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Friday, August 18th

Steve Bannon out; Trump's treatment


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Holiday greetings and welcome salutation. And TGI out all well Haas two year you are just in time. We are on the road have been all day long today and I am here for the idea wrap up of our. Word on the town. Broadcast from Spartanburg of the world famous beacon drive in born the same year as yours true way. 1946. In fact as of tomorrow. Mine and I ancient body will have completed 71. Complete revolution around the sun. Pretty amazing great to have you along and you're invited to come by and say hey join me here at the beach in you know where we are. And it's right here on John B white boulevard in Spartanburg. It is their condition in the vacant by the way to match. Which is a good thing today. But I came out payment and allowed us today Bob. And you'll like this seat as a get out like little more humidity to go on what they do what you get a good both of those to about 94. Will be in good shape. I am I dragged down on the golf course this morning and just played down a quick nine holes and by the time I finished. Everything was wedding polluting my shoelaces but it. That's that summertime. In Dixie great to have you along gun a number of special guests who are going to be. Joining me here on the broadcast from the beacon this afternoon sheriff chuck Wright is anime dropping by an event I think the mayor also will be visiting with us. And asked Dave Duncan of course is a guy that owns and runs. The beach in these days and I think whatever fringe from my US auto who're actually powering. This word on the town event will be dropped and by as well so we're gonna talk a lot about Spartanburg today and of course talking about what's going on on the national scene as well. Big breaking news just before we came on this afternoon that Steve Bannon the president's chief strategist. Is now out. Of the trump White House I'm optionally. I don't know what to make of what's going on up there anymore. It it it seems to me at least from the man from the outside looking again. That many of the people. That. That I would would think would be the ones of the president wanna surround himself with those that were whipping him. Through the campaign and and those that have been pushing for him to. Continue with the agenda that he talked about during the campaign it would seem to me that those people were departing. And many in the others like HR McMaster and some others that are holdovers from the Obama years. Other ones your remaining which is a somewhat worrisome sign. Here's valued join me other than dropping by to see me here at the beacon in Spartanburg today. I join me on the phone using the angles advantage talk line. 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address. Bomb at 1063 WORG dot count money but he certainly have a collar right away so let's go ahead and get to the phones here and it is. They've Friday free for all by the way they all skates or whatever. Topic you wanna talk about today is fair game shock is our lead off batter and is in Spartanburg hi chuck and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. I bought my you don't have very. So far so good. That's good. Well I guess back to that lock out in the very worst is yet. I know as well I thought about it I guess but there's come out and talk about opera itself up. It's just ridiculous the kind of story that if he's hitting I went out. We understood that this sort of by Democrats voted no party and and here in South Carolina. You know we got these senators I'm very embarrassed about the way they're active which I'm. I cannot usually be right about him right got I'm lost every bit respect I've tried to work. But but he did that trans Pacific. Black ass okay but they have you know just to the point where you'd get better. It's very disturbing. And and when blunt talk that some went about this today. And I think he's on the right track to meet its its becoming more and more obvious. And people in the news media whether it's in France. Or or those in the electronic media. In TV. Are just out and now lying. About what president trump said in his remarks about Charlottesville course you know considering. That what's going on is in reality a well planned and organized attempt. To destroy the the trump presidency. With a coordinated attack from the media. From the lefties in Hollywood from me pointed head academics. In academia. The the cultural marxists. In our own party and in the Republican Party. It's it's gonna be amazing to me if he's able to survive the tsunami of attacks which in my estimation are very unfair. You know it's it's funny the left always want to talk about. Bullying. Being me out a big problem and how they're opposed to bullying if anybody's being bullied its recruitment for Al. This bill are exactly. Now that you know how I remember profiles I'm repeatedly. Reagan. And I I don't even know they're they're treated but I have this much crap already bought but they. No where near that the level of attacks that Donald Trump percent. And I and I don't know that because. President Reagan even though he was a conservative and liberals obviously hated him for that reason alone. He did at least have a political background having been the governor of California. So in in a sense he was more a part of the system that. President trump obviously presents an existential threat through these guys. They don't wanna see him upset their apple cart and so