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Thursday, May 18th

Trump; Comey; Flynn; Russia investigation; Boneheads


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Well it's gonna take I'm here for one more hour then president today we could get under way with the fourth and final hour they bought a Mac show here on this Thursday. Great to have you while on. At and as all way is your input is invited to encourage and welcome to. I got another act contest giveaway you give me another movie to get sent in this hour I didn't realize or somebody tell me. Terra also did yes a movie is going and we've got a ton of a manner guess what movie she used on it gladiator. It wasn't this doubles I thought here's value join me and none out and join in the conversation this afternoon angles advantage hotline number to free call. From wherever you are long distance doesn't matter the other side of the globe talked to 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. That number the common sense retirement planning attacks on line number is 71307. And he had a real easy email. Evolved and 1063 WORD dot com by the way I think I've I've neglected to mention. And not promoting cherish you know tomorrow morning when we're doing the flap jacks for first responders event. And down the eggs up grill on Woodruff road. They're are gonna be giving away. Only after you have to register to win a 500 dollar gift card all right. And they a lucky winner will get one for themselves and a another. 500 dollar gift card to give to a first responder. Courtesy of our friends at Reeves construction and by the way just. Finish up the terrific job they did it stay in the claim manner replacing defense and now replacing a roof. Over there they'll have a gift cards at the event in case a winner is there you can register to win and you just you know have a box there on the table. Aperture name and register to win will supply you with a forms to fill out and then Tara will select a winner on our alas go live to break. While she is there tomorrow and if the winners not present. I've been LB contacted well figure a way to. Get the card to be a 500 dollar gift card for you and a 500 dollar gift card for a first responder. Courtesy of our friends and to reach construction okay cell. Little incentive. For you to drop by and see Chara doing or shall live tomorrow morning eggs up grill. On now Woodruff wrote by the way. I have some more. Information that just came down and then I'll share reduction the second nine didn't print it out here. In in my email that had just arrived in the body Mac email box about the young upcoming armed forces day parade. So today about that as well as we went to the break and before the top of the hour mission this Yale dean. Is at Yale University dean and senate have bit of a pickle. Eight Yale University dean. Has been placed on leave. I'm fired of course been displaced only slap on terrorist. After offensive reviews. She made on Yelp. Are you on Yelp money for me there. Including one in which you refers to customers and a local restaurant as and I quote white trash. That's nice. That's not chop on and Arianna is that national. Pearson college dean June chew. CHU. Issued a public apology Saturday after reviewers from her personal Yelp. I count began circulating a day Ivy League school. Pearson had deemed Stephen Davis. Sent an email today informing members of the residential college that dean true. Had been placed on leave. After he discovered there were numerous. Reprehensible. Posts. Not the true. He had been led to believe existed that. But wait there's more. Quote if you are white trash this is the perfect night out for you rule Chu wrote in a review of a local. Japanese stakeouts. Equal opportunity offender. She's an and they about change there anywhere. Up. Davis who is in charge of the college's administration said that that review and another of the described. Movie theater workers as quote barely edged educated morons in quote. We're quote deeply harmful to the community fabric. While we can't have the fabric debt and went and what are yes your damaged the fabric. And he said he discovered on Saturday night that there were other reprehensible posted represented a more widespread pattern. Compounded the harm of the first two and damaged his trust in dean Chu and her ability you know leave the couch. Barely educated more. The thing is she's not no we guessed right she's not staring down on her. From her ivory tower and academia at the little people. The movie theater workers me barely educated morons. And the white trash. Don't know local Japanese tea house. Let me be clear he wrote no one especially those in trusted positions of educating young people. Should denigrate or stereo type others. And that extends to any form of discrimination. Based on class race religion. Age disability. Gender identity. Or sexual orientation and you leave anything out. Now you touch all the bases. Shoot did not immediately return phone and email messages today seeking comment. Well you know if a reporter John she would don't view them as a barely educated moron and not worthy of her comment anyhow. On Saturday she wrote to students that she was wrong. To make those remarks there are no two ways about it she wrote not only were they and sensitive in matters related to class and race. They demeaned the values to which I hold myself and would trot which I offer is a member of this community. Assimilate or die. Rose's observes Treo style. Hsu was appointed the dean of Pearson and on May twenty sixteenths after serving as an assistant dean of undergraduate studies that. Dartmouth College another esteemed Ivy League university. And before that as director of the pan Asian American community house and the University of Pennsylvania. Wonder if she ran into any white trash there. Her biography on the Yale web sites of the during her career she has sought to help students. Not only exe succeed