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Thursday, February 22nd

Gun control; School safety


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Perfectly understandable that she would be shocked and upset stereo are you turn on the radio on what it again. They are not attack dog in the right they bombastic allowed Malcolm X. Here president of insensitivity. University. Or non politically correct studies. Great to have you along today and nicely today unseasonably. Warm enough that I'm complaining. So Iron Man take this over the single digits Aaliyah and earlier this winner here's value join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon now you'll need a telephone. And you need a number and it is the Ingles advantage top line number. 803471063. Common sense returning planning text line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063 WORD. Dot com thanks or a patiently hanging on through a news or John. Is next up he is in Greeneville hello John and welcome to the program. Hey Bob. I just haven't. Collection that perk clarification chair it's something that was right before the news break I had just come in but did I understand. And I have a follow up comment to a man you Matt Abbott did I understand you say that a man. I drove to the hospital and set himself on fire there. He drove his car in true in the emergency room that is through the glass. In to the emergency room. Apparently in an attempt to hurt some people perhaps kill them and then once inside. The newly created entrenched in the emergency room apparently is setting herself on fire. Well well. And then I beleaguered your comment was that so we should go ahead and ban automobiles and butter. Absolutely we must go on horseback from now on and fire also as ban because obviously as proven by this instance. They are extremely dangerous. Sure charger or. Thinking though maybe we can all come to some mutual agreement at this point because I'm sure. Technically. No one really cares debate and bullets as much as they can't they can't ban guns. So if you follow what I'm saying probably more appropriately we can all agree that we should be banning matches and. Fuel and not to mention forks and spoons. Because they also make people fat as you know which is on health. Chet Brett Butler tickets start somewhere and mutually Geary and I think we can come to consensus that would. You know allow our country to. Be able to enjoyed freedom more. So we're our resolve all laughed when deadly perfectly okay. If everybody can have a gun but nobody can how many bullets is that what you're suggesting. Well having technical lead bullets that they the damage just like it would be. The fire. Oh yeah I mean I think we should go ahead and step back and say it's Expedia matches in the fuel that are more. Appropriate content as opposed to the aspire and that the tires how. How about the behavior itself. Cannot. I mean Karzai and now. I just you know I mean I'm just saying sorry and I'll talk about the gun there that you know what we should ban and I'm just suggesting maybe we should step back. Now a little bit. Other back and say there's something else that's you know more critical here and. And and you point out. A Emery salient point in all of these discussions and that is we already have a tremendous. Fiscal. Deficit in this country now pushing what 21 trillion dollars is now right. And undergrad ticker Robert Horry and and that is sad way. Why only one. Of the tremendous. National deficits we have and I would suggest that the others critical tank. Sure. Thank you John operation the caucus that an allegory is gone and ten minutes after force god is an extent he has a knack Taliban's. A home with Leo great revolutionary war battle field hello Scott welcome to the program. Save our actual technical yes sir my pleasure. Armed. You're you mentioned they just manage to go and it won't matter that don't know and that is that is Elon Musk yeah. Yet you're you know in the interest and I don't know its plan borrower all of a sudden. Well. And selling point or worse is the only amplify on a box of. How we we had a discussion about you can buy a flame thrower. On the program awhile back but I've I've never seen any of the and Smart they're 500 bucks. 500 bucks a piece there are no federal law against buying a client though. Now I thought I'd pay I'm probably gonna get on first lately McLean manner. You know at that and the very least it's good for our firm that chasing off people door to door salesman in Al. Good. Might I suggest you go about mega fame requirements than in record firing up like and I just want war without slam. At. But but accomplishes the task at hand I guess ask don't. Yeah darkness there thank discount I appreciate you tell. Elon Musk so inflamed throat he had one big flame thrower on the bottom of the rocket X spaceship. Pretty amazing stuff. Kind of like you know it it may momma comparative basis. You know we can't send up rockets anymore and sent. Space station us love lamb. Up there we got it week after Bruce