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Tuesday, September 12th

IPhone X; Seattle's mayor alleged committee sexually abuse


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And I like your attitude while I feel that's probably because I am they attack dog on the right. Not to mention they bombastic. A loud mouth of the south here we go getting underway when our number true. On their side cloudy and grade. Tuesday saw a little bit of sunshine today for a while but it was saying temporary condition. Great to have you along as we get go on an hour two and as always your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here's valued join major usually Ingles advantage chalk line number. Told free from any where's 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71 threes are seven my email address Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com in all me a text line Bobby I'm miss the game last night. But I heard the appropriately named Sergio dipped. Pretty much spoke of everything but football. I'm no broadcasting X bird but I don't believe that's a great quality. Foray sideline reporter at a football game laugh out loud. As you miss Sergio dip we played a towards the end. The last hour here is here is his first cut in many dead from the sideline in the second game last night of the doubleheader on Monday Night Football. As opposed to the pleasure to be good you guys here on. Both men don't. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in his background is helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the have found. Yeah well that. Connie and from the sideline attracted me a lot of cringe worthy attention. On Twitter and through social media. Less than twelve hours after Sergio against Monday Night Football deep bunt. Our debut the sideline reporter addressed. They now viral broadcast this morning on Twitter. In 82 minute coil up. That he recorded he said. It's been a couple of hours now trying to digest. What just happened to wait 29 year old Mexican guy like me. It's 9/11 nine and Denver Colorado and this is the NFL Monday Night Football game between the Broncos and chargers. They biggest stage possible. Dipped and ESPN does sport pays personality. Appeared on the sideline late in the first quarter where he expressed how happy he was to be on the field. Still dressed in his Monday best. Dip went onto explain why he mentioned not coaching Joseph's diversity. In the report. Saying quote I was studying and my elementary school September 11 2001. And collect Seko California said dip who was born and Mexicali. Growing up and the American environment as a minority. A minority like head coaches Vance Joseph and Anthony UN as a coach of the Broncos. So while I wanted to do we show some respect making my debut as a minority on American national TV. The biggest stage out there on the most heartfelt day in this great country. Made up by immigrants and on some people's perspective. In all went wrong. But I truly meant no disrespect because all I wanted to do. Was to show some love to two historical head coaches I think in an historic. Hopefully I'll have another chance and be sure I'll make the most out and and they're not his showing black coaches may NFL black head coaches over a long time. So that was is an explanation. For not exactly what happened. Last night. Bump up Bob. Also went on a text line Bobby to set a black bear crossed the road in front of me on 385. A mile marker fifteen. And wow boy was it moving. From a frank. In career. Bob the a play by play announcer Beth Mullins as a classic example of the Peter principle at work she was so bad. They booted her off girls' softball. And promoted her to college football where she continues to be awful. Thanks from my your buck up span. Bob it sounds like Sergio is a real dip. At. Let's let's be generous and say he was overwhelmed by the big stage. Now. Bob believe it or not I'm listening to your show today on an old AM FM battery powered radio. And I put in my attic over twenty years ago who says old technology. Isn't a good thing. After. Hey Bob I think ESPN and holly weird will figure out why they're losing money wink wink. From mom Michelle. Bob what's next. A first gay or lesbian and transgender announcer. You left out Muslim. And a then they'll need in a notably muscle. Now Bob the Al lady play by play announcer has a decidedly deep voice a laugh out loud all I'm not one to talk about deep voices. Are. Fairly obvious reasons. Bob call me sexist if you'll like but I don't like a lady calling play by play mime by the way in my. Wife doesn't either from a skip. Bob looks like Columbia was doing a little proud spot price gouging raising the gas tax right before hurricane season not. Bob the one concern about the keys is of all the pictures I've seen the damage down there you don't see people wandering around where are that. Whether to even come out. There they're not letting him return to their own homes and many of these folks that are. Pretty upset about not being able to go back and no wonder. With the alluding that we've seen on. Bob there's. Oh yeah can't that that catches me up almost inadvertently repeated what the other big story of the day today. Would the let me go ahead and not bring this up the apple unveiling of their new iPhone Xeon phone eight. And they heavily anticipated. IPhone. X. That's the other pricey one legally or some audio here from the Syria. And we do. Bump up my first at all. Tim Cook. This is the this is a guy that. Heads up. Apple he's also the guy by the way who said. If you don't believe in climate change don't buy our products. And here is a Tim Cook. Next top. I don't. And food. And that's followed by Phil Schiller. Promising a new experience for all iPhone users. IPhone late boss. We'll have the same two configurations. 