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Friday, March 16th

Nancy Peloci talking border wall


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At a good afternoon Friday afternoon and it's 7 minutes past 6 o'clock at 1063 WORD via states talk station. The comments and retirement planning text line is 7130771307. And the Eagles advantage talk line. 1803471063. And others that David in the Greenville this afternoon David what's on your mind. Yeah you don't wanna look at the trump and his dark. Or you don't directly we're still are simply taken off the over two million people fewer. Are wrong urged. Oh absolutely that's a six year low. Yeah and also the hour or order it 100 ideals. Are for aren't mailing a mile. Oh. That aging and goes shelter trash. He has started box meals. Were there a certain amount or brute. Already met their route to it where they don't have a mature. Wore a bar or to purchase or may be traded or your ten dollars were bought our league our spirits. Those are long overdue reforms that little question about the fact that remember. The the basic rationale. Behind food stamps in the first place David and that is this although we never have been honest up to say it. But for some of you out there. You'd just frankly can't handle money your two irresponsible. And handle money so we've made up. Sort of money and that has to say. Those stamps or snap or would it be when echo this is money for some things but we're not at all that you Goran bogged jumped. News tobacco and alcohol stuff on our die if were gonna subsidize you that you're gonna do it for stuff that's not bad for you so we're gonna give you. Make believe money. Little by some things now of course as you correctly note a lot of people were simply selling their food stamps to get real cash though would you take the money. That we so graciously are providing them. And a bullet arm on junk so yeah absolutely but those were long overdue reforms and they give the president to full credit to that he did a great job. Are also there actor Obama people that trade import. He had major rest now shop owners and and in her aspirations. We're their return for cash he did a major crackdowns major people who did it moderately good. And that's a good thing you're never gonna stop things like that it lets you bust some people as there are arrested prosecuted. And if convicted punished. That's where you stop that kind of thing and it was necessary. It is the whole point again. Food stamp program is to provide sustenance to people who frankly. Eight the the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to personal finances. And people get around that well didn't you know don't don't do it on our money. I agree. I good. You bet you bet David thank you very much absolutely that that's certainly one of the plus column right there. Let's see here it's a ten minutes past six and that we have blow lore. On a cell phone hello is it. More. Yeah it's a floor LOR. During Q and explore a long period a little more power you'd go ahead I'm fine thank you. I'm I am very concerned. I don't eat district funny election that's going to be coming up. We had to me and boy had a an excellent person or when Giuliani. And I'll. There was and that Ray Allen. The one he rape and they got elected. I'll keep an announced that it ultimately. I don't know it critic liked how bad is Nat. A conservative white stops. It and I'm I'm I'm very concerned Ike but what we think about that it it seems to me Barry Bonds Hickey. Was going to do their check that out that people are and keep it gets elected. Well sort it would be the ought to straightforward thing to do I don't know that particular district in question. Perhaps he felt that it was not to his advantage to announce it but again that's a voting issue. And a lot of folks are going to vote accordingly so it that. It does says something. About me about his lifestyle says of the I suppose about is honesty. If you're going to do that that this is the day and age when you ought to be up front and a and a straightforward about it so yeah that would seem to be ya. The thing that he should have done and it would also seem to be a basis for judging him. For two different reasons so there you ago again you know it would nobody's been tarred and feathered brother for their lifestyle. But again. While there's sort of no law that says he had to be open about it. What's his behavior now is easy openly embracing his lifestyle or or what's his behavior. Now I hang up okay very good it's not issued by the way which I would cast a vote I would much rather go quite frankly. Just two weapons were instead is on the issues but be that as it may 1803471063. Or number 1803471063. As the Eagles advantage talk line. Our comments at retirement planning text line 71307. Luther texting about over there let's see here posts their four program pushed by George McGovern. It was a huge ultra liberal progressive. Yeah. McGovern was huge ultra liberal progressive. And again. The basic concept if you're going to have welfare and some form of welfare probably does keep some people from starving. It should be this kind of wealth that is to say with the sort of cash. Sort of cash but detectors as I heard we import only 2%. Of our steal from China. But that much to Canada is our big give our big steel border but of course again that the central issue here is not economics. As much as it is. The issue of a national security that we have a viable steel and aluminum industry and be dealing with a country that routinely breaks. All of the international agreements that would be China not Canada so. For what it's worth. All right. 