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Friday, July 14th

Smart meters; Amazing true facts


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Now the. Friday's free for all and injure. An 8:5 o'clock volley. Finally made it. Tell you join me and not be a part of the conversation this afternoon just grab your phone use the angles advantage on line number. It's a told free golf from wherever you may be 80347106. Today. Common sense retirement planning attacks on line number 781307. And my email address bomb. At 1063. WORG. Dot com great to have you along as we. Enter the final couple of hours here in the Bobby Mack show let's go quickly in the posters have been some long waits today and I apologize for now which candidate. Backed up here on Friday Spartanburg is my first destination and that's where and Jerry. Joins us from hi Jerry and welcome to the program. I rock outcrop and all of a princess. Used to elevating it blows it's really Syria erupt this module owners are greater right. And he did he get out 4 o'clock it'll stop crow not go to minority golf wants their condition. Because there either. He is a C hadn't had gone off twice. The power that at all as Eric Anderson wants. Breakdown yeah. That's what they're depressed they get elected to do it. But I just want to unit as so often when opera and currently done. Since I was I was under the impression that does the Smart meters and then met a texture mentioned this. Earlier a problem. It's not Smart meters one meters each and opted. Oh culture. Air control now yes nearest replete function and it can go not a wanted to go to figure willow let them when we had come trump would be sure. Tonight so they sent to Paris and us about citrus open. Elite big bulge in the last. Year in a few Syria build your back. Yeah out. I guess Thomas Edison was just too stupid form right. Well stated I've been so low he marts yet. I certainly get the bottom yeah it is just done too difficult to get as much alike out of them meant and my experience that a yen where where you isn't. I guess we're using a couple of them but most of most of the the balls and stately McLean manner are still the the good ol' fashioned Edison variety. And so that's the first I've heard of that actually happening to someone thanks Gerri appreciate the information. Ten minutes after five John is on he is in easily and is next up. Here on the Friday free for all hi John welcome. And I you do aren't so good that you would consider us and number ABBA per not go lower you already jealous. Yeah. Now we've been waiting for an opportunity to to use on the countdown went down and collected some cobwebs here in the meantime self thanks for joining us and give us an opportunity to employ yet. It is no oil glad to do it mapped out like this is something about this deal with that Charlie guard station over here and not Britain and your private Villa. The other small child Matilda Britain non national health service. Said well there's nothing good that can be done for the G Edwards and after lighting guy. Exactly and do you know where that darker and Patrick Robert Brown now. That is a result of really British children and on to say yeah trinity call the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child. Why am I not surprised to hear that the UN has got a finger sentence. The other really. You know basically what the UNC RC will soon. And is doing and Brittany could do we ever had fire. It will give the government complete control if they want it over every aspect of raising your children. But sounds like a progressives dream come true. Boy Nokia artillery or. So far the senate has been a wise enough to not ratify it this thanks it was this URC was actually the the treaty was signed by Obama back when he actually went deeper. Came into power. It is just implode around that long. Every year they try to interact applied and show floor every year. The senate has been a wise enough to not there yet. Well let my years ago. Let's hope they stay on retain not enough. Contact with a reality to keep doing net. Correct you know Erica but that's that's exactly what's causing. That does happen what Charlie guard right now because Britain is going by what they use the UNC are actually has shut that. The government takes control. And never noticed three years ago they tried to slip another 1 am. There's another convention called the other convention on the rights of persons with disabilities bellboy. The only difference between the two treaties. Are the words rights of the child. And rights of persons with disabilities every other aspect is identical. Why tea be it botanical accident these people are trying to expand. Whether it's so called climate change or every other intrusive area. I'm restricting and or eliminating. Our personal freedoms. It's yours truly incredible its mind boggling. And and don't get it don't forget to treaty in the C it's right where they would be all essentially the UN would be able to control. The Great Lakes for haven't sent. You know the law that he had to go out and that's another on that fortunately the senate to has spent so far said that now get out of here with. Iraq. And now at a table probably the worst part about that the Shia are actually end the options are pretty. The United States almost they are actually right now it is one of only nations in the world that are members of the UN who had not actually ratify relic. Band that I ever Wear a management ratified there have been problems at all you know with the government they can all move well. Parental rights and yen are. Every aspect of life yeah and that is hell. Actually and in England right now the equivalent of one of our TSA workers in England. They can be walking down the street you played here so been going on. Noises coming from inside a resident I can go knock on the door and make your decision not there whether it's extra. Incredible. Absolutely incredible