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Friday, October 6th

Bump stocks; Vegas shooting


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It's greetings and welcome salutation. And absolutely gorgeous Friday although Haas to you. I think whether you grew up in one or not. I think most people would agree there is nothing like small town America. It it just has an absolutely different feel different come beyond us as via. Play pulling. It's saying it's it's great to be out here this afternoon in small town America in Belton. South Carolina. Great to have you along and now we're going to be setting the stage. For something is it going to be going on all this weekend you know. This is a time of year it's football season a lot of things going on a lot of festivals around. A traditional way out county fairs that sort of thing. And I happen in September and October and another really big event is happening this weekend here in Belton. We've Belton stand pipe heritage and arts festival and I'm gonna be joined by the mayor talked about it in just a minute in the meantime. It is of course the Friday free for all or as we like to refer to it they all skate. Meaning that whether or not I have raised a topic of concern you'll. During the preceding work week at today is your data bring it out that I haven't so go for it. Here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today just grab your phone use the Ingles advantage talk line number. That is a told free golf from anywhere is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is bomb. At 1063. WORG dot com I was born in Arlington Virginia so I grew up right there in the suburbs of Washington DC. But my mom and dad were both from a small towns in North Carolina. My dad's from Albemarle and my mom from Annapolis and so after my dad passed away my mom moved us back. To North Carolina to Burlington which is about 35000 people when that was that was a bit of a culture shock for me that night I quickly adapted myself. And learn the advantages of being in a small town it's just a different feel it's a slower pace. And and it's it's real Americana. And joining me now as I mentioned is Wendell page you as the mayor of Belton. Mr. mayor. Thank you for taking time to Jonas is Andrea thank you for having me it's it's great to hear the breeze just get. Trying to. Send to fuel my papers airborne here. This is this is a great event that you guys put on every year I know that it attracts a big round. How long has this stand by yardage argent crash festival actually been going on this is our 31 year when now. We've been doing though. Artisans. Would be into an effort thirteen years niceties as with all 31 yeah out it is it is a traditional event and how that. The people look forward to it Beatles people not only come. From from Nelson but people come from from all over the upstate of South Carolina that's where to take part and enjoy it. What that what are some of the activities that votes will be able to do and the 11 of the great things about it is this really as a family friendly event. Oh absolutely we have a lot of go on old have a car so tomorrow we have a great my hand come bookings play in tomorrow that nice. Where happen. A lot of rats pretty key is where and fired from a riser just a lot of food vendors which is still be a great time for everybody mule drawn wagon ride just very historic district that's that's that's kind of neat straight yes there it's such a throwback true because a lot of nations probably. Have never even seen a mule that's Lou and to have an opportunity to arrive and were in a wagon drawn by one. I'd get him and judge for their heritage this for a heritage agents train depot exhibit viewing museum tourist. I stand pipe George for people than the name the courses that the stand by yardage and arts festival. For people that are are unfamiliar with the stand by phrase. Could you explain that to them where that comes from yes on the stand up as the water tower we've had has built in 190955. Foot tall concrete structure is still in operation today while some pressure regulator. We still used today and that's that's our talent. Needs you know it's. Eight it's easy to spot for you to despite this equipment they're also is going to be a five K run. And a one mile fun run and walk. You mentioned the car show on the car freed so I'll see all the cars. That's great and bigger and better every year you know because more and more people hear about it and and bring their their vehicles to. To be a part of it gets their product they wanna show model actually and it's straight for people have an opportunity. Rub elbows analyst art collectors and and onkyo yes it it really is neat. I know that you guys have been growing as you mentioned of the crafts festival. That was added thirteen years ago what was that what was the Genesis for them where to where they had the original idea come from. Honestly I don't know where it came from them landed the SNL has its. House Republican today that children and I don't know about as we've been right in it's all quilt market quilts and it's just fast tonight. Yeah it is an end and it again is part of our heritage and live yeah it's one thing to read about it in a book. But when agent when he be hands on whether it and so when you can actually see the craftsman at work see the artists and and how they do what they've done it really brings it amounted to people. Just. How people have change over the years and and have to apply themselves. Not understanding you know would they today. And yet you sit down with a 300 cable channels and remote with your hand. We come from an arrow and we had essentially three over the air channels and if you wanted to change the channel. It got about a huge error and went to the