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Bob Mclain
Thursday, February 22nd

Billy Graham death; Gun control; CNN planted people with questions


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Sir you've been selected for pat downs are actually you can very confused about our show well I'm that is the only surprising news I receive an a long time. I haven't selected for a pat down before as a matter of fact. Barely got all it is is that there's any ultimate toward Dan weekend now we're getting under way our number one. But hey Bob a Mac electric radio program and I weigh just EO or input is invited encouraged and welcome to. Here is valued join me and take part in the conversation today. And I you make a telephone. Smartphone what have you just use the angles advantage taco line. Eight under read 347106. Jury. Common sense retirement planning text line number. And we get tons of nosy today 71307. And my email address bomb. And 1063. WORD. Dot com. A lot going on yesterday's so many guests in the studio. And that's that's a good thing we loved it give post an opportunity to hear from various elected officials and now be able to ask him questions and get answers to the things that are of import TU. And there was a really big story yesterday and and I had a sense. After the program is over that perhaps I had not paid enough attention to it certainly that text messages. Yesterday. Reflected on May passing of other reverend doctor Billy Graham. But I'm one lead to to do something on a little bit special. And and comes the news today of course. That reverend Graham will lie in propose and on the nation's capital which certainly. Well deserved. And that if anybody. I ever. Should be granted that that honor it would be. The memory of doctor Graham that to certainly would justify but I thought today we would I share a little bit of exactly what it was a Billy Graham did. Better than almost anybody else. He was he was once asked. By a Franklin his son what he wanted to have written on his tombstone. What kind of epitaph would be written on his tombstone. And in a display of his usual humility. Billy Graham said just put on there simply. Preacher. I do not believe that Iraq. Amen then all of the problem the light went out keep the price. There is no other way. Manning cannot be saved by bread alone I know that god sent me out of the war. I'm five continents to preach the gospel and I must content until he gives the signal an arm to stop. And here he did that to all over the world. Decade after decade. Billy Graham was asked once what he would say to god. When he gets to have an. Why did you choose week. I can lifelong. Dream of our brain. Pritchard told people in different countries. During unrest or wanna teachers leave because probably about Wallace Charles. Now I believe he was chosen as well and I think. If I may hazard a guess as to the answer because he was so good that it. US CEO of the perfect vehicle. For spreading the gospel. And down. Finally. This this one simple message. That Billy Graham wanted everyone. To remember. And that is this. It's that. Simple enough. So well done by good and faithful servant ten minutes after three. Here on the above a Mac tell me a quickly jump into the text align so many 1307. Bob if I hear one more from our side say these kids are so passionate. I'm gonna be sick. These kids would be right at home no matter what O left agenda via climate change or police shootings. Just dead Bill Nye the Science Guy and they would be just the same or add the hands up don't shoot can portray bond. And they'd be protesting the police. These are useful idiots no matter the passion. Go back forty or fifty years and pull up any south American or Central American city and you'll hear the very same thing. They are revolutionaries. And if we'd disarm. I can assure you they will arm. Look at what happened in the Chinese cultural revolution which was a so she'll political movement in China many young people re educated. Their own parents. Al Bobby I'll lightning patted down just as long as it's not a cop doing it. Gadget. Bobby somebody needs to tell these young skulls full of mush that the unions donate way more money. And they NRA. And don't left is in full throated attack. In favor of gun confiscation and make no mistake that's. That is their ultimate goal CNN. Is leading the way. Around. Cynically using many of these youngsters. For thereof anti gun. Town hall show trial. IDs and in the old Soviet Union to drag out their political enemies and attack him. It's left wing moderator Jake Tapper and CNN facing widespread criticism. Over what many emblem seen as a bullying show trial tapper being singled out for much of the criticism from those who say he remained silent. As abusive personal attacks were hurled at senator Marco Rubio and NRA spokesperson. Dana lash. Incredibly. Tapper also remained silent a silent rather as his audience booed. A rape victim. At the spectacle last night those in favor of protecting our Second Amendment Rights. Were vastly outnumbered by an audience packed with Haas style gun haters and emotional questioners including children. According to various reports the anti gun participants. Were given. Scripted questions. Crafted by CNN. Just sound familiar. Never Donna Brazile. Giving me a list of us suggested questions. To Hillary Clinton during the campaign. The last place network has denied this by attacking a school shooting