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Tuesday, March 13th

Rex Tillerson fired by Trump as Sec of State; Gina Haspel would be the first woman to ever run the CIA; Hillary in India said women listened to husbands in election


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And a beeper really honestly the analysts that never really. Ever away on that sure about Rex. And to begin where enemy and you named your dog Rex OK don't name your kid Rex. A rags remark. And so are Rex is out debt down foggy bottom. Hello how greetings welcome salutation rooms and a Tuesday. Gave me four threes dale while honesty here you are just in time. Far our number one it's now going to be a game barn burner today Wednesday you're surely I. And it's all way is he our input is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Cast doubt you'll need a telephone. Got to be able to dial eight Ingles advantage chalk line which is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is very simply bomb. And 1063. WORG dot com so they LO lefties and the media. Our hand and a field day because Jean Hassell. It is who has spent a great deal of her time Langley. In the clandestine nine unit. The the Covert ops side. Where some of the wet work it's a and she is she's going to be the new DCI. She is gonna mean a new director Central Intelligence Agency as a man Mike Pompeo. Now moves over and will it take over a tough foggy on all of these changes are of course subject to. And senatorial confirmation which I'm imagine. Now we're gonna get you know the the usual rhinos and left leaning Republicans as well as. The end socialist slash Marxist Democrats. In the senate will have a field day talking about. Now water boarding in a torture and all the rest of way Jim has has bowl as a part. And that story today is a New York Times has an the very proud. Up first couple paragraphs the Allah the elevation of miss fastball. A veteran widely respected among her colleagues. To be number two job for the CIA it was a rare public signal of how under the trumpet administration the agency is a lead being led by officials. Who appear to take a far kinder view rule. Of one of its darker chapters in their immediate predecessors let me interpret that for you and tell you what that that means that's a left speak. What they mean it is. The deal folks up lying lay who drives a Prius is that have the Hillary stickers on them. Very and there are star is no longer in a sentence. And now all more of the adult stem blindly or are going to be back to running the place or allow torture. Torture. Waterboarding. Are we get to revisit that again. So while we learned today. In the tweet from our president trump. That Rex was out but actually it's been in the works for months. Now the folks at that conservative treehouse. Wrote about this I believe thus far back as December. Saying that down the president really would prefer to have Mike Pompeo. Running state than you would Rex Tillerson and apparel way. The end of the a big bone of contention was Iraq. At least that is sell one of them. In an amusing interlude today the president was I shouted at by the reporters. Saying hey and Mr. President did you Feyerick is a god you moron. Which they have president shouted back watch. Did you fiery Mick has a collar do you a moron. Say again. At that point from dividend and talked about Mike Pompeo. So. You never. You never ingratiating yourself more endearing yourself to your boss. If if it leaks. Publicly pitcher referred to him as a more on. And now haven't you kind of put term limits on yourself when it is seldom my dad's. Apparently the president asked general Kelley. The chief of staff to call wrecks on Friday night and that's why we got me. The cover story that US and Ka sick. And I had to ship cut short. His trip to Africa money penny was really sick yesterday Rex not so much sick to his stomach maybe in that he was being a east. But otherwise no money penny you're feeling better. Today money for anyone to lecture lecture amend status air. I feel better today in an added yesterday at a lower ourselves deeper. There are those films get compared to this week and this I don't foghorn. Is it then you mean thank. So a money penny spent way had a brief interlude yesterday were we actually had a mail blog that. Allen Patrick was in your joining any in the and you sooner. So then on Friday apparently a general Kelley did tell. Racks that he'll be replacement didn't specify when and the president got up this morning that while you had a lot seems like guy is good time as they. Is out here. One of his needs a Steve Goldstein at state undersecretary. For public affairs. Confirmed that Tillerson did receive a call on Friday night. From general Kelley with a heads up but he did not elaborate said he was notified of the official termination in the tweet this morning. Is actually breaking an engagement pipes are announcing your divorcing your wife by certain text message. I don't know I mean this is you know 21 century America I guess. This is the way these things are done. Now the president said he and the man he's nominating to replace. Tillerson think the same way. Well it goes a long way towards explaining why Tillerson is being replaced the present employer and I should know like a guy he's a good man. But now we disagree on things. Now the president and adding