18034710631. Of the 3471063. Is our number. And incidentally something else that I wanna do to bring up that I've found. Fascinating Nancy Pelosi has spoken again. And she has been complaining. About the the border wall and her remarks. Are so air headed simple minded. Air headed satellite. She says that the border wall prototypes of the bid displayed by the president. Art to hide for civilized society. Which you think about that. Too high for so I'm not sure exactly what we're supposed to do here are we supposed to. Maybe oh I don't know. A seat what was the highest of pole vault. Of a Mexican in the last Olympic Games and then the build a wall that is billboard that the so maybe three feet lower. This is not a game Nancy. He is a vacuum headed jerk but bad boy she is fun. Let's talk some more and and step on Nancy some more become bag Jumbo for body back at 615 at willow sits three WORD. How to do good afternoon and a six foot one is our time on this Friday. Freedom of information day and Saint Patrick's Day. Ollie got a CBS Perry who calls and promote Greenville and good afternoon Harry what's on your mind. Are definitely a personal call a blood of the thank you for pointing out why queen Hillary didn't win her election okay. Actually and above all okay elements thank you for the many years. That you wrote listening from buckling under Pittsburgh kept me kept myself into a driver awake every night. It got to the point where we wouldn't talk to one alana CB radio is as. Shut up you volumes on OK I just want to say that I wanted to thank you for the many years so that's. I was shocked when I heard you show me where. Back what's his name today. You know under the first opportunity I've got you to own. I've been retired pursuit cheers all and dad retired and took too much softer roadways so don't need to know what time it is. Or just also wanted to in the cabinet told wife I don't need electronic leash. And I don't stay up later laid low for naked listen to be on the the local station there but I wanted to thank you put him many many years okay. Ever really appreciated and loved leadership program thank you so much. Well thank you very military that is organized yeah yeah absolutely. Did you have the by typing that that we do it. Yak and yet if you act and of course it's great to have a chance to fill in for Bob McLean here and then some by Switzerland for terrorists and Switzerland for events you know. To a draw and post but I really appreciate that very measure that's very nice of you to have listened closures yeah it's been awhile a dubious. This for a while. The old great we're all righty all of a sudden now Roloson is putting a sorry go ahead and go ahead areas that are. But that that was their assault several multi episode mother beat. I urge you thanked thing. I appreciate answer your goodness thank you for listening all right you too Patrick in the Spartanburg afternoon Patrick. Aetna and they'll. Pay I'd like to talk about Russian election and our prayers. The one thing that everybody seemed to agree on nuclear objective is to destabilize American politics to undermine our. States in the our election. Given that it seems to need it going into the mid terms the one thing that they're really doing trying to do is get Democrats elected. If the Democrats can take you and I'll sort that says it will get gridlocked. And historically Republicans have never been friendly eruptions. Republicans won strong military which is not at their best interest strong economy which not in the best interest. So it seems to me that if they're going to interfere at this time it's going to be to support Democrat. Worse than that. If. Other there are three big keep in mind about this investigation of Patrick three things even by one. Did the Russians try to interfere in the 20s60 election there's very strong evidence that they did try the second issue. Where they successful. In interfering at all of that record there is no evidence whatsoever that they had any impact. On the election none whatsoever they're simply too many votes were cast of too much was said too much money spent on commercials four. In the minor things that might have come out the thanks to Wiki leaks or anything that the Russians did have had an impact and third of the notion. That that the Russians work with the trump campaign in collusion to Alter the election of so evident that at all zero such information. Don't really learn a little Italy try again probably. Oh yeah what can rightly noted the one thing