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Wednesday, October 18th

Trump's call to fallen Green Beret's wife; Comey -Hillary email documents released


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We know getting underway when the most heavily committed hour of the body Mac electric radio program. I grew into the air chair of course you're a genial host rabbit shock jock self appointed president of insensitivity. University. I attack dog on the right. And of course bombastic. Wild mouth of the south glanced. That's a bunch of titles here is valued join me and not be a part of the conversation as a day afternoon. Just grab your phone use any angles advantage talk wind number it's eight told free golf from anywhere urged. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 713. Sarah sent an email me Bob and 1063 WORD got top. Outage can actually act keyword the last one. For today there was buried impressive man was pretty impressive it's the last one for this Wednesday. He heard is care C a RE. Text that key word to the contest. Actually I'm not our regular attacks on the one we set up. Especially and specifically. For the contest 72881. Think that's a number 72881. And again the key word is scare. So is she said she said the latest distraction. To try and not divert your attention. Away from the fact that debt team Obama. Covered up by a bunch of Russian crimes do divert your attention. Away from not Al Franken and senator from Saturday Night Live by way of Minnesota. And trying to. Again and carry forth the nonsense. Ridiculous premise. Pat down president trump colluded when the Russians Jeff Sessions. Giving it back to the senator today we'll hear some of that and of course. From the national football me and their ongoing problems. Now it's it's always sad when when you lose one of our military heroes in combat as we did without a case of a green beret sergeant when David Johnson. And now this Democrat congresswoman from a Florida says she was privy to the conversation when they president called his wit no. And made what Dave she referred to as an insensitive comment. I'm having quoted the president and saying you know well. All of these folks and know what they signed up for as if it was intended in that regard which I doubt seriously that Wallace. I I got an email this afternoon. From my Bruce Stephens. Send a body I wrote correspondent's release second marine expeditionary force commanding officer. This was the Methodist general addressed condolence letters. I would first obtaining a biography of the fallen marine to include his or her hobbies and interest. Family members where they lived and came from and their performance as a marine. I spent some times an hour to draft these letters all of which were started from scratch never copied and pasted. I honestly tried my best day staff sergeant. We just an undergrad in political science to write these letters when they degree of intelligence and compassion. Making believe it was actually written by a lieutenant general. I went off and utilize the thesaurus and dictionary the general would always rewrite each letter himself. Red read ink over at ink all over my draft but these letters were more important to those receiving them and I can realize. These letters had to have his personal touch to each one each letter was signed by the general never auto ink on those signature machine. All letters used only our finest second inning EF stationary. When a marine who was killed in action that was close to my own family I made sure. This fallen marine's mother she was actually best friend to my dad's youngest sister. This mother cherish the letter from the general it was framed on our wall underneath the American flag in that triangular box. Condolence letters went out to those killed in action are on duty. I don't recall ever drafting a letter for a marine killed off duty not that it was on important. But in general took special interest in those who died in service. This was an 83 star level. So I'm convinced that president trump received more than enough information. Concerning Sargent David Johnson and did not intend to disrespect the mother of the Sargent. Signed Stephens. Thank you very thank you for your service thank you for your diligence. In making sure that. Those letters. Conveyed. The sincerity. Of the government of the United States the general all the other fellows serving in the service to that family. To the phones we go here at 512 Eugene is on he is in Paulino all your Jeanne what say you. They borrow under swarmed colony and then go. Talk about our Utah 2 at 4 o'clock hour which dying Schwartz. Yes yup from a fan. The freedom action network of south Caroline. You Esther well out triggered record he talked to a large talk about the election coming up held money was so important. Others want site to the people out there saying you know that fellow Dave Blair came out about Eric Cantor. Yes what a lot less money so. Now as a town close. You know after only place could be it they're very worried can't tell people if there's someone there there's Arnold alleged money goes to work out their cause that's what won it or boy I wish. Mayor Gigi it was a learning. Now look at delegate Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton outspent him what six or seven to one. I how that worked out for him. It worked out real good Torres embarrass anybody. You to thank you Jane I am who worked out great for us we don't have to refer to president Hillary Clinton ever. Although there's