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Friday, October 20th

Russian coverup by liberals; Boneheads


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As valuing and the two. And I RI gash at the guy for the. Once was enough now. Can relate to his court. Work better. And into these final words our for the week. I'll let me Bob out. This money any way they got Barack control for a little pin. And if you're throwing your genial host. And then shock jock self appointed president of insensitivity. University. Are always specialize in non politically correct status. I am of Garza's. They attack dog and right they've bombastic at 121000 the south. And if you are in luck because today is Friday that means receive free for all they also gave. Essentially yeah. Anything is fair game day whatever topics you care to borrow chassis is good to go. Ingles advantage on line number 80347106. Straight common sense retirement planning cash the line. And to my email address bomb at 1063 WOR Dudack. Great do I have you along and as you go for the out final time final time the trade by the way. I would not be here on Monday but I will be back with you on Tuesday. There have been a number of big stories nine. In the lame stream media. About dumb now we are learning more and more that the FBI was aware of the fact that gal. There was collusion when the Russians but it wasn't my president trumped. It was by President Obama as administration including Hillary. The attorney general initially in the Obama administration. And and several more people. It's amazing midwest not surprising that it it is amazing they have so little journalistic integrity none. Of the network evening. Newscasts have done 12 on this story they judge you listen destroying you tell me if you aliases were here. This is German bet investors business daily. What they headlined Obama administration Hillary Clinton covered up their deep corrupt ties to Russia. Senatorial they accomplished the other day. Russian scandal. As the old saying goes it's not the crime it's the cover up that's certainly true with a growing scandal over the Russians extortion racket in the US. Possible bribes to the bill and Hillary Clinton foundation and the FBI as curious decision. Not to reveal the Russians activities or their ties to the Obama administration. This week investors business daily discussed new reports. First published in the daily caller. The hill and circa dot com how the Russians through their state nuclear company Ross sat around. Engaged in a campaign of bribery extortion money laundering and racketeering. To gain control over US nuclear assets in the private sector. Aided by an American informant. The FBI gathered a mountain of evidence that showed for instance. That Russia had corrupted and American uranium trucking company through bribes but that was the least of it. As the hill reported. Eyewitness accounts and documents indicate that the Russian nuclear pirates spent millions of dollars to quote. Benefit former president Bill Clinton's charitable foundation nowadays the Clinton foundation. And the time this was happening ross' Adam was seeking to buy a stake in Canadian based uranium one. Which then controlled close to 20% of the US uranium supplies so why would Russian nuclear officials send money to the Clinton foundation. As has been pointed out Hillary was and secretary of state. In that position she sat on the committee on foreign investment in the US. They panel that decides whether strategic foreign investments such as Ross Adams would be allowed to proceed. Despite the FBI's evidence of bribery extortion and racketeering. Hillary and then attorney general Eric Holder as well as other members of the Obama administration. Approved. Of Ross Adams takeover of uranium one's. One hand washes the other money flowed and what remained of the investigation. Was hushed up. The investigation ran for two years from 2000. Under 2010 and then went quiet right after this group approved of Ross Adams purchase of uranium one assets. In 2014 and the Justice Department issued a few hands elapsed in what appeared to be major crimes and that was all. By then Hillary had already left office and older was about to the question as always is why. Well certainly greed. The Clinton foundation aligned its pockets. By one estimate it took him 145. Million dollars from investors are linked to uranium want but there was also politics. President Obama despite his rocky political beginnings in 09. Remained popular with average Americans he wanted to pay a legacy of success and know that Hillary can help ensure that. But Clinton his presumed successor or had to appear clean. If she had any hope of being elected president herself. So a blanket of silenced was thrown over the whole criminal enterprise unfortunately it goes even deeper than that. As we wrote last year but he based on Peter's wise there's well documented book Clinton cash. Hillary and her associates were deeply involved when the Russians on many levels. That's what makes her recent protestations. About being cheated album out of the presidency by a Russian trump conspiracy soul laughable. Hillary Clinton's campaign chief John Podesta served on the board of a small Russian energy company along with Russian officials. It took in 35 million from Russian government fond of course linked to Vladimir Putin's. That money came just two months after Podesta joined their board. Podesta is owned Center for American Progress. Took in five and a quarter million from the sea change foundation from 212013. What was that foundation. A somewhat questionable group. And received a chunk of cash from may Bermuda based group called client limited which appears to be tied to the Russians. Didn't know that neither did the Democrats or the media. As they did they didn't bother to tell you nor did Podesta. He was required by law to inform the government of that relationship but oh it's so it does mind. Even more troubling the fact that Hillary recruited US high tech biggies such as Google Cisco and Intel. To help Russia