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Wednesday, December 6th

Trump moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; Al Franken called to resign after more women come forward


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And today. Are they third time this week special guest appearance by Bob McGuire I. Great they're great dad Leo are not a cloudy gray wintry looking overcast day. The satellite Mamas and pompous I'll little Louisa brood and this guy who's here we go getting under way up from a subtlety the last time saying today well. I'm trying. Hold myself to that promise you'll see as we proceed on today you go getting away it's the hump day. Addition. Wednesday edition Bobby Mack electric radio program and as always your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome by the way I would now like to take this opportunity to clear the air. There is no truth to the rumor and I was offered the at Tennessee head football coaching job. I'm the one guy in America that has now been offered that job. And the cars and I was now from the town I probably would have to it turned down and in any event great to have you on here's value join me NBA part of the program. Ingles advantage stark line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning taxed on line number 71307. My email is very simply bomb. At 1063. WORG. Dot com. Bunch of news from the. Obviously news desk today. As we've known for some time Al Franken. As I've been in the intensive care unit tees he's pretty much you know on his way out. That is that's that's a big story today the president of course now recognizing Jerusalem. As media capital. Of Israel which has got all media. Other Middle East are not Muslim nations of the Islamic nations all wound up to AM on got there at turbines in a Tizzy. Over this and and now I believe we have duet yes we do. Now we have we carried us alive by the way and this is worth mentioning. Whenever we have a big breaking news event like at the presidential announcement today regarding capital of Israel. If we don't have it on the air sometimes we do but when we can't. Because of Karen conflicts in and programming. How we will offer it to you just by going to our web site. 1063. WORG dot com and and Fox News of course covers. Qualities event you'll see the Fox News icon just click on that and then you can stream. Whatever is is going to say you don't you don't miss the and we go back enough cover our tracks as well as via. Afternoon nap progresses so. Today blocking the policies of every previous administration. President trump announcing the United States now recognizes. Jerusalem. As a capital of Israel. The controversy a decision met with worldwide criticism. Even before the president's official announcement however. They commander in chief maintains that country's desire to facilitate a two state solution in the region and would satisfy the Israelis. And the Palestinians here is what president trump had today is safe today in making this announcement. We're no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel. And the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume. That repeating the exact same formula. Would now produce a different or better resolved. Therefore I have determined. That it is time. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital. Of Israel. We cannot solve our problems. By making the same failed assumptions. And repeating the same failed strategies. Of the past. All challenges demand new approaches. My announcement today marks the beginning. Of the new approach. To conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. It will of course be disagreement. And dissent. Regarding. This announcement. But we are confident that ultimately. As we work through these disagreements. We will arrive at a piece. And a place. Far greater. In understanding and cooperation. And of course the news media and all SM throws tea monkey wrench into the works only for early peace prop what peace process. We've been having peace process discussions. Over the last fifty years. That have accomplished virtually nothing so. I agree and and and not to mention that there are overwhelming. Biblical implications to what president trumpeted as you might imagine. The response was very positive. From Israel's prime minister Benjamin net. Yahoo!. This is a historic day. Jerusalem was in the capital of the Jewish people. With 3000 years. It's been the capital of Israel for nearly seventy years. It was here that our temples to our kings and prophets preached. Jerusalem has been the focus of our hopes our dreams our prayers for three millennia. From every corner of the earth. Are people yearn to return to drugs. So we'll see if not today's announced change and by the way it's not going to happen at immediately. Beat the announcement was made today but it's it's probably gonna take out the administration saying three or four years. Before the a team. Entire transition. From of our embassy from Tel Aviv to to Jerusalem will will be completed. John JD. And pat the pastor saying an era millions of an evangelical bias on trumped. And saying I can assure you that sixty million Evan gel calls are watching this promise closely. Because of the president moves the embassy to Jerusalem he will historically stepped into immortality. He will be remembered for thousands of years for his act of courage to treat Israel like we already treat other nations. Not Haiti of course is the founder and senior pastor of a cornerstone. Church has a mega church in San Antonio. He founded a nonprofit Christians united for Israel and not 2008. Now the president isn't down the only wanted declares intentions to move the embassy. I saw like Lilly Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also pledged to move the embassy only to abandon the idea once they got into the White House. Others already congressional approval for funding for this by the way. Congress back in 1995 a fund I'm approved rather the funding and relocation. Of the embassy. The law included a stipulation allowing for presidents to sign continuous waivers then allowed down previous