victim as they wire. His accusation however is credible given CNN's along and disturbing history of using plants. In their audiences in these shelves. Throughout the hour the audience tackled how old and poured derision. On a lash and rubio. Other than admonishing his audience for calling them a slash a murderer. Tapper stood by and silent approval as abuse and personal attacks rained down on his outnumbered guests. The Media Research Center. Writing Jake Tapper sat back as the wild crowd targeted rubio with boos and jeers. The wildest moment allowed by tapper was when particle and Florida student Cameron cast he smeared the senator by equating him on the to the shooter that killed seventeen and his classmates and tapper thanked him for all other. Specifically this is what Cass he snarled at rubio senator rubio it's hard to look at you and not look down the barrel. On an AR fifteen and not look good Nicholas crews. Tapper then thanked. The student. Actor Adam Baldwin one of many you compare the event to a show trial. Not tweeting Jake Tapper is in danger of losing control of the show trial. Other tweets NC packed panel on the media calls last night's CNN town hall on guns. A trustee I'd show trial against the Second Amendment. Audience cheering at seat back video highlighting CNN and fake news Larry O'Connor described Jake Tapper panel last night. As a trustee I'd. Show trial. And and there's more on this CNN is denying. The acclaim of the students and they actually handed out scripted questions but we know the way and these guys work they have. Done before and well done and again there there it ideologues and they're driven. By promoting. Eight key element of a progressive agenda that's disarm Americans. Quarter after three here on the body match or take a quick break here in the right back to smoke filling is more than blanks on other stuff it's it's pretty disturbing. And down were they and over the air network there would probably be some repercussions but they're there cable. And other cable. A non regulated by the FCC. Be right back. Work work work black mark mark mark artwork at say that's all we do we saw label way. Our four hours each day overrated hot microphone. And now you're invited to join us Ingles advantage talk on number 80347106. Story. By the way I got my angles that email today cokes are five for five bucks. Senate pass analogue money punishment mention that torque in on the attacks on Bonnie who would you believe. The heroic student who literally showed courage under fire by risking his life to help classmates or CNN on. Who has zero credibility and a history of stacking questions to support their own agenda. And I Naia punchline to a famous joke by Jack Benny back in the day. I'm thinking. And thinking. Bobbie here's a simple solution hang shotguns by the fire extinguishers. About gun confiscation. Come and get them. Animal while on a yell at the prior from my cold dead hands by the way I'll take a bunch of them with made. When my high capacity magazine and snow and some. Bobby rubio is question should have been answered this way let's ask that question to the O'Neal left. To see why they've done nothing to help on the last eight years. Why they've turned schools into a free fire zone. By making them a gun free zone. And Bob here's all you need to do I need to know CNN and Jane Fonda. Hanoi Jane. Al Bobble of the show it's funny how when there's a police shooting people blame the police officer not to gun. After. Some of their stuff away and just done an absolutely upset people a boy is as it should have. Some of the year tweets in response to what CNN was doing last night god. Such rudeness and disrespect. Shown to I'd Dana lash. Bullying hostile yelling issue a speaking Jake Tapper. Not controlling the crowd on purpose CNN town hall is an agenda driven joke. Mike we did at the CNN town hall 10% back wiley disrespectful punk compared mark neo Marco Rubio did Nicholas cruelest. And question of Dana lashed cares about her children. Yes the joke of a quote journalist in quote and liberal puke Jake Tapper did not say a damn word. So lime. Tapper by the way it likes to present himself as a male feminist whenever that had banished. Also chose to remain silent when they audience booed a rape survivor. Who now supports the Second Amendment. And journalist Mike certain image compared the night to wait two minute hate. Event that's at an event in nine George Orwell's book 1984. Where the deal wheat. Deflect from their own sense by allowing people to pour out their loathing and hostility. On an innocent person or symbol. Now rubio looked weak to the audience cheered banning guns one person like really nasty attacking a mom. Tapper and CNN showed their agenda no pretense of dialogue. It was two minutes hate. Or wish looked great held court. Rubio looked weak and never beep oldest. Another viewer summed up the event as abusive. I good talk someone in CNN's town hall audience shields you're a murderer. And Dana lash. And another person not tweeting that the country is democracy. Which means majority rule does not ruled by who yells allowed us well and in the first place it's not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. It's not ruled by who yells allowed us to our group protests the most or by intolerant of noxious abusive crowds and a CNN event. The town hall in quote further demonstrated the last inability to have a civil debate or discussion. CNN