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Friday, March 16th

Hillary talks women voters


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Yeah well but wait I can explain okay. I can explain personal assessment that 3 o'clock on this Friday. Which is of course they port Saint Patrick's Day. I can explain a bond as the day off okay and so they considered. Playing polka music. And they considered dead here. They've figured that I would probably. Probably be better than either altered so here are okay and there you're coincidentally. And so we may yet telephonic we interface. The Eagles advantage talk line 18034716318034710638. At a course there's the comments and retirement planning text line at 7130771. On the 307. Options options options right here for you. At 1063 WO lord Levy of State's books they would have you with us today. A by the way this is also national freedom of information day. Two story about that because of what might Puget it would claims to fame it's an important. So before the hour a day at least it's out. I will get to that as well. But I was that captivated. Captain. And a gas. Out of gas. Regional be aghast now I think I was aghast to learn the extent to whip. American womanhood. Is being intimidated. It of voting the way husbands. Boyfriends. Bosses want them to vote I'm shocked. Shocked. About the news I'm sure you'd. Hillary her majesty on her latest trip out of the country. And by the way we keep letting her back again but that's probably shall for a different day. On a trip out of the country. She made reference to the fact. That she lost two years ago. In part because white women did moves at. All lives pressured them to vote rebuttal for now. Here's her exact words here. We do not do well with white men and we don't do well with married white women and part of that. Is edited a vacation with the Republican Party in the sort of all and go and crash. Vote the way that your husband your bylaws your son whom ever believes you should. Even your son. Wallow. Just shocking. Added that this ongoing pressure I guess it's up there with the vast right wing conspiracy. Although most of the things that of course Hillary talks about it to be half. Vast. But to I was shocked to learn about the news shocked the office. All right. Anyway you our road. Eagles are better talk line is wanted him to report 71063. And I will dig deeper into this because were predicted to the bottom of this and make sure that the all of our women's. Women folk undergo spy and a a surgery to have have wanted sorted. Because of those apparently we have a lot of spineless went about what I hear from all of these by a woman who did browbeat. Brow beaten. By your husband's boy friends even your son's. In devoting. The Republicans. Divers out past 3 o'clock on this Friday afternoon. And. Bark is in the Greenville so hello mark and welcome. Agent they are taking my call I appreciate that. Injured that we better than. Or maybe there was no market Greenville I don't know if that's a a a at a picture of the oil. There you go running answered yes go right ahead. In the strictly in my call I appreciate that. Eight you're definitely at the Oca. The youth who. Aren't even Kirk won't call it. Nixed it the day. And it's quite possible that I'm wrong someone completely out what. You're out erected illegal. Actually got a local bookstore. Entry Audi a pin Scott are gonna happen. While citing. And it will. So I was the look. Worker so broker. About the book signing. I don't know what outlook citing a written a book in Italy and you go there. They're only gonna sign books which honors. But they warn them personalize. The look by saying hey they ether they still. There and I look. GA GA it's just it got under my skin I eat eat out. I don't know why I just felt like. There's a lot of hoopla. I don't think it's pretty pretentious. What are people look stayed at Marty we'll spend their money. And legality and they got agent Scott as a member. That Tea Party he brilliant eagle owls the establishment. And now he Kool Aid deadlines are a lot spender are earn money that they won't even personalize the look. They always look underneath it I'm just I'm just wrong it's that's why can't he get eight year union what other people might be. All right. Level Marco Purcell thank you for your call. And I would have had for so I've been involved in book signings I wrote a book and and I always did personalize them I must admit I got pretty good at the ants crawling. You know Barca. Thanks for reading Bubba blog thanks for coming blah blah blah but something personal. It's not uncommon. What what you have seen here and I suppose it's becoming increasingly common especially. For people at locations where they are of the opinion that they're going to be swamped. And let's face it if you've got to trigger Audi and Tim's god. At a book signing him day in Greenville. You're you're gonna have this some people turnout in all likelihood. My personal thought is that as politicians of both of them pretty good politicians even though trillions of doing his best and to leave that line of work. But depth. As politicians I would have insisted to the bookstore the publisher whatever no. Look you're gonna add maybe Mike. 1015 seconds per person I think we can manage that though we hold the book signing yeah which is why you've got to see yours will draw traffic. If we hold the book signing year we're gonna take time. The site at least something that is personal that would be might take but I would get too upset about it mark simply because you know fortunately it is common. These days that's the thing happened so anyway items manager your feelings but that no like I don't think it's probably that. That a usual regret it expects its. We have a Tammy calling in