they're doing anything and everything they can't. Two to vilify him too I'd destroy your reputation. And to destroy its credibility and in the process what they don't realize this they're also insulting. The hundreds of millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump on wanna see his agenda sixty. Things. It well sort of yes somebody dissolving. Which I do it every day but there's not one find it. It's by the pop back down and that's that's for Larry were dated without did not want to. What we were what Obama. And you know I'd I'd just like that the country was on the bag spinach or might they hit it some horrible Obama to completely collapsed. It's AM it's a desperate situation we find ourselves in and day if we don't continued to push back. Against this well planned and organized effort to disenfranchise. The president. I fear for the future of the country John thank you very much of the called great to have you kick off the a Friday free for all today. Fourteen after three here on the bunny match you know. Course we're on the town today powered by US auto. And here at the beach and you're invited to drop by a number of our friends have already come by to say hello. And now I also managed to. But. Pardon me that's enough. Sinus trouble anyone any allergies anybody. I also. Avail myself of the a world famous beacon. Cheeseburger a little while ago. So after Mumbai enjoy great food let's say hello shake hands whether it's in now and say how they hear it word on the town. I'm coming to you from the world famous deacon John B white boulevard here in Spartanburg we're going to be here until seven. Take a quick break here and then be right back with more here on the bunny match you know on 1063. WORT. Welcome back it is a hot and steamy Friday. There calling out the orders. Colleague here at the beacon drive in the world famous landmark. Iran gently wipe boulevard in Spartanburg it's our word on the town broadcast. Tara out here this morning from six until two and then events to ten and June and here shortly buddy Mac wrapping things up. Here this afternoon between now and 7 o'clock tonight you're invited to come on by and see us. And it's all powered by a fringe at US on up. Here's an example of what I'm talking about when I mention I. Organized plan to destroy president drop listen to this story about the vanden. Leaving from the New York Post today this has posted at 1244 on their web site. A story by Bob Frederick's. Listen listen to the first paragraph. Top presidential advisor and white nationalist bomb thrower Steve Bannon is out of a job the White House it. Now there's aid and aid. Great example of impartial journalism. In action. Top presidential advisor and white nationalist bomb thrower he might it might as well instead and neo Nazi Steve man. Is out of a job and there's another example of this this kind of labor or twist that they put on their writing. You know later paragraph the same guy wrote. They notoriously. Thin skinned president risen to the publicity ban and again. Notoriously thin skinned president has any president in the history of the United States. Been as criticized then isn't act as this one and this jerk at the New York Post has the nerve to tell Donald Trump then scanned. Are you kidding. Half. Anybody else at this point would have been physically attacking some of these people but that's. This is the kind of a so called journalism. What passes for journalism. In 21 century America the Donald Trump as them and continue. To the phones we don't richt is in now rebuilt and is next up here on the body much you know high rank and welcome to the Friday free for all. Anybody expecting my call and I'll answer your thought I'm I'm out quite that it's going to be a significant risk of problems. Whip off bad and going out I think there will likely say it is going to be going back. You are right right parts and and are really two in Omaha Warren. And do. Bubba those things that it was trying to push the truck about it but weren't. And it they're going after the after it left over the period. Good nerves maybe maybe Kelly. It's certainly air they are running in the web the match there and I did because they got very negative or told. Or that they have the black. Well I don't support drop or you may go nuclear. And just start he had not gone well because now we've got that quote. And it's going back and leave a lot of supporters because it a lot of them are very very very much. Our support above the odd agenda that they and then. Head supporter but yes Brooke the not yet been able to attract the way. Chirac and yup. I think I think we're gonna have to let events play out but if we're gonna judge. I'll Wear it may be going. Based on what we've seen so far. There was a man. There was a tweet I believe that we sent out from right Bart I'll have to go back and find the story that Hannity and there. It was somewhere on Drudge and said that on. Following the news that Steve Bannon was leaving the White House right Bart had issued a tweet that simply said hash tag. War. Yes. Exactly and now I think Japanese trawler that Democrats. That now war against the Democrats for the lack means or the progress that the war on. Well. And wheels will say I'm so yeah then bride Arden are pretty. Yelled out my you may be right. And who knows I mean in the long term. Maybe it's maybe Steve Bannon will be able to accomplish mortar. I'm from a from being outside the tent and write Bart than being inside the tent at the White House. Now they are one I think we offered birds you'll you'll make a fortune. My pleasure thank you Rick it's good to hear from me today. 