there's a leftist professor at Harvard. As. I'm to work my way around this in the next yards and Limbaugh spent some time on this yesterday. Oh and about these folks at fusion GPS. As well. What will. Well you get to all of these as we have as we go along through the remainder of the afternoon. In on the text line 71 threes are seven Bobbie I could care less about Al Franken in you and me both. I mentioned earlier. Which which state. Has constituents. That feel more underserved or embarrassed. By their representative in the United States and it wouldn't be. Those of us here in the palmetto state with a Lindsey Graham amnesty. Or would it be the people of meany so not. Now with the senator from Saturday Night Live Al Franken representing them caution all the way Franken got arrested. Voter fraud. Bob Tellme has held at least figured out why she lost yet yes everybody else's fault but Hearst. Anyone she didn't blame no I don't think so. Daughters of the American revolution jazz and blame and that's about it from mom Michelle. I'm Bob. Hillary is saying that. The NFL players are showing reverence by taking a neat. I guess Monica was showing reverence the bill when she was kneeling in front of him do armed. Bobby obviously the NFL commissioner doesn't care see they use a key word there from accountants. Act commissioner doesn't apparently professional primary a crybaby stand for the anthem but we do. And here's another use of the keyword that we are close and not Wanda attorneys around care. I don't care what care says the other care C a IR counsel on his American Islamic. Relations. I don't care what care says Islam is the religion of terrorism and it's not racist to state the obvious. I'm Bonnie so I'll wind blows Jane Fonda I'm proud of America. When she turned in US PO WS are giving her messengers are when she was sitting on north Vietnamese anti aircraft guns. She needs to take jail long walk off a shark infested. North Carolina here Bob hey I'm sure Hillary knows all about injustice. She's been a beneficiary. An injustice. Many talents. Take a quick break here and then right back with more on the money Mac show the president. Says co maid. Totally protected Hillary takes a swipe with the DOJ as a new documents. Confirm. Some of these clients and meantime. Maybe this is why this business with. Trump's. Remarks to the veterans and to the slain soldier's widow. As eating up. Cyberspace today turns out Obama. Wasn't one that was covering up Russian crimes and collusion here in America. They are right back. Good news is also coming on in this hour Indiana next few minutes. Now what else is gone on today other than now the NFL the on the blow up. Over around president skull to the window. Aeneas Elaine I green beret soldier in Niger they president declaring on Twitter today than James told me. Remember him he was a distinguished director of the FBI got canned. Not. Quote totally protected Hillary Clinton after the FBI confirmed. The former bureau boss drafted a statement. On May private email cased two months before it was over. And as I point out that time when this was and a height of the news cycle. It's not the job of the FBI. To declare that eight cases closed. Their bosses the attorneys of the department of justice. And that responsibility it's FBI's job to investigate. And when their investigation is complaints say the investigation is over not that the cases close. And before Hillary had even been interviewed. Before all of the witnesses had been brought end here is James coming. Writing and exculpatory. Memo for Hilary owe nothing to see here move along no reasonable prosecutor would possibly bring charges. Against a former secretary of state. Out a president tweeting today while. FBI confirms a report the James Komi drafted a letter exonerating. Crook getting Hillary long before investigation was complete. Many people not interviewed including coins and herself. Komi stated under oath that he didn't do lists obviously. I'll fix. Where is Justice Department. A a fair question he followed up. As it has turned out James coming alive. And a leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton he was the best thing that ever happened York. A flurry of tweets in reference to the FBI releasing documents this week. Which proved. Call me began drafting a statement regarding the Clinton email investigation. Months before he interviewed her and other key witnesses. Well you already reached a conclusion on the case what. Why do you need interview witnesses or. The pro personnel. They document released was titled. Drafts of director comedies July 52016. Statement regarding email server investigation. Part of one of one. This is written what in May. And enjoy July 5. When he went on national television and is. Big. Exonerate Shen. The release of the bolstered crew they release bolstered. Critics' claims that Tommy was drafting and exonerates him statement well before ending the case. Or recommending against criminal charges. The contents of the newly released emails however were largely unclear. As any majority in the document was redacted. Mom I can't imagine why what could then there that possibly. They would not want the American people to know about. The records that are now public showed that email titled midyear exam unclassified. Was sent by coming out may second. Do FBI deputy director Andrew McCain General Counsel James Baker and james' right big. The president's challenge to the DOJ regarding the matter was a throwback to his summer criticism. Of attorney