which people most insurers the world ability deals. On. Long time employees of the opportunity but the days. They certainly know the area. They know the extent to which one can go oh and the extent to one which one cannot ago. And of course the media did their eating this up nothing quite floats via mainstream media bowed to a Micah. Nominal Republican who accommodates Democrats. And humiliated whose party in the process so. That certainly has gotten a lot of of appeal here. The New York Times. Relates. This about Nancy Pelosi well she had via the president's year. Ms. Pelosi and I'm quoting from the times you're took the opportunity to ask mr. trump. To send out a message on Twitter emphasizing. That the 800000. Immigrants enrolled in the program that he canceled this week. Can keep their protection from deportation and work permits over the next six months that it pays out. That of course is a docket deferred action for childhood rivals. And we have to keep something in mind here. The president has not canceled. Docket. The president has has not. Cancel the market that's not at all what has happened in this particular case and a need to keep. Point of fact. It. Has been moved to a lower level I suppose of a priority. And it is it is really believe that Britain signaled it either that it will be. Cota and the law by congress with the most it's it will continue the program. By accident in action regrettably. The us and kind of executive action that. Used by his sister who cruise lecture which. Is. In the unit. Nancy Pelosi told the New York Times asked him to do it. The boom boom boom between appeared that was good well. Here's what the president tweeted for all of those doc that are concerned about your status during the six month period you have got to worry about no action. Yeah. So. Really there's broad daylight there between the president troubled President Obama but it comes. To the well ignoring the president's constitutional duty you execute laws faithfully. This is under the guise of prosecutorial. Discretion well. You have to remember this about prosecutorial discretion that's simply a way of allocating resources it is taking. Note of the fact. That there are always more law violations. Then their our resources to enforce the laws and the government has to prioritize. Sooners crimes get the most attention. Lesser crimes for the most part overlooked. But we're low priority is assigned to comparatively less serious crimes are still considered crimes. Government value it's each case individually reserves the right to take action against the low priority misconduct in appropriate cases please vote rescinded his defender. Or otherwise. Hardcore criminals. It's the crimes. It but of course of a President Obama is practice yeah in vote prosecutorial discretion when in reality was choosing not to force congressional statutes. Passed in two law. And he just didn't happen delight. There was no case by case review we just. Gave lip service to the notion of individualized treatment. Anyway exercise of prosecutorial discretion can't be avoided but. It's certainly has to be explain exactly it is Jim Bowen for Bobby Mack today on and a WORD 1063. And it's now three. You budget all right 23 minutes before 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon September the thirteenth. Post or and a variety of things there's talk about today we have jolts about their cell phones who have these advanced it and that is that inquired good afternoon Joe's. They are you doing. I'm wells. Anyway and trump takes pleasure in humiliating public party but I hear Republican Party epic who Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham John McCain. I take little others in the Republican Party. That's what got Annika. A great pleasure to the broader legal. I take great pleasure luck to you or talk Barbara Starr barker one of Republican congress done since January. They need to be humiliated because they have humiliated us for decades. They're Republican. Who stands up against try out. Need to be expressed our caller and run at a table on a real they need to be humiliated because we pay a decade of doing it either way. And look where we are right now. They need to be humiliated. And I loved every time trying to humiliate. Democrats they're Republicans in the media because that's exactly why he was voted in. By the people of this country and we need more epic. Anybody to reason that is part of the problem. Well I hope that he was voted in to try to get certain policies adopted. Since that's what presidents do Linda and humiliation is hardly at the top of the agenda. And I just wondering what kind of things will get adopted cooperating with the Nancy Pelosi is in the Chuck Schumer for the world that's what. I'm not saying cooperate Schumer Pelosi and say in that anybody stand in the way bush cooperated with the Democrats. Bush's did look where that got absolutely nowhere you don't negotiate the Democrats. Don't negotiate. We're liberal. Fold. But the only doing units like military is simply a wondering where this is going that's that's what why I brought about because I'm and they weren't going to. People this country need to get rid of the McCain in the grants and Mitch McConnell and let someone you can actually run the government for once didn't place. That's where it's going to reelect. A bit from you or did you think that of the of the Chuck Schumer is and the Nancy Pelosi is would be an improvement over the I just don't want to that's. I don't care I don't care about chip chip that they're the minority. They can't stop this I don't care about them that we do whatever they want. A hero they're the ones dealing with the president right now I mean they're the ones he's working with a I just wonder. At Wada does not sure that