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Bob Mclain
Tuesday, March 13th

Catherine Templton talks to Bob about no walk out walk out; Ret Army Lt Col Tony Shaffer talks to Bob about Gina Haspel


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And we know your timing is exquisite view our right on the money for. They are most heavily commuted hour of a body Mac electric radio program in the air chair. You are genial host rad big shock jock. I attack dog in the right they bombastic. Loud mouth on the south. Here and as always deal or input. Is invited encouraged and welcome just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage talk line 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address mob. And 1063. WORG. Dot com joined on the phone this afternoon by a one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates for the nomination up coming in June that is Catherine Templeton who is where are you today cancer. I'm sitting in traffic could. You pat her. Like I opened the one that he unit and went and generating station. And that everybody that practically on your horn here. Unfortunately. The the windows are not only her up hermetically sealed. Like the they all Mason jar on funk and why not sports they also are I believe bulletproof. That's diet just yeah. I thought we needed we needed couple ever that you had here on the right noise that you all were just in that. No I surely day and it's fun we cannot hear you 5 X 5 that's where sick. In May oh the last hour the programme Catherine we had that brother tonight she is the director of communications. For the Greenville county school system and we had a discussion. About what they are. Excuse me planning on doing tomorrow. They are they are trying to maintain. I guess you examine I'm trying to be fair to them in their position. Maintain a position of neutrality. That is still not the associated. With the on national movement which of course is in support of gun control legislation and yet there are parents. Who. Will look at this issue and say well. Okay fine we're having this. Memorial service or however you want to characterize it tomorrow and yet. We never have any pro NRA. Demonstrations. That are approved by other school board here are your feelings on this whole deal. Yet it and fortunately I mean at the end of the day's goal at the bar. And while part of learning and understanding our constitution and urged them all right it's free speech and and to protest with her on the valuable. Saying. The school event but in the horrible position. Where they want of course allow kids do expressed. Empathy empathy unity and that type of thing. But this movement is about gun control Kennedy eating our children at manipulating. Our school it is it is nothing of a man of political walk out. It we don't clinic we didn't we didn't walk out you know for our medical prayer where apparently this. That kid even if you do get Google. What the park when kids are saying this is about right not only did they want our walk out tomorrow and they wanna walk out in April. It is that this is all about going control it is creating a situation. In a way it's you know it it's coming maybe more harm and good thing. Act as a mother of school age children. As a mom you got the email from the principal. My daughter school right it was it was great the first repair and it seemed like directly county when in Columbia it was great for the Arctic aircraft about unity. Compassion. That's wonderful. Until it talks about how we're going to walk out for seven minutes about gun control. And Ian it is my child has an option she can either walk out. And see the courtyard and they're gonna close the coal and my children my child not unsafe. But she walked out on the court are what was the rest of the school are seeking better. Library. What is not that it is now currently we have that sound went out of high school and I still remember vividly. The wailing quite frankly Michael right wing and when it was announced that she had in fact passed away land. I don't want my child he's an attack at this point to this tragedy. To carry that burden I don't want her to feel like he is unsafe going to school. It's our responsibility to get them at school let them concentrate on the studies teacher teach and it the adult responsibility at the cold responsibility. To make sure that they are. They are. What's the what's the right word but I am looking for I did in the right direction. They eat by eight battle or protect it from all this manipulation and. Well that's closer to against. In all it I totally I totally get that. Because nobody wants their children. To have to be exposed. Two the mortality and their friends. And at any earlier age and absolutely necessary. I'm curious it that emails that did you mention and much argument Katherine Templeton GOP gubernatorial candidate. They specifically mentioned gun control and in the emails that that you receive from the school systems are. Absolutely. But my child and of course beacon imagine. I received a number as. Email then and tax and that type of thing today from people around the states Europe and a couple of parent you know cents. Then there. The school letter that they received a final effort when district. One and easy to get back and let it definitely hurts when counting Colombia and and again they are very similar it it was very much. We worked with the students who would wanna respect here and there. You know there outcry and we want to support them and I completely understand that. Thank Bennett is on to mention because we you know they want our tests can control or they are fair. Standing together in support of gun control gadfly. They need to being caught the. Yes right and not to be taking aside in a politically it. Hot button issue like the Second Amendment. Right in an and it I don't understand our schools are