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Wednesday, March 21st

TX bomber dead; Southern accent; Good news


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I don't know about you nobody in my humble opinion winter has overstayed. Its welcome. And it was the first day of spring yesterday. When he should made a chess and let her goodbye. And out here tired of the cold north wind is a well. You know on not on second thought. Act considering. What's going on and now the northeastern part of the United States. A state of emergency imposed by New Jersey governor Phil Murphy remains in effect with several inches of snow already on the ground and York city mayor bill the blind zeal warned residents that more is coming weeks. Back for about 4 o'clock on. This note to start to accumulate very very quickly. And that's country trade tremendously difficult conditions practically on the road. He adds mass transit will also be affected the snow is not restricted to the northeast areas of Kentucky and West Virginia are seeing a foot or more of snow. Even as spring has officially strong. All yeah fair now as spreading as spring has definitely asks brown now all right. Wow. So I guess you know. Went down. Colder than normal temperatures and that brisk three years settle in north. I should just die shot up because I'm not. Shoveling in inning which I've done now substantially in the past hello -- greetings and welcome salutation. Wintry wind zeal while Austria as we get underway went our number one here is valued join me. And be a part of the conversation Ingles advantage talk line. 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. My email address bomb. And 1063. WORG. Dot com code word for this hour a key word is soon know who. SL. OW. And you text that to seven to 81. Okay. Have you seen a picture. Of on the Austin bomber. Marc Anthony Condit. I was immediately remind I'm old enough. My memory goes back far enough I remember those ever in the old the old sayings and I'll. And one of a man immediately came to mind. The advice. Actor bow wow who. Appeared they had the code. And you can't judge a bug mileage and the cover from my boat deadly medicine is that where you look at the the picture. Of this Cy Young guy looks like you know. Clean can't. Average Joseph all American kid. Gotta be honest botnets you know. I mean crazy. As they you know what else rant. But don't look at the kid. Now you wouldn't we wouldn't you wouldn't think. This you know you'll look at you go back to enjoy the pictures of say Ted Kaczynski. The unabomber. And if CS picture music already out I'll actually unabomber. You know wild haired dubbed mad professor kind of book. And you look at the picture of mark Condit. And you don't want. This is a kid this chill in people with bombs. Now fortunately. I was an amateur. And and that's William god bless them. Ideal Leo's. Terrific job. In track in the sky down I mentioned yesterday. Retired city. The guy that actually was responsible for catching the unabomber for catching Kaczynski. I yesterday when it came out that the bomber the Austin bomber. Had sent one of his packages at least one before we knew there was a second win as well that he had sent at least one of his packages through FedEx. And the retired FBI guess that while there's a game changer. Sure enough he shows up in. Security video. I was just highest. And I had some blonde wig and a baseball cap and you know movie. Kind of disguise. But. He he made numerous mistakes that the pros. Pick dried apple. I mentioned yesterday the out the the bums science analysis. Technology is so far advanced now. If you can get. Part of that trigger mechanism. Because bombers. Use our. Typically. Have a signature in the kind of trigger mechanism that they set up they like to use one kind of triggering mechanism over and over again. And that's one way you recognize the bomber's signature. But they can take a very small Pete not everything. You know is incinerated or or demolished. Below and a well the expression blown to bits is accurate there are still bits. And the this ATF and FBI explosives experts. Now the guys said then that techies and the lab. Can take a very small piece of a bomb. And now be able to contracted back. And in this case. Now apparently a mark Condit used some exotic batteries. That he ordered on line. On his own computer. Who. Pitched well thank goodness thank goodness again I didn't know any better. You might have gone on killing people well there is any suspicion he still may have more bombs out there. In order to make a mistake here you can make it on the side of caution. And I think it's certainly a good thing that the authority. He's in Austin are are warning people look. You know we don't know what this time we we know to a degree. Al what the timeframe was on the construction assembly sponsor we don't know how many he made. Now we don't know he may have many old some more. If he may have planted some more around in various places. But Austin police and the feds work and now I'm 36 hours a day. 