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Bob Mclain
Monday, June 19th

Shootings in MB; Attacks on Muslims; VA shooter had a kill list; Congress


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Well I can understand why you would be upset I am after all the attack dog on the right. And track here we go getting under way right now I am. I nearly a Bobby Mack electric radio program here foray hot steamy summertime Monday great to have you along and has always. Your input is invited encouraged and welcome here's valued join me NBA part of the conversation and eight Ingles advantage talk line number. 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of dot com all communication. Just to use the common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address is bomb. And 1063 WORD. Account quickly out the text line so I don't get to it too far behind and that department. Bob about that marine pilot who I tell the Iranians SN them on up I'll wait. There as and a interceptor aircraft Bob I believe out of send send them up I'll be happy to send them right back down. Now bobbing my wife showed me that to a Myrtle Beach FaceBook many O horrifying scene nine L I won't be visiting myrtle. Anytime soon. Bob is it racist if I say that I know the race for the purpose without having seen the video. Bonnie Bill O'Reilly he's been going on the new. News network away yen one American nearest these things that'll be bill's comeback station I don't think so. I know little bit about that network. I didn't notice the other day a Patrick caution. Is now one of the anchors. And a way and he used a beam right here in the ocean I think you work it why FF. Now Bob this is like an everyday occurrence of Myrtle Beach that's why so many locals and moved to the upstate. The problem Bob the fact that Walter Scott's brother has been arrested for being a Coke head. Makes me really glad that as a taxpayer I'm not only got to fund is Hammond and now I'll also be able to pay for his room and board. And whenever our final penal institutions. It's like Christmas. Bob O Reilly to one American news I switch to them during the election when fox. Showed their true colors one Americanism is a relatively small. Outfit. They're headquartered I believe in San Diego. And I don't know what kind of carriage they have I know that charter. Does not carry him or released or not the last time we checked last week DirecTV. Has away and on there and then sodas U verse. Which we haven't stately McLean manner. Bob my hope O'Reilly shows up on one American is I'm thinking maybe. You know because on the blade is Glenn Beck south that is is in trouble that now O'Reilly might have been hinting. And AM may merger. Where those folks about Megan Kelly's last Sunday night Joseph Bobby mean there's something more boring than watching golf. Young now there is Megyn Kelly. US open was who kind of underwhelming. I liked another way and. Scourge. Over our ESPN's sister station upstate described dissent. On after the first trip on Thursday. As a did you watch any of the and we were both on the way out of the building right after senate. Enjoy watching any golf today's media I didn't realize oh announced watching their greater Hartford open. And not exactly one of these stellar. Not tour stops. Bob I know this is old news but has anybody thought about finding out what company was the highway construction contractor in Atlanta. Now that repaired highway 85 south had collapsed. And completed the job in six weeks rather than six months. Sounds like hey yeah good a group to finish the gateway project up here as well as maybe fail in a pew a few potholes. On I 85 and oh I don't know say maybe six weeks. About these special election in Georgia that the laughed. Has poured tens of millions of dollars and two for this pencil necked geek oh soft. Who's now running as a Democrat. Down there and and and left in the media of course are setting this thing up as some kind of referendum on Trump's presidency. Now Bob this John a soft do we know is a real winner anybody who worked for congressman Hank Johnson. As a national security aide can't possibly be right in the head but then again he's a Democrat so go figure from jam. And he's like Hank Johnson a one year remember famously asked the navy admiral if sending more Marines to Guam. I could cause the island to tip over. Well we're really find these guys. Bombing Megyn Kelly would know schedule the Alex Jones interview in the first place but I thought it would be huge. Ratings. Everything is out of whack. Yet we do find ourselves living in an alternate universe. Bob Lilja collusion I see taking places between the Democrats the media and Republicans. They're orchestrating a cruel and trying to find a way to legitimize. Got. Now on them the big news. On the terrorism front over the weekend was this in this guy. Not extracting a little vigilante justice by driving a van into some Muslims coming out of a mosque. But and don't worry I assists inspired individuals. Still hadn't. A suspect who tried to attack security forces on the shelves elysees a shopping district in Paris Monday afternoon. And some of their time. Now when he rammed his car into a police man had a rifle and explosives. In his vehicle. French investigators. The attacker died shortly after the incident. Now 31 year old man from the Paris suburb of are you deal. Badly burned after his car exploded when he deliberately crashed it into a police van. A police van caught fire but it was quickly contained the bomb squad. Called to the scene authorities discovered a gas tank and an AK 47 rifle. In you that. I can't believe this this this curious from a all okay I thought this might be from the AP. And as having a yeah fleeting moment now I'm getting in touch with the reality but it. It's from Fox News because they didn't describe the AK 47 as an assault rifle. And an AK 47 rifle when he attackers car the man had been flagged. By investigators. Earlier for extremism. France's anti terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation. Into the incident. Well I'd certainly helpful. A journalist or the