academically but to support there holistic academic experience. And multifaceted. Identity it's. Whatever that hell that meant. Davis said you will not participate in it activities. Related to the universities may 22 commencement nor will she work with students through the end of this academic year. He did not directly address our long term future. Hasn't Eli. But he wrote that while he envisioned a future of horse Saturday that included. Healing and reconciliation. Overture whose remarks out every treating get together she can bring your leg and bring handsome white trash from the Japanese steakhouse. And they can bring and some of a poorly educated moron from a movie theater meg and all gather around. And and sing combed by yacht. As they re can salient. Today. I am grieving because night no longer can envision such a way forward oh cool. All all this is business terrible she is damaged the fabric. Of whenever. She's damaged the fabric. And you fabric damage your you. Now. No they don't they don't. Look down their noses after. Warning issued a sure Dartmouth I guess she went. Probably admitted as a a double minority. But pat I don't want to mention that made us I don't want to damage the fabric. Of the collective. The Borger you bought at. John Carter had just six in the Bobby match or take a quick tragic and simply ride back with more cheating yeah like she deserves should deserves far worse. It's magic. Steve Miller Band. Amber. Can Debra. Now is a magic the way he left dale hotel room enough Salt Lake City when now is that working for a Capitol Records and take him to inform. Venue to venue panel is an expensive drug well I'll tell another start. To a major actress sakes here and AM Bobby matchup in all my tax line 71307. A Bob. I cannot Democrat Graham. That would be when Saddam's Sunni. Provide the cost to taxpayers for all these frivolous which on investigations and special counsel's I think it's time this question being posed. To that rhino. Bob the person complaining about the Canadian tan again I was mr. grabber. Is probably the same doping whining about the name of wade Hampton high school my plates are. DP LR. AB NL. ENFYDEL. In the dale. Bob I am just gonna go ahead suggesting Greenville City Council closed main street to all vehicular traffic then they can run a steady constant. Seven day a week festival that nobody can act or go to a divot Jenrette okay I'll pass that on the council. Al Bobbie I have to disagree with a texture of the said congress could run a one flavor ice cream stand I believe they could run it right into the ground. Just says they have everything else with which they have been cast from a town. Bobby Mack impeach trump. Because he didn't get there way. Yes and November. Obama administration downsize of military after fifteen years in the Marines. Barack. I was just separated. For hearing loss went out of retirement. We put up with him they need to put up without still unknown and has anything to do with trump. But there have been some very positive changes in my family's life and glass ornaments thank you simplify. Bob in this day and age is a possible to speak and not offend someone or some thing. Parent or not. OK now PC has run amok. When you can't talk about white trash and poorly educated morons at the movie theater. The PC tentacles are grabbing too far. You're right. They've got they've they've overstepped their bounds. This. Al body the Yale professor story you tell it like it is dean Bob. Made me and the dogs afternoon. Still laughing. Springer. Back. While it. I springer now Bobby deal wade Hampton whiny baby snowflake girl she'll look very safe space. I think there's an opening on wade Hampton boulevard. Dutch. To the bones we go I gene is a long he's in Greeneville. He wants to comment on the Yale professors white trash can she overlooked she overlooked Gina trailer park trash. And tramp stamps but other than that she was due and look. You guys I think we'll article you know what this obvious usually do are just gonna give your perspective here it is an academic committee mainland. They look really they can lives is no question about it you have to create your own not. A possible essential war the supply. It's strawberry are actually people out you and I you know and that you know you're thinking about it that's something how would that any different than what Hillary part of that Maxine Waters or even show Obama. Now it's from its you're right it's it's a different effort into different so home. From the same hymnal. However now he may keep the the democratic ticket no luck well. Little issue you care because. They know they didn't do very very well lit with what the white voters this time around it's good yeah. And that he's the UAL the are you actually. You know pressure on what this kind of made me pick that no matter what you sent out on on the electronic media somebody's stalking unit yeah. Well anyway this is on every you don't. Well I I barely even ever heard of Yelp. You know I haven't either put you at Laramie in his I don't use a computer period last. Loud enough anyway it doesn't. And I look at this in great shape it gunmen Victor really concerned that you know but he did at this case around that that Yale just by issues. You know why keep. Oh. And mineral property Democrat plot your guy really anymore I get online a lot a lot of they're a lot of their their well. I'm very well be alumni all Caucasian. Yeah well you know what the average grade is now time I read this. Sometime ago and I'm olive to have an opportunity to mention what you think the average grade for an undergraduate is that Paul. Showed up. Our. Somewhat better than that. They got the average grade at Harvard is an AA. Of course that well how that treasury to publish stories like but it requires you to open up the topic and that have to do what. With government funding of free education and yeah college student spoke. If some other time. And by the