350. Agents. And and they they got the Disco. Exotic batteries ordered on line help weed authorities of the Texas bombing suspect. I before he killed himself early this morning as police closed yet. Abby unusual batteries used in the explosives were these signature trade. That allowed investigators are so quickly wink they've various explosions to the same the same man. One senior law enforcement officials said the batteries came from Asia one officials and these weren't your store bought under a sales. And they didn't. I wanna make it tougher. Mark d'antoni kind of the suspect and they spate of bombings and terrorized Austin Austin rather. I died early this morning after detonating an explosive. Inside his truck. As a swat team tried to apprehend him on the side of highway. He had turned on his cell phone. That's gonna idea. Near the Austin bomber you got 350. LEOs looking Torre can't turn on your cellphone but got idea. Police were able to locate him using a variety of tactics including coming up with a list of phone numbers and individuals. That worked in the area of the bombings when they occur it. You know you place a cell phone call. There's a record of which cell phone tower. I your call winter Bryant and my disclosing too much right pressure. Parker. And they the authorities can you sell side analysis and high tech computer anxious and I am algorithms that can run that find patterns. Of callers and certain areas. And the same phone number shows up. From a different. Cell phone towers are all in the vicinity of the explosions. While your your your narrowing the field right. Hours before police intended to pull over Condit they turn on his cell phone which allowed authorities track his location. Surveillance footage taken at an Austin FedEx. Was also used to apprehend. Authorities share the surveillance footage showing a man believed to be Condit. Entering a FedEx facility wearing what appeared to be a blonde wig and dropping off package. Early Wednesday police tracked Condit to vehicle and heal until he pulled over pulled over into addiction off I 35. And now they said the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle knocking one of these swat officers back saying that officers sustained minor injuries. Another member of the swat team fired. Now which is not surprising you know the explosion goes off and I did inch finger on the trigger in a bank. Now they suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle. 82012 blog. Which appears to be bar part of a government class project and Austin community college. Lists mark Condon four older rebel Texas as the author. Now they believe that it's him born in June when. 1994. Was a student from 2010 to 2012 but did not graduate. Adding that the school is working with the Austin PD to provide any information and made. Pop pop pop so. Jeff Reed. Neighbor and a Condit family said the 24 year old was a very normal kid and the family is extremely nice I can't imagine what any of them are going through. I just really nice family. Something went haywire somewhere. And in a sense. It's it's sad that he out. In a cowardly fashion took his own life Malone and Shelley shame when I'm the same way that he had to kill the other people. Blew himself up too bad they didn't start there cent of killing other people in the process. And it's. It's unfortunate we I unless. You know like the unabomber he left some kind of writings behind some manifesto are sound and we may never now. Now what kind of beat. This guy had in his bonnet but tea. I it was him pretty obvious from his actions that. It was nuts seventeen after three here in the body may actually get a Roland today. There's some march for our lives you know they had Leo school walked out they got this big march for our lives thing coming up as well. She guess who's behind that you'll never guess when we come right back. Work work work work work work work work work. Asset. That's only do we saw label way for your edification. Are your listening pleasure for your entertainment. For hours each day. Here in the afternoon on WORD great to have you along 22 after three by the way act congratulations. Are in order to. Sir. Richard starchy. And you're certain nature be immediately recognize that name if you're not. You're going. One is Richard start the end and why does he now have a knighthood. Well because his professional name is. Ringo. Starr called me and so on acts. They means recognition for the things we've done. Musically and in life so I was really pleased to accept this award. Balanced out like I met up Pitt pit. Apps or Ringo Starr. Well actually sir Richard start. And a hitter too he was in this group. Out a lab he's he's it was that a solo act as well but he was also and now this this other group. To some some mud into Beatles actually at the beetle. When you go Ringo about time. Sir Richard stark A congratulations to. 24 after three you're on the Bonnie and actually in now on the tax line. Bobby hues are here reporting a traffic for yet intersection on Butler and highway 276. Is