allowing it it would be wondering if that group would get spontaneously got up right organization. And walked out of school with quite frankly would then be a party your app or whatever bowl determine that is right to organize pro actively and sanctioned national law now on gun control organize. You know. But liberals mean. It acted out of tweeted anything not going to be on your channel we're going to be talking about right I don't support it and I've decided that only followed on Twitter. By Democrats in the media which is it. Largely redundant but it's his blue. Yeah well there you understand as well as I do Katherine that there are bots out there that are just a waiting for an opportunity to atone launch. Yep cartel or not by. Well I think it needed NN dot net you know for not aren't Eric on that means that the about Indian embassy Guinea and sympathy empathy that's what that what the parents talk about when they talk about the strategy in the hands right. It's not what this school organizes. In conjunction. Allowing manipulation of our children in public. Co. I would certainly agree and and based on what you're telling me I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate. Here in Greenville county amateur what Spartanburg what does that what they sent out and their email because I haven't responded to our request for an interview but. And at least it appears agreeable system missed is attempting to if nothing if nothing else paint a face of neutrality on innocent and at least. I'm not a blatantly appear to be endorsing gun control. Right that's right well we know we're in control appear at me. Letter from the principle no matter how you wanna I wanna payment yes it's about gun control well. It is simply at a. And and it you know it empty and it it is unacceptably should be it's taxpayer dollars they're supporting out public education. It and it occurs to me as well as is an oversimplification. Meant to these youngsters even understand that and that if they do you walk out in the schools what they're doing. Is essentially. Don't they realize they are demanding. To have their Second Amendment Rights stripped from them. Of course not they don't have a clip it. They are walking out of the different or locking out their cages are telling them about what they can days welter you know and and I tea. I hate disqualified myself from running for governor here wanna make this statement but it is senior all. If I had the opportunity to have sediment out of class and not be sitting in England I would be happy is he that sure. No I do not believe that these children have a clear that they're you know they're protesting the constitution war. Gun control England. I don't think that they probably have a very good comprehension of what exactly has gone on and I think it's creating a situation where they don't they'll say. And and and and settling on yes it is yes absolutely it is and it reinforces I think campaign in the minds of many parents. That the the edge of cramps as some referred to the people who run public education. Our army using every opportunity to indoctrinate young people and their politically correct agenda and this is merely another example of that. Well I have been the parents are involved and that there are affected by the Tamar and take it as an opportunity to talk about the importance of the constitution talk about the import safety and talk about the importance. You know. Yes it unity and empathy as far as but. Also the separation. I mean at between them what their teachers tell them sometimes. What the other side of the story yes a little which you'll use this that they teachable moment. Yeah is it is it too much gas to have some balance. Them that it should not. Catherine Templeton president GOP gubernatorial candidate Katherine now thanks Laura it did where were we able to while away the Mets while you're stuck in traffic. I'm about a block away from Maryland. In doing it. My pleasure Katherine tell them thanks thanks for joining us this afternoon and I think you've got good having you are seventeen minutes after five here in the Bobby mansion to a quick break here right back with more as we roll on here on Tuesday. Welcome back great to have you along 23 after five here in the body Mac show. Taken a long way home. Hate to say and not down here in the most heavily commuted hour of the body match up there are all. The long way home. Sanderson. Add in on the tax line this afternoon 71 threes are seven. Now Bob by US history sadly is not taught in school anymore at least it's not -- done correctly. Yeah that that a people's history of the United States. Now that book is is used. A great deal. Bump up bomb. Al Bobby if on the children walk out of the schools are they not making themselves target to a hearing Greenville county they won't be walking out. They'll be doing their activities set inside the confines. Of the school's property. Bump out bomb. Bob. Where where where is concern on the part of this. I just says that district six Spartanburg county. And I don't see where the first part of that I'll hear artist Al Bob I spoke with the administration from dormant. And we're I have a senior attending school is not. Participating. In this walk out that's a Spartanburg district six Spartanburg county site thank you appreciate that appreciate the information. Bob gun control is like telling me that sense parachute some messed up hearing my last jump out of a plane in this town I should jump without one at all. Bobbie when I went to school not a single teacher revealed their political view is. Now the majority of them are openly leftist. Act a lefty activist there infiltration plan is working. Sent. And I know that there are many. Conservative teachers are people that are imbued with traditional American values are in the teaching profession and I feel for them because in this environment. Bump