24 after three here on the body and actually are coming keel live from our word on the town than in Spartanburg today here at the world famous beacon. Jeanne is next up is in Greeneville hygiene and welcome to the body Mac show. Could have you know Bobby election I'm sorry you can picture is aggravate you might turn out tonight if over here. You can hear him call yeah yeah yeah he's up by your alarm. They are. There's little ambient background noise today John King national tennis until overtime don't actually be my own here tonight but anyway. I hear you aren't going to allay everybody's concern just okay. Chromium line call me I'm able or having an applicant an appropriate depth perception of things. But remember Donald Trump acknowledged duke. It's really intelligent man. And what what a pattern here is yeah how we operate. Is that you have the right to keep you close. We can have added we should keep some closure. Channel with all of these. Military the other security people who looked it up Barack Obama's people he's got the club. And he's no different people are considered political. I I absolutely believe that. You know blog enough to true he had 20/20 campaign. I believe that the people that are being cycled through or are definitely twenty campaign and that includes few. So you think essentially he's removing them from the immediate pray. And planning for down the road you got it. I've really got to that's an interesting thought. Donald Trump is committed. And you got and you can act now hang your reaction to the media you know what they've been about. But just this way don't want to pull out from true that the talks the opening virtually to a lot of even rage. We probably know the location company and I truly believe Donald Trump has been not called by god blood anointed by god. Put some pretty chart you like to bench that apple will occur. In world history not just talent but in the world. Then because I think if you if you look beyond. Now all this nonsense over the statues and look at. World affairs. With North Korea with niceness. With China. There are. More challenges probably than than anyone present had an interview with him at one time and living memory. The Marshal protection and now how they appreciate your great country throughout Europe. I want to watch it closely give you some view walking back to this is not out of a vacuum. To really understand what's going on here aren't we know which Islamic Jihad terror from the psych drugs but Muslims have after college yeah prophetic ask ecology that is based on Digg and I think. They should gates. Thank you really fully understood goals I think I don't I don't understand that each other. You have to go through Islamic history look at this stage of their activities. Backed you know luck to return entries ago or centuries ago. And coincides would that. It tertiary we're not gay we have seen his entire time we take a look at the events that are current but we don't shut case restored that you don't know what his gaze coming. Yeah but you've coming. Yeah on you're right it is we Jessica. Don't know went thank you Gina appreciate account good to have you here today 27 after three here in the body Mac show there was an interesting statement today. At the of the wave and out the NBC. Website but that's the CNBC. There their business side. An interview with Foster free shoes the founder of an investment group called freeze associates he said president trump was correct to point to bad people. Among the protesters. Demonstrating against the white Nationalists in Virginia. I love Donald Trump he told CNBC today he's become a victim and he's being bullied. That's why Americans are flocking to him because they hate seeing people being bullied. Those flocking to trump were sharply divided along political lines according to a new in PR PBS news hour Marist College poll. I'm sure that's when now wasn't weighted heavily to Democrats as a quality is our. 59% of Republicans expressed support for the president's statements only 10% of Democrats and 30%. Of self identified independents. Felt the same no wonder. Considering the way the media has twisted what the president said look at Tim's got again saying the president drove it drew a moral equivalency. Between the neo Nazis and those that we're protesting against having Robert Healy statue taken down. That's absolute nonsense the president never said that. He was drawing equivalency between both sides being involved in violent activities. While strongly denouncing the white supremacist. Freeh said it's possible that good people. With no white supremacist beliefs were also there to protest the removal of the statue of general week. A GOP Magid donor and philanthropist. Priest told Squawk Box on CNBC. He believes the uproar over the president's response to the violence is politically inspired. By critics of the president. No kidding. And they are out there in profusion. 