closed. From our Robert thank you Robert appreciate that. Bob so we know enough already eight to fill an encyclopedia. On this Texas bomber yet we know. Hardly any thing. About a guy that showed up to that shot up the crowd in Vegas. Bowl Pope. I agree. Bob they should put those guys in charge of finding Hillary's emails. Kudos to. Bob you know your cell phone leave a trail even if you're not on it because it pings to towers. True. Or should the battery out and I know I'm an hour getting into right now we are getting entry. Now Bonnie believe me I know about cell towers telling us from Kate I'll. Bob I think that down bomber photo has like five year it'll relic okay. And I and I case I mean he could let you could have the mad professor. By now been announced lock you know once CNN and BS NBC get home of the I was an NRA member. He was wearing a trump button when he planted the bombs are right. Al Bob what wasn't amateurish was a remarkable success rate in detonating the bombs went and where they were supposed to. I think somebody taught him well I suspect Iran could be. NO may be out here on the latter days he decided he was going to be a nicest supporter. Yeah two years ago. Bobby the media already has this bomber pegged as right wing trump supporting fascist. For all we know he was a Muslim convert who have pledged allegiance to license either way. I suspected. He wouldn't be captured alive. Bobbie I have seen you on the back nine and a blonde wig and a cap. Just wish he would have on some pants on. Now Bob this guy had to be on somebody's radar actually you don't buy that much bomb making material and not get flagged by the FBI well the AT out. Hey Bob tell me did go build. The a mayor of New York as he blamed this. Latest nor'easter on climate change yet. And will he be out shoveling his own driveway you like us a common goal. Want when that. Bob Lewis you're shoveling any thing. Different context. Cameron John Jackson entirely. Bobby anybody else noticed gas jumping to any sense in the past week he had filled out this morning. And I finally figured out genius and I am. Why I get a more mileage now in the in the new issue that well it's not new export five years all. But it's new to me the newer issue Vienna it's got a bigger gas tank. Well. Would have thunk it and I'm going to put the Ol and I don't like 320 mile stops right now and also come over 400 ago well. All right as this measure may get better mileage and they all what duo. The courts a dust and asked that I get on gas tank. I can't fool the kid. March for our ally. As a demonstration involving survivors of the park when school shooting that will take place Saturday in Washington and across the country. Has registered a 501 C four. That is a nonprofit. Advocacy organization that is not required. To disclose its donors. Right now isn't that convenient. They march Ferraro lives action fund. Now registered as a social welfare nonprofit organization. Registered on March the eighth. With the DC department of consumer and regulatory affairs. The action fund where it's his business address in Encino California. And it's agent as CT corporation system. ADC based firm that offers agent incorporation and corporate business compliant services. Jeff Rhodes and associated executive secretary for finance and administration. At the friends committee on national legislation that's a group that lobbies congress. And the administration to advance peace justice opportunity and environmental stewardship. Generally a basic tenants. There'll be a progressive left. Is also listed as they action fund's executive officer and the governor. On its registration. Roads previously served as chief financial officer for green. While the organization claims on its website it is quote for kids and byte key ads. And they marched for our lives organizers. Are the kids themselves. It also said the kids have brought in support to help ensure it is say six cents. In addition to support from leading gun control groups like every town for gun safety. The Brady campaign. Out organizers from the women's march Planned Parenthood and Are involved with the permitting for the event. As well as promoting it. Can't say that it's all done by the kids boy it's amazing what they've been able to accomplish what all of George Soros money on a now once again I'm now here it's done at this revelation 330 here on the bubbly much show. And he's ready to go in a new senator when we come back on the other side oh there is a new report out some and actually announced. On view or negative lay above bonus so I'm. I'll say negatively about bonus. I'll have that store at coming up next. I Condit was a good boy oh wait he's a white male he was period right. Bobby empowered the bombers two roommates are named Abdullah and Mohammed. I guess we'll find out. Yes we'll find out as we proceed along. Bob I think we'll eventually find the option bombers at people. Who knows me you know anymore. At trying to trying to. Double think the a motivation. Now behind folks like this is a losing proposition