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Friday, October 20th

Gen Kelley on KIAs treatment; Phil Kerpen interview on Obamacare and the elected legislators


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And grab on to something and I I like your attitude. Probably because I am of course they are attack dog on the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south named president. And dean. On the end sensitivity university. Where are speciality is non politically correct Sunnis great to have you along it's Friday which means it's the free for all. The the all skate as we like to college so. All topics are fair game today whatever you wanna talk about well talk about Ingles advantage talk line number toll free 800. 347106. Battery. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address bomb. And one has six theory WORD. I have been suffering. From golf deprivation. This week this is a situation that cannot be allowed to persist. Money penny getting for road forehand which he sees and I've been deprived of my time on the golf course losing my fair share of I analyst. Across various upstate venues. Well Monday you know the preserve it for days the embassy suites hotel right next door hotel actually don't tell facility golf course and Aaron. And el presidente was there on Monday so glad that's out. Then oh win states I guess handsome do wish it can't remember now. And then today and some other kind of Al there was an outing and preserve a 200 prisoners and outing again today. So once once they get all those outings out of the closet then I think next week. Peak of give back denying go golfing again to the phones we go another mine meager problems Alexander Sims and Elin bring in bud. To lead off our number true here on Friday high blood and welcome to the shale. Are you I'm good thank you hope you are sort. There way to let Prius owner has to get the batteries you'll find out they didn't say it got a little bit pricey. Europe trying to like you're gonna talk about general Kelly comments I am gonna weren't we're gonna hear from him coming out yeah. All reminded me of yeah. Movie that Kevin Bacon did. Years ago. It was called I think it's called taking chance yes. Something like yeah and how they handled the out. Chaotic body and returning to Sam this was great reverence there descriptions should write it wasn't black yeah I. Yeah I know and it's funny because I saw that movie. I just when it was first released it was shown I believe first on HBO believe it or not. And and I was so impressed when I mean it'll it'll bring tears to your eyes. Yeah before and and doing it was yeah so is especially moving for you. Nam and and I learned what you'll hear when did you hear general Kelley speaks to the news conference at the White House yesterday. So you're aware of the fact. That chance the AM marine. Who is the subject of that of that movie. I was serving with general Kelly. It's may now. I was I was pretty I was pretty stunned. To hear that it's it's a great film. And nine and for people that wanna get an understanding of what. How the military treats K lions and the go Lance that they go to. Two assists and there yeah ever everyone should see it you're absolutely right. I appreciate it. My pleasure thank you Kevin down but thank you for your service I appreciate your taking time to cone why lower while we're talking about what's going in here a little bit. Of general Kelly this is the White House chief of staff speaking yesterday at the White House briefing. Most Americans don't know what happens when we lose one of us soldiers sailors airmen Marines. Or coast guard's been in combat. So did you hear what happens. Their bodies. Wrap them up in whatever passes as a shroud. Puts a lot of helicopters continued his sense of moral. Their first stop along the way. It is when their taxes nice. To the ability to hear it. And then it flown to use in Europe. Where there's impact and ice again. And flown to Dover Air Force Base. Where's the over its security remains. And bombs them. Meticulously. Dressed as women in uniform. With the red with the medals that they've earned the emblems of their service. Then for tomorrow another airplane wing stuff to casualty officer. Escort that takes them home. Very very good movie to watch if you haven't received just taking chance. Where this is done in a movie HBO sitting. Chance Phelps who was killed under my command right next to the towards him that if you've never seen it. So that's the process. Well that's happening. A casualty officer. Typically goes to the home very early in the morning. And waits for the first flights Tacoma. And then knocks on the door. Typically your mom and dad lancer wife. And if there is a wife this is happening to different places have to parents are divorced three different places. And the casual casualty officer. Proceeds to break the heart of offend them. And stays with that family. Until. Well for a long long time even after the internment. So that's what happens for these young men and women. There are the best 1% this country produces. Most of you. As Americans. Don't know them. Many of you don't know anyone who knows and it went. But there editors this country produces. And they volunteer protect our country. When there's nothing in our country anymore. That seems to