and tapper a former Democrat operative and saw Juan. Contributor. Has faced growing criticism over the climate of hate. The network frequently manufactures against trump and his supporters or anyone all on the right oftentimes through fake news. How many stories and CNN after attract last week last year. Half a dozen. Fired three people that wrote this story it was absolute dubbed BS. For example although debunked. Tapper continues to spread lies about trump mocking a reporter's disability. He also spread fake news with false claims that the president did not offer his condolences. After a mosque shooting. While tapper frequently attacks others over their tone and rhetoric. He does so while jetting up hate against trumped by smearing the president has un American. Unhinged and on Mort. Tapper has yet to apologize for his behavior or to the rape victim. He also has not disavowed can ask east personal attacks or the behavior of the audit dwell on you're holding your breath. For tapper to apologize. He's he's looking for a metal. From. Chuck U Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and and all the rest by the way yeah Dana lash said and I quote. Bonnie gets to read you what what she said personal. In RA spokeswoman Dana lash said done this morning at seep back she wouldn't have been able to exit last night's town hall. On the park one Florida school shooting if she didn't have a security detail. I wanna make this super obvious point. She said the government has proven that they cannot keep you safe and yet some people want all of us did disarm. You heard that town hall last night they cheered the confiscation of firearms and was over 5000 people. I had to have a security. I wouldn't have been able to exit if I didn't have a private security detail. There were people rushing the stage and screaming burner. And I came there to talk solutions. And I'm still going to continue that conversation on solutions as he NRA has been doing since before I was a line. I'm John and they they are absolutely. Out of control. Out of control. And Gary is our leadoff batter here on Thursday welcome to program is an account and I Gary how are. Did thank you there. I think. I would put the Democrats. Cleared for release and all the criminals. Lipton Ryan can only live reminded. I just it would not just thought that it. Jane you know allowing imports and allow the outfit got back in April at all. I was certainly be a step in the right direction there are and as you know as well as idea. A lot of liberal activist judges who wanna make their rulings not based on what the law says but don't want their own personal. Political philosophy. Maybe and that's not what a judge is supposed to do. Bratt yeah and that's travel that's dead is rather released to cram holes. Just can't fail but they do very then it crumbled Tara back around and nothing. This nature in in the parent trap depleted on the web the staple. And them some of Leo the people that they seed on juries I don't know if they're intentionally stacked this way are ferocious and at California. But does for instance the up illegal had been deported five times. That was responsible for killing and an innocent American woman who is doing nothing. More than walking on the pier in San Francisco with her father and another jury found this guy not guilty. And these these people or are not even living on the same planet. There lately and that ratio. Maybe at maybe that went well you know. As these are space X guys just launched the biggest one ever made doing and find some room for some passengers on their 29 after three thanks for the call Tony nine after three here on the money manager and he's ready to go in the news center. I'm right back on the other side more miracles are on the way and a catch up with the attacks line as well be right back. At the Al liberals theme song in the background couldn't get it right. And they act can certainly push their agenda now. And dagger on farms 33624. Before 4 o'clock here on the above a Mac show in on the tax line 71307. Bobbie if any of those snowflakes are laid a hand on not Dana lashed I'm quite sure she'd make them regret it. Not only is she trained with firearms and I believe she also has a background in martial arts. No doubt she could wipe the floor with Jake Tapper. I probably was tempted to us well last night. Now mommy we will not disarm we will stand up and fight their Second Amendment as you know stay in place patriots will see do it. When reason is out the door. It becomes like the little dominion on FaceBook that saying this. It's a great day. Bobby on for the is a liberal states becoming gun free. No gun population can move there I'll stay in the states where guns are acceptable problem solved. Now Bob today's a loony left would make the furor. Jealous. And what they don't even realize they're fascists wildly accuse conservatives. Yeah exactly that. What was the name of Hitler's party. They national Socialist. Party. While they what do you think about the stories on the news of crisis actors pretending to be students from high school. Share I have no shame. I'm I don't doubt that there are individuals like that out there go back a look at the video. I'm from my trade on Marten from Ferguson from Baltimore. Save announcing the same faces in the background. Paid of course by George Soros. And Bob I just saw a person on soda damn road wearing a Hillary 2016. T shirt guess what. They were wok