administrations to stall. The a relocation of the embassies ambitious. This is this is a big deal today. I saw this story today and wish them good came to me from mop. The the cop shop they have sheriff's office. And and I I founded kind of interesting especially here in the Christmas season. As a samurai and fought who handles on public relations media relations for the sheriff's office. Add media yesterday at approximately 4 PM deputies from Greenville county sheriffs responded to a reported kidnapping. And Pete in town suites on Mulder route. Deputies initiated an investigation and learned that an adult male. Agreed to meet and I'm a die unidentified female at the end sound suites. After a short period of time the mail. Left no doubt they motel room and was approach in the parking lot by two black males armed with firearms. The suspects ordered the victim into his own vehicle and tidy him up. After driving around with a victim in the car they stopped on clear field road in moment. One of the suspects exited the vehicle along with the victim and once an opportunity aroused the victim was able to escape to safety. Both suspects. Then fled in the victim's vehicle which has since been recovered so they abandoned. Deputies are currently trying to identify the two suspects or in their twenties one described as a black male with short hair average height and weight. The other described as a mixed race male when a significant amount of hair. What does that mean as a means. Of violent like big foot or radio looked like calling cavern it. Flashback dissemination of super. And they have a year bill don't want injury crime crime stoppers tip so what do you imagine. Are you know the old saying nothing good happens after midnight apparently. In this instance nothing good happened around 4 PM either. A ninety unidentified male I'm Nate unidentified female our. Getting together at the end town Swede to share Bible verses. So. You know. And actions as they say have consequences. Guy's lucky got away with a life. Sixteen after a three year in the body Mac show I catch up with a text align the latest on now. Senator Stuart Smalley. About two depart apparel way which is being encouraged to buy other Democrats. Women in the senate not happy when Al Franken. Iran back. Love me. Welcome back three Tony won here and AM Bobby Mack Jonas overcast Wednesday afternoon. We're in big trouble now you heard the app. And I'm 24/7 now whether senator mention the S word. In the forecast. And daring and the newscast when that any wants. Where there's at the top of the hour which means of course. The on mad stampede to the grocery store is on the way there will not be a quart of milk or you local brand. Left anywhere in the upstate. Buying out what John how Long Will it take for the shelves to empty out this afternoon no money down in a more bread no more melt. 45 seconds by the time by others think it's got a. Well. Go ahead. Take off work early and it's it's. Everybody be making their milk sandwiches as a arrest used to call. In my email this afternoon Bob it's amazing. To me how many of their galaxy of stars icons and heroes. The left is willing to sacrifice. A sacrifice. To create the frenzy over sexual misbehavior. Much of which there are not concerned went on the weekends when they're trying to hook up. In the hopes of a being possibly one of the premises for impeaching Donald Trump. I judged most issues and persons might who are now desperate. Are there enemies god bless this president of the United States signed a Dwyane. From a Taylor spot away and then Al Green from Texas that congressman. I brought up the impeachment. Of president trump on the floor of the house today. Virtually amp and a vast majority of the Democrats. Even voted against sync and out of here now. Are you off your methods are wiped. In all the attacks line 71307. Not Bobby you. About the way I wanted to let you know that my wife got an Amazon echo forming a. And I've set up the 1063. WORD. Connection on a and it's working great. And now thank you appreciate them. Bob I think but the president did today went on moving the amount and not the announcement of moving the embassy. In Israel to Jerusalem was giving himself a leverage to negotiate. With Palestinian officials. Because it's not gonna happen for 34 years. And that gives him time to do the deal. Well anybody can do that deal that would be president trump. Bobby I'm again thanks so I voted for a president trump our embassy should have never been in Tel Aviv from pat in a Spartan. I'm Bob the peace process is a business. True enough. Al Bobby V Tennessee football program has a head coaching position Yahoo! and true. How long they've been without a head coach at three weeks. There over the job day everybody except search. They may have Auburn to discouraging turn it down. A Bobby can you explain to me how it is and people like Rosie McDonnell can stay out of roll Reza Rosie O'Donnell I think. Can stay out of jail threatening president Trump's kids today. And cirrus I haven't seen that I didn't hear about that but doesn't surprise me these these people are lunatics. Bump up. Al Bobby police check out my letter. About done daycare or Danica they have deferred action on childhood you know what it is. Am I a letter to the I've Greeneville daily worker today a letter to the editor the real reason for dreamers legislation from our Richard thank you Richard. Seem like announce a look that up. And now and share that as we go along meantime. Not a good day to be the senator from Minnesota Al Franken and a flood of female senators today calling for Franken to resign. After multiple women came forward alleging sexual misconduct. A female Democrat senators began calling for a out for Franken to resign the same day. The Minnesota Democrat. Faced his seventh. Accusation of sexual misconduct. When a former democratic congressional aid. Accused Franken of trying to cancer after a taping of his radio show. In 2006 anybody remember the late on the lamented error America. On network. It was at a network that was set up at to push the conservative agenda. They depart to push the app