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Wednesday, December 6th

Dave Schwartz with FAN of SC on Corey Lewondowski's new book; NFL


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Well I can certainly understand your being shocked and upset no wonder. It turn on the radio and area as the attack dog on the right. They've bombastic loud mouth of the south we president. Of in sensitivity university. Born nonviolent non politically correct studies. Surely a little ball harmless little. Seven minutes after four welcome man here we go. Our number two getting underway and as always as we do here at every other Wednesday on the program we welcome special guest into the program and segment are brought to you by our friends at fan. The freedom action network of South Carolina led by the indomitable. Dave Schwartz. A happy one bit about you yeah you go back a long way. With that core you and Housley who last year has a new book out. That apparently is is is burning up the on the best seller lists. Yeah no Korea's longtime pal. Worked with some work forum. In previous job. Really got no imminent Stanley of the last ten years or so and this. Proud of what they died on Saturday and that's a big Stanley tip. It did hater it's like Al into the paint. He he managed one of the greatest campaign and the history of presidential politics than he would Donald Trump's campaign manager. When everybody thought. That. He couldn't do it when nobody thinks you thought he would run everybody thought he couldn't really couldn't win thousands and PO Korey did at and found a way. I ought to organize and the manager that campaign. Our men yet trump says himself in the book Bob that that he really couldn't have done it would Corey and I'm really proud. And he. You led one of the most unprecedented campaign let history. Oh American politics and down I'm not I'm not surprised at its except faeda. Yeah and and his new book on is coming out this week and the reason we're talking. About duct Corey low and asking him and now and by association. Korea's deputy campaign manager David bossy is because they are going to be joining the EU and may. Or AS special event coming up next week right here in the upstate. That's right we're gonna have an event ease up book signing kind of damp QNA. Spokesman calm and see Corey asks them questions. But you know body the inside scoop I've read the book last night integrate ET read. It wasn't very long but it would inherit great. Great and it detonate great insider account and so it's common and cataracts Corey get a book. Get it not get your picture made the whole nine yards but this has C. The trump whisper if you will. I and look more books about and you're going to be there but yeah I can do so really easy just text the word book. 52886. Book B oh okay that I had 2886. It's going to be Tuesday. On December the 12:6 o'clock. Where they're Ed right up I 85 global park. Right there that they'll all part in the air we're gonna have. The event starting at 6 PM Tuesday December 12 and. And you're going to be there a lot broadcasting. Going to be circuit. As you do that this would Dhabi already have gotten quite. But gap is anybody what becomes just dig. On yourself on right now detects the word book. 52886. It's ten bucks seek it yourself a book on in the opportunity it. You talked Korean ask some questions about I'll you know what captain on the campaign and am really what's gonna happen. Coming up I mean Koreas is again the trump would spur eat eat talk the president a regular basis that it probably one of the most senior. Unofficial advisors. And he's gonna give great insight on on the elsewhere in this whole thing it added them and it's quite interest. And I'm sure I'll probably be asked the question now that I amassed all the time because people know that when candidate Donald Trump was on the campaign trail. I he spent an hour wind dust here in the studio and India so. All the time. And I element Donald Trump has really like to the Donald Trump that you see on TV and now he's not that animated. All the time you know he sees are a real person he has a home moments as well. But the of the Donald Trump is seen as a is that Donald Trump you can't. Brilliant it was mainly about Demi too quick take away from the book yeah one is how on either they called the blue collar billionaire and and it it seemed to be cured meat from Korea to count it really opinion I eat track suit. In a McDonald's can't be that staple on crown cork where this. Yeah what seventy plus years old around the country not stopped at like three I'll sleep that night and I run and on each. You know 2400 calories a day of making beat. In the end Burger King McCartney. And the and we need to get the Roma a big Macs permeated trample on the bright and. That. But I think that second take away which