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Thursday, April 20th

Civility in politics; N Korea


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And dated does. And so it's a good thing that I'm here getting underway when our number two the body Mac electric radio program and has all the way is. Your input is invited and encouraged and welcome here is valued join me and take part in the conversation today just grab your phone. Using the angles advantage talk line number it is a free call from anywhere. 803471063. If not texting is your preferred mode of communication we are prepared for that as well. Just use the common sense retirement planning. Text line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063 WORD. Dot com. By the way appointment listening note. We recognize your busy got places to go people to see things to do bears they've resident Jose. So you have to go way sometime between now and 5 o'clock. Just before we have started thrown Donna good vision. I will give you would be final keyword for the day. In a thousand dollar bankroll contests aren't. So he would use a act quick grand. At can't go away for awhile make sure you come back. Right before 5 o'clock when we will give you the. Last key word for today out in on the tax line Bob Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren Arizona collar folk artist. Was on the news last night saying she and the other self righteous Democrats. We'll relentlessly continue to fight trump at all cost. Her uncontrollable. Fervent partisanship is so mentally. Overwhelmingly paralyzing. She would fight trump. Just despite trump. Even if his policies benefit the American people's safety and their self interest. This tells you all you need to know about the left they're not about helping the people of this country. They're a belt selfishly and unabashedly. Proliferating their sick. Twisted anti American ideology and mark just come Marxist delusions of grander it's discussing. By the way also north Koreans have small hands. Specially their fat and yeah Kim don't. The Democrats do seem. Now to be so delusional. That they continue their race to the bottom. Here's the latest chapter of there. Hey let's see we can get even below the garter. Awhile back. Mr. Peres who has a new head of the Democratic National Committee. Gave some. Big gun. Podium thumping speech when he said that Republicans. Don't give a S word. About the American people. Don't yank. This today from Joseph Weber at Fox News. After a grueling trash talking 2016 election. The new leader of the Democratic National Committee. Hasn't exactly taken great pains to raise the level of political discourse in America. Tom Perez's latest attack on Republicans is they don't give up. Password. About voters. They DNC chairman unloaded on the GOP get a rally on Monday and main. After leveling the same attack weeks earlier in New Jersey. Analysts say it's part of a strategy to rev up the Democrat base. But after then candidate Donald Trump was slammed last year for casting off civility in politics. With profanity laced speeches and an insult driven debate style. Perez's rhetoric could be taking his party. Down the same path in spite of calls right more unified message after their 2016. Broderick. Republican leaders and president trump don't give an S word about the people they're trying to hurt Perot as. And Obama administration labor secretary said Monday in Maine. About the GOP's plan to replace obamacare. Formerly known as the Affordable Care Act. Though Perez was blasted for similar comments in New Jersey he and his fellow Democrats and apparently turned me blistering talking point. Into a battle cry. The Democrat party's official store. Get this. The Democrat party's official store. Is selling a T shirt for thirty bucks that say. Democrats. Did say S word. About people. And on the T shirt it's SH. And then an asterisk. T. I totally get what Peru as is doing Victor Jennifer Victor. A politics professor at Virginia's George Mason University. Said his job is to energize the base with anger or whatever else it might take. Because Democrats are they down and out party and he's not facing these strategic dilemma of say a senator. Who might compromise every once in awhile but it's definitely not civil. During the hard fought DNC leadership race Perez was cast as the more moderate choice. In a contest against congressman Keith Ellison. Democrat Minnesota. Ellison by the way as a must I'd. And Perez. Who has from the Marxist school and they Democrat party was cast as they more moderate choice. This guy's a bomb thrower. Rob Carter a member of the Maryland Republican Party sent electing a former local Maryland official. To lead the beleaguered DNC. Marked a seismic shift to a left. That ignore Democrats police to appeal more to middle