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Thursday, February 22nd

Fla shooting; Gun control; School cafety; Good news


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And I like cure attitude well thank you that is probably because I am they attack dog in the right. Aim bombastic loud mouth of the south. Presidents of the end sensitivity. University. Where are speciality is non politically correct studies. Great to have you along as we get into the most heavily committed hour of the body Mac show. The polished here's how you join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon. I describe your phone using angles advantage talk line the number is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text on line number 71307. And my email address is simply Bob. At 1063. WORD. Dot count by the way. Tara and I went a special guest Alonso. Record and are three big egos podcast. Today it is now posted on our web site. 1063. WORD dot com is go to the audio section went for the three big egos. When play on the amigos I am of course el Grupo should not expect. We just a little bit different today because in the podcast we like to talk about some other things today we got off by talking about. Of all things various movies and entertainment vehicles we've been watching. Lately so I you're invited check out the podcast you know an anytime you want to. And we may tip you off to some interesting things that you can watch for. Entertainment purposes to the phones we go thanks impatiently waiting Jeanne. Is a law he has in Greenville and as a lead off batter in the volleys today hygiene and welcome to the show. Thank you Bobby long time don't talk don't ya. Thank you idea. I told this morning packing a wanna talk about the yeah. That this issue. 90 hell I know I brought this up up on your program before it's time bright tonight we discussed this with to attract and actually two short program your guys' names. Dogs are just argue that because you want somebody from the war of necessity perhaps to have use C this is really a reason to look. He determined relative stability of Chicago that's not a problem. Probably is what we do twenty to forty we have on the program 20/20 Oprah selected. We got a problem I got a real problem and how is that give public -- pay our stated. If you pray initiating any talks can you just talk to you probably Bobby's structure and even that still quiet place. I joined her right well right but I'm very curious about this. That now we're going to have I need you I think the discipline of psychiatry and psychology. Think rocket launch with by the gay and lesbian. He forces in the country. So I I don't recognize homosexuality. Like if we transvestite hasn't. That's normal behavior and we'll probably depression who recognize Jesus. Masculine side of Israel and save your life fall hey I can have a feeling you will and hopefully that's that's some blogs to my own. That is our that is a dangerous and how are up there are people yes people might say. You know that's on me and a lunatic fringe and yet we know that under Obama. There was a move afoot to insure. Using the veterans administration. But any of our veterans who came back you were suffering from PT SD. Would be stripped of their gun rights and we've seen in previous progressive administrations like Obama's. Weaponized. The agencies of government against her political enemies. Whether it's EPA. Whether it's the IRS. Whether it's the DOJ and the FBI we know. But they have. Use their own political beliefs. To go laughter conservatives so yeah there's a distinct rules are clear and present danger that they can use it. As a political weapon against their enemy it's. In the Obama care system and feel normal commentary are still solve a lot of people out there realize that again. Wouldn't support the ultimate selected you don't shoot from giggled like text file and he's got. It would not pay no world on the terror. Tribute to look to who loved to see her. That is the director Pete come knocking on your door with god and and part of that whole process involves a number of questions regarding. Gun ownership and what you read. I don't think we knew what when you you re Iran's so I I I think I read Dick formerly a tackle tank. There are there are a lot of arm I don't know I'm really yeah there are a lot of ramifications to it and it given the evidence that we've seen of the willingness of the progressive she used. Various agencies and government against her political enemies. It's something we need to think along an art about before any action is taken in that direction thank you Jane I appreciate the golf. I got an interesting email on this afternoon as well but I wanna share what do you think I have time to you to do it here. My name is John who shell and I am not a bot. And as as in robot. I was in school administration after spending a stand in the military. On May explain as usual I was a teacher a coach and later became an administrator. I war kept all three levels of public school. In administration. Like most athletic males I was assigned as a part of a school security team and all three levels. Eventually I was trained by the Department of Homeland Security. Several sheriff's departments and the GBI the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Prior I was trained in the military. I was a combat crew member and a certified marksman with both mom rifles and pistols. I was a likely person to help with school security and