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Wednesday, December 6th

California fires; Katie Steinlee killer; California little less than half children can't read; Amazing true facts


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I could go the fourth and final hour on this wintry feeling when today. Patrick radio program and as always in your input is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me and take part in the conversation the seed ninth. Just pick up the phone using angles advantage talk line. 80347. And 1063. The common sense retirement planning textile line in 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063 WORG dot cap so the big story of the day aside from Al Franken. Now apparently being on his way out. Boy talk about dig in in her heels and now his office has issued a statement saying that when he meets with the immediate tomorrow he is not. Going to resign. This this guy is is just death he they're gonna have to frog march him out of the senate by guest. Meantime. The other big story today of course is now president trump announcing that the United States is moving its embassy. In Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in response. Hamas. Is calling glory days of rage on Friday with imports and calls for violence but then again. And now for a Hamas every day. Is a a day of rage. By the way and I know a lot of people and following me progress of this bill and wanted to know how what was happening with it. In the house. And congressman Chad bond bud BUDD. Republican North Carolina. Applauds the house passage today the concealed carry reciprocity. Act they legislation and what one of the first. He's cosponsored in his career that will allow law abiding citizens from states and allow concealed carry to have their rights recognized nationwide. Too often lawful don't know owners a gun owners rather become victims of the uncertain gun laws across state borders. A law abiding citizens should not be punished due to complexities and irregularities. And Arab countries gun laws across state Luntz. This legislation ensures that responsible citizens constitutional rights are not blocked. By state lines I'm proud to support this common sense law which will help bring clarity. Two way yeah complex system now of course MLS yeah of the senate. And nine heaven only knows. What the senate will modify it to war. Try and watering down that debt at least it's on now past. In the house to the phones we go here in the bonus hour waiting and off is Paul who is in union hello Paula and welcome to the program. Well I don't act or that's Bobby. But it. Let you guys are about bill while no. So index PPI up our. Graduates joked yeah you'll look. I should go lower here. Holy cow have you seen the video from that stuff today yeah I wouldn't you order a brand. And our rob when you get a chance you got a chance ball go like go to Drudge. And now than the Daily Mail has a story on Drudge people have been shooting video out on on the for a five. Big highway. Out there at any truly incredible I mean at the though the on the label on it is highway through hell and that's exactly right. Now touted to be ready for mud season and no question about it. Like at all I appreciate acknowledge it and it's it's it's truly incredible. Now maybe just because I have eight conspiratorial. Bent of mind. Kelli what five different fires there are going now. North of LA east of LA southeast valley south of LA and west of that. As well as caution you know it western ally of course is the Pacific Ocean but I mean you know in in the land mass there. It makes me just think to myself. Now if people who intend us harm. Wanted to have find a a wave to commit terrorism that wouldn't be initially recognized is that. Wouldn't this be a perfect way to do I mean your your killing infidels. And you're destroying their property in your regular life miserable for out there now for people who live out there she's. I don't know it it it strikes me as a perhaps more than coincidental. Come. I in on a tax find Bob there already is a national gun laws called the Second Amendment. Yeah and the other thing about this a concealed carry. Reciprocity actors some money and mentioned the other day. In conversation that they were. Doing something to toughen up. The reporting requirements with with knicks. As so I'm not have do some head attached at somebody and attached an amendment. Back to that bill my and to see if that was still when their when a passer out. And I yelled and texture and just that asking about that Bob there are supposedly gun control provisions. Slipped into this reciprocity Milken to look into that I will do. Now I'll get a copy of the bill as it was written and see exactly what it says because my understanding us. Yeah there was something nefarious. That the gun control people had attached to this to try and either water it down or do some backdoor. Gun control that they're so Fonda. Not audio match of your worth nothing quite possibly god. I hates California. I mean wild fires at Santa Ana winds mudslides earthquakes you name it. In all happens in California think they'll ever understand. They've got is upset with him and laughing out loud. Pop up Bobbie I hereby recognize Anderson as the capital of South Carolina well. The electric said he was the first to be a lit up. Got back on form. First to be lit up in South Carolina. Bob what is since Sanctuary Cities can ignore federal law then why can't New Jersey eight. And nor the federal gambling laws mean what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Analysts say. Isn't there. Isn't there are an argument before the Supreme Court in the current session. Not to make gut tell legalized gambling nationwide. I thought I saw a report about that the other day. That will certainly make. The veto and now the boy is in now the goodfellas. Unhappy. How much money's a mob make every year Afghan. While. Makes a national debt like Michael speicher. Al Bobby I'll like Al Green and I thought of a singer now Al Green makes me think and a guy you'll looks like a terrorist. And hates the idea of returning power to the people. And he's from Texas. From what gerrymandered. District. Now that's see on the Al Green and has been screaming about impeaching president trump and despite. They protestations. Of the leaders in his own party. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and and all the rest. And I he would hadn't introduced his articles of impeachment on the house man. Got about a 5050. Plus votes missed overwhelmingly. People sent I'd get out of here when that stuff William. But you know. At at least some of the Democrat leadership was Smart enough to recognize or make them look really stupid. Now Bobby there's not an agenda. Then how was it and I can predict that a story this week we'll break over another man acting inappropriately towards a woman. At some point it is alive and they announce in getting fired. And that no such story will surface about a woman. And I predictive. And now it's coming back in taken down some of their heroes Charlie Rose Matt Lauer. Now the list. Goes on and on money penny press and analysts the other day of all the men that have lost their jobs over specialist. I want knife was left Friday. Says since and we've added another putt on fifteen or tornado elicits an apprentice now to like twenty pages. And we we killed a rainforest in the process. Sixteen after six here in the Bobby inaction take a quick break here when we come back on on the other side. This. This guy in California that's five times deported illegal. Who was acquitted by the San Francisco jury indicate Stine my trial. I he's gonna have some moral legal problems with both parents. Be right back. And then. And the song always reminds me of that debt error in judgment I made in Vegas. And notoriety. Wrong. At six Tony La nearly a bombing action on a side hump day Wednesday evening. From my today's good news file while zapped. Is any back and neck in the new center Fischler. Any and what was that to a T shirt you have on now the other day laughter you'd Dag gone to the range that you need to pick up after shooting Monday not a pepper spray panic now that's at access. Not a pepper spray kind of gal we gotta get one of those. And ascended to what is this lady's name. Pop up. She's an Aussie in the story. Now maybe maybe she is not name and about we got to send it to do this lady down and not in Georgia. I from the daily caller a woman carrying a firearm. Shot a man who assaulted a police officer Ian Dawson county Georgia yesterday. According to fox five Atlanta 52 year old sergeant Randy Hart nest. Gave a homeless man a ride to weigh a local Chevron station and planned to give him a little bit of money. However they homeless man again physically assaulting. Park nest. And according to the Dawson county sheriff may have even being tried to reach for his gun. Luckily a gun toting woman sitting in her car at the Chevron station witnessed the attack. Got out of her car and shot the suspect. A sheriff's office said she hit the homeless man at least wants. Not quote she shot off around the guy got off the police officer she shot another round and he was running that way I think. There was three shots. So the owner of the gas station I seem Khan. Gunfire caused the homeless man to flee across the street to a Mickey d.'s where he punched an elderly woman in the face and tried to steal our car. Several customers of the restaurant subdued the man and held him down until other officers arrived. They're the heroes because they kept him from injuring anybody else cent share in cheek the shift manager at the Mickey d.'s it could've been worse. Thank you for that lady who is carrying. Send them mr. Khan. The homeless man is still in the hospital and will be facing charges for his brutal attack sheriff Jeff Johnson said the woman as a hero. And asserted that she saved sergeant Hartman says why. Not exactly a pepper spray kind of down all that the homeless man. Ran into. By the idea. How I mentioned him before he went to the break. Out this illegal had been deported five times. Who is responsible for the death of Kate Stanley who was guilty of course of a walking down the street when their Dan when she was shot dead by this illegal there never should have been here in the first place well. Federal officials have. Set of immigration and gun charges against Jose in as Garcia Zarate. The illegal immigrant found not guilty. Last week in the murder of cage time. What kind of jury should have been San Francisco. Can you get convicted of any thing in California. A federal grand jury indicted Garcia Zarate today for being a felon. In possession of a firearm and ammunition and for being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition. So they DOJ. If convicted in either charge she could face a maximum of ten years in jail. Or Ronnie was acquitted of first and second degree murder. And involuntary manslaughter. Thursday a last. He also is found not guilty by assault when a semiautomatic weapon he was found guilty of possession of a firearm. By a Feldman. Boy there's Jerry's in California. And they were they early know how to hang about the dried up thank. Steinway you remember was walking with her father and a family friend on appear. In San Francisco in July of twice fifteenth when she was fatally shot collapsing into our father's arms. The illegal had been released from a San Francisco jail about three months before the shooting despite a request. By federal immigration authorities that they detainee him board deportation. Which would have been his sixth. The case sparked a national debate over illegal immigration and Sanctuary Cities. San Francisco of course is a Sanctuary City with local law enforcement officials barred from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. The president has threatened to withhold federal funding to Sanctuary Cities but a federal judge in California nowhere else. Permanently blocked as executive who's executive order so listen go to the Supreme Court as well. The new charges follow a move a move Friday by