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Bob Mclain
Tuesday, March 13th

Beth Botherton, Director of Communicantions with Greenville County School District, talks to Bob about no walk out walk out; 


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And I like your attitude while that's certainly understandable because of Karzai now and they. I attack dog on the right. A bombastic loud mouth of south. There you go getting underway when our number two a Leo Bobby Mack show here on Tuesday and is all way is your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me and take part in the conversation and age issues they Ingles advantage talk line. That is a total free calls from anywhere and the number is 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning tax the line number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WORD. Dot com we're about to be joined by death brother and his A director of communications. For Greenville county schools you talk about the upcoming event tomorrow. About the good to have you here. Welcome to the program for small. Thank you Bob good to talk to you again. Good to speak with you as well I am we had a conversation yesterday. I was calling them thousands and seeing if the superintendent. Now would be available to join me on the program he has not Imus and forma de Beth has volunteered. Do with that but that's. Do you call it falls on me not now take it a little test. Engine as you know about somebody hasn't so the grenade asked to go off into somebody's confidence. Yeah. Well yes you know or to pull out more cheesy analogy because of the effort that the playwright says here I am. Well and and we appreciate that your conversation with with Tara. This morning. Generated some heat and I think also some light is it at MI correct in assuming method in the statement. That was put out. Yesterday. Monday. Which was addressed to the media. And Santa as several of you ask me to provide more detail about our decision to close schools to the media during the walk out and quote walk out on Wednesday. I hope this email provides better understand for safety reasons we have discourage students from walking outside of a secure location and instead. Ask them to provide indoor alternatives. And then the next sentences I think maybe. Has contributed some confusion on the parts of some parent church which has the intended purpose of this national movement. Is to support gun control legislation and highly sensitive political topic. And I think there are those who interpreted data or perhaps misinterpreted. Would be a better way of putting it. Two to take that sentence. As inferring. That what was going on in the Greenville county school system. What was a part of this national movement and I think you're trying to emptive. Standard I was trying to hit the opposite pop yeah let's assume that. If they did to display fouled. The wildest implant a degree communication how can I will not tell you radical Islamic they may not claim. But you know. It's in gender saying that sometimes you have. A thought in your head and you express an imprint. In a way that makes total sense to EU it's it's it's similar in the sense the way you send somebody a text message but. A because text messages don't whacked own or do lacked talent. You can you can't tell us some money sometimes as being sarcastic or attempting re humorous or satirical is winced. If so is this a misunderstanding. On the part of people who read that right. I wouldn't say it's a misunderstanding and I would say that the statement on on his cell is accurate the intended purpose of the national movement. Or or at least what it has become a right. Is to support gun control legislation and highly sensitive political topic. And I maybe should've included which is why we cannot participate. And may be and and I left it there and then run a fake. Instead of polarizing student and an an asking them to take sides in private school building which which is not the best place before. Force them to that we discussed it particularly around you have teachers involved. I'm legally apple disciplined focused on on unity and kindness friends and remembrance and and building safer school climate. I mean initially. This was. The idea of this to walk out with was initiated by the students. Let stand the double tight school they were the ones to. At first it over the idea of saying you know I'm an author is an awfully deep we need to do more to protect schools and and and if the idea. School safety. And then a student driven. Student led movement nationwide toward school safety we're still at the core of this. That has he sent many of the political polarizing groups has jumped again and any kind of become a national supporters national proponent. And and made it about something that that perhaps even this didn't do that wonderful intentions. These survivors or something horrific. You know I think there intent it was too late Q unified students across the country to find a solution. I think that that many political groups came in and said well placed into the great opportunity. To practice jump on the war. And bush are agenda. Right actually does look where nobody perspective nobody in the nobody in their right mind Beth and it disagreed to the idea protecting our schools. They don't line of demarcation council and we begin to drop down and that exactly and how we go about doing an and so I think. What maybe has had some of the parents upset. I suspect that they are looking for. An assurance of some sort from the school district that this is but the what the events are going to be transpiring tomorrow are not. In iron or have the intent of promoting. An anti gun demonstration. Absolutely not they're they're apolitical. And again it was because. The national