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Tuesday, March 13th

School walk out; Gun control; School safety; Netflix and Obamas; Good news


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Well indeed it does and it is therefore a good thing and I'm here for a one more additional hour. Albeit a substantially more sunny one. Then we've had in a recent months. Thank you know getting away with a bonus hour on Tuesday and is all way is CEO our input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. It's grabbed the phone use the angles advantage talk line. 800. 347106. Story. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is very simply bomb. And 1063. WL RD dot com lot of things going on. Today course out first to play and games to the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament going on. Be sure and fill out your bracket just go to our web site 1063. WORD dot com you'll see the bracket challenge. Others are assembly just putting our email. Give yourself a username and password and you're in business okay. And then there is the special election in Pennsylvania. Tonight. This is the the event that president trump was campaigning at over the weekend in coal country in Western Pennsylvania. We'll see if the GOP can hang on to deceit there there's a a real pretty. And Democrat candidate and his running for the congressional statement you know what Democrats stand for. And none of them voted for the trump tax cuts of Carson will see. How this plays out in western PA. In on me a text line this evening said anyone threes are seven Bob now we know why Obama is such a liar. The Obama does believe in storytelling that's got to be a reference to us. The Netflix. Upcoming show us. Now with the former president and former. First Lady. Aside that suggestion on the web the other day that the perfect title for the show. Four. Now Barack Hussein Obama MMM. Would be. If fuel like your Netflix and you can keep the year now I I don't sharing site that's an end up on being used. Bobby since moving to Greenville a few months ago your my favorite talk show host thank you. You have excellent taste. Since you were hard hitting and do not mince words but I think he'll miss tumbled to an off too easy today. She was able to pass offer conservative streak brands by opposing a walk out like any normal conservative when duke but did not have to field. Other more uncomfortable question of why she supported the virulent liberal. Vincent champion and rhino Jeb Bush the reason I didn't ask her about those today is because. As the lawyers would say asked and answered. We have not asked her that question on the program before and she is answered. By saying that if she went to school with Vincent Shaheen and voted for him because he's a friend. You cannot take that firm. Monitor north. Now Bobby student said JL Mann. Are being told where a certain colored clothing. I think this is to make outcasts of those who oppose their ideology. Wait a second. Haven't they previously banned certain colors imploding like Rand associated with the crips and things like that. Wouldn't these fall under a similar kind of category. Bobby did trump fired Tillerson in a tweet. True I've heard it both ways which is a do you know on my understanding is India. The on now former secretary of state Rex Tillerson learned an eight tweet that he had been officially fire this morning however. I am also told by those in a position to know. That the president chief of staff. General McMaster act called. Rex Tillerson on Friday while he was in Africa and said dad hey Rex. And I heads up. New York time is up okay and that's why Tillerson and cut short his African trip. On the excuse of some illness. And return to Washington Kassim you look. As. My guest. And mentioned in our interview right for the news at six. And mrs. they poorly kept secret in what the most poorly kept secret in Washington everybody has known since December. That Tillerson was on his way out and Mike Pompeo was on his way out. Al Bob the email I received earlier this week from the upper school at Christ church episcopal. Says Wednesday. National walk out CC ES silent vigil at 10 AM 417 minutes. Again that I can see it silent vigil accident form on memorial. For those who lost their lives thanks to me inefficiency. Now the FBI and the Broward and I police department and yeah the engine grants that ran the school system and brown or can. Bobbie this should you should have a voice in the policy of guns a current policy clearly not working. Too many lives lost to guns the question is how are we going to stop the next school shooting new and the gun activist. Continue to push for more and more guns and teachers carry CWP. The question is how can a mentally ill man own guns. Army on an FBI no fly list can still own guns what is your solution. Let me let me explain something to you about the real world. As long as human beings are tasked with various jobs. There