America. Talk about not understanding your own voters the selection of Tom Burrell as well as ironic at best. Perasa is doing everything he can to move past. Democrats historically pour recent election cycles and make voters forget how little they cared about the average American. Republican strategist. Joseph did so let's told Fox News that's evident Indy burdensome obamacare legislation they passed. And that has been progressing down the path to failure. For years. For decades Democrats and Republicans have called for more civility in politics. With a little success as a point fingers and attempt to claim the higher ground. In fact they civility pledge sent in 22 and every member of congress and every US governor 585. In total. Was signed by just one senator Andrew House members. The civility project the bipartisan group that sent the pledge disbanded. A year later it took him a year or realize they'd failed. This political divide and has become so sharp. But everything is black and white too many conservatives can see no redeeming value in any liberal or Democrat. Republican co-founder marked a mosque told the New York Times that would probably be true about liberals going in the other direction but I didn't hear from them. Tomas did not return a call requesting comment for the story. A DNC representative also did not immediately return acquire a request for comment which kind of proves a point. They don't even wanna talk about the lack of civility are about how one side ignores the other. And you'll understand why people who had traditional American values. I don't have any respect for the progressives who want to essentially tear down everything that made America America. For using vulgar and racially charged language and a Hillary Clinton rally. Can you imagine if I said that trump sat at a rally in Florida he used every word in the book. I never said what he said in my life but that just shows you the phony nest of politics. So this is what we're doing this do now. Go to the Democrat national committee web site cough up thirty bucks and buy your Democrat I'll buy your teacher. That says Democrats give an S word about people. I. Quarter after five here on the body match or take a quick break here when we come back on the other side the FaceBook. Killer they got from Cleveland. Caught in Pennsylvania. When they mcdonalds workers dropped the dime on him shouldn't they get the 50000. Dollar reward. Talk about it next. Broke my ball. Welcome back great to have you along very nice Thursday afternoon here in the upstate South Carolina in on my tax line Bob. Why why didn't NATO except the French tank design. It only ran in reverse. Roe. And bump on Bach choir they trees in the middle of all the Paris streets. So they German soldiers can march in the shape. It's. Bob would always going on I can't understand. Hell even golf can give you any peace of mind I use music as an outlet and that is failing. Allen and now tailers like Robinson psychiatric appreciate that. Bob if dims really DNA you know what may be that's why all their ideas spank. Could be. I'm Bonnie Democrats DNA password on. The motors. Good point. So the employees at the McDonald's in Pennsylvania who tipped off the only knows all the cops. On AF FaceBook killer did their best. To stall. Any murder suspect being hailed as heroes on social media. Lot of people taking to Twitter to say they deserve the 50000. Dollar reward. For helping lead police. Steve Stephens. Stephens of course killed Robert Godwin senior 74 in Cleveland Sunday. And then uploaded the video they horrific attack on FaceBook. A widespread manhunt ensued and there was no sign of Stephens until all a little after 11 in the morning on Tuesday. When Thomas do Sharma junior. The owner of the Erie Pennsylvania McDonnell's. Told Tribune media. That a worker there recognized Stephen Tennessee came through the drive through and ordered her supervisor. I looked out and I'm like yeah sure does look a lot like him dish armed told the Tribune. They drive through worker was already at the phone at that time so hats off to my crew in the manager's I'm just so proud of them. A supervisor went to the window. And tried to skull Stevens by telling him his order of Fries would need more time to collect. As Stevens though took his six piece chicken nuggets and declined to wait for the Fries. Police caught up when him shortly after the exchange and following a brief chased Stephen shot and killed himself. Not yet clear if the McDonald's envoys will receive any of the 50000 dollars offered by the FBI. The ATF. And the US Marshals Service and law enforcement officials told TMC. At the workers were crucial. In tracking down Steve that's a lot of people on social media. Not commenting about this mark. I'm mark Hemingway that this was Smart