Andrews Russia and rockets now so we are colluding with the Russians. We wanna send an astronaut and this basically got a collude actions we have mature eyes. Light and yet Elon Musk check and send. What an automobile riding center a convertible. With star man insiders weigh in and away dressed as an dummy dressed as an astronaut. And he's on his way to Mars. On violated the sheath he missed the on the turn off. On non off of off highway five from now way. Can I think that's our top I think this is on his way into what the Milky Way right. Yeah. Now I could me guys eventually and from the sun against. The got to get the Russians. Put an astronaut open in the space and holy cow Lisa is an exception is on herself up hi Lisa and welcome to the shelf. Hey Bob and several hot mean. Everything that's gone on it potter our powers that. Dining she carried out much misinformation and get information on our air you know. That the yet deliberately and a lot of eager. Are people out there it arming the figure that out here people are. Buying into everything it inked out a banker and ADV. And a lot of very good right here yeah. And I am twenty Courtney Courtney elaborate eleven out of people that are. I'm battle will ever be cheaper at worst thing that I correct raped her in the war actually at all. And that only roughly parity the middle Atlantic party app and it. How were promised I'd and that includes law enforcement off shooting away yet so that's right. My alma number. I mean you look at Victor dropping number I'm tapped right try and many people are killed actor Robert every year. It. Change extra ear to ear and it look at don't really change much in the city here. Drunk driver killed more people went homicide in the night. Well here's another well now wait we hear a lot of discussion now these days about they open going. Epidemic yet how many people die from it every year. More people after a Beagle late last year and they are hot round. And that number one killer at American but at debate camp doesn't surprise deal. It. Yet the want to hit it on and on our top. And buying into orbit and the people it's irony she RT CNN. You yet sure at art. Think organic change we got out of claps yeah they children that had no hot (%expletive) by live at you all the I can't. Repeat here I have drug addict for near mount. And yet they are bringing bad at keeping god out. And what it. Right they. Chip on the tiny cheap eight but they all that idiot. Right. Eight low and that rat meat they they score at. All women. Are current the main the main way and then. And how can we not that the ID. I understand that every thought what we're clean it every now. What we can't let our society. Now I would agree I don't knit nature abhors a vacuum and when god is taken out something is going to fill that vacuum and I'm in my estimation. Uh oh what what they did was they took god out may let Satan end. And more scenery not take away every dime but can't we all match and I elected Australia has done a lot that went up you get your gun confiscation. Thank frank may be may see they got between fat and 33% about a car are not. And decide the facts are heavy penalties for keeping up. You're gonna flat rate has not changed. And not having cash sheeting but of course we don't hear about how the other cat killing that I tapped out. It can make it two inch range on our liberty because. These people and I until conversation with a young light bet. Equivalent. Ammunition instead of an imminent archaic she doesn't understand that the amendment was not about unchanged. It was about tearing. Up and and an electoral never teach you that because you know the government is is. Your father will take care of he won't buy for all here needs. And wouldn't we never live in a world that that's been allowed that the government of the world will not always. Brown worked so. This is a simple equation the founders gave us the Second Amendment to protect us against tyranny. And the tyrants are on the left and wanna take the guns away that's a fairly simple equation. And and I wanna keep your guy but I want to get our act Jersey and I cannot get back and I do Israeli a look at people from her and I saint. You are so blinded and I don't know it it's itchy don't think like you maintain critical thinking yes or you are kids that you acted out blinded by. Liberal academia aspect you can't beat it trade sugar and aunt and if you haven't calling. Yeah it's certainly is you're absolutely right on all counts Lisa thank you for making those points not appreciate your being here today. Eighteen after four here on the body match and be right back. Welcome back great to have you along our Olympic update is coming on all of them later in this hour 24 after five before I get any further behind. Here on the attacks line this afternoon because I'm I'm starting to around the rest of that. Advani Mac here's a thought quit sure would be best. If you only had enough money to build a spaceship to send half the liberals to wake colony on Mars or. Build a spaceship big enough to