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Friday, March 16th

St Patrick's Day eve; Special councils


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For me he owe you shouldn't have already. This is 1063 WORD. The upstate stalked station no other station can make that statement. And the Eagles advantage talk line that they are for your use is the 103471631. With reports seven. 1063 the comments at retirement planning. Text line 71307. We'll get back to that you're just a moment. 71307. Jim Bohannon in for Bob McClain this particular afternoon but a few more of spots on the counter forthcoming. But I'll be in and out and over under around through so. Does the head in there and try to to disrupt this place anymore than that we already have so good to have you with us this afternoon. He wears the attorney general has until tomorrow to decide whether or not to fire the deputy FBI director Andy McCabe at which of course a not affect his appointments that says he's gone but it would affect his retirement status. And let's hope that he does do that fact and recuse himself. Ribs there all right anyway. Did at you with us on this afternoon of course March Madness is well underway and of course we've got to Clemson. Coming up slightly east Oregon and AMP remedial tech some. Some loser be that is. In. Its second five year Clemson in New Mexico State. There you go and it in March Madness which. By Italy of course it's an annual thing and a lot of employers just kind of I guess. Used to it. But. Of course with the March Madness underway and a one online polling platforms turned 56%. Of Melinda heels. Willing to miss a deadline. To watch a March Madness game. There are limits here to this soaking it we've all sneaked a peak right at the games while our work. We've all done that to miss a deadline. I would be curious as to the the appropriate figures that say for. Generic answers and a and boomers in the light but 56 is that millennial would miss a deadline or want to March Madness game. If you're good at this vote should do both OK meet the deadline to go on record lol wanna jump ship that Saudi. Fair enough for many employers of course say that with the advent of online streaming it's a losing battle. Knowledge you have to the TV says the setup there or utes on the development here are probably asleep at that earpiece interior. No with the with the online streaming out and your Smartphone given news media not just scores of course the games there right there. A lot of companies have embraced. The tournament to boost morale others insist employees watch games only on their personal time but that. A losing battle but losing. Clemson by the we should do quite well I think tonight. And that wells the of the brackets play out heroes is a buffalo lurking out there somewhere. To make an Arizona value though it happy so anyway. Your thoughts about but I am curious how many of you were to get into this I sort of sometimes kinda do. The idea of just being glued. Two to March Madness. Nadal. I never do that but there's some games I care about Clemson game a couple of others but I tried to pay some attention to but for the most part. Naw I'm not obsessed and certainly not obsessed with these. These. Pools of course in the picking the perfect bracket rest. Of the view get involved in that I'd just be curious about that. For me it's say I'm walking through the room anyway. And Ole what's the score kind of moment and it's curious how you do it your employer or employee. For example. How do you handle. March Madness is just a period of time in which you write about okay. It's the mid march and we've got to get a lot done. Or do you would try to do to drive the games. Away. Knowing full well that in this day and age that's impossible. Just curious how you deal that. Forgery and employee are you obsessed with this notion. Huskers just curious it's a 411 here at 63 W award in the states to station. And it's remarkable to me the extent to which people get really. Just. Sometimes crazy about this and we're speaking to perfect bracket and all televisa. Please pools that are in my goodness. You can win a lot of money if you were picked a perfect bracket. Ever notice at least an office brackets I've noticed it's. Ever notice. So often the person who wins the office March Madness who is that person. Who picked east oh god and AMP remedial tech. August 17 seed. Because their uniforms look so pretty at. I don't mind getting beat by someone who has analyzed. There there's strength of schedule. And all the rest today but if somebody beats me because they pick they're pretty purple uniforms. It's it's enough to innuendo as yours how you deal with March Madness for me it is very much weight they take it as it goes kinda thing. And of the games and now we don't care right because we have stimulating talk here and we will continue to do it to do that everything. Anyway we are at 1803471063. The Eagles advantage talk line comments and retirement planning text line. That's 713771307. The BC here. Today said the last time urged the radio Valentine's Day