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Russian investigation


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And I. I don't know we have. Day weekend. That is also partially Friday free for all the Allstate densely alike to refer to it meaning of course. Any topic is fair game here on me TGI definition of the about it Mac show and as always is you are in putt. Is invited to encourage and welcome here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. Angles and managed talk on number 80347106. Very common sense retirement planning. Text line number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WORD dot com in my email this afternoon let's just say none. As just end. From my Charles entitled in the subject line and emergency. Hillary Clinton phone may president's office shortly after midnight. I need to do not to talk to the president Hillary said it's and emergency. After some cajoling the president's assistant agreed wake him up. I grumbled the president so what is it that so important that it can't wait until morning. Hillary sent a supreme court judge just diet and I wanna take his place. Replied presidents from well it's okay with me events OK with the mortuary. And while it's a stress really distance great to have you along. Course that 85 north mound this afternoon as a Annie is so fond of saying avoid avoid avoid if you possibly can it's on its amassed. Everywhere from web just about from Pelham road all the way up pastel one of one to two United's. It's nasty out there today. I didn't realize there was this much stressed even having them. A former network news broadcaster upon to navigator myself. Just how much stress there was on cable news. Mad structure. Founder of the Drudge Report wade and on cable news stress. Issuing a tweet. This morning citing recent medical leaves of BS NBC's Rachel madcow. And Fox News Tucker Carlson. While stating that another host appears heavily drugged. A kind of not immune to speculate. Matt Drudge tweeting tons of stress on cable news as competition heats. Man now I'm Tucker have recently been out on medical's. Another host appears heavily drought. Drudge is tweet referred to. And med cal missing nearly two weeks of hosting her primetime program due to an undisclosed. Illness. Tucker is now being treated for appendicitis a Fox News spokesperson told media I ate. Now last night he's in good spirits and expects to be back on the air soon. It's not known who the other host the Drudge referred is being heavily drugged. That I do enemy remains unknown may only add drama. Of a president from Barrick continues to be ratings gold. For all three of the major all major cable news networks with combined viewership. A Fox News BS NBC and the Clinton news network up 33%. Through the first week of June and compared with the same time period last year. Sell. The other stress. Apparently is getting to them. Meantime our pal Robert Mueller you remember Robert Mueller. He occupies a position used to be known as special prosecutor. And now is known as special counsel. He is busy assembling his high powered team. He has brought in a Baker's dozen of lawyers to handle they. Nonexistent. Russian connection to president trump went plans don't hire more. According to a spokesman Peter Carr. Mueller has assembled a high powered team of top investigators and leading experts. Including seasoned attorney is who represented major American companies in court. And out worked on cases ranging from Watergate. To the Enron fraud scandal. How long holiday money penny before they know lame stream media starts referring to these guys as the dream team. Yeah like they did with with OJ's. Lawyers Carson again they got OJ off. Among them are James quarrels and Jeannie read. Both of whom Muller brought over from his old law firm. Will murder hey Neil. Straps like the name of an actor from the fifties sitcoms starring Wilmer hale. He's also hired Andrew Weissman who led the Enron investigation how many people they put in jail and Enron to. This is a great great team of complete professionals so let's elect him do his job. Former independent counsel Ken Starr. Who invested good investigated President Clinton told ABC news. It out nice job there Ken Starr you yen great recommendation. While only five of the attorneys have been identified concerns have come up. Over the political leanings of quarrels. Reid and Weisman. They have donated overwhelmingly. To Democrats. Giving more than 53000. Dollars in total since 1988. According to an analysis of a Federal Election Commission. Records. Well at least we can count on their impartiality. And there non bias. There are purely. Neutral position. Then they'll bring to this investigation. After doesn't fit they must acquit ride thanks Monica. On fourth. Wand horsemen sources tell the Clinton news network. That they special special counsel has gathering information and considering where there is evidence to launch a full scale obstruction. Investigation. Apparently they missy appearance on not Anderson Cooper. Of me up a steam Harvard lawyer once again saying he was part of Leo Obama. Dream team. You know although the Harvard lawyer and everybody after his name is gonna analyze and you know who I mean. Who took Anderson Cooper to task saying luck with that and a head of the FBI. We're explorer. The attorney general as it direct boss under the