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Thursday, February 22nd

School safety; Amazing true facts


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I do so much are we go getting underway when the fourth and final hour here on this Thursday the bonus hour as we like to call it here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation a statement. And I just use your phone and called the Ingles advantage talk wine it is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WORD by Arab dot com by the way. Special sponsored an avocation. This hour the program is being brought to you by the Fergie home security system. With their version of the National Anthem virgin may have scared away viewers from the NBA All Star Games but now she's scaring away possible intruders with the 33 home security system after a break in your home let's birdies mezzo soprano tones terrify would be burglar. I heard he's got America singing a different tune. And the melodies all about home security with the 33 home security system and for your call. For he says boom boom and a possible car. We lady loves protect your home. For delicious. They're like so pure Alicia. Is an alarming. Yes yes it is. Fergie first home security system. Well I've read churn our ears today I am available I want to Amazon or handsets available on some ideas that brutal and I'm serial. The be able to find it right went eight minutes after six or the Molly mentioned to the phones we go. Alex welcome in nine Grady who is in nine green on grainy and welcome to the program. We go to New York organ in the human body yeah the town is here as well all of them up. And Bosnia and the and cultures article that she put out this morning and I have well. Now there. She says that 40%. Very people who have committed to these school shootings and alone. You know mass atrocities and mass mass murders around around are all first Porsche and generation immigrant yeah. All I'm saying if she couldn't even if she and she refined. Her statistics in doing it as she which yeah. 'cause she cut it back against that killed at least four people that's right in order to get together don't believe that's correct and then and you know as. You almost don't sound like not. You know what they're doing when they're talking about the immigration legal and all the stuff it all we're connected every bit. Well there are showing he had downstream. Effects and we're sitting in a bunch of them she outlined some. In her in her column today as you mentioned. If you want into somebody shut this doesn't really scary because. You go back and click about what all happened during the Obama administration. And our our politics Obama mr. administration and I'm never. In and that's not critical mass cold skiing the whole time they were in all its own but it wasn't much administration. You look at the idea that I keep hearing at people talk about isn't there was a sixteen year plan. Eight years and Obama and then eight years of Hillary and constitutional values would have been pretty much out the window we know how Obama. Felt about the constitution and Hillary Hampshire had identical philosophies towards it. We would've been so far down the road there would have been no coming back from AM progressive agenda but now course. You know their timetable is in erupted and that's part and parcel of why they hate Donald Trump so much and want him gone. All the bark at the time that. It bothers me is all these people were global rest up let the world know no borders really won't know lights to an individual. Alone you know that they're talking about not raising the limit for a gun. Sort of some can't be able to buy. A rifle. Warning warning that don't you know what are what are they gonna decide what we can tell people that when they're fifty try they can Tampa go. Well how many laws did you know did I make how many how many laws did mister crews break when he bought his gun. That none. You know it's legal in Florida for him to by the god what we can. We can pass laws until the cows come home are let's say we pass a law that say you can't buy a long gun until you're 21 years old does that mean that somebody who is mentally disturbed is not going to. Steal one from his father's rifle cabinet or from a friend's house and an eight inches of what they think they passed this law that cuts off access to all guns for everybody under 21 that's ridiculous. Yeah well look this thing that bothers me too can't they keep talking about everything except school security right now. You know I worked that are at dodger payroll and along a parish frozen in your bones. So unless you security. And what the the situation you have in the school who is exactly the same thing you have as a present. You don't have to stop. The people from coming in and which things you're not supposed to say I would agree. And the the idea. That oh what would can't make it seem like it to prison to the children. Well you have to understand. That that's done for safety business and you know to punish labeled. And they are there they are the beneficiaries of of that system. Well they're in the in the present you're trying to keep the bad guys contained right. You're keeping. You know them from getting at all. In the school you're trying to keep the pat cash and getting him to reverse the same security faster but even here. They have to have the slaying. Our ability to. Stop. People would have guns people would have. Whatever and you know. Is. You come back and worked it you're not old working at the hospital and wee bit and drilled over the air and light. And I talked a lot about this tight security in different. Scenarios and we can't write but one of the major things it was a problem. It is oh when they have contagious diseases. And they aired you know when they were only able skater. There were asking me if anybody you palace stopped. So sure you have worn. Emergency rooms such an isolated buildings. That if you're if you're contagious you go through that building right. And then it isolated