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Wednesday, December 6th

Congressman Green on impeachment of Trump is called to stop by other congress people; FBI's "special treatment" of Hillary over emails; Al Franken


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Here we go all you are just in time runny most heavily commuted hour of the body Mac electric radio program with yours truly. They attack dog in the Wright bombastic loud mouth of the south. Thank you very much and as all the way is he your input into the program is invited encouraged and welcome. Oh I want a heck of a time to be a talk show host. Now I what is having deal with that all of these are miniscule. Meet him really meaningless and you stories that way I try and now build into something. Right like today. When now president trump secures a place in history by announcing our moving the embassy. To my Jerusalem. And at some surprising to me I mean as he's done a number of times already. The 45 president seems prepared to do what he feels is right for the United States of America I meet. I dumping the trans Pacific partnership. The M Paris climate accords improving Naia. The pipeline. Though the list goes on and off and and this is one more. To add to the list today the president taking the first steps towards moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Allowing the six month waiver to the Jerusalem embassy act to expire. And then telling leaders in the Middle East. This is and what we're gonna do by the way this also comes on a day when the house. Soundly rejected. And attempts to impeach. President trump. Now. Here's valued join me Ingles advantage talk on number 80347106. The great. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address is simply Bob. And 1063. WL RG dot com. House of Representatives today overwhelmingly. Rejected. Texas Luna the lunatic Democrat. Al green's bill to impeach. President trump on the floor of the house green and five other house Democrats who are equally. Deluded. Not introduced articles of impeachment against the president in November. Listing a number of reasons they believe they president should be impeached. He mentioned obstruction of justice. Forget that. A violation of the constitution is far and a violation of the constitution is domestic team all humans cause. Undermining the federal judiciary process are you kidding. That's an issue that other progressives and I have owned all the way back to Bill Clinton. And undermining. The press. Anybody or marrow was written answers and you are critical of the press. That you can be impeached now and thanks. As they bill was brought to the floor Republicans called for a vote to be set aside. The vote to table the impeachment legislation. Was decided in a sweeping. 364. To 58. Vote. Before the vote House Minority Leader Nancy Pernod Nancy Pelosi she of the frozen face and searching for a word. And minority whip Steny Hoyer. What can you name it Steny. And ST ENY. Steny Hoyer. Told they're Democrat colleagues in the house to stop pushing articles of impeachment against dropped. Green said trump is on mine fallen behind duties of his high office. Sent on the house floor today before the Modi has brought disrepute. Contempt and ridicule on the president say he's harmed American society. By publicly. Casting can jammed on individuals and groups. Well only on individuals such as yourself congressman green it's unclear. Whether or not green will continue to call for Trump's impeachment after today's well. And don't think he's going to be giving up at any time soon. Bob I you mentioned that's a great time to be AM talk show host very iffy time to be a male liberal. Talk show host. Or aim mail liberal news anchor. C.'s Charlie Rose C map. Couple hour. Bob Bob Bob Bob they've. When this. Oh I afternoon Bobby Mack mine North American arms 22 mag five shots came in today. So wait. Pay now Merry Christmas. Mother be seen a new gimmick PBS has for attracting viewers a talking notes. Lack. Pop up around. Bob was a senator ever named you added the legal loophole for the a tax credit. Out of the budget that now I did not see a name mentioned in that story. About them. Well meantime. The N news continues to get worse and worse or a Bob Mueller. The esteemed special counsel. Investigating the nonexistent collusion between president trump and the Russians. As it turns out to all they collusion. Assessment. Speculated about on this program for sometime is on the other side of the political spectrum. And Devin Nunez congressman from California is just. It the FBI and the DOJ have gotten on his last nerve. With thereof stonewalling. On another business of these. Now Hillary supporting FBI agents who were involved as part of Muller's team well both of them were. Both of them are now. Gone from that team. The head of the House Intelligence Committee will follow through on his threat as we've told you about the end of last week. To hold leading officials at the FBI and the DOJ. In contempt. Which are many Americans do anyway. I'm for failing to turn over documents he requested in August. He's currently drafting a contempt resolution what she says he will file as quickly as possible. He charges and the FBI and the DOJ failed to deliver outstanding documents. Related to a subpoena he filed in August for records of the dossier that sent trump Russian dossier. On connections. Between president Trump's campaign in Russia. They congressman followed the subpoena when one's asking for interviews with FBI director raid and attorney general Jeff Sessions. As well as FBI counterintelligence. Investigator. Peter star Jacques. Who was recently removed for Muller's probe. Into suppose a Russian election interference although Nunez told reporters the Justice Department has signaled that those officials will be made available. The congressman told the post that we have a long way to go to fulfill his request. And pneumonia as saying by