and brave I hope McDonald's in the authorities a reward and recognize. These employees could rag. Posted McDonald should match the reward money for the employees. Sonia. Tweeted the McDonald's where Stephens order Dunn Mick nuggets to drive through worker spotted him trying to stall and with Fries while waiting for authorities they should get. The Dow reward. Sonia also tweeting there was a fifteen grand reward out on this guy the employees at this door. I'd delayed him and should receive the reward. I'm Michelle. Posted today McDonald's employees get the reward for finding this guy they did all the police to alert them make sure they get. I would say so now as somebody and put in on the element excellent sometimes they'll you know put in the fine print. Leading to the arrest and conviction. And but fortunately he had saved us. The expensively. Arrest and trial 25 after four here on the body mansion to the phones we go historian Allan. It was in Greeneville hello Allen and welcome to the program. Can't anybody back here talking about it brought it isn't the Democratic Party and yet we get and outlet in talking about it and that sum it up in a statement. I think they're problem. It finally catching up and is that sometimes it is distant have a sense that integrity. Yeah. And I'd say that it. Let me not try to condemn them I'm just expecting. It in example or one you know it was that caddie or like Riley had yet. Courtney B but it was okay hurt Clinton. Aspects within and earned a life that the American people. Cried because remember all the polling data that does character count in a president and so many people as a while now it hasn't had anything to do with his performance as president. So we should give him a pass on this well I guess I made probably didn't have any effect Donald Reilly's performance either. It may take a course out a week. The Republican Party certainly a bit but there at an ingredient equity only to dot receipt questions. Parts to a debate and not destroy that doll would not be at it today I would agree. Believe that or my point is simple. Apple says integrity. Out loud damn much to continue. The league's. Because there's no facts. It's just not part of their make and I inspect these things. Yeah its and they all. They force it to carry it being totally. But the off it's our right. And it kicking up and they can't respond to it but that is just worse until it is spam and need to be apple. Yeah and that and there possibility. And and that is something that they've retired along time ago accepting responsibility look at Hillary over the emails she never did anything wrong. She only had one phone and Amanda though the culpability. It was obvious and the don't live. Piled on a lie certainly didn't do her any good and when you couple that with the fact. That the Democrats. Progressive. Socialist Marxist message. Is a message that just doesn't resonate. With the American people. And the fact that they have no bench strength. Who they get a real or who they gonna run against drug and 20/20 Bernie Sanders there's going to be eighty years old Marie Evans say. And this. At that and what collectively. Equity and allow them to do not eat it didn't she that would cut all right. Teen. Age I don't get caught picking to win the championship. And address don't act now and or you have got to be hot late in trinity. That we act. But yourself to the on a regular basis and thank you and but at the moment they do it. Okay a lot of things are gonna be a force they allow for people that they import what we can't keep it but he did that I hate it that Clinton. So that in terms that got. Of course he would probably exactly right people forty and about what we enter it. Right back you're the you're going to lick he bought it. It is Europe and that's what we're college campuses despotic and their only option. Is this is the literally shot on the other side but I think I bet it would have been set themselves. Betty. Are popping up. Yup we'll look at it just yesterday or are in it in recent days Chelsea Clinton. Saying that the reason Hillary lost with sexism. In the country people couldn't bring themselves to vote for one yeah. How. Yeah. They just they're they're delusional. And and as a result they can arrive and an accurate conclusion for why their problems continue. Exactly and cannot ball. Yeah I mean it it it knows what we're at it and that's why there evidently it can't directed its new chairman. The dollar club option Mel it's incredible and it. I'm gonna keep stretching it to the guys sit back in the mere thought. We're at the bank is Mitt is in critical ingredient to Israel I think it I think is it now by the population centers. The war. Edit it and it. Yeah it's it's it's it's pretty sad and it's fortunate enough for us. That the American