is which is you know prepping to what's going on right now which what is. You know in the book is utter disdain for all natural right which may be which is either the guided eventually took over from Korea is the chairman of the of the campaign. And and really no link to all the Russian collusion nonsense story that fake news coming out all the Russia stopped trying to link at the trump. And end it really that they'll want to liquid effort and and you see in the books several times. Just that fjord just Dane that he had. Borderline. Hatred from AD out to read some of the court. Complete contempt for this guy he didn't like him didn't want him running it's campaign hobby the only left it eight weeks. But all of this rush to talk I mean really a reasonable person Bob read Daily Beast sections about at a church right and and you take away it looked. Talk about the duo all that Russia stopped. Really if anything anybody appalled at port and he couldn't stay like he couldn't wait to get rid of it so. I think that was a major take away from me had yet can't hit an inside look at. And how trump really. Did not care for at all all manner effort. Which was the one linked to this this whole Russia story. Yeah out and dad and I Corey has sand. And I in the wake of all this stuff about John Paul man afford and that's decision not to hire him which was which pushed. By Trump's sons and Nat daughters adopted they needed to take the campaign in a different direction but I don't Corey said. Now about man before he was under fire is a war and and after he left the campaign he was under a finds a war is I target is 98 of ten years preceding his tenure at the campaign put him under indictment. Under Muller and very likely facing a number of serious charges under house arrest we saw the story. That he was trying to collude with some Russian to try and write an op than against a paper. He said Paul is just a bad guy let's not get ourselves how many jurors really trust this will happen this is sound system works his place. Yeah now and look at the book they called a dike burst and held there aren't wearing these outlandish outfit I need expensive cars. In fact and Trout in the book can be made a remark about how he noted tight is geared minute. News piece all it ill at Blair looked. You know is this going to be an exciting event Bob respect a lot of people out there on Tuesday December 12. Had a global park on and again if you listeners want a common and further cheap price it ten bucks get a book he. You have a chance to go up talk to the guy get a picture of them get its I'd get a signature on the book Reich asked all the questions get beat him that information just text the word book. It and number 52886. Bulk BO OK two a number five to. 886 we expect the ticket they're on pretty quick omni expect this thing to be all out. I'm but it can be a really on a van and again I think I think social walk away. Really getting me inside scoops from the true insider on the campaign Coney Island out. Well nobody was closer to to the president sounding corny it was during the campaign I mean you know through. I'm 38 states and and all the Reston and even it was pretty amazing that it's as if it's as if Custer had one at the little bighorn you know. But Graham. These stories it is it was amazing campaign. And again the god deserves a ton of credit for forget her and doing what nobody thought to Palmdale could do and so it'll be an interesting night to be an exciting event report avenue there and am reporting back but but again if you want it and detect the workbook. That five to 88 X ten but come out Tuesday December 12 6 PM. Global Arkin in get the inside story on on the trump campaign in the top administration. Yep and will post all this information on our FaceBook page as well so people can now confined there easily. And now and I so I'll see you you're going to be here on Tuesday she'll also right. What will do and I think Corey gonna jump ball on Monday with you a golf man and a solid day. Yeah and Korean game on Tuesday OK guys should be a whole lot on next. Yeah it should be I'll look forward to it down the book I know is that going to be on going to be a best seller overnight. Dave Schwartz without stand freedom action network of South Carolina you can visit their website to learn more fans of SC. Dot com he is a red dot com. Yeah as when it. Fanned NSC dot com and are on FaceBook as well FaceBook dot com slash fan of Nancy they look forward to seeing you Tuesday along with their coral and ask me. And and David bossy as well it should be a fun event. I appreciate it and take care game season on seventeen after four here in the Bonnie Mac joke to AK a quick break here and then right back on the other side. All good news today for Roger Goodell now. Because he's done such a great job. As a commissioner