hiding from congress and from the American people. Documented political bios. By AT FBI lead investigator. For both the rusher coercion probe and the Clinton email investigation. The FBI and DOJ engage in a willful attempt to thwart Congress's constitutional. Oversight responsibility. This is part of a month so long pattern by the DOJ and the FBI of stonewalling. And obstructing this committee's oversight work particularly. Oversight of their use of the steel. Dossier that's former British spies and put this whole bogus thing together at this point. These agencies should be investigating. Themselves. Quite. Right. Others more about this stirs knocked character to. Turns out when people tried to get more information about mr. masters like they had difficulty doing that. Now on non official government web sites that I wonder why that might have been. We will allow explore. That possibility when we come right back here on the other side and about him action all like by the way those text messages that cost does stars knock his job. Now we're gonna get to see what's in them. Now that should be rich. The right back here on the bunny Mac show. This is this is kind of like get isn't a Christmas movie or is it not. Is this big Christmas song. Or is or not. Well it's an appropriate time of the year. Doobie Brothers Jesus is just all right will make five Tony won here and AM Bobby Mack show. So now we learn the DOJ faced with the out threat. Being held in contempt. By the house intelligence many. There now agreed to turn over the out tax between this FBI a lawyer. Best TE RZ okay. Is now his name is not and never saw per announcer on and so I've just been going with the stirs knock. Add texture says Fox News said his name is pronounced struck. And so I Diana. Now responded with a tax and said yeah rhymes with crook. DeVon and Devin Nunez the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Ben demanding beat text messages between FBI counterintelligence agent. I'm Peter struck. And Lisa page and FBI a warrior went whom struck was romantically involved. Boy that is diplomatic phrasing if ever I heard he's having an affair will order a day. It's not like they're two single consenting adults here. The exacts that existence and they text messages emerged publicly over the weekend. A source familiar with the discussion between the DOJ and house panel. As said that and Nunez has been assured. The messages will be turn over in the coming days exact timeline is unclear but. And the fact that a Nunez has held hammer over their head of Margaret and hold you guys in contempt. Is apparently on leading to something. Meantime we learned today from the a daily caller. The FBI blocked. All information on its website about. The top. Counterterrorism. Official who was kicked off Robert Mueller is Russia investigation. For sending politically biased. Text messages to his FBI or your lover. FBI site blocked all the information about him. Reads a Google response to weigh search conductor of the FBI web site for Peter struck the embattled FBI agent. Revealed on Saturday of course it struck was removed from Mahler stream way back in August. After the DOJ inspector general. Discover that he was exchanging anti trump. And pro Hillary Clinton text messages. With his mistress. An FBI lawyer named Lisa page who also worked on them our team. Straka was sent to the FBI as human resources department. Does that strike you money penny is a bit of a democracy shouldn't. AEI a guy out and hand and check on those now radar sites and Alaska liar out of there. These circumstances of the demotion remained a mystery for several months with Muller's office refusing to provide any background information. On the personnel move. I mean you don't go from Vienna. One of the top guys this is a guy that inner did that Hillary Clinton interview and the Michael for an interview. And now all of a sudden he's transferred to HR. You think that's I gonna raise an eyebrow or true. The revelation of strikes biased tech significant. Because of a central role in both the Russian investigation and the Clinton email probe as the FBI has. Number two counterterrorism official struck. Helped start both of the investigations I wonder why. And here's another aspect of this you're we learned along the way that after of this sleazy PR firm. Was hired by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Through their attorney. Two come up. What this trump the Russia dossier. And they found this a steal Carriker. Former around Brit in my sixth guy to put together the trump Russia. Dossier we also learned later than after the PR firm started. I stopped on paying. Am a big part after the DNC and Hillary's campaign stopped paying the out. The down the firm in Washington for this information the FBI. Then page deal. Yes with tax dollars. And and now we learn of Leo bias of the people running this investigation. It's not known when the FBI blocked. Information about struck on its web site any requests for comment submitted to the bureau was not returned. He Google search for information on struck returns one document involving the FBI employee a may sixteenth. 