here is the story published by fits in news. Out of Columbia a mere twelve hours ago report southern accents. Viewed negative wave by voters. And whose picture needs. Yeah a big yes this is a rhetorical question. Bruce baker do you think does that is right here with a hand lions start what did being govern all hit morale might taxed up. Somebody get ahold of these foghorn govern not because this is news he needs stay here. Wait who doubt. South Carolina governor Henry McMaster natural way. The go flaw successor to Nikki Haley. Now our new ambassador to the United Nations Powell has to make master faired over the last fourteen months say. Well let's just say campaigning and governing hasn't exactly ban. Among his strong suits of course neither has walking and chewing gum. It's new it's also a big it isn't so the gov here in the upstate today. I believe is a believer got instead donation or enhanced it. I'll order a logo files and come milder come around beyond your own radio show but. This is a desert as it and blazers did all people does say is good to sun. Now he will act which dropping pa. Anyway other gum is currently entering the home stretch of AM bruising. I gubernatorial race spacing for opponents lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. A former lieutenant governor yhency Miguel. Low country a labor attorney Catherine Trimble's then and businessman John Warren. Nam. All of them by the way. A major and every gubernatorial candidate except the guy that currently holds the office has been on the show. Two of those opponents tumbled and on Warren. Aren't doing exceedingly well. Also both are running as conservative outsiders against the poster boy lay. Four of these states failed GOP establishment. Can make master still win out. Got a solid early lead and an endorsement from now president. Expecting to shout that from the rooftops in an effort to try and not. Gin up support at this point Fitch news puts the odds of McMaster prevailing in the primary a 5050. Although there are any number of wild card scenarios he conceivably could do you railway is quote re election. In quote one of the miss probe date. Not. One of them. The governors. Are all. Or so we thought. According to a new study published in American politics re search. Candidates who relays southern accent are viewed more negative way. While okay event but not actually. Here in the self right. Mean surely. As southerners where amenable to the oil flow madness of not southern talk. Apparently not. And I quote the southern accent can be a detriment to political candidates. No matter where they are run. Well Hollywood dollar refute. Also they refute. The results of that study it. None. Add to the phones we go a job. I wants to I chime in my as he is and not Spartanburg hello John and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Insert two things. So which will that the governor it has a smooth this cleanest. England so the next and I were hurt. It would be hard imitate it. And I'll settle one of the worst aqsa martyrs in history. The committee it was a Gunner and are bomb. Back in the early days yet thanks so that it got bounced out back quote. And he came back in Heathrow agility gasoline into the oh yeah we now. I don't remember who the Larry eight wouldn't. I can't wait seven days early eighties the out Bratton your ears right or right zip code you know. Yeah I think. Eight they all in the person it's not or OpenId romance he won. Absolutely and look. The 9/11 hijackers killed more than 3000 people using box cutters. Inept or are you Billy Graham probably need to know them come back. Yeah me and an amen to that thank you John not appreciate the colors are valid points. Here's a thing now. With with a gold not. He's from Columbia ride a Richland county right right around Columbia. I know a lot of people. From Columbia. And they don't have. Southern accents like my doubt. Maybe it's like. It's like black tour raised an England don't have a British accent maybe you pick up the accent of the people insurer around. And and perhaps. On the gut not. And I'll mom and on data. Who spoke at same way and so that's how he learned speaker as well I don't know I'm just in around speculating now while. I don't know that's on all. Cordoba 44 here on NATO bombing match up take me a quick break here check of the email as well when we come right back. Still to come also on today's show. Good news all long way F. Our regular Wednesday visit. From the a big Kahuna the top dog the big she is. On the freedom action network of South Carolina Dave Schwartz. Is with me right after four and then right after the news and 530. We'll talk about the burgeoning budget battle. On of obliteration from anxious anchor urged. With doctor Nan Hayworth there's been a frequent guest on Fox News and a bunch of other placed. Say they can ever get this budget thing down if we're gonna have another CR to tick down around all that and more still ahead here on the Bobby Mack show on. All day. Yeah especially if you're name is Obama. Every about it. Wants to rule the world. 