of the NFL. Be right back. Work work work work work work work work work at all day so we just saw labeling game. Overeat hot microphone. Hot microphone comes in handy today pretty chilly out there in on the attacks line here Tony Terry after four and AM Bobby matchup. I'm Bobby and assured the Al last part of my your segment with gave. From my fan what's the best way to get more info on the event with Corey woman doused it really easy you can just text. The word book. 252886. That's book be okay. The five to 86 or you can check out there FaceBook page FaceBook dot. Com slash fan of SC. Or I go to their website fans of SC. Dot com that's FA the end of SCI. Dot com. Bobbie I have a high opinion of coral and doused in with troubled when he left the trump campaign is it true that Trump's daughter Avon guy and her husband were responsible or booting out Corey. And bringing in Paul Mann a port. Which but a decision I would question if true that is the story that I got. That it was. Donald Trump's and kids in las whenever that were pushing. For. For Paul manner for which is it turns out you know as we won. Connection was Russia collusion. That there wasn't and that was metaphorical. And had nothing to do with the trump campaign was meant metaphor and his business to. Bombing I heard there's a trauma aid. Running to the out TS so shown trans Siberian orchestra shell. Is there are all link or a site to get schedules and prices. Have you heard that money thing. I had not heard that will look into and see what we cannot find now. Because one of our sister station to sponsoring them not as magic sponsoring him. Yeah probably go to the magic website non magic 989 on line dot com and it may be there. Bump up Bobbie I'll light some weeks just started falling in west Spartan Merck. Bobby getting any light drizzle with wintry mix and Dunkin'. While. Other saint tomorrow may be some wintry mix as well Brent as Ian temperatures fall behind that front. Al bother you just came back from an eight mile run age some tuna fish to get some protein and help my body recover. I then remembered yesterday show and realize something. I'm a seventeen year old white hegemonic conservative Christian male I guess I better apologized. Before I left a snowflake. Gets triggered. And has me thrown in jail. At him arrested yesterday there was a report from a Penn State sociology professor who said that if you're a meat eater. You are act contributing. To. I hegemonic a paternalism. More. By Iran who even knew even knows. The Al Bob about Al Franken seven accusers that's more than Roy Moore and Doug Jones combined. Yeah I get a pass through it together. Mommy just saw a picture of Al Franken is wise boy that explains a lot. Bobby I hear you loud and clear about the seasons and not California. Am mudslides season fire season. I remember smog season and tumble weeds piled three wide at the top of the barbed wire fence. Pat Norton air force base in the seven days. That tumble ways error I'm also reminded of Michigan's. Two seasons winter and construction. Got you. Al Bob they occupy a nation of Israel was renamed Palestine by the Romans in 63 a in retaliation. To the out Mac via an uprising technically there's no such thing as a Palestinian. Charles and now Anderson. Pop up on as I catch me up. Yet believe adults plea that it just me. All money when he found the information about the trolley. Two I TS so Friday's from six until 11 PM Saturdays from 10 in the morning until 11 PM. And Sunday from 1 PM until eight. To board the trolley along the route passengers must stand near one of the trolley stop signs. OK more info Greenville SC dot gov. Slash 597. Frolic. Okay Greenville SC dot gov slash 597. Trolley museum address prevent. Yeah and the trolley is free money and he tells yourself. Now finally a price even I can afford. This I've just ended a great holiday news. JetBlue announcer running a big contest over the next few weeks this is actually good news bad news. Anyone who buys a jetBlue ticket between now and the fifteenth. That's what a week from Friday. Is automatically entered in a contest where three people. Will wind unlimited free flights for all of 2018. I still had to pay the taxes and reusing you can only take one point two days but pretty good deal the bad news is of course. All the flights are on jetBlue. So they're free. But they're all on nine jet just think of all those exotic destinations. That you can jet off to on jet port. Whistles that you only dreamed of visiting. Like. Syracuse, New York. Poughkeepsie. Sarasota Sarasota Florida Zetterberg. The fifth and take a quick break here for the news and he's ready to go in the new senator I'm right back on the other side. It looked pretty wintry out there today. Bobby Amax show rolls on and our number two here on hump day. May Merry Christmas and a