Bob McLain Show 3-13 hr 2 Beth Brotherton interview

Bob Mclain
Tuesday, March 13th

Beth Brotherton's interview


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Com we're about to be joined by Beth Brothers and his A director of communications. For Greenville county schools you talk about the upcoming event tomorrow. About their good to have you here. Welcome to the program first of all. You've got a here again good to speak with you as well I am we had a conversation yesterday. I was I'm calling them thousands and seeing if the superintendent. Would be available to join me on the program he has not anonymous informant of death has volunteered. Do with the the do you call it falls on me not only help make it a little test. As Jenna as you know about somebody has since the grenade asked to go off into somebody's office. Yeah. Isn't it well it you know or to pull out more cheesy analogy because of the effort kept playing and I says here I am. Well and and we appreciate that your conversation with with Tara this morning. I generated some heat but I think also some light is it at MI correct in assuming method in the statement that was put out. Yesterday. Monday. Which I was addressed to the media. And sent us several of you ask me to provide more detail about our decision to close schools to the media. During the walk out and quote walk out on Wednesday. I hope this email provides better understand for safety reasons we have discourage students from walking outside of a secure location and instead. Ask them to provide indoor alternatives. And then the next sentences I think maybe. Has contributed some confusion on the parts of some parent church which says the intended purpose of this national movement. Is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic. And I think there are those who interpreted data or perhaps misinterpreted. Would be a better way of putting it. Two to take that sentence. As inferring. That what was going on in the Greenville county school system. One was a part of this national movement and I think you're trying to have to recite. I was I was trying to hit the opposite pop yeah. Let's assume that they that they did it to displayed else. And wildest ES planet degree communication how can I will not tell you what scored frantic they may not claiming he's. But you know oak OK it's its sender saying that sometimes you have. A thought in your hand and you express an imprint. In a way that makes total sense EU it's it's it's similar in a sense the way you send somebody a text message but. Because text messages don't whacked hone our Ord due to lack talent. You can you can't tell us some money sometimes as being sarcastic or attempting re humorous or satirical is the west. If so is this same misunderstanding on the part of people who ran right. I wouldn't say it's the misunderstanding and I would say that this statement on on again is accurate the intended purpose of the national movement. Or or at least what it has become the right is to support gun control legislation and highly sensitive political topic and I maybe should've included. Which is why we cannot participate. Camera and made me and and I left at air and then went on a fake. Instead of polarizing student and and and asking them to take sides inside a school building which which is not. About police for. Force them to that to discuss it particularly armed you have teachers involved. I immediately after the content focused on and on unity and kindness and and remembrance and and building at the first school climate. I mean initially. This was. The idea of this to walk out with was initiated by the students. Let's stay on the Douglass high school they were the ones to this first you know the idea of saying you know and an office an awfully deep we need to do more to protect schools. And and did the idea. School safety. And of a student driven the student led movement nationwide tour school safety we're still at the core of this. That has he says many of B. Political polarizing groups can jump again. And and kind of become national supporters national proponent. And animated about something that that perhaps even this didn't do that wonderful intentions. These survivors there's something horrific. You know I think they're intent was to what you unified students across the country to find a solution. I think that in many political great Cayman and that plays into the great opportunity. Practice jump on board and push our agenda that. Well he does look nobody perspective nobody and nobody in their right mind bath and it disagreed to the idea protecting our schools. They don't line of demarcation councilman we begin to draw down and that exactly and how we go about doing an and so I think. What maybe has had some of the parents upset. I suspect that they are looking for. And assurance of some sort from the school district that this is but the what the events are going to be transpiring tomorrow are not. In iron or have the intent of promoting. An anti gun demonstration. Absolutely not they're they're apolitical. And again it was because of the national movement became a political deal we could not. Among many other reasons to support a walk out I mean the obvious one is is safety and and having students. Leave campus and we know that particularly in South Carolina. There are people that feel very strongly. On the other side many people that look at your program a terrorist if you strongly on the other side and so we have no business. You know getting in the way of what is safe family discussion and an amnesty is personal beliefs so. Again when he became political. We knew that we needed he's still allows students to take part in this. Intended it. National movement it was initially is student led they would all about basic school. About student mental health. They added about how do we as students become more socially aware of of what's going on. Omni you know in our school communities on how to