set up to a high tech hub. Under the questionable auspices. Of the Russian scold de Novo foundation. That group seems to have been set up by. Who can crony and Russian billionaire. Victor or vex oberg explicit brave explicitly. For the purpose of sending advanced US technology. To him. A kind of Russian Silicon Valley that prudent wanted to build. But their teams we're not all truest. Of 828. Ear ass a US European and Russian firms that took part in the effort seventeen. Where donors to the Clinton foundation. FBI assistant special agent Lucio zeal broke in 24 team sent a letter to those private US companies taking part which said. The FBI believes a true motives of a Russian partners who are often funded by their government. Is to gain access to classified sensitive and emerging technology from companies. If Hillary Clinton State Department ever objected to this arrangement we are unaware of and of course is much more. We've written on an extensively following the lead of many diligent news organizations that have been working hard to uncover the details. But curiously the mainstream media. Remains mum. Or report only per phone to relate on the details. The fact is as we've said repeatedly. Their ears a Russian scandal of epic proportions one involving bribery. Racketeering money laundering extortion and control of the nation's nuclear access. Assets rather. But no it doesn't involve Donald Trump. It involves a Democrat party Hillary Clinton and President Obama under whose administration the Russians. Felt emboldened to openly give money to government officials and their allies to gain favors and control over a vital. National security resource. Given all this it's time to end the farcical investigation. Currently being conducted by Robert Mueller a new investigation should be started. Of the very probable violations of the law committed by the Obama administration secretary of state Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation. Neither Obama nor Clinton northern Democrat party have been forthcoming on this troubling troubling dalliance. When a country that has never been friendly to the US and which even today has nuclear weapons pointed in our direction. It's time that they Justice Department and congress get to the bottom of this one other point as well. The FBI did this investigation. Which came to not. Always ahead of the FBI at that time. Let me see oh yen up Robert Mueller. The guy now conducting the ludicrous investigation. Into collusion between president trump. And the Russians. It is funny how they always turn around what they're doing themselves then blame it on the people on the other side. Sixteen after six here in the Bobby Mack show they're not gonna hear this story on the network newscast. Don't hold your breath. Sixteen actress sixes we take a quick break here and the camera back and we go to the phones. In the bonus hour here on Friday. It is mounting. In incremental way. As. We got the left. Under pressure I. There wasn't that. They're just absolutely lose and a look at Florida congresswoman now rhinestone cow girl. CL latest example is. They're going there at Defcon one and other heads are about to explode 22 after six here on the money Mac show and on the tax line. 71 threes are sent an apology has gotten way behind today. Al Bobby George Washington shot traders. It did. Now although they India Benedict Arnold he escaped. But don't live down though mold rested his wife in infamy in England. Bobby how much money did the Clinton foundation taken from 1992 to 2017. I heard it's now dissolved away and all that money go. Good question. Bob if you researching the Bundy is an Illinois finicky and you'll soon find out why it was so important they get off the land had to do with. The uranium. I'm. Bobby I hope UN not missing any and no money penny all have a nice weekend may issue Monday if it's Jim filling in I will be nice. Michelle and I yes Jim Bohannon will be in here for me on Monday. Please someone with a spine. I'm primary every one of them. Now Bobby great old line from Popeye. Hope all is well. Can't. Bob are you sure you're not going to be called into the office to explain why they walked on you. Depriving you of your air time. I'm. And yeah and rather than depriving me of their time Manning martone I'm not sure I understand that. Bobbie I will gladly play a pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today yeah there's Wednesday there's that Pol Pot on. Bobby didn't like congresswoman violate federal eavesdropping laws by telling what you heard a private conversation I'll wait a minute. Average god she's a Democrat. This when merely dispatch says so quite so saintly shut up. Graham mistake to the phones we go John is in Spartanburg hi John and welcome to the Friday pre pearl. To think imports yes our paternity. Lebanon. And show. There are actually do want and you want him pay. Them lower than that Kennedy got shot that diminish do you know there are actually doing if you miss saint. And that they tell us what happened that stopped she didn't and why it happened and the consent is shinji eat so others again. So they fit. Yeah that everybody look at it and that's the comment that he. That he wouldn't. Let that they would switch but this is the weakest bit. That's an oppressive here that was not my decision was a brilliant or attending an associate with anybody. It's becoming integrated quietly as the. I I had heard that and she was like a classically trained Broadway actress. And that always felt that the Rawlins and B was somehow beneath her and I did bad she she she cashed the checks in shape. Yeah should temporarily dead thanks for the college I had never heard that and on and eager for us and when. President Kennedy was shot. Oh which reminds me and I had mentioned it. This is October the twentieth right now right Mike and now this is the anniversary of the Leonard standard plane crash. Hard to believe it was forty years ago today. And I killed three members of the band. How well is on savings he is joining us from Campobello has always