had an extensive background in technology. And video surveillance is well. I yelled and SCI security clearance which is a very highest we have. I say these things to help you understand my background. To weigh in my opinion as to the events in part to you Florida. Which by the way is thirty minutes from my home where I live now retired from school administration. As an administrator in charge of a large high school at 18100 students and 140 employees. I held. Tabletop exercises. And wrote publications and PowerPoint presentations. And help with both multiple. School and multi jurisdictional school systems training. As a developer and a present her. Never did I hear from receive information from or be contacted by. Read any publications or gathered statistics from the United States Secret Service not once ever yet. Three weeks prior to the shooting in Florida the Secret Service was not only at the school they held training. I am also despite actually thwarting a school shooting. A school shooting by an armed predator at my school. Causing both code red total lockdown 911 calls and arresting convention of any potential shooter. Saw spoke with or was interviewed or contacted by the FBI or Secret Service. It's worth noting the 911 response time was in excess of twenty minutes in fact I was only contacted by a few reporters. The incident was basically ignored and squashed. In fear of damaging a political establishment. School board school superintendent. And well. No reporters ever contacted by students were in her views or opinions I never spoke to a national law enforcement agent. Much less the Secret Service Sony here the FBI where the first responders. Only beating CNN by minutes in a wealthy Florida area saturated with a law enforcement shocked me. Seeing the amazing amount of CNN coverage so well organized and all espousing one message and only one is equally troubling. Seeing a student saying she actually walked with the shooter while evacuating and heard shots being fired also shocked me. Seeing video of a student telling issue was told they would have a drill that day with actors. Deeply troubles me. Seeing the same young man over and over who visited CNN that day and his father is an FBI agent also troublesome. Seeing and hearing the same narratives over and over that conflict when every aspect of training and experience I have is extremely upsetting. I realize that the shooter apparently pulled a firearm to create chaos and provide a target rich environment. That alarm would've sent a signal to its precise time and location by the way. And tossing smoke bombs and stairwell to drive the victims to the shooters locale. But at least one interview I watched was a student saying her door knob was rattled and she heard a voice saying go try another dork. This needs exploration and I can sit here and tell you what I think failed miserably. But it is stroke myself say that opinion for future reference. In my utterly qualified expert opinion there are several troubling facts being dispensed that I refuse to accept primal fascia. Some of them are why was the school as a shooter. Visited 39 times by a local law enforcement but never placed on a watch list and their right to a firearm. Flagged and deny it. Why was his extensive school disciplined. Not compiled and presented to the school board for expulsion from the school. Why was the FBI the first response when the so school is so close to the police department and an officer with a radio supposedly on campus. How did CNN have so many kids in place to echo their exact verbiage and focus on the actual weapon and not the shooter. Why isn't the alleged Secret Service involvement in a public school being examined. Who is this re occurring student that has Stanley and the FBI. I realize that some of the videos will be used for the trail of the shooter however is in the interest of the public to see some of the unused footage it's available. And how was the weakest so lobbyist and most often not on real location news company. All over the son of the FBI agent was an amazing an uncanny ability to find a news camera in multiple sites in the last six months. Who identified the shooter and how did the law enforcement track came to the retail store he was arrested at. Why is the entire CNN narrative to attack the Second Amendment. When at least three government institutions. Failed miserably to help someone mentally ill. All in all my professional opinion is this stinks stock hi haven't. Either we are surrounded by the most incompetent news people in the world who don't ask questions or care about these murders are they have no conception of why this happened. And will happen again soon I for 1 am sick to death a fake news outlets pretending this is about a rifle it's not. It's about a mentally ill person totally abandoned discarded and Bellini and politically XP really ignored. By multiple agencies being allowed to commit inhumane acts of terror. Due to incompetence. Message agents. Eighteen after five here on the body match I'll be right back here on Thursday. Welcome back 23 after five here and AM Bobby Mack show me she died and now make a but you're valiant effort it catching up with the text line here it is inundated this afternoon. Bob I think the government is now behind me shoot. Now there are some who believe that. Bob this congressional district is a school and has to be a progressives. And district brain washing and manipulating the teenagers. Apple. Orders as were