I'm really at a point where we are getting close to having the cabinet and other things and I want. And of course the media's gonna have a field there was always a does that North Korea summit coming up and he's firing his secretary of state will now. In me if he doesn't have confidence. In his secretary of state of course this is what I'm going to get somebody in there than he does have got an upset. I'm assuming that Mike Pompeo will be confirmed. As secretary of state by the time they may meeting rolls around with Donald rocket man. While luck you know what the media is is gonna overlook. Is that previous presidents. Have had. Now replacements as secretary of state and and pretty darn good wants. When you think about it I mean now bush ahead dead George Shultz he was his second. Secretary of state. Condoleezza Rice. Now so more when we've seen some mob. In from the bullpen sector. Terri is Jane you've done. I'm pretty good job. Bumped up and again then confirming. The Washington Post reports senior administration official told CNN they're always reliable enough. The president drum bass Tillerson to step aside on Friday. It was back in December when the folks at the conservative treehouse web site. Said there will CIA director Mike Pompeo replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of say well the answer was no then but it's obviously yesterday. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson ousted. And Mike Pompeo. As in now has or will be Abrams you know with the senate confirmation. Gina passable. The other new. The nominee. To be the new DCI the director Central Intelligence Agency. She is enemy pain and as you know some kind of at torturous extremist. Buy you another new York red they've already started when that. Brief piece. That shared from the piece by Matthew Rosenberg today. And now will will see. We'll see more of that I'll tell you a bit about her background when we come right back big lineup on the show today as well in the next hour. About brother Ken who joined Tara this morning on her show Beth this is tea. Public relations officer. A media relations whatever you wanna call it for the Greenville county school district she'll be joining Maine mall will try and and yet some month. Some of the background. On the decision making process that went into what's going to be happening. Whitney not on the walk out school walk out. At tomorrow so that'll be right after the news at four. And then right after the news at five GOP gubernatorial candidate Katherine Templeton joins me via the telephone. I she wants to chime in on this business with a school walk outs and all the discussion about guns in schools and everything else. That is that is going on now in the current environment. I keyword again for this hour if you missed. It's drawn a ST RO NG just like Bobby Mack strong. Like bull. Something might bowl sixteen after three here. Be right back. As a pop corn do and they're ready. TV commercial and Tanzania back craft three Tony want to hear above a Mac show I'm nice to get some sunshine back via. Via trade off that we made toward which I'm shares obviously apparent to you. Is it and it's a substantially colder and will be out for the next couple days but today and as long as soon. The sun is shining brightly I can now I can live with that in on me a text line 71307. Al Bobby MacKey a strong like bull something. Money up money penny just ran made the same remark Bob I wonder if Hillary Clinton. Taken to her crying towel tour to India. Enjoy all of golf gonna trip. And the fact that Indians old towels in high regards to connection between that it did you see that phony as long pantsuit. Almost took a header. Again. Yeah well first of all. Get this Hillary said that at what we've we've had so many various explanations. As to why Donald Trump is in the White House instead of that woman who's so richly deserved their reward at the end of her career. As Hillary said that white women voted for president this sounds like. Maxine Waters. Hillary Clinton says that white women voted for president trump because their husbands told them to. This from the woman who's going to shatter the glass ceiling and stand for feminism. Angie thanks in American women voters voted for drug because there husband's tall and well it's it's part of the mantra now. And it say it's toxic masculinity. Say. They moderator. At the India today conclave on Saturday asked Clinton why she thinks almost 52% of white women. Voted for trump. Now and then mentioned that holly what Access Hollywood today. Democrats do not do well with white men and we don't do well with married white women. Clinton explained in part of that. Is an identification when they Republican Party. And they sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband. Your boss your son. Whoever. Believes. You should soul apparently no daughters. I told army stood should. Vote for Donald Trump there are they were killed less investment husbands. Are you gas. And and sons and and all Boller. Bob so what Hillary is basically saying she voted for drunk. Well I don't think harassment overture there's all the other announcements that at all. Yeah Willis I think about her around. Tripping and stumbling falling under second. There's some there's some video. That's making making the rounds and that pop up. She was visiting some. Historic site or