the Democrats are still clinging to is despite Ito collusion. And if anybody is in a position to make evidence that there was collusion it would be the Russian. So I'm expecting that there's going to be some kind of October surprise. Oh evident that baker perhaps be completely all but they're you know they're gonna try and do that. The worst did he look Democrats could take boat house and senate they might try to either or impeachment or department the American populace. In either one of those things would you be most destabilizing. Play a match. Well first laws on the notion of an October surprise will seat. I've yet to see anything other than that that maybe some. Some minor players Matta for sort of plea and what have you may have had individual. Behavior problems were clashes with the law and they may go down nothing will be tied to the overall trump campaign. At least based on what we know so far in terms of impeachment at. Let him try. For one thing. Nothing that the president has done. Or even has been alleged to have done would rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors the standard that is supported in the constitution but the basis for impeachment. And the second issue is of course that you've got to have the votes. And right now Democrats don't have the votes in the house to impeach or the votes in the senate to convict so they wanna do thrash around. And the deal in the making their people like you Maxine vacuumed waters. Feel somehow low morally superior which for her would be an oxymoron to contradiction in terms well fine. They can talk about all they want to there's no basis for impeachment there is no. Possibility of impeachment. But five if if they want to the Democrats want to go to this campaign year worried about issues like that that let. Donald Trump the Republicans worry about jobs. And worry about immigration and and a host of other issues which actually matter. Of this this whole Russian thing. I get past a certain point you've got to have something there. There's nothing there so what will the Russian agent. I don't really know I vehemently wrote to her amateur done what I what I am concerned it is that there might be some kind of manufactured evidence. Do indicate. We will Syria are we see I don't know if fact nearly. I don't know that we you'll see such a thing of is they might they might try to do that but again. For a bases of any meaningful action like indictments impeachment than disorder that they've got to do more than just try and I think that there's a point beyond which. Manufacturing. Is probably a very impractical and I expect this whole thing to just gradually Peter routed we will. Forget the whole rusher probe that that would be wild thought. But I appreciate your thoughts very much and thank you for calling him 1800. 3471063. Is the Eagles advantage talk line and the and common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Again I would just note some thoughts about Nancy Pelosi latest thoughts about the walls she is upset about the fact that it is too high. Where civilized society. I'll just quote her here that are typical lack of eloquence. The border did you see how high this I'd be really in a civilized society we do something like that. As obnoxious as it is you know Betsy community there was a border running through it okay we have a difference of opinion on that. But we will all that big separating people I mean really this is like a big wall. Well aside from a lack of grammar lack of logic. This is not a joke Nancy and were not all one big happy community holding hands and singing coup by. I swear I'm so glad that she is still lead democratic leader of the house. She is such a travesty such aid choke six what do you arrive at 1063 WORD. Legend Eddie wood is out there today and what a joy it is all star of the Phillip for the above street here. We had now have about 21 minutes before 7 o'clock. That'll vote Russia officially on this 1063 WORD. Is the upstate talk station with. Comments that retirement planning text line 7130771307. And it with the Eagles advantage talk line 18034716310347. 10. 63. Which argument about Nancy Pelosi who is so upset. About this a border wall of the president proposes go that's two. Eight for a civilized country. As she put it here. They want to have enhanced internal enforcement that really goes against the values of our country. And quote minutes duplicates that she is too stupid. And two inarticulate to say what she means. Allow me to put some words in her mouth. These were will be stupid also released we will explain what she really wants and that is. We don't believe in nation states even though the world is a world of nation states and that nations that it's the only alternative is anarchy. But rather just look at the whole world as one big happy campfire all's singing around the campfire holding hands and heaven forbid that we should determine. Who gets into our country. How many for what reasons and for outlawed. Now that's what a real agenda is open borders but as I say issues too stupid. And two inarticulate. Who