up bomb Dahlia out bright. I missed Templeton please stop suppressing the First Amendment and support the Second Amendment changes necessary shot from Simpson. How are you are suppressing the First Amendment. There having that they're having these tomorrow they're not shutting them down. Now Bob just another example of school administrators do not have they had discernment. To me in charge of educating children. Bobbie about wrecks and Tillerson secretary of state. Did the job he was hired to do tax reform. Job well done now trump has other promises he needs to fulfill he will find the next best person available. To fulfill those promises and Rex apparently was not that man well I don't know how much as secretary of state. And to do with that getting the tax bill through. Parents hey I'm a taxpayer goes our taxpayer funds. Let's use correct to languish here whether I have a child in school are not use of mind. Or our money generated by taxing as citizens is unconstitutional. Under taxation without representation. Is or not. Just now thinking out loud thanks automatic appreciate that thank you appreciate the text message. Bobbie you what church Twitter account but she's had my vote for awhile now. She's 100% on point every time she talks. On any issue I have heard her speaking with you about. Now Bonnie encouraged to me that this discussion about gun control what's coming from individuals who probably don't even know what the Second Amendment is for. That sect could well day. Him. I'm Bonnie didn't jumbled and pull over because it's hard to talk on the phone while driving over the speed bumps on the metal as interstate not I don't even know that she was driving the car. I suspect. Somebody with her analysts driving they were stuck in traffic anyway she said they they moved out. What's your sentiment about a block in about fifteen match. Bonnie commander in chief I've seen him bomb the Middle East assigned troops etc. to protect other countries. Why can't he do that here. Now Bobby trump wants eighteen billion dollars for the wall yup by the way he went to a San Diego today to inspect the wall. Trump wants eighteen billion for the wall but congress will never funded. So why can't he put our military troops and resources on our border. Bump up. For mr. Templeton did you really vote for Vincent Shaheen. And support Jeb Bush in the last GOP presidential Republican primary from Alan Simpson bill. I yelled those questions as a lawyers would say have been asked and answered. As she did vote for Vincent change she said her rationale for that was that issued on school where they've NGOs voting for for a can make of that what you will. A pump. Now Bob bath brother 10 told Tara this morning. That daddy NRA's students would be allowed an equal opportunity to have a walk out. I'm not sure it's on the podcast. About they're just dull I just tune DN so I don't know if this has been mentioned that of Greenville county school system. Test and walk I wanna see every student participating arrested for disturbing schools and other now. They're they're doing them inside schools right there school supported. Activities. And aren't there and used as part of the rationale for doing that not exposing them to. Any opportunity for. As things do get out of hand which is also the reason why they have. Did he gave dump the media on the heads up look we're we're doing this without cameras tomorrow attempt and from that staff I think that's a good night. Anytime that the TV cameras go up that it changes the equation. Bobby Beth brother tennis following the Clinton handbook ver -- beta and deny deny deny and then denies some more. Bobby regarding Katherine temples and excusing her vote for Vincent Shaheen because it was a friend of hers from college I wouldn't vote for a family member. Let alone a friend of they ran for office is a Democrat. As far as I'm concerned that main Jeanne dog won't hunt. Okay. 529 time forest US stepped into the news center still to come in this hour on the program. Which the app announcement today that president trump is nominating the first female. DC IA director Central Intelligence Agency. Now be joined in the next few minutes here by. Lieutenant colonel Anthony Shaffer he's a former GQ guy. Army intelligence officer where it's time and the F packed theater to talk about his assessment of where the agency may go from here. Be right back here on the volley Mac show. Well I would certainly agree with that assessment 53820. Juli or six here and AM about Amax show Barbara Barbara many most. Heavily commuted hour here on nine Tuesday coming up in the next couple of management and talking about. Some of what's transpired in Washington today went to Rex. Being shown the door that is Rex Tillerson. Who is now on his way out as secretary of state of we learned about it today. Lab and apparently got a heads up from my general Kelley. The president's chief of staff on Friday while he was in Africa and that led to the cover story that he was. And I he was ill and not had to return to Washington now before the scheduled conclusion of his African campaign. And so now we've learned that. I truth of that he was sent being brought back has a US going to be. And given me a proverbial cardboard box and Nash on the door don't unload direction ocean and a bad job and on the eight. You know is probably somewhere in the middle I mean. Yet we will have to assume I guess and he played summerall in the upcoming negotiations with one rocket man in North Korea. That would certainly via a bit of a coup. But apparently there has been longstanding disagreement. Between the president and his secretary of state over. Their approach. To the move allow us and Iran. And I'm never the Twain shall meet Gluck you know if if you're not on board with your boss' agenda. Then he probably is gonna find down somebody's true believer in what they're doing