64 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes. And it would priced starting at 799. Dollars. And here against him cooked over the past decade. We pushed forward with innovation after innovation. After innovation. Bring. To this moment. We now. We can create devices that are far more intelligent. For more capable. Of more personal than ever before. We had huge iPhone news for you today. And it it started right now. Boy. All tingle a if they expect made a path to help some dollars. For phoned. And don't hold your breath guys don't give you some details on out what's in May's new. Out iPhone releases woman come right back here in about inaction a quarter after four in addition. This will come as a Elise surprising news there's a study that shows you liberal media has been pummeling Donald Trump. Want. GL. Thanks for the thanks for the bulletin narrow that that's serving. They arrived back here on the bunny Mac show 11063. WORD. View room. Welcome back a debt to anyone after four here in the embodiment Jonas Tuesday afternoon and on the tax line. About anti font is not anti fascist. It is anti First Amendment. So you try to earn their name pretty clever. Violent and misleading. I relaxed money center not a believer you can't have an expert any price. Isn't in great to know you'll be able to keep all that money it is. And what's wrong with that the iPhone that I have now have spent. Now bop bop. Bob Tim Cook is full event knowing how they Foxconn. And not pegged at Tron factories in China are essentially slave shops and makes his fluffy. Friend dance. Free dance ethics. Meaningless and they pricing point of apple products price gouging if not profiteering well. Now that down bastion of liberal journalism. The New York Times that you think women love. Apple and everything Silicon Valley. Had a big story. Way back in 20125. Years ago. A day after apple announced it just doubled its profits on the strength of iPhone four. Sales. They New York Times published a bombshell of a report on the conditions inside the Chinese factories that produce. All the gadgets apple fanatics crave and it's not pretty in short. Your iphones ipads iPods etc. Are essentially being produced in slave all labor camps. Those are the words of the New York Times not me. Employees work excessive overtime and some cases seven days a week. And waving crowd they dorm used some say they stand so long that their legs swell until they can hardly walk. Under age workers and help build Apple's products. And the company's suppliers of improperly disposed of hazardous waste and falsified records. This according to company reports and advocacy groups that went in China are often considered reliable independent monitors. More troubling new groups say has some suppliers disregard for the workers' health. Two years ago 137. Workers at an apple supplier in eastern China were injured. After they order a day after they were ordered to use a poisonous chemical to clean iphone's screen it's. When in seven months last year that would have been 2011. Two explosions and iPad factories including in Chengdu. Killed four people and injured 77. Before those blasts apple had been alerted to hazardous conditions inside the Chengdu plant. According to a Chinese group that published that warning if apple was alt was a warrant and didn't act. That's reprehensible. Said Nicholas Ashford a former chairman of the national advisory committee. On OSHA occupational safety and health but what's morally repugnant in one country is accepted business practices and another. And companies take advantage. Of that but you do. It does may hear it it's cringe worthy. When not Tim Cook says. Apple has always believed that technology. Infused with humanity. Can change the world. Pretty high pollutants stuff. Now for a guy who bounced factories in China that exploding kill people. Said Doug Tim Cook while introducing the new iPhone H and eight plus. Which comes in silver space gray and a new gold finished. Made from aluminium. Has the brits like to sank. And glass and an all new design Apple's senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller. And under the new phones will have a new retton HD display. Highlighting the color display on the screen. The new iPhone eight and eight plus will use the new 64 bit AE eleven bio on make sure up. Schiller added. And may be able to deepen the weeds from us and you iphones are getting big camera upgrades as well. The iPhone H and eight plus we'll have a twelve MP camera with deeper pixels and a new color filter. Schiller said the iPhone native is the first Smartphone designed for augmented reality. Highlighted by new chips inside the phone. New iPhone eight starts at 699. The eight plus much larger version I'm assuming starts at 799. A price bump from the iPhone seven and seven plus pre order starts September 15 with the devices available September 22. Apple also introduced it's a long awaited iPhone X. At the event not cook described the device as a product that will set the path for technology for the next decade. The iPhone X. You know there Conan they actually need a musical background for us. He Yahoo! iPhone acts so waited to go on pre sale October 27. Shipping on November 3 and starts. Starts add to. 999. So see all those reports money penny about a costing a thousand dollars were wrong. Into me or not. I think. There was significant speculation on the high end actually they went there they went there in the very next sentence. I make and Donovan Melissa the next sentence there was significant speculation on the high end iPhone next which started to Costa 2000 authors who. They undercounted by a buck. Boy are we