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Bob Mclain
Tuesday, September 12th

Nate Moore w/ Upstate Warrior Solutions calls in to talk golf tourney; Hillary's new book "What Happened"


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Thank you thank you in my short Joseph getting underway when he most heavily committed hour of anybody Mac electric radio program that of course would be. A 5 o'clock follies. Good have you to join me today I am of course they attack dog on the right. I'm dementia and AM bombastic loud mouth of the south here is valued join me and being part of the conversation this afternoon. Just grab your phony is the angles advantage talk Klein number told free from anywhere is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax line number 71 threes are seven and my email address is Bob. And 1063. WORD. Dot dot this'll my favorite times of the year here in September. We've SP inning to turn and now on them has always been. One of my favorites and one of the things that happens. This time a year is the annual fundraising golf tournament for my friends that upstate warrior solution. Nate Moore hissing Greenville program director for you WS joins me here this afternoon and I'm I'm sorry. Nate and I'm not going to be able to join you guys for the tournament not coming up on Monday. Of Kansas medical procedure than that I have done. Undergo what tomorrow's going to be preventing me from being there but as it turns out you're not need me because I'm tournament is the tournaments and sell out right. Yeah that's right that the pulled from the north to their merger ever determine current tour. All caller we're really excited about supporting. Yeah. Yeah and and down and well deserved because you guys do great work for folks who are not familiar. Without say you or your solution may have heard me talk about the organization on the program from time to time but I guess up a little thumbnail of what you guys you because you essentially. Run the gamut. Of of the program sued that you offer sent to help folks. Yes absolutely and shortened week we work with mortars of all the errors both your post in treatment. On eleven to accomplish whatever older worker or at that time you know that that goes everything from. Our health care benefits not funding in Portland. There are different. Helping these but wouldn't you know on guard now you know these hearings have this thing taken care of we also support there. Can't win Victorino took quota of old like stalking him that the console are going to put into the water. Yeah out it's it's really nice because. I of course am Vietnam era. And there was so a lot of difficulty with folks and in my generation. As as we used to refer to a trench around the being able to. You. Readjust. To the world. And and I'm sure the experience has been saver for people on whatever conflict. Now they have on them and been involved when the weather was war war to war. Back Korean War. Or but the ones that we've seen in the Middle East it can be a tough transition. Yes that that should treat you when you join the military you really change her ordeal life yep and it's sometimes it's it's. Difficult to get a get adjusted you know ball well. All they are from back here and state but really especially because for things that you withdrew mirror than the big Vietnam air. Completely different helped organize as far as what almost support that we get in the in the community especially reportedly going to talk a lot. Yeah out and there are so many that this is an area that really supports our veterans and and supports a group like a state warriors solution as well. Because it is difficult transitioning back and it's different for every one night they face different kinds of challenges whether it's health issues. Mental health issues it sees as we've seen we now recognized. PT SD which I think many people in and previous conflicts may have suffered from a didn't realize and it didn't have a name. Like can I like PT EST does today. It would it was just something that people had to deal with major guys are helpful. Ian and all those aspects as well as helping people find jobs and dealing with the VA remote and all the red tape can be involved there. It's really good the work that you gain on the upcoming tournament. Nate on on Monday I know you wanna and take an opportunity to thank not only the folks that are playing. Of and also the sponsors. For the tournament at pebble creek. Yes so could. Pebble creek is it's there have been a great pro partner there also. The passive three years later that the door to their merger happen there in the car performed so well but also our. Cosponsored or if it's. Simple indeed future this year in our dignity portal doesn't repeat project that is really go to their exes who stepped up big time this year. Yup it's a truly good to see this undisturbed because this is. The single biggest fund raiser that you guys run during the course of the year right. If it is important for the cleaned off this is