to replenish. And realistically. I guess the fact that it was a leaked. That directs Ellison had referred to the present and at one point as a moron. Brown a way as not to going to. And go very long ways to guaranteeing your longevity and your current post. Am most buses most of bosses. Canada take it personally when they're referred to as a moron now we're talking about that and and the other big revelation of the day. Which is that apparently Jeanne Haskell as it is and going to be nominated to be the first female DCI. That is a director Central Intelligence Agency we're going to be talking with Anthony Shaffer. Say a former GQ guy Intel officer retired army. Alec Tenet colonel. Now who knows something about down the inner workings of by the Intel groups in this country is so we'll be talking with him in now the next couple of minutes as well. In on me at tax line. Bob so what was Imus tumbled into reason for voting and voting for Jeb Bush. I don't trust a Democrat in disguise voting for sure he and I believe may show her true colors about the issues. Bob Bob Bob Bob I don't even speak to family members who are Democrats don't like their screeching you voices. And as you know you can't talk too stupid. Anyway. Bobbie it's funny that your text or from Simpson bill. Is concerned that children are being denied their First Amendment right which they're not like but it's desirable to deny them their Second Amendment Rights. And they're not old enough for the Second Amendment to apply to the age of 21. Then you know are are they are old enough to benefit from the First Amendment as well. Bobby hill crest of middle school. Will they have things something for the students to write a postcard. In support of the people in the Florida school shooting however they changed the time period. Of this too good to be first in the morning not to coincide. Which date to an eight at 10 AM start of the walk out thank you appreciate that information. Bobby see you what the poll is a per SE prayer event held annually public schools it has to be student I'm glad. And held before. The school day begins this protest should be treated no differently. Let's have no exceptions. Bonnie called the South Carolina AG's office and they Greeneville superintendent asking for intervention. No luck but at least they know we are paying attention they are aware of that. Now Bonnie don't see any violation of the First Amendment by requiring the kids to attend class no it's well. It's a federal law you have to attend school state law requires attendance and makes no mention of getting out to demonstrate or speak. From Chad in Henderson hill. Bob the last says you are with us or by definition are against us. Our students should not be put in that situation. And now this one now wake up people Katherine Templeton is a Nikki Haley Jeb Bush rhino. And Bob by cruise shop did say the Soviets would defeat us through our children from where I'm sitting it looks as if they may be succeeding actually in his newest. Khrushchev was quoting Karl Marx. Send them I'm paraphrasing him here to give me a child at six for 10 years now I am for life. Bobby I'm streaming your show so I'm about four minutes behind I'm listening wondering why no one has organized a pro gun. Pro Second Amendment walk out in the schools and what these students that support the Second Amendment. Receive the same accommodation to do so well again at least as far as Greenville county is concerned there is no walk out. It's be they activities are taken place within the confines of school buildings. Now Bob are you letting the kids walk out as just part of the liberal educational indoctrination. Program there are many who believe that to be the case. Pop up. And I believe. And a no sorry sinners I Sam caught up. And I am not proven wrong Bobby have you heard about the Catholic schools in South Carolina are they doing any walk out. That's a good question if they are. It is unbeknownst to me. Bob good move today by the president getting rid of our Rex now if we can have him get rid of Jeff Sessions. Now Bobby why suppress the first for the second as if they word. Because without the second the first is Null and void. First in fact equally exist for the purpose of defending the second among others they wanna use the first to diminish. The second. Got you to a gay a quick break here when we come back on the other side I believe we will bring to be a joint. By a former army GT guy retired army lieutenant colonel Anthony Shaffer talked about the appointment today. Of they the nomination rather but Jean Hassell. Debated new DCI in Langley. Be right back corner before six here on the body matchup. Welcome back. 515 now. Ten before six. Or in the bombing mashal joined on our gas line this afternoon. I am retired army lieutenant colonel Anthony Shaffer. I you say a former teacher guy former Intel guy and these days a senior fellow to the London center for policy research colonel welcome good to have you on the program. Traffic beyond you that my pleasure first of all we surprised. Or is that the selling had been meg expected death for awhile with the departure of Rex Tillerson. Yeah no we we started hearing or resist Bakken severed all disclosure look I know Mike Pompeo and I respect admit though that members of congress now as a director and duct. There's been stronger burst Earl YL and I guess since December that something's going to happen and Mike Pompeo is being kept being yep. Put forth is probably the most likely replacement and a I I see that extortion machine I was surprised. He was let go oh it. I don't know I mean director lists all the mistakes have been making and apparently he was the only one not aware that his demise was kind of buckled. Yeah he didn't start as I give the impression that he was blind sided or something here. Yeah I'm gonna cut a surprise me at all. I'm about two blocks