Bob McLain Show 3-13 hr 3 Ret Army Lt Col Tony Shaffer interview

Bob Mclain
Tuesday, March 13th

Ret. Army Lt Col Tony Shaffer interview


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About a national joined on our gas line this afternoon by a retired army lieutenant colonel Anthony Shaffer. I he's a former teacher guy former Intel guy and these days a senior fellow to the London center for policy research colonel welcome good to have you on the program. Traffic got you that my pleasure first volley surprised. Or is that the selling had been Ike expected death for awhile with the departure of Rex Tillerson. Yeah no we we started hearing murmurs and this back and severed all disclosure might look I know Mike Pompeo and I respect him a look that members of congress now that director and a there's been strong murders for awhile and I guess since December that that something's going to happen. And Mike Pompeo is being kept being yep put forth is probably the most likely replacement and a allied I see that extort and was not what surprised. He was so let go it. I don't know I mean director lists all the mistakes in the making and apparently he was the only one not aware that his demise was kind of boat company. Yeah he didn't start as I give the impression that he was blind sided or something here. Yeah I'm proud. A surprise and you know. I'm about two blocks from the White House right now is very strong murmur just out right and so my point is I think it is a very positive move forward. Mike Pompeo the pastor has been very effective this record CIA. I think his replacement is selected an extra practitioner. She's got an idea that operation she'd say India can saucer like myself so. I guess this is a good move on our site that look at around watch in here looking for liberal. Trumpet blows from the women who now a key position yes administration. AFLAC ask I tried with our former governor from South Carolina Nikki Haley is our ambassador to the United Nations but of course we know that Dunn president trumpet as a as a sexist and whenever appoint women to positions of high authority. Gina has small. Gina castle handpicked to book buying a Mike Pompeo to succeed him Langley. The machine. She's gonna wanna be here and that's been behind the scenes helping him actually do the hard work of trying to extend over there on a regular black market there are practical guy. Yet regret declare charter a clear understanding of what he had to do that a lot and you wanna do start arbitrarily cutting and slashing with a scalpel. Well without understanding how to do it properly understand he's she'd been kind of in our eyes. Upon receipt help again focus on what's Mets surge so I think. From all accounts she's up the right person. You know let sort of attacking her over the torture program on Sarah. You can't do anything in this town. And then at what you want signature desk every day and dropped a check. You're going to get what you. Do that yours you gonna do something in a moment you do something you have critics though. You know god bless her she's like all muddy boots del right she's been out there slugging it out like the rest of this tragedy so again I think it's really great practitioner. Return to be the that it that it leader of the CIA. Yeah out the way I assess that earlier back colonel Shaffer was I said I was happy to see. Bad news for all the Prius drivers with Hillary stickers and parking lot and and happy to see a return to the adults a blank. And that's exactly what's going on here she's been around cheap in the fractures. I don't personally know orbit she's got a great reputation. Again I don't act and and so I suspect that based on my understanding all Mike thanks Ashis had to go through a number of really difficult what is. I mean that challenges just to get to the point Horry trust Cirque yeah would recommend a particular to take place. Yeah and and it's it's interesting I EU and you made a reference Mike is something that the trigger thought with me. For those events that have a a long enough memory in have been around. For awhile and and watch the great game being played. We know what happened out when not admiral turner came in Langley and we ended up losing many. Valuable. Intelligence operatives because they didn't fit the the political ideology shall we say of the times and and to have a replication of that at this point and they would be a disaster. Why not migrate. And I think that's where my had look like old look drops open Mike about the challenges over there right I think he took it very seriously. And you know it looked I was a bit of life that our first news. I thought it out. He removed all the prior rugs and John Brennan does the opposite for you can look but I don't but this more seriously look at. He's been very precise. And trying to figure out what works what doesn't and one of the officials that the iPad one of the top administration senior officials. Breached. About what he received in a way to break about CIA operation we are content right notably absent from the briefings was. What these operations actually doing a little about budget and what the you know what how it looked about in state water produced and so. Very clearly Mike what it would and I what is working how we get things to produce a really good intelligence. Let's get back to. To being the premier telescope national organization not the premier gay and lesbian. And the ocean and by the way John Brennan John Bryan police say that that was what is attractive what is director and I'm not joking about. Well as the old saying goes colonel find me some targets. Right now actually I'm Dina house bush is she going to have any difficulty on the hill being confirmed as the new DC on. No doubt look I can already feel good that the left to lining up there are variations so sensational question and he's not the torture programs and I'm sure something about look I'm not fundamentally. The war torture what that Chet. If you are acting in the paper and an intelligence officer. Under the Dick the police warn note that this nation right and you're told to go do something secure upper right do you go do it for goodness sake. No matter what. And I have been really upset. What's the political grand standing up folks on the left the first opportunity to know about the program that was fully break everybody I know what was their obvious they're an act of cooperative during a time slightly. I attacked the strong men and women like her. Who who did what they were told to do simply put if it is not you know want to direct it is something they they are not there to second guess. What they're told to do and the idea politicians attacking them after the fact. It's completely unconscionable and unfortunately I see that happening again here properly during her confirmation. Jim and I suspect that it will be agenda upon on steroids this time around which and a colonel Anthony Schaeffer former army intelligence guy and also of course. Hasn't worked extensively with Langley colonel thanks very much for your time today great to have years or god bless you. I got a rhetoric you've met my pleasure good to have you here seller.