something and it Elton Taj Mahal. Somewhere and I had to come down some uneven steps and even though she had two guys helping here. She managed to to stumbled her way down at mount CNN here but well. Well I did dig it up way to mention yep she she almost went. Rear end over tea kettle found stabbed to wanna guys and a rush to assist her. As so that. So it appears that we will have our first female DCI outlying might. Our first director Central Intelligence Agency. Gina Hass mold the first female CIA director in history. Position of course dates back to 1946. When Harry Truman established. The FC IA. And has two on this date and held by 24. Different men. Actually has been when he agency more than thirty years joined in 1985. And serve a majority of her career in clandestine. Operations. As you'll no doubt we'll hear in endless profusion from the left stream media in 2002 she ran a black site prison. In Thailand. Which was part of a network of prisons established by the agency. According to of the Senate Intelligence Committees torture report has ball oversaw the waterboarding and other harsh techniques. Including a speaking to them and raised voices. And and things like that. I used to and care interrogate. Abu zoom by yen and all rule Iraq team I'll not sharing and a suspected al-Qaeda terrorists. I just what it did work because actually we found out a lot and but in the intervening like fourteen years. Anybody remember the mindset and 2002. Right after September 11 2001. Nobody objecting Menem except of course the loony left. Imus asked Mo has also been linked to the illegal destruction of videotapes of these interrogations but no prosecution. Ever result and I'm reminded of the scene in. Zero dark thirty. Where Myers mentor the centerpiece is the of them the movie opens where they have a water a water boarding. Incidents. And then later on he's having a conversation with her she's talking about the tide turning in Washington and says. Something to be effective you don't wanna be the last one caught holding a dog collar that this could investigators. Come around does that sort of things they did they put dog collars on them and treat them like dog walked around like don't because of course you know Muslims. And then don't have a great deal of respect for our canine entrance. I currently acting deputy director of CIA has previously Sarah deputy director of the national clandestine service. Deputy director of the clandestine service a foreign intelligence and Covert action. Chief of staff for the director of the national clandestine service parent so another words. A Gina passed ball has meant for those of zero dark thirty fans zero. Regina passed ball. I was Myers balls. Parent. Okay Mya would say you know the agent that did all the on the leg work she's that we enjoy is not a case officer by the way she's an analyst. Not dead then. Agency's. Foremost a leading expert on al-Qaeda. And and probably now license as well. Maya is not done her real name by the way the name they used and zero dark thirty that is not that that analyst real name. Here's here's a hint as to what her real name is there was say yeah. There was a Paul Simon song you can call me now. OK there's that little tantalizing hit back him for. The president telling reporters this morning hassles and outstanding person. Who I have also gotten to know very well. So I've gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year and I am really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things and I want. John I'm I think this is good but I don't know. Gina Haskell I have never met her. I have known individuals like people a lot of people don't realize there have been women involved and Langley. In non. Clandestine service in active roles. For decades it's almost as long as the agency is exist it. Hasn't been talked about much vacation all you see in Hollywood. Is a James Bond stuff. NL but there are. A female case officers female analysts of the made great contributions. To the agency over the years and of course everyone who works there does that. Under that cloak of anonymity understanding that you know what what to is done there. For the safety and protection of American citizens. There are never gonna get kudos or pats on the back end and and furthermore there they're not seeking. Three Tony nine here on the body match or take a quick break here any is ready to go. In the new senator and I'm right back on the other side here on Tuesday. Globalized. Yeah that's all we do ASA label way ovary hot microphone for a four hours each day here on the Bonnie Mac show Bob on the bond bets. That's money penny pushing all the buttons on on the other side of the board and now and Lanny back in the news center. In all they get tax line this afternoon seven anyone threes are seven machine I cannot get caught up there. Act quickly. Bop bop. Bobbie I would've moved to Mars. If Lionel Monty residents of Pickens County town of liberty. Would not have gotten a vote or a safe so. In that 120. Dollar a year county fire freaking fee. Catcher. Now Bobby Hillary said to add to quote blazing saddles a red L white women net. And they are all busy voting for a O'Donnell on where you're yeah fairness isn't Sharon founded during a break Hillary. Now felonious on pantsuit Hillary's slips down stairs and injured all. Despite two men holding her up. Even though