different a big part of what we do. The other folks at pebble I believe and don't say you don't they give you the golf course for the day. So that although you everything this race can go to do to you WS. Yeah. So they are well I guess said that they're they're nearly a step above river except for the past three years on one does court itself has been. Terminated but so has dirt dirt go through your therefrom. Couple can grow it and. Nice yep ONN the young family bent really generous in that regard I'm I'm sorry I don't won't be able to join yeah. This year because it's always a great tournament on I got to meet some great guys and I'll play with some. Really a terrific people. In the previous two years that hopefully but my next year I'll be. Am ready to. To come back and not be apart of it. Yeah war rumor report or your outfit and you know it did win at and so last year. I I do dragged out. They what I wrote jokingly refer to as a pain McLean. Outspent in honor of Payne Stewart I Wear the plus sports. I went on a plan they're so I'll be thinking about you guys on Monday and and now look forward to. Next year's event and another sellout and and thanks again Nate for all the programs that you guys offered an upstate warriors solution you help. On many many people. And and it's it's truly appreciated. I appreciate about that could encrypt opportunity to my pleasure thanks a lot Nate Moore who's the Greenville program director for upstate warrior solutions in the tournament. Kemba and Apatow pebble creek no money best select DNA. You bet good to have you here today sir. Well well of course going to be talking about next year's event as well and also again a yeah. Message and on the tax on Bob can I call and for the out vive VA 523. Golf tournament that's Vietnam vets of America I think there's is coming up. If memory serves I believe that's coming up on Saturday but yeah if you would like to coney. And men talk about that. I will be happy to appoint those guys as well coming up on a quarter after five here on me a balmy matchup Hillary is about to begin. Her latest book tour. Why anybody. Would want to up do and and considering the way your last book bombed. And ended up on going back to collect cobwebs in warehouses across America. But I guess there's there's you know. A progressive publishers out their like Simon and Schuster. Who are behind Hillary's new books sent to be released. Today. Priced at Simon and Schuster publisher set a price of thirty bucks. Two with a huge booksellers Amazon and Wal-Mart have already cut the price. By 40%. And it taxes even then release yet. Now what happened which is the title of the book but doesn't actually explain. What happened no this is the latest example of Hillary blaming everybody but herself for her loss last November 1799. So if you see. And I Hillary's book ranked very high away. At the end at the Amazon. List of books that's why. That's why because the the prices and slash in the discounted heavily. Take a quick break here in the be right back with Maher we go to the phones. When I come right back here on the Bobby Mack show on Tuesday. And day. Okay. I'll my. Five Tony one. Bob barber Leo Bobby Mack show in the most heavily committed part of the program here this afternoon at 5 o'clock follies. Where is very S pieces of music. We as a team from iron sides for a long time to introduce. Visits from on the official unofficial op Ed page editor of the Bonnie mentioned that would be the Anthony from sensor belt but doesn't seem appropriate as well. Boom boom boom and then boom boom boom boom boom there's every every time we had a visit from Anthony inches up. I'm speaking with an alien trump another report and not that I don't enjoy that agenda then there's the man it's an actual anyone after 5 o'clock. And about rematch on we're joined now by Anthony Anthony how you doing today. Minority Soviet route aren't graduated to the extra one dollar when we using X-Files before. That was the theme from midnight express which is also used. As the the theme music for a one of our overnight shows were aliens visit all the time so there you got. I. Thought it important to remind you in and of course you audience and what I shape. On beta period operational. And sourcing. Well a lot of is that because I didn't I didn't say anything about Russia or. Anything about collusion or Al or whatever that story by the way. Well you know we had a couple of hurricanes approach at least you know hundred gauging your movement. Quite rapidly I'm sure this is I'm sure this bill yet I'm sure it you don't you're gonna continue to keep you already in the dark which is all right you know that gross. Which I am a morning what are you talking about we've we've talked about everything that's been brought up all these phony baloney charges. Others though the media with zero evidence of any collusion in the first place collisions not a crime Anthony. Even if there was collusion. Let me ask you this question I want to be honest I always it. Well I want to be good gig