from a Greer got her on here this afternoon. And cameo welcome to the Bob McClain GO. Thank you don't like I'm great and here upgrade the current apparent toilet. Your belt. And I thank you very much and I looked at it and I would worry about it what you're talking about Hillary that. The women of the year or any idol I think it'll hurt their. Apparently there is airing it earnings per pound that we were and now. Am pro rated I. Can't argue that seek out. It independently. Who learned outcrop and and the fact is our president acting either in fact it and then we'll look at it and the greatest president. We will ever have in Melbourne. You know tried to pressure India and the matter or is legally bat. That was something that I won't believe it or not Hillary on. Their brain. Empire like the battleground. After serving. All the Africa not able when he knocked out there isn't coming into a run our country like that they're there and on that and Oak Creek early on global campaign. And then not popular as far as you know they make everybody feel good idea that I don't want it buddy on the but they think. And equity aren't in it. I think yeah apple though. On that there will be with me is well you know for Colin and it was part of an allied air under it. I'm sorry Hillary don't want it are incorrect and. I own all of us broad. That it will. We can't. Oh note to meet on the width only will they want milk toast here and we only want Hillary cloned milk toast but that but thank you are go to I would go to break now because you're frightening me Tami a strong independent woman though like I can't handle that. All right it's eligible for Bobby back here and we're talking about Hillary Clinton pointing out the terrible tragedy of all of those women undergoing on going pressure. To vote the way your husband your boss your son. One should push to bow out now. More victims there was this as I said before 315 year on mostly three WRD. Yeah they got me today. So. The will Samarco today together anyway 1800. You can 103471063. I was them in a different time warp server that are in advantage talk line 1800 reports of one X threes Friday. I and the Cummins and retirement plan and text line is 71307. And you buy are at 163. WORD. Of street station and he did the job is checking and over in the Andersen and the job what's on your mind today. It also. I'm well it's all about that are. Oh over worker construction company. I'll mud go to do a government job. And they got a guy out there and the U couldn't do the job because you're illegal. So they gimmick called a pager that regard Kamal appeared duke job would you stand up. Are gonna get there and do my work in the guy looked at me and says hey that guy Matty. And at the white McNamee and he says that well because he'd been took a job. I mean. You can get more ironic than that. So the the person who was admittedly illegal. Was upset at you do because the company involved here chose to pick job instead of the guy who is admittedly illegal and he was upset at you and I can understand maybe he would be upset at the company although of course would be illegal means the company is simply obeying the law. But I don't understand why he would be mad at huge job. All you still angry about it and it it I I can't get over the iron it's a Larry. I don't. Talk about entitlement and. I hope that. I hope the jury handy with that defending yourself that your work out of a threat this individual poses but you never know. If he really is is upset with view it knows anything about you were sub him in your car to get. Vandalized or. Party could. Good call you out for a fight and you never know people. But people are starting off with without shall we say a great deal of brainpower. I just watch my bag job would be my own personal take. Yes sir well have a good third bank. Yes sir you have a good look to. Other that is a pretty ironic but people aren't always that rational or reasonable and that sort of thing by August deputy here's the story of an employer. Kelly's ability you are here illegally and you are to me that the whole story was good news story about drugs. Anyway back to Ira are look. At Hillary Clinton won yet there's this terrible tragedy. Of all of these women out there and and had to be amounted to change an entire election after all so we're talking about it. A baby. Juror problem. Just repeat what she said we do not do well with white men and we do not do well with married white women and part of that. Is an identification. With the Republican Party and the sort of ongoing. Pressure. To vote the way that your husband your boss your son whoever believes that you should this by the way in response to a question. Clinton had been asked about why 52% of white women voted for trump. Boast the most intriguing now what is particularly interesting about that is if you think about it. Would be the number of Mitch. Who apparently are war marching right into the voting Booth with the women diet I'm I remember the last time that I voted it was a and in 26 team. And so after men at the time I didn't think much about it but yeah other where I guess about a dozen been. Who marched with their. Of the woman and in their company right over to the the little voting Booth there and there was some there were some raised voices occasionally few women got shoved around a bit. Some screaming to the women were crying at that that I didn't think anything about the time. And of course the the the poll workers didn't say anything of the men poll workers because we knew this was the way news supposed to be in the women because of course they were too intimidated. I just did realize that all of this was happening because of course the only way. That anybody could be intimidated to cast a vote the way somebody else wants