suggest. That she's also service to the nation. Is not only appropriate but required that story. Who writes letters to the families. Typically the company commander in my case is a marine accomplishment of the tank commander regimental commander division commander. Secretary defense to look at the service chiefs from around the Marine Corps. And the president just spiritually. Typically the only phone calls a founder receives the most important phone calls they can imagine that is from their buddies in my case. Hours after my son was killed his friends were calling us from. Afghanistan. Tell us what it regardless. Those are the only. Phone calls that really matter in via the via letters come to a degree. But. There's not much that really can take it drove with a family members going through. So. Some presidents. Have elected to call all presidents of we've elected to send letters. If you elect to call a family like this in his book the most difficult thing you could imagine. There's no perfect way to make that phone call. When I took his your. And talked to president. From. About how to do it. My first recommendation was he not do. Because. It's not a phone call that parents family members are looking forward to. It's nice to do in my opinion in any event. Yes we. Repeat previous presence and I said I can tell you that President Obama love was mighty commander in chief when I was an active duty. Did not so much damage that was not a criticism. That was just to simply say I don't believe for Obama called that's not a negative thing. I don't believe President Bush called in all cases. I don't believe any president particularly when the casualty rates are very very. The president's call. Simply did all right. Sony gave that explanation or president three days ago. He elected to make phone calls in the case of four young men we lost tonight sure dearly departed this month. Betty said you know what do you make these calls. If you're not an attempt. If you never worn the uniform. She's never been in combat. You can't even imagine how to make that call but he very bravely. Does make those calls. The call and question. That he made yesterday. A day before yesterday now we're two for family members before falling. You remember this the next akin. Designated by the individuals if you merit it's typically what this close to. If he's not married is typically the parents Alyssa parents are divorced today. Selects one of them if you did get on his parents you'll see it feels like to simply put the point is to phone calls made to the next you can only if you commit next Kim agrees to take the phone calls sometimes they don't. So pretty call was made president of united states of the comment on marine corps of someone would like to call when you skeptical. And typically held typical. So he called for people here today and expressed his condolences and that's where if you could. He said to me what choice today. I said to ensure there's nothing you can do like the burden. On the shelves. It's your life. What let me tell you my best friend. Jordan who told me. This is my casualty officer. You should tell. He was doing. Exactly. What he wanted to do. When he was killed. He knew he was getting into. Quite join him or that 1%. You know with the possibility war. Because we're at war. And when he died and before cases were talked about Niger my son's case in Afghanistan. But he died you're surrounded by the best men. On this earth is friends. That's what the president. Tried to state to a friend to four families the other day. That is general John Kelly. President trump White House chief of staff. Very moving remarks that he made at the at the news conference a discussing exactly what happens. When someone. Who has joined the military and in essence and when you do that. Especially when you're an announcement that is at the poignant like spec ops. Rangers berets. And seal team operators all the rest. Fully recognize that you have not in essence written a check to the government good for one life. And and that is yours. Eighteen after four here in the body and actually go to the phones and I come right back here on the TGI definition. Friday edition of the Allstate rolls on here on WORD. And on the tax line 71307. Bob. Now little Lindsey Graham ST on Fox News a few minutes ago saying that congress needs to be told about anti terrorist acts in our military is conducting. Which begs the question. Why. So the politicians can go ahead and only get to their friends in the news media. Yeah they do all time. Thanks a patiently waiting to the phones we go here on the Friday free for all beginning and tailors and James is actually up on James and welcome to the shale. Our area so far so good. They are two things first and probably taking chant is absolute look they until I saw. I have no clue how hard that week how our country. Honor our your gut followed soldiers just make sure they got home and battered sector everyday and who played the you play the escort in the movie like volunteer for the movie that he wanted to know the extent of what. They went through. Around he had just maybe just went up in my estimation that. If it was an easy movie it really I had no idea and he was great in it you really need it. I think he volunteered crap I think he volunteered to see what the process once. I