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Friday, October 6th

Bump stocks; Vegas shooting; Gun control; Amazing true facts


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Now we have survived yet another workweek and it would go into the fourth and final hour they Bani Mac electric radio program. For this week. We like to come at the bonus hour and as always share on Friday. It is the free for all that is the all skate meaning. Whether or not I have raised it as an issue Opel or discussion during the preceding work week you are free to. Here on Friday any thing any topic you wanna raises good to go. Here is value join me and be a part of the conversation just grab the phone. Usually Ingles advantage talk line number it is told free from anywhere earners 80347. 1063. The common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is bombed. At 1063. WORG. Dot com I'm here right adamantly downtown Belton just dead on the street from me a stand tonight. As we get ready for tomorrow from 10 in the morning until ten at night. They've belt and stand by heritage and arts festival which is they're not going on now for more than thirty years it's a celebration of hometown winning. I do enjoy the upstaged beautiful fall weather and foliage in fact. Some alien trees right here in front you're right here at the train depot. Already starting to turn some of the flaming maples starting turner gorgeous. Festival day events include done you'll draw wagon rides through the historic district now is about. Was just line the last couple lamented you astound me that she is bringing the ponies but Amara. For a pony rides for the kids Nelson we'll have a petting zoo. They'll be out Cornel tournament I think that's the first time this year they've done that. They'll be a five K run one mile fun run and walk. They are car show at classic cars some live music and then at all wraps up with a fireworks display tomorrow night so should be a pretty neat. And you are invited bring the family out where they should be really nice. Again tomorrow before we start to go downhill a little bit. I think later in the day on Sunday. In on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bobby regarding the massacre in Las Vegas. Well that advertising phrase they used what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Seal last used as a humorous comment kind of takes on a new mean. Sadly it does. Above he'll listen closely to the audio you can hear near nearby shops and distant shots being fired. As well as at one point you hear me out close gun firing at one cadence the different in the echoes of the shots vs the origin. On the shots. Bob all the evil needs to succeed is a stupid video. Bob there's no Democrat or Republican anymore and that's why I like to refer to missing Buena Park. They're all the same we have a few true conservative heroes in both houses of congress but that's all. 99%. Of them would sell their ten year old daughter to Anthony Weiner for a buck. Bob patriots and militia in answer to giving up their guns we will give them the finger. The one squeezing the trigger. Bob eight now they want to tax our food as well taxing me to death. As it is already had a we stop it Kelly or legislator. And exactly. How you feel. You know it's it's interesting how Limbaugh was shocking today. About a Second Amendment and and James Madison on this. So called conservative columnist is now called for repeal of the Second Amendment. And and he was making the point that the founders came back today that is this columnist. Was making a point all the founders came back today they tail ya do away with a Second Amendment that's not what we intend. And and Wendell was making the point I think correctly. The founders Rudy flabbergasted. To see everything that has transpired. Since that time our founding documents a declaration of independence constitutional. Rights were all written. Including. The income tax. Pumped up bomb. Oh unfortunately yellow jackets have calmed down now so we have him towards dusk. Springer checked in with me Bobbie the yellow jackets of their because of all the soft drinks and water bottles. Actually. Springer they're here because I attracted them. With Mayo a little bit about bulges. And then not dealt with them as my friends and hired killers of instructed me to do. And because of all the sun drinking water bottles trust me it's really dry and the upstate outdoors right now great show today spring there thank you springer. Appreciate your check in him. There is a a brilliant guy his name is Victor Davis Hanson Chinese university professor. It does Stanford believe it or not. And he wrote a piece about all this business with the NFL and demonstrations. That I wanna share with you but first there was another piece and I came across it was a Fox News the other day. By Stephen Miller. Called the media doesn't understand guns and doesn't want to this isn't the Stephen Miller is not to be confused. Went to Stephen Miller who has been against on this program and announced one of a Donald Trump's top speechwriters and advisors. Mr. Miller