that is what we want to I'm not sure how the president negotiates with them without giving up a lot that's what bothers. But he can't negotiate with McCain purchased that they cared. I mean it. Older Heidi just absurdly early there are Republicans out there there are Republicans out there certainly have not been. A cooperative with the president and number of issues but there's not a Republican in congress as bad as Chuck Schumer or as bad as Nancy Pelosi not one. Lindsey Graham he gets let's world of trouble this curious as to this little girl Lindsey Graham gets up and post trouble white supremacists these bad as they are. And McConnell looks around but I doubt all the tablet you'd totally lost yeah McCain that they're tiptoed to wish scurry around at where. And we can't they don't let them you get rid of. How do you get rid of the mother from the voters voting them out again Mike the central point I'm bringing appeared Joseph is. What kind of a deal you get with the Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer do they offer things that the rest of us want him. Not need the things I want. To go hundred. You don't they don't truck ship but he is dealing with a that he is boiling with them we're gonna end dark period. There aren't aboard Lebanese not in the docket that's the whole thing he's not a doctor at count nobody will be happy that obamacare example clearly what was. Not in the yet by virtue of an executive order Joseph but we know. That's what bothers me. Sure he could he could but he he has. If you listen to what he actually said. He says that his reprieve the six month reprieve it applies to all docket beneficiaries and the quote have nothing to worry about. No act and unquote. That kind of bothers me that's all of. Aggregate view but that's a culture he has no backing that support whatsoever from anyone. Political weathering the regular border or not that's doesn't Alter the fact that I'm I'm really rather curious why he's saying that when it's not exactly what he said during the campaign it bothers. The culture to run across something you thought you'd never have to run crawl there's only party that basically against him he did a man. Alone. No matter what he had number of people in his own party would be happy to help him but get rid of doctor. I just find it odd that what he's saying and doing as president and again has differed. From what he was saying and doing as a candidate. But it ownership portraiture thoughts go ahead final fundamental move on what your final thought. Yes. Yes that was to bill it was in the linemen. Hello bill. When you brought it up about these. In the foul. Weather guys. Would there posture his own and I'll let us or. Until were clunkers idea switched over the world or beta. We had been very cab and ousted or report Jim Kay and Torre is he got a pretty your bank barrier was on Corey. And get this he had a crash helmet and flak jacket. Because we don't you black jacket. Have a look at what's in store shooting at him. I don't know what he had known I probably let it hit it pretty in my experience wellstone a lot royal. But I outlaws bella and they're black it. And ivory does. A total does what it does give your Billy gives a great bragging rights when you're talking with a budget of the reporters. But that when I was a that was I was at a stupid young guys and I don't do that are at at. Yeah ideology they yardage keep it wards if you're lucky that you get the old have been much wiser. You have one why if you if you're if you're lucky you're right Demi don't forget that the the number one last word spoken by young men in this country. Hey what's this. Here are replaced it beer down for bogey in the back the truck you know walked just. So you know and as I said. Which when you can venture so it was part of your job your job is to go out there and cover the storm right in the heart of it and you buy into that. If you're a reporter because it is such bragging rights and you're neighbors and your printer draws while I saw you on TV boy it really dangerous. And you're you're going oh well it wasn't all that bad you know yours soaking it up and I literally as well as figuratively. Go out as nothing more ignoring is that the bad example go ahead yeah. It does deploy got round or ignored nudity going director about minutes they've run out of people in society. And every other word is and oh. Oh look they're certainly. Who knows what is exactly enough outlets where I play or saturated with 4040 limit you to quit their Olympic stay well. We are saturated and watch you commit to a story it's very hard to break away because you've got the audience at once every detailed story. If you break away dirt dug out of the competition but not phase of the if you are a nationwide report your network reporter. And you're bordering on the storm in the in Naples Florida okay well of people out of Denver they don't know what's going on necessarily. We've seen them before but if you are reported on local Naples Florida TV trust me. They know. It's always ordinarily they look out the window. At. Yeah they're barely literate and one of the idea of having a little boy are you going to lead yet the voting usually at about truck I agree we have. You know if if there was an easy solution took him working with Belushi and she were Al would be all for. But we don't have two parties anymore I wish in my lifetime and I'm 67 years old. The one thing I would load and they do actually hit my last time. Is. Term limit. If it's. Good note term limits for the net article that lives there constitutional convention we've talked about that before and we will again we're overdue for a break your bill that I'm with you in that regard. August and is worried about where this is headed that's all that about two presidential