heard that but nevertheless I'll I didn't wanna disclose what we're speaking ability and sacred yes I am. Frederica Wilson. It is there anything sacred account or can it get to cowboy outfit in the congress. Does that is that not the most ridiculous. Outfit in congress. Did I don't think he handles it campus. Delta and some sort of dress code up there. IPod are what are epic drama. I like that description of the Disco cowgirl points out until money Fannie and it's a shame that the late Glen Campbell has gone he can redo. You know his song about her and I can read like a disk killed Logan. He. I actually think that article in a couple. You're in California or Alex I don't. That's what got us on the eighteenth green and Obama are worried about it ever caught up my that was probably at least setback actually saying right there cowboy killer. Now well there's there's a question that day she certainly. On dresses for success stunned just. That's al-Qaeda are ordered operation but it's ever going to take you to James now we have a good weekend as well as Steve is on next he has enough Spartanburg hi Stephen welcomed the bunny match up. Greetings and happy all skated the sarge conservative to another. Hobby yeah here we guard just to the right of Attila the Hun. Disturbingly ER urgent clarification last night of one of our media outlets that I consider. Leo. High degree of integrity really talking about Manny may be saying is that we're going on with the Clinton foundation Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Eric Holder. Our Loretta lynch all of these types of things but the most disturbing part of it was the real collusion on their side. With regard to Russia as you know 15. Of United States or uranium. To Russia yes but even more you get knocked him. Even more shocking was to hear that some of that yellow cake uranium which shipped in from Russia to Canada. And what would be done with that the second part of of the statement question that I would wanna. Put out there is. Are all local represented a trade get out of what is he doing that you heard anything about anything he's done our statements he's made in regard to this these nuclear vacation. I don't want called revelations yeah it's just. It's just a clarification of what we can already knew right there. Yes because this said this had been. Talked about. In certain circles written about. To a minor degree in the media. For the last couple of years and yet nothing has happened now and answered your question about Trey I believe. Apparently from from what we can and what we can deduce from what we see on a surface. This investigation is being handled on the senate side. Initially I know that tech Chuck Grassley. Republican. Iowa. I has already. Call is already said that he is a Senate Intelligence Committee will be conducting an investigation into this and why the FBI was aware of the fact. That they were playing fast and loose with the Russians if you wanna find real collusion. Al with the Russians this is where you're gonna find it not with president trump. Absolutely and now what we're seeing do you know how much network. Coverage and Leah. Distinguished journalists and AB CNBC and CBS and given the story this week. Which shocking and even more disturbing Bobby Mack has their own channel four news and the fact there early in the week. They're coming out talking and the end giving new storage in the morning. About CNN poll oh my gosh. Kidding me CNN poll has its own get accurate all the good ever act. Where in memory past the Labrador Retriever write it remembers being him old before the election. It ballot they are how over sample they were basically skewed so they can control the narrative. And I and now our own channel or is big they're quoting CNN and CNN poll found an outrageous now it's pretty recent corporate whatsoever of what's really going on out there. That presents a real and present danger. The United States that yellow cake uranium. Could be synthesized into a device that could go over it sent off in the MP device. One over continental US well and and and I'm gonna come actuarial. Right now I understand and and it's it's pathetic that. The other major network evening newscast have conducted. Zero minutes and zero seconds of coverage to the story of the Russians bribing. Threatening. Working with now the clintons and with Eric Holder and others. Not to be able to make that sale of 20%. Of by the US. Uranium stockpile to Russia animate a Russian company Clinton bill slick Willy went over there and got 500000. Dollars for making a speech. But no nobody sees any evidence of collusion there legacy and I appreciate the call good to have you here today for thirty. Any is ready to go in the new senate special guest is gonna join me on the other side of the newest. That is still Kurt and he is the president of American commitment a lot of people have have complained. That to act congress has carved out special health care for themselves and not put themselves under obamacare. Something the president trump can do something about we'll talk with fell about that coming right up. Bob McClain. Net in on the attacks fine dress code. And congress you gotta be kidding me Bob Ike ankle felonious Von pant suit Hillary has set that set the Sammy yeah no kidding. Welcome back twenty minutes before