liberation newspaper who was driving a scooter. Now behind me military officers said he saw a car blocking the convoys path then an implosion in the vehicle. Several roads and the officer smashed open the windows of the car while it was in flames and dragged down its occupant. Other officers use fire extinguishers to put out the points. They were more sympathetic to the guys and I would have been. Quarter after four hero and AM bombing actually take a quick break here when we come back and dead pool so called dead pool west Leah. A list of prospective victims. And the on Alexandria Virginia and shooter shooter and was found on his person. Afterwards one of the targets. A speaks out about this. Militant. Stuff from the left they write back. Welcome back great debt. Have you all on here on this steamy Monday afternoon you'll cloudy outside as well probably now a mother nature trying to worked her way up to our typical. Summertime afternoon thunder bumpers around the area. In on the tax lineup bombing of that what happened on the shelves elysees in Paris housing at the mainstream media coverage of the London driver you know. Now white guy. Now I do now. One of the congressman. Whose name was on the list of targets. Of the shooter from last week and speaking out about it. Last week's attempted mass assassination. Of Republican lawmakers by this. Do you range to left Winger just the latest evidence. And an increasingly violent militant left says Arizona congressman Trent franks. NA a radio interview he did yesterday franks was among six Republicans. Whose names were found on a list in James T hodgkin's sends possession. When he opened fire on a GOP baseball practice last Wednesday injuring four including. A congressman. Steve escalation of Louisiana. The existence of the west was first reported by the daily caller. And has since been confirmed by federal officials sent lawmakers including francs. Who said Sunday the west has been fairly accurately characterized in the media. Hodgkin's is hodgkin's sends attack appears to be premeditated. He said indicating that. We have devolve. To a great point in our society now to the point where the militant left. Is out there to the extent that they are willing to shoot people. He returned to the subject of the militant laughter later in the interview saying the militant left here has been outrageous. It's not conservatives that are going out there burning cars and turning him upside down at universities. Just because someone is speaking. It's not the conservatives they're saying pigs in a blanket. And advocating for the killing of police officers it's not the conservatives that are shooting people. On a baseball field this militant left is out of control. And I think that they so called moderates. Should stand up and you shoot this and really column out of a flagrant way. As previously noted by the daily caller last week shooting just the latest incident. In a rising pattern of violence against rebel against and trump supporters. Many in the media and on the left however have pointed the finger at Republicans for a leftist violence against bill. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed their Republican attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton are in part to blame for the political climate. The chase as land hodgkin's into opened fire on Republican lawmakers. It didn't used to be this way somewhere in the 1990s. Republicans decided on the politics of personal destruction. As they went after the clintons and that's what started this and his continued. Yeah right. I don't call anybody trying to shoot Hillary or bill. Oh I just comment the last part of that sentence that was in my hand. Just done. This play itself on out and I had. Bonnie Hunt and a French Muslim on the terror watch list at the highest level. Get his hands on an AK 47 and I can't buy a 22. Went out and FBI background check. And culture. Chimed in on this whole business as well. Just. I get I get so mad men I hear though lame stream media talk about the moral equivalents of conservatives. And told her riding the resistance. Which is what they're calling it the resistance goes live fire. The explosion of violence against conservatives across a country's being intentionally ginned up. By Democrats reporters TV hosts a late night comedians and celebrities who compete with one another. To come up with a most vial Abbott test or trump and his supporters. They go right up to the line trying not to cross it by for example. Venting. When a realistic photo of a decapitated Trout are calling the president a EPO west while hosting a show on CNN. The media are orchestrating a bloodless coup. But they're perfectly content to have their low IQ shock troops pursue a bloody clue. This week one of the laughs foot soldiers gunned down Republican members of congress and their staff. While there are playing baseball and Virginia. Democratic socialist James Hodge consent was prevented from committing a mass murder. Only by the happenstance and a member of the Republican leadership. Being provided police protection. Remember when it was frightening for the losing party not to accept the results of an election. Then refused to preemptively greeted the election results strand said he would look at the end. Timing the media responded in their usual laid back style are horrifying repudiation of democracy says the post. Denial of democracy says a daily news in New York one scary moment in all boiled down to democracy at Pittsburgh newspaper. Shock spike down the nation's spinal column last night and today. When they Republican election things are we got there that's a little democratic process you've got here. It's nice if you review abiding by its decision when it comes to the presidency. Said Rachel madcow. I'm Bret Stephens. Deputy editorial page writer at the Wall Street Journal at the time Trump's answer on except the outcome of the vote. Is he most disgraceful statement above Omaha and analyst daggers on a non. And of course then trump one on these very same stare acts refused to accept their of the results of the election. Resent lady Hillary