way you two questions Iran and primary. Noble war I noticed when. I called then I can tell you honestly tell you she's afraid of things have surveillance a lot. No I she probably called in while I was on here and we're in the same studio on Roman separated by a little piece of glass so she has to act. Oh yeah a lot of radio. Probably hero the fast well now where where we we gave up that fierce sometime ago when Luis notice that other guys at Fort Meade. Now we're listening all the time a likely place on form from time to time usually high in the sky by Alan Parsons. Now this girl and we have wade had this like an idea that maybe she wants to go to what school renamed now while. How well. Yeah actually it's no wonder rappers in and out while I guess you wanted to. Decapitate troubled family has felt like that's in addition want to go to school like that well rename. She doesn't like where she is a sell side right down the road you know according to court I can't thank you Jane I appreciate com. Yeah average average grade and Harvard isn't it. No wonder I mean if your that they assume. You're Smart enough to get into Harvard or you have enough qualifications. To to Danny and you know we hear some minority or the other or a combination of all of the above. And energy are Smart enough to get into Harvard you should be should be any student. And then again the parents who were banned what is and what Tarver Dawson 75 grand a year sometime like that I'm very close if that's not yet. The parents your pay and 75 K a year. Are not gonna be real happy if you know little Todd comes home with a C average for 75 game better VNA. 630 on the body Mac show and he's ready to go in and you sinner standby bowed heads in the news is still to come and a another opportunity for you to guess the movie. Be right back. Apt. And roll them loans. Every time. Roll the dice. So in a much a snake eyes and my time 638 Tony do before seven here on AM Bobby Mack shall bone heads in the news is that still account. Coming up momentarily we'll do our job. The movie for this hour this though just in from the Republican National Committee Katie pavlik. Writing in light of the New York Times story alleging president trump told FBI director James Komi to stop. The bureau's investigation. Into former national security advisor Michael for an. Testimony from a main third Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is getting attention. As it should. According to tell me who testified under oath. He was never. Pressured by the Department of Justice officials to stop the investigation. Into alleged ties between the trump campaign and Russian officials during the Tony sixteen presidential election. Congressperson Hirono. When the question sought the attorney general. Or senior officials at the DOJ. Opposes a specific investigation. And they halt. That FBI investigation. Komi. In theory yes. Carroll now has it happened. Comic. Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that. Went out and appropriate purpose I mean where oftentimes. They give us opinions that we don't see a case there. And so you ought to stop investigating now investing. Resources intuit. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason. That would be a very big deal it has not happened. In my experience. So what are we doing here. Where the special counsel with two house committees investigated. With the end senate investigating where the FBI. Continuing to investigate. Only is already on the record. I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason. That would be a very big deal it's not happened in my experience. Close quote. I you may recall last week hearing testimony acting Finney director Andrew McCain. Said there has been no interference. In the FBI's Russian investigation. Since -- was fired quote. The work of the men and women of the FBI continues. Despite any changes in circumstance. Any decisions. There has been no effort to impede our investigation. To date. McCain's. So what they risk of repeating myself repeating myself what are we doing here. We already have combing on the records and now. Not in my experiences anybody tried to shut down an investigation for political reasons we got McCain team on the record. Say the investigation at the FBI continues just because culling is gone doesn't mean the investigation is dead. So what are we doing here if it is not a political witch out. He query. Bobbie a merger talk about your diet Wild Cherry Pepsi where you find them I can't seem to find him anywhere and any in my usual stores. One of the shell thanks for all you do Chris. Not update. After I had my knee replacements are. I went back and tried to drink go Wild Cherry Pepsi. And a suddenly tasted bad tip. And meditation even worse when the CEO of Pepsi made some disparaging remarks about a president trump on the new administration. So now it is back Coke zero. There's an option coach here. Which might then actually turn me on to I go out. Bumped up. But the thing that's all that sent in on the tax I saw believe we are ready to go here if you are ready. It is time once again forced to play guess the movie. And as before we have AM we have true. Family four packs of tickets to this weekend's county line music fest and Greenville Pickens speedway today festival that begins tomorrow. Went to him. Oh we only have one left. Now game money from the updating me this just get one. Four packets is that one family for packet we're still family four pack of four tickets. Now 02 more tomorrow to go OK good so we'll have more chance just mark. I went acts like 789 fall of an empire new mantra prowess. Generation X. Kenny George man Tyler Hadley. They ran this next group beat beat the means. They ran it together. So it's very hard to read. Not only that beat is spelled BIT. Nice work. Beat the means. The tip. And more. Remember more they're going to be they're also. Full. Full lineup and details and the website county line