ring. At. Bob Barr just last week congress was calling on tied to. You changed the design of the pods. So teenagers would stop eating them and this week. Teenagers are determining gun policy. And now I'm the abolishment of the Second Amendment. I'm Bob they wanna ban guns fine let's play. Bob Bob I went to a school field trip with my son one of the stops. With the FC and studios who has very entertaining a CNN studios. It was very entertaining and amazing but I had on a T shirt that said I am deplorable. I did not get any good books. No but I I love the the choice in. In wardrobe. Bobbie they're welcome to come and get my guns bullets first. Speaking about the scene in toward did you hear about the young man and a shared illness and see it in a news now they asked him to leave our share. NAFTA and surprised mainly on czars are are violating our dress code not to be out galleria dress code. And I see a printing company were durst I know you can't there's a door and out. I spent twenty years and television news including one at CNN. Back in the day before they were quite as far left as they are now. But I can assure you. I was. The Al liar conservative. In those is Europe's. I was known as you know the of them the conservative LA and other conservative guy yeah varieties and and yet. And now when Nate they would interview somebody in the military. And they would have come and find me if they've forgotten asked the individual they are interviewing their rank. That have come and find me give me to come and look at the videotape and tell them from looking at their uniform right. As they had no idea in some instances and you know what branch of service they weren't well well what Reich they were. Bobbie I guess they just don't quite. Grasp the concept here gun free zones. Don't apply to criminals. I'm that's why they're called criminals. Because they ignore the law. Now why oh. On the news flash up news flash area where's the understand your area. Yeah slash. A new species of weasel. One without a spine has been discovered it is being called the Jake Tapper. After. I'm Bob asking rubio to reject NRA's money is like a moderator asking at the debate should trump would pledge to support. Any winner of the primary or election and a there's no right answer. Intentional. Now Bobby since the lefties in the progressive goal only is gun confiscation and I guess sending to us the Hollywood and celebrity world tour. As well they'll be quick to disarm all of bear. Armed security guards right. I don't think sells. A bunch of hypocrites. Now Bob the NR ray wrapped should have told the audience and gone throughout the root cause for these murders that hate and anger that was in a shorter. Was also present in the CNN audience. That's why Jesus said if you hate another person it is as if you have committed murder in your heart. Bump up. And I believe that catches me up with the text line and allows me to go to Rick who is on his cell phone hi Rick and welcome to the program. Bodies as always thanks for taking my call my let's say I out. I bet. You know showed a lot of guts cold out there and part of me. Oh my and that Jake and I am the one pomp and school at Indiana I don't. Pretty good art our our younger generation. Respect chip samples are rubio which is quite a buyout. Got in trouble and money coming from the NRA. Think that if you were what against our will be held international or eight or stay race ought to their to do was play about 22 crack let. And maybe what pat back to Portland and chase after a I don't water water bottle. Look below will be no not. Yet how all you want so you are eighteen. Somebody has an anti American red and now for our well what we saw. Now we saw how rubio performed on the campaign trail back in ninth 20152016. And. And Nam and Donald Trump just Judy amounts that came out. Yup yup so you know maybe maybe. Maybe you shouldn't put up an heir to the city that situation. Topic at that audience there was so much thought here. And it's just getting into the sport like boxing match a walk in the underdog. You know Apollo and speak paper and the horrific and terrible. So you know. Not that that might take I don't I don't think it's seek any error. Our pro NRA and serve that is going on stage open open open travel horror. That's lecture us now Fenton and now and I will give back kudos to rubio. For even showing up in that venue to kiss you know. That your Daniel in the lions down. Yep yep and you know it. I think any any concern there that is. In the pocket up the NRA. I have a hard time in an old audience. Or 84. Or screaming or Lehman are slightly you're right going I mean it. If you can defeat peck are are are talking to a packed audience we. A lot of people that has not randomized. BD is going to be and hobble that I just am I I'd. I think I think and he got back all the yeah half a person. The conservative darlings that are that are deep into the NRA. Black black blob each of those guys is gonna get hammered in a 5050 audience of conservatives and outlook. But I'll ride it out yeah I appreciate it does thanks authentic all right I will say this. I thank John for the NR. I can you imagine how far down the road we would be towards gun control and eventual confiscation. Went out. The NRA. Quarter before four here in the bottom action quick break here in the media come right back we'll go back to the phones as well and at some point I wanna share what you part of what Michelle market. I wrote today. On CNN's a long history of allowing. Democratic. Town hall plants. And the latest example of course last night be right back. Now one of their signature songs Chicago. 