well. And of course the people in Britain to the mastermind knowledge had no Second Amendment Rights to be to defend themselves against this kind of intrusive stuff do it. Exactly right and apparently no Fourth Amendment or any other amendment let him. Well. And as Amazon. Experience has shown us over the years there was some of the expression a Second Amendment makes all the others possible. Right I appreciate it all John thanks for being a first phone call or not feel free to come back anytime it's good to have you here. Bobbie I you know it's because all of us out here and flyover country are just too stupid. To run our own lives. Now. No kidding. Be right back here at quarter after five the Bobby Mack show. Amazing true facts. There's on the way. Welcome back 521. Urea army 5 o'clock follies he most heavily commuted hour of the body Mac show and it is. The out Friday all skate so anything you wanna talk about his fair game 80347106. Great. Apparently the story that I read earlier I got this we got this backwards. And I just. The idea an email this afternoon from mount a Liberty Counsel the House of Representatives voted 209 to fourteen yesterday to defeat an amendment. That would have put an end to the use of your tax dollars military funding for sex change surgery it's. And that really the disgusting part this is their 24 Republicans. Who voted on the side of the lobby to defeat the amendment. Congresswoman Vicki hearts holes amendment to the 2018 national defense authorization act. Would have represented a unique opportunity. In a united congress controlled coerced by the GOP in both houses to put an end. To this abuse of our military and of American taxpayer dollars by putting an end. To the use of defense funding to pay for sex reassignment surgery it's. The new amendment would've made it so funds available to the DOD. Would not have been available to provide medical treatment other than mental health treatment. Related to gender transition. To a person entitled to medical care. This abuse of presidential power was saved from appeal only by the efforts of 24 Republican members of congress who went against their clear duty to protect the readiness safety and privacy a military men and women. Two from Michigan want from Colorado. One from Virginia want from Pennsylvania the other from California now Florida Pennsylvania New York Pennsylvania California New York is round up the usual suspects. Aaron. New York or California. And New Jersey. So how your tax dollars will still be used for in for a military personnel to undergo transgender. Surgeries. I promised we we get to amazing true facts let's say go ahead and bring in Gerri good voicing our season. Mom mode clear. I miss that story should come as a shock and no one president trump. May not be the most popular president deny Gallup polling history but his wife. Is rocking it. According to a recent Fox News poll money trumps approval ratings have increased by fourteen points. Since the last poll was taken in December and by sixteen points since the first ball was taken in August. While Milan is 51%. Approval rating does not measure up to Michelle Obama is 73%. She's doing dramatically better than her husband in the polls and is even more popular than former First Lady Hillary Clinton. I'm stunned to hear that Monty trumpet is more popular than Hillary Clinton. That's a surprising to me has shown me that mother Theresa is more popular than out off in pork. Meantime couple here in South Carolina I just had a baby girl the first one born in their family. In 137. Years now we're talking about the internal. Why and they had to go back and at least two of the girls great great great grandfather. Before they found a male ancestor who had had a daughter. Her name is Carly knocked Carter settle and her parents are will. And Helen I'm sorry Kellen. And can we have some some audio there now we don't sign but we have some audio and bullied. Guy and New Brunswick Canada was giving a speech. At his daughter's outdoor wedding. I don't know if this is a sign that the pending marriage is doomed. JP now duel was giving a speech and his daughter's wedding and an apple orchard in New Brunswick Canada on Sunday. Wasn't raining but storm clouds were moving in behind them and he didn't notice them and then. Ed just said something like well here. A that in there awhile Lackey got. And as soon as I said guy. It's system took a moment then my daughter was standing right there and she says she saw lightning bolt come down and hearing behind me there and I had the microphone. And a bad jumped into the sound system men. My hand just all lit up I saw like a spark concise and despite the above low lightning neurosis like a great inbred in my hand I couldn't believe it. And I I had a shock. But no it was OK you know and and it's funny because in always since then even my knees I gave me so much problem. So I guess even non every dark storm cloud. Has a silver he electrically on line. Lining. Now that it is is okay. Talk about having a rough day at work. Contractor which changing all locked inside a room that connects to the ATM. At a Bank of America and Texas. When he got locked inside. He started slipping out help me notes through the receipts a lot. Most people thought was pretty funny and it's a joke. Somebody did finally take it seriously and call the police. Officials described to say once in a lifetime situation that you'll probably never hear or see again. So he leaves us cold it was truck and he gets locked inside the building inside the little area when he GM which. He can't call anybody else's home distraught he slipped a note through the eighteen receipt which would your receipt I don't know we can you. Boys covered for the receipt help shore up the good for the joke you've got to be a joke so Airbus is okay which you'll never see this again in your life that somebody stuck the ATM machine that was just great. And that is sent