happy Chanukah Cherry Hill. Welcome back for 38 Tony QB for five. Here on the embody Mac show with a little sound of the season. Herb Alpert an AT JB's and the background that seemed to you wanna brass. There's a view on not old enough to remember Herb Alpert and the Tijuana brass. Well so the NFL owners' committee today have reward in their erstwhile leader Roger Goodell home. Where they knew rule five year contract extension. Three and a half million dollars a year but all kinds of perks and bonuses torture very easy for him to obtain. A metric for him to meet to get bonuses at. Bumps his salary up to 3040 million dollars a year. Jerry Jones is not thrilled with the ACL owner of the cowboys trying to throw a roadblock. And down and the way to prevent Goodell being extended Matty has mag no wonder what they're great job that he's done via television ratings are. Now lamp television ratings way at well the attendance oh is it. No I'm going to say in the room attendant Suzanne weighed down as well. Now Richard rail and American thinker. Writing monuments to in gratitude. Seldom does one see widely heralded events in the new us expertly acted out in allegory. But we have such an event in need done to silverdome. Implosion memory tells you about that yesterday. It was the perfect metaphor for the hollowed out NFL. Promising fun and excitement. And deliberating an explosive. Expulsion of gas and step. Since we're not good enough for these rich spoiled kids well just keep our money and go back to our lives they can take their ball and go back to prison. When you weigh everything this may even be for the best in the long run. Fewer young knees are ruined shoulders separated enhance contrast. Nevertheless it's sad. As we really did a lot of our football. He ballot it grace the incredible power. They perfect timing the unbelievable. Speed quickness and coordination of superb athletes in their prime. Going up against each other and contests and will talent and execution. Football test teamwork and a way almost nothing else can't. And the more sophisticated the fan the more fascinating the game the plays the coaches the players. But it's no longer hours it's bears. And they can haven't. Common cabernet can be proud he's taken down the NFL. Potentially puts scores of felons back in prison as they returned a former line of work and destroyed football as America's favorite sport. By the way copper nick I was just named by Sports Illustrated as the sportsman of the year. A group. Tells you where Sports Illustrated and ESPN and all the other left leaning sports. Reporters are coming from on another note interest dead entrepreneur or is may now restart. The older USFL. Where they decent chance of making at this time so long as they hire only those who will proudly stand for our National Anthem. If the current millers have any backbone and they'll refuse to stop kneeling and will not play in the new league. That will leave that to white players and a few blacks and appreciate the chance at big bucks and fame. But they couldn't earn anywhere else in the world in time perhaps America will return. To the football stadiums that are now. Emptying out. Richard rail riding in American thinker monuments to in gratitude funny you know as somebody texted yesterday. And notice lack of fans. At the Clemson game. I dig Alabama. It is still it's. They don't okay. Yeah. Add in on a tax wind Bob the NFL and owners are off they're not can't make a statement when you file for bankruptcy. True enough. But they don't get at least these players don't even recognize. They are killing the golden goose that pays down. Now Bob must sales of calling cabernet Jersey's way up. Many being used to start fireplaces this winter. Now Roger Goodell can hang his hat on. And Bob the NFL just like to government they always promote those who are losers. Bob I believe Al Franken now will resign so another Democrat 109 get a foothold in the senate. They give him another edge in the next election. Bob I watched several protests today of these so called dreamers. In DC making fools of themselves I find it ironic. And they say they're just like native born Americans. But there are signs and slogans are chanting Iran Spanish. You'd think they'd have at least or to protest an English by now. From my jam in easily. A buddy Matt can you tell me why it is that the people that are against the Jewish people reclaiming their ancestral homeland. Once so called aztecs. To reclaim California. Got to. Bob about the seasons when island in northern Ohio. Now witches same as saying southern and gas. When I live in northern Ohio we had four seasons winter. More winter still winter and orange barrel breeding season. Gadget milieu that. Bob not sure if you had heard or spoken about Diaz and Kevin. The British war dogs may talked about him last week