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Friday, July 14th

CWP; TWA 800; Smart meters


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Yes indeed he and we'd like to thank our sponsors or making today's show possible. This program is made possible in part by grants from pains underwear. The better bargain because they're made from cheap scratchy burlap. Got you I could match her. I support. Seven minutes after four here on the body Mac show our number two getting underway and has always your input is invited to encourage and welcome Ingles advantage chalk line numbers hold free from any way airs 80347. 106 very common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063 WORG dot count patiently waiting and thank you for doing so. John in Greer turned out to be our lead off batter and our number two hi John and welcome to the peripheral. Yes. Our experience it got a lot of up and up. But sometimes about the Big Apple has put its lot in order to wallop oh and he did did security. Some of the other. It. Oh port they. Do it would be hit again but great drivers license. Eight ballot South Carolina and didn't let the army. At fort. Certificate. Eating to portray the little leaguers here and watch. It. Call and get eight states the my what are they bought it and not so. You're certain that I work boot and what they do. Not like. You know John there would have been a substantially easier way for you to accomplish this if he would merely talk walked in there. And told him that her name was Juan Gonzales and you just arrived from Nicaragua. They would have fixed you up and a hard date. Out. To the that you do it the war so Bob let's look at this the got it this way. It certainly. It it's truly incredible and if anybody has any questions John about the efficiency in the bureaucracy. As opposed to private industry can I direct him in your direction. There. I figured UN thank you. 71307. Some more in here on non Smart meters. And some of the other topics. I yam and I'm in agreement here Bob there's hopefully a special place in hell for that woman my heart goes out to the officers. Who found them. Now Bob I am one of the people who witnessed the news or video of the missile going towards. TWA 800 there's no way it was tracer far. They are distinctive signatures no question about. Al Bob Smart meter uses the same type signal as a follow on their remote. Your having power problems they can check your voltage in real time. And if your power goes out the meter will tell the power company so you don't have to call. The M machine in Charlotte they'll be able to see you use more or less which may help you curtailing your usage. During peak times to keep your build out and just just for information I am neither for it or against it thank you appreciate that. Bob I think there's a bit of confusion. Concerning the types of duke power meters and devices and Smart meter is not the same device as the HVC control device. That allows Duke Energy to control the HBC unit during peak power demand periods I believe I'm correct on that I think you r.'s well. As sound right. Bob you ever seen many gunfire I have. All those tracer rounds who could look like rocket exhaust. Dissent. Bob were there any movers and shakers on TWA flight agent not that I'm aware of no big. Government officials know celebrities. Nobody that would would would stand out. As a as an obvious target. Bob via commercial just played in favor of obamacare said I believe if it's changed over eighteen million who desperately need their insurance would be without it and at risk. Last I heard there were only eight million in brawl. How many millions lost their health care and their doctor. Sent obamacare. Took effect. Liar liar soccer mom pants on fire just the truth points well. You know when you pay for a commercial and Batman you're from a group. Now pushing an issue your only and say good things about. I was hoping that we might hear this afternoon in the discussion ongoing about TWA 800 from a captain fission Bostick and sure enough. He turns up because say he is an aviation expert. I think I'm correct in describing that fashion am I not captain. I would consider myself an expert proper. I'll remember remember that. Actually read welcome such slime that Boston a lot of New York chocolate the terms right. I don't quite quite friendly with their lives in the area and that's what you write the web log about the big category have been turned over to the departure control. Bob Bob most likely would have some order for a 16181000. Readers club like that that was my thinking well now. Yeah yeah and then nobody with an airline believed that the group of the explosion from within that turn you might remember there was an airplane it was sort of look like you're not like apple wouldn't work there. In 2000 explosion in the tank yes and that was it right outside its own time whatever happened that the problem that. The new land and explore they would absolutely would not explorer. Published on what they had. Some sort of self sealing device or something. There is gonna try and somehow it killed the bad system so that there was no watched it and they're obliged that would that would accommodate an explosion in the past so no fuel and fire. Try it and in of course I'll send your video that you talked about I'm not saying in the long term but I remember saying that. And yeah I can say the FBI took over the investigation for child at that time there was some suspicion that it was a active terrorist you know we might. Our object a lot of people concluded that they want them American terse and Russia would it was trying to Arafat an accidental release of a missile from our. The more my own chips and like he says their slip that you're not a political hot storm that there are thankful and LeBron in the stump and had not. And I feel that that would the real reason but have become rep the real cover up and and I never have believed that it but of the explosion from a parent. Now I've I had difficulty accepting announced that explanation as well and and I've done a bunch of Reading. On it and there's a theory. Speculative of course. That the navy was conducting some exercises. In that area. Of the new major us defense system which isn't a defense system