3519. Before four here in the bombing Mac show good news is out coming up in that email this afternoon. Bob Mexico. Has biometric. Voter ID. That insures one person one vote. With zero. Voter fraud. Only Mexican citizens can obtain the notoriety. By getting a passport. Hillary Clinton used to be for paper ballots. Easy PC. We don't need no stink and seventeen intelligence agencies are NSA spy craft damage clean untainted election. Russia. Can't get a US birth certificates or show up in the polls on Election Day. Trump should negotiate Mexican voting procedures into the new NAFTA agreement. As Canada can use clean elections to. Watched the liberal motor voter fraud stirs and illegal alien lobby's heads explode. From and another metric. Now. And of course that's because they want. Which intimate elections unlike. The Democrats they don't want legitimate. Elections until last thing. That they will. Al Bob kudos from a listener my wife and family a man eating an echo cell since they first open very good food. I encourage listeners had to get my try especially since they help keep things are going there at WL RD they do indeed may appreciate it. Al bother you leave Boston accent fast and pack the cat haven't yet they Boston accent as god awful. Especially when the actors over exaggerated and movies. This coming from a refugee. From the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Who still trying to shake it after almost five years. Patrick. Now hi Bob little Lindsay must work with some acting coach and got down on his south mouth. Yeah I Q in these single digits. Nobody else I'll say Balboa to attract comedy about Belvedere. I say boy I watched him many cartoons when I was a young child and I love that fog ought to leg orange sun so please excuse me accent. Bob I think that make master. Was secretly raised by Fritz Hollings. Could be member of the former senator. Yeah. So doc bridge columns. Bob all I can think about what you speak like make tax stickers all borne away door malaria. And Bobby just remember Mac master was not elected in a lot of people have a misconception about there's not a real election for him. I was never like you know he was out he was lieutenant governor and he has succeeded. And I governor Nikki Haley in office. When she was snubbed. What actually what happened was a course I Henry McMaster was was given his reward he was one on the first. In the country elected politician should support Donald Trump enough. And the president and generously paid him back by appointing governor. To be as ambassador to the UN clearing the decks for Henry to move into the governor's mansion. Bob white southern accents are viewed as stupid by some yankees like my sister is married 21 I'll forgive her. Yes. Bob those who view elsewhere though those of us with southern accents as negative can just. A smock. Well you know what son. Bomb bomb bomb. Bobby. And you play rushed doing Fritz Hollings that was like six. And Bobby your show and I feel to your baby down now a trade craft from the farm farm once farm. Big sign out front US Department of Agriculture. Never never exploit not the explosions and gunfire come and attack Hillary go with that today's good news story north. This is so this pretty cool around I the story would be a lot less charming in and involved a capital murder case are sound and I guess luckily. How the trial was just a contractor being accused of fraud. But I'm I'm burying the lead as they sank 31 year old guy in New Orleans Chris daring do by name. Was that called for jury duty back in 2015. Most of us who you that is a real treat one or the other jurors though say 28 year old woman named Sarah Abbott. He was the Foreman she was an alternate. So she had to just sit there and listened to the whole thing but didn't get to cast a vote in the end. But she still happy that she ended up all mad Jerry even as they alternate because she and Chris started talking. During the breaks and then after the trial is over they started dating and well I guess you cannot imagine. Now where this all land. She was wearing a red jacket as she stood out and I thought it would be nice to end up when a jury with her yeah I definitely liked him my first. So I suggest that he didn't perform and I was juror number one and she was your number seven the alternate soon very nearly missed out. That's awesome I'm getting married today. Bricks he. I've been using it. Each and every time I go day out to welcome the jury is hearing from the district court and I let them know that they never know they may be sitting next. Then there next boyfriend girlfriend or fiancee allows him to sign people that we athletic criminal court right. And then and then going on a say in history. I am completely and I still understand Ellsbury out. Yeah well it it's jury duty. Ever want us there. So. And I. Yeah. Not good for the last Wednesday they were married in the same courtroom when the trial happened by the same couch. Our number two is on the way next here on the money much else.