TV set and that and even before that. People wind carried water. People had candles were lighting before electricity this so kid to be. Heaven have. And it an opportunity. To be able to experience as Johnson thinks it's really neat it is. Well we congratulate you for putting this together and now it's a lot of work thank you so now we will pursue all volunteers it would into you know that's that's the amazing thing. About these kinds of events and and and other like yeah PGA golf tournaments they they wouldn't exist if wasn't for the spirit of volunteers yes and and and people were so willing to give their time. And and help. Make these things possible weakness as you correctly point out. It if you urge him to. Make up a bill. For all the man hours ago and putting this thing together. You know it would it would see it and you know dvds. That. Wendell Dave Tuesday at the mayor about how have you been there mr. mayor mayor of three and a half years old City Council a middle City Council says 2000 right. And I've been Meyer but three and five years are you enjoyed it certainly. That's great that's great well thanks for taking time to come by and see what that's like effort on endlessly on and pleasure great to see wind today Jews the other mayor bill. We're going to be here all day today nicer great to say mister Mac. We're going to be here all day all through the show this afternoon. The the festival actually of course that really gets underway tomorrow. Saturday from 10 in the morning all the way until 10 in the evening will run down some of the other activities that are to be going on. So we're not really inviting people to not take part today but. For the weekend if you make your weekend plans get ready to go fourteen after three here on the money matchup and take a quick break. And then when we come back on the other side there are a number of updates. On the L Las Vegas shooting. That I wanted to to be brought up to speed on in addition to that. The the blow back over this ridiculous. Cam Newton comment. It just shows the degree to which the Jack booted thugs of political correctness insists that day everybody bend the knee. To their agenda. And in the wake of what Cam Newton said there's a no other burgeoning scandal involving a big time Hollywood leftist. Which amazingly. The late night talk show hosts apparently. Unfamiliar with this story because they have yet to mention. Be right back here and our number one the body actual committee this afternoon with a Friday free for all. Live from Belton South Carolina the home of the Belden stand and hide. Karadzic and arts festival this weekend be right back. Welcome back from a lovely belted in South Carolina where they stand by parted and arts festival gets underway tomorrow. And runs this weekend. Do and show live from here today Friday free for all go to the phones coming right up first of all though in on the attacks line 71307. Bob I just saw on fox TV on Fox News Channel. Some town on the Gulf Coast is giving out free sandbags. Six to be exact. What the heck are sick sandbags. Can do correct me if I'm wrong. But aren't they bags. And sand Torres just asking from GM and he's way out. But they will have salve their conscience. Jim that if they have done what they could just say we are from the flooding in the does that. I have a feeling that this latest storm may be somewhat over bro overblown not by and I hope it is. The media's going bruiser and it turns out she's been. A rain event and that's about now. Now Bonnie a small towns are great everybody knows everybody is business with are no secrets and a small town true enough. But they are hoping it took a mini van or station wagon on your road trip to Belton but the bobcats in the back asking are we there yet. And every fifteen minutes now unfortunately about that could not join me on the road today because and this money to any. Is busy producing the studio producing a show in the studio. And now little any robards of course is hunched over the yeah steaming newswire. In the newsroom. This is nice here's here's a resident progressive. Small town America is an Americana it's Covert racism and drug abuse wow. Get all life okay. A bombing this is a heads up. I received a call from someone saying they were with the IR us and to avoid arrest. I should go all way to coaching and number immediately because of tax fraud. Please advise the public consider it. Done. I mentioned as some updates on the shooting in Las Vegas. We are getting a bit more information. The FBI says it's clear the shooter plan to escape. From his hotel room they are not saying howl he planned to do that or not I guess but he figured that nobody would discover his sniper's perch. And he would be able to slip away. There were questions about the note. It showed up and some photographs. From that room about whether that was a suicide note authorities say the note he left behind was not. A suicide note although they didn't say. If anything was written down and out of richest and no man was sitting their blank. A by the way there were fifty pounds of explosives and even more ammunition. Left behind in this guy's car. Authorities. This would be the FBI in this case also confirmed that he scouted other potential places. For his massacre apparently. He booked a hotel overlooking while oppose it in Chicago back in August. And Malia Obama was attending that that he decided not to show up at that event. He also looked at hotels where they view of Fenway Park in Boston. And finally his girlfriend told the FBI he had displayed some mental health issues. Including a lying in bed moaning and screaming. The shooter of course is Leah now I've learned modified as weapons using a device called a bumps doc. We checked in make a rifle sort of simulate. Automatic