riding the American pit a political left and mainstream media. Pundits at large do you not understand guns they are not educated about them and they refuse to learn about them. They cannot tell you the difference between an automatic or semiautomatic firearm. They don't understand what a suppressor does or does not do it's safe to say most of them have not heard the term bumps dock until this week. What they are however. Is convinced that we need moral laws to prevent mass shootings like the one in Vegas from ever happening again. And they'll host guest after guest on their shows who also are not expert in firearms or firearm training. Tell lecture the American people at large about why this needs to happen. If anyone out there on that side of the I was wondering why your police do do something are falling on mostly deaf ears that would be why. It's a largely one sided debate. Happening on cable networks and it's why those on the right including everyday Americans and lawful gun owners. Are not responsible for mass shootings or breaking gun laws. Largely ignore what is blaring out them from their TVs and social media. Column after column has fired off about how much of the National Rifle Association. Donates to congressional candidates spoiler alert it's not much about 200000 dollars a year. And certainly if you can parents do it I think is when bonded on his show or maybe it was vents compared to how much Planned Parenthood gift to politicians. There's like 621. For every breathless declaration that they NRA has blood on their hands. It's worth noting more journalists have committed mass shootings in this country then NRA members. Firearm experts and media such as Washington freebie against Stephen got counts. NRA certified instructor. National review online editor Charles Cook. And federalists co-founder Shawn Davis. Are sidelined. From national cable news and Sunday show appearances. In favor of gas who suggest suppressor are used by hunters. To prevent gear. From hearing a fired shot. Gradkowski cook and Davis will never be invited on Jimmy Kimmel. Our Stephen cold air shows to clear up the falsehoods. Being spread to mass audiences or to defend the Second Amendment of the US constitution. The Las Vegas narrative jumped on ludicrous speed shortly after the massacre ended when I'm losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Demanded that we quote put politics aside. Right before immediately politicizing the shooting in the same tweet. She then went on to state imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silence there which the NRA wants to make it easier to get. Mrs. Clinton's claim. That firearms oppressors rendered guns silent was given three Pinocchio is by Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post. This of course didn't matter Kessler's fact check went mostly ignored and social media. Clinton's false tweet about firearms oppressors garnered more than 58000. Read tweets on Twitter Glenn cast source fact check. Thirty. Within hours of the Las Vegas shooting. Senator Chuck Schumer was pushing the narrative that the GOP was ramming through legislation to deregulate silent stars. This was also a fabrication. Reporters began shouting it question began shouting questions at all Ryan about silence or legislation. The 64 year old shooter in Vegas did not use a suppressor. But Democrats have found their shiny object to fixate on much like the no fly list post Orlando. Which had nothing to do with the actual tragedy and it Democrats would be better off. Offering up legislation. Banning high rise hotels in attempting to make a connection to the Vegas shooting then they would suppress yours or background checks. America's foremost health care expert Jimmy Kimmel. Once again repeat of long debunked Democrat talking points in yet another tearful monologue. Las Vegas is his hometown so it's hard to be. For showing emotion. Kimmel chastised Paul Ryan and the GOP congress again for not enforcing laws about guns that literally do not exist. These include the so called gun show loophole an on line background check loophole. And allowing mentally ill individuals. A move supported by the ACLU by the way from purchasing firearms. All of these claims have been debunked and yet our ignored by fact checkers. And mainstream outlets and cable news Stephen panic did not have a criminal background prior record. And no evaluations. Of suspect mental health so what then. New York Times magazines and Marie Cox tweeted man. Imagine if the right. Believed in unfettered access to the ballot box as much as they believe in the right to own guns her sudden support of background checks and voter ideologues. Two things needed. By the way the purchase of firearm in America. Are a welcome surprise Politico reporter Dan diamond tweeted out an email from the American College of Physicians calling for a ban on all. Automatic and semi automatic weapons when diamond did not reveal is a ban on semi automatic weapons which include most handguns. I'm not sure members of media know this fact and more importantly have demonstrated zero willingness