announced her steadfast opposition to the winning candidate using the hash tag and the word resistance. Imagine now for a moment of Trent and lost. And announced that day he was joining the resistance. Now that the media would be saying that you assess firing up militia groups across the country every suspecting glance at an immigrant. Would be reported as fashion cystic violence but the media. Seems blithely unaware that Danny trump resistance has been accorded the same treatment from liberals. So. Now that this this whole business. It just out of control Coulter concludes in CNN's most fevered dreams about a violent uprising of trump supporters. They never force saw actual violence being perpetrated by Americans who refused to accept trumps win. It began with his inauguration when you leftist group plotted to clump. Are to pump a debilitating. Gas. And then nonmilitary families were assaulted upon leaving the veterans inaugural ball. Since then masked armed the liberals around the country four military style organizations. Attacking liberals and police are regularly ordered to stand down. To allow the assaults to go on. The media only declare a crisis went conservatives fought back. Smashing the black clad. Protesters. There's more media coverage for conservatives micro aggressions. Towards. Power fooled people on there is liberals physical attacks on conservatives and now some not Bernie Sanders a border. I confirms. That it a's got Republican. List of them potential victims. In the media strategic reporting they attempted slaughter we were quickly to our quickly told. He used to gun. We were even told his name because it was not Mohammed. But the fact that hodgkin's since FaceBook page featured a banner of Bernie Sanders and the words we the people send 1776. Apparel play. That's called for hour upon hour of meticulous fact checking before it could be reported. These fake news insists that trumps White House is in quote chaos. Now the country. Is in nine chaos and we've got trump decapitation performance art. The per per the perpetrators and turn around in doe eyed innocence. By the way they had another protestor attempted Shakespeare in the park portrayal of fine Julius Caesar with trump. And being assassinated. Now so that's that's two now I think that thing played itself out. Over the weekend not a moment is set for 29 here on May embody national when we come back on the other side. Congress as a big vacation schedule again they typically take August off. And you never spent August in Washington DC. You would know why you don't need a steam bath. And some are saying they should not cancel the vacation and get some work done. We'll be right back. Sledge. Hammer. A same thing now laughter went down like to take to free speech apparently. 438 now 22 before 5 o'clock Bani matchup so August. Is it typically a recess month for our hard working politicians up there in the nation's capital. Asteroid today from the hill newspaper the assist all alarmed at. By the stalemate on Health Care Reform lack of progress on tax reform and appropriations bills under far behind schedule. Republican lawmakers across congress are increasingly willing to consider canceling they monthlong recess. And don't get your hopes. Mitch McConnell and senator is probably not gonna go for this Paul Ryan and house is probably not either because both of them. Are in in my estimation deliberately dragging their heels. On the president's agenda. Because of course president trump is the out cider he's he's not in the club. You know he's not one of the boy is in they you know party. He's not a. Demo public and or AM. Republic rat. Counting the guys in display or keep things as they aren't. You know we we love having the L levers of power. In our grubby little hands and and trump wants to upset the apple cart so we're just gonna hang back in the weeds and hope against hope and which by the way. The last time I checked it isn't in GOP that controls both house and senate. Could put a stop. Do these which on its. That are going on then it turned out not one. Single. Piece of evidence and Donald Trump has done anything. Illegal immoral unethical or unconstitutional. But why you know why should we. They concerned with facts when we cannot just go over and over and over on this stuff again and again. Now without turning up any name again as we hate this guy. Aziz an outsider he's a threat. Senate Republican negotiators reported that they are not close to a deal on Health Care Reform. And that scheduling a vote by the fourth of July which senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has pushed is likely unrealistic. That impasse held up work on a budget resolution. Which is necessary to move tax reform and the annual appropriations bill. Once Republicans vote on a budget resolution for 2018. It will wipe out these special vehicle they plan to use to pass Health Care Reform whether a simple majority vote. A vehicle that was set up by the budget resolution for 2017. Lawmakers calculate their only 45 legislative days until the end of the fiscal year. When the party still sharply divided on health care and tax reform. It looks increasingly possible likely Republican lawmakers will leave town in July foray monthlong break. Went out any major accomplishments under their belts. As senator David Perdue of Georgia set I think there's a majority that probably supports being here. Referring to the possibility of canceling our cutting short the onus recessed. He said GOP lock him lawmakers need to make progress on the budget and spending bills to avoid a government shut down scenario in September. As well as progressing on tax reform. I see these things are all part and parcel of Trump's agenda. So if if we can just slow walked this stuff. And they get a month long break in August and all help them doing it. Then you know these are various investigations that are likely to continue. Up to and probably through the 2018. Mid term elections. Will give them cover. Now Bob there's no public and on the tax line there's no publication passing around college campuses. Like the left hand snake coming