beyond this is all the rest I you all are pushing the false narrative highly disappointing I'm not pushing anything. I'm merely sharing the observations of 01 person's. Opinion. Now Bob AM David and easily here can you please explain forming why the interest rates are climbing even though the economy is getting stronger. I'm sure there's a very elementary answer I just don't know what the reasoning they had their inflated afraid of inflation. Is a simple explanation. Bob now how many veterans and first responders will not seek. Health for a mental health problem for fear of not being able to buy guns. And an end one on the same time doesn't that accomplish the goal of a laugh. A them up a bomb. I'm Bob we need to band radar detectors they are only to promote speeding. And speed kills now. Right. Bob but we need to ban automatic cars in all cars are manually operated. And that means that less idiots can drive. And now might mean the opposite. If you Ben and rush hour. Bobby did they North Korean cheerleaders accidentally cheer for the US again from Charles and Anderson. You're really asking the wrong guy. 'cause I don't watch them much on it quite frankly an apparent lamb and the vast majority. There's not one of the Winter Olympics drag on for like two full weeks. Now. That's just me. Now Bob McKinley figure out a way to stop murder. Because I believe the laws we already have. A ban murder and that doesn't seem to be working. Bob would not guy I've been better off driving into the firehouse were not hospital. Just a thought. I'll see myself out now. Now Bob isn't out of the realm of possibility that this wasn't a blunder by defense with the shooter in Florida. After all the higher ups in the same people trying to destroy trump and his family. I can't help but think in the fast and furious operation what I mean yes it's a logical that they knew sooner or later this guy would go off. To sink in Garland Texas all of the aftermath is so organized and planned not unlike a BLM protest. I'm not a conspiracy not just someone looking at the deep state. With my eyes wide open. Object. Bob Dole laws against threatening to harm people on school property that way you can bust these kids when they make the threat. Instead of waiting formed actually decent. And I and and how are we going to enforce that when now little Johnny's parents are gonna start screaming. That your discriminating against Mike get. Al probably eliminated the federal Department of Education I think we have the money for armed guards and bonuses for armed teachers. Good day. We are in a dire need these days of us some good news so I look around enough find it where I can. SA a nice little reminder that Dell what you teach your kids can really have an impact and it sticks when I'm. Fifth grader in Richmond Virginia his name is Benjamin Ford. Then was eating lunch at school last Thursday a week ago when he saw I classmate star showcase. She couldn't breathe and was turning blue but luckily. And then knew what to do because of an educational video he watched with his mom. A few years ago. Here is a Benjamin talking about what happened. Only comment heroes in the amazing. And I just knew how to help where I felt like I had every and then get to her in and it wasn't thinking I was just going out and help thanks. A couple more seconds. And a lot of claps and Hanna is fun it's it really supported. You know while banana home. We think he was playing video game or what have you music no I was like really. It was like can save beneath these tell us the story we rely well proud again you know we just as shocked and I was like that best also. Now it is also amendment should be proud of them and and a mom for shown in the educational video mount them Heimlich maneuver. Whole school ended up hearing about and apparently they made an announcement over the PA system at a sandy seven getting a lot of congratulations when he got home. And I his parents and I thought he meant he save somebody's life in a video game. H and not as Israel life. They bought him by the way new video game as a reward. For his good deed might event national. 529 year in the balmy Mac show and he's ready to go in the new senator I'm right back on the other side and more of your calls are coming up next. Here on the eight Thursday edition on 1063. WL RD. Oh. Better paddle faster money for NAI. Hair banjo music. 537 it's a Tony three before six here they are bombing Mac show. By the way this this just stand from our showbiz update desk this after I know I'm. Now these very latest on the great talent Jennifer Aniston and Justin zero loan when. Seriously. You're listening for something different. Leaving and I know that they broke up to half stuff. Hey. There's usually is about Jennifer Lawrence out. There 538 Bobby Mack show to the phones we know bill. It's a long years in Alonso countries and great court bill and welcomed the Bobby Mack show. I bought remarked thank you protect DiMarco well yeah segment my pleasure. I'll tell ya just wanna quit buying out I'd like. Reggie no where also are your investors. Everybody's been Pashtun. Barbara just how wandered. Cheering capital that's pastoral and all the others. You know cost our nation that there is site book out like you built Google's search don't. It's called. The whole the ideal course. And rittner 9091. On Jeremiah Wright and William Cooper. And I do certain military intelligence. And jewelry depth look at. While it's happening and who was doing it. And it's all well. The we're not read this book got all of your collar. Oddly changed a short bird nine Schroeder's yes. It always says the new world order bride well Gibson behind all of this and it's all about gun. Control. So I just want to share that with yet inter are not sure what more do what Google's search under the real reason this happened. That would be. I appreciate it thank you bill appreciate the information. You back good to have you on Dresser in on the attack slide. 