are going to be those who fail in those jobs. When they do there are consequences. In the case of Fort Hood. It was ignored that major Nidal Hasan. Was AM virulent jihadist and as a result he ended up murdering unarmed soldiers. And Texas. Because people in the Pentagon and at the DOD ignored. Is that Islamic Jihad beliefs. In the case of the Florida shooting we all know how I'm this guy. And that's this young man mr. cruise. And via police come to a sells 39 time ups. 39. Separate times should something have been done well obviously. But. How many other instances the Charleston shooting. The at church shooting in Texas. Now where assembly of the FBI failed to perform background checks out acrylic what you can pass all the wash you want. Human beings are going to make a mistake. You can't pass a law saying it's illegal to make a mistake the royal somebody who shouldn't be in legal possession of Oregon does have one. It's a simple enough equation. If we. So if we successfully. Enforce the laws we have an individual's like these people won't be able to get guns. But to blame guns for what's happening. Is wiped out boy it blaming out pencils for spelling mistakes. It's been like that. Michael Moore blaming fork storm making him fat. So yeah my solution is number one have a single entrance of the schools have a metal detector directly inside. That one entrenched in the school and have an armed security officer inside the school or a sufficiently trained teacher. When the CWP. Who is armed and knows how to uses weapon there as well. The only way you shop a madman with a gun. Is when you have a same person with a gun to defend the lives of the innocent students who were in that school. And if you can't follow the logic of that I'm sorry I can't help. Quarter after six here on the body matchup will be right. Oh c'mon folks. Think this through. All right. Twenty minutes after six here on the above a Mac show and I'm trying to amass a text message that I just got and that and it said. Bob and when a fire breaks out and everyone is trying to all get out that one door. Are you kidding. There would be 1 central. Entrance that everybody had a command. There would be multiple. Doors to exit the building in the event of a fire. Sheets. 21 after six at Cherokee county schools joining the protest. 864761060. True. They recorded propaganda. Is that left you a call that the next few minutes you and assessed. Now Bob you love your show when your music thank you appreciate that. Bob so what if president from fired T Rex went to tweak. If Tillerson called the president Amal Iran and undermine him on a number of fronts as reported he's fortunate. To receive such an accommodating departure let's keep it real. Well look at if if ideologically. You're not on the same page with your boss. Typically what's gonna happen. The boss is gonna find somebody who agrees what disposition. Yes. And now on having one entrance to schools isn't too safe and sent to fire safety folks think this through. One entrenched and multiple exists. Where you can't get into the building from the Al cy and but in the event of an emergency you can exempt the facility okay. Bump but I think that tech catches me up to the phones we know Richard is an except he is on his cell. Hi Richard and welcome to the bunny match up. I expect I'll answer that people want to thank them many others who have never know children. And every school and were categorized now ordered one entrance not like I. And an honest vote movie theaters. So we wondered what exactly that is caught fire there yeah a little. And much under that I also other in the what do first chart that. Or you're. Saying about their bombers. Being producers. Because of their first they're story telling. Only inspiration as I. And capture that it has been in the Internet are being an awful lot of conservative talk or. Here it trio. Of some odd now or never iron. Obama. An epic story teller. Well short leash he ostensibly wrote that book. I dreams from my father which was that sort of things went. Of course I think it's it's fairly common knowledge. That Obama put together a bunch of notes and stock command not cardboard box and gained a Bill Ayers and he wrote the book. Not crime but I mean you know the people are store total set they're not carrier whatever their doorbell. 