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Monday, June 19th

Violence in Chicago; Comey; Trump; Leaks


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Yeah. And I very much joy Joseph getting underway when the most heavily commuted hour of the body Mac electric radio program in the air chair. Your genial host. Rabid shock jock. President. And the dean of insensitivity. Universe today. Our non politically correct set based and the attack dog in the right. Thank you very much seven minutes after five years we are again going to Ingles advantage talk on number told free from anywhere 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WORG. Dot com. So heartfelt sympathies and our prayers from the families of our auto. Warm beer. Who has a died at University of Cincinnati medical center announcing he passed away at 220 this afternoon. Just days after being released from captivity in North Korea. Surrounded by family members of the time of this death. In a statement released by the hospital many family members send a warm beer had been unable to speak. C or reactive verbal commands. Cents is returned to Cincinnati on June 13. You looked very uncomfortable almost anguished. Family members said. Although we would never hear his voice again more than a dainty countenance of his face changed he was in peace he was home. And we believe he could sense that. Family members thank the hospital staff for the care they provided other sun that send the awful. Torturous missed treatment our son received anti hands in the north Koreans. And sure that no other outcome is possible beyond the sand when we experience today it would be easy. And a moment like this to focus on all that we lost future time that won't be spent. When they warm engaging. Brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds. But we. Choose to focus on the time we were given. To be what is remarkable person you can tell from the outpouring of emotion from the community said he touched. Wyoming. Ohio and the University of Virginia. That the oil for Otto went well beyond his immediate family. Earlier doctors treating. Mr. Ramirez said he had suffered severe. Neurological. Injury. And that he was in a state of on responsiveness. And unresponsive. Wake formats. Lord only knows whether North Korean son did this in any was thrown into this. Concentration camp for a re education or whatever. Four tearing down a poster. That apparently had done. As as all posters in North Korea do. Very complimentary things to USA. About done the a dear leader. Envoy on North Korea. Who we understand Dana story of Fox News is a somewhat concerned. That. He'll be black bag. And same way that and we went after Osama bin Laden he's contend he's next on the target lessening probably. I should day. And I in on the tax line center named Bob Fox's fizzling out extras. Now looking upping northbound bulls' bus heading south thank you and WL RD for the trip. From an Gerald in campus acted Darrell. Bob there is no difference between. They attempt to entertain the masses went. Now Bob did you notice steal little blue hats worn by outpost soft supporters and Democrat and then race in Georgia. The dims are so creative with their slogan. Make America fund again. What does your platform to have a cell join them in their little sand boxes. And Bob Brown regarding the auto. Kid and they are dropping a bomb on Kim Jung on and Colin Pearl Harbor. Except the people in North Korea and now. Typical Communist. Tyrannical dictatorship they don't panic. A barn may they don't have any way too much to fight back against this. Ruthless dictator. Incredible. Meantime that. Attempted mass political assassination of GOP congressman. Last week. Has to paraphrase doctor Johnson concentrated the the minds wonderfully when it comes to the right of self defense Washington of course has some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation last week. Congress suddenly realize the truth and the old saying when seconds count the police are minutes away. While Steve Scully says security detail prevent and a systematic mass slaughter. 99% of congress has no such police constant companionship. Congressman Mel Brooks from Alabama who plans to run for the seat. Vacated by attorney general Jeff Jeff Sessions told Maria Bartiromo yesterday on Fox Business news. He is going to be introducing legislation to allow members of congress to carry sidearms in DC why not a well. On the other. Of victims of that crime infested nation's capital Kerry is well. Now presumably. Anywhere they feel the need for the Second Amendment. I'm going to be introducing legislation this week to do this to allow congressman to carry a side arm should they so desire. Right now when run win where in Washington once we're off the complex. We're still high profile targets. But we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington DC's restrictive restrictive gun lost while neither of the citizens. A Washington congressman. Where high profile targets for the bad guys alone rules of terrorists nobody introducing legislation to that effect this week. Well isn't that meantime. Meantime that Todd went down. On Allentown. Share gurus here can you. Chicago recorded it's 300. Homicide over the Father's Day weekend. Congratulations are keeping pace. There at the same point they were all last year. At this time. The Chicago trim reporting these somber milestone. Reached around 2:30 this morning. When a 33 year old man was gunned down during a burst of violence that saw four people killed. Thirteen others wounded over just 5 hours Sunday evening through early Monday morning. Over the weekend. At least fifty others were shot and wounded across the city. How can these