people recognize their hypocrisy for what it is now last November Allan thank you very much for the call I appreciate a surrogate to have me here today for thirty. Here in the balmy night show any. Ready to go in the new senator and and I'm right back on the other side here on Thursday. Welcome back great to have you on. Nicely can Thursday afternoon here are tough for 3822. Before 5 o'clock. Makes you wonder when the French are finally going to throw up their hands and say enough is enough. Another shooting today what one officer dead another wounded and now the shooter. I believe also went dead now as well at least they appreciate and that municipal police. Now are beginning to arm the gendarmes. They get an election coming up and they have a conservative candidates been making a lot of noise. Marine Matt and so well I'm a C you have to what does that money 128 Eric yeah 28. Is CNN election. For the AM premiere. Of France now lots of noise going on about North Korea about Kim don't know what's his name. Another big piece today. Somewhere on the way down. Risk of accidental nuclear war growing UN research group sales. I and I certainly put a gag a great deal of credence and know whatever I read from a UN research group right. But not to worry. Now because we we we know that. Here in America we are prepared. I shared dec Kim managed US somehow. Send tea. Nuclear weapon. In our direction those of us senator old enough. Will remember. The advice that we received as youngsters. What to do in the event. Of an atomic attack. Let's turn back the hands of time. To the 1950. I don't know of the atomic bomb is very dangerous. That may be used against us we must get ready for it. First glad to know what happens when an atomic bomb explode. What could knock it down or throw you against between your walls will be Tony knows that it helps to get to any kind of cover had a boy don't pay that price means. Act passed. Automobiles can be dangerous to. They sometimes caused bad accident. Paul and that he know what to do yeah they are on the way to school a lot of beautiful spring day. No matter where they go what they do it's a bomb duck and cover. All covered the back of his head so but he wouldn't give aren't good it might be eating your lunch when the price comes. Duck and cover under the table then the explosion makes anything in the room all down it can't fall on you up. And. You're government at work in the 1950s that was the advice we received I was in elementary school. Get under your desk. And nine and cover your head duck and cover that was wait that's actually real. Yes that's not your play you know and I now know that is an authentic. US government authored and sponsored. Public service announcement. For what did your group. In the event. As we all know the atomic bomb as dangerous. You see that flash oh boy you better get downward docket you can be thrown into a tree. No mention of printing paper. Is on turning to look instantaneously going at 3000 degree is. I agree the good news is. That it is after all on Kim John dung or whatever stance. And we do have some exclusive audio of their last. Attempted missile launch and we will let ways. Him don't even this is your leader Kim Jung. Then when militants he means I'm in the world. Title. Demonstrate the full force and military with the launching a our very own nuclear missile. No new ways you would someone handed me the life there. I mean than me dammit medium and somewhat. I told not to give me a life there and human beings that was me in North Korea. When I do. Well. You know I keep trying guys you know. Just just keep bad. But. We have we we we don't wanna take this to light late. And now we we I mentioned we have an amber of a musical tributes. To Kim Dong Dong the and down North Korea's Achille we're all the first of our musical tributes to no cal. John Cornyn in the. I'm glad I'm that would be dumb. Coming fine. You know oh. Then. A body much semi professional players with a apologies to the knack. And now there. Original tune. My sure Rona wintry. Played around it there. Many AM may be the efforts of president trump the State Department says secretary Tillerson. With our friends now Leah try com's. I will do some good big get headline today from the Nikkei Asian review Beijing. May cut crude oil to beyond Yang Yong Yang says Chinese expert. At China apparently turning screws. On the North Korean to to prevent another nuclear test happening and if they do. I had a another nuke test underground over there will be able to stiffen up and sent whenever sniffer airplanes. Over there to attest the atmosphere so if these guys are up to anything nuclear corner before five here on the body naturally go right back to the phone is. When we come back here on the Thursday edition on 1063. WORD. Bonds stags. If he knew the lowdown. 