movement became a political. That we could not. Among many other reasons to support a walk out I mean the obvious one is is safety and and having students. Leave campus and we know that particularly in South Carolina mom and there are people that feel very strongly. On the other side many people that look at your program and parent that you strongly on the other side and there we have no business. You know getting in the way of what is safe family discussion and an amnesty as personal beliefs so. Com again when he became political all we knew that we needed he's still allows students to take part in this. Intended to. National movement it was initially did Atlantic. They would all about basic school. About student mental help they added about how do we as students become more socially aware of of what's going on. You know in our school communities on how to we become kinder to each other how to we recognize the signs that there might be somebody around dusk to. Who needs help and panel you know we wanted to get into an opportunity on the one month. Anniversary. Of the shooting continue to grieve for or or to join the national call. The first thing for school to force student at the high school middle school level to stand together and say. We are we at a young people in this new generation have to find a way to and then. Actually went in to have a police. In that sense and feel like they can participate. In in the original intended purposes of this which was remembered seventeen people who lost their lives in in Florida and and take politics out of it so I can I can assure you that there is no political agenda to any of the events tomorrow. They're all. Remembrance driven. Or they are. Student conversations. That that will be either held the administrators or other students. About school safety without our bullying tip line. I doubt you know what kind of mental health resource is very available at this school and why it's why it's important that cannot open the door to. Stranger and I am well thank you those are all those are all well and good management and here's here's an overarching concern one of the students doing. Making these decisions I shouldn't teachers be making these decisions and the administrators. Absolutely not. Because if it becomes if it their whole idea behind this. If you give students the boy looks. Why why on earth should the teachers who make the decision for the student having a boy our goal behind a lot of news at kings didn't. Nobody nobody else is refuting their opportunity to have the same what the point I'm making is. Our our 151617. Year olds. Are we really. Going to be taking of their input in terms of how to protect them are on board the adults here. I don't know I mean at it this for the conversation. Starter. You know in in some cases where burst into wanna come port and have a family. These are student driven remembrance activities. Com mobile area in many cases the student ascetic. We would like to instead of walking out of the school building and feeling unsafe. I would like to walk into the hallway and be silent for seventeen minutes so we wanted to ask for student. What they wanted to do return to recognize that victims of the Florida. School student so this and I am I'm memorial Leonard is anything else. It is I would say from looking at the list of about what's student chosen to do it is to 90%. Memorial. Moment of silence for assigning banners. Money in support of the student in in Florida signing cards and letters. Multiple schools are gonna sell out. In the air in their front lobby fourteen and the desk and three empty podiums. To mark to fourteen students were killed and the three faculty members on many of them all have a photograph of the victim. And some different biography information about who that person was. And and and maybe even an opportunity again path. You're right left center right messages are right on the banner or. Write a letter on another list of what students on an Ascot scene without a war or or how. Many have asked for. He an alias seventeen eat it again to down the hallway one of our high school pianist in chicken not the whole way in and link arms. You know we in the school building you know rather than an outside of the school building. And supported school unity. And I'm never let me ask you this ask for a tour for parents who for whatever reason. May not want to there of their child who's a student and the Greenville county schools. To take part in this Tamar if if they do not attend tomorrow will the will they get an excused absence from Libya on excused our Al that you treat it. You know I guess it depends on on how that apparent keys says he can present hump. You know there everyday and every entity out sent you know it's it's a student is absent. That. Then there have been around since. You know I would take it certainly have a conversation with with the school administrator about whether or not it today. A safety concern. I'd attend to lay a political statement and and there could be some of the conversation there and and as to how would say it's categorized. You know but again these activities tomorrow at the schools are completely voluntary. And school is going to continue to look. As normal none of these activities are mandatory. And and that's something else that we wanna make really clear to parents and would have hoped. Parents have a conversation with their kids tonight eight. And say personal Dino what's going on in your school tomorrow. T care. Do you wanna do it. Do you feel comfortable Gao Ling and and sitting in class because in some cases. You know the yeah we want students to be able to have as normal the day in as possible if if they choose. And and and and some kid might just wanna go to class act and and and sign they are very