that is weird it's Wimbledon time. As you know would Wimbledon they have strict dress canned goods. Now for instance Sean not allowed to show up in Wimbledon whites. Wearing a black and he felt pretty something for the boys got. Now we pretty something for the boys out. I'm Max weird something happened and did the number one men's. A doubles team showed up yesterday at Wimbledon wearing their Wimbledon white but unfortunately wearing black undies. Not even John McEnroe objected to this offense. The people who run the Wimbledon tournament. Informed the team players they would have to go and change there under used and even provided some tidy white he's put them. To do that speaking of tennis. Serena Williams sent down for new interview bush talks about making a ton of money and how that's the money's never really mattered Georgie cares more about the winning. The first time she ever got a check for more than a well a million dollars as she went to the bank where that. But not in a way in the bank relating thought it was a good idea what. Is that feeling when you got tempers. Million dollars short Aaron testing. Never took us. Now it has has put in the bank. And I remember I went David Bryant Beirut to deposit myself and then they're like I think you need to come in for this and signed them going inside side is like a and my job it says. And did you like stare at them for awhile you should have a picture of an enlightened now and sell holy name is inspected the. And not clear Shia attempted to jam the check and then an eight GM. But it was years ago zones pro enormous vacuum tubes things. On the checklist so big they were to possibly could from the drug I've through. Astronaut parked in a police come inside there you go that's today is our amazing. True facts take a break for the news here at the bottom of the hour back to the phones we go up 5 o'clock follies. Here on 1063. WORG. Welcome back it's at 539 now and Friday free for all blowing on here in the at 5 o'clock follies in on the tax linemen couldn't quickly catch up there. Send anyone threes are set amount so the money doesn't matter. To Serena Williams out fine she can swap jobs. When any 7-Eleven cork or a certain ATM. Repairman. Bobby nor these companies polling it's definitely no 19 no Malulani is 100 times. More popular than not mood Michelle Obama. Bob the amount of loss of duty time from Neeson a sex change operations will be staggering. It'll probably make count make them unemployable. So they stay sake stateside and gearing wars. Bobby haven't by chance kind of near the new show on FX called snow fall and you know I haven't seen that when yet. I caught up betterment episode advance some of that breaking bad vibe. Look to well produced and written him great weekend thank you appreciate that. Out Bob. Yeah I should I get up about 6 o'clock in the morning and write the script for the entire for our show. And and I'm psychic enough to know what the collars are gonna ask about what we need to discussed. I DJ business NJ said you have a Boston answered to. And it's not the Bobby Mack show. Com. Went. Once again apparently Jay is another proud product of a public education. Bob home of the fee. And a land of the slayer. Not the caller talked about his AC being cut down during peak hours. A gentleman mentioned the option of having air conditioning cut I came home one day and it was 89 degrees in my house of course. I called heating and air company I was some at least an hour before the AC people came upon inspection. Might air had been turned off. Because I had opted to have this option. When I moved believe me I opted not. You have this feature. Bob here's an amazing true fact we almost elected Al Gore. And to Clinton's news that was closed where add anything to be thankful for. Hillary is not in the White House. Bobby. How about another few hours with think we can get UN terra to split the tendon noon and Ramsey spots. I already got the bonus hour. Wrong how to make to the phones we go let's head to Malden and bring in Chris here on the program thanks impatiently waiting Chris good to have you here. They knew about so far so good. OK so I got a question or you let me kind of lead up to contact so they took me is the general consensus there. This woman. This destruction lie here. Blood that I DNC quiet because she didn't give any information. To. You know the truck campaign they're four stating give me thinks that they're. You know they they could point to any actual evidence to back. That kinda this theory either you not hard but boy effort she is the player she is because you give in relation. What do you think about that first that that's just not. Well I I think there's so it's a fair question I think the the first thing. To look at is the news that just came out that a California congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Was approached. By this Moscow attorney net tally up the cell Mets guy. And and essentially. With the same pitch. That was I given to to the trump campaign and this happened. In advance I think a week or so five days something like that before. They attempted to our contact at trump junior and the people inside trump campaign so yeah it appears that there was. Some sort of the op operation in place to to try and persuade these people. Two from from what we can understand. They wanted to reverse this is made knicks he packed. And restore the ability of Americans to adopt Russian children because Moscow had suspended that in in response. To our passing this night and then ski while so yeah it it appears there was some sort of operation was underway. I guess my question is this so she should lead international Checchi and it cremation. Experts and that's patsy got that meeting right yeah Saatchi had a dimensional Hillary which is not eat legal. My question is she switched the that meeting. To talk about that this act. Does that not crossed into the legality edit it and