from the white out right now is very strong murmur just out right and so my point is I think it is a very positive move forward. Mike Pompeo protesters been very effective that it records CIA. I think his replacement is selected an extra practitioner. She's got an idea that operation she's safe area can saucer like myself so up. I guess this is a good movement plus iPod but look at around watch in here looking for liberal. Trumpet blows from the women who analogy position yes administration. After I tried with our former governor from South Carolina Nikki Haley is our ambassador to the United Nations but of course we know that Dunn president trumpet as a as a sexist and would never appoint women to positions of high authority. Gina has small. Gina Haskell handpicked to book buying a Mike Pompeo does succeed him Langley. What issues. She's gonna wanna be here and it's been by the scene tell him actually do the art work of trying to extend over a regular black. I can attack practical guy. Ian Macgregor declare charter a clear understanding of what he had to do that a lot and you wanna do start arbitrarily cutting and slashing with a scalpel. Well without understanding how to do it properly understand eat cheat and kind of in our eyes. Obviously help we can focus on what's met sir so I think. From all accounts used up the right person I can elect started attacking her over the torture program are sure looked. You can't do anything in this town. And then at what you want signature desk every day drop paycheck. You're going to get it like you do that you're you're gonna do something in a moment you do something he could have critics though. You know god bless her she's like all muddy boobs out right she's been out there slug it out like the rest of this tragic so I get I think it's really great practitioner. Return to be the that that that that leader of the CIA. Yeah out the way I assess that earlier back colonel Shaffer was I said I was happy to see. Bad news for all the Prius drivers with Hillary stickers and parking lot and and happy to see a return to the adults a blank. Right and that's exactly what's going on here she's been around you in the practice I don't or planned orbit she's got a great reputation. Again I don't like an and so I suspect that based on my understanding of Mike thanks she's had to go through a number of really difficult choices. I mean I challenge mr. took it to the point or try Cirque yeah would recommend a particular to take place. Yeah and and it's it's interesting and I EU and you made a reference Mike is something that the trigger thought with me. For those events that have a a long enough memory in have been around. For awhile and and watch the great game being played. We know what happened out when not admiral turner came in Langley and we ended up losing many. Valuable. Intelligence operatives because they didn't fit the the political ideology shall we say out of the times and and to have a replication of that at this point and they would be a disaster. Why not migrate. And I think that's where my had look like. Don't look trucks open Mike about the challenges over there right and I think he took it very seriously and you know I look I was a bit of life that's our first news. I thought it out. It removed all the prayer rugs from John Brennan as. I sit there for you can look but a public this more seriously look at. He's been very precise. And trying to figure out what works what doesn't and one of the officials that the iPad one of the top administration senior officials. Breached. About what he received in the way to reach about CIA operation waitress can write a notably absent from the ridiculous. What these operations actually doing little about budget and let the you know what how it looked about in Stater water produced so. Very clearly Mike what it would and I it's working hard and we get things to produce a really good intelligence. Let's get back to. That being the premier talent co national organization not the premier gay and lesbian. At the ocean and by the way John Brennan John Bryan police say that that was what is attractive what is director I'm not joking about. Well as the old saying goes colonel find me some targets. Right now actual. Gina asked bush is she going to have any difficulty on the hill being confirmed as the new DCI. No doubt look I can already feel good bit the last two lining up they're variation so sensational questioning. He's not the torture program and I'm sure something about look I'm not fundamentally. The war torture what that shut. If you are acting in the papers and intelligence officer. Under the Dick the police sworn note that this nation right and you're told to go do something secure authorized to do you go do it for goodness sake. No matter what and I have been really upset with the political grand standing up folks on the left. The first opportunity to know about the program that was fully briefed everybody I know what was their obvious they're an active cooperative during a time slightly. Attacked the strong men and women like her. Who who did what they were told to do. Simply put if it is not you know want to direct hit into something. They they are not there to second guess what they're told to do and the idea politicians attacking him after the fact. It's completely unconscionable but unfortunately I see it happening again here properly during her confirmation. Jim and I suspect that it'll be agenda upon on steroids this time around which and a colonel Anthony Schaeffer former army intelligence guy and also of course. Hasn't worked extensively with Langley colonel thanks very much for your time today great to have years or god bless you. I got a rhetoric you that my pleasure good to have you here so let's take a quick break for the news here the top of the hour. 1 morning go the bonus hour is still on the way here on Tuesday.