and we were shared funny picket lines anything we can do for Saint Patrick's Day eve. Funny pickup lines. Port saint Patrick and he had to picket lines but party lines Tuesday and Wednesday you have to think about that. Leopard cholera or just legacy. Well will work that may be. Okay. Here's what forget sports especially March Madness my sport is political yeah which is at risk that. Somebody did brackets one and if you could you could take almost anything you put them in brackets. And I try to think of who did this but I saw this. On line. And and they made brackets and 64 team bracket. And it was. A hypothetical matchup. Of presidential tickets. And they had like a Clinton gore might have been a two seed. And. Via EW. Cheney might have been four seats about his and they matched them up. And indeed they yeah they did. I guess today that the burglar they have had a baseline which to judge whether you picked curricula that they may have polled. Historians or somebody polled some expert that knew where there was a way that you could actually win at this by agree with the expert but it was some kind of our incidentally I forgot to mention that we of course have a new keyword it is port FO OT that's fox trot Oscar Oscar tango foot. Some of something else. The keyword is put as and what's at the end of your ankle or foot. Buried here. Outlook will have to think about something about about saint patty's day that's another one of those holidays. Now that that the amateur how you you answer that. You about the most remarkable saint pat Wednesday's. Of of my life in the one that really. Jumped out of me I suppose was 1980. I'll tell you about that. In a few minutes because it was so. If you've ever seen Saint Patrick's Day in Chicago press Jews Nazis Saint Patrick's Day all right. This is Jim boat for Bobby Mack it's 1063 WORD the ups they talk station evidence for fifty. Well that's an idea so why not we should probably do that very delegates port 22. On this Friday afternoon almost almost Saturday it's good that. And of course it is a freedom of information day I'll talk about that in a moment it is also Saint Patrick's Day EU. And we had a techsters suggested that we do something. About the statement Tuesday that we did with volley pickup lines. Leading up to Valentine's Day I have to tell you about the most remarkable. Saint Patrick's Day in my life. That would be 9080. I was in Chicago. At radio station WC FL at that time and I knew that Chicago had a lot of Irish. And that they observed at Saint Patrick's Day. Uh huh yep but he observed at right in the battleship Missouri is a big boat. Yeah they observe it. I worked out of a marina towers that that the twin corn Cobb as we call them. You may have seen that Steve McQueen movie worthy race of that that towers spiral of parking garage and won the cart dies in the Chicago river. They die the Chicago river green. I'm not making that up. It's already kind of murky green but they diet pro shampoo greed I'm talking about day glow neon green okay. And they they drop these big facts 55 gallon vats of food come in to the Chicago river and on the use leave the motor boat tour as sort of a mix master to stir it all up or any it is remarkable the city. Rebellious. And that the radio station I was at had a float have a parade him veterans day parade. Which is about eighty miles long and the gross national. Drunkenness is just remarkable. Just remark or walking along with my program record mark my boss might adult supervision. Who shall remain. They've Martan but it he lives so. About drug dealers and listen out. At one point and we just but it worked my view we we showed up for work. And then sometime in the interim we got very roaring drunk and we got into the parade parade was over we were sort bar. We were already did just Sowells. Two of the deals and my boss Dave Martin walked by a caller had a parking ticket on the windshield. As we are are stumbling our way to the next bar he grabs the ticket. Sidewalks about two more cars and jams this ticket under the windshield that car. And I was really going to put it back. Where belong to him right orbit the government because of lost guys in the would have gotten stronger. Chicago. Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. To access like you would not believe in fact I actually knew person from Ireland real Irish men who was amazed. How we celebrated statement Tuesday that well I'm sure this is dumping debris at what you've seen a Dublin. I don't know actually. Go to his badly dubbed them they may do a pub crawl. But at the end of the day they can still walk. They could they could actually probably drive. Legally. That it'll get nearly as Rory and crazy drunk in Ireland is due here this guy that it was an amazing American phenomena. And with that you would be Irish though we're just being American. And thought oh we're gently. Like an exchange student in high school. And an edge she was Italy as she was so taken an American pizza and we were so disappointed with the Italian pizza though we were eating. Eating something that was