Bob McLain Show 3-13 hr 3 Catherine Templeton interview

Bob Mclain
Tuesday, March 13th

Catherine Templeton interview


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RG dot com joined on the phone this afternoon by a one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates for the nomination up coming in June that is Catherine Templeton who is where are you today cancer. I'm sitting in traffic because. Pastor. Like open the one that he unit and went and generating it nation. And that everybody that in practically on your corn this year. Unfortunately. The the windows are not only her up hermetically sealed. Like the they all Mason jar on funk and why not sports they also are I believe bulletproof. That's diet yes yeah. I thought we needed we needed ample ever that you wouldn't hear on the right point that you all witnessed in a fit parent. No actually. It's fun we cannot hear you 5 X 5 as we've said. In NATO the last hour the programme Catherine we had Beth brother tonight she is the director of communications. For the Greenville county school system and we had a discussion. About what they are. Excuse me planning on doing tomorrow. They are they are trying to maintain. I guess you examine I'm trying to be fair to them in their position. Maintain a position of neutrality. That is to not be associated. With the on national movement which of course is in support of gun control legislation and yet there are parents. Who. Will look at this issue and say well. Okay fine we're having this. Memorial service or however you want to characterize it tomorrow and yet. We never have any pro NRA. Demonstrations. That are approved by and the school board here are your feelings on this whole deal. Fortunately I mean at the end of the distasteful at the bar. And while our learning and understanding our constitution and urged them all right it's free agent. And to protest her partner valuable. Saying. The schools have been put in the horrible position. Where they want of course to allow kids express. Empathy empathy unity and that type of thing. But this movement is about gun control Kennedy eating our children at manipulating. Our school it is it is nothing other band of political walk out. We don't clinic we didn't we didn't walk out you know for our medical prayer where apparently this. That kid even if you do get control. What the park when kids are saying this is about right not only did it on our walk out tomorrow and they wanna walk out in April. It is that this is all about gang control it is creating a situation. In a way it's you know it it's coming maybe more harm in adding. And a mother of school age children. As a mom you got the email from the principal at my daughter school right it was it was great the first period aircraft and it seemed like directly county when in Columbia it was great for the Arctic air craft about unity. Compassionate. That's wonderful. Until it talks about how we're going to lock out for seven minutes about gun control. And eat it but child has an option she Gator walk out. And see the courtyard and they're gonna close the cool and I ordered my child not on face. But she walked out on the court are what was the rest of the school are seeking better. Library. What must admit it now currently we have a chop went I'm old and I still remember vividly. The wailing and quite frankly Michael right wing and when it was announced that she had in fact passed away land. I don't want my child he's unattached. At this point heed this tragedy. To carry that burden I don't want her to feel like he is unsafe going to school. It's our responsibility to get them at school at them concentrate on the studies teachers teach and at the adult responsibility at the cold responsibility. To make sure that they are. They are. What's the what's the right word but I am looking for I did in the right direction. He eight battle or protect it from all this manipulation and. Well that's closer to against. Now it I totally I totally get that. Because nobody wants their children. To have to be exposed. Two the mortality and their friends. And at any earlier age and absolutely necessary. I'm curious that that emails that that you mentioned and we're talking with Katherine Templeton GOP gubernatorial candidate. They specifically mention gun control and in the emails that that you receive from the school systems there. Absolutely but my child and of course beacon imagine. I've received in number as. Email then and taxes not that I think today from people around the states Europe and a couple of parent units cents. Then there. The school letter that they received I think final curtain district. One and easy to get back and let it definitely hurts accounting Colombia and and again they are very similar if it was very much. We worked with the students and we wanna respect your hair. You know they're out cry and we want that support them and I completely understand that. Thank Bennett is on to mention because we you know they want to our tests can control or they are there. Standing together in support of gun control can't fly. They need to being caught up. Yes right and not to be taking a side and a politically it. Hot button issue like the Second Amendment. Right in and and it I don't understand our schools are allowing it it would be wondering if that group that gets spontaneously got up right organization. And locked out of school was quite frankly would then be a party your app or whatever Ole determined that is right to organize pro actively and sanctioned national law now on gun control organize. You know. But liberals mean. It acted out of tweeted that they're not going to be on your channel we're going to be talking about the right at about deported and I've decided that I am only follow on Twitter. By Democrats in the media which has its. Largely redundant but the size it used glue. Yeah well that you understand as well as ID Katherine that there are box out there that are just a waiting for an opportunity to atone launch. Yep art Keller did not buy well I think it gave in and talking and never thought on. They're not mean this is about unit in empathy unity and sympathy empathy that's what that's what the parents talk about when they talk about the strategy in the right. It's not what this school organizes. In conjunction. Allowing manipulation of our children in public school. I would certainly agree and and based on what you're telling me I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate. Here in Greenville county amateur what Spartanburg what does that what they sent out of their email because I haven't responded to our request for an interview but. At least it appears agreeable system missed is attempting to if nothing if nothing else paint a face of neutrality on innocent and at least. I'm not a blatantly appear to be endorsing gun control. Right that's right well when the word and control appear at me. Letter from the principle no matter how you wanna you wanna payment yes it's about gun control while. It is simply at a. And and it you know it it's a it is unacceptable wage should be it's taxpayer dollars they're supporting out public education. It and it occurs to me as well as is an oversimplification. Meant to these youngsters even understand that and that if they do you walk out in the schools what they're doing. Is essentially. Though they realize they are demanding. To have their Second Amendment Rights stripped from them. Of course not they don't have a quiet day. They are walking out of the different or walking out Mickey Kantor telling them about what they can days welter you know and and I tea. I hate disqualified myself from running for governor here wanna make that statement but it fifteen year old. If I had the opportunity to have sediment out of class and not be sitting in England I would be happy indeed that sure. No I do not believe that these children have a clue that they're you know that there protesting the constitution war. Gun control yen. I don't think they probably have a very good comprehension of what exactly has gone on and I think it's creating a situation where they don't they'll say. And and and and settling on yes it is yes absolutely it is and it reinforces I think campaign in the minds of many parents. That the the edge of cramps as some referred to the people that run public education. Our army using every opportunity to indoctrinate young people and their politically correct agenda and this is merely another example of that. Well I have been apparent terror are involved and that they are affected by the Tamar and take it as an opportunity to talk about the importance of the constitution talk about the import safety talk about the importance. You know. Yes in unity and empathy as far as but also the separation. You know between what they're teachers tell them sometimes. What the other side of the story yes a little which you'll use this that they teachable moment. Yeah is it is it too much gas to have some balance. I like them that it did not. Catherine Templeton president GOP gubernatorial candidate Katherine now thanks Laura did where were we able to while away the Mets while you're stuck in traffic. I'm about a block away from where. It's my pleasure canter until then thanks thanks for joining us this afternoon and I think EU backed it had me or seven.