insurrection. For those on the right no doubt there's more to come. By the U small Marxist idiots in the left. Bob in goals should by earth fare so they can compete with behemoth Amazon whole foods. Ingles an earth fair on both started in Asheville. Haven't Ingles hardly has I mean they're they're a big grocery store chain and Amanda resources of sand Amazon. Bob what's needed is for the Republican senators and congressmen get enhancement drugs so they can grow what they need to stand up. And out and do what is needed for America and back depressed and. Speaking out via Amazon. Buyer of our whole foods. My idea of them some concern to me of your big whole foods shopper however. The Bobby Mack semi professional players and put together our top drive reasons. You don't shop. And whole slew. Amazon is buying a whole foods for thirteen point seven billion dollars to finalize that in no way impacts you. We the top reasons you don't job a whole foods. Number five. Fruit just doesn't taste the same without pesticides absolute number four. If you wanna go broke and have very little to show for you go to a casino exactly number three the only organic thing you buy is we'd do. Number two you're allergic to pretend to business. And number one up as a veteran of Iraq. Lexus don't you believe they're more evil things in the world than gluten. Now so I'm. I'm I'm. I'm tending to agree with them most of the out top five reasons why and you don't care of Amazon buys whole foods are not quarterly 45 here on the body Mac show. I'd just how much. Is one of me easily. Congressional seat words. Well because it represents. More than it is an actual reality. More money than any other congressional race in history. How much. Match coming up. As I eagle are said to doctor frog and Sheen. Want this why. One count for 5010 minutes before five here in the about a inaction steamy. Monday afternoon so exactly how much is one congressional seat worked well. If you're the Democrats. Now where you have lost the election after the election. 2002 and the house. At 2012 lost some more. Boss a cent in 2002. And the list goes on and on okay. And then of course what happened last November. So now all they have this up pencil necked geek. Oh soft. Who used to be the nationals that idiot box it's there for a congressman Hank Johnson. Of Georgia. I'd previously mentioned and we played the audio and grew sick patients on the show when a navy admiral was testifying before congressional committee of which Tank Johnson as a member. And down they they were they were seeking congressional approval to a transfer. Of a new unit of Marines to the island of Guam. And act. Congressman Johnson posed the question to the admiral well this is a small island is Alyeska tried congressman it's relatively small. How big is it one item to have the dimensions. Right here in from a congress on that I can get a point well here's my concern and Roland you were sending all these Marines not a lump. Is a considerable could tip of the island over. Couldn't send one of the most the extreme examples of self composure and restraint. Ever seen and they congressional testimony. On the admiral kept a straight face. And now respondent and very diplomatic fashion well thank congressman we don't really. Think that's much of a concern. And then so soft Carriker. Was Hank Johnson's national security and he's probably the one who fed him the question. By the way does even win in the district and he's running sixth congressional district. So around it's none Atalanta. But the republic of the Republicans of course have held the seat for a while Tom price is now secretary when HHS. Gave up deceit to join the trump adminstration. I believe this is the same seat that Newt Gingrich. Used to hold as well way back when. Anyhow. A post office and Hollywood liberal millionaires. Pump money. Into his senate campaign. The democratic national congressional caucus or something like that. Has pumped money into the democrats' campaign. Republicans have responded but they haven't they've been outspent. I don't know what the percentages but they've been heavily outspent by the Democrats who are desperate. To be able to have a media talking point waived if a soft were to win. Running now all. In on this this shows on the level of not outrage and exists for the presidency of Donald Trump. This is a turning point in American political it's one congressional seat. Even fox a little while ago on a guy they had reporting ascent on its amazing. But don't post office this close in the polls no it's not. How how no idea how the polls foresee. Sale last November's presidential election now. Yeah out. When you whipped. So. And the the polls I think post office I had not something like. Half a percentage point. We don't whatever whatever it is it's certainly within the margin of error. By the Democrats are so desperate. For a win. And the media of course is up pumping post office well. And so they grand total. Add to this point. Is. Fifteen million bucks. Fifty million dollars for one stupid congressional seat. And I don't trust the polling data and think that Karen Handel is probably gonna win. Lot of people have early voted already I think I heard a number to name about a 150000. Early votes. That have already been cast. Which means and of course you know a lot of this. Money. Karen Handel is is a whit chair Karen Handel. Isn't. Allowed just like give every. Negative. Character trait you Chris are you took human being and that's what the Democrats have said Karen analyst now we'll see how it works out. I mean even a close off wins so what. Every special election they had so far. Democrats have lost even the guy that Bonnie saw the reporter. Think the day before the election. So yeah out some. Some big gun perceived change coming in politics here right. But the fact they spent fifty million bucks on that is a pretty absurd. Stand by the most heavily commuter hour the balmy night show the 5 o'clock follies. He is now on the way next oh we also. I've found out. The down. Factors that contributed to carry Fischer's death. Not good see you back on the other side.