fortunate. Despite its high cost analysts expect the iPhone next to sell well considering all on its new design and new features. That's going to be the object of desire for many users and a challenge for apple will be whether they've done enough to make the iPhone eight. Range compelling for the majority won't be willing or able to spend the additional money to get the iPhone next you know people are gonna. Yeah nothing much people again have. School world together enough money to buy the iPhone next month and thinking well yeah I think they welter. A bigger and look it's it's. It's all the blows. It's the it's no latest technology must now of must have met. Now the apple watch series three. Is that also are coming out cellular capabilities built in allowing you to make up calls directly from your wrist. Like Dick Tracy in the acting fifties. Yeah I. Jeff Williams is EC 00 and apple said the apple watch will get better heart rate cap. With data out on the watch face and new Metrix. Apple watch series story you'll have the ability to stream apple music. On your wrist starts at 10329. Without cellular 399. With the cellular Idris and a look at some of the comments here. A phone for a thousand bucks I used to complain wanna laptops worth and boxed by the phones or other new laptops of old. I guess shave again afforded by ahead. At least a new apple way it is only 800. Lot of money for an apple product that is catching up to the competition in many ways but yet still innovative and others. I'm a Samsung Droid user myself. But I think apple laptops are the best on the market and still remain. Top notch. As somebody else that we did Samsung. With the apple name on its pool cool. Ooh that's gonna leave an ugly bruise for thirty here on the body Mac show and he's ready to go in a new senator I'm right back on the other side. Here on Tuesday on 1063. WORD. I'm sticking with a one I got. Welcome back it's great to have you on for 39 here on this set Tuesday afternoon as I mentioned. I yesterday dishes via unfortunately this is a last day that I will be with you this week and I have AM minor surgical procedure done tomorrow. And it's gonna require me to have the not pretty much flat on my back four Bob for six or seven days so I'll be back with you. A week from tomorrow and radio hall of Famer Jim Bohannon. Will be in the air chair for the kid. During that period it's not as I told you about a month ago. Now Laura Ingram is gonna get her shots. And primetime on fox taking over the 10 PM slot on the network this according to the daily caller. As sources told CNN. The and Clinton news network. That Sean Hannity show will be moved one hour earlier 109. The five. Will be moved back from 9 PM to its original times slot at 5 PM. Which is what I'm also. Speculated. The changes come after Eric Bolling was released following sexual harassment allegations and he showed the specialist has been canceled. Laura Ingram a former Ronald Reagan speech writer hosts her own radio show and as a founder and editor in chief of wife is set dot com. Bump up so winners can start. Does that saying. No doesn't and there's certainly going to be before the November sweeps began. In on the attacks line 71307. This afternoon. I'm gonna miss you body thank you I miss being here as well. Bobby stoplights and pleasant berg and Rutherford are also out of whack. About last night's play by play announcer on ESPN Monday night doubleheader Bob a woman's voice is too high pitched. 4:8 AM frequencies. To college sporting event it hurts people's ears that's why they invented FM. Just ask don't Lila. Well cash. Bob the next civil unrest whether it's a storm or riots. In all just be time to get ten issues to selling get a new iPhone. See capitalism. Bobby for the price of a new iPhone next I can buy it every high end gaming system out there. That's ridiculous. And now appears that simple explanation. While money penny and I were speculating about a whether people will pay a grand. ID a TI phone next Bobby as long as they run car title alone adds immediately after iPhone ads there will be sales. Got tipped. Robert a Bob you remember the animated film wall. That's where augmented reality is headed obese people who can't walk in automated wheelchairs are being dazzled. By entertainment and food. Now Bob are you listening to you on a 1981. AM FM cassette radio. For which I paid fifty bucks. Divided by 36 years odd dollars 39 a year still working. At I would call that. A a pretty yes sound investment. Bob asked to leave peasant farmers who streamed Apple's factory clamoring for a job whether they're being taken advantage out. They have options they can remain subsistence farmers but they choose not to. I don't like a liberal apple either but don't take a backhanded slap that people sliding their decisions. Liberals do that why be like them but bear in mind. We're talking about. Communist China. There aren't. Bob you may just be me even a Samsung LG Smartphone. Or it's basically the same as the iPhone and they sell for a hundred dollars and up. Bobby the iPhone is BS cost about thirty dollars to manufacture. Rip off. Bobby did you say 999. For the new iPhone next what is this aide George sink commercial. Goodwin. That's a good one Bobby X stands for extra hype. I'm Bob I thought in Asia calling something number one was great yep and it's. As so I guess the iPhone. X. TN must me in nine to crappy phone of the utmost secrecy. Bob I heard there are nets to catch jumpers. From those dorms in China while. Bob all Smartphones have Google monitoring. The votes. Bob I'm a little jealous of the guy who got tweeted her emailed note and sacked texted earlier. I'm a little jealous of the guy whose trees shed their data rams' mind incredibly are still