lonely time. And so unbeatable we would look for parent to have a conversation with their student tonight's A find out what activities their school agreed on. And be clear what how their student plans to participate and if they want to participate. Well about the I'm I'm running out of time not I greatly appreciate your your taking time and and I coming on here and answering some of these questions because as I'm sure. I you have heard in your position as a director can locations that integrity look at nationals I'm sure that you have heard. Responses from parents on on both sides of this issue and not to have an opportunity to be able to talk when you about. The the rationale behind in the decision making process and and why you are doing what you're doing tomorrow I'm my appreciate your taking time to get. But gonna talk to Ali thank you first take you for giving me that I'm. My pleasure thank you Beth Brothers and who is the director of communications for Greenville county schools Tony that's after four here on the body match or take a quick break here and then be right back with a more. By the way got to ballot done yet. Yeah go to our web site 1063 WORG. Dot com. And I get your bracket that filled out got a bunch of good prizes and then this year it's not gonna matter to me because Tarek kicked everybody's career and last year. Money penny did Denver and did it did you finish second to terra last year money penny and that right if I'm not mistaken incident and that Chara picked I'm not tricked. I was thinking about yesterday cherub either made her picks last year based on school color. Or perhaps on mascot. One of the out. I think last year was collared him I think you're right now I don't know which check teller. Was predominant in the Arabic name whatever her sister mushy at work that well it should on 25 after four shall I tell me about it now Marty gets. Text messages after my conversation with about Brothers and A director of not columns are read to Greenville school system what Leo begin to work. My way through on Bobbie I feel like Bethel lied she didn't say they GHS and the idea to participate before I became politicized this morning. And appears she had time to regroup and come up with rebuttals. By the time she joined you this afternoon. Bobby I'm curious now what exactly will these banners at the schools saying. And. Now bombing we need to change things in this school walk out works and stops the mentally ill for a mass murder. Maybe we could stage a walk out to stop mechanical airplane failure I mean look. At a crash all the time something must be done. He possibilities here are limitless. Big Mac I'm wondering what the other 10% of the agenda is from my Dan. Al Bobby exhibit AM why I home schooled my three sons. Al Bob the call including a was more gun control. And Bobby and I can you tell me I'm supposed to take gun control advice. From on the same kids and the tide pods. From my canning. I'm Bobby much different than statements made earlier today to terra. Bobbie what what that what what teachers will continue to teach. Gearing misquote assembly. And call. Bobby I'm his brother John just made the most harrowing statement when she advised parents to discuss what their kids what they would want to do. They are kids. By the way there's no freedom to assembly for a minor. Bobbie you why don't they just do it after school hours. Now Bobby also will there be a T shirts for sale seems onetime no students were allowed to Wear church with any printing. Bobby under eighteen kids can't buy guns or tobacco but can mandate school policies and shoals social justice political stance. On the taxpayer's dime. Bobby of these students wanna make the decision and let them pay the property taxes. I pray you cannot get the Ed just of my feelings by texting these students can have their feelings and show them but not. During school time to the phones we go Randall is on next he is in Malden hello Randall and welcome to the Bobby match up. I don't look playing outdoors today. So far so good. Tell me oh what has you upset Randall. We're belt broke the first policy not a pure shooter not a good skater. Chipped it means testing you to what you do whether or org. I she would say on news anchor at WYFF four. But she shouldn't they pair of dark well majority didn't know nut but about it it was just. I have seen him do mole. There's still some follow bleed blue diplomas without ever entry I don't know that you beat the you have to have a clue. What tomorrow. And I entered. And what what prompts you to say that Randall. Well are you ask yet so of course it's a bad. Don't have all the response probably got it about it and actually don't keep you a couple back I looked out and just in the palm coast who cheered miscues that. Majority view they would try to consolidate work school sit down a mogul and there's a note it was along with that other thing that they would edit his discipline that spirit of the most. We can agree on and that put an accredited its tumble out she's been kept going lower pay about it. Okay Randall I appreciate the call thanks good to have you here today. Over. I don't nobody out and I I I get Randall's point. And I you give Avery enemy China medication sham and educator doing it. On the other hand. People who are former television news anchors are. Watch a phrase I'm like super polished professionals. Can handle public relations. Rolls. Perhaps better than somebody who knows perhaps knows this subject better. But dumb but isn't. As glib presents as on the right word. In terms of not dealing with a meat. And you know they'll saying you know and I don't mean this. And in ways that sound asset a thief to catch a thief by that I mean. The out if you're gonna be dealing with the media. Then. You are watching I think