strictly American she'd seen anything like American pizza and Italy to achieve took them back whether it. Tony. Saint Patrick's Day is a unique islands and I don't know probably actually do in this area to be. That there are parades. Newspaper I don't know but Chicago and Boston until pretty good too. These are two places to go. If you wish to simply engage in Dubai archery. That you will spend a lifetime living now. Those are my memories of statement Wednesday doubt that. Will I Wear anything green tomorrow I actually have thought that something green that I sat out. I'm going to probably put on at some point tomorrow. Just because I can assure supposed to. Other than wearing something green. Or drinking something I'm quite sure how you're supposed to observe this should we tried to. To drive all the snakes out of Madison county and I'm not sure how do you observe saint Patrick's other than wearing something green. And drinking enough to turn green I don't know. But I'll make note that factors were not here tomorrow via. Turning green so I just make note that if you have any thoughts about celebrating Patrick's day. Please feel free this year because goodness knows I only know the ways of we all been told about. All right 1803471063. Is our Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. And the Khaled since retirement planning text line 71307. 713. 07. And that we are hoping that this is a good a Good Friday preview of the Saint Patrick's Day is observed a just and appropriate way my wife always fixes. Would be appropriate that we have corned beef. Ash and do some things like that lots of potatoes of course was for mandatory. Four statement Thursday but she she has always recipes that go with different days and I know I will I eat. Saint. Patrick Quigley is that the an appropriate Edgar. So. I public support. Yours two Georgia today. And sometimes we even take that that is sacred to. Mean that is a view have a good time anybody out there as ever experienced a street Patrick's day like the one I did Chicago. Let me know about it. Because that was again. The last part of of that statement Wednesday is just a blur the first part I remember pretty. But it's one of those days that that we've sort of observe you know. There are the days arbor day we don't observable Christmas of course all wrapped up in Christmas and Thanksgiving and all of them does saint Patrick who travels middling. The holidays. Anyway lots over the things happening out there that we will delve into in the remainder of our time this afternoon at 1063 WORD. Via states talk station. And it's Jim Bohannon poor Bob McClain that today there to mourn dates coming up in the near future which I will also be seated in this very chair very comfortable chair. So what they would have more to come timeout for 29. That's an idea let's do that all right. It is and how low 23 before five. At 1063 WORD via Xbox stationary Eagles advantage talk line is 1803471063. 1803471063. The comments of retirement planning text line 71307. 71. Battery. 07. Years and techsters there. You latter statement Thursday in Ireland is the one day you're the Irish don't drink to excess. Of those industries would say and I was in the navy and marched in the one in new. That's a good for an idea after the parade I couldn't pay for drinking and tried to drink New York City dried. Yet the there was there was a lot of that service personnel got treated rather well. Let's see here oh this is about the the best messenger what did these bats and yours do after they weigh in their catch with the fish to put them back in the lake afterwards. You know honestly I don't know. It became so many. My assumption would be and they do that would be storage system for the fish that are taken my guess would be that they wait and return them. But it's. Okay. Okay. Jim I think we should started national trend to drive all of the stakes of government that is an idea. A good luck. Bigger than Ireland. All right. There's something else that I find interest in the making the round in the course and that is the what might be called lead the payback. Special counsel. The White House and congressional Republicans to vote watched of course though with the great anger is the drug administration been tied to bots. By the U Robert Mueller investigation the no boundaries. Mueller investigation. And so I'd guess are thinking now it's payback time. And there appeared have been highly irregular investigative tactics used in looking into the trump campaign I do believe. Particularly but not exclusively by the Obama administration so why not then appoint another special counsel and squeeze those tweezers and I turned the tables. Well. There are good arguments as to why that's a bad idea. The deputy attorney general rod rules a bit of fundamental error in appointing Moeller to be special counsel. Which was the error investigation had no outside boundaries the limitations. Investigations conducted by prosecutors are supposed to be rooted in the old crimes at the very least we know that. There's very strong suspicion that a crime has