been aiming low and welcome to the shell. Thank you poppy how the Clinton foundation and its wholly outside the peak international. Body. And then get ready. Anybody want to dispute that we come out I'm sure I registered then help the the current Albert content. Or are out our how they shoot themselves in the right temple. Being left handed. There and Dexter. I US how do. Anyway. So when Clinton laughed talked at stake why they were out at play there legal beat wall built in this action. An bought out bankrupt and yet but seriously. Hilary didn't let up peacock but beyond that the curb corporate jets and sure 200. Odd million dollars up one bridge that became secretary of the day. How the Clinton foundation. Which a lot of Ali erect GGG caller. Yeah. Where did go how to get away from bottling it there are well out patient to Wear bunny actually out. Good questions how about how about Haiti. Or people down there are still living and grass huts and suppose you I have had done Haiti rebuild after the devastating earthquake there by the Clinton foundation and and isn't it ironic. One of the guys that who was responsible for all that fund raising young it was. In charge of the distribution of the monies that are collected just happened to be. A guy whose last name is rob numb who I believe may have been related to thelonious Von pantsuit. That would be her brother. Well let's talk a lot there's also a lot of little things people don't doubt they started they are out in eight. Building electric cars and they were giving green art or foreign national and donated or that bit more than 500000. Dollar. And I think dark green tech finally all last year they netbook market are. However they are about 800 it. Oh and if you wanna look at this green jacket looked at that emit the debate actually Senator Clinton or an alternate that's what are urged. Yeah but yeah. But she gets away with bitch and actually sell uranium like. She called uranium company to have let it was bought by another perk or somebody layers of protection. In the onion. Yeah did you change chips can't get to you can't back. Japan and people bought some. At the heated date. I think there's people let out there are saying don't couch and opportunity like that just Google. Just Google dead body search Clinton upload go on its slopes during your top doctors know what. I don't work there right yeah nothing to see here move on it's. It's truly pathetic Betty it is so why did. And so deep and so pervasive. This is a swamp that even a Donald Trump may not be able to drank. It here in the letter carrier car were not happy. Our apologies Ellen archer. Added that it is search. Mom and pop that little. A lot thought tonight we yeah. You til you I appreciate the invite you have a great weekend here 630 here on them and then they can have an orange and black day out of complacent now lower at 630 year and the bombing Mac show and he's ready to go in the news center last half of the bonus hour still to come. Welcome back it's great to have you along and now here we are in the final half of the bonus hour here on Friday on the free for all in on the attacks lined 71 threes are a seven balmy. Do you believe in karma. Everything will balance out eventually in the meantime ouch where after trust that god is in control and do what weekend to help them. About bump Bob does that congresswoman. Frederica Wilson. Nine and we like to power the a rhinestone cow girl. And I is that congresswoman the same person that played and Esther on Sanford and Son yeah I believe she gets. I believe shares. But agency. Frederica Wilson said now she was a rock star. Yeah said that two Miami TV station and a she's too stupid to realize and her rock star notoriety consistent being ridiculed. Imagine this quote look at all the attention on getting. Now I get to tell my kids I'm a rock star. Harvey Weinstein. G up. To the phones we go Henderson villas where we're heading on going to cross a line to the tar heel state and to Henry hi Henry and welcome. They neighbor a surrogate. But yes I the lighten the mood a little bit. Very about a cartoon and I saw the other day that. Pretty much summed up be it liberal lunacy. Had. Obama have a child standing in front table. And the table have a sign on it is that girl out find out. And the woman behind these culture got table saying. Go to C woman approached the table so you're you're boy decided to transition to be a girl and out you want to join the boyish couched. Yeah yeah you can't you can't tell the players anymore even with the program. Did you say the Dutch Playboy is gonna have a transgender. Centerfold. They're. Then. Then the other the other capital Khartoum. At bat. The moderately you don't have that child that you could be anything you wanna do I need you alone she. If you think you are there for you war. The greatest cartoon here a number I'm talent into it is truly incidentally is an online blog and it pointed out. They don't even realize how ridiculous they are. Yeah that's kind of like boat people years ago there were claiming they were. Or it may Olympian I think. It's. A member of the male lesbian. Like the amount but let him trapped in a man's body or something like that. Man. And an aunt and of course they were they knew they were treated as somewhat differently. That today of course only and we we have to honor that. We have to honor that I don't in the interest and on all week now. He Emery have a great weekend I appreciate your being here Grady is on she is in Greenbelt gradient welcome to the bombing that show. Thank you sir cellular it's hard to go totally into the ditch on Friday. I understand. The actual letter to you out there SAL. Dolan there. You know who does not. Supporting their. Actions or any longer and the which which I mean I'm not done. Watching the air ball and anymore I'm watching college ball a lodging. And not. Certain. Mr. Graham but it or nobody. The EU leaders of the community. That they need to stop committing all felonies that they're doing that that doesn't stop. They get their one and a girlfriend