71 threes are seven Bobby South Carolina has a teacher shortage they also need better security in schools vets need jobs. How are getting highly trained weapons experts who can teach and solve several problems at one time. Money penny question for you in on the attacks line. Was that bumper music hopeless wanderer. By Mumford. And sons. Thumbs up got it. Bob Lara collar shooting in Charleston a cop shot a motorist. The gun was innocent another time in Charleston nine people were shot in a church where the pistol. This time the flag. Did it. From Jim and now honey path. Al bombing last night CNN town hall attendees. In erupted Dana lash and shouted burn her. Should these attendees names begin and the FBI. Bobby the people debating the gun laws in the same ones that are debating the gender of babies and can't decide which restaurant. To the phones we know Jozef is that next up he's on his mobile's phone usually a brits say hi Joseph and welcome to the program. Bobby also talk about you know Turkey yet. No match ain't gonna change the subject to Becky I don't pants and a quick comment about the prayer. I'm the second chance is such sir. It has no business telling anyone how or where or so obvious to bare skin does not exposures. All like get that. Stop and think about the government tell people how to worker parents that is certainty. And that's got to stop. Well you know what Seles just uniform all the kids right let's let's put a man official. Obama uniforms and the senate does go that way they did they may have you and and our official Hillary supporter uniforms and one of the. Can you imagine our founding fathers. Actual debate you know what people should Wear other assistance that sort. And I'm sure though they did debate some ridiculous things in Philadelphia on the way back a couple hundred years ago. But I don't think that would have them on on what did did they have any debates on whether or not they should be as a matter of fact just starting use example of wigs. But they do it debate wearing wigs they got cigars I was a sign of the British elitists and. It's okay yeah. A lot about Billy Graham I'll book the senators in nocturnal I want it to. Completely in state in the street. Or on the beleaguered family how or what is body hundred miles net since. He. Were the sort of people who wanna come back and check crocodile tears at the same people who are Planned Parenthood you know of course I would not let you know and you are. Burton felt certain that. Sodomy go more how'd you hear of a sudden get religion and Billy Graham tied to what is casket and looked up and cry. We're in the garage jedi that they had a shot like a million debate he's a shell of her body parts how dare they moved it doesn't do it. And ill be entry I'm I'm sure that they probably will accept Dioner. I guess because a you know that if there's one thing that I remember Billy Graham saying because he said and over and over again. God luxury. Yes he does but let's not. Also establish a seat opera what do what city area. I act as true as well thank details and I appreciate the gulls GoDaddy years. Rick is a long he has in the truck you have been away for awhile but he's back this afternoon I'm Rick what's up. Just don't look at him taking care Stanley would probably didn't really haven't in my mind so there's good maybe less so. Both my parents have catcher. Mom was diagnosed last April bit was diagnosed. Less first sorry to hear so what are what are your first answer. Murmansk or I in his SC ES SI in my bedroom is worse than. I'll flirt with the partnership to promote we will send the mountain in Internet. Thank you very much. What column borrow. And so I'm doing these I'm chairman Vic is gonna GOP rank and more. And we are doing that tell halting. Broad candidate for secretary or state representative. Josh but all can. Start suing for a minute so that you got last minute no plans come to much more we Cuba on a hill road in between social but it was more barbecue rub on the orange shirt and on the road and it's. Yeah it is going to be and this does not good says you know the voters aren't sure. Oral. You're gonna question. I'll give you two are volatile that you are Joshua you're going with a regular larger we respect all. You know Rick Nelson show or memory you know that's not the way it professionals at CNN do they hand out questions to via us. No we don't have that question do you your elbow room. Voter forum this is a statewide office and everybody is invited and despite. And if you can't come. We're Irish we actually lodge during the stuff and are covered a mutual ellipse it's Pickens. As city GOP. Dot com. And as and they out. Current secretary of state then secretary of state since like death Woodrow Wilson's administration. He you know public I think this is portable fourteen years or innocence and while time I'll get. I sent down the budget you're right now it's. It's a line of scrimmage that they got the Bundestag cannot moderate and this is just