26 and you know when you chart during this or wherever that story spell yeah right what other who populate the bachelor were. Reporter it was at 100 that you that it is a true report showed is that they're able not a cut. Yeah it is it is inaccurate report supposedly. Or but Barack Obama had done tremendous. Storytelling. Skills he was able to convince the American people to electing president twice. How come out whether you decide but we tell me their stories right yeah I think it surprised that you're not there and from their model that Netflix or or or whoever opinion that. That that report is operating in deep do do right now yeah well I can't. Did you want to have phrased it in that way although I guess you could make the case. You know look at the the number of stories and Obama was able to sell the American people why make. And I feel like you're doctor I need I go one. Well I have been mixed yeah what thank you on this little walk out on. I'm not me not Torrealba a lot of what you upright not. Good for the sanctity of the Q because I mean yeah and what a large police. Called president you know there there could be somewhat carruthers did this this spiked. Britain sheep sheep outlook outlets south forty would narrow when there when Russia for yeah. And I think from that standpoint. To keep all these youngsters inside the school building. As GCS is doing is probably a good idea and to not invite too to dis invite the media. Is another good idea because anytime the TV cameras show up by year you're totally changing the environment. So there are Lou I'm not I'll listen to part of the just they're going to be inside the school son out bigger gripe about about what trying to get a realistic at least in Greenville county they will. There much earlier surcharge on don't know what they're but it we talked about it are right let Paul and then I'm. One other thing about the not that was that is who we will call that the pressure to share heralded big. Appreciate that very much Richard thanks LP have a good went to Alice get in my stomping grounds of Taylor's and bring in Jeff. Next here on the body Mac show hi Jeff what say you. Well good afternoon Bob Rouse up table outside Alberta. Public here Ramallah for urgent that's saying in South Carolina all while mark. It was by god for Mississippi. All right did that gave up Maine because that was a tourist attraction exactly we wanted to get it to bits they kept us from billions. Fiftieth in education yup they know that typically are cellar dwellers. Bet that we assay ahead. Right they need to be an irritation rate Ratner has been taken and Superman. And out to protest the second. Well I wish I wish they would I wish they would teach those subjects Jeff and stop teaching. Social justice and toxic masculinity and cultural appropriation and the rest of that pardon the expression. Crap. What you know or are actually get out of the book a lot from the app can't understand what people. Thank Betty if you gave up the second commitment. That she was still at the perched on a lot particularly in power. They would give a crap what cute though if there's not a you can do about it well though you don't believe that it. Her idea as a people in the former Soviet Union where they were sent after the gulag by the millions. Thank ED. Third World country. In in the Caribbean anywhere he wanted to go to the people. That they have guns that have dose and it would be the same blank here and I can understand particularly the news media. Have actually stupid that they'll tell us. If you got no way to back it out there and. What you don't go well until they end of the brother for the most part sat thank you Jeff I appreciate the call for the most part the members of the media. In our thoroughly indoctrinated by the elitist enhanced in the ivory towers of academia. In socialist slash Marxist ideology. From the time they show up in kindergarten until late time they get out of their Ivy League prep school. Bobbing my children would not walk out if they work walking out it's called parental control. Bobby don't any of these a lefties think that teacher who shielded others with his body wished he had a gun at that moment. Bobby when I went to school in ancient times spoil tell me about it Rick. We had one entrance but there must have been thirty exit doors and open now plus windows and opened. A Bob remember Obama never told a story he didn't profit from these ads and probably true. Bobby Mack I don't let these some moronic text to get to yet you shouldn't need to explain. He won door entrance and multiple exit door strategy. Curious. How they even imagine only having one way out. Bob so Cherokee county schools are joining the nonsensical walkout might as well keep on walking man. The system there isn't worth a flip all but they have a Taj Mahal football stadium. More evidence of where their priorities. Are. Bobby were in the midst of a religious war in America where the liberal humanist or systematically trying to eradicate our way of life. And Christian values defeat them. Or our way of life is over. Bob on the entrance exit text. Some people I am no break. And Bobby this word to the why is the boss may not always be right but guess what. Is always. The boss. From a Tony. In Pickens. 