Hillary Clinton had help. Going down a set of stairs in India on. Today she still nearly and it took a header. While visiting John Hollis in my hall in die hard as man dual. Clinton was attempting to descend about fifteen stairs. There's a challenge. For felonious. She was holding the arm of an aide. With Omar Abu dean following closely behind ever they faithful little terrier. And I Clinton slept about halfway down the descent nearly tumbling down oh. Despite both men helping her get to the bottom of the stairs she slipped again. Nearly doing the splits. All that was missing was the Disco ball spinning overhead. Must stop to watch. As Clinton attempted to regain her balance. Medium me weeping and action. Hillary kicked off her sandals. To get to the bottom of the stairs. Nobody seemed alarmed by the startling displaying. Maybe there are years or maybe they saw me on video who hasn't. Of Hillary being tossed like AS sack of potatoes and in the back of the a scooby van. I think now. September 11 event. New yard. Clinton wouldn't know Clinton was in the country doing what else promoting her book what happened. That would have been a fair question when she got to the bottom of the steps. Are. I happened. Yet she still bitter about losing to president trump. In T Cain network. Reports that Hillary suggested that people who supported president trump. In 2016 did so because they didn't like black people getting rights. I say those are rights were granted to a black people. By a Republican president Abraham Lincoln I believe back in the 1860s. And say it's taken its take and now people while. All are. They didn't like women getting jobs. The original that's also a recent occurrence and women I don't know working getting jobs. If you look at the map of the United States there's all that read it in the middle where trump one. I win the coast I went Illinois I when Minnesota places like that. She. Bastions of of progressive marxism. What the map doesn't show you is I won the places that represent two thirds of America's gross domestic product. Yeah how does that GDP even doing on any at eight years have not trumps predecessor. There around. Felonious. So why won the places that are optimistic diverse dynamic moving forward. As his whole campaign make America great again was looking backwards. It was again your predecessor. Who insisted on looking backwards and saying and America's best days were behind it. And then you know this is the new normal. The Obama recovery. They nonexistent recovery as I've jokingly referred to in the nine year. Economic recovery plan that President Obama put in place doubted it took a year after he was gone. Now for his recovery plan to actually do something and president trump should certainly get no credit for that Bryant. And I got a got an email this afternoon to Bob let me say here and now I'd rather be deplorable and in good company than pathetic. And unable to get past dale lost. Like gay Hillary Clinton has been count. How sand isn't that she and her camp of whiners. Now have to sacrifice all their achievements and bringing women in the forefront a strong winners just a burn it all down on. By justifying her personal lost claiming that those same strong women. Submitted to the well of their husbands sons and men in general. She really highlights just how sad and pathetic she railway years. Moreover. She signed shines a bright light on how fragile the liberal psyche as. In though they just can't except that everybody doesn't fawn all over their ideas like the media. And they Hollywood personalities do daylight. Thank god I am a deplorable but at least we have spines. True enough. In on the attacks wind Bobby if Hillary had that much trouble. Going down Allen how in the world did she get up those steps in the first place. I don't know maybe they had porter's. You know to act carrier voter up to the top as beef fitting her position. Bob did you catch the part during terrorists interview with best brother sent. From the school system this morning said that they would have computers set up for students to use to send emails to politicians. Asking politicians to protect our rights. Or to donate to the NRA. Gary mr. Barbour no I did not but well home past carried out about that again when Beth joins me Iran after the news at four. Now Bob Hillary falling down the stairs where she were she and bill toe game some of that Indiana hash again. About. Bobbie she must really play pay her age well because of my head that job I don't care how much you pay me. I'm Laettner fallen and probably would know laughed about it but then again. I might have taken a ball into the back in my hand with my left hand or my hands tied behind my back. Bob Reich said oh miles wasn't about to walk down in front of Hillary in fear of being taken out by her. She's been around long enough to know. Now oh stairs. Plus Hillary equals. Now bad outcome. Al Bobby of Greenville county schools are not going to protest then why is Maria. Middle school going to have assigned to sign up for gun control and posted outside of school. I have AM principal message I'm trying to send it to your messenger on not FaceBook okay. Bobbie they should've held Hillary. Get to the bottom of the steps as fast as gravity would allow. A little help from a sir Isaac Newton allowing no way at 345. Corner before four. Here on the bunny match a