2016. Email in which FBI officials were asked to review a draft of a statement. But then FBI director James calmly planned to give it a conclusion. Of the Clinton email investigation. So again here we are they're drafting the statement to be used at the end of the investigation. While the investigation is ongoing. And before Hillary has even been interviewed for Evans say. The FBI publish that document on its Freedom of Information Act portal. Struck was identified on Monday as the FBI official who edited. No language in coma east so called exonerate shin statement of Hillary he changed a phrase referring to Clinton's email actions from. Grossly negligent. Two extremely. Careless. They charged with say the change rather Wear a significant. Because gross negligence. In the handling of classified information is a federal cry am. Whereas extreme carelessness is not a legal term. Q what is done there. By the way the authorities have not blocked information for other FBI officials with stood in the Komi draft email. A spokesman for the FBI then contacted the daily caller after this article was published. There has to say that the bureau did not block information about struck from the bureau's website yeah I had just gotten. And just somehow land mysteriously vanished way I don't know. What happened two she's a Mano a Daiwa's share what you know what we need to have HR what dinners. And and we got the perfect guy and HR to look into it struck himself. Is he's a past master. At this kind of stuff. Bob so the FBI guy who's having an affair. The center of the HR department. Anybody see the irony in this sense it's. Now. Now bombing I am I'm I'm just guessing here and I imagine the text messages are being bleached. Even as we speak waged a simian like Hillary's email server was wiped like with a cloth. Wow. Bob and this guy didn't lose his job. They just transferred aimed at eight jar. Nunez needs to play hard ball here he's tired of waiting for the supporting documents. Then not threaten to instruct our president trump to shut down Mahler. And fired Jeff Sessions. Lineup. Now also went on the email Bonnie can you explain how an American president can change the capital of another country. The Israeli President move our capital to another shake you misunderstand what's happening here. The president has not changed the capital of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu the a prime minister of Israel. A plotting the president's move today what president trump has done has moved our embassy. From Tel Aviv. To Jerusalem. He announces that change will be made it'll take. Anywhere from two to four years to fully. Accomplish that change but he announced it publicly today five Gizo it but we we're not doing anything changing that capital city of his 529 here in the balmy night show any radio and news senator. I guess there's more that. We we live in interesting times. Back on the other side of the news here in the 5 o'clock follies and the Bobby Mack show on Wednesday. That's right. Special cameo appearance by volume back here on the about it. Trapped it's been about that that 539. Welcome back here we go are grown on little sound of the season and the background. Now LeRoy Anderson in the classic version of sleigh ride. Well Democrats and washing in this afternoon now racing for the exempts. And an effort to separate themselves as quickly as possible. From senator Al Franken signs senator Stewart small way. Of meanie sold out. A seventh allegation that came out today. When I got to the station. This afternoon about noon time. There were six or seven. Women. Democrat senator well not all Democrats. There were seven. Women senators. Who were on Twitter and FaceBook calling for Al Franken is resignation. In the wake of the latest revelation accusation against him now all. I had just went on Nadia. BS NBC web site. Democrats all lined up to call for Al Franken as the resignation after latest sexual misconduct allegation. You know that that hash tag me too. They can use and now for all that the people lining up all the Democrats lining up. Two divorce themselves from Al Franken it is now more than 25. Democrats senators and the party's chief. Urging Al Franken to resigned today following the latest sexual misconduct allegations against him. After the resignation calls Franken is office said the senator would make an announcement. Tomorrow. Went out elaborate I can make the announcement now and the announcement is Dead Man Walking. Senator Franken will be making an announcement tomorrow more deep tales to count. Earlier today Politico reported that a former democratic congressional any end. And was a latest due to Zia Minnesota Democrat of forcibly trying to kiss or eleven years ago adding to a string of allegations. Against him and by the way I read the details. Of that on the program earlier today. And now they were virtually identical. Two. That first. One and accuser. Now the woman whose news anchor for KABC radio in Los Angeles. Who was the first account Farmar went in and she's a one that was subjected to the groping. In the photograph. Went to AS sophomoric grin on a space of Al Franken. Grabbing her boobs. In a succession of statements today more than 25 a Franken senate Democrat colleagues about half. Now they party's caucus push more and stepped out. Among them chuck U Schumer New York Dick Durbin of Illinois and not Patty Murray of Washington the top ranking. Senate Democrats. The usual self serving self all Al Franken has a great friend and he's a great guy. He's got to get out of blunt. Guy he's a terrific guy. And we love the guy he's Asian he's great he's been a big defender of women's rights. And until they started. Groping all these women and today wasn't such a half he drew vendor. Of women's rights to the outcomes we go on the governor of easily. Joins us this afternoon we'll see how as a phone connection has been out for a governor Jimmy your phone connection was not real good the other day let's hope it's better today tried out. I don't know what some Democrats and usually try to do. It's a plot it's a conspiracy against you Jeremy. Thank god I don't understand. How we now know LaMont written a couple or hey that's okay I'm I'm here for explanatory purposes. This slack key you Graham law salute nickel packages include a test that's true now. The art. All they are not helped by typically helped Franklin them come back in it only been up app. So patient people you associate. This this this output right couple mistakes important that somebody has done a template and hurting people's laps and colleagues wondered goes up and looked at. It is needed that. Well that's that's true to an extent but in the case of this latest accusation today. And lab we got a couple