BD art now in your opinion they want to call an innocent question you want it at the courts you know upset. Let's say it's January 2016. Hand. Let's say. I don't know. Barack Obama called in to call me into it probably says you know what. Elderly is a really nice person. Brings in the investigation. I wanna what do you feel went to let that go. That it is good that got out in Quebec. Okay and you heard about putting your people it right wing atmosphere. About it we're different note. Like you don't like if you don't now how big deal made not a it's not been right about. Now correct. Anthony where we're we're debating it in the first place. And you're doing a comparison between something that Specter emotionally. Might have happened and that's exactly what the collusion with Russia is they're speculation all over the media. It might happen and there has been. Zero evidence I repeat myself Anthony zero evidence of anything that any legal wrongdoing. When you and you didn't answer the question but that's climb by not answering your answering. So if transport to where we are today yup. Okay. Tropic will be support. Amongst. On his so called base. In the good people abdominal. Our brand and a dream ought. Not all of us all this stuff Anthony is a re enforcing. People's belief in the guy they voted for last November the guy who beat the unbeatable. Hillary Clinton now I'll give you this. I'm giving this all right if Noll always built. If no tax cuts happen if nothing is done about repealing and replacing obamacare windows being negatives. For the drug administration yelled they would. But they would not drive people away from from my Donald Trump's big east. They would instead encourage Republican voters to replace the right knows who failed to help the president with his agenda. Okay it probably do it is I'm OK and they'll dispute the fact of the matter is. Almost 60% of the nation. Disapprove of the job that it trumpet don't look at your cold right now yeah. How did the polls do enough last November by the way Anthony remind me. It is Bobby Cox latched you are. Complementary critical. Oh well all of the Democratic Party. And how critical Obama when he did it and I didn't like and I don't but first to say yell. It in February of last year when Jim web was still in the in the race out in it and we actually illegitimate into giving him a bit connected in the elect it. That little slot hit eight. Yards and it. What do you heard the group almost in wars as as Donald Toms has had an answer you know what if anybody could be. Could artillery. The good news it if Hillary Clinton is the nomination. Cheap extremely beatable and the sixteen remaining candidate at times you'd need to edit in our industrial coating don't throw. Caught it from where we pick the want to edit but I guarantee you. We can't do worse in particular. Social or one of the worst the bottom of the bad. So it isn't that just MMI save their foreign assuming Anthony that you are not buying a copy of what happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm at bat into. The camera I didn't want to Iran audience. It. Please pass the Charlotte. 27 after five here in the body measure Barry. Is on he is in beautiful T Arnold thank you once talked about this Vietnam vets golf tournament that's coming up as well hey Barry hi Dylan. Okay about OK yep ma. Off camera for the Vietnam vet is America chapter five Tony we're here agreeable right we got go armored this wicket that are wrong country club. We still got some hoping that we it would likely get a hundred golfers and there. That's certain limit we saw some opening jet and we do pretty much along the same thing leaders donated who have BBA checkers in Houston. That's out there Erica flooded out nice you would help we help all veterans is not only Vietnam veterans are not reduce sent them out to a Colorado to a PT at the clinic where they treat treat veterans of all ages excellent he has they. So there's an art major fundraiser to announce that our marks and country club Saturday senator. Starts at 8 o'clock and we have prizes and mile courts and they said. And wait welcomed the c'mon help regardless of money here. Nice for people that does that may wanna join me on Saturday very is there a phone number or caller web site to go to. Yeah you gotta be BA five point three dot org we have three flyers on the air force seemed sign up sheet. On their way to get to get before number. Also that. Gotcha Merriam best elect Al did you guys hit the number. And and hopefully people may be hearing about this for the first time whether you're Vietnam better just event of any. Of our conflicts in the past you're invited to take part in a great group out there and happy to help you out promoted Eric. Well thanks rob thank ruinous to modern and moderate terrorists are dirtier or not. We've been doing SM have been grown every year we opened makers from the back for now and it looks regularly pretty varied response yeah I'll. Come by and the second matter of diplomats are my country