329 here in the bombing match you know and he has ready to go standing by in the new senator by the way she has a down. Big event that is going to be coming up that she is involved in anatomy quickly mentioned that. Me bring it up here in my text messages out. Hang on 12. Yup. The happy days musical. Is opening tonight and it easily foothills way house it is directed. Choreographed. By AM on my own Bob Batt. Any robards Souza worked really hard on this happy days you'll be running for three weekends easily play house check it out. 330 here on the they match you know. Where out on the town today in Spartanburg why haven't the beacon. Powered by US auto. As word on the town we'll have to travel about. Let me get over Spartanburg has been too long since we've gotten word on the town from Spartanburg. Great to have an opportunity to get over and see dollar friends here. We are at the beach and of course the world famous beacon drive in and word on the town is powered by our friends at US on I got some special guests. Coming along that way or believe the mayor is gonna drop by and I think sheriff chuck Wright also will be joining national wild as well. Before I get too far behind on the text line. Let me catch myself up there 71307. Bob Tim's god won't can dim and chief because he's just another establishment up it. Only worried about his own ambition and future congratulations. South Carolina you all can really pick up. Lindsey Graham and now Tim Scott. Bob be sure and try a banana split from the beacon I think it comes in a real. Vote. Good stuff from my Jeff thank you Jim I'll do that then towards the end of the show. Bobby is the whole Republican and Democrat four whip. The last few days this is the first I've heard of it if you can explain it well. They are building towards a crescendo. Here and and everybody is now piling on and everybody out of fear political correctness. Is. It going the opposite direction from defending president trump as the members of his own party you'd think would do. They're they all the power running scared because of flyer they would take from the media where they can say any thing. That was positive about president trump. While the media of course is busy twisting the president's words into something he never sent. Bob Tim Scott's true identity is finally showing itself. He's blinded so many people witnessed gibberish I'm glad to see people were finally waking up. Bob taking down the monuments only serves to amplify that hate. Because these supporters of the monuments see this as a personal attack. Bob I heard on rush today that Steve Bannon was the source of most of the weeks. Have you heard anything about that. Yeah it's been circulating in the media for awhile. But then again you know how reliable. Dependable and honest media reporting has been. Catch my drift there. Bobby there's been a trend the last few years of progressives. Associating. Nationalism. With racism instead of patriotism. I think there's a global list agenda lurking beneath all of this a liberal self righteousness. True enough. Bob but don't forget Bannon can also use bright spark to strategize. To trump from the outside and go laughter. The on H army masters Kelly's of the world without his hands being tied. Bob I don't know if anybody is already called in or texted on this yeah we did have a caller yesterday. From Naia Spartanburg county sheriff's office there having their trailer identification. Project. That is going on starting tomorrow morning. 8 o'clock at the Spartanburg county sheriff's office 88045. Howard street. Other going to be marking trailers and this is this is something they're doing for free so there will be more readily identifiable. 342 here on the bombing Mac show from the beacon and Spartanburg as we go back to the phones and we welcome and the governor. They usually South Carolina and is now the one they only governor Jimmy for measly LO governor. I neighborhood. Thank you well. And dump or not. War broke you know they have. Think that this thing. You're about the only governor in America that does you realize imagine. I wrote it or it. What is still their joint. Immediately. And now I got you I think your phone dropped out for a second. Well I'm going to take but I'm so what are they hurt. I'm ticked appreciate Turkey. Oh here's today you'll. Yeah it is. African American expected cut back that they think Korea we don't collect what may incumbent. An important call replay people most militant and I complying. I'm going to need an account not and it completely off. My compass and they're pursuing it would probably Monica. Listen 10% when you don't know the cartridge and you know here we don't want any better approach what we've not one person don't count. You don't need not apply. I don't without. Well but but it had the casinos. And so you know that's something. We know you know I. Can't wait don't want. But at this. On many of us madrassa could somebody. It's. Turkey here and I would personally. Don't have not been good to win that particular problems. Somebody at the senate context earlier. And it said assembly did the effective. People who were never slaves where in in a fight with people who are never Nazis and it's all Donald Trump small. And I'll. Why not big hook it took 12% account from Merck and another 9% political and all the other pain and up but what. Well not I'm not Watson did it shape politically and supremacy Michael how they. I was gonna say Jimmy had it depends on your definition of threw us is I gotta run but I thank you for the Concord every 44 here on the Bobby matchup. Oh and what we come back on the other side. The last time there wasn't a glint cigars are getting ready for the big G. On Monday. What was it like the last time there was AM major eclipse across America. And and what it sounds like in media that's next here on the bunny match you know word on the town in Spartanburg at the beacon. Powered by our friends at US on. Welcome back great to have you on a hot and steamy. TG IF edition of the Bob inaction isn't Friday free for all. And we're on the road today were