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Bob Mclain
Thursday, April 20th

N Korea; FBI and CIA mole hunting; Paris police shooting


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Yeah. Hello how do you agree king is welcome salutation and nicely come Thursday aloha steady as we get underway with the heavily commuted part most heavily commuted part of the about me Mac program. The 5 o'clock follies and as always is your input is invited encouraged and welcome by the way. If you'd just got off work at five and you messed. Miami dramatic presentation of these. Final keyword sort of death he. In the 80000 dollar bankroll contest here on W O'Neill let me repeated for you at the risk of repeating myself. Great. GR APE. We had a number of catchers like to use the key word in sentenced Miami to key word is gray. Used in a sentence Kim Jong dung likes grape. Flavored paint chips the most OK there you go great text that 272881. And that your name in to the app into the hat. As it were 40000 dollars terra has the next thousand dollar keyword for you 7-Eleven two and five. Four times a day. We offer a grand orient there okay. Here's value join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon and Ingles advantage chalk line number told free from wherever you are located. 803471063. If you prefer to communicate with me via text. Does she is a common sense retirement planning attacks on number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WL RD. Dot com. Bob Bob Bob Bob I take offense. To your comment before the news about the haircut of North Korea's leader I worked for John Deere. There is no way any of our equipment could ever cut hair that badly. There. It had to be a Toro track you are correct. And Taylor's. Action. Bump up. Bob let's say using keyword in the senate silent and ice cold Ni hi grape. NATO. But they always. You know left your tongue purple. And now kind of grew feeling and I'll I like that neon orange and so I'm an orange free talent Marc. I'm Bonnie Kim Jong dung is one serious idiot. I'm Betty ate a a lot of paint chip that's coughing up broccoli Capcom the first three meals a day. Bob. And John Olin has has won ugly yes I do. No question. Annie Annie wanted to. Go and away. Chip. Where were running a series you've probably heard in the newscast via. The social war that's going on in the country. The culture war as another way. Great Bill O'Reilly used to refer to it which leads me and to us some stupid school news spurred a day. Since we descend an interview with my friend. Professor Dave Woodard from a Clemson. Now let's go west UCL a conservative professor. Commissioned a stunning headline in and of itself. At UCLA has Jacob's creek river vasser. UCLA conservative professor may be fired from his job for refusing to cave. To political correctness. UCLA administration has allegedly trying to sack. An outspoken conservative professor for his resistance to political correctness. Keith Fink. A UCLA prof who teaches classes on entertainment. Art entertainment law and free speech fears the university. Could be doing an upcoming professional review to help push him out of the institution. He's previously caused waves on campus by refusing to embrace. Trigger warnings. And safe spaces. Prompting the university and a blocked some students from taking his classes. University policy. Dictates that every a lecturer must undergo a periodic. Excellence review. To judge their performance. If a panel of senior faculty members decide the professor doesn't meet. There are standards and excellence they're forced to leave the position. At professor frank told the daily wire. And these reviews are normally just a formality about the university administration. Is throwing obstacles in his path. According to emails acquired by the website the wire. The officials have reprimanded faint for incorrect administration. In soliciting statements from students to support his teaching. A charge he denies. He also claims a department ignores his nominees for students to contact and using a different list. Purposely skipping one which praised him particularly strong. Only when he noticed that the document was missing they department fixed the allegedly accidental mistake. These student who wrote the letter told the site no reasonable person would believe in my letter was accidentally. And omitted. From the dossier. Because presumably at flatly contradicts the department's narrative. They asked me what my honest opinion was and I spent hours articulating how professor Fink is an excellent instructor. And explaining the impact he's had a mile life. It infuriates me to hear they attempted. By accident or by malice to discard my opinion simply because it contradicts their mission. The UCLA administration also so listen to a number of negative letters from students. Which they professor believes are exaggerated. One