Department of Justice but all of home work for the president. At his pleasure. And if the the president and is unhappy when that individual's performance in their roll. Out of here. Where's the obstruction. A lot on the line and Marco Rubio had went coney was testifying. Jolie funny. A rubio asked coming said that mr. Tommy is do you justify president trump said. You hope you can find your way clear to drop this wind thing. And come here replied yes that's that's what the president sent. And then rubio said. I should minister Tony but canyon site for me and an occurrence. Where somebody hasn't gone to jail for hoping something. It's great. And yap it's right in on the tax line Bob wasn't Wilmer hale the moon shot her on green acres I think he wants. I believe you must a sixteen after five here on the body Max she'll be right back on the Friday for April. Band that way is that kind of the four runner on Booker T and the MJ is. The mark key is. Last night. 522. Here in the body Mac show I knew I I know I recognize that name Wilmer hale from a somewhere thanks surely a recommendations. Here on the tax line 713. Consumer us. Second once decreases are exempt Wilmer hale what Fred Flintstones erred when his wife was met. Wilmer hale first American to successfully remove they want in tag from a mattress. I do appreciate that. Bob what another amazing giveaway by Fox News describing Paul Mann a Ford and Carter page as unsavory. Characters. While. Why are these. Unsavory character is or just one iota of oh I don't know evidence twins. Wanna know wow why Rachel mad cows ratings are up it's because normal people have tuned out where are tired of listening and us. You know wide I'd rather listen to terra Bobby Mack or events and mine normal evening TV or. Like my baby doll Brenda has zag gone over. Two one America network only in the end dot com and one American network news. On your cable channel Bobby after all this after the skill least shooting. Trump should have ordered Secret Service protection for all members of congress but well. Out Republicans only well they're the ones under attack. Bobby who's gonna pay the salaries of these so called special prosecutors are hot hot hot. That's that's a music. What do you think. Grizzled courtesy waiter from Washington always bring the checked do. Yeah. I as a just a wave for out of work and Democrats to make money. It match. Part of it. Bob they're gonna fund the Democrats more dims and office more scandals more need for investigation. Robinson said the truth is much less stressful and how why could that explain the high stress. And cable news networks like Rachel madcow is off for a couple weeks with a non explained it illness. Bump up com. Anybody much happy Friday I yearn for the days when we spent two or three hours talking and texting about beer. Pets and wild kingdom star it's. Yeah gather simpler times that we yearned for. Alan Dershowitz I thank you a couple of textures that stand less trying to think of his name. Now went flew completely out of my brain pan humanist yeah he was now on the OJ. Dream team Louisiana brought in the and the DNA expert. And he was on with Anderson Cooper. Clinton news network Anderson Cooper 180. The other night and explained. Two Anderson. During the best of my knowledge is not an attorney held a Cali to cabbage. When it comes due saying and Donald Trump obstructed. Justice. Here's what Dershowitz and dissect. Bloomberg Bloomberg the big constitutional pictured president could have told call me you are commanded directed to drop the prosecution against land. The president has the right to do that combing knowledge is that he says in the statement that historically. Historically. Presidents have done that to the Justice Department. But in the last few years and had a tradition of separation tradition. Doesn't create crime remember also the president could have done he could've sent to call me stop this investigation I am now pardoning. That's what President Bush did. In the beginning of the investigation of Caspar Weinberger which could lead back to the White House to the first President Bush. President Bush on the eve of the trial pardon Caspar Weinberger pardon and six people. And special counsel warship is outrageous. He stopping the investigation. Nobody took the red obstruction of justice you cannot have obstruction of justice when the president exercises. His constitutional authority to pardon. Is constitutional authority to fire the director of the FBI right or is constitutional authority to tell the director of the FBI. Who prosecute. Not to prosecute so let's get out of the weeds and let's look at what King Kong. But that is where does that give let me just ask you professor but just be clear when according to director calmly the president told him I quote. I hope you can let days ago discussing Michael Flynn the investigation. You don't believe he was trying to influence or impede. Any possible or further investigation of Michael Flynn who. Telling you is that even if he did want to impede you need to eat dinner and Peter that is is constitutional hour. Has the right to say you will not investigate when the best proof of that is he could've simply said. To call me stop the investigation that is part and glad it's over in my president. George Bush he pardoned Weinberger when Mike Berger could easily pointed the finger of get back. According