them to would be. For that person to be right there when they cast the vote notice the Hillary did not indicate that just that there was pressure this ongoing pressure. But that apparently to make any difference at all. The person applying the pressure must have known how the woman in question voted how else to explain it. Let's look at simple human nature okay. If if I tell you to do something. In your response. And you can tell I'm not joking around I'm serious those public. Most people's response is going to be the hell do. And and I'll do something else to just to get back digital tell me what to do. So for Hillary's theory to work out that in fact she lost because of its all alone going treasure. The men had to go over with the women to the voting Booth. If they didn't if they merely applied their ongoing pressure and and follow the into the voting Booth. Then the response of most people even women yes even women would beat the hell with them a book the other way. So all the way that theory works is that all across America. There were millions of people who did just what I'd said a moment ago that I did actually receive because of course if it but he but he tried to march over to a voting Booth. Believe me poll workers men and women. Even those of you falls somewhere between trust me. They would throw you out okay. So for Hillary's theory to be correctly had you walked over there with them and in forced the way they cast that vote. Now that if there are some sort of ongoing pressure to vote subway you know what they call that. They called him. I would hope that there is ongoing pressure not undue pressure but you know pay unsupported so so I hope you do or are you ought to do or what are. That's called campaign. At building there is ongoing pressure to vote for women because they're women. That try hanging out at some of feminist rally sometime and see what the pressure is all right. If your guide your idea that there will be derided as a pig more often than not and if you're a woman. And you dared to show up at eight and he feminist rally wearing a via make America great again cap Horry trump button. You talk about ongoing. Pressure. On going pressure. Is simply attempted to persuade the people your point of view that the law that but Hillary's talking about are going pressure which cost her the election. The only way that works is that they have been marching their women right up to the voting Booth we've got to stop that. Anyway I just started to remarkable it's the latest outburst from Hillary who apparently did not look any better in this appearance that she has and others oddly. Hillary I gotta tell you very arms in mild. And I've actually matter under. One reception one. The march right past there. And smack dab in two funny. I just caretakers are all right Jim over Bobby back here it's 163 WORD at the time was retorted. Editor area save money penny hey everybody out there are good to have you with us today at the time has arrived now at a 23 before 4 o'clock on this Friday afternoon TE GG IF it is of course a Clemson is opening outing. In March Madness it is a national freedom of information day more about which later on of course today we evolve and walk the that's often going pressure is making billions of American women like I guess clones like like step for voters if you will. All going out and voting just like their husbands their bosses their sons whomever believe you should unquote. Her highness Hillary Clinton won 803471063. That is the Eagles advantage to outline. And doubly comments that retirement planning text like 713 through seven check in with that your second right now. We turn to Toby in the Clinton hello Toby in the what's on your mind. A lot to tell them out as you can and Alec you loaded today. Well we got customers today yes. Yeah I'm amber bad winner who dare he campaign if you remember the president lock a kind word name Florida. Then had an argument so bad about who's voting for trumping it they got a divorce. Remember that. There was at least one story like that you're quite corrected Toby. There was. And of course they they just for people who were politically in compatible I was thinking that they frankly should have been met. Sid over to James Carville Mary Matalin for counseling but yeah of the there was at least one story like that yes. 000. Well you know I don't know we we should act to follow up on that I guess and and find out I've. But it but it does raise an important that is of course of the couples have differing viewpoints and I'll be honest with you Doby I have a number of liberal friends. Some of my acquaintances that I developed during the my working career others that go back to childhood. And I like these people. And we generally have an agreement to disagree quietly. And we just don't bring up politics because I like them. And they like me eat is about married to avoid you know we we we agreed that the best way to get along is to leave politics out of our conversation will talk. A lot of it already is longer now is your son in law. Those elevators to thank you never discussed. In public it politics or religion. And maybe it'll be on the maybe that now people are getting married and they're inclined and they don't really talk about politics delta levees are talking about it before they get married that it will not compatible politically eleven we shouldn't he get he. Or when you don't touch your. There are lots of that so bloody political affiliation any saudis and no I'm I'm down level in the well being in married me. You know you got a really good point I mean for some people Toby that I think is allies course of action. Idea for example my wife and I are are compatible. Politically. Geez. Probably more conservative via. And and but I'd try to tried to