to learn. But sure let's put. Then in charge. Of that health care and it. Not bad Stephen Miller writing at Fox News the media doesn't understand guns and doesn't want to. Don't confuse them with facts. Eighteen after six here on the bunny match show. Be right back from beautiful downtown Belton. Sun sinking a slow way into the last. What has been a absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon here I am in a built in South Carolina right here. And train depot getting ready for Karadzic and arts festival runs all day tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. In on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bonnie supposedly. The windows at Mandalay bay. Could wish there hurricane for swings that I'm sorry this thing this must've been voice to text. And it it just did not translate body Mac or a man and then whack him. You're a radio outdoors brother from springer. Wooed. Bob following up your comment about our founding fathers that they came back today I think they would lock the doors to the house and senate. And beat they you know what out of all our representatives. Horse whipped. I suspect is what what happened to the phones we go here at 625 rage. Is on next and he has in my stomping grounds of Taylor's and watched about now wants to talk about the host. Of the estrogen our Jimmy Kimmel well array. Believe laden are you doing so far so good news Contra OK I was down after you what he had been aboard. With us it's Napoleon are well hold the fort until watching at home. Okay well it fit this amount mistake in Jimmy Kimble co host this show go. Girl's own trip Orleans the man show. So it's exact amount yeah and. And make included with girls wearing bikinis bouncing up and down on trampoline now if that's not entertainment. It doesn't qualify him as a health care and gun control expert I don't know what doubts. And parenting I know he's death certificate somewhere. You know this GAAP basis more program. It's so evident what he does she know they can do anything say anything you'll choose. Turn to true to ramp just the opposite way. What so and so okay. That people should know do. You know what these people figure ovaries search term and yes I know paired. Like justice. If you got a gas stay in and out there for all the world. You know crying about and I social for his family situation. For the regions that don't blend so well within. Ra and admit to find out what kind of hypocrite you really. You know and it wouldn't wouldn't it be instructive. Not an educational. If when these guys started off on some political tangent whether it's Campbell John in about health care gun control or when added you know that how they haven't crawled. The checked that rolls across the bottom of the screen. That would that would immediately fact check and so when he says you know. We need outlaw machine guns and you know that the crawl would you say machine guns are already outlawed in addition due to fact check. Every every bit of false narrative that these guys push. Or more that we could push back speaking to push this for all people stand up and say democratic forwarding. You're talking about women being mistreated it kinda people minority being mistreated. Worry your stance on this man in the way he treated women. While it's been yelled to achieve all the firing you know while I'm all good Erica. Yeah good question. It it's it's pathetic the in the level of hypocrisy is just absolutely ridiculous. As big democracy animals site one comment that houses for but when they took to fly down down in Colombia despite. Why anybody that side about their reason for doing that Darren Hamilton though could take them play again vitro and again these. He owns I did sure grateful home real. Analogy that toppled like a loose ball as well that was a big guy with the interest. Or does that job and I tried to get them in the column is back in their reward element that. Now because NC did it for Christian relations but that they should represented. The people of his district allowing them to put it all a referendum and Bogle. But instead. He did what everybody else did they just start shotgun in the general direction and did it sensible thing. So people should remember that and give us oh. Yeah it does it look if if your actually. Going to stand by your principles and have some political courage then don't do it when the wind's at your back do it when the wind is against. Now re approaching the caliber much thank you appreciate Kyle coming up on 6290. This this previous text was cleared up here now got it. I'm Bonnie supposedly the windows at Mandalay bay could withstand hurricane force wind. How would this scrawny coward knock out two huge panes of glass have a good weekend I guess the answer that we've been given the official answer is eating at a trying to remember the exact phrase from the sheriff in Vegas I believe the phrase was a hammer like tool. To not to knock out those windows. Got to take a break for the news and he is ready to go in a new center I'm right back on the other side we go back to the phones or is standing by