629 here in the body matchup Patrick is that in in the new senator Phelan in for Andy this evening and I'm right back with a last half of the bonus hour. And I go right back to the phones. Next. As well where daylight. ZZ. And the background. It legs Lilly legs. No blazing saddles reference short 63921. Before seven whereas now last half of the bonus hour now here on now this. Tuesday evening great to have you on. As promised now let's go to the puzzles go to Ron he is a nine Greeneville. Hi rod and welcome to the bunny match. How about the man. You talk about Obama's move to a TV show it's just a sign of how bad that they are coming up with millions. ABC is going to start new episodes of Roseanne. There's a dream come true huh. No episode so wrote saying we're at the same canisters before. Although I've I understand I read somewhere rod you may have seen as and I know that. I'm now she is going to be a conservative. I had just told that edge where. I I did not believe it deeper into. Well I can't say that I blame for that but I mean look doesn't ABC have a show on. The Lucifer are so I think they got a little edgy they all is that fox and as an odd. So they got to show about the double less straight. I'm I'm I'm telling these these I think Iran are merely I'm more signs that the index is our near you know what I'm slant. You. And it's it's it's pretty pathetic thanks Ron I appreciate and and what's really sad about Obama being an on Netflix. You know this just what we need to give this guy. In LA worldwide platform. On to spread more cultural marxism and all their Aston. I mean all they're the true believers well watch and everybody else who rejected out of hand. Bobby in on the tax line I don't mind if it's a memorial but I'll be enraged if this turns into an anti gun rally. Does not have the potential to do that. If you let these kids. Outside the tone and the direction but this is gonna take. Now bobbing my daughter told me Riverside middle school told them to Wear certain colors to school for the walk out. I was also told everyone has to participate. There's a tyrannical dictate for you. Bobby Obama stepping forward and announcing he's ramping up liberal indoctrination. When they global broadcasting effort of storytelling. That's an issue we need to take very seriously needs to be countered. Well that is why I and others are here every day. And Bobby and your rant about the progressive left you left out. Gender and trans gender identification which prop Maine a thank. Houk and every gender identification. When they're supposed to be gender neutrality. Master collection. Bob the schools have no business even thinking about doing anything related to the Florida shootings during school hours. Should not even be acknowledged and messages after school hours. Period. Gosh there are many who would agree with that assessment. Bobble look up Roseanne on YouTube she was in 2016. A forever trapper. Yeah. Half. Go figure. Okay. So you remember we've been having all these discussions. Four months. Now about. The DNC and Hillary's campaign faith paying this fusion GPS. Essentially their hand owners think they go out trying to dig up dirt they call it opposition research. As a way they address it up. Action to try and dig up dirt on not candidate and then president trump with a steel dossier and all that. There is a new book out. The now claims former President Obama. Also. Hired fusion GPS. To try and dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. They Barack Obama presidential campaign hired fusion GPS in 2012. To dig up dirt on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. According to a book released today. The Obama campaign hid its payments to fusion GPS through the same law firm Perkins called lane. That day Hillary and the DNC later years for the same purpose against trump. Sell this thing is down legs this goes way back. The arrangement similar to the one that they Clinton Campaign and the DNC used to pay fusion. For its investigation of then candidate Donald Trump in 2016. That contract. Led to the creation of the infamous steel dossier which was written by British spy Christopher steel. Quote in 2012 fusion GPS was hired to do opposition research on Mitt Romney for Barack Obama's reelection campaign. So reads Russian roulette. The inside story of Putin's war on America and Donald Trump's election. The book is written by Michael is sick often David Corn to veteran reporters who met during May. 2016 campaign with steel and fusion GPS foundered when cents. As has become standard practice in the shadowy world of Oppo research the Obama campaign to payments diffusion GPS were never publicly disclosed. The money paid to the investigative firm. Was reported on campaign disclosure reports as legal bills to the campaigns a law firm Perkins scored. So that's how they knew how to do it this time and if it wasn't for the weeks. Of all the DNC. Emails. Now there last week you win ever win a known anything swept. It's one thing to do opposition research it's another to weaponized. Federal agencies. Against your political enemies. That stuff is scary. Quarter before seven here on the body -- 645. Today's good news story is still on the way we will get we get that so rarely but. We have some forty we'll share with you. When we come right back. Here as we wrap up on Tuesday. Who. All the crew. Little CSI him. Music career. We need out of forensic investigation and lots of different areas these days. Won't get fooled. Again 650. Tender knows who are you a tribes who are you a CSI. Mixing up my whose Sox while no winners getting late in the evening. And not just about past my bedtime. All of us I'm still I'm now what time's Leo son now sell might penny gives up. As you know those yes some on some conception of what time the sun sets now oil money thing. 