41510. Before five here in the body Mac show on the senators say Bob what we're the F French policeman shot with a bow and arrow. Doesn't France have really straight gun laws say do. How could someone in France and break that wall. I must have been a refugee. Can't somebody else sent text it earlier when you think he had been at odds are that of the shoe who is a Muslim. I doubt falls into the category of rhetorical question. Bob but in my humble opinion there is nothing accidental about nuclear weapons surmise Katie Danner. Bob thanks shore up playing that duck and cover audio I feel safer already. And about the end North Korea Sonja Bob that's bad. Hilarious. Oh MG I remember the duck and cover on top of that there was actually a series of slides that went where that. That we'd roll featuring out another mile white kids. Yet. Well segregation and 1950. I'm Bob where they just trying to alleviate people's fears and an atomic weapon tell on him all that news again under a desk. To avoid being hurt I guess. Downplaying it Bobby don't forget in the event and a nuclear attack you should have plenty of duct tape on hand absolutely. Million and one uses. Bob I remember a duck and cover in 1962. However while covering my eyes. Under my school desk I used to peak. So I can see what was going. Nuclear instructions get under desk place had between the legs kisser rare and goodbye. Number of people so now. Bobbie why didn't the government to say OK a little Gemini an atomic blast just occurred now climb under your desk. Put your head between your legs and kiss your keys to your divine right. Bob that was great duel little more of those my sure Rona are North Korea whatever great show thanks for all the good information panel light hearted news. Seriously Bob I bet they don't tell the snowflakes in college. What the effects short oral long term are of a nuclear explosion. My they would they North Korea spoof of my share roan is it safe to say we've gone from an act to the knock. In okay. Just wondering. The Bob I think they had north Koreans guerrilla leaders real name is who for one dollar and. Could be well we'll we'll put our Intel sources. A dump and yeah I IQ I Greeneville we go next and Robert is a Nextel appear on the body national hi Robert welcome to the program. Our hi how you do about it so far sued Bobby. Last night outside or scroll. You know I've fox does that that and to have all of us yeah smaller banner across the bottom anyway it was talking about. They've Russians saying that they use in they have no problems without weapons the conflict in Chatham down. Yeah I saw that too and I thought. If they really had a weapon from his capable of doing that why in the world would they tell us. Well. They did give an example Bob they use it did if they like. Yet the example that they were able to get to come up where it was is that there was a destroyer. In the Black Sea. And and basically they shut it down any when the captain. Sit that was so. Banks are called. My understanding is is that circled it and evidently they're actors or whatever aspect of big. Area so and so this this weapon. That down the risky Sam what disables all the electronics. Yeah dejected Dan. But there I don't know in other words how effectively they did Delaware's you have to get rattled worked over the top of the target no ride up before it becomes effective I don't know. Yeah out that would that would be information worth knowing when it because if if you have to do it from. Armed soil and obviously to be blasted out of the water before you could use it. Right right back about I did I didn't get a little. Worried whenever I read that thanks you know they're they're. There have been. They're really challenge didn't they're playing chicken wrap them up Alaska. You know Russians yeah yeah well it I mentioned yesterday they didn't just built this. Big base up in the Arctic. So. Now they're there. They are worth keeping and I'll bet it yet I would I would agree it's accent I appreciate Colorado. Also in on the tax line this afternoon Bob if they North Korean leader is threatening anyone. He should be threatening his barber. No kidding. Have you seen this guy's hair cut. I suggested yesterday that his. His son Tom story you'll work was not being done by John. It just biggest scalp they guy. I mean now military is high and tight. Now this guy is. Tight and wrong. Percent of. Bonnie so when Russia said they shut down one of our destroyers are they not admitting it. Two attacking us and is that not a declaration of war. From my Derek in Greenland now I should stay out warning shot across our bow yes. Bob Kim Jung dum dum. This guy is a Psycho. He is. He is AM. Textbook case. I stand by thousand dollar bankroll contest final key word for the day is coming up. Next.