five here on the bombing Mac show and cheering all the discussion now going on in recent days for John McCain cast his vote to up. Drive a stake through the heart of repealing and replacing obamacare. One of the questions that I hear consistently raised from color should the program has bumped. How come these guys. Get a car bounced from obamacare when the American people demanded when this was first being. And you and me going through congress back in 2010. People demanded that members of congress. Not have their own exclusive coverage will be part of obamacare and that's what happened until all. Until the members of congress. Apparently exert enough pressure on then President Obama to have that provision dropped. And I've got a special carve out Phil Kirk and has been on talking about this issue for some time and trying to get something accomplished. In terms of having the members of congress essentially. They under the same plant we are still as a president of American commitment Phil welcome to the program it's good to have you here. All. My pleasure. A lot of people have been. I concerned about this feeling is if there's one set of healthcare law's from members of congress and another set of health care allows for everybody else in the country. And yet. It continues. Well you have little trouble drove up the debris on Google pop off about what sort of one part of obamacare and other everyone agreed right left and don't know that. The idea that luck Anderson that's in the new health care walks and then I'll just sit there ought to boost me up previous texture on the comforts them and I have to go and obamacare and they are into their premium to go through what can and I'll let them they wrote part of why the they'll finally chill the law. But it didn't have the decency to go to change or they just violent it right on the books here at section thirteen twelve. 3-D of Obama care the patient protection and Affordable Care Act this. I terminated their previous. Were covered required them to get their coverage through an exchange that was established by the obamacare law pop. Now what they did go and and meet you mentioned at all about what would eat a lot of what they do that they they kind of adopt one search you. And that provision look at the kick at the 2014 and they all started straight up don't know we're in peril preview of this in these are all of the terrible upon what happened. But we don't have the decency to both change the long path without the political you're right and to President Obama are neck and so walked. Op can you tell us out of our own and working it would cap that part of the law and her little bird were covered we don't want that actually happened. Let's save us from ourselves basically. And each OK here we're gonna do I'm gonna tell the federal Office of Personnel Management. That congress can cry out I felt that the small business. And you're gonna go into the small business exchange. Of the District of Columbia from like the regular Obama and care exchange which procure an employer contribution small bit the picture in a while out on. Very little on the small bitter exchange remembered that taxpayers pay 72% your premiums and because the small business exchange is part of Obama chair. Then you can all just like you can pitcher Darryl and on and obamacare but I'm an Obama you're prop. And it sort of what your tour and it's ridiculous on its phases and not feel for it and for these people to contend. Then the United States congress which correct me if I'm wrong I believe at last count has thousands of employees and counting is. Is in effect a small business is ludicrous. Well they file they file all the went public with the crop we don't know the name of the first what I'm about their. It's the only urgent problem that you wanna look at king doctor where litigation judicial watch you broke the staffers that separate targeted it. Obviously file vault document that want all I'll mention new chapter that that that by sir by the LP perjury US chapter that there are less than it is important. OK I order 35 members of congress and camp out with that first somebody Simon now perjury that have or that it's always something you look a bit out small. That's on the good percentage and sent to the summit that person off the and hotel and under under there somewhere out there or eat right up somebody signed under penalty of perjury that. And what their employees then they are all went off in the small business exchange where they remain into the stage. And you and I and everybody looks mention that it's forced to answer their premiums we pay 7% of their premium. And you know what if I didn't trump would just say luck for this order and there were terminating the sort of that where proper terms and congress they're gonna pay her premiums. Our. They would get Obama were killed back on the agenda to the event being in the position summary at and keep working on our part as well which you can which. And keep working her emotional and now we don't have to Wear proper sure but make much money to all our subsidy not without the progression but congressman and chartered a jet. It's it's fascinating bill because this is yet another example of all essentially. Ball law is what we say at this and as you pointed out on an op Ed that you wrote on the American