it would be helpful to he would have a person who has experienced in the media. I'll be the one doing and from that standpoint that she's so qualified for thirty here on the body Mac show any is ready to go and a new senator I will catch up with them. They out. Voluminous. That text message is now I have a way to make when we come right back here on the bunny match 011063. WORD. I thank you don't mind if I do for 38 Tony QB 45 here and AM Bob Amax shall as you know why I do not. A ban on. Most occasions. And I have railway good things to say about Don gum or not. Jenrette make tax government this is this is a a good move today. Now let's give credit where credit is due here in the governor's just issued an executive order. Requiring state agencies to protect. Religious freedom. Now why this is important it specifically isn't building governor's order today clarifies. DSS. CPA which is the child placing agency these are they had the agency's. That decide to where children are going to be placed. And will allow all faith based organizations alike miracle hill to retain full. Foster care licensing. Now which should have been a bone of contention name may point of legal. Debate for awhile and also orders all cabinet agencies to review their policies to ensure. That they are appropriately protecting. Religious freedoms and a lot of a lot of youngsters out there. Obviously that would have benefit. From the adoption process. And and a bunch of the the atheist groups anti religious groups had protest and that organizations like miracle hill were only. At placing children with that with Christian families and and work. Complaining about an unconstitutional Grasso this year deadly should clear up. That. That particular bone of contention. As well coming up I'll run after five. GOP gubernatorial candidate Katherine Templeton. Will join me to talk about the upcoming school demonstrations walk outs whatever you wanna column tomorrow. I give her a give us her take on that and then a little bit later in NATO program as well. This afternoon in the F 5 o'clock hour later in the 5 o'clock hour. We will the joined. Here on the a program to talk about assembly ongoing events and North Korea now what happened today and with a secretary Tillerson etc. and the the nomination on the first woman to be. The DCI the director Central Intelligence Agency with which and lieutenant colonel. Not Tony Shaffer. Ass retired so well a lot more still to come in a program today. In on the tax lined. Ashton for Katherine jumbled and at five why did you vote for Democrat Vincent shehhi and in the last election for governor I can answer that went for her. Because that question has been asked and answered and her answer was. That she had gone to school. With mr. Shaheen and and on that basis supported him as a friend. Also loops are quoted as saying something to the effect I'm paraphrasing it and it's very close at nearly 50% of the people in the state. Voted with her as well. I thought that I would necessarily stress that devouring GOP gubernatorial candidate would be an autism act. In on the tax line Bobbitt students are gonna walk outside of their school to raise awareness for gun violence. They need to do the same for another child killer obesity. That walk would raise awareness as well as a literally helping to cure the problem well and at least and green all schools are not gonna walk out they're gonna do there. Activities. Now would then. The confines of school I will say this too I think Michigan ID and a Ted not to and the media present for this to guess any time the cameras are around. It just it totally changes the environment. Now Bobby if the FBI put as much effort into protecting all US citizens as they did to protecting Hillary and no dumbo. We would be the safest country on earth. Bobbie I have brand new baby cows in the past year there are so cute. Moved me out thank you appreciate the agricultural update. I'm mister McLean TV personalities are expected to be polished. His brother and giggle and and bombed more than any of your collars are nervous laugh. I didn't make me feel that she was being totally honest. In what she was saying. Bobby the mistake everybody's making regarding the student walkouts or other non academic activities in conjunction with a nationwide gun control Marx's ideas it will detract. From time spent by the kids and our thank these are public schools. We're talking about after all from a colonel Ted Kennedy here for army colonel said and as always money penny and I hate. So would you. Bob I'm not for any gun control but who are we to tell kids they can't walk out of these dangerous government school facilities they're forced to attend all day like sitting ducks. They Republicans and South Carolina general assembly are more worried about. Funding tourism ads and school re serve some resource officers in rural areas. I'm not real one time of a state employee walks out and boycotts and their breaking the law and can be fired. It's the anti union mob but there still is a protest. Now Bob big gun tomorrow daring home school we will be counter protesting the protesting. By having firing range time. I like it. Now Bobby teleprompter readers that's all where. As they producers used to say just shut up and read the glass. Now Bobby everyone does remember that Beth brother ten used to be part of the local mainstream media don't think. Bob Bob Bob Bob who's going to be paying. These banners at the school I am I'm just assuming that. They're going to be made and brought him now and on our. Bob wow I just learn from your interview the kids are running the schools and not the teachers. It Bobby I feel like dubbed death was not being completely truthful and fact why did she didn't say they GH IG GC yes. Had the idea to participate before