allegedly accuses him of using Rachel's worse. Without the context and he was teaching a class on the First Amendment and whether that speech was protected. He told the wire the way the system as. This is the easiest way for him to get rid of me. This is the perfect storm. UCLA has no. To this point. Had no comment. On this case had an ongoing investigation. Thirteen after five to the phones we go. Willie cheek as on this afternoon he is angry they'll want to talk about the late great Bill O'Reilly anyway say well I. Say hello are you won't so far so. Yeah I had a couple where Andrea yeah I learned Bert -- know ultimately to a moment shall. He didn't do noted not a good dual. You know lord saw this you know. Well it isn't telling it is a challenge rally I admit to find a show that's better than us. That's what I heard about whether alone are heard though that you're the sort of air Buren that lower interest. Paul Young related at all no problem also dipped below are. And I yelled a world which one they say which one because they were there are multiple. We're lower than they would want I don't know where all of built with the Gloria will drop then. Also several oval and he and redouble actually affairs. Recorded peel. Call it mail earlier in the morning. You know turn them portrayal. Yeah that's. That's that's not defense not going to be helpful to the bill did you. There are Rivet put it medal spot and you know the but what I got local court sure I've added this bottle bill but under what your opinion on that now can't. All along I have not though bright room without it although a liar and yell out or assault or don't even par crew trot. Can it get to follow received oral. Foot free trade agreement both street portable somewhere of what charity that oracle business with China. Am. You know it and you know of course and then made it Wear them. Older stable well epidemic. That it can't get. All eyes are so lame they made it seem as if there was some sort of conflict of interest. While you are able part question would you you know all of you have untie but there you have I really don't arm span. Why aren't suited to handle right now but it did note but that's the only I know. Well you know president and president to act cannot select. Whomever he wants as his advisors and John F. Kennedy appointed as brother Bobby is a attorney general. Well look like that's what they could look in the way beyond me but it. But what what's your opinion on their. No not over and done whatever. If vodka is able to whenever she's able to accrue. Out of her business in dealing with the Chinese or we will look like eight I kicker. Not compared to the amount of money that Hillary. Influence paddled. While secretary of state well thanks I gotta run I appreciate the call. Say for the Clinton foundation sixteen after five here on the body Mac show and take a quick break here and then right back as we roll on on Thursday's edition. The 5 o'clock wallets. I welcome back 522 here on AM body Mac show in on my tax line this afternoon trade outing and Kim Jung Owen. May have the same barber school. Ministers meet. And is mean. Bob I do like your show to part of it has to do with the fact enamored have to listen traffic reports every ten minutes. In the morning. About Dundee a flashback to the 1950 years. With the duck and cover advice from me a federal government in the event of atomic attack at a boy Tony. That's flash Manger now a sender. Well done. I'm Bob the China thing may not go was over trademarks well PL. There's nobody on the planet that is worse about. Stealing. Trademarked materials. Putting phony stuff. Out as if it is the real deal. One of the one of the areas where they're the worst for that is golf clubs. The golf manufacturers titlist deny some of the least tailor made. I have gone to putting individual numbers on each of their clubs going to be able to track them. Now because they get to the ripped off with counterfeit it's so much there was a recess on television while back. The guy who is so one of the engineers. Design engineers are titlist had two drivers. In his hand they looked identical. The guy that worked for titlist couldn't tell which one was a counterfeit and which one was real until they sliced into the head of the driver. Act cut it into it's I can see woes and siding Carson counterfeit and junk. So I can certainly understand now why there. Concerned about done trademarks of counterfeits. Now Bob did O Reilly guy why are you calling late just another nail in the fox coffin yeah that's it just sort of sardonic. He's not done amazing enemy back somewhere. Bumped up. Bob Kim Dong Dong a likes his haircut so much he's made it illegal for anyone else from having the same type. Bob Bob Bob he is a act Shia fat boy. Richard Checchi and Kim Jung and apple and I'm Bob I would like a grave crepe while sitting at a table next in my drapes while wearing my K gotcha. I'm great knee high. Out O'Reilly drink of choice Daria oh corporal radar O'Reilly. Drinking charge great neon that's what Eli can mash. Dutch. Lonnie Mack I went through the duck and cover practice isn't for restraint. 