say that. But the values of our country happen to include defending this country Nancy. And to get there have been calls for her to be replaced by the democratic leader in the house oh please please do not do that lever in their leave her in the everytime she opens her bout. That nature's most nearly perfect vacuum that passes for her brave. Just enhances the chances for Republicans to elect candidates to public office. I did she is just beyond stupid. That's somehow a civilized society about have a walled hi how hi Nancy what did you have in mind again I proposed before and I'll I'll repeat that. Maybe we should simply see how high highest Mexicans got in the pole vault with the last Olympics and make sure that the wall is at least two feet shorter than that. What you want Nancy and Walt doesn't. Let us determine who gets him. Who would you like maybe a decorative wall perhaps one with little pretty gates every five feet. Again that this woman is just beyond the level of stupid and blitzer art oh thank you Democrats for keeping yours and there right. The Fed pass that along folks here. Let's see here. Let's see but the mood for car wreck now just not Mitchell and Hudson OK it was twenty minutes ago. Carriers. But lovable. Let's see dear sir has not Russia and the US but medley he took his politics for say the last fifteen years was so not really. No we did try to assist. A Boris Yeltsin in his bid for a election. A because he was the only person there who would try to bring democratic values. To a country which has never had a history of any of them which is not interference it is promoting. A free society. Quite frankly there's no moral equivalence here that regard. Analysts say not to mention the assassinations of various countries' leaders by an incident about assassinations. Nor have have been in favor of it so. Whatever. And but that that that text went just off the deep and anyway I would imagine something to bet is that today is that is important to me it is freedom of information day to day that I created. In any business in which your voice goes out into the ether and pretty much disappears. It was a it was something that I thought up by I do a lot of feature work. And what am I got a big stick brochure of information about international pickle week. International pickle even glossy eight by ten photos and I guess I was most pulled up with a microphone. And I thought of pickles deserve a week. The surely freedom of information deserves a day it's like proposed. To the Society of Professional Journalists national convention in New York City in 1979. The derby aids day that we would designate national freedom of information day. At that we would. Honor the concept of the free flow of information. And I propose that a beyond a marked the sixteenth. James Madison's birthday or fourth president and basically the father of the constitution of the bill of rights and it was so adopted at every mark succeed since 1980. It has been sold served. And again not much that I do survive my death yet into a microphone and people forget what I said ten minutes later or ten seconds later. But that I hope hope stays with relieved a lewis' agreeable and the good afternoon Lewis what's on your mind. Pain tembo could job filling in for Ali Max. I mean we thank you many are born to comment on yes sir. Thanks for your long term service to our. In public I'm I was is going to comment in your guitar in now we talked recently about the yacht the wealthiest member of congress. On and she is she. Said that. That's why all the hype that's all that important or values on my question is. What are the what is the last day of our American values and doesn't that changed and cannot on the day your that because they're saying that it's not. That that we need to reject. The constitution of the original list. A people who. I also scrapped original intent in other words. What words mean. So where can she get that notion. Are also what our values are. Will come a little break here and had to take that but if you wanna stay on all pick up the thought after that break. A but I give you a summary of the left versions okay the value of this country are first of all. Greed and imperialism we are nasty so we should always be apologetic. Anytime we have a dispute within the country we should yield we should open up our borders and we should spend 90%. Of our gross domestic product of government programs that's a summary. It will weaken amplifier that when we come back 645 Jumbo for Bobby Mack at 1063 WORD. Yep. Glad that it witness today goodness gracious 11 minutes before 7 o'clock we just about got to have Friday afternoon and under control here on Saturday beckons saint Patrick's today. And a trip the Lewis and green balloons to still they're not here it is. Oh they're very good yet so I outline basically the the American values Nancy Pelosi is talking about this country is evil. Capitalism is evil except of course when it makes her filthy rich. Government programs are always good there can't be too many regulations. And that we should open up all