progressive agenda. And we know how well conservative talk radio sent around the country and they know the Williams juggling an anti mullah gambling on all these conservative stations out there. Now we we need to have a progressive. Liberal network well they do it. They created air America first incarnation went bankrupt. They brought it back. Second time around I went bankrupt. Never could find an audience. No wonder because they had people like Al Franken doing show notes. This former congressional aide. Says and Franken tried to kiss or after a taping of his radio show in 2006. Go to known about it. If she talked about it at the time nobody what I heard it on the show. No audience. She told Politico she was gathering hampers things to leave the radio studio when she turned around and Franken was in her face. She says she avoided his guests and heard Ali left the room but Franken told her on her way out. It's my right as an entertainer. Huge assumption on the part of Al Franken and that he is in the first place and entertainer. Her story continued he was between me and the door and he was coming at me to kiss me. It was very quick and I think my brain had to work really hard to be like what you what is happening here. But I knew whatever was happening was not right and I ducked. The aids and I was early startled by aunt and I just sort of booked it towards the door and he said it's my right as an entertainer. You. Does this sound eerily reminiscent. Of the very first story about Franken. At though the woman whose the end newscaster or KABC radio in Los Angeles don't Abby and on the US so it identical. Identical experiences. Two co workers independently verify and down her version of events to Politico. One was told about the Internet shortly after it happened in 06. The other was told and of 120 chant. Franken and the allegation is categorically not true. And the idea he would say it was his right to guess there is preposterous. The Democrat aide is the seventh woman to accused Franken of sexual misconduct. The aide said she was inspired to come forward by Franken is various apologies because she did not feel they expressed. Full coupled culpability. In many of the apologies Franken claimed to recall a different version of events. I don't wanna be in the position of deciding whether to tell this story but I'm not the person who put me and that position he did that. I think for this moment in time to lead to meaningful change your ass to me more than I'm ashamed. But I remember things differently. So when that story came out today. The devolution began. I will now run down you list and it's just it's AM copious list of all these. And Democrat senators. Who are telling Al Franken not. Book kids for the door. But 329 year on the Bobby Knight show any is ready to go in the news center and I'm right back on the other side here on hump day. On 1063. WLR day. Far out man. Agha gave it. On a Jimi Hendrix guitar styling is in the background. Welcome back Bonnie Mac show our number one underway here on now Wednesday not a good day to meet. Senator Al Franken. Because. Seventh. Allegation. Of not sexual misconduct. Came today AM former Democrat to aid. Said that to frank and accosted her in a radio studio after his show. And attempted to kiss her. As telling her that it was his right as an entertainer. That's a makes a big leap of faith and Al Franken was ever an entertainer in any event. Within minutes. Of the latest allegation seven women in the US senate decay and began calling for Franken resignation there. Patty Murray of Washington Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Mazie Hirono all of Hawaii. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York California senator Kamal Harris. The last presidential aspirations manoa. New Hampshire senator there a senator Maggie has send nor has signed and Michigan senator Debbie stab and now. Or we and tween first accused Franken in late November of forcibly kissing her and groping her and that led to that. Juvenile sophomoric picture of Emma. Grinning. At NC a group this woman and a USO tour in 2006. And it is pretty much is now gone downhill from there. Al Franken will be announcing. Will be making an announcement tomorrow. As is a Democrat colleagues continue to call. For his resignation. And there are no other red charges are well especially when Nancy Pelosi. You know took in this dom but said that. And the horny old goat. John Conyers. And should resign from my house. And people symbol away is saying Nancy you're talking about in Conyers and resigning what about Al Franken. And now. Well you know what policies response was in that case. Again no nothing nothing out forthcoming. Now on the scene I connected try kitchen where the attacks on your body is mono like you guys know. And there's say a very bad wrecked off of skillful town road and brown road. I just happened this meant text just came in one minute ago. Highway Patrol are not there yet definitely injuries and also traffic will be backed up. Andrew from Simpson melt thanks Andrew appreciate down a heads up on that. Bombing I I just don't believe these are wild fires in LA they said they're fighting fires. South and north of the city. And others are scattered around. At a strike me as just two random just like the last rash of fires again. In the wealthy districts I believe it's arson. I would go further I would suggest said maybe it's even terrorism. And I answered. Ceremony is one way to attack us. Al Bobby Wyatt and our business to tell other countries where their capital as well it's not. Now the Israelis and recognize Jerusalem as their capital firm cents a formation nomination in 1940s. A Bobby why did they even need air America when they already had NPR. Good point. Bobbie I find these false accusers are very hard to believe I've been around Al and John for many years. And now they had many opportunities to grope me. They never dipped. Signed in policy. Thank you and appreciate Dan. Al Bobby sorry can't find any sympathy in my heart for the guy and Malden in a news story I've been married for going on 26 years. My wife was on the other side