196997. In my fourth grade year after Nixon opened up to relations what China might elementary school guidance counselor went to China. And brought back lots of little red books that we were required to memorize. Obviously I didn't. Brought back chairman Mao's little red book. And and toll kids memorize it. Cheeks. At 25 after five to the phones we go Tony is on he is and now Simpson bill wants to comment on this. UCLA professor and trying to railroad out of the ivory towers of academia I donate. A veteran and I can't thank you a billionaire coming at getting you Lindsey Graham won quite a North Korean believe it. But there government. Do I. There's talk on UT LA that the operator connect. So what I would go to the zoo are out there. Our. Car UCLA. Letter and report. Doctor thank the administration to grab him greatly that would deny. That would be a worthwhile use of time in my estimation McKesson the very least. It went ruin their war ruined they progressives day. Every minute debate so much time to them greatly. Enhance our legal. That's there and support or they just don't know we are all. And greatly like. One cup or I don't. And don't count. Art yeah that would be puzzling to on what net. LI NR. Thank you John I appreciate that very much and he ran exquisite taste. There's another Fella and I can't remember his name now he's a criminology professor and UNC Wilmington. And the the pointy heads in the faculty lounge. Didn't care for his. Ideology. As he's a conservative well obviously can seize a conservative. And so they they denied him tenure. He's also a blogger and he's written some the same amount. Blog pieces on various web site which actor member's name anyway. He says autumn. Any subtle look. I've I've got great reviews on Michael I am I believe he teaches criminology and I guess at. But it the only rationale for denying him tenure. Was they didn't like his politics. He won the lawsuit and the you know person he had a grainy ten. Which I know. That and the twisted their shorts into and out. Alert alert mole hunt underway. Boy this flashes me back. And James Angleton. They. Counterterrorism. Counter I'm trying to counter terror counterintelligence. Directorship sect associate deputy director of operations for counterintelligence. In. From his time in the mid 1950s until the mid 1970s. James Angleton. Was the mole hunter. I not remember this is the days of the Cold War ranked. He was convinced. To his bones. That the CIA had been infiltrated. By double A. From the KGB. And he conducted one mole hunt after another which ended up ruining. Their careers of many. Innocent sue for whatever reason Angleton believed. Were working secretly for Moscow well now we learned today. As CIA and FBI condemn. During a joint investigation into one of the worst security breaches in their history. That exposed thousands of top secret documents describing. Tools used by the agency to penetrate Smartphones Smart TVs and computer systems. Sources familiar with the investigation say it's looking for an insider. Either an agency employee or a contractor. Who had physical access to the material. CBS news reporting the agency is not said publicly. Quinn the material was taken or how was stolen. A majority of the documents were classified. And stored and I highly secure location. But sources say hundreds of people could've had access to them and investigators are going through those names of those who had access. Me I treasure trove of classified data was published in March. By WikiLeaks. And now. Direct term Mike Pompeo the DCI you may remember the other day criticized heavily criticized WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange it's time to call out. WikiLeaks from what it really is a non state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia. Pompeo said so. And heartening back to the days of Angleton. Sadly a lot of innocent people war. Vilified him in that investigation and up and good people who ended up leaving prisoner. Victims of an Angleton which count not to say there there wasn't a mole. Or two. Went in the agency as Aaliyah who later learned one of those guys is due on life in the graybar hotel right now. 530 and at any standing by ready to go in the new center right back on the other side here on the body Mac show on Thursday. Welcome back great to have you on named Bobby Mack can. 5 o'clock follies here on Thursday in on the tax line Bob I think WikiLeaks did a solid public service. A money penny was asking about that a guy had to the agency that was the mole that James angled and spent so much time looking for. Up Aldrich Ames which is cameos and