we've become kinder to each other. How do we recognize the signs that there might be somebody around Datsyuk. Who need help. And panel we that we wanted to give kids the opportunity on the one month. Anniversary. Of that shooting continue to grieve for or war or to. Joined the national call. The first day for school to force students at the high school middle school level to stand together and say. We we as young people in this new generation have to find who played and desks. And so we wanted to didn't have a police. In that sense and feel like take a particular page. In in the original intended purpose of this which was sur remember the seventeen people who lost their lives in in Florida and and take politics out of it so I can I can assure you that there is no political agenda to any of the events tomorrow. They are all. Remembrance driven. Or they are. Student conversations. That it will be either held the administrators or other student. About school safety. Without our bullying tip line. I doubt you know what kind of mental health resource is very available at this school and why it's why it's important that cannot open the door to. Stranger and I am well yeah and those are all those are all well and good management and here's here's an overarching concern what are the students doing. Making these decisions I shouldn't teachers be making these decisions and administrators. Absolutely not. Because if it becomes if it their whole idea behind this. If you give students the boy you ask why why on earth. Should the teachers make the decision for the student having a voice our goal behind all of the good news at kings didn't. Nobody nobody else is refuting their opportunity to have say what via the point I'm making is. Are 151617. Year old. Are we really. Going to be taking of their input in terms of how to protect them our our lord the adults here. I don't know I mean at it this for the conversation. Starter me you know in in some cases where burst into wanna come forward and have a family. And neither student is driven remembrance activities. The weary in many cases the student ascetic. We would like to instead of walking out of the school building and feeling unsafe food liked to walked into the hallway. And be silent for seventeen minutes so we wanted to after student what they wanted to do returned to recognize the victims of the border school shooting. It's an MRI memorial Leonard is anything else. It is I would say from looking at the list of about what students are chosen to do is that 90%. Memorial. Moments of silence for assigning banners. Bomb in support of the student in and Florida signing cards and letters on the multiple schools are gonna sell out. In there in their front lobby fourteen and the desk and three empty podiums. To mark of fourteen students who were killed. And they can read faculty members on many of them all have a photograph of the victim. And some different biography information about who that person was. And and and maybe even an opportunity again and sent. Turn right left center right messages are right on the banner or. Write a letter on matters most to put students on an Ascot scene that war content or or how. Many have asked for. You know they had seventeen in Atlanta down the hallway one of my high school pianist kids are getting out the hallway and and link arms you know week in the school building you know rather than an outside of the school building. Mom and supported school unity. And I'm now let me ask you this far for for parents who for whatever reason. May not want to there of their child who's a student and the Greenville county schools. To take part in this Tamar if if they do not attend tomorrow will the will they get an excused absence of what Libya on excused or how will that be treated. You know I guess it depends on on how that the parents she used says he can present hump. You know there's good reason the reason for the out sent you know it's safe to student is that sentence. And there have been around since. You know I would take it certainly have a conversation with with the school administrator about whether or not it was a day. Eight safety concern. That has to Italy a political statement and and there could be some some conversations there and and as to how it's it's categorized. You know but again these activities so moral of the schools are completely voluntary. And school is going to continue. As normal none of these activities are mandatory. And and that's something else that we Wanamaker barely cleared the parents would have hoped. Apparently have a conversation with their kids and I each. And today personal Dino what's going on your school tomorrow. T care. Do you wanna do it. Do you feel comfortable growling and and sitting in class because in some cases. You know that. Yeah we want students to be able to have as normal today as possible if if they accused. And an end and some can't might just wanna go to class act and and sign they are very lonely time. And so unbeatable we would love for parents had a conversation with their student tonight a find out what activities their school agreed on. And be clear how they're student plans to participate and if they want to participate twelve. Math I'm I'm running at a time not I greatly appreciate your your taking time and and I coming on here and answering some of these questions kisses I'm sure. You have heard in your position as a director of communications at integrity vote count nationals I'm sure that you have heard. Responses from parents on on both sides of this issue and not to have an opportunity to be able to talk we hear about. The the rationale behind in the decision making process and and why you are doing like you're doing tomorrow I'm my appreciate your taking time to do that. But gonna touch it Ali thank you first take you for giving me that I'm. My pleasure thank you Beth Brothers and US CIA director of communications for Greenville county schools Tony.