of witnesses who say that at that time. This woman came to imitate you wouldn't believe what Al Franken did timid so be it if it's not. Eyewitness testimony but it's it was current. At the time of the event if that makes sense. What attributes that some updates. Help Franklin not that hurdle ladies bind right. Pursuant to lose yet eight months we'll. Is it. It's funny how I can't tell you how many text messages I've gotten is that I thought that Al Franken was playing for the other team. That. What I would stop my main. Thought he would see in. Not a lot of big. Oh well I don't really like a gay man would won't make it over women there holding that bet on video well practicable. Unless of course you know you were trying to throw people off. Not make it. Does get spending yet. It it's almost you remember that look Clark they'd find what we were you know right or business. It's almost turning again itself might get it they'll happ debate true it's just did. These pull women that it is what you know chill went subprime well enough plenty. Your right to the extent that it has become a stampede. But what this is the environmental the progressives created. Now ever since now late 1960s early seventies and Elena hippies and free love and haven't feels good duet nomads. And and now of course. Tables turned. Well how bad it is and you know look. Honey bee in the morning to all my. Yeah it would apply to that that's that's that's that's that's a big cult uptight much market got guts why not but it'll get. Well apparently was not quite apparently being governor obviously is not a powerful enough position Jimmie that could be warned you warrant being attacked but. But hang on here read. Now your next 546. Fourteen before six here in the Bonnie matchup as a great peace and to the American thinker that and James Lewis struck. And just day or so ago. And I wish you a pretty much sums it up cult how dumb are these people. And the answer apparently is. More real dumb. The Iraq back. So let's see our holiday season here's great idea or go to USC cats. At the end Neil Simon theater in New York. A service dog or bring the dog on as well. Wait a second down a second time. A dog and ran a mock at Andrew Lloyd Webber's cats. This week. Spies at the Neil Simon theater jealous and audience members service dog got away permits owner and ran after the character. Bomb well alarm. Bob bubble arena. Bob ballerina. Or form by actress MacKenzie Warren during the opening number. This. Looking cat. Luckily a fast moving usher intervene and returned a wayward kicked into it's mortified owner. A spokesperson from the mega musical confirmed the incident adding in the storied history of cats. This is a time one of the actual cast what's involved in an incident with a dog. Where this report that no animals arguments are harmed in the dust up. Mercenary. Truly incredible. This had been somebody should've gotten cell phone video that. I James Lewis riding in the American thinker how dumb are these people. Donald Trump sent a while ago that he preferred to write with a pin on a paper notepad and Cindy is notes by messenger rather than trust email. And the usual hi Ian has held at the moon in the way they do. But now Robert Mueller is exposed himself and all the Democrat donors on his policy. Any other way around. Nine of his snarling boy announced gave money to Obama and Hillary and they presumably wanted favors because that's how the clintons and obamas operate. Apparently there's not a single non partisan or Republican end Muller's dog back. Not even the appearance of fairness. This is not the market may illegal genius the age of the well but has caught Mahler and his team fair and square but they don't seem to understand it yet. To posse members fired in August because they're tweeted their rage and powders to each other. This is classical impulse texting you have a great sneer to share. And you type into your boyfriend or girlfriend like teenage kids they couldn't wait. So they ended up sharing their thoughts with a world. I'm sure that Vladimir Putin has read those tweets already and I'm looking forward to their worldwide publication VO WikiLeaks or some hacker in Bulgaria. FBI operatives Peter struck and Lisa page got fired from the Muller posse three months ago but Mueller. Forgot to tell the new Unionist house committee about that fact apparently none of those legal Eagles. Realize that congress are a court of law can subpoena those tweets. Whenever they political winds start to blow a different way. Messages don't disappear from the way out. Somebody can dig out every single text or email written by Muller's pack of balanced throughout the past year. Trump's lawyers should demand to see every single one of them. Because by now they presumption of innocence is as dead as a door nail. Some judge somewhere asked to be taking note. When a regular pin on a legal notepad where he helped Ali up Otis is guilty for sure the only question is what golf. For the last twelve months of media been calling Muller's posse and impeachment investigation. Half the country drooling at the prospect. Byron York. Just came to the conclusion that Muller's which honors are looking for anything at all to get the duly elected president kicked out of office. And the constitution be damned. None of these people seem to be update on up to date on electronics in the web as anybody remember how Hillary's good friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hired her Pakistani boyfriend is an IT genius for the Democratic National Committee remember how his family. Five Pakistani IT specialist including a Muslim mom wearing control the intelligence committee's computer networks. Would you trust the DNC with your web security would you trust any of these smokes don't hold your wallet for a minute. These are horse and buggy people in the age of the Internet. And guess what. Once you hit sand body it's gone forever. Bonus hour is next.