712. Now all okay. Move south lectures assembly 948. And I in on the attacks like Bob why is the media not welcome well because. The up powers that be yet Alex and agreeable school systems but leave that the appearance of the TV cameras. Could. Change the environmental and lead to some month on wanted circumstances. Aren't. Bobby apparently don't legacy of the Obama and Clinton administration is proving if your high enough from the federal government the law no longer applies to. Certainly if your name's Clinton. But I think they're making schools a target for tomorrow I'm just furious thankful that our son is out of public school thanks for all you do Kim. In Chesney thank you can appreciate them. As so Bob what happens if during these activities. At schools tomorrow someone against praying. For the families of the victims what are they gonna do then. Can't have that I'm sure. Now Bobby you've had a child in public school they would stay home mark. Yeah and and when they asked what the excuse was lawyer Trout wasn't there they had a cult. Simple enough prove me wrong tell me that telling my kid didn't have. Now Bobby if they're not mature enough to I handle a gun they're not mature enough to have an opinion on. OK here we all almost forgot now the president I mentioned went out to a San Diego today. And here are some of his comments. And see a reviewed. It is the the border wall prototypes in San Diego Leah believe it. First comments here are a little bit off the Mike here is a President Obama. I'm president dropped by depart. Area. NC. Sanctuary City. Horrible group of people that many cases criminals. What happened as an exam and Oakland went straight story. The app president also reiterated. We need to find the money. To get this thing up and bill. The border wall. Is truly our first line of defense. And finally this from me a president on the border wall. That wall will stop so much that we looked at the different product arrives. And it was fascinating. And we have two or three that really work we had people trying to scale. We've done in every way I'm built to do best is built. Well it be nice if he can get that deal pagers and that's that's a game changer. There's no question about it I saw that some of the reaction. Must summon the illegals all well climb that bank. Leading climate legislation spec ops people special operations people I mean berets seals. All the rest. Army Rangers. Trying get over some of these prototypes not done. Could navigate SO. Well we'll see OK time for a today is good news story you'll ago. There is say a photo that went viral last week taken in a Waffle House in alarm Marc Texas. It is on a waitress. Hell no one marches and just outside of Houston mother what. The the waitress helping a 78 year old customer Koch is screwed apparently is hands were a little weak because he recently got out of the hospital. So way she helped him out. Ashy cut his pay alma. For NN national like it was no big deal. But his reaction has been a big deal. The reaction to what she did rather has been a big deal the waitresses and eighteen year old woman. Not even Bonnie Williams the photo blew up on FaceBook the mayor of one mark. Honored her by declaring march 8. Now working in restaurants to save up for college and offer her. A 161000. Dollar scholarship. You're shields. He is a malfunction so well anyways it's this close. I did my hands are not up to par. The phone when I come I mean regular programs dominant in his busy here you know she actually like at the time the thought here we had to say instead of you know walking past him. And I just got some and the new. If somebody told me through days stated that I was very popular because they got me on Facebook's they have money. Meaning williams' day. I'm not on day and got us Alison he is you know. On my innocent that I under any given day. There's you know as she says she's planning to study business administration hopes to own her own restaurant herself. Someday and now she will be off to Texas Southern University with a scholarship. Initiatives good news story we'll wrap it up and even on that note and see you tomorrow god bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show for. In the words of mystical force to. And greens. Yeah. I must be going. And I must be outgoing. Happiness that. I leave eve. I hate it. It's. Wouldn't. Yeah.