you're now out obsolete or in person about that you know or policy. When you're not an elected official to. You know you're you are allowed to talk what. If you're not an elected official there's no law against that guy's a private citizen can talk with a Russian ambassador anytime I want to. OK so what are so. I was under the wrong impression that that would that's kind of question yeah it is what she you know she benefited men would open what it. Illegal and it tried to switch to conversation yet he's hoping that would have been neatly yes no they and that's not. You are you or your assumption is is correct dress today she used. As a as a teaser. As they come on. Did the idea that she had some information some dirt apparently on the Hillary campaign. That was what she used as our entree to get the meeting and then when the meeting actually happened she started talking about them against me act. And then at that point the senate looked at you you're you're talking to the wrong people. A heck I got that they got. And depression that that would have been illegal ended that would have been where they you know there are probably got due later on you know it would XP out. Well an aunt and Garcia what's curious about this too now we've learned John McCain is admitted he's won the game disc. Dirty dossier fairness former British spies Owen gave it to the FBI. What's what's he doing doing opposition research on Donald Trump. Well it's certainly a good start to come on now you know and delete to what that company fusion right in the past few do you feel spell it right where it and it isn't John McCain the warned him. Digger dot. Yeah like I don't handle it got to have their hands and that water eat. They knew what was going on to eat. Regaining your lender goes. Yeah well PP hates Donald Trump as much as Hillary Clinton and that yeah I'm I'm waiting I I think the next phase of this Chris may be that Chuck Schumer. While announcing he has evidence that Natalia vest Knoll and then sell that sky out. Also met with moose and squirrel from the rocky and bullwinkle show so. Where we're waiting for that shooter dropped thank you Chris I appreciate the golf 54614. Before six here on that's I mean it's about a that ridiculous point. Fourteen before six here on about a national be right back. You must. You must. Web bit. Whip it good. Luck my. That's a guys with a flower pots on their heads and then he had Devo they're. 515 to eight before six here in the balmy match Iraq back to the phones we go as go to Campobello and bring in or lose there's aiming high Lou I do. Our Barbara Howard fine and he. But react finally understand. The mindset of the liberal but I am drama Spock. I think there were probably very very close yeah that's. If you see him be interviewed George W. Bush should go Clinton. When they were yucky up dust bunnies. Now I mean explain one thing probably don't have the same much more you William pepper and Clinton. And I think we got the united state. Can he get it with a straight face. And I think they honestly believe that. William Jefferson Clinton the person who renamed the opal city or offer. I fear it trump Donald tropical air sank the president of the United States be opposite the present united date is you know. Mr. pot. May I introduce you to mr. kettle. And and you know I I don't think it would fit Beckett joked I'm really do believe that but hypocrisy lapped up. They equate true compare thing that off. It's truly incredible you know. That dream low level of hypocrisy comes routinely. From a Chuck Schumer is. The Nancy Pelosi used to be from the Harry Reid it's a the world before he finally am retired and moved back to the desert. It's incredible and a U you wonder. As you said how they can do it with a straight face. I mean I hate it it would be Saturday Night Live yet in the peca their popularity. First someone dressed up like Bill Clinton could say that. With a straight fix. Yeah out it would it would get the biggest last Saturday Night Live ever got. And don't get me wrong com. I was separate George Bush I am one or two. I think they like I think that while the country I think they were were patriotic. And I think they had the Pete Pete Best interest of the country and that they were at best people out being minus president Il but for four Porsche. Prefer a downward Clinton. And for Clinton to make their comment import should not get up but walked out. He embarrassed the opposite op the president of the United States after work and that. It's it's amazing you know this here is here's Clinton and everybody remembers of course Monica Monica Lewinsky. A woman young and younger than his daughter. Or at least in the same age group. And does the famous blue dress and Clinton of course perjuring himself. Before the grand jury none of that courses is an embarrassment. To the Democrats. That's just stay a person. Illegal. Even the encouragement that he was in. The Oval Office when he did it trample on president. President he like he hit and then to make a comment trumped. If the terrorists and it's just you know I. It's not extra work that I have I used to think attic or. Yeah I'll bet it is the height of hypocrisy and yet this is what we routinely get. From from those votes on the left its pitching credit but the. The only thing off and the only thing I'll say about Obama. You know something as a father. And that it has been. I think he he did that a good example and I can't take away when someone even though I disagree with that politically -- percent. I think he was an excellent father and husband. And I think he I think he actually. Brought credit to himself by being that the William Jefferson Clinton makes that comment and no one laps or banks untrue you know patent. When an embarrassment thanks for the com Lou I appreciate Dobie have a great weekend. Stand by we I 1 morning Gallo the bonus hour is straight ahead. Here on the body might show 11063. WORG.