promises of them that the candidate promises. All right it's a three year 46 now here on WORD 163 at back at the moment. And good afternoon just before on this Wednesday afternoon jumble for Bobby macros that week. And numbers well it's a pretty simple actually the Eagles advantage to outline 103471063. Where Chris is out there to talk he's agreeable and a congress. Qaeda and I don't limbo. On advisors thank you. I think. Trumpet. Not back in dual core here but he just working with what he what leaking yeah. Iran clearly its. Congress to get under the act think or you make it you know what the Democrat. And what he don't dot their is giving congress the chance. To. I'm pumping network is unconstitutional. And make it right by a treat future debt and sell. Won the election outcome and they haven't done it will go out there he will show or whoever is not to. Beat polity there is trying to people and that is. I think. To get the pat they're picking her I have no problem with what he did it got it's something that congress. There are not another bit of order. Well that's certainly true absolutely. That was one of the major problems with the President Obama. As the executive orders I just find the right it just admit that he. He would he doesn't even make a pretense of of an individual case by case examination if you're under doc get your home free for the next six months no action whatsoever that's when he tweeted so bright and all our other then we're also tax reform our. But he wants tax reform. The he says that that he absolutely wants a aid drop in the corporate tax rate to 15% does he really think that Pelosi and and Schumer will give him that I mean. That they aren't that I thought I could. I think I think what he. He worked with them they got were open somehow weeks it's gonna start Ella you're gonna start giving me some drama not even knew any. And into account we have an election year. It turned their way and they are little more Democrat. To Republican. They're really going to be in a pickled and because of that we should run the table all our. Both parties go wrong are are on the right now they have a lot to loot. And. Well they do in the sort of forget to monitor events and there. Are. Honest and say let's not forget that the Democrats have twenty. 25 seats up in the senate the Republicans only eight so if the run do you try to go for five seats at least ten of those states are are states that trumped carried. So Republicans ought to pick up big time in the senate. Yeah I do. The only trump got most support it like the last caller you know bet. I think you kinda get what he can get done he's also got a reelection look at government belt. And make it go out there and it. And the weight aka bet. They're not only I mean. I'd go on tempo the one that can't go better here than our or beat a legal. But both he could possibly win by picking congress is there any cannot make it and move they'll call. Yet but he's already he's already. Opera does he he is. Pretty much asking but that congress legalize them and I just don't remember that from the campaign and I thought that the campaign was all about. Ending doc all of our partner to the mail alert I didn't docket and I find that hard to believe. I just thank you want congress to make the resolution. We get there though early in the last thing you want to be known that they had the president like Obama that executive order that. He's had a few executive orders I have to we don't like he a lot of the does he always thought that I would I don't want them. Right but it somewhat smaller and smaller than Obama or I mean Obama what it in unconstitutional. Law basically. And and I don't think that trump wants to bet that the battery. Well I certainly hope that he does not I read our I don't either because that would that would bother me a great deal I'll put it this way. I will be very surprised. If anybody under daka winds up being forced out of this country English you'd just committed some other egregious crime besides breaking our immigration laws are not real surprised yeah I'm all agreed. You I don't think that would never. Goal I think is goal is. It just got a well. Well look why why did he rail against a bit in the campaign that was Modi had mine I just but. Well you sure you don't tax cut that would benefit the Ali haven't fired up but you learn more than Canada's ban him. Who have been it's that kind of thing Chris is that that's what does a lot of Republicans were angry at the Republican Party mainstream about and and rightfully so but I. I thought they wanted somebody who lose who did what they promised they do and and it's it's like trump does the same thing in the gets a pass this by the kind of remarkably. Well he's ignoring it and I think you've got on board either going to be but he got to have a lot of other loans. The you don't have a lot of help. People that are not really willing to help bulk I'll eat and get. Well don't forget for example obamacare every single vote for Donald Trump was that a vote by Republican. Again I'm not saying they have enough that yes they had some Republicans who turned against them but it wasn't exactly so he was flooded with democratic support. Don't know what ever yet. And it would come when you just know that being Republican like John McCain at Olympic I am you know I mean you never know what to way to go to we're gonna go and you don't wanna get down did you. Handful of low. And you're you're not able to count on your own party that's pretty. Well you've pretty good and cal every last one of them 49 out of 52 on obamacare was frankly not that it really anyway are gonna look. Rap for the moment but more to come much much more. Jumbo for Bobby back at 1063 WORD the upstage talk station and it's now four before the war.