occurred. These are not supposed to be. A fishing expedition. It bass anglers expedition if you will to look for crime Novo is special counsel's post come into play when we builder has been one other really good evidence that there had been. And then these factors are supposed to kick in. If the Justice Department has a conflict of interest so severe that it cannot. Conduct the investigation in the normal matter. And two that's necessary to appoint from outside the Justice Department a quasi independent prosecutor. Quasi because they become such a part of the Justice Department and never completely independent guy. So. Rod Rosen Steve failed to appeared to the regulations and he appointed Robert Moeller to conduct a counter intelligence investigation. Now that's not lawyer work. The objective of counterintelligence is to gather information about a four Pollack a power rather. Not to to build criminal case against a suspect. So I was appointed to do something that is not warrant the Justice Department. Special prosecutor or not is equipped to do. Prosecutors are not ordinarily aside counterintelligence. Investigations. With the yeah the appointment of Robert Mueller. Counterintelligence just camouflaged. Camouflaged or something that should never happen special counsel a leash to hunt for crimes to look for crimes. To prosecute. Despite the absence of known crimes which would ward appointment of the special prosecutor that ain't the way it's supposed to work. You're not supposed to go looking for a crime is supposed to appoint one when there is a crime. As so look what we have now a special counsel. Who has been looking into whether or not Jerryd commissioners financial woes influenced corrupt administration policies toward Gartner. Excuse me collusion with Russia. That is so two weeks ago. Just just bizarre. So it should never gone down that road and going down the road again. Is not a great idea. There could very well be a reason to look at the grifters so dealing as an advisor to his father in law. Or listeners reported failure to disclose significant foreign contacts during his background check. Which of course confident in his ability security cards may well be that the scheming by Paul man afford and Richard gates. With the Kremlin connected Ukrainian political party. In the dozen years up to the 20s16 campaign should be looked at maybe. In other. Other contacts not here but in the catch all Robert Mueller if it looks interesting. Let's attach that to our investigation. There's no reason why justice Department of Justice. Could not have investigated without the administration crippling appointment of special counsel. Amid the Justice Department budget is 49 billion bucks a year 29 billion. You did not need a special counsel to look into this. So are Republicans about to. And gauge of the same mistake. Which could lead to similar abuses. And his payback worth that. Of course the two house Republican have you. Jerry. And go to your site too big to be chairman and a trick out. Have written to a Jeff Sessions. And they yeah they won this special counsel. And other special counsel. It's. Prosecutors they envisioned would advances from what they requested. Review decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice of the FBI and what he succeeded seventy including but not limited to evidence of bias. But the employee or agent of the DOJ via other agencies involved in the investigation. The decision to. Charge or not charger where those decisions for me consisted. With the applicable facts. Applicable law and traditional. Investigative and prosecutorial policies and procedures and whether the fight is a process employed. In the Paula played sixty it was appropriate and devoid of extraneous and puts them that's what dowdy and good lad. Are looking for. A right. Among problems with this letter is not clear weather of the two chairmen are referred only to the trump Russian investigation. Of that stuff. That probe over Bob Mueller may have 470s the main focus of the letter but good Levin Doughty. Also look into the possibility. That bias inflicted decisions that charge or not charge. Which maybe means they have in mind also the Clinton emails investigation. Witches equitable the other Torre sixty main presidential candidate. Now I would go back and take a look at some others here because. There are problems with going down this road of a second special counsel. 1803471063. General for Barbie back at 1063 WORD the times for 45. Let's chat show it's not 10 minutes before 5 o'clock here on a Friday afternoon. TG. I F a graduate it's Jim Bohannon for Bobby Mack. And 1063 W largely the place we arbiter of course as the ups its talks station. Our angles of bandits talk line is 1803471063. 