right thing they'd stop. You know all very sorry and I. Our relationship they've got opponent usually it is candy and all the other things and just become an example or. Community. Now they're at it keep it doesn't look out. Police brutality and that's Eric Wright at all based practical to do that come well. It didn't come only. It's a complete reversal but. Yes and and fact I've read those statistics on the air before. But yelled facts facts mean nothing to all grainy. Well you can't you know you can't loan. When you you've got people like Ghana. Mr. Wilson better take an intellectually dead right yes she certainly going to be a barrel to write just come to your breath now. That came up with that particular trying his now. Shakespeare. Well I guess he was I welcome you to know why god that was just really really bad about the right. And man was he ever had in this time. Wait a minute didn't he have a point about a more. A black guy saying I'll wait to sign an. It. Apparently we make. If we don't. Yeah because it's it's it's pretty obvious and old William mount was an amount racist. I mean you know well when we're told sell my by the the rhinestone cow girls elements resell. Actually legal in other good the whole key to it is that they got a bit of moral. Touched him on the moral high ground mostly ground stop doing the things they're doing it and partly. You know I mean he's nine. And felonies. And 2000. Him. Some furnished the number that goes I don't know any other demographic in the country. Many people working in the short and jobs and had committed any. Other than not perhaps members of congress. First let's get past the current we don't wanna. Don't want to belabor the obvious there out there so yeah now you're right I mean they're just so infected with political correctness. They don't even realize they're killing the goose that laid golden again and for more artillery. There and capital that doesn't have a job Scully shot to the quarterback. Not that it's not gonna finish. You know that anybody colluded against it becomes. A did you hear what Mike McCarthy out. And it Somalia. Asked if you are jeopardy should look up to quarterback on our ears in yesterday and Uga that are untouched Obama people any sort of I don't know what I want or somebody that's happening in the world but the show boat troublemaker. Correct me if I'm on a comedy tapper nick was not fired or not from the site or just be quiet. So that. Well again but the facts are on persuasive. To the left. Thanks Grady out the other great weekend nice agreed to drop by this evening appreciate. Bobby a black man northern Italian. They get a quick break here and then we're right back to wrap things up. Here on the Friday free for all on WORD. Be right back. Welcome back 615 now ten before seven and on the tax line Bobby thanks for all you do to try and preserve our freedoms grateful thank you. I I'm sobbed. Grant amnesty in front of the F Fox News TV cameras you know Lindsay never saw a camera down Mike. I didn't have an opportunity here what much of what he had to say he did weigh in on the accusation that president trump was disrespectful. In his second Owens called sergeant went down like David Johnson's family speaking directly. On senator Frederica Wilson's actions of accusing the president of being insensitive senator Graham said well said this. You have some distant and dredge this. And I think she starts. Throughout the energy. How can the government and President Obama has. Never suggested. Man sell oil well no wonder Obama while Lindsay think she's a great idea I quickly got a shortened version today all Obama but don't miss any human. Our ideal ability of phone hands above this teacher in Pittsburgh this is an elementary school and I. Teacher and Pittsburgh confiscated a cell phone from a fourth graders are not allowed in school and the kid bit her. So veggie at a meeting with the parents and the mother said I am getting yet even with you. So that night the teacher goes to an urgent care clinic and along the way she's followed. By the youngsters family and the kid's mother. Hit search in the face with a brick. Thrown through the window of her car teacher's name is Janice Watkins. The woman in this Clinton as her mother Betty Davis in relation the actor. Davis says and after her daughter was hit with a break she got out of her car was attacked. From behind by two man who had come along wit the student's mother. Here is diabetic. It is hurting were met her face this great underwent SATA swollen and so they took her down they said they wanted to do as a ski and make sure everything's okay. She so I put my window down in a woman threw a brick through my Wendy in his her in her face. And I'm chief sadness was she says it sounds so I tell you get a Latin it's. And she said when I got out of that car she said I didn't realize it was two other people she said the chief outside hitter in the back in it was two man. My heart goes out to the child. Because wouldn't that mother talked a challenge would ever it is Islam with violence. Then he left the lords fight this with me and I'm a do this right. Do it the right place. Incredible. What are what are sure these people think and anyway. And I okay in and not other opponents stories today this is this dad dad did went down many dance may have dreamed about. Garcia Fraley and wind up imprisonment. Maybe they should towards the forty year old Donald Jenkins junior shenandoah Pennsylvania. Figured out that his twenty year old daughter was at a motel six or their boyfriend. So he tracked him down busted into the room and shot his daughter's boyfriend. In mind blowing it. Our. That's gonna leave an ugly groups. I was traded to the hospital no word on his condition. The band on the run wanted for attempted homicide and aggravated assault. You can not understand his position now go that is today's edition low. Then as we always do on Friday wrapping up with a great Louis Armstrong sectional and wonderful world. Off on Monday back on Tuesday have a great weekend till then. God bless.