people put up for the nets. Well again. Why North Korea. Draconian gun control laws. Homicides include a couple in their sixties who were stabbed to death and a three year old girl who died from an assault early Sunday on the west. Patrol with similar to last Father's Day weekend went thirteen people were killed and 46 others were shot and wounded. Still the number of homicides and shootings remains lower than last year. When violence reached levels not seen in two decades. Well you're just gonna have to try harder I'm sure Chicago. Good lord. Quarter after five here in the embodiment show when we come right back on the other side the act Carrie Fisher autopsy is complete and it's not pretty. They're right back here on name Monday Monday can't trust that day addition. And nobody Mac show. Welcome back great to have you along on this Monday Monday can't trust that day edition of the embody Mac show in on the attacks line. Send anyone three years since anyone threes are seven. But I am sorry that young man died that if he'd ask he probably could have bought a copy of the poster I think you say you're down gazillion like the message. That was on the poster torn down or maybe just sit and as a prank. I'm some New York might have been shot for not having that poster up. And day. Out Bob I have a pistol in my pocket because they Koppel stepped I think I've heard something similar that. Some are all after I was on the ship. Bob the hell's gonna protect us from congress. Put it with us as they are worthwhile question. I'm Bob safest place to be in Chicago over this past weekend would have been in the Father's Day card I fail. Meantime Carrie Fisher's autopsy reveals a cocktail of drugs including. Coke opiates. Ecstasy. And the toxicology review. Found LA county coroner's report released today revealed a mixture of drugs. That we're in actress Carrie Fisher system. When she went into cardiac arrest on I Los Angeles bound flight and later died. Fisher's toxicology review found evidence of cocaine. Methadone. In day in DNA. Better known as Ecstasy. Alcohol and opiates. When she was rushed to a Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital on December 23. They toxicology reports showed they test results suggest there was an exposure to heroin. But that they dose and time of exposure cannot be pinpointed. Therefore we cannot establish the significance of heroin regarding the cause of death in this case this media reports it. The test reveals the cocaine would have been consumed within the previous 72 hours. Four days later on December 27 Fisher went into cardiac arrest after ninety minutes. Of attempting to revive her officials declared the star war actress dead. Just before 9 AM her cause of death was a listed as sleep apnea. When the other factors. OK but all those drugs in her system. In addition Tony listed Gaza death they Carner statement cited other conditions. Are curious school rustic heart disease and drown here it's. Fisher's daughter issued a statement People Magazine Friday night linking her mother's death to drug use saying my mom. Battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life she ultimately died on that she was purposely open and I'll overwork about the social stigma as. Surrounding these diseases and diseases Fisher's brother Todd. Respondent to the official cause of death saying his sister's battle when drugs and bipolar disorder slowly but surely put her health in jeopardy over many many years. I honestly hope we would grow old together but after her death. No one. Was shocked on turns out drug use can exacerbate. Sleep apnea with potentially fatal results but the report does not make clear. Whether or Carrie Fisher took any drugs on the day in December when she suffered the U. Heart attack cardiac arrest on the international one sent to bed. Somebody and somebody that the Kansas cancer problems is obviously. Any they tortured soul. Bonnie are on the conservative hit list did anyone check to see if there was and Paul Ryan's hand right. It's it's. Meantime. Now last there's navy while below Washington Post. Published and other either sensational. Blockbuster stories breaking as this to stand. Blah blah blah blah blah. But like ten bunt and we got nothing but we're gonna drop and up into something no pun intended. Published a sensational reports a special counsel Robert Mueller. Who is pure as the driven snow by the way he's he's a man of integrity. He's a stand up guy he's a straight shooter. Do all of those phrases. And a familiar ring to it wasn't that the way to James Komi. A former head of the FBI used to be described as a stranger. Ethical. Honest to the core blah blah blah. Published a sensational report does special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating president trump for our. Wait a minute wait for Ed. Obstruction. On justice. Interestingly in my Sunday that report and the narrative that trump was just a hop skip and a jump away from impeachment. And pretty much fell apart. ABC news reported in fact Mueller had not yet decided whether to even investigate. The president. One of Trump's lawyers Jay south hello whose them. Americans are pro on justice has been a guest on this program sent categorically on meet the press and I quote the president is not and has not been. Under investigation for obstruction. According to Washington examiner Pierre Thomas CA BC news senior justice correspondents. Our correspondent said of Muller on ABC's this week now. My sources are telling me he's begun some preliminary planning. He's thinking about maybe. Possibly at some point down the road beginning an investigation and president. It's ten I made up that last part. Plans to talk to some people in the