commitment web site a while back quite simply. Not if they scheme is lawful. It doesn't require the fly ailing a fraudulent documents with redacted names of who voted in their go away. They didn't you know by the way all the all the Republican dirt that the Democrat Bob unfortunately when you press one they. You know constituents and we only deter direct their numbers that you were journal op. And the letters that you won't know where and obamacare didn't try and rush they just say it. There live shot from the rich obamacare you in the regular one you were both you know the small bit out all went well while we're going to act but certainly. And the pretty big you're praying that our mind the fact. And then that you know are you a lot of people on the port property or are at this point. About provision what was the worst post remove their order covered in portable or Richard number really how. Did that and and people aren't so frustrated and so angered. At the continuing examples of one set of rules. For the leaders in Washington and another set of rules. For those of us seldom in the great unwashed masses out here and flyover country that I love it and they have just had a belly. The other. And the number of larger order in America but here I'll let me all I don't pretend to be all that and get away with security at home didn't try. And and not I I guess at this point we probably I should also be bringing this to the attention of AG. Jeff Sessions although he certainly has his plate full right now this would be one thing to add to the to do list. What can people do fail. Each well on the on the criminal question pretty good article in the Washington. Michael champions from. NATO job not a heritage back out like. Sir criminal violation that they would be attached. If she got investigated but I. Should that problem like who like your thinking very possible. It's president trump that simply terminate them right all this in the world order a virtual. Congress clearly illegal art you've action he started to do about records pass its he had made you want to go to church. It to get rid of dale archer church companies want to members of congress what we've done first option. Lectured them in the second half and that is well and so we've got way out. We've got more letter written on our web site you can send offensive threat that both delivered the white that's or you're you know you could create real Donald Trump another great way to reach him but really he had congressman never forget about the growth you know that it felt that he the chickens come down. And I you know re pregnant should cure I think he should do it now let me just let me network and Josh. Yeah and if there's one thing they get search engine especially as we get toward reelection time. It is angry constituents who were on to their game. Phil Kirkland president of American commitment filth thanks a lot for your time today great to talk going in will be in touch. Great you don't want you to have a great weekend for 48 dozen minutes before five now here on the body might show 11063. WORD. How to welcome back it's up 454. Or six minutes now before 5 o'clock. Back to the phones we go a year on the Friday free for all said to Greer and bring in Greg hello Greg and welcome to the program. It's certainly don't you good just quick question for a good German that was just given me information about their voluntary exchange problem. I'll lose and no bland six segments ago Monica called trigger out of the officer turns out of without their file will be part of a telephone town hall. And such but yes and so on down call and they were just beating home the fact that all of their employees put themselves personally were on the Obama care exchange. And out and did they mention whether or not to they were. Under regular obamacare or whether they were under the small business provision of obamacare. Negative Serra met Juan calling so where can we get a short synopsis of what he just. Says. Gotcha gotcha and that's a fair question because a lot of people are not to familiar with the minutia. Of this and and I'll be happy to share and I appreciate the call. Thank you Greg when congress was first debating obamacare. One of the they should subject themselves and their staff to the same thing. And those demands were heard and before obamacare passed the senate. A provision was added section thirteen twelve. 3-D. That required members of congress and their staff to buy health insurance. Through the obamacare changes and provided no taxpayer assistance beyond the subsidies available that everybody else but they didn't like. The way this was set up and so they went to the president who said okay I'll talk to the OPM the Office of Personnel Management. And have them issue a rule. Which claims that congress is a small business. That created the DC helpful link small business market. Administered by the DC health benefit exchange of our date and essentially claims that members of congress. And designated staff can buy health insurance under obamacare. As a small business meaning you and me the taxpayers. Are paying 72%. Of their premiums. Hope that gives you sufficient background to understand. How once again they're trying to form hawks bucks. Take a break for the new Asif final keyword for this week is on the way next.