completely from the emergency room and everything else now if you have a trauma victim or something like did you go straight to the emergency room. And MI after talking about here is is limiting access and yet. We don't hear me discussions. About that working trying go to the Super Bowl. And your pack and heat are you gonna get a hand if you're trying go to the county courthouse in your packing heat are you gonna get a and if you're trying go. But to the airport what we do. All of these security checks and so many of these places and yet thanks to Joseph Biden who probably wants to run for president. In 20/20. Matt and the legislation he introduced making these schools gun free zones he's turned amend or shooting gala. Exactly and anybody that. We you know who manages to wiggle through this. With a weapon of any cash and I mean like when they talk about drew I want you gone. And they act like that's only weapon out there exactly liberals like there was a killing and terror. We're trying to get out of track. People I'm trying installation like you're 28 people and they wanted to like a hundred per king right and what you know porch stopped them. The Chinese police shot there you go. It's still solution is not always. Is not always the problem. And I think I think the left or accepting the simplistic solution one that pushes their agenda which is disarm. America. Which is a yeah I frightening concept great thanks a lot for the call I appreciate it. Quarter after six here on the Bob inaction a quick break here will be right back. As we roll on here on Thursday amazing true facts is still on the way I think it is a bone hands while the other. I'm more figured out. And. Outer. Welcome back 621 here in the above me and actually did paralympic now run down a little bit earlier but down there was one part of the Olympics at death. We haven't done dealt much wind we talked about yeah. Various severe crash is a guy that did the back flip and ended up Sinai hospital and the out call of the a cross country race. That went as we are prone to say these days. Now full mill village which is known expect. And I used to going over the top. Beast mode now what have you more than we haven't talked about is. One of the out. The unsung heroes. Of the Olympic Games and Nestle actually subject of today's salute. Here on the bunny match. Here's to you Olympic Zamboni driver. Blew. That ice wouldn't we use clear and smooth his Tara Lipinski is Botox face and big. Racing skaters can lessen the chance of him. Match and crashing into one of those super cool giant ring side. And thanks you are professionals Zamboni were. Here's skaters can glide across your frozen lake to perfection. Yeah. Most of the fact the next contestant we'll just have to watch out for that yeah. Enjoy Olympic season Zamboni driver. Is after this you back to similar. We salute cheered Tony three after six here and AM about a chair up to the phone to a young Doug. It was a long he is in now more hello Doug and welcome to the program. Save our radar and lets them out of here remember it's there are several years ago. A premier media and they were very you know little local registrar. And it's great low. Living barrier and tell everybody rock Kamal are. Rob bell customers and recoup their body waitresses everybody it. Well red side is slowing earnings several months later but what they were back. I don't tactic. Throughout Florio regard shark boy you are or who knows what order yelled in him no we're got Lori did very regard to. But. There are community restaurants in yet they yup and that sort of. Eight it content and as they say in they penal and carry it cuts down on me rate of recidivism. When the purpose guilt right. There's a look at. I'm okay sir I don't know if you heard church you didn't. Overcome their own yet but I felt terribly if you walk in our church today you'd. That we're gonna several people won't lots of great bullpen order prior review overall are you. World and many don't train for an active shooter situation. Yep airman and others her love life your underwear odor are in their purse to where you not factored record go back. Yes well well so crowded theater. If you Greg are playing great guards were integral. Were you bitten us or whatever. That you were certain full responsibility. Of the site scale of people perished in the Gilbert. Believe here are providing rare that you ought to be open to all suited. All of this out let let's let's expanded into the real world here dog now why don't we make Joseph Biden as vice president have no armed guards. Around went when he was veep. I now I'm sure as a former vice president and Bradley still has. Secret Service protection let's remove it. You know if it's if it's good enough for the kids in school it should be good enough for him let's remove all the armed get rid of the Capitol Hill police who by the way. I happened to save the lives of a number of congressman including one of our own now last spring at that baseball practice but that's beside the point gripe. Her partner. I appreciated our Andrea you better have a good evening sent at 26 after six here in the balmy Mac show in on the tax line. A Bobby has anyone mentioned the recent mass shooting in group shot. You know a country that bans private ownership of guns the shooters killed several people leaving church. Thanks from my your Buckeyes fan. I'm Bob they can't keep people behind prison walls with guard from getting cell phones. How will they stop bad guys from getting guns if they want a woman differences as. Other prisons all allow them to have cell phones. Is that a good idea. Shirley what can possibly go aren't bad. Bob I would remind you in colonial South Carolina men were re required to bring a gun to church. By acts 70 true on the air 1743. Obviously yeah times change but perhaps but he safety of those who want to worship in peace and free from fear. It's time that this principle of self protection and the reinstated. From us now thank you sell appreciate the historical note. This one is sent