1803471063. The comments with retirement planning text line 7130771307. And we were talking a bit about the call for a second special counsel opinion too. Ongoing investigations from a the good that it Doughty proposal put forward for a second special counsel they have done a wonderful job. In exposing. Investigative irregularities. And demanding accountability. There's no question about. That the disparate treatment given. Clinton and trump probes that kid's gloves for Hillary about restraints eagle. It project in the blow from which is a very disturbing element. But. There is no triggering crime here. That is the condition. Or special counsel appointment. And it is bad for me it's terrible for investigators to exhibit wise to allow buyers to. Painter at two sides of investigative and prosecutorial discretion that's a bad thing. Certainly to provide unverified information to a five as the court. But. That is not proceed or crime it's not obviously social criminal statute addressing bias on the part of agents and prosecutors. So again if you're gonna play by the book. A second special counsel is just not the way ago. Cite examples falls to a certain extent under the category of two wrongs make right. Aborting. Rob Butler in the first place. As special counsel looking for a crime. In of itself was wrong. But there are ways that this could be conducted at the congressional level and the regular channels of the Justice Department. Which would be better than going down with special counsel unless we just change the special counsel law or forget the we have one and make it was we go along. And once. Would seem to be enough quite frankly. So. If you there's a big difference between giving the court information that is unverified. Club and adequately corroborated. And knowingly giving it court information that is falls. The former is abusive the latter is the only sport justice so. I need to keep our. RTs crossed and I's dotted in this particular regard. Certainly we need to look into. What has happened as regards the investigation of president trump in the alleged collusion with Russia. Which has of course after all of these months yet to be even remotely proven. There just isn't any there there. And it needs to be a look into the the total kids glove treatment. Of Hillary Clinton regarding all of the Russian connections there from excessive speaking fees that bill picked up to Clinton foundation. Witches in terms of money dollars the largest political scandal in American history. Ride over to. Your Radio One of those those need to be elected to. But supposedly the special counsel law. Is only for certain circumstances. It either there is a crime or. Pretty substantial evidence of a crime. And in many cases we're talking about abuses. That do not meet the definition crimes so. Say before we go down this road of another special counsel. As some kind of payback as as good as it would field. Think twice about that essentially sinking to their level. That that would be the problem for me. Besides that that the drug collusion thing is is pretty much. It's it's died and like obamacare. They're going to be a few people get in trouble. Matta Fortson and fluids that people like that will be smaller fish but not enough to win and a the best masters OK prosecution. And that's so it's gonna die it's gonna die with a bag not a whimper. Five let it die and let the embarrassment all of that just be life out there like. Old fish. But ground. Just as the election rules and then be justified sir no problem. So. I think twice about this call for an appointment. A second special counsel as a reason why they're called special counsels should be reserved for special circumstances they should be reserved. But the circumstances outlined. In the law. And again we cannot over emphasize the fact for two independent. Prosecutor. They're not that independent. Im gonna be part of the regular channels. Of the Justice Department. But once you art fact appointed not as though you're fourth branch of government it's not a slow you have the legislative. The executive. The judicial. And Bob Mueller. Now. Mueller took over this role as an employee of the Justice Department upper levels to be sure. And as those he plays by rules that seem to have no boundaries whatsoever. But technically speaking he still reports. To attorney general Jeff Sessions and then by the chain of command right up to the president the states things that we ought to we keep Obama. And to go down that road in correctly again. Just like really great idea especially when this entire thing is just died of its own weight. I'm not sure what excuses left I guess we go back to. The on going pressure for women to vote the waiter told them how do you. How to how do you rationalize what happened to you if you're Hillary Clinton. We can't blame it on Russian collusion at least we have been able to yet. We can't blame it on men walking into the voting Booth with their wives. What to Hillary to do you know maybe except the fact. That you were never intended to be a successful top level elected official. Tough for Tate. I I you know I can almost feel sorry for I don't know that I would water run again for her old good. World sake I would hope that that are badly dissuade her from doing it. But for the sake of the country I'd love to see him one more to. Maybe she could rule she Jumbo for Bobby backed. 1063 WOR deed timeout is three before five.