send all of them half way. Just ask. It is a conundrum it's a difficult question to. Compose an answer to Bobby we all know that the cities with the strictest gun control laws already killing fields of America yeah can you say Chicago. They wonderful sanctuary city of San Francisco has been described as worse than a Third World country in a city there. Why would we even give Leo left wing liberal not jobs each time of day. But no other eleven Bobby that they yell liberals keep claiming the trumpets Hitler while on the same time are begging trump to disarm America. Correct me if I'm wrong wasn't that something that day Hitler did Cambodia. Bob anyway had a fire drill in my elementary school in Greenville county today I'm not gonna lie I was terrified that wasn't a drill and something bad was gonna happen. I hate teaching in fear. I area. Bob Hollywood celebrities disarming their security details back. Can you say. That we're special. A by the way speaking of special celebrity's son story today. One in the New Yorkers I wasn't paid six. A section of file a celebrity's Chevy Chase. Remember him Saturday Night Live and a bunch of movies somebody cut him off in traffic and and so he had flashed his lights of the guy and followed him. And then got out of his car and whoever the other guy was got out of the truck and one thing led to another and not Jimmie ended up Shanley. Gently. Yeah Chevy ended up not being kicked in the ground when a third party interceded. On his behalf. And stopped at because he said the reason he interjected himself into the coral. Was because it was because and I'm quoting directly. I didn't wanna stand by and watch an old guy get his ass kicked. End quote. I'm Bonnie please stop saying gun control it's people control. Bob previous caller is wrong rubio couldn't fight back in any other setting NRA backed conservatives would demolish their liberal non whole logic. Bobby's a leftist are antagonist first the only reason a liberal wants to take away guns is that they know you want to keep viewers. I tell them that it's okay you guys are commending all the crime she'll still be able to vote Democrat after your debt. Yes like my granddad. He always voted Republican until he died never cents and he's voted for Democrats. Bob May when we had a shot guns and trucks at school you only got mad at somebody it's going to run Dele truck for a gun. Now it might have a fist fight. But they are taught pistol and rifle shooting at about eleven. With Dan's borrowed fire arms before I earned expert badge at MC ERG in 1959. Raw. I'm back catcher. Now Bobby how hard was that hang cramped hand cranked to turn when you started your truck until leaves. They they never miss an opportunity. Now you mentioned your age one time and this is this is ageism this is age discrimination and. Bobby my fears when he securely inside school parameter not enough attention will be paid the potential playground sugar. We live in troubled times got help us well it's all playground sheer. Anderson county. Sent. Other old Democrats. And watch CNN propaganda. Now Bobby wiser so much violence and school because god is and allowed in school Craig Simpson bill. Bob Rick caller Rick made a wonderful point can't pray in school. That. Go pray for a although all of those slammed. Now Bobby WYFF put an article up on FaceBook today about the deaths from the fluke I responded. Congress should pass a law banning the flu and certainly that would make it go away right. But this has nothing to do with guns and has to do with a breakdown of society. Where were the parents where there's get a live while you as serving various web sites. Where were they when they police came to the house thirty plus times where were they when he bought a gun and where the money come from. They failed the school failed the caseworker failed the FBI failed they should all. Being held accountable and now of course it's mean of course it's being politicized. Bob all pundits on 1063 are you selective on the amendment you support. I'm. You ignore the First Amendment and one and want prayer in school yet vehemently support the Second Amendment. I'm an NRA member and fully support the Second Amendment. Whatever gave me the idea that I don't support everything in the bill of rights. One through Jan. Bob ES Darman. Is on his way to the asteroid belt that's it asteroid belt. Denham gonna probably yeah. The media rights and everything all the space junk demolishing before it gets there. Looks good doing it though and that red convertible 430 here on the Bobby Mack she'll write back on the other side we go back to the phones. When I come right back here on Thursday. Rock on brother you're alive and mobile on the air that's a huge part of being a radio station you mentioned. 