Hannah. Alcohol abuse problem and he had an essentially he sold out for money there's there's two reasons why people are turned either ideology your money. And I in the case of Ames it was money it was worshipped the FBI. Where they mole working with Neil Soviet Union there. Was the head of counterintelligence. Guy the guy who is tasked with looking for mall when the FBI was himself the mole. Make it down pretty easy. Bobby out there UCLA they got Darrell lived tarred panties in a wide deny Bob. And now this from Tina our end Bobby UCLA's phone number is 310825432. Line. Yeah. Demo buzz wanna know what's you're on on Bob about the a duck and cover stuff don't worry if you see the flash. No worries. And I mean no no no I Kim Dong. Four room and Elizabeth Warren. And the same barber they stole their hot there's style from my Janet Reno. Gotcha. Another incident apparently of Islamic terrorism. I mentioned the other day this this guy out in Fresno. Who I shot three. Ash while shouting. Allahu Akbar in the Associated Press changed it to his saying I got his great. And I shooting today in pat what are the what are the French and I have enough of this. When are they going to finally throw up their hands. This time not and surrender but just you know. Go Mon do you know what was going on here. Policeman shot dead two others seriously injured by a collection of cough wielding gunman I'm assuming that's an AK 47. On the Sean taylors say in a central Paris just three days before the French presidential election. Think this is gonna have an influence on a we'll see French police said the attack was quote probably a terrorist attack. Yes thank. Cents this guy was already on a watch list. And I had previously mentioned on social media that he quote wanted to kill police. Yeah that would kind of be a tip off I would think. As heavily armed officers flooded the area a third individual. Shot dead. And that was the they shoot this previously flagged as an extremist. The the fatal incident unfolding courses nighttime in Paris. They fatal incident unfolded as presidential candidates debated. On a TV show and nearby before the election which is coming up on Sunday. The interior ministry spokesman. Said the officers were deliberately targeted and they police union added that one of them was shot dead. While sitting at a car. And a red light there on the air shall sailors and will will see. Now what effect this may have on. The Election Day out the front national party leader Amorim intent. I was nearby taking part in the debate. Now when this happened we'll see if this side has any influence. On the upcoming election necessarily make you wonder. I saw this story today as well another this is entering because. And judge go are such. Is now hearing. Cases since the Supreme Court has been filled out days after judge nor sage was seated on the Supreme Court restoring restoring rather the panel to full strength. A top senate Republican said the court could soon be down a member once again. Which would of course give president trump another big appointment. I would expect they resonate a resignation. This summer said senator Chuck Grassley chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He told. Iowa newspaper the musket teen journal. Grassley said there was a rumored. Retirement in the offing. Though he wouldn't disclose which justice was considering stepping down. Grassley comments echo those made in February by fellow Judiciary Committee member and former Supreme Court litigator senator Ted crew is. I think we'll have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer. Cruz said if that happens as much as they left his crazy now they won't go full Armageddon. Melt down Grassley predicted any new Supreme Court nominee would come from me a list of potential justices put forward by president trump before he won the election. Garcia which of course came from that list despite bipartisan testimonials in favor of his confirmation. Senate Democrats what a fierce resistance to receding. Ultimately forcing Republicans to change send a precedent by enacting the so called nuclear option that is where it could be. Approved for the court with a simple majority vote. If I had to guess I would say Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Because her health there's have been in question for some time. No big loss you may remember awhile back. She was speaking somewhere South Africa I think. And suggested that domain not based their constitution. On the American. Constitution. They won that she swore to uphold and defend of course. While I quarter before six here on the bunny match show on Thursday we go to the phones when I come right back. Step aside Furman. Welcome back 551 in on the attacks lining up true story Bob and attention you earlier. I had just memorizing chairman Mao's little red book. Wow all. Bob Kim dung heap has a haircut