became politicized this morning. I think she had time to regroup. And come up with three bottles when she came back on the air with EU. Pumped up by don't have some more than I need to catch up with here. Scrolling through. Bob via under eighteen kids cannot buy guns are tobacco but now can mandate school policy. And social justice political stances and do it on the taxpayer's dime. Them. Now Bobby I think this is political and that is why it is being done tomorrow. And other texture inquires Bob why is evil doing us on that particular date. It does sound like politics demand by the way. Now they are setting. A precedent. So now the kids they were eating tide detergent last week are going to be making decisions regarding school security this week. Bob if they wanted to do remember into activities they need to be done next week. Not tomorrow. I'm Bob Beth kept saying become became political. This nonsense going on tomorrow was always political. Long before the schools jumped on this bandwagon. 446 here on the body match up 14 before 5 o'clock take a quick break here I'd go to the phones when I come right back. Here and above a Mac show on Tuesday. Food Fleetwood. Mac. And Bobby. Mac for 519. Before 5 o'clock has promised. And sag right in the post here Toby is next openness and not Clinton wants talk about the departure. Of the upcoming secretary of state down Rex Tillerson I'd tell me and welcomed the shell. Her dad about Barack. Okay well Ali I believe intro coming into our number lately and I'm under no. And it appears that way and certainly the media is gonna try and carry that message but as I mentioned earlier in the program. On previous presidents have had more than one secretary of state. Who did who did pretty well at George Schultz show for one and Condoleezza Rice were another cell I think you know as a as the nation's chief executive as well as the commander in chief. The president doesn't feel comfortable with it doesn't have somebody as AM department and that is on board with his agenda. That's not to find somebody you list. What I want more requests or hey you've. I'm Omar is. Didn't I don't hear lightly beat bantam. Trouble for the last fourteen months and then without you can debate tree doesn't get a little bit you laughter. Well they couldn't predict that he or she got to block it in your arm there are particular lead and they had a ten acre after a record of just hospital cannot remember it when they. She got a lot of that hard and keep her partner king may have been. Also the so called on him. It to or not they're paying. And Fletcher how long how long on one hand. What is that what's your first named Albert and Mary. Yet. Yeah. Initial debate gadget that's it's good name to have we will we will put merit on our on our prayer list and now and keeper in our thoughts as well. Our other buyout there aren't listed in its creation in those aboard the take a minute and I went over. Absolutely we will do that tell me and now I'm mad best wishes for her hope that they hope that she's able to completely recover and overcome past. Now let's go to more next and numbering Enron here in the volume action. Ron okay you do love you and media members and crucial pay attention and conflict at all I didn't until the end of permanently open and you would launch. And everybody's under the new era. You know art. You wouldn't play in the play why. They then related conditions late in the apple being helped Kurdish ethnic and former prime. One. Look sluggish there would be no. Crops are puny adaptor in and induce someone behind me who they are far. You know the kid and school it's in our client and a pin and show like she needs your network and hand low. Tribunal at the children's well conquer. Pitched crucial wanted to express their feelings. You know I'm going to I don't know initial social traditionally teacher group. As slick. You know years trying to. Well yeah I think part part of the problem thank you Ron I appreciate the call I think part of the problem here. Is that studies that the people behind the national women's Marshall obviously are aggressive out progressive leftist. Are always going to seize on any opportunity they can to try and advance their agenda. Now that's part and parcel of what's going on here. Now what's going to be going on in the Greenville county schools they would have you believe they they wanna maintain more of a stance of neutrality. And and not appear to be endorsing this women's march group which is apparently all anti Second Amendment rhetoric. Now whether. And GCS will be. Six Cecil and in doing that are not remains to be shame because the timing of course is the same as a southern national movement. That's going. In on May yet Tex lines 71 threes are seven bombing I totally agree and disagree rather. With what dubbed death Brothers and what sanctions if she knows and it's become political. Why did she say they still need to participate because the initial intent. Was different and has changed we don't need to participate. At all. Bobby did earlier this morning and I don't believe are now. Bob why don't they just if they wanna have some sort of damme memorial why don't you just do a moment of silence. And and leave them alone. Well for our among other things a reason I just mentioned because there are people with. Ideological agenda wanna use just for their own purposes. Now Bob that student led movement was by gun control puppets being used by the national media from that high school and for. Bobby I'd be curious to know. When they gonna have a pro NRA. Rally. As a good question. Now when we come back on the other side will be joined by a GOP gubernatorial candidate. Catherine doubled and she wants to chime in on this business with guns and schools and we'll do that. On the way next.