438 Tony you before five Bobby Mack show here on a penultimate work day this week the answer C issued Friday free for all of course. On the way tomorrow this is great some Muslim woman out now San Diego is now running to replace sect congressman Darrell ice. And her opponent is Democrat by the way one of her opponents in the primary. And agree she was asked if there's something oh my aunt singer now I'm against a story here on non fox. A Democrat running for congress and San Diego is under fire after allegedly calling a rival candidate. Eight crusty old marine. Hearing a campaign event. She's now the highest sure is referring to her opponent. Sarah Jacobs 29 who's running to replace outgoing Republican congressman Darrell ice. Reported in an otherwise glowing profile in cosmopolitan. Asked how she would fare. With the dish Rachael large military population it is San Diego after all. Considering fellow Democrat Doug Applegate. Is a retired marine colonel she responded well it's true I'm not a crusty old marine. Oops. Now I know word South Korea there in the AM primary. I'm sure that bunch of those old has crush steel Marines. Will probably drag themselves to the polls to make sure that. You don't get collection that would be my guest to the phones we don't we well commend the program next the governor. Of easily. South Carolina we can't get the governor of South Carolina on the program we do the next best thing via the governor veto governor Jimmy is on I governor went subway anybody. I picked up by a number of Rock. Island La. I'm not I don't know little biased. I'm normal but definitely iPod. It would have been a little bit. An article it's not they are going to ever say if it does go to a little things you know I can't believe that they. That's right I'll have a dream that's an expression you would only here mainly in North Carolina South Carolina or Georgia about you know. Golan and going all mill village now because I can I get that. And when it got published Democrat and I hear. I'm 110 here they don't know me well known and yeah right now a grand total. I hear you. I hear you're gonna take your check and handed it to me I appreciate. I'm David is out of next season NRA hi David and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. I don't know so far so good. Our our program here. I've missed certain ladies Patrick territories I can't believe order wasn't slump. They passed a law that makes it illegal to almost foreign to people and property all of school for. I do it down debt certainly more than there's there's a solution right or right. We were illegal form. What do betrayed our people for the. You know I'm I'm uncertain about their David I'll have to. Get a legal expert on the program to clarify that forced of course is. Eight hours about how people. I mean this sounds like and it what you're here but it sounds like they were just totally disrespectful. Or they are expecting somebody to listen to them. That's a fair question. And now by by being as hate filled and has antagonistic. As they are but certain to win supporters to their side right. I don't change president. Even. You Thomas Barrett you mean the guy they call Hitler. Are not that's it Hillary. Now I get. Arch the bad. I appreciate the call. Now we're just pass more laws. Now do it. Why why they call people who ignore the laws what do they call them in Korea criminals exit. And their collar criminals because. Why is that again. Oh yeah because ignore the laws and do what they wanna do anyway. Can't. Allen is an except he's in now rebuilt hi Allan and welcome to the Bob Amax show. Get everybody back I apologize I have not listen to all of your. All of the game and now you are being used you've lusted that you've Los style points right away Allen until I don't have. War war in court today quite a great happening not just yeah you see ya pretty sweet. What an ally in and I guess you are an active radio culture has served that is correct. We ended it's really one simple bought. In the mark thought about it didn't get a hundred all of dot nods I maybe maybe that this is a perfect day right. Situation yeah. And we look totally throw it to the states and they look at it your state war. He jurors. Assign people trying people in your school that sure call but I knew if your state doesn't want you don't do yup it's limited that. Simple enough you know and then everybody that doesn't want. Armed people in or around schools to be able to defend. Those who are defenseless and cannot defend themselves and the children. Well then fine you just moved to a state that has that and if you drew want those things won't move to a state where your children will be safe and guess what. They will make. Well the thing it can bang it if you're a politician. And you're against that. In this state this church state war but right we'll get another word yet here. What you're on a gym and I think it is yeah you just instituted term limits against yourself. One mother to me at the perfect opportunity. For all approach that something would be very difficult with the State's right issue that we deal with it right but they did it national federal law federal that this doesn't. I would agree is not a look at everything that basically happened in school basically if local law enforcement. There's an overarching. A point to this that hasn't