of curly from The Three Stooges Aureus a Dennis Rodman haircut which makes him cool. And down with a struggle. I'm Bobby out thank you media probably was a terrorist attack any porcelain officer probably won't be returning to. Now. Bob Kim John Owen haircut looks like Bart Simpson's boss. And thought but take your word toward. Let's get a sense and bill and bring in demand here on the body match oh hi Danny welcome to the program. About. With the but this presumed terrorist attack which it will be probably. Vetted here next day or so it will be one yeah we probably have. You certainly don't wanna jump to conclusions and and and falsely accused or. As they as they say profile anyone. Absolutely not absolutely not and what will also find out in. The next day or so is it being do you believe or someone will raided the hat doesn't put doesn't location. Of other known associate. And we'll go round up all the people. Right so we didn't really. Mechanic if you ought to. Occur quicker because. There are not a good thing. That's right part they've flipped but. You know we shouldn't lose this this terminology of the of the lone wolf I mean these people are known yes they are for some reason removed all these watch lists. Which is ridiculous some of these were. Probably to a French citizens they would be left on the list I know that these were happening in our country I do not on the list that would be it would fly. I wouldn't be able to get also to permit. But. These people are removed off the list probably from political. Reasons for political reason. But it seemed very ancient want to French election because there's a a nationalist socialist person. Who is very anti immigration well I think it ends. Maybe a win this year outside shot but very been why. Yes marine Le pin your aunt and isn't it interesting you know with all of the discussion and we talked about and went on this program about the lack of privacy. Not only in this country but in and many other parts of the world. This guy posts as posts on social media yeah I'd like to go out and kill a few cops. Write a better traction nobody's attention and nobody is jackets tracking this stuff. Exactly little it would I think you don't get me wrong I'm all port security uncalled for American strength. You know I hope that we direct all our assets to our enemies and we we armed. Take care of these people deals. On but it distinct I do not feel that he is these assets are actually being directed at people who deserved it it appears because. People can post on social media and they can be involved only groups yet they don't get picked up and removed from. Whether it's deported or whatever right and we have surveillance on the on. That some transition team you know alert the various reasons. On the we're all finding out every day with the truth TrueCrypt at news right that he was serve bailed. Just like you said he was end. It was done by a political. Adversarial party the Democrat. I mean since the Nixon on steroids and yet it doesn't. It doesn't garner any real attention from all the outlets on. It makes it it just so ridiculous and it it it it makes Nixon and Watergate now look like a kindergarten tracked by comparison. Thanks a fool all I heard it. I appreciate your being here and now let me quickly get to Mike because I'm not up against in his era manners Ohio Mike and welcome to the shell. Quickly Bob I 71 right out don't you so a lot of Marin county virtual. And you adjust controlled submarine where you're right to protect our program rancher Warner in the cultural coming into a more but the trigger. Coming in a little bit higher now. She and the watch got on the slopes away on her back and shoot charged with a Marie dealt border or let them get out wager in between here now. Our board yeah sure we got coming out of that. Any oil. That got screwed luckily they didn't bend short or Julie is in the trot out the pro. They they ordered a new scoring. Report this onion at all at all boxed up right. They lowered into the water still fox got yes. Divers go to Michigan you know post cold when they were there on that contract are certainly more right and they change the screw out. Under war era on the back board and I got the old group in the box. And how it is those I'm in an appetite. Yup that's right they are the areas that your client and client. Catch it cannot. A potential bush won an all electric motors is pretty quiet right. But date date the war movie or potential boat wrecks when you know there are currently don't have that are harder dynamic members. And I wish I don't know what you that they go on this (%expletive) gonna break. Yeah if this is not gonna help a happy conclusion percent. It's like you know they are you are Orlando and I don't know how many did my thank you very much and I ON and no more and more importantly thank you for your service. Bonus hours coming up.