of that state however businesses week I travel extensively for work myself. Never any doubt about fidelity between us. Now want to rock. Pop up on Bob the other Arab countries can have absorbed the Palestinians along the goal. But this sort of made all these problems go away as well Larry political pawn. Being exploited. Among Carlin stimson. Bob kudos to president trump for carrying out this movement of the embassy to Jerusalem. And I think now I am. Yep that that does catch me up for the attacks I saw this sad today enjoy him somebody mentioned. Not all the fires. In California one of them was going up and down 8405. Or as they refer to it and have for years since that time that I live in LA years ago before or five. And it's referred to by that designation because once you get on it it takes four or five hours to get where you're going. It's it's always some season. You know in in California the mud season. Or its. Fire season. One of the other. But there thing terrorist substantially different. Out there on a coast. And though the one season that's going on right now of course this holiday season but even debt. Is different and now boss and always I won't point out to you some of the differences. At top signs it's the holiday season in L way. When we. Come right back here on the body Mac show on hump day here on 1063. WL RD. Welcome back 315 it's a 10 before 4 o'clock here on me about it Mac show in on the tax line. 71 threes are seven and Bobby you can take this in the bank. Hillary our policy will never come out about anyone ever having wanted to grope down. In my David thank you David. Bob it's a large said he would never do floods to pay Sanders back a barrel A he's sticking in the most unpaid for sticking it to the most un patriotic state in the United States enjoy the fires California. Cars have by now probably blaming trump. I'm for the fires as well. Molly what do the people of Minnesota expect when they elected a clown on as they're senator. Bobby regarding Al frank and I have to invent I've just many women and I'm unable to produce any motorized witness permission slips. And now they're four to be subject to having any of these women say that I kiss them without express written consent a Major League Baseball. How many people can you name that have received expressed witness consent purchased. I I can't name many people and had seven different people. Come forward and say that down the un. Unwelcome advances. Are came from the same. OK I mentioned on the fires in California they're having all kinds of them problems. Out there. And it is of course the holiday season and ally but like everything else in Los Angeles. Holidays are a little bit different. You can see for yourself for the top scientist. It's the holiday season in Los Angeles. Now homeless people are smoking red and green crack pipes. Nice color. A little drummer boy is accused Kevin Spacey a harassment. Kathy Griffin. Does a photo shoot holding Santa is decapitated head. Yeah. Chris Jenner. Frequently gets mistaken for the grinch. Actor James Woods had heard from exploding every time somebody says happy holidays. Charlie sheen's notes. Almost as red as brutal. Frosty the snowman. Now he wants to being crushed in the non specific gender purse. That's LA tour. Eight children of celebrities. Are asking Santa Claus to bring them less ridiculous sounding names. You know and sound LA's season. Holiday in LA. By the organic chestnuts roasting over the opened fire. You know it's. A holiday season in now way. When most of the nativity scenes double as an error B&B. I guys there's a you're assigned to a dance holiday season in Los Angeles telephones we go gene is next Debbie is angry email hygiene and welcome to the program. Yeah like accomplish so much talk about how ahead Hispanic. And like particularly done fact that you just got the Bill Clinton had direct no. These well him to money's not an LA at the moment so that's all right OK got to pass on the. Okay thank you are confident about Jerusalem. What are reminded the audience that. If they can go back over trumped up. Inauguration and he had a number of prayer is that we're we're. Spoken like camp or rabbis and Jewish rabbi and I. And I don't the president gave. It comes from 137. Starting in the fifth converse. I've ever pick yet he go to Jerusalem cut off my hand. And on and on a coaching I would like your audience too weak shot 137. Starting in the fifth that are going to the united. The content deals with. With the contention going all the Jerusalem and in fact. Shot the sound from 122 all the way up to 145 deal with you'll you'll read in and out of Assange. As promised the people up. Okay Israel backed Jerusalem. If this place has Diana Chang gonna kick the case of this solemnly cases. And that they have a place there so lot proper support prophecy yeah yeah it's actually expect that that the world have to see this. And and of course we're gonna get the anticipated blowback. I'm from the surrounding Muslim nations but before for the left to make the argument for the crashes to make the argument the cents back the peace process. And nothing sends back the peace process. It because there is no advancing peace process and that hasn't then. Essentially a Palestinians. Abandoned. On the land that was granted to them by the United Nations in the 1940s. That was east of the Jordan River right. Knew what I was not in the State of Israel so Israel that no problem living with with the Arab that it went there. Well in fact I find it curious if you look at the a number of Arabs who are Israeli citizens. When you are now more than more than a million and run and yet how many of the Jewish faith I have citizenship in any. Arab that's actually substantially. Shorter list thank you Jane I appreciate the call and take a break the news here the top of the hour when we come back. When our number two. I'm Leo Bobby Mack show there is no more on the harassment front today and there's also more about this. Lefty. Hillary loving FBI agent I'm Peter. Stirs knock. That the FBI went to apparently great lengths to cover for this guy tell you how. When we come back.