music fest dot com tickets on sale online and at the gate and here. Is a movie for you to guests. Contest minus 24143342414334. I here's a hint it's not caddie shack should best weapons as when you never have to fire. And voice sound familiar. Malone sound familiar to you OK we'll play it one more time should best weapons as when you never have to fire go okay. Your 4014334. Somebody is gonna get this one up pretty quick I believe. Korda before seven here in the bombing actually had to take a quick break here when we come back. Both hands in the news. Is coming up. There's a fairly broad hints. Iron Man and. That was the movie they share heard the sound bite from. Congratulations. David rose David Collins from money penny here remember offense well and any event take your graduation today where. Career she thinks her. Congratulations David got Dodi FMI for packet to you see on this weekend's county line music fest and has money to any point now we get to that two more. Chances to win tomorrow. As you'll have some other movies for you to take a shot at all right 651 that's what we're coming up on just enough time remaining today a full are. I'm Jacqui we actuarial Alomar John plays at full line. Don't hands and then. I don't know my government Iron Man back. Filling out or vote has really pays to be optimistic I think. This guy figured that out the hard way 49 year old Allen Cochran. Was in court in Norfolk Virginia he was facing a couple of felony charges he accused was accused of stealing. 33 dollars worth of sharp cheddar cheese from a grocery store. The second charged us for not showing up at a previous court hearing. It's a felony to steal 33 bucks worth of chief. Well the good news out for Allen is a jury found him not guilty of stealing a chain is. Unfortunately he wasn't there to hear the verdict. Because once again. It didn't show up. Apparently he sent through the whole trial but that didn't come back for the verdict because he thought they'd finding Gil de. Wrong again Alan. He probably wouldn't have faced any jail time for the other charge that when he didn't show up for the verdict the jury decide end. They would give him the maximum sentence of five years in jail. Now he's on the run cops are still trying to track him down. I would say don't follow this fall on the sheets. And something tells me this guy's never been good at making as a mom feel special on Mother's Day. Now this year a 58 year old richer reward them by name from mom Murray's mill PA eight. Spend Mother's Day getting hammered. He was so loaded that around 9 o'clock he passed out in his car. In the driveway of his 87 year old mother. No she was frowned. She went out there trying to wake him up he hitter with eight Kenny. Repeat them away. Yeah beat out your home where they came on Mother's Day. Arrested for aggravated assault and public drunkenness. That haven't been a certain guy. Know what time away from the kids is a great Mother's Day gift no one catches you actually have to make sure the kids are you know. Taken care all of. 35 year old dad from Cleveland Brian all the scandal is a Disney world with his family last Sunday Mother's Day. Took their young son back to their resort in the stroller. While his wife stayed just hang out. Then once she was back at the resort. He proceeded to get waste dead NA poolside bar and laughed a youngster sitting in the sun. Know what to Florida sun is like even this out here. The hotel got at least eleven complaints about him people also said he was pushing a stroller through the lobby and ramming people win it. It was Sam oh by the way did I mention he was also shouting racial slurs stroke a manager escorted him back to his room. Then he showed up in the food court started threatening people. And at that point they call the cops and then they realized that I can't who has pretty badly sunburned. It also been sitting in a dirty diaper for several hours. Father's Day is right around the corner. Forget it Brian the dad also threatened to cough on his way to jail just for good measure only sending get Donald Trump. To kill like up. He is facing child neglect neglect charges and you might imagine. Here's some payback for those people who insist on bringing their dogs everywhere. And that would be the M McLane family and so little miss Megan. Where we go trios. 48 year old woman Clara I go wire. Our rob de burger place and Oklahoma City on Sunday while armed with a hammer. And now she brought her dog along for the robbery a pit bull wish you left outside. And see. Didn't brilliant for the intimidation factor anything smashed a credit card machine with a hammer. Tried to take the entire the entire cash register but it was bolted down so she broke it open. And ran off with dale bunch of cash I think we have. Bobby Mack micro loans on the scene for this story doing on. And it went on entertainment and about 10 o'clock this morning a female organ damage he's sure. Into the bombs you're branding itself is the al-Qaeda smashing the screen the register. For the credit card holder in the tried to run away with cash register. Washington to break it's the lunged at the drive through window to yell out to customers and a breaking out the window. Of the stripe through with the game. To me that's just plain it's. There is that in essence nets. Yeah she took off running. Cops that I caught up whether by the way the dog started running with the cops. Earlier work. Apparently thought day you know it was a day it was a slug now understand. Catalog that's on today's vote hands in the news have a great Thursday evening seed Amare countless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. All right take care. Most of this country home. Wants him to go away there's no says it all riled up every time a bunch of idiots really awe attack take care now. Mommy can we please talk about this later bought by then in the end the universe tends unfold position. And my baby Phat band didn't.