to wanna terroristic. Your idol wanted to Jeffrey Toobin stay on the tickets I know he's at all no Alan Dershowitz is absolutely wrong on this and is obstruction blah blah blah. It's truly incredible so first of all. I'm Donald Trump is colluding with the Russians. Setting aside for the moment the hot Mike. Moment when President Obama was in the Far East any Shockey went whoever the Russian president was at the time it was nothing but a proxy for Vladimir Putin. And Obama not realizing a Mike nearby is not says yeah well you know after the election. Dotel tell Vladimir that after the election all I'll have a little more room to maneuver. That's that's not alluding to whether Russia as well let's let's set that aside. For the moment. This so called. Up curse that investigation has been going on for what. Seven months. And it's turned up haunt. Nada zero zilch nothing. So now having played out that medium. And finding nothing there. Then come only all weeks. He gets a gets in front of the the he committees on the hill on complaint all these lakers know this is terrible. Honestly give them what they do it turns around and weeks to his buddy at Columbia university law school. What he wants a New York Times to France. And he does it with the intent. Of getting a special prosecutor or special counsel. Well he gets his way and now here's a mob work and he's lining up people that worked for the Clinton foundation. People who gave eighty points thousand dollars or ever was in campaign contributions to the clintons over the years and they are gonna do the investigation the that's gonna be impartial and that. I'm holding my breath through the idea outcome of this at Bobby Anderson Cooper was not happy with professor direction since I answer wants no. He was and not a happy camper. 530 here on the Bobby Mack show we'll update you with the latest on the situation is 85 northbound business and Manny has arrested a news. That's on the way next and I'll see you right back as we go to the phones. Here on a Friday free for all. S dollar riot. Everything is up tights and out of sight. Stevie Wonder LL Motown stuff in the background yes and they don't forget Sunday of course. Is bad today it's Father's Day weekend and we celebrate that here on May Bobby Mack show us. I'm afraid she's got a he now okay. Gary dance. Well when the cool kids I am on Larry Brown. Do right now. Oh my dad will not. My dad used to say opinions are like robots everybody's got long. Who's your daddy who's your daddy 540. 246. Or on the body matchup Friday free for all rolls on lets saying I tune Lu who has end. Campanella Ohio Lou how is your TG IF Nolan. Aren't great probably in now if Vladimir Putin. Called outcrop and that comrade. We have information. We we found army and the Airways accelerate. Our classified information you want me to do. If Donald Trott said you know what lab got them up everybody. Is no crime was committed. Clinton disseminated classified material on an unprotected sir you cheat. And that is the crime that was committed wired and that being investigated. Because I according to former FBI director James coming. Who took it upon himself to remove his boss the attorney general from deciding whether or not Hillary should be prosecuted. According to mr. only there was no intent. On Hillary's part. To violate any of our national security laws although if you read those same laws. Which I've gone to the yet time and trouble of doing on multiple occasions on the show you will notice in the word intent. Appears nowhere in the legal language so essential lay. Call meat gave Hillary get out of jail free car. I'm not only have nowhere in concrete job description. That's sake he has the ability. Not a factor why do you program but the fact you broke a lot well for now. What's what's the name of the organization he headed is that not. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. It's not the federal bureau want prosecution. That belongs to the DOJ anybody. Because Colorado way and should met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to the sky harbor airport in Phoenix felt like gap. And essentially now we also discover that to Colorado and Chan told mr. Komi don't refer to and as an investigation. Regarding Hillary referred to it as a matter he took it upon himself to decide well. There's nothing new prosecutor here which is not his job. It's not and as a person who's personally paying for this and that Asian. Money as money is probably give it all into that brilliant. Or nothing else hide millions. I would expect that meet and put up or shut up. I don't want it to be like going got an entry Audi Chevrolet love on Hillary Clinton right and it just it just going to knock him. Happy information. Group for now. Well I don't wanna spend millions of dollars to find out you don't. What are you know. What do you imagine what do these attorneys from the distinguished law firm of Wilbur Ross. Out what do you think they get per billable. I would say it's probably 500000. Dollar would be my guess is. And I cut it something else if they come in like trying to pit exit you know what guys agree better. I'm not gonna take any money cricket I'm just gonna do it. That's a whole different ball game. But apparently they walk by its chemical market policy impact knocked up aren't any bank and the swamp is gonna remain at all a high level. And don't