weapon fire so now they're drawing a lot of attention. Unnatural way all of the the Democrats. Are rushing in front of the TV cameras going for him to be banned. The NRA. Says they probably should be subject to more regulation as well. Of course gun stores say than ever since bomb stocks have been on the newest and they talk started about him there has been a rush to buy them back. To the phones we go. David is at first up this afternoon is in my Greenville and I think that's that's what David wanted to talk about it is about stocks is that right David. That's correct Bob had been a wonderful thing for small town celebration near disaster it is absolutely gorgeous out here today. It is whether the bumps doc hey you know we talked about accuracy. That is. Docked yesterday Wiki and basically you could you could be 400 meters away. And one person's got an AK 47 another one got an eight hour with a Bob stark. And it probably can teach expend a thousand rounds and not hate each other. But the big thing at the Bob stark is that. Last night on TV Geraldo Rivera is an attorney mine Jim Wright said that. We ought to stay out assume that's did all the people there. Cannot people who were unfortunately killed should you know get a lawyer intends to manufactured at the Bob stocks. Some who believe they actually look for the black and you know where the blame lies here. Isn't quite an estate Keokuk whoever approved the bond stocks they. It's just make sure weapon fully automatic period I mean let's not talk about semantics. You get to at a higher rate affair you you could hear. You know anybody who listen to the tape there's. You could hear their rate of fire. And don't a little rest and whatever. Well the question I have though David is we still don't aren't are not. Certain. That you know what we're hearing in the audio isn't AR fifteen with a bunch dockets being fired. Then the FBI and none of the other LA now Los Vegas speedy have said that that was a weapon which is they were found in the room. Whether they were used or not is another question. True true. But it's ridiculous position hijacked judging by it judge him by the rate of fire. So they actually it was. Could you know I'm I'm familiar with both you know having empowered both. What a thirty round clip on full automatic gunfire and bombs stark. Yeah. Yeah that it is on the light. That's just like the kind of suggestion that I would expect to hear from a Geraldo Rivera. Whose birth name by the ways Jerry rivers and he had it change. Now legally you are all that Rivera so that I guess what it might make it easier to be hired. As he originally was that and channel seven in New York. As a minority but you know all he has a minority OK you wanna go that route or rolled out that's fair but this is the same guy that during desert storm got down on his hands and knees and on live television. I was drawing American positions. To show the American people where they work which coincidentally also showed the enemy. Where they positions of the American troops yourself yeah this alliance is a real. A real Mensa candidate. Yeah and then last night Hillary who is talking and talking about treaty is it that she after a couple of days so is. I guess tweeting that two the administration mad about what about what they should do in Puerto Rico how they should get beat the aid and there. Dad I'd like they're I'd like to reminder that just just shortly after stranding. Rudy Giuliani and resigned. Then he went point by point. About the things that warrant being done. Turk and amateurs who would you talk about the words skate and hit it it truly was and you know there was a man who knew how to how to get how to get things. Am absolutely. The 9/11 there and and Luka. Hillary is is one of me talking about and distributing relief aid look look what a tremendous job. They did in Haiti where her brother and I ended up ripping off the dollars of the relief money is so you know. Can considered consider. Consider the source and that when David thanks a lot for the call I appreciate it good to hear from 28 after three here on the money Mac show in on the tax line. But they don't agree with your collar sounded to me more like an M 249 saw belt bent then and AR. Money which is better a bold action in the hands of a steady practice shooter RAK in the hands of a spray and pray novels in this case. We have to judge. We have to make a a conclusion. Based on the result. This guy was only interest and apparently this guy and whoever else may have assisted in that he had hill. Was only interested in one thing. Killing and wounding as many people as possible. So that's why he had either about shocking or fifteen or something. That would put as many rounds down range. As quickly as he could it was essentially just spray them all. And try and take out as many victims as they possibly could. If that's not a definition of insanity I've never seen. 329 year on the Bobby Mack show any is ready to go in the news center when I come back on the other side here on the Friday free for all we have compiled a little list here. Because daring dark days in this have been very tough week. With what happened Sunday in Vegas. And Tom Petty passing away and now the rest. Good there'll little list of all little things. That make a sense you know share weighted one which I'm right back on the other side here on the body much you know come and deal why this afternoon from Belden. Home this weekend stand by heritage and arts festival. You're on 1063 WORD. Boy if the Al remainder of the. Whether wives then we would be in really good shape looks as if our gonna get some rain have we reduced some course and that any rain and what about a month. Can blitzes and we'll get some on Sunday and Monday but boy it's absolutely gorgeous