hanging just out of reach. Now they're always. And it doesn't matter how your arms are there's still just got a great. I do mr. cook if you really wanna impress me make a phone that'll work in the middle nowhere thank you. And I think. They and I caught up no outside their. Couple new messages Jeremy quickly get to those. I sound investment laughed out loud I'll be really meant that as a as a pawn. As upon I guess it is a must be voiced attacks that was hilarious. Bobbie you realize they Kim Jung unjust showed his hand and as threats to the US I save at. Because a major attack on the US on 9/11 as we recover from one hurricane. And her hit simultaneously by one of the largest in history would've been disaster areas and little Kim did not think. If he wanted to damage to the US that would have been an opportune time got a point. I'm Bob what are they gonna do with Tucker Carlson I assume moving him nor where's he now CN 8 o'clock now. Trying to amend always a 9 o'clock I got a he he would move to eight. Is is my thinking. Bleed I catch is made up for the tax line that's good down when we come back. In Seattle a course for the Seahawks they have the twelfth man. Way to go on electing your mayor Seattle now all they have the fifth man as well. That is the fifth to come forward. Accusing the mayor of molesting him as a child. And the mayor. Resigns be right back. And good going they're Seattle you know elected a had a file as your mayor. I am I am not surprised. The entire left coast give me operate. 451 now 9 before 5 o'clock Seattle's mayor Ed Murray has resigned hours after a fifth man. A relative made public allegations Murray molested him when he was a child. Now this from the Seattle times Seattle mayor Ed Murray resigned today just hours after new allegations. That he had sexually abused a younger cousin decades ago in New York. Murray former Democrat state legislator elected mayor in Tony thirteen set and a shape and that he's resigning effective 5 PM their time. Tomorrow. Al wildly out. Allegations against me are not truly it is important that my personal. Issues. Do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public's business. Murray said NSA. Allegations plural. Five. Of them. City Council member Bruce Harrell will become mayor and will decide within five days whether to fill out the remainder of the term. They Seattle times reported this morning and allegations primaries cousin. Joseph dire 54. Who has become the fifth man to publicly accuse Murray of sexual abuse. Dyer says when he was thirteen Murray forced him into sex when the two shared a bed room. And Dyer is mother's home in Medford New York in the mid 1970s. Dyer is the fifth man to publicly accused the mayor since April. Well. Another accused Earl Lloyd Anderson and issued a statement today through as a lawyer quote I feel victory but saddened. Then it required another victim to come forward for him to resign. I wonder how many other victims are out there. Murray 62 a former Democrat state legislator Edgar has repeatedly denied. That he sexually abused anyone. Contending the accusations are part of a political takedown. Targeting him for his progressive politics and record. As a gay rights champion Murray slightly a flatly denied the accusations. Attributing them to bad blood between the two estranged wings in the family. Murray ended his reelection bid earlier this year because of the scandal but had stood. Staved off calls for his resignation before his term is completed. This year he had retained support. For finishing out his term from a majority in the City Council and for former mayors as well as mayoral candidate Jenny Durkin. The Durkin withdrew her support in the wake of the new allegations. It's time for mayor marais to step down. She said in a statement today noting that she'd previously urged him to reflect deep way. On whether he should remain in office it's clear. That it is in everybody's best interest for him to resign as a parent former public official and openly gay woman. These allegations are beyond sad and tragic no official as a of the law dirt into rival in the mayor's race Kerry move and had already called for marine stepped down months ago. So there you go. In on the attacks line Bob the iPhone cost too much in the government debt is too high something's wrong will America. Bobby is there a statute of limitations on child molesters depends on the state. I believe. Bobby praying for a speedy recovery for you you are my favorite talk show host thank you very much appreciate that. Bobbie you know it's a different world and the one you grew up in when your eleven year old ask is it legal to married yourself. The eight year old laughs and says that would be weird. Call it mono marriage. Then we all start laughing as we lessened for you and yell in my career yeah. I I know exactly what you mean Danielle there are many occasions. Where I've. Have to. Questioned. Whether at some point I'd just. I took the red pill or the blue pill and ended up and hit an alternate universe. Bobby I wonder how many of the anti drug groups and hate capitalism so much. Will line up to give their money to the corporate giant apple to buy a new iPhone. So they can spout on Twitter how much they hate capitalism. It. Bobby MO local happened software developer Samsung and apple devices cannot be compared as a major differences the operating system. Behind. Mr. park. Apple handles user experience like no one else you pay for quality of development and elegance it's a bargain. That's the great thing about capitalism. You know nobody's forcing anybody I've found. I have got to within the newsroom for a Annie and then now right back. With the most heavily commuter hour the body might show 5 o'clock follies is next.