general Jeff Sessions while trump had been at odds with one of its earliest supporters. Over the decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe trump in recent weeks has dialed down. That criticism the existence of the toll documents. First brought to light by senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and send senator Lindsey Lindsey Graham a stain. Republic again a rhino South Carolina. After they reviewed transcripts. With top told me aides who alluded to the emails existence. And by the way senator you might wanna check and Coleman's camp. The Judiciary Committee penned a letter August 30 two newly appointed FBI director Christopher rage. Noting their findings saying that. It appears in April or early may of last year mister Conley had already decided he would issue a statement. Exonerating. Secretary Clinton. That was a long before FBI agents finish their work. The outcome of an investigation none should not be prejudged. While FBI did an FBI agents. Are still hard at work trying to gather the facts. The letter said. The existence of these documents raised questions overcome these June 27 team senate testimony regarding his decision to go public. Went findings in the Clinton email case. Komi noted former AG along around a Lynch's involvement in the probe. Including her controversial meeting with former President Bill Clinton days before his wife was interview. Last week the FBI said it uncovered thirty pages of documents related to that. Controversy all 2016. Meeting on the airport tarmac in Phoenix. There. While we don't wanna pay any attention this after all the up president. Was in sensitive. To the widow of a green beret soldier killed in combat so. Now let's go let's spend all of the network evening newscast on that. Will go to the phones when I come right back. And more on this other revelation I've said. For a long time I'm can't remember how far back but sometime. That if we're never gonna have Mahler do an investigation of Russian collusion. It needs to be into the Clinton foundation and not into the trump campaign. And there is set evidence that that's. Bulls. As Ross Perot used to say. 530 here in the body national and is standing by in the news center. I'm right back on the other side and has promised or go to the phones. When we come right back. Well remember we certainly don't want the American people to find out that James comedy started writing and exculpatory. No letter. Now about to Hillary Clinton two months before she was interviewed him for any of the major witnesses. I've been called and we certainly don't want. The American people now that it was Hillary Clinton during the Obama administration. Who knew the Russians were engaged in bribery. Kickbacks and extortion. In order to gain control of US atomic resources. But don't we have to make a big deal out kind of supposedly. The app president disrespecting. Me widow of a green beret soldier and text or said down big Mac. How did the president heard the mother of by the soldiers daily twelve via the story. That began circulating. Around earlier today and has gained traction in the media and for obvious reasons and wanted to collect from anything else to tell you might hear about. The president called the widow of green beret sergeant when David Johnson yesterday afternoon. My he should Johnson was on her way to Miami airport where her husband's remains were arriving when she took the president's call. A democratic congress won federal Rico Wilson. Said she was sitting beside the grieving widow went trump sent on speakerphone that these slain soldier knew what he signed up for in quotes. They widow was in tears she kind and and claimed he didn't even remember his name. And Johnson's mother now says Wilson's account it's true I was in the car and I heard the phone conversation. I she said trump denied it tweeting today this morning that they Democrat congresswoman totally fabricated when I said and I am proof. He told reporters in the White House I didn't say. When that congresswoman cent idea didn't sane and all she knows it. And she knows not saying it anymore. The congresswoman called the president a liar and dared him to bring it on a fee as a recording of Tuesday's phone call apparently there is not. However. Even though there are many tapes. A number of administration officials were in the room. And heard what the president set. And Sara Sanders for white house Press Secretary said Wilson's decision to politicize the issue. Now was appalling and disgusting. And said the media was a disgrace. For sensationalizing. It. Well the media is a disgrace the way. Of course we all know that to the phones we don't Diana's on cheers and Simpson bill hello guys how you doing today. Bobby for some McCouch. Aha good place to go wrong. He doesn't think he maybe we should make this you know maybe a weekly saying. I outward that killed some of our intrepid. Bless yours. In on the body count. Whipped felonious blonde I actually hate and hurt that are selling part but now well we have some more in the morgue. We do know the highlight of the flight didn't. Bat Jana where she met with each year eight Aetna steering actually ended up dead. Fear reporter. Heard your report. Says he isn't it seriously. Ended up. Dead. Really felt the local local Phoenix TV reporter. Yet so our. Room. And the Arctic increases generic audio unless there's what they know how wonderful. Humanitarian and they are. Now they had the DOJ and what the FBI rather and went thirty pages and they discovered