quick break here and then now right back. On the other side. Welcome back 31510. Before 4 o'clock here on the body Mac show. Tuesday afternoon edition with a little. Journey. We'll in the sky. Keep downturn interest might gather big wheel of karma. Now also went on May yet Tex wind sent anyone threes are set on Bobby it's obviously. Mims fault. And Hillary slipped and fell you know that would be in my assessment as well. Bob Bob Bob Bobby don't forget Julia Childs. When you're the famous chef. Work with the British Secret Service here in more fortunate that sense true. Al Bobby you do in the CIA lady run treads doll and sharpened this for now. And tea room Russia Hollywood concoction. Bobby Julia Child ran an OSS office in southeast Asia. During world war two and a British operative. Parachuted into occupied prank of France with her artificial leg strapped to her torso. And I'm talking about contributions. Now Bobby of people should check out how many women work for OSS. And during World War II OSS I mean a familiar that is the Office of Strategic Services. And was a precursor. To what today's CIA Bobby and zero dark thirty Meyer is ask when she joined the agency. And now response issue is recruited out of high school always found that interesting and wondered if that Acela works no that was a construct of the move. I'll be real Mya is say account trash. Now Bobby don't Lionel you red and black ops for her back in the. No. Now I know a thousand times. Al Bobby Secretary Clinton accused conservative women and doing what she did taking instructions from abusive liberal man. Al Bobbie I'm a man and I find that comment from captain pant suit. Insulting nets felonious. Von pantsuit I don't wavered or close. Bobbie I can see Amy telling my wife who to vote for all yeah. Right. My wife is just one of the many quite married women. Who would stand ready to contradict. Hillary. I'm here yeah. Now Bob the more I hear about this new law while in CIA director mr. Hass Baltimore I like they're made out. In 35 minutes wish me a lot from Gemini easily okay Jim good luck not like you what does so come in handy. On non on golf course. And bump bump on the fact that the triggered a thought oh yeah. Is speaking out you know Hillary's comment that there's all the women now. Voted different trump because they're opposed to install them to it's my field golf trip you know a guy tells of his golf buddy. And he says I may feel like playing golf tomorrow. And Asus all I don't know said hang on Matt. OK don't feel like playing golf tomorrow now say they go Hillary ranked. Bob is what Hillary keep on talking these quotes about white women voting will make great political ads in November for the Republicans. Dash knows what she's doing pension. Now Bob were smarter than Hillary thinks we all told our wives still vote for her thereby ensuring a vote for truck. Than they genetically work that way and a. Now Bonnie mag this white woman doesn't have my husband and tell me who don't vote for. I wonder how I ever make any decisions. I sure as you know what don't lesson in my son's. They listened to me. It's like it's like mad dog madness out the secretary of defense. As some mud nit wit reporter rations had to general Mattis what keeps you up that night. Menace like gentlemen know without missing a beat said. Nothing. I keep everybody else up at night. And now. Now Bob America's big reward the end of Hillary's career. Out your best somebody hasn't told her yet. Bob. Bill probably had to tell Ole Hillary don't vote for him. I want you to listen to me Hillary how to vote for me now okay you go bowling on our. Al bumps are basically allow Hillary sailor she voted for trump. As if she ever listened to bill bill certainly Ellison stir. Our I would I would assume so anyway based on what we've seen so far back to the top of the attacks. While they wait until now you guys out there but eyewear the client pants in my family I'm the king of the wrist. And furthermore I have my wife's permission to Seychelles. I gal. And have back up. Imani yeah you're right I watched the tangles Vedeno. That's almost bits twice the best part was a lady behind are about ten steps up appeared to be smarting. At the side of at all. She did it again. Jill is spelled out again armor when they had a concert and scooby then. Per usual with a laugh body Hillary is transpose your own shortcomings. On two of those she dislikes. Obviously you never occurs to to bill. You know if I just killed her instead of mariner I'd be out of jail by now. Out Bobby did you hear Tara give the advice to a seventeen year old high school student where a pro gun teacher tomorrow at. Option Kurtz talks like terra. Can your police counterbalance that we counterbalance that advice against listen sensible advice to pro gun students I believe what she said join can get that young man her. Nano. And and and sell Wheldon. And you got a case my. Bollywood actor Colin number again 80347. 106 story that C Ingles advantage hotline number and you've got the tax line if you just action. 7130. Cent. On the other side we'll talk with bath Brothers and about what's going to be going on in Greenville county schools to mark to deal with the gun. Issue and and how they arrived at the conclusion to an. Do what they're planning to do. That's all next year and our number two of the bubbly Mac she'll be right back.