she's going to be up next and gonna talk about lay out a new book. That is just come out so stay there be right back from. Beautiful downtown Belton. Well apply if I had to give a a numerical grade two today I guess I am again probably have to go with a ten. As it has been awfully nice and only got some rain moving in for the weekend and we need them around a little bit. Behind that let's let's hope it I can be a wash out I don't and for the heritage days at the depot DeMar from 10 AM to 10 PM here in Belton. And I should be really really nice to the phones we go lore has been patiently waiting to join me hi Laura how are you this Friday. I'm fine and I'm so glad that you get well and you know not wealthy nations in the sun on radio my husband's been out of work. At all but a home now but anyway somebody's going to be okay. But you know what I what I wanted to ask you is home. About congressman Bart could come up with a book straight up and what you think about it because that was. I mean you roster other congressmen and senators Britain's hello bought. Right. I I have not had an opportunity even to read any reviews. Or to get an idea of the contents of the book I heard about I've heard about it but that's the extent out. I just wondered. And and we just neat you know you don't like my. Constant mantra chase you know. We need to pray and really true that tend to sleep through the ten commandments out in 1982. Weeks. And unfortunately. But there are. There're some good things happen I I just got an email. Let me let me share with you. Pardon me this is from mom my friends at Dell Liberty Counsel. In Washington that as a group that that I lights were religious freedoms a century now. Dated today. Their email Jimmy says the trump administration. Strongly protected the free exercise of religion today by reversing. Obama era policies with the new legal guidance issued to the Department of Justice by attorney general Jeff session. The AG issued two memoranda. The first addressed to all administrative agencies and executive departments. Identifies twenty key principles of religious liberty. The guidance reminds agencies of their obligations under federal law to protect religious liberty. And summarizes. Twenty key principles of religious liberty protections. The agencies can use in that effort. It explains that agencies should use these principles to protect religious liberty and all aspects of their work. Including as employers. Rule makers adjudicate Ers contract and grant makers and program administrators. On specific policies. The guidance states that government. May not exclude religious organizations. From secular aid programs. And the IRS. May not enforce the Johnson and amendment. Which restricts tax exempt organizations. Including churches and religious organizations. From endorsing. Or opposing candidates for elective office and there's a second memo as well. And then that that continues in the same vein. The folks at Liberty Counsel conclude we commend president trump. For instructing the attorney general to send a strong message to the rest of America that religious freedom must be protected zone that is. That's at least a step in the right direction and I commend the president and the AG for doing that today. All in and at absolutely we need to to recognize how god is working and right now except that big megaphone color at all. I you know art tensions. And act I'm just really at the time and room listening to reach out to be able to say. Spirited talk to people about states in about what's gonna happen truth that when Ali. The prime rate down it can happen in a second look at that this parent church and anyone that there's continually. And I'm just I'm encouraged. Is it as much as possible just praying and we need to just continue and I. Appreciate what you gesture at leg that's so graduate they act like chocolate city for the culprits are I think I'm glad that your pick and. I can't REM I and do a little bit better each day and and I am on the road to recovery so thanks Hillary caller it's always great to hear from you god bless hubby have a great weekend. Nineteen before seven here on the bunny match up in on the tax line 71307. Drained a swan neck we need to flush the toilet. Bob AM 01 of our way users checking and nasty wreck 85 north on highway 101 that's right there by the beamer plant. Backed up all the way to 385. As anyone say avoid avoid avoid. Bobby Mack president trump needs to separate himself from the tax master make master. He Henry has done nothing to curb the corruption and waste fraud and abuse in Columbia. It's time to cut taxes not increase them. Signed I'm sure jokingly. Anthony incessant. Sarcasm. And then the same vein as as the guy or gal I'm Niger it's a man or woman. Who checks me all the time as a Henry as as. As our esteemed leader of the end of the senate and down there and forums. Body somebody needs to rush immediately to ban those hammer like tools. That they that mr. panic may have used to knock out the windows and Vegas for them the massacre would not have happened. And this after all would be a