been touched on very much of the left doesn't really want to we want you to think about. Why are we returning again to govern Ment. Solve this problem. Government and it doesn't solve problems for the most part they created. Substantially more problems than they solvent in my estimation. And it it it you know again which prompted an author and in had attacked on the things that come it is pretty clear unless. This flawless gonna make people more dependent on government yeah they do not want a solution. Yup that's that's true and don't want a little gesture and it brought that they are frequent in people and are gone so far as to suggest that there there is an FBI and ignoring. These warning signs intentionally because they want to create this kind of atmosphere sucks and you're trying to do with fast and furious under Eric Holder. Well that what what can be said it if they wanted to do that. They would be doing not doing what they're doing you well yeah that'll set them back up. And sad veterans appreciate the call. I certainly gave you that. Good does good to have you here today account for 46 fourteen before five here on the body match a quick break here in the right back with more. As we roll on here on Thursday. Welcome back at 4528. Before five about the guy in Connecticut today and it and drove his vehicle. Right into the emergency room at the hospital and then set himself on fire text your response Bob we need more common sense firewalls. That's right and we need to pass laws as well to make it illegal to drive your vehicle right into it inside the emergency. Now Bobby if anybody was injured from the broken glass at the hospital we should ban glass as well absolutely wrecked. Okay Helio and our Olympic update for to day Alicia sent pretty scary. Canadian skier Chris del Bosco taken to the hospital after suffering a horror fall at the Winter Olympics he was saying in part commenced ski cross country event when he flipped while going over and jump. And none did a back flip loot. Notes you know leave an ugly bruise there was some much excitement. Jesse Diggins and Ke Ken Randall. Won a gold medal in cross country skiing the first medal for the US team in that category and 42 years and the announcers steam shall Langer. And Chad cell Mela. Went when not slaying they went well as governor Jimmy says day they went doubtful. Mill village on it here. Biggest load. Beast mode and cross country Sharon it was pretty sure world was pretty excited to one by. Two tenths of a second by the late this year the Olympic figure skaters are allowed to use music. But contain lyrics. For the first time so I Hungarian figure skater I've met tossed. Did a routine too well what may be recognizable to some looks. You know the news. But I think there's a basic PC fits so. By the way out this talks was a dress for the occasion like a rocker chick black pants and a black leather vest. Dancing to a AC DC to the phones we go below is our next champions alone in Greer eyeball and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. You're a member ordinary usual or so far so good. It'd sound good you had murdered children and from that for a look at. All they or they went doubtful they'll village there you know it'd. Or wanted to do. Perry and first electric and voted to anybody who would liquidated to have to be there should know what to call drill but yes. We have a hard girl. Where the tornado drill. And we have and as the only girl. And that every drill than any other emergency girl okay and I can do whatever at all I mean you know it can be a girl or whatever their walk to ensure the word here. I had ever made good. Welcome to hear the children Leo yeah. Should Patrick actually. Should actually point but it also architectural or not. Don't know do we need to give them any more unnecessary drama. Now we'll go home I don't let I'm also Leo but I can't let daily drill. But I but I orbit Pletcher own. Like blog about banning car collection student. That the Bill Clinton way and this band features on car. Well I think that's only in the a lot of things are made a Camaro mustang americorps that a lot of that NATO. Overall net liable in the ban over what made the band. Mag wheels when you're the band. We will adopt an iron down to such because they're older there are. To make the car go fast and and probably well in the state limit which is illegal. And you end Kendall and that it would sit there at the greatest killer in the United States to lower accident now. Oh very heavily. Now and then there's N and here we are valued your answer well you're absolutely right by the areas untold. Death and destruction. That is brought. By those and they must be banned immediately. Yeah or an hour or so again. Track there's a little more cleanup involved but today she lets here the views small small price to pay thank you Bo I appreciate it at all. Bad news is next and I'm back with the 5 o'clock follies the most heavily commuter hour of the bombing Mac show more of your calls are on the way coming right up. Here on Thursday.