CEO. Of the base rather you're was insisting they be put down both dogs were saved and are now going to live out their lives for their handlers. That is good news Bobby about the previous text light sleet. As they come and other come worst. I don't believe so. Mahdi Al Franken is no prize himself. Amanda looks like he fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down just my opinion. As a female. Bob I didn't catch Tara this morning and apparently there's an addition regarding a dreamer kids and illegal aliens in the budget. Please comment. From not Katie again I will do that. When we come right back on the other side. Cordoba 45 here in the balmy night show wintry looking Wednesday afternoon. Here on 1063. WLR day. Welcome back guy coming up on nine before five here on NATO bombing Mac show. Nine minutes before five I think this may be in reference to what the attacks messenger. A text message her. Was asking about before the break evidence emerged earlier this week as Republicans celebrated the Senate's patches passage rather. Of the tax cuts and jobs act that small changes were made in the senate bill to the language of the bill. Which would allow illegals to continue to claim the child tax credit. Preventing the use of this important credit by illegals was a priority. For some of the Republican tax reform plans most ardent supporters. Under existing law one does not need a Social Security number to claim the benefit but can substitute an individual taxpayer. Identification. Number as a illegals frequently do. Now Republican Luke messer Republican Indiana. Made sure that a fix to this longstanding discrepancy was included in the house version of the tax bill. Well when the bill came out of chairman Kevin Brady's house Ways and Means Committee getting cornered the language that Nasser had originally inserted. Demanding a credit claimant include. The taxpayer's Social Security number. On the return of tax for that tax year that language would have blocked illegals who lack real Social Security numbers from claiming. The the lucrative benefit and yet when the senate. Marked up the bill the language was tweaked to allow some illegals to continue to claim the benefit. Well of course we are in the end the Christmas season here and that has not brought up a number of not interesting stories including. One that we stumbled across today you know land Sana sarge doing appearances all over the place all over the world. In fact. In Florida. I sent ahead didn't use is some way to arrive for an event none none of Sana was going to parachute and skydiver his name is George croak us and dressed up as Santa parachuted down for an appearance. And a volleyball tournament. In Florida over the weekend. And button. He I had a rocky landing as you here in no this audio. True. And I all right. Now well not exactly Daniel. Kelso is AM paramedic he talked about and giving treatment to send out after his. Crash landing Dominik Nelson is this gentleman's and. It is the worst thing ever seen Chris stuffed her health on the shelf for us I sat with him I sent us out. Notice this stuff. Sadly our humorously. He asked have a picture taken miners on the ground with a smile on his face which is amazing because his leg was backwards. Ouch. Well it's hard to keep Santa down. And and speaking of Christmas here's the eternal question. On this early Christmas movies or not. There's an online poll to determine if several borderline films countess Christmas movie it's. Have a movie except around Christmas that automatically make it a Christmas movie. Does it count as a Christmas movie of is an action film work are horror flick that just happens to take place in Christmas but it's an about. Christmas. Buzz been trying to settle a debate by taking twelve of a most argued over movies and having the public to sign. Here's how the voting is going so far for ten of them. Die hard. 56%. Say at Christmas. The others now home alone 97% interest gremlins. 40% Christmas 60%. Now. Frozen. 22% Christmas 78%. Not lethal weapon. Are you getting 16% Christmas the nightmare before Christmas. 78%. Christmas. Kiss kiss bang bang. It is not only 15% of that Christmas Edward scissor hands. On the 20% Christmas. Bad man returns. 12%. Christmas. And I as wide shot 5%. Christmas. But I better people rash of the nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween movie gets Amber's cell. There you go. Not exactly in many of those now that are on the cusp. As we say are not exactly. A Christmas story which by the way are now one of the networks. Is gonna do I ally of version of Christmas story. I'm not so sure of improving on a classic we'll see how that turns out. Sam mud back on the other side with the most heavily committed hour of the body Mac show. 5 o'clock follies are on the way next on this wintry feeling Wednesday.