last week. Per meaning what are you out they magically found you know right now kind of lose. You know I was on notre we couldn't find a Colorado engine bill made no picnic and I am IR. Well it's all right doing going hadn't reject everything and it meant. It's if they don't like. You got a whole judicial watch yeah I support them on air person yeah because they won't get pushed and pushed and to get freedom of information on the back. And they do a name and they've resorted to lawsuits and and everything else mop my question my immediate question in the wake of this revelation would be. How did a Loretta lynch and slick Willie fill up thirty pages. A the FBI file when there weren't doing anything but talking about the grant gets. Let it I don't know maybe there was a lot of. Gulu. Our our mom Debbie. Congress say I am I would I would and loved to have been a fly on the wall. Gary neck and say what are yell back and they went back and challenger life expectancy I did I and I appreciate to tell 545. Coming up here on the body Mac show I take another quick break in on the tax line. I'm Bob May not saying the president did or did not do it. But it looks like this suggests a another thing to distract us from what's going on with Hillary. And the Russians. Yeah out of a body never forget regarding the media distract. Distract. Distract. Thanks from rod. Iran backed. And we keep having these corrects it. Area 54. Well I have to change any of the last name to skelley. For these reports and nine before six here in the bombing Mac show I promised good news we have so much. Bad stuff out there we'd like to share good newsroom again here we know. I you know of course thousands of people have lost their homes in the fires in northern California this month. One of them is a nine year old Lauren Smith big baseball fan. After his parents house burned down in Santa Rosa. He wrote a letter to his favorite baseball team the Oakland days about all the stuff Ian Watson had a bunch. And hundreds of baseball cards seventeen jerseys tin. Baseball had sent a bunch of other memorabilia. Including a ball signed by the entire day's team and now all of that. Is gone up in flames but over the weekend a reporter. Photo op posted a photo of the latter and I he wrote put it on line and the response has been pretty amazing a bunch of these fans. Ask kind of send the error memorabilia to replace a stuffy lost and a bunch of teams have not gotten into it as well. I hate the VA is. Now the raves and Iraqis and the tigers. And already said they're sending stuff several players are doing a two former ace pitchers Dan Herron and Sean Doolittle and former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis. Now the card company tops. Has also gotten involved so it sounds like he might end up with way more baseball Stephanie had to begin with here is on nine year old Lauren. And I in his best baseball announcers Royce how. And. And and. Nice. And those could be the future Vince gully. If you wanna send something the day's posted his address online. Cendant to the Oakland Athletics attention. They used community for a Lauren. 7000. Coliseum way Oakland California. 94621. We'll put that up. On the web sites they can. Sample and address if you would like to quickly to the phones Leo Mike is on he is in Greenville I'm Mike and welcome to the body matchup. I do that then I expect in the golf yes I am. Yeah I'm I'm not you've watched on he TV they're running a special on the Vietnam War ended. Very neat experience is speaking about. He Greece soldiers. Coming back in the Kaplan have remained very typical war and you know disappointed. When they actually sang the one of the conscientious. Objectors. You remember there's yeah casinos now he's here. And then the guy I would like they were interviewing later the veteran and he came back war. Says yeah I would imagine yes. I thought when I went to the war. And I changed my mind after the at least they started shooting out. Now funny how that happened sound and the next naturally on the visible proof. The old saying that there are no atheists in foxholes. That's exactly and I. That's when you hear that we can. I appreciate it thank you might pay out a father of a slain US serviceman. Ascent he believes critics of president trump. The reported comments to a soldier's widow mistook his intended meeting. Out Federico well sunny Florida Democrats and the president told via sergeants. I'll win no he knew what he signed up for but I guess it's still hurt. Wilson. All the remarks insensitive gold star father Craig gross. Whose son was corporal frank gross sent trumps words are basically being taken in misconstrued. President trump is doing a lot of good things as far as gold star families are concerned mr. gross said. I believe that if you interviewed him personally one on one you would find that he's very very empathetic. And very compassionate not only toward gold star families but also in regards to active duty military. Ryan Manny and his brother. Was sect killed an action. Sent down. Honoring the memory of the fallen soldier should be the priority I think in the end of the day. What we have to look at is the idea of politicizing. Gold star families. What's important and also our families is to make sure that their loved ones serviced and legacy. Is remembered. Amen to that. And take a break the news here our number 3 the 5 o'clock follies as zipped on past standby though because a fourth and final hour from Wednesday. The hunt Dave bonus hour is all knowing next.