administration but he's not yet made that momentous decision. To go for a full scale investigation. Audio out I guess that's why he's lining up every Hillary supporter that has able law degree. Every. Attorney than ever worked for the Clinton foundation. Every lawyer in Washington whoever made a campaign contribution to the clintons to work for Mahler. In they act. The investigation. Now last week they want lower reported Mueller is investigating the president for obstruction of justice. In light of his firing of former FBI director James culminate. Something he presents a legal team has been nine. Now Mueller faces a huge decision Pierre Thomas said does he believe the president. Who says there's no wrongdoing here or does he go after the president in the way James coming wanting to do you know what. If were gonna have a big investigation here shouldn't it be expanded to include. James cone may. Who. While delayed. Proclaimed his. Outrage and all little leaguers in Washington and then turn right around. And now began leaking himself. Easily XR. Truly incredible. As I've said the last time there were leaks like this a lower build and Noah built himself a boat okay. And eight president's tweak it appeared to acknowledge he was under investigation from a special counsel was in response to the five. I'm not Imus sources. Reported illegal leaking information to the post. And not to any actual investigation real or imagined you have to wonder. Just want anonymous sources the post relied on to publish their latest data fake notes. They were obviously not in the know which suggests either that someone fed the post. Dis information and I swallowed it hook line and sinker because a gores say this is the message they wanna carry or. The Washington Post didn't care if its report was accurate or not. Which is probably. A lot closer to true. 529 here in the Bobby national penetrate get in for an eight day standing by and the new senator. Be right back on the other side here on Monday. Welcome back it's at 53822. Before six here in the body Mac show Monday Monday can't trust that Dave in on the tax line. About a great show just thinking about that list. If the list contained only the names of true conservatives it would have been a really short list looked at. Too true. Bob a man of integrity would never have accepted the appointment as a special counsel. Robert Mueller is a political hack who was hired nothing but shrill re sync of fans donors and liars he should be summarily dismissed thank you. Hero Buckeyes spent. Mentioned earlier in the pro in the first hour in fact the S Supreme Court ruled today the Washington Redskins there are going to be perfectly free. To use. That name going forward and and retain their trademark to it. Because they lawsuit was brought. Up for trademark infringement. Against AM and Asian. Rock group. I call themselves so Lance. And it could have been worse they gonna call themselves a good looks. John McCain got in trouble are now homeless. You know attacks on Bob if it wasn't going to be okay for those Asian guys to tell themselves the saw Lance. Wouldn't every rap video and CD be illegal army I don't care. If they wanna call themselves Peter salad. Like Ron white to comedian none of my business. Yeah. Bobby fake sources fake news fake polls. It's non ending. And Bobby of course president Toronto is under investigation needs under the microscope for the entire world. Now. Now I've I saw him on this story today as well and that's not done. Well okay for me better late than never department. And John Lennon. Most famous song probably as imagine. It's sort of an icon not sung sung is sort of lay out a marching song and an icon. For the left. Now imagine no religion all that stuff anyway and we heard last week and Yoko Ono you remember her. Yoko Ono is finally getting a songwriting credit. On a song imagine. It's 46 years later Bud Day. Now it turns out that there's a version with her on net. And here's a dream come true or not. So weight lifted up a part of it part of the imagine. When some of my Yoko own those trademark. And singing. And I use that word extremely. Loosely. On it. Now Lennon once said he should have given her credit because he took me a lot of ideas from her I can believe that. So they national music publishers association. I decided to add her as a co writer of this on. You're not. In IE mailed a take much of this bad years and just a snippet. On the Yoko Ono contributing. On John Lennon's. Imagine. Hi. I'm. It. Wow. As a many of not artistic musical expression. And hey Yoko. Ono. Okay. I. Humanity in shape and acted use the razor slash my arrests. I I can't trust this story today tuna that I got I've got to put this on the show this from the Atlantic magazine. Now here's a headline here's a grabber. And and cat lovers and cat haters for that matter what will probably. Appreciate this. How cats used humans to conquer the world. What are our story didn't Rihanna so I had a year or so ago money penny. Your cat really wants to kill you. Remember that you know. Anyway. Ancient DNA from 209 cats over 1009000. Years tells the story of their dispersal. Sometime around the invention of agriculture the cats came crawling. It was mice and rats probably than attracted the wild felines. The rats came because of stores and grain. Made possible light by human agriculture. And so cats and humans began their millennia along the co existence. Yeah when the caps on top. For an experienced current path this relationship hasn't been good for us of course. A former wave because cats got they disease carrying pest stealing our food and present might. Because cleaning up their hair balls somehow gives purpose to our modern lives. But there's