didn't you jump condone anybody right you know what. What a law is passed it is supposed to outlaw bunch like constitution. It is supposed to work out what went. Both orders actually becomes law in this post and help the Portugal South Carolina next to the document to my guess so yeah. I dislike having a document known around Rondo does not know Iran does not ensure that. Well this does hundreds of tools that weren't. Further and they didn't it didn't bother to know. You know you can't again dotted every T and cross every guy to break down who were. Begin communicating. Like this stuff you know Joost certainly Joseph or get lapping. Also it but it's there is the job your approach to do. This may Demi also has some problem him. In his. Personal relationships. Well ladies that sometime back. Opera probably bet you don't care around the oil we're just leave that on the table for the moment tonight. Beginning at Dell what 630 is that rhetoric. So it started door open site we begin leaving his sick started please come and join us would be glad to have each and every one. Appreciate dagger extending the invite Rick thank you be too nice to me to a beyond and I hey Bob in a potential minor hurdle weathermen son in law got the boot off the SE DOT commission true yes we talked about that at some went. Yesterday. Mr. hardy is now gone from the South Carolina. A department of transportation board. Out fourteen before six here in the money match or take a quick break here on its thanks to you by the way. For generating so much pressure on the opposite of gum and all I am right out might milestone. That down mr. hardy has gone. Iraq back. McLean. Great to have you on here 552 a tape before six in the bombing Mac show. In all my tax line 71307. Bobby what defines mental illness someone who suffers from anxiety. And puts a lot of thought people out of the realm of gun ownership I saw a story today from mile one of the papers in Britain. The psychiatric association know they're saying that does not enough people are being treated. With these a psychotropic drugs. I had to be treated for up anxiety or other related conditions. And yet how. How many of these shooters. Billie Jean had been on those shots. Bobby did the founding fathers debate something as absurd as sagging pants no but then again they didn't have something as absurd as people walking around their pants around their knee is on purpose. So. Bobby of none of these stupid South Carolina laws have to see all or or playing UCL does that mean we don't have to follow them. Good question. Bob the gun thing is getting old and I don't agreed that the public needs to be armed with M sixteen style guns. But in my lifetime some of the worst mass shootings have taken place during Obama's administration and they haven't passed any major gun laws. What would you say gas. Went John Major gun law would you like to say. I'm Bonnie there are laws for public decency we have every right to insist on not being subjected to someone's bare rear end or their underwear and a public place well I think he was saying it. You know as along as we didn't have that level of exposure Al Bani Walid baggy pants a law make plumbers rates go up. Probably. Pass it right on to the consumer you know. Pop up from. Ali Mack a few cameras around the school a few sensors around the school somebody's monitoring it whenever could be a neighbor down the street. Problem solved well if you have somebody there to respond. Yeah. Bump up mom bought me a Billy Graham was way ahead of his time maybe that's why he's no longer with. Bob Bob Bob Bob you're listeners should check out William Cooper's hour of the time. Radio broadcasts on YouTube he does an interesting series on mystery. Babel law. Catcher. To the phones we know Charles is on he is in not Anderson on Charles and welcome to the program. Right Bob I don't snack and you will be yours well. Via power of the Internet book behold a pale horse yes I had that book in it it is bear interest rate. And cap. Yeah I've noticed you have lion attack and thus going into war light collar it's columns. Kind of William long was the signing last year a little bit of the trend Mumbai we're all beginning to be a little bit. Of a conspiracy spirits and to me out thank you you're not you're not paying attention. But you know it. Can't bail but it but I believe that. This is not gonna stop. Until. They get what they will. He or do you go from my. Out and you mean in terms of via the left continuing to push our eventual gun confiscation. What bit yup I think now they're certainly not going to quit. But Mo when it comes to the issue issue. They are up against a a very difficult proposition and that is 300 million guns in the hands of Americans. And and right and we do reached the point where people wanna come around and start to rounding them up or look out. The fact that that's the next part of of my operate without lift up its. It's not gonna quit until they get what they won't and then when you're. Worse yep yep I've I would relocate the potential for it to get worse is certainly there at least. I think it's mitigated by the fact that we have. So called conservatives ramp Republican control of both houses of congress and on and Donald Trump in the White House but barring that. Idea could be a rough days ahead thank you appreciate the cult Charles. While we have zip through like three quick hours of the Bobby Mack show but there is one more to go. A bonus hour is on the way next.