imagine that the out of me you know elegant art vote result and so are you kidding me I'd still be hearing about that. They know how old they. At least one thing about at least two people that I know I don't know there is real well that he's a guy think he will let. And the deal would let him know want to beat. Thank you from Kentucky or Tennessee here and he married a woman they'll Republican. You know I'll get out of work last seen from time at some. TV in the commentator. He has and to build cable. I earlier units of people I just mentioned. Two I just mentioned Toby that's James Carville. Who is of formerly a democratic. He's from Louisiana by the way Carville is and he worked of for the Clinton Campaign he was the guy who famously said it's the economy stupid referred to the central issue. In the the Clinton Campaign back in the nineties and his. His wife is Republican. Mary Matalin. And yes that there still married as far as I know quite happily so they've got the kids in the like you'd ever see a bunch of in in the public eye anymore but you James Carville Mary Matalin a slice and. And I don't let's go to that and I am an. Yeah yeah. Yahoo! T his is a face you wouldn't forget a thing this year. He's like he's somebody he's doing other comfort commercial or not. Our that's very good. Yeah I I know her little bit don't know him terribly well I've met him at yeah act as a very charming individual but you don't. Around each other except on stage. I've been around them and have never heard the talk politics and private I was in an air out one time. And and they did not talk parliament were taught but the key is there were talking about some trip they were taking. But my guesses. That given the passion they bring to the subject that when they're not performing you know TV your lower. Our State's summer my guess is they just don't talk politics because they really do care for very much for each other. A but the. I'll I was gonna go to the angle. Outlaw looking at closely and want problems are being that you have. And they were shortly to political problems local Democrat won't Republican. And diluted Doran treat it like you wouldn't though they. Again Austin Collie had to get up until their mom. They are recommendation to. Well and Hedo are all now another battle is going and it did. I didn't like demand the same dumping Don did Don well it well and it it'll probably need to document could not that was is the law is that. It's mother is and I'm. Just seat and I happened this amendment because it is real vehicle all around the bay has given dinner table with them to get together. Out of their element to that car I appreciate your thoughts this afternoon thank you very much we're gonna. And come up to a breaker pretty soon but I I think the Toby but it's a really important points we should keep in mind here. Frankly about the response that I get from from different minds of people I guess I don't know two committee to Medea wimpy spineless people quite honestly. But. The men and women I know yeah I'll just by virtue of the people with the money associated tend to be determined exclusively tend to be conservative. But that is there just are in the in my company. And he. Any women being dragged around by this often growing pressure. To vote the way your husband your boss hears on whoever believes that you should maybe abused them associated with the right people of pretty strong women. And I think that's a good thing. But anyway we were just a rag on Hillary but there because that is so so stupid but is there pressure of that sort. I'm sure of the races which is fine it's as American as apple pie if somebody says I think you ought to vote such as a two way. Good that people tell me that. Thank you pressure Richard Neer paid out if you about noxious about it and your rag on all the time and make you see. That's not. But otherwise you're really trying to persuade. Hillary of course you must understand the context remarks she was tried to explain her loss. OK. Hillary Clinton lost that election because of ongoing. Pressure on white women vote like their husbands bosses themselves to all the is it in fact the husband boss or son followed them to the voting Booth. Otherwise. Most people's response would be American vote the way that. Juror tells me to vote and that vote the other way if there was any pressure that was exhibited in the voting it would tend to be in the opposite direction. That's simply human nature so it was nice. We won't spend all of this but I just I just could not get over the extent to which Hillary is becoming a caricature. Of Hillary Clinton. Seriously. For a while there I was pretty sure she was gonna rub toward equality. I would hope that her for her own sake. I would hope that hurt her friends and her family say no you you've had your shot. Opera for the for the public to the country I would I would dearly love to have her head because. I think she would self destructive public. She would would come boss. Right of the TV art Jumbo for Bobby back 1063 WORD yup states talks they should alone be olds reported. Forgive me forgive me they keyword is Grohl. The key word is grow I've been very remiss I have been a bad divorce or did you talk shows today the key word is grow GR OW OK my listing 10 minutes before 4 o'clock here. Twenty lashes and in the merits port Jambo filling in for Bob today. On 163 WO lord in the states talk station where the Eagles advantage talk lines 1803471063. And scorcher comments that retirement planning text 73 of them okay you're Jim let's just be honest. Does Jim and easily. Hillary Clinton hasn't been qualified success look in the job she's ever had and does nothing but Ager bring dulled. Put him out who's undecided. Well a school probe that she bit. She worked at a big