a Christian ship has been great for cats as a species to from their native home in the Middle East. The first tamed cats followed humans out on ships and exposition. To take over the world. Settling on six continents. Whether even the occasional foray to Antarctica. Domestic nation has been a fantastically successful. Evolutionary strategy. For cats so you know this reminds me of the old story. About. They the mid evil Koppel and now they've they have they act cat. Is a sitting in front of the hearth. Wintertime. And now the husband comes and and says. And pay out your day go I know them. Wife says find them anything new should yeah I you know that a big black cat down their coaches had gastric. I got run over in the Miller wrote these debt. At which point they can't we've jumped from in front of the hearth declares. That I am the king of the cats and runs out that. From their native home in the middle east media and the cats expanded everywhere. A comprehensive new study of DNA from agents can't skeletons and mummy is. Spanning 9000 years traces the spread of cancer in the Middle East to the rest of the world. The whole study from conception the publication took about ten years not least because of the work it took to find. Ancient cat remains. Diva Maria guide goal a Pelé oh geneticist. At that the institute that this done a to send and not all of he remained yielded DNA. Katsav done since before they were domesticated what we needed them to do. Thanks so there you go. There's the a result of the ten year investigation. How cats used to humans to conquer the world. The cats. 546 shortly before six here on the body mansion be right back. Welcome back 55. 19 before six in Omnia. Tex lines 71 threes are seven Bobby Mack please tell me you're joking. About the Yoko Ono so low I can't be real. Yeah but I wish I wish I could tell it it's. Not real. Bobby cats you mentioned that taking over the when they also expanded into John Lennon's back up singers from my Dino. Bob I guess that means the adulterer ruby. Who inspired Mel tell us to write ruby don't take your lobbed a town. Gets a song writers credit for being a tramp. Six bullets hit John Lennon and not one he would Yoko. Why is that. Ali thank you so very much for breaking a forty year tradition. I'm never listening to that song again in that manner ever again it was a drunken night. In a barracks on an army base in Germany when I promised I would never. Ever listened to Yoko Ono again you will help may break that promise I owe you. For that. By the way that's why they named her Ono that's what the musicians would say when they saw her coming into the studio alone no. Bobbie that wasn't Yoko that was a recording of a long tailed cat in a room full of it in chick next no gimmick. Bobby excuse me please while I retreat into my safe space. Where's my crayons and coloring books and puppies after hearing that version of imagine. This person wanted to get to make sure this message got through and so they senate twice The Beatles. Ruined Yoko. A you did say that Bob I would rather your nails across a chalk board. And Yoko Ali yeah you know what blindly. Probably has. A full collection of 010 recordings. You know and they got to sell these black sites. I don't know where it is a tramp steamer or somewhere in hamburger separate. Current template may bring the guy and you know they captured odd man in the Middle East. Not aka mad tell us losing yourself. Or. You get another dose of Yoko own. Which would you like would you like Yoko who would you like something else. Bob I didn't know John Glenn and tortured cats. Bob May be joke though. Who know. Ali wow was that Yoko story for real sad way yes. I'm Bob sound like a cat trying to pass a kidney stone. Bob police but it's not true my dog. Was I howling all on to my Yoko Ono I dealt. Bob Lowe was John Lennon never charged with animal cruelty even think I'll let this debt. Yeah I EI. There is there is no stopping the left sports fans today as they stick to their ideological platform. Perverted and crazed as it may be. On a never ending quest. To turned America into. God knows what anyway. Story today from a bright part. And by the way when I'm in no Washington next week have got a couple of people from bright barter going to be joining me on the show Michelle market. AM pundit and a columnist results are going to be with me on the program along with a number of other politicians anyway. And the story says America belongs to immigrants. Because immigrants make the nation more powerful. Says a former Wall Street Journal writer who's now working for. Now. Where else would you expect. Being New York Times. America immigrants produce more baby its work harder create more jobs and more ideas. Claims they revealing column by immigration advocate Bret Stephens. Bottom line he writes a let's cut to the chase here you don't wanna hear the whole thing. Bottom line so called real Americans are screwing up America. Maybe they should believe. So that we can replace them with new and better Luntz. Newcomers who are more appreciative of what the United States has to offer. More ambitious for themselves and their children. More willing to sacrifice. For the future and other words just the kind of people we used to be. So Brad suggestion and we should deport. Americans should incidents. I invite him more immigrants. You got all of the left. Delusional does not begin to describe it. One more hour still to go the bonus hours right around the corner we're gonna have. But we are gonna have bone hands and that we have bone heads are amazing true faxed slim on one of the other though but both will be entertaining and amusing no doubt. As will the entire hour. You won't want to miss it.