their friends and Spartanburg here at the world famous beacon drive and in on my text line 71307. Bob Bob Bob Bob. President trump will not forget who has gotten in his way and relentlessly attacked and lied about him. And we will return to the voting Booth again for another surprise in twenty point eight but people must pray then. Get out of the pew and go vote. Bob Bob that wasn't something else through them or to catch up with and the excellence. I have trouble actually. I don't worry Bob lord willing we the people that voted for president trump will not forgotten will not forget. Who are the people that are causing him. All these problems and Bob thank you for your show I'd like a chili cheese appointing with a double sweet tea I'll be eating and to watch the live entertainment. Think it's my pleasure we aim to please. Big get a big event on Monday of course you can't escape hearing about it. The upcoming solar eclipse. The last time we have one and I actually had forgotten us. Whereas in 1979. The last time there was a total solar eclipse in America. Now last night Jimmy Kimmel played a clip from ABC news the anchor. In those days was Frank Reynolds talking about the eclipse. Now it's beginning to move away is that runner yet Erica time now in his videos isn't that amazing. So that's eskolaste solar eclipse to receive on this continent in this century and as I said not until August 21 27 team well and other because be visible from North America best 38 years from now maybe they. Shadow of the moon ball in the world peace. Well let. I guess we got four days for that. Now the way things are going out loud so luckily that 352 here on the bombing Mac show which eight minutes now. Before 4 o'clock. Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and on time trump supporter seriously worried in the wake of recent developments about the future. Of other trump presidency Gingrich is consistently been one of the president's most optimistic supporters said this morning. That the president is more isolated than he realizes. And needs to make serious changes it he's going to have a stable presidency I don't think the media. And all the via other well planned and organized cultural marxists there'll wind up against him. Are ever going to allowing to have a stable presidency election show that he can accomplish much of the agenda that he talked about during the campaign. I think he's in a position right now where he's much more isolated than he realizes. Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News Bill Hemmer. On the hill he asked for more built a more far more people. Willing to stick to one side and not helping him. And I think that he needs to recognize that he's taken a good first down. With bringing in general Kelley but he needs to think about what has not worked. You can't get down to 35% approval. And have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything's going fine course we know about those polls what do the polls all show before the election. Yeah Hillary was gonna win and a walk right. How many times we had this conversation it was John McCain. Gold star families and Access Hollywood is this week that much different. Then the other numerous situations. Camera as it's only different in that you go through little ground. Little ground a little ground. And after awhile you have enough different people pull back. That urinate qualitatively. Different position and right now if he wants to get his agenda enacted. If he wants to get things done and have a presidency that is stable. He's going to have to have a couple of serious changes I think the art of the comeback which is a fascinating book he wrote in 1997. He's a really helpful reminder and he needs to think of what hasn't been working and what he will do that is more effective in the rest of this president's. And I get what Gingrich is saying but I I have a fear at the same time that Gingrich's. Not so subtly advising president trump to navigate more towards the middle to work more with the HR McMaster is Annette general calories of the world. But McMaster is a holdover from the previous administration. He's a guy that. And it it during. The record have you got to look at his remarks in the past. Has been no big fan of Israel and you also has been one of those who has been hesitant to use the phrase. Islamic Jihad or Islamic terrorism so. I seriously question whether these other people that president trump should be surrounding himself with. It's going to be interesting going forward. To see who wins via arm wrestling conjure up contest. For control of the president's ear and the president of course has his own ideas as you continue stood to tweet out. The media of course saying that those continue to damage and look. The president didn't use the media to get elected to the White House quite the contrary. The fact that he was able to talk directly. To the people who supported him. Via Twitter and other social media sources is one of the reasons why he was as successful. As he was in the campaign which of course donned every one last November. No one more than Hillary and bill. Our number one is wrapping up here on the body Mac show from the world famous beacon drive in Spartanburg it's our word on the count broadcast. They would be until seven some special guests our enemy coming along in the next few hours as well. And we'll be right back on the other side of the news our number two and above your Mac Friday free for all is on the way. From the weekend. In Spartanburg it's word on the town on 163. WORG.