down tongue in cheek. Personally Bob I think it's obviously first thing we need to do is make those schools. No gun zones and that way we don't have to worry about this happening again. Hours I tell money panic you know this is simple pass a law making it illegal to shoot schoolchildren. Problem problem solved right. I wouldn't. Body so I can get shot bombed and set her up and I can't buy a deer rifle when I'm home. Go figure. You can join the military but it weighs postscript to that where they will. Did use some marginal instruction on how to handle a weapon. Now. This is my rifle this is my got. A Bobby Mac app funny they gave hundreds of thousands of us eighteen year olds M sixteens and they are fully automatic. When we were drafted or enlisted. And nobody shot up the school. Bonnie the reason they don't want school security is because they won't be able to allow or perpetrate. These atrocities. Bobby Mack guns in the hands and honest citizens save lives and property and yes. Gun control laws adversely affect only. The law abiding citizens. With guns we are citizens without them we are subjects. Will from a Simpson. And then there's this one teacher shortage imagine that. Who wants to work in a shooting gallery where you can't pray or speak your mind or have Christian values. Got a point. Bobby for anyone thinking citizens don't need firearms look at what a few Arabs did with box cutters on 9/11 of 2001. A few armed passengers. Could have saved the day. From a gym. In honey at. I'm Bonnie good shooters being on these drugs does not mean the drugs cause them to do what they did. They were clearly dealing with mental health issues that may have been misdiagnosed or needed stronger maps are better counseling or therapy. I could well be and yet at the same time we have seen so many of these incidents. Of these psychotropic. Drugs specially when they are mixed with that so called recreational drugs. Resulting. In. Very bad outcomes now I think it's ridiculous to just dismiss it without even taking a look at whether that's. Cause an it factor. And these are not 630 here on the Bob rematch of Patrick is set in next in the new senator I'm right back with a last half of the bonus hour here on Thursday including. Both hands. In the news odds are now amazing true facts. My mystic amazing true facts on the way next. Aim Brothers Johnson in the background doesn't have to column Johnson 638. 22 before seven a little strawberry letter 23. And on the attacks line this evening 71307. Bobbie this Democrat trying to push anti assault. Style weapons laws through the South Carolina legislature. Need to do take a long walk off a short shark infested North Carolina here. Also needs to learn and AR fifteen is not an assault rifle. Now it is an arm all liked. Weapon. Bob man alone will never stop the shooting good stuff body Mac be safe buckle up and countless it's all good. On a bang appreciate that. Bob you wind guns are outlawed. I won't become an outlaw. A mob op I got it we just pass a law making it illegal. To disobey launched. I got so symbolize everything that before. Now bump up. That I have some more than I need to catch up with Jeremy quickly scroll through case I missed any. Yep I'm Bob I can get behind a tougher gun control. They can pass a constitutional. Amendment more power to him. I'm Bob about eight pants. Down below well you know may I remind folks string beans. Wore his pants one. Any enemy of certain vantage chair remember that. Pop up. Bob now I know why Billy Graham went home he's had enough. Of this madness. Gadget. Pop up Bob Bobby Lee founding fathers did debate and vote on whether the Turkey or the eagle. We've been national bird eagle one. My one vote. There Benjamin Franklin big proponent of the wild Turkey. As a America's. National bird pop up. I think also time may need to like catch up fourth year. I'll say Bob I'll say you know a lot ask you a NASA may have. All I ask was it you quit mocked and made I say quit may demand sound like out cartoon triggered. Now that all whey is our say waves are goodness sun don't make man. Don't fall smear to raise your old taxes. As next. And sense probably next ideally go and done 641 time for out amazing and here's Gary good lawyers. Mom mode clear. Well you know I'd divorces said sometimes end badly. Hurt feelings soul lost property but they rarely have this kind of resolution. Woman in Georgia lost your house in her divorce. Last week. And well you're us or call 21911. But she's able pump thank you sleep and I didn't get save my dogs. I think I only knew he does and be thankful that no I didn't lose their life you know this is just unthinkable. He's just senseless. And so what is she doing your cash meanwhile 41 year old. Age three and sent her away from Hiram Georgia is getting divorced. On Saturday she found out she was a losing a home to work next so around 3:25 in the morning on Sunday. She took her two cats out of the house and sent the house on by error. Unintended consequences don't you know the fire spread. And wound up setting on fire nineteen. Other homes in the neighborhood. Her house burned down so did three of her neighbors and the other sixteen or damaged. Now she is facing fourteen counts of felony first degree arson. Each count is worth between one and twenty. In the graybar hotel also issues I'm probably going to be. Gets to the stage. For awhile. You know every summer a city in Ohio called twinge burned host a festival for her. Of course twins. And anyway 34 year old Josh and Jeremy sell yours are identical twins from Tennessee. And they went to the festival last year. While they're there they meet 31 year old Brittany and Rihanna dean from Delaware. Who of course are also identical twins and apparently it was a love at first sight. Well there was double vision. While that first site they paired off an earlier this month Jeremy and Josh proposed in the same time did Rihanna and Britney respectively. And they said yes so they're going back to the twins festival in August and will get married. In a joint. Ceremony when you hear me. Where when and where winds and hey we saw them come from afar and we thought they are just the most handsome. Guy days. Feel like that we that I can relate to her. Better than I have never related to anyone in my life Angela use. Is nowhere else. I'm not even gonna speculate about unintended consequences but what dynamic here are just so wish them well in. Double. Matrimonial. Bliss and now finally at today's amazing true facts new survey there's a new and all the time. Found eight top eight things that distract people when they're driving here's the top eight number one. Checking out apps on your phone. Then explain why am I see somebody and drifting across into a mile and number two or texting or emailing and don't do it. Talking on the phone 54% of people say it again looking at their GPS. That's why it has audio. 