of our borders. Now those are the American values that she's talking about Lewis of the sad thing is. It's not just Nancy Pelosi talking there's significant numbers of people this country who believe that those are American values so. I'd leave that for your thoughts or you think. Yeah I'm a ball couldn't I mean based on what. I mean. It has as a Republican get up and they take here are values. Based on the constitution. And natural law. But there's no. What's what's at stake its offer values. And other records where Vichy go to say that out based on the countries I used the swallows too. And it. It'd just had a whole cloth and I mean for example when when non. Remember the issue now that she was. It was it was it was an issue just a few months ago Hershey quote evolved over the weekend in terms of the issue she was opposed to it. And then she was for it I would check the current road remained a member shot and you're Dutch. The question is this. Accusing him by the way I I shouldn't of called her the richest politician. Richest conversations wishes congresswoman. And up but she's in the liked it topped gainers black pat between her and her husband. I think they're worth over like a 130 million children or which is explains why she. Speaks of these little people getting crimes and in tax breaks. But that's my point you just. Hurt her. And by the way I idea. I need I don't support. Calling her an idiot or anything like that. And. I you Obama ahead but that's a all right well. You're you're free to call me you're free to call me out. Louis but I'll thievery frankly she is at a number of idiotic comments like that you can go back to. We've got to pass a bill to find out what's in it well that's rather nonsensical added that's what it takes and we're stuck with the bill we don't know what's and it. She has had a history a litany of say stupid things other people on the left with who might disagree. Who don't have a history of saying stupid things Barney Frank. With whom I've had some money to middle on their arguments over the years. I disagree with him a lot of stuff but at least he wasn't bone dead stupid Nancy Pelosi I'm sorry Lewis is stupid and I just Democrats Internet seriously. I yeah I guess I can cook I am not arguing for her level intelligence I get on the sparkling shores that just. Just you know name calling people even though. Well and and I understand I understand of the fact that. I've I've dealt with I've dealt with her level of stupidity too many times and I just I'm sorry my patience is is. Is at an end which he talks about a wall being too high for a civilized society like this is some kind of joke this is some kind of game but to answer what you brought up. What is the basis for a claim. Of these American values yes it's made up out of whole cloth. Of the constitution oh that's an old thing that was written by a bunch of white guys who are all slaves. And we it it's American values because the people who vote for me wanted to. That's a whole basis of the notion of laws she doesn't care about laws Lewis except and so far. As it may be some laws that she thinks are beneficial to her side but as a principled individual who supports the law regardless of whether. It wonder agrees with that are not she does not possess principles. I'm I'm sorry I get I cannot be kind to Nancy Pelosi. Except to say please Democrats keeper there heard herder are deputy. It would be far better Steny Hoyer I know Stoney little bit and again don't agree that a lot of stuff released that he has a brain. He does or making stupid comments I would not like some study in that role he would do much better job. That's exactly no I I don't wanna keep this lady bird she had expected a quick question on the topic of I'm I I this is somebody for a you know you you got people talk about the yacht. But Russia. Investigation. Do you know what what's your opinion as to why. In this Russia probe. Mueller has has. Said and done is zero that I know a lot made correct the record a mark about. Given Hillary's. Involvement and all that and her purse her world of influence and all that because he what he opened. Charged with investigating. Trumped. It's far. I know I mean they've been they said it based on the fact that we have allegations about trump but in terms of Russia. In collusion is not a crime conspiracy to commit. That (%expletive) espionage is a crime conspiracy it is not a crime but. But Dick in a hole Russia investigation. Why hasn't anything been said about Hillary and app might peppy bit. Okay short answer it in the limited amount of time we have left at the kind of wrap it up with my thanks for your call. Because it's a partisan witch hunt that's why it. It is a total abuse of the system if you're gonna look at this as a topic. A to look only at president trump way past the point of anything. That is a credible evidence but ignore Hillary partisan witch hunt. On that note. It's been thought folks enjoyed filling in for Obama played today Jim Bohannon that went 063 WORD. You have a splendid Friday at saint patty's day to night everybody.