law firm in Little Rock. OSHA also worked on the Watergate Committee but soars and a distinguished way that there was something about. Her efforts on the Watergate Committee I forget. She dismissed something like that but it it was not plus under terrorism took associate bill moved to. She were to big offer but it is probably have a lot to do with the fact that her husband was the governor. Okay and she managed to lose some records from the Rose Law which miraculously appeared on a body distinguished time as well. Our loans she was elected US senate awful name recognition. By the with a would she be that primary Louise Slaughter console from New York. Just died this past the mediate. Also. Liberal but at least she. Q as a qualified New York politician as opposed to his carpet Bagger. Our time in the senate. How to recover making any major poll paused to do anything of any consequence of the recall. The where she was secretary of state and of course was in charge of Obama foreign policy. And selling your radio and analyze the Russians to take part of Ukraine. And all the other things that were part and parcel of that of that period of time she was gone for most of the Iran nuclear John Kerry won it. And then of course candidate for president twice let's not forget that too which she failed to win the nomination and wait and failed when the election. In the 20s60 so summary. But really distinguished. But you got a real point did you go over the list. And you could caller I suppose adequate in some of those. And of course let's not forget of course Hillary care the Clinton health care plan. It is for Obama at least he got his it is god awful health care plan adopted. The clintons were able to do so anyway. Let's see here oh Leo okay good people that grow grow thank you all's forgiven yes the viewers grow. Ben Ghazi Elliott who in God's yeah that's right and what difference does that make now the famous words of course of a great wordsmith Hillary Clinton you know one problem that it is obviously it's. I can almost sympathize. Yet right yours detectors that she was fired from the Watergate Committee by the democratic chairman for me you know facts of the that is correct she was fired. One problem with Hillary is that achieves followed. One of the master politicians. To actually master politicians. Overtime you can agree or disagree with that Bill Clinton husband. Or Barack Obama but each managed the elected to two term presidency which is about the the epitome of what you can do it politically in this country at she's been compared. To those two or entire life. Well I've always said. Although I recognize the many flaws would go to Bill Clinton but I do put him up there with Reagan and frank Roosevelt. As the three best politicians. Of the twentieth century we do. He was very effective person I've shaken that hand when he. He he looks you straight to the island you know most important person on the play and he's he was really very effective politician she was just never say. Never any good at that. Obama again those considered at the prices of Barack Obama. We did have coattails and preside over the Tea Party revolt took the house to meet him in the southern port team but he can elect himself. Hillary just could not do that besides the the three past that she got to go to US senate so. There you go if you that text it was definitely a part of the ongoing Clinton and Obama gate. Yeah she was part of that. Of course we never got so unique that the enjoys the benefits. Of of Hillary cared never got to. Thanks to. Largely via ports. Oh. Duke in which we have the Republican revolution. War. 841994. That between quarters almost. A quarter. Century. How dare you give the keyword column out of my car blow. At any jazz to repeated shameless pander your shameless. The keyword news grow. Keyword news grow. SE is Hillary insinuated little white women armored white men. Maybe. It would be so typically terribly racist of us all to do that wouldn't that probably she probably is. A huge ability Hillary has lost what lines she had very possibly. I would are committed Hillary quite frankly she might consider this she might consider leasing a mind. If you Hoosier vote I think you get a tax break to Soviet talk about with your accountant as. As the fifteenth approaches that she may need to les mines where. It's obvious who women need to vote Democrat to prove her wrong right. What they would have to vote Democrat I guess 22 to prove her wrong that's true. But on the other hand she can't prove herself right. Because as I noted the only way that she can be right is this as an excuse for losing is for all of those men and apply in the often going pressure work follows the women like them to devoting. And got to tell you my tongue in cheek asides that notwithstanding that model out. So there's just no way in the world the chicken though why anybody voted the way they did that matter exactly now. I would offer this thought is entirely possible. It's possible that isn't possible. Maybe if you women out there who just don't like the closure no damn good. That's possible okay. Forgive me for going off of the pin because pro white male. Certainly should not become any woman at any time but at least I just did. And she went to do it right so. I don't think she can accept that I think she genuinely. Feels intimidated I think she feels ongoing pressure obviously I'm serious I think Hillary Clinton fuels ongoing pressure rubber successful husband twice elected president. And a Barack Obama who both the best hitter in a battle for the nomination and later reported here to the sectors states' position I think she she beats on going pressure. That's the problem okay agent over Bobby Mack went 063 W ordeal since talk station three minutes before 4 PM.