47%. Eating. Thirty now. Let that burger down layer. Changing the radio station saint. There is the scientific evidence you should leave your radio dial. Right where it is either on the HE two of my WS BA dot com. Or at 106 point three F him. And not just a break off the mound. You don't need that you don't need that not or that button is full ankle but now donate it. The car makes a warning sound that is that is startled me because I got a relatively new new to me. And I got dumb bells and whistles off and Ned. And way too high tech for the kid. And not talking to other people in the car. 21%. Survey also found 10% of people have personally gotten into an accident or almost because. They were distract dead. Hope that at today's. Amazing true facts did not lead to a distraction. Four U 64614. Before seven here on the bunny match up by the way tomorrow on a Friday free for all I I'd just remember it's been awhile. Since we've had done letters to doctor Bob. So what tomorrow we will not open up the old mailbag. And I am will make a valiant attempt to answer to give up. Medicinal advice so letters to doctor Bob tomorrow on the show. Welcome back great to have you want 651 here in the closing minutes of the bonus hour on this on Thursday evening. Is very down on anybody's mind that Matthew McConaughey hey is. He's not wired exactly the same way the rest of us are. OK can we agree on that. All right all right all right. He just how he's he's got this I don't know I call it cowboys in the I think on foreign you know that the Lincoln commercials and he's done. And uses unionized and picks in the cal flanks in that check in that Tony five grand watch and all the rest of that. Well apparently my the commercials that McConaughey does. Actually on. Are good for the product is promoting. Because now he's been hired by AF Carl junior's. And fast food joint. To do to dig a commercial for them. And this is not a parody this is not want our Bonnie Max semi professional players deals this is Matthew McConaughey hey. Doing a commercial for Carl's junior and I mean all right all right all right. It's time to answer that call. But he's in drips and smacked can succeed. Is. If you look around be busted straight 88 Chile's these kind of flavors and things. Chris any ratings go whoa faith as a with the west. Bacon cheeseburger. Carl's. You can drop you. Obviously didn't. Western bacon cheeseburger. As the cult Karl. And vanity as big Macon down on the last I was. Rangel and his about the flames the walk away this weekend. It's the western bacon cheeseburger and as hell cause the pick up. Okay there was very impressive second. Half I think it dead aid has made it all up on not on the spot. These were our priorities as well a dream come true right. Four minutes before senate only quickly again Ted Daylon here he's on his cellphone Ideo and welcome to the money matchup. Okay you're gonna today I'm here. Tom there's one player but it seems to mention the common prayer draw all the shooting it's. And are you saying most of up to dig down deep it is here it's probably better to. One Colin director Richard. It the FBI. Made a mistake or they may and all the shooting quote unquote. Way too many I ran a list the other day and included the Fort Hood shooter. The Charleston shooter the list goes off. Now stop and bank what are the main objectives. There may reject your control America. The bad mayor Jack you can do that is Gary that turns the other deeds and Pena right exactly so now. These mistake. Are they plan to mistakes. Those those are questions that people have to answer for themselves but I can tell you this. A lot more people are asking. That question patients. I agree you look at the shooter error in Florida that just. Quite light they weren't well I'm economic and he's gonna kill somebody right. Now. Epic character. Rarely does someone never killed someone need to be answered. Yeah you look at them. Yeah how much how much plainer could it be the FBI sent sent this text line and look I know that they get. Eight zillion. Phony phone messages and and text messages and emails. But look this is this is. They're role in this equation is it not and somebody calls in and says hey here is this guy his name is this. And here's what he said what he's done he owns a gun. And he has talked about being a school shooter would you guys please look into this and what happens not. And then he doesn't YouTube video it is don't land and they can't by the you don't notice now what's up when that. I mean how many times someone were the same name and date terrorist. Yanked all their players that you can apply right. It. It didn't it makes you wonder then. I appreciate all dale thanks. Appreciate you being here at today as well. And tomorrow of course is the Friday free for all also has always Nate. Onus of responsibility will be on new for the program content I'll see right after rush tomorrow at three meantime. I'm glad. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. I don't know in the words of mystical sort. And greens. Yeah. I must be some time Bosnia got me so long farewell and happiness anger at I mean. Eve I I hate it. It's. An yeah. Yeah. Again. He.