the DOJ. Which unsealed an amended arrest warrant furs around me. Which included violations. Related to the charges of a pal a felon in possession of a firearm. Actors Iraqis acquittal. Not ice. I US immigration customs enforcement also announced they plan to take a Roddy into custody and remove him from the US. After the case was completely over well let's hope that after he does on the lengthy stretch in the graybar hotel. Ice deputy director Tom home and added San Francisco's policy of refusing to honor ice detainee nursed. Is a blatant threat to public safety and undermines the rule of law. This tragedy could have been preventative San Francisco and turn the sky over to ice as we requested instead of releasing him back on the streets. No kidding. A while we're on the center you've California they have a new lawsuit to contend went out there. A group of up part prominent lawyers. Representing teachers and students. From poorly performing schools have now so root. California. Arguing that the state has done nothing. About a high number of school schoolchildren who do not know how to read. Public counsel the advocacy law firm filed a lawsuit and LA superior court. Demanding they California Department of Education address what they call its literacy crisis. The state has not balancing test against from its own report. That were made on the problem five years ago. When it comes to illiteracy and they delivery of basic education California is dragging down the nation. Send one of the attorneys assessments found west than half. Get this. Less than half of California students from third grade to fifth grade. Have met state wide literacy standards since 2015. So they can't really. Third to fifth graders. And less than half of them guys can read. Of the 826 a lowest performing districts in the nation eleven or in California. Texas the largest state after California has only one district among the 26. And California responded saying California as well most ambitious programs in the nation to serve low income students yeah. And and how that worked at. Half club and can't read. But down you know. That being a progression isn't so that's that's probably fine by them. Thank you just depend on the state for everything I know that and be able to read we have people can read for. So extorting. I'm here on the body Mac show any is ready to go in the news center I'm right back on the other side. And for the last half of the bonus hour here on Wednesday. How hale welcome back 639. Here in the closing half of the bonus hour on Wednesday. And on my text line 71307. Now Bob G Od. By forest fire has been a problem in Europe for several years. And not let them conspiratorial. By nature Aaron Hank. Bobbie I just wanna do I'll point out into my conspiratorial. List idea. Is that every time mood that governor Jerry Brown signs a stupid bill analog California catches fire. That would explain it. I'm Bob about Dell legalized betting nationally. And the involvement of the good fellas. It's a club. Not a mom. Shark bait. Bob follows a rock star back in the day I'd be a little bit worried about all these accusations coming out now god only knows what happened on this tour buses. Al Bobby headline never seen and the New York Times. Frank and frankly funnels females found funny by few. And I cleaned it up element. I in answer your question not a yes you can be convicted of something and California being stupid. Donna. Bob if you teach people to read. They might start learning and our the Democrats can I get elected with people like that around. Good point. Bob in the seven days and I assume now as well California State residents community college tuition was covered by the state. Some may be the low literacy rate is their way of combating. They high cost of community college education. Stranger things have happened. Telephone toll I'll send to Clinton next to bring and Toby here on the bunny match I tell you want to avoid. Not a mountain climber. I want talk about it illiteracy kind of out adding California right. Oh wonderful in that growth what are we learning disability and part time learning to read you read that about made BA. First and second maybe even post to a third grade level. And you know I think mill worker won't you can bring even didn't they'll carry right. But he had a certain after awhile aren't disability pay pal the late to acknowledge he doesn't away anger at the world. It what he couldn't find out there was one hiring even with the limited. Yeah it's a bit of Reading what he did the right. And will want to compliment. It makes it almost looks ultra poor idea almost cook he'd don't go out eat all day he don't ask anybody our. Say it all it is apparent that they had hit that eight. Because he's acres girl laughed and make other remark. Online Arabic speaking disc problem and it seemed like everybody else he wanted to go out with a bunch the people in place. So uncomfortable he would have to do something he can't didn't write a speech he's just steady and take our basic. Blake yeah ultimately you know they don't unit itself. What you know dummy would and we didn't he's culpable that. Well as help people that got that delicate condition he's geared to go well. And and and people who have those kinds of disabilities obviously need extra attention. From a from a peep from the people in the educational system. And and the environment they got in California. Where they're swamped. With a illegals how the teacher's gonna give them the attention they nape. Well you untrue that they we're broke a lot children on the seventeenth and. I would cattle in this building together and wait look bad they had at I. They didn't worry about they kept passing the law you can't deal until you've got out of there and then. You know useless I call. Yeah the new is no longer as schools from the. Yeah Ali you know what it was due to have been terrible right now. So cute but I'd opened well most of that a little lucky it's still there that are. Now I period thanks Jeremy I appreciate the call. Now people like that obviously and