here this afternoon in Belton. South Carolina with a heritage days are coming up this weekend. In on the text align 71307. Bob about the comment about the belt fed saw. That was not a bump stocked the rate of fire. Is too perfect from James in Brevard. North Carolina Bobby if this they get shooter had any ties to conservatives. White supremacist or Donald Trump. It would have been all over the lame stream media by now the longer his motives are quote looked into or hidden. The more I think he was either a liberal AKA a Hillary supporter anti font or maybe even recently converted to ices. Bobby did we forget money all for let's make a deal he passed the same days Tom Petty and yell. He was money on was like 96. Years old. I believe that's right. I believe money hall. Was educated at Harvard as well I think let's make it it was his idea for the ship to. Above we the people talking about bump stocks are not being accurate and any legal. And should be banned and all that but the truth is when you're shooting from a higher elevation into a fishbowl our cattle then. Accuracy means nothing. You're spraying thousands around your bound to hit something well sure that's like you know firing a weapon into the ocean you're gonna get water. This whacko hit a lot of something's the stock itself should not be banned. It's a real pleasure to use for those us who can't use an automatic rifle. Our will never be able to get one it's definitely thrilled and every boy's heart of hearts watching army movie Sonoma. Violence on TV in the games shooting machine guns every kid's dream and the bonfire stock is the closest thing that honest people. We'll be able to years. Twenty minutes before four as we go back to the phones ray is next up he is and Lawrence and also wants to talk about what happened Sunday in Vegas. Hi yeah. Some. I've been I think about the sweet talked yes today. Listening to the tapes and watch him every video reports that keep me. Sydney. Said there was one person is that he held that he heard Tuesday helicopter. And then these other people are called and which cap or. Combat experience and I do because I was in the air I wasn't done on the ground. But the thing is that. I have a feeling that those people are saying if he's the big guy that we think is this Gator put another cohort. Setup but PA system that was playing. Seeing these are some bit of combat. And that's why did confused everything and I have a feeling that that was going to be they're cover for getting away. That though will they keep saying he had seed might add up person helping on. And when he walked in the door he could very easily took in the camps. There's something like that with guns and it its so Juan and they let it but it is part of a band. But they eight. I'm just kind of say it is but still far out but. The way I think is still awaited these people that are called and besides paying our area because I I hear short. You know what's called sobbed as she. I hear those were allowed to be right now room but. Fabrice is different than the old they'll pulpit like they're talking about what the. Well some. And a submachine gun like go like to Thomson is a machine got. Yeah but it sheets kept away Elmo it's doses changed your right well I don't quite a big issue under. So yeah I don't even consider getting a little. Yeah I think we're getting little far afield here raven effort I don't think it'll out awaken we can speculate all we want. You know about what the guys. Get away plan may have been the FBI says he had one. Realistically I don't know what it would have been I get out of 32 for hotel room. But look that the guy obviously it was not in his right mind or never would've perpetrated this event to begin wet. I mentioned before we went to the newscast. With some dark times lately kind of tough to find anything to be happy about. Which went when I came across this felt it was a pretty timely. Because it's a reminder we can fund a lot of little happy moments in our everyday lives. And new survey done by the Daily Mail this is actually in London but it's pretty universal it's all. We're all human beings. A new survey found the little things that make us happy you're the top Jan reported number one a kiss and hug. That usually we'll do it number two laughing with friends. Number three clean sheets. Lineup. Number four petting your dog or your cat. Works or may. Number five getting a good deal on something that's a satisfying feeling number six getting a compliment. And stop the thing about that for a second during today how many times during an eighty you give somebody a couple. A number seven finding money now and always works number eight hearing from an old friend number nine doing a good deed. That's always a great feeling of satisfaction. And none never channel Melissa may be should have been higher having some lazy time when you just relax and do absolutely. Nothing. Me see who is a next step here volley by Diane in a sense and bill is next up on on the Friday free for all hi Diane and welcome to the shelf. Hi I know or they don't like how good people do agree that he's green belt. And your honest about it I expect you know what I call you I never tell you something that's not true. What I think that's that's pretty much correct. Exactly let me tell the listener something. First and do not believe that media narrative. That are trying to teach you. It is so why. I absolute watch. Yeah staying. You won't see later on. It deter it ever talk about. He hey even had not fired a shot. There were between two and four other people that work there. Giving not abide by thereby that words there you mean. Multiples. And shooters. Yeah. He's associated with the Lockheed Martin's. Is also associated with the CIA. Why would someone like that if he's