much more intelligent solution. Then banning skyscrapers. Absolutely I could not agree with your assessment more. Bob what about anti fine on November 4 and sound scary do you think it'll really happen. I think these people do not intend. To do anything other than not create violence and discord across America. Also went on the tax line Bob hey let's do for Jimmy Kimmel what we did for the national felons league. Eight people have shown it could be done. Bob and chief ball fails to realize that the vast majority of Americans. Have absolutely no sympathy for or with them. And oppose everything that they stand for. Now I'm afraid that if they wish for blood to be shed. They regrettably. Will get it. And now finally this one I mentioned. Under assault under aerial assault much of the afternoon from the yellow jackets. Which decided to attack by broadcast the selection. Here in Belton. And Alan Robert our engineer had actually come up with the idea of luring them in. With the AM plastic cup of apple juice and then dispensing with a prompted a text or to send this Bobby are you drinking here apple juice from your favorite sic become indeed I am. And a happy camper. Quarter before seven here on the buck in that show take a quick break here when we come right back on the other side will wrap up with that today's edition of mom raising. True facts don't go away. All it has been an absolutely gorgeous day want to thank all the folks here in Belton for inviting us to welcome back we are here for the big. Tennis tournament earlier. In the air and and now have an opportunity to come back to begin and it and it's great little place and the heritage days will be going on tomorrow at 10 AM until 10 PM. All kinds of family fun out here so your invited to drop on by hope you have a great weekend. OK here we go let's bring in Gerri good lawyers. He's into. Bob most play. Crazy fans. All right me here we go via Halloween of course right around the corner so it figures it do me a new study out. Registering the most popular thing we hand out on Halloween. In various states. Now okay. You may be getting rated a buy here Halloween candy used this as a reference point. Somebody poured through ten years of sales data to find out which type of Halloween candy each state buys the most out. So it's really what each state hands out the most the overall favorite candy corn. Maybe because it's too. Inexpensive. Candy corn taking the top spot in six different states. Including. South Carolina. Alabama Indiana Michigan. New Mexico and Rhode Island next sour patch kids that's number one in five states. Illinois Maine Massachusetts Nebraska New York. Five different candy is took the top spot in four states. Eminem's. Milky Way is Reese's peanut butter cups Snickers. And tootsie pops Skittles and star burst. The top choice in three states. Me too surprising snobs butter fingers and kick cats. They came in second or third in a few states that we're not number one. Anywhere. I guess this is an example of an individual has way too much time on their hands but then again. You know you buy those bags of potato chips and are 90% air. You know when you buy huge box of candy at the movie theater in an open and up in your bombed out to find out it's half empty. Someone. Find a way has put their foot down as taking a stand against debt. A woman named by all let Daniel. From New York City. New York they just filed a federal lawsuit against Chauncey role industries. This Oleg had too much I'm an answer because she says they're intentionally. Under filling their boxes of junior Mets. I happen like junior meant myself viola says she bought a box of Junior Mints last month. And it was 43%. Air inside. And I she did that. The longer than. Computation. Al when she compared it to other candies milk dud boxes were only 23%. Air and Gooden planning boxes. Were only 12%. Now competitors' products boxes or similar in size yet contained far more candy. This demonstrates it is possible to fit a greater quantity of candy into the defendant's boxes. She filed this is a class action lawsuit so she's helping other people will join she's hoping anyone who has been wrong. So severely wrong. Mighty half empty Junior Mints boxes. Oh well again at least fifty bucks. And now finally you may have heard this already but if hearing Netflix subscriber it's gonna dig deeper into your wallet. Netflix raising their prices by 10% next month on most plans and naturally some people will be angered. But let's face it you're gonna pay him because a stranger things is coming back price hikes will not affect all of their plans. Subscribers who pay the standard 999. That goes up by a dollar. Not per month and the price of the premium tier. 17%. Increase from 1199. To thirteen 99 the basic plan 799. Remains the same. As you lie until Monday when I'll see you right back here as we always do on Friday try and wrap it up on me. Uplifting and positive note. With a great Louis Armstrong and wonderful world thanks again to the votes were Belton for hosting us here today and now see you back from the studios on Monday. God bless.