well this week. Yep should should be have should be nice weather for it to thanks a lot for the column Barea nationally say welcome home. Yet they regularly talked about my pleasure thanks for the colts are 529 here on the body Mac jail and he's ready to go and a new senator. I come right back on the other side. It's is its its interest staying. The and we were just talking about polls and man Anthony was mentioning a polling data. There's a there's a new study out. That I know will be stunning to you the DL liberal media doesn't like Donald Trump. It's now announced it's hard to believe and be right back. Suitable for head bangers everywhere. What is that money gonna. It's why. Mike I Canadian open template to turn your Mike on John who is lean Davey end. The name and stroke her ace. Jake. Already welcome back don't balmy Mac show and AM most heavily commuter hour the programme here in the 5 o'clock finalized. In on the tanks lined Bob leave village idiot strikes again laugh out loud. Now Bob I'll leftist Anthony sounds a little flustered. Today. Bob please tell Anthony that to me and people like committee president trump is our President Obama he is our hope and change and furthermore. I believe god. Put him in office Bani so interested in Hillary's book. Then move. Bob I think d'antoni just confirmed that he's bipolar. Now Bob sung to the scarecrow song that ten of the scared scarecrow sun and the winds are realized if Anthony. Only had a brain Bobby you must be a blue moon and I agree with Anthony on something Jim Webb who is pro gun. And a former marine officer in Vietnam that would have been a much better nominee then crooked Hillary ankles pantsuit Clinton. Unfortunately the progressives in the party. Drove him out to true. Mandy is next up and now she is angry Mel hi Mandy and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Hey about. And I actually helps and tell me that why not start it alarm rang and Arnold is content rating and your your isn't lies. And well I don't know return I think he is the best thing that could happen to this country is. I'm in our in our constitutional dare ask how black learned. I think he is that people tend to think he speaks for the people and I think that he didn't get anything Daryn. I'm not in a blank look through that and complained. Halliburton weak kneed Republican pack there in congress who are not. And then in the current does that mean banks have written to actually lead already learned in I'll bet. We target or hit it in and need to back. Well and sadly there are so many rhinos in there though that Paul Ryan's the Mitch McConnell of the world who apparently are taking the attitude they can just continue to solo walk. We all leave the mainstream items on the president's agenda. I guess with the attitude that well trouble Wally be here for four years and there will be back to business as usual. What I act cannot weigh that against lengthy rain coming at. I'm glad I made phone calls you know worked at the Republican headquarters that the volunteer. I've never given money elect candidate got even money that Donald Trump L linking it to Portland. Now I appreciate the comment I am not bad considering you're taking advice from AM millennial I think that was pretty good advice to. This collar and invent a inherited it. Thanks gentlemen I appreciate it good to have you here today at 542 here on the ground in action this this is stunning news stunning. They broadcast network evening newscast remain as hostile as ever towards president trump and his agenda. Although the networks appear to be easing up on their obsessive. Wall to wall coverage. The administration since inauguration day January 20. It Marcy Media Research Center analysts have reviewed every mention of president trump. And top administration officials on ABC's world news tonight. The CBS evening news and NBC. Nightly news including weekends. As a lobbyist 31. Coverage of the administration is total nearly 74 hours and air time. Are about 39%. Of all evening news coverage. For a comparison purposes coverage of the Obama administration and all of 2015. And sixteen total 159 hours. Or roughly 10% of the available broadcast airtime another worst. President trump has already received more coverage in his first 224 days in office then Obama received in his final two years as president. Analyzing the network span. Makes it clear that the goal of all this having coverage is not to promote the president bunt to punish him. In June July and August broadcast evening news coverage or trump was 91%. Negative. Worse then the astounding 89%. During the first three months of the administration. Usually a traditional honeymoon period for new presidents. The network's aggressive and he trumps van constant throughout 2017 as it was during the presidential campaign last year. The closest that evening newscast game to achieving balanced coverage was in April. When a few reporters and analysts praised. The president's use of cruise missiles to punish the Syrian regime for their chemical weapons attack yet. Network coverage that month we're still skewed against trumped by a greater under and four to one ratio. 