gonna use water to work out one or two weapons which. I think is yes because to me it sounds like an end to forty belt driven machine gun. Not an AR fifteen which the report is currently there are. Whipped out a way up up up stop. They are fifteen EG accountant before they even reached 35 rounds there's no way I'm ever. He could have had continual expire no way. At any body who it is special in law enforcement or firearms. You'll find out that's true. Let me ask your question and you mentioned. Panic having connections to Langley but what about what what makes you think this guy was connected to CIA. He used to work with the years ago. And here have you heard that I wanna know what you need any eating. When that would what do you mean work within doing what has life. Lack of better word you'd say you know what do you say it. Yup under an undercover. Who has stated that he wasn't they're doing an arms deal that went that. Well what it everything they're how we view. Don't believe it not a word. Something. Is not right. Okay thanks and I appreciate it all 347. Thirteen before four here in the body match and I I think. As I've said on multiple occasions there are still plenty of unanswered questions here that we needed to get to the bottom of before we can. Destructive to figure out exactly what transpired. In Las Vegas and who. Or whom. Was responsible for taking a quick break here on the be right back with more here on the Friday free for all the body Mac show. Live from beautiful built in South Carolina its word on the town today here on 1063. WORG. Welcome back in on the attacks line this afternoon 71307. Bob come on. Quit B rating Mensa no you misunderstand me. I'm out partly. B rating Mensa what I am doing is be raiding the idiot Talking Heads on TV. Who displayed their ignorance and such fashion that they would never club a fine. To be members of now it's just so we understand where I'm on that also went on the tax line Bonnie. So the bums talking about bumping bump stocks as bump bump stop stocks bump anybody about. Yeah pretty much. Bonnie what's it first thing about this guy out in Vegas is that he stayed within the letter of the law. Even though he was planning mass murder. He apparently used bonds stocks instead of actually converting his weapons to fall though. And he stayed within the legal limit for possession of ten right which is fifty pounds. Very odd behavior for someone who's about to me as to commit. So many murders. Good point. As to the phones we go Robert is next up he is in Henderson hill welcome Robert to the Friday free for all. Hey Bob just a question because I I charge you more than a lot of other people. I might like content worked DEA. In Florida and we've been picked daughters Bible readings that wouldn't die young but now he's working in there. Prodi's department of public should retire maybe accept that a lot safer. You. Know I we also had a lot lot of young men and our daily to have gone into. You know give to law enforcement and service and everything. And now I'm much wrong with the Department of Justice should be lowest learners lost our skin and soft spot. If you're watching an insider irrigate you get off bombs. I mean Hillary Clinton not mean that we're MMS support guy in New London, Connecticut. Go to complexion or some Bennett now he went agility yeah this morning nuclear submarine you. Yeah I mean why why didn't kick down. Hit it real I mean. If you ordered. You know an average citizen and you're trying to learn from out of the adjudication adjust this what are we learning from the fact that there's such a chip scale here in. And that you know they. I just saw on what I don't know what they'll put chocolate Jeff Sessions I don't know what's wrong with the Department of Justice. I don't know but Stanley has served and and then offered that willing to offer their lives search. For a just society you know. Exactly thanks for the call I appreciate it it is disappointing when those who are charged with enforcing the laws in this nation are instead. Violating those laws themselves. When their appeared to be. Two sets of laws one for the U leaders jury in power in the establishment and another for the little guy. Then then we don't have. Just that we don't have equal justice under law we have Karen. And and frankly. In the times and I've met. Jeff Sessions when he was senator from Alabama. I had high hopes when he was named as president trumps attorney general. But I don't mind telling you have been sorely disappointed. What the performance so far I would expect as members of congress have called for opening and another investigation and Hillary Clinton and her obvious. Felonious use of the phony email server. That disclose all kinds of highly classified information and did in fact cost lives. Ish she's just gonna walk on that. The collar mentioned. The guy that's ahead of the IRS still today. Not to mention Lois learner who's sitting there and county taxpayer paid retirement. After I going after conservative Tea Party groups when they tried to it that change there IRS tax status so. It's it's very distant it's very depressing and it's very disappointing. This NFL business there was a Thursday night game last night these games. Typically have a tendency to be dogs and last night's. Was not not much different I didn't watch any of it it was Tampa Bay and new England and apparently was a pretty pretty sloppy game. The the media the sports media especially. Has had done their underwear. All tied in and not. Pearl clutching over Cam Newton and his comments insulting women everywhere. Which it wasn't but we'll talk more about their cam issuing an apology will hear it. And all that and that more still locked away in the second hour of the Friday free for all. Here on 1063. WORD.