25. Or six to 4350. Ten minutes now before 4 o'clock here on me about rematch showed me an ultimate work today on this week at two more course Friday free for all. Will roll in here. Not only four fours we got on the phone and bring in Anthony don't Soledad. Scary author Anthony is and ash Berle Anthony welcome to the program good to have you here. And Bob adored the show you small and mostly and how old you are. Birdie hole my little boxes they used to hang on the wall the clash for this city takes a fire break. Yes I'm I remember those very well. It did it already schools men and cost. And shot and don't words that work this tremendous set up a bit lower. At the age strategically play they Arctic blast all of that they didn't. Say that their weapons don't have to work until it. Yeah of course you know the left is gonna immediately respond that well then this kid would have just been able to walk into this high school in Florida. And break the glass and and have a shotgun and start using it well. Yeah I guess that's true as far as it goes but guess what there would have been another shotgun available for somebody to cute. Yeah immediately when that our economy. What went out there you go. With that. This is the story really get but it would. Quite. It armed to here no multiple to. Or why did the center. Now and and certainly. This whole business Genoa was Joseph Biden. That introduced this whole idea of gun gun free zones in schools. And you can't tell me that he doesn't have blood on his hands as a result. Well out there. When they (%expletive) don't. Look blocked by a lot of hanging in the when somebody. Share in fact I jokingly said the other day you know when I was in high school. And you drove up and you had to pick up truck. With a shotgun in the rack behind at the pretzel would come over to see empty shotgun was nicer than yours or yours was nicer than hints. It did. Certain things you know you. We've got the ball out of control. That they're out there like did what it handled the situation in its standard title when everybody in this with the what was going. Well I there's there's no question in my mind Anthony that then all these societal changes that have been occurring over the previous decades. And while we have have certainly watered down morality. Watered down. And people. Having some sense of responsibility. Of whom we didn't used to seeing these kinds of things when gondolas and a school we didn't you see these kinds of things. When a teacher could discipline the student now of course. You know little Johnny's parents will take you to court if a teacher even says a cross word to them let alone corporal punishment. You're exactly right that's what made you doubt about them they don't hear. That. I used to work for Energizer battery company that you could edit yeah source the attitude. It is an arbitrator that mean you could like in the followed and it says it all out let the whole point let everybody in the plant. Right and end at those and those are the kinds of things that certainly are gonna go along way towards reducing. If but you were never you know completely eliminate these things go against certainly reduce the body count. You can ever event thanks a lot for the gulf I'm not a comment good to hear from me for my hands burned and they quickly let me get to reach in here he's on his cell phone hi Rick and welcome to the Bobby Mack jail. I Bobby met a great day at at Carolina a man brother. I did look here at Rick bella my name sake it called couple hours ago right. We had to borrow under this battle buddy and I are you know biting tale that carpet Bagger. It was time to open NRA. Eight golf surge then arrested this key. That's what gives people like they are the bad guy we're doing that they're they're the ones that stopped this kid arrested this kid. So that he could just it could be served on him what he'd be. Two of the best of my knowledge and correct me if I'm wrong Rick. With all of these multiple incidents that we've had movie theaters. Or shopping malls schools wherever they've occurred. How many of those have been committed by card carrying NRA member again. Zero and almost all of them except one social locally RT I'll walk on the wall all the other or Democrat who. My explain that to me out of forty or fifty mass shooters ever happened in the last forty. Fifty year act summerall street condemned. Well that's easily explained. Rick it's merely coincidence. Yes I did yeah I'm sure now let me on the third one last thing here sure. I find it ironic that all being encouraged price per of these kids down in Portland at the we surely don't get all night but beat it can't into who exactly. We write boredom that you can't rate them salesman who. What's wrong with this picture on all new but you bet thanks Erica appreciate this just until. Ways and worse they breaking news ticker there archipelago. Breaking news check or money panic. I hear. Now this is from. Middlesex. Not Connecticut. Amen in his twenties crashed his car through the emergency room entrance and Middlesex hospital this morning. And then setting himself on fire. So I am immediately calling right now for a ban. On automobiles. And fire. We must put a stop to this be right back when our number.