needs some help 17 before 7 o'clock here in the Bobby Mack show in Omnia text line. Now all know I come up with a tax cut okay. Gonna take a quick break coming up here and then element comeback on the other side today's edition of amazing true facts and by the way. This hour of anybody Mac Joey is now being brought to you by one of our brand new products just in time for the holidays. This holiday season and make sure your ready for company with a new relative begun. Indian meaning air assault for relatives being gone is powerful enough to read your whole mile races dongle that was good. Did beat Brothers in law. And everyone's favorite she'd done us don't mind a broad. One can't have relative begun can totally read your house and extended family in just nine minutes. Making it possible for you when your immediate family to enjoy the holidays go away there were meant to be enjoy all. Ask your grocer. Act coming up on a quorum for seven here on the body Mac show as I said when I'm back on the other side. Today's edition of amazing true facts and one of the stories and their rang a familiar. Note to me. About being born in an ambulance. Does my brother. Was born. And embellished the right back here on the Bobby Mack show on Wednesday. A bit and Steely Dan. 649. Money Mac show welcome back here in the closing minutes on this on Wednesday. Keep an RI AA whether our eye out for what that we may be in store for here in the next year to donate as a major snow accumulation ideally go. Time once again for a visit from Gary good lawyers. Mom mode play. Present. Imagine now before I went to the break this one now rang out familiar note to me because my brother Paul. I was born in an ambulance. I was actually born on key bridge. The bridge named for a Francis Scott Key that connects. Arlington Virginia and Rosalind in that area with with DC. Now they were trying to get to a Georgetown University Hospital right across the Potomac. And didn't quite make it sonus on this story but this paramedic and a paramedic in Maryland I Daniel held sole. And delivered a baby in an ambulance on Monday. It was it was kind of engine because. It was on his birthday. And he himself. Was born in an ambulance. On the way in the hospital 42 years before. And I also said it was at first I mean ever worked on his first. We had a pretty good inkling that it it was gonna happen. And we are open to get her. Out of the apartment and down the steps before it happened. We got about halfway down the steps win she stopped and started to push so we. Gently reminded her that we really need to get to be in lands of war. Sterile environment in the stairwell so we were able to get her to the M lands and on the stretcher. And we can see the top of the baby's head. That that meant that maybe was not in a way. Yeah well no babies are funny that way they just they got to show up in the world when they're ready. And I was curious about is a Daniel's parents told the story of how he was born. In an ambulance actually showed up at the firehouse to celebrate his birthday. We don't know beltway in. He says. You don't have to pull over because of babies are to come as soon as Denny Hamlin has come to a stop. I mean how do you think it is fully stuck out the side door opens. A state trooper comes in our sons guardian Angel. State trooper comes in assists with the birth doesn't say a word and he and he leaves I only could I. It's in fifteen minutes he was born. I'll I'll lemon did the state troopers shows ammonia. Ascertain and deliver the baby nurse shale work now. Syria go to luck nothing I'm out here. Okay Bailey's killer. My job here is done. A new survey asked people. When they quote responsible person. No whatever that may be I should take down their Christmas decorations. On Christmas lights up a school. Alex talk about taking him down. You're on the results. Sometime in mid January. 58%. New Year's Day January 1. 32%. February. 7%. And a stretch and now on February. And and conversely the other side of the equation December 26. 3%. In other words once Christmas is over hey. Now Reich but once New Year's is overlap and it timed a dip in the program. I'll be ten worst Christmas presents you can get. Black put an end of this list. Who did that serve. Doesn't say. But in any event today here is the top ten list of the worst Christmas present people city he had number one ugly clothing. Yeah but if you get an ugly Christmas sweater in Alli she's gonna use short. Are we having an ugly sweater party now I'm language and no I'm not. There's not. Oh pictures now. I number 28 toiletries kept. Number three bath salts or a bottle of bubble bath. Number four Sox. Thanks so much number five T shirts were they funny clever or inspirational saying on on weight Sox are great gift when you're an adult. Round as a kid you don't like amid a dog cute you hardly ever throw the old ones out O yeah out okay. We may have opened up on other camera work and wind is earlier socks up. When I got a whole whenever I I get sick or some yeah. On number six on the list a movie of already say and. Haven't you taken traded canyon can still package of 7 AM saying number seven candles. Who nice atmosphere candles. Thanks for nothing. Number age I handkerchief. Rule. But for me. I'm number nine a scarf. Model now. And you get like a really nice silk scarf. And the wind doesn't send it can. But number two and. Soap on a rope. I. Even still may. I don't tell me they do they still make soap on a rope. What a terrible lie to us. And the first place. They go overall people said their significant other gives the best gifts followed by their kids. Even though ugly clothes are the worst thing you can get the survey found clothing you actually like. Is now one of the best coal worst gifts by the way came from your in laws. I know you're stunned to hear that Fatah it's our time Hornaday see you tomorrow god bless. Fortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical we'll. And Marines. Yeah. I must vetoing them. And I must be going. Happiness anger at I leave. Eve. Yeah. It's. Yeah.