forget the the camper to all of this. Anybody who wants to can make up any phony charge druthers about Jared Kushner. Or anybody else is surrounded trump during the campaign. All you gotta do is pick up the phone call a reporter at the new York times of the Washington Post as an anonymous source and they print it as fact. And an assist again next disseminate political person might like the last ten years this is the only time I feel bad for Latimer we're going to. It why. Yeah. It true I I I can't engender much sympathy. Foray former colonel in the KGB either bunt but I'm getting near that point thank you Lou I appreciate the gone hubby have a great weekend. In on the text line Bobbie I guess FBI now stands more federal bureau of intent. Cordoba 46 here in the body match out Friday free for all rolls on. Back to the phones and I'll catch up with a text line when we come right back. Year boom. Up for a seven miles a marble use a cobra snake for a neck. Welcome back 5519. Before six here on the body Mac show. Above wall is a leading in the US open golf tournament good thing that US may happen haven't Ricky hey Ricky hey Rickie Rickie Fowler. Not playing really steady golf has one under for today leaves at eight under par he has tied with Brooks kept gut. It was at three under for today. Out at seven under par two are tied to brits Paul Casey and Tommy Fleetwood. At six under par is American Brian Harman. South carolinian I think tyranny. Believe he has. See woo Kim is tied with Zander chablis at five under also in areas amateur. Cameron champ who is over you can now live up to his name on Sunday Charley Hoffman at five under Patrick reed at five under. They are rounding out the top channel Bill Haas by the way is tied for the eleventh. He also is at four under par Greenville native to the phones we go. To my stomping grounds of Taylor's and we welcome and Jeff here on the Friday free for all hi Jeff what say you. Pay. I say happy happy Wiki entry first ball and a second call Bob are you saying in it crime investigation will dictate it. So in summary build up plug in not entire group that big deceased openness that they could student. Now like gloom and all to show up blood demand that kind of thing. Where honesty you know into that into the that tired it's between. South and some reason cited all the sub rioting and yup. Well not represented at the time volley was not my district should you can come right back vision to keep it so opens up a little like a quarter due to lots of gold and one that it is eaters and come up the other. And well what I had heard that cancer that you like this to get out the capacity don't there are. Oh legislative brilliance but it was out column my little. Find truth in politics fact or reality it was. You can say thank Nikki won't to about a candidate. Elected official appointed official idiot album but it's got to be true. It saying he's saying it it is not true that they have the legal raptors series. And that would stop at all leaders stop but I'll and one day beat coast just by. How many children which along years the president trot trot would be well on her way to technologies wrong did lord Townsend. And that's been our. Congress that used to unite all big superstore and Iraq are now. Well oral libel in fact. There is AL libel suit that I understand is about to be filed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Over the New York Times editorial which they later retracted. Kind of a mealy mouth retraction but you know they'd they'd put out this editorial about the shooting. And then they referenced the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords and said that it was a political flyer. That'd been put out by Sarah Palin that it inspired this guy. Which is totally dis proven. By the facts and the times should know it and so now Sarah Palin saying hey I think I'm gonna say these guys for libel and I think she should. Where you know it's not cited achieved if well if president. Trop is a huge cold she stated you want to did pretty huge yeah. Right title by investors mustache or if you'd go out there as saying these outrageous buddy you got to keep in mind that we've got past the country. Are part of the our it is doing education system that they don't need to know what she attack yeah and a lot of trouble and not. They're still go vote and it. You cite the is that right starting center arms there are Rotblat legislate that. Erratic and messiah but you don't you don't we held liable right Arabic you say you praying praying praying that an excuse out. Well Harry Reid Harry radio thank you I'm not appreciate accountant Harry Reid on the floor of the senate. Made all kinds of outrageous charges and bat against Mitt Romney when he was running for president and he can do so on the former senate without fear of being sort. Because they have not given themselves that out. As funny reminds me of a lot of politicians set on the stump. Years ago he was running against a guy that I was running attack dance all the time. And I don't know who can't remember who the politician was right offhand but he said. And and to my opponent I would just like to say. If you'll stop telling lies about me I will stop telling the truth about a year. Now we're gonna do. Get into the final bonus hour for the week fourth and final one is on the way here in the Bobby Mack she'll stay right there.