82%. Negative. And 18%. Positive. The rates of TV coverage has been intense. Early in the year the networks focused on the trump presidency as if it were a national crisis. With White House news consuming almost 49% of all evening news airtime in January February and march. That rate subsided in April and may and has averaged 32%. Over the past three months. It remains to be seen whether this dropped in trump presidential coverage as permanent. Or merely reflects the traditional decline. In political nearest during the summer months. That's that's pretty amazing numbers sell 82%. Negative. But down. At least now wave. Recognize them for what they are. Cordoba 46 air on the body Mac show take a quick break here than be right back with more. Here on 1063. WL RT. Well when you and Anthony says season is is getting used Hillary Clinton's new what happened book. And I in the outhouse. And Casey around at a Sears catalogs I guess that met confirms. Some of this polling data. And I Hillary of course back today with a new book what happened. Supposedly to further explain why Donald Trump as president Zetterberg. Most voters still not buying her excuses and probably are gonna buy the book either. And they didn't name a name pretty much vast majority. Believe it is time for Hillary to remove herself. Off the national stage survey of a thousand likely voters I conducted September 10 and eleven by rash mustn't. 61%. 61%. Say it's time for Hillary Clinton to retire. Got you. I'd I'd get mad text messages from time to time manager sent a scratch my hand. And and wondered. Ant bed as I'm fond of saying. I can explain it to you but I can understand Torre. Listen to this text message you and Anthony are just different sides of you liberal calling. Both of you live by the phrase if government doesn't do it it won't get done. You're both liberal what you're simply arguing over what it doubts. Hot. And so I texted back that's ridiculous semi small government conservative what show you've been listening tip. There's virtually nothing the government does better. Then private industry. It is is that area. You liberals approach. Wow. Bob MS NB CE equals Muslims supported. News network blasting Christians. On it. Now Bob Cavuto just helped me realize the iPhone ten or iPhone X will fail. Price plus face recognition. Paying a premium. To be spied upon. True enough. By the way. I got here in the stack somewhere. Act coming up for renewal. Is the the along that was added into waited not Patriot Act but post 9/11. And then business with the NSA and other various government agencies spying on us. As we've now learned you know James clapper saying whether or not or another to say well duct that piece of legislation is coming up for renewal. Either for another five years are they actually are talking about now making a permanent I think it's called section seven of the two audio back and look and remind myself but. This is this is one you need to to let your representative know about they need to to let this thing expire. Of course. That's not to say they won't continue to do it whether they have the legal backing to do it or not. Oh here's a response back from your just the last a liberal still liberal you're an idiot. Whoever you are sir or madam if you think I am all liberal. I'm sorry. That's just stupid. Where are you one way or having the gas tax debate for instance. No. Bob Iran the government does do something better than the private sector are wasting other people's money. Action. Oh I'm wreck report to from whenever ways there's appreciate your passion is a long Iraq northbound 385 anti Haywood road off ramp. That's going to be fun. Bobby I'm with Mandy your previous caller I cannot wait. Two vote out. Lindsey Graham that republic on. Yes I will be voting for the first president Donald Trump to fulfill the title of first to fulfill the title of president. In decades. Bought pomp. Hi Bobby keys. Here. Anthony I did not vote for Donald Trump because he was a Republican and I voted for him because he wasn't. A politician. Now one more note on not Irma before we go to this is a point. That I had made on the program yesterday in fact we had out a bit. Done by the Bobby Mack semi professional players not all the weather reporters out there Seth Meyers touched on this last night as well on now late night TV. Let me get its assault on Florida this weekend which meant it was time for these slapping arraigned Jack in a cable news. Actually been out on these. Despite the warnings that they should not be out here. Does somebody who really shouldn't be here George should not be out here these. You should not be out there. Yeah I would agree. As if they stationary camera. When it would not be sufficient to show what's gone on without risking life and limb open I forgot it's much more dramatic that. Stand by one more hour to go the bonus hour still remains here on Tuesday.