designed specifically to be able to extend the range of defense. For our carrier groups. And the speculation was that no there was a missile launched. Either inadvertently. Or a missile that was launched as part of a test fire program. That went haywire and ended up striking the aircraft and of course of that. Had become public initials at the height of the air travel season as well that flight was bound for our terrorist. You can imagine what it would be done to the airline industry and that said that a story. Been circulated. I have got that kind of tell remember that you be interrupted and the suspicion. Upon what their airline people themselves in yeah. I don't know by the kingdom believe that the state here that was the that was given marry another blue from the period. Yeah out and didn't didn't did they did they ground all the other 740% of forget it if memory serves captain finished. The 747. Stamp for lying and yet. If the explanation it was officially given was correct wouldn't the FAA the NTSB have routinely ground and all those aircraft. Why they're good if if I remember correctly that while. Are very temporary. That stage and suspend the search page of their own child of that newspaper template from its remember correctly today about that. Although by the privilege to be about right. That's kind of where I remember it. But they're they're like oh acts and things like that are always it always generates an animated series so. Yup certainly does so at that perpetrate what are certainly it certainly does thanks her for sharing your expertise with us this afternoon captain fish. Not much or better or get them back to Arabia permit that we are very glad you did say are greatly appreciate it or have a great weekend captain appreciate it very much he has a. Obviously former military flyer and former airline captain as well as you mentioned sixteen after four here in the Bobby Mack show. I take a quick break here and then I'll come right back on the other side a bunch still to come on today's program five random facts and also we have a good news story. As well as. All amazing. True facts. All that and more is still ahead here on Friday. No reason to be champs. He called them. Turn on the Bobby Mack show. As it is after all. Balmy Mac and cheese it's day. Tor major actor 4 o'clock with Frankie Goes to Hollywood in the background. Friday free for all. Ingles advantage shock on number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax line number 71 threes or seventy. In on the tax line Bob North Carolina has privatized. DMV and tanks. Most time I ever spent in line fifteen mints. And he questions mount if patients see anyone. Bob prevention and explosions as a major reason other tanks that are pressure on us make sense to me. While the same thing John the caller talked about happen to me with the DOT and all those extra documents. But my Social Security guard was no good I had to go apply for another the only reason would be they wanted me in their database. Actor could be. Bob while the talk about TWA flight hundred the last couple days is their new information out of about it just curious yeah Jack national. There's been following this story for some time. Wrote a column yesterday. At the American thinker you can find it on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 1063 WL RD in which he had an interview. When a fellow named Thomas Xiang who is an experienced aviation expert not only a pilot the first officer and engineer flight engineer. Of and also had actually worked for Boeing. And was familiar with the 747. Inside and out because he was trained by Boeing. To deal with their customers so he had to know anything and everything all the nuts and bolts about the 747. And and that's Gillman claim that he was in Hong Kong it's time the TWA flight 800 went down on. And that the local TV station there had shown a video over and over that appeared. To show a missile streaking towards that aircraft it's been experiencing peace. I telephones we don't Anna is on next and she is angry or hi Anna and welcome to the Friday free pearl. And I dare it's nice to talk to you my pleasure on. I can I would I don't normally get on the airwaves like despite. This is pushed me over the edge today yup I had cash acute energy Kirk in terms in the house filled up at a few hours ago. And with the change in leader Kim is Smart meter. Now I I have my great results and as we've got animals you can get that your name literally drive by and no problem they got what they needed but I let hybrid about the Smart meters and it actually can get on encrypted data. Where they can channel it we're very large you're calmer here now under which you'd think it. And even now with it would in getting that this market is getting even more technologically they had. Very good thing your potential and availability for personal information. And everything and I'm really really upset about that because mean patriot. They're violating our First Amendment right trying to do this yeah this. Skirting this is Bernie intrusive no question about it in reeks of Big Brother. Idiot and it and it totally I mean it made me go right hip hop in my head on this one and I and I can't I tell them they're really gonna get that I talked to do panicky about it. And they told me that I can opt out but here's the fine yes which only got me up the wall right and I am now worried that. They want to keep them Demeter opt out that that that they already cavity drive I could say they want to maybe eventually phased out there it stopped it and get more people out in the job world. A particular calculate and they would give me a manual that I have to pay a 150 dollars for an eleven dollars a month maintain. While she's I had been I mean would you elect to commute for decades that we have that we never paid for an immediate difference the weight of the economy in Dade city in our life. So I told him if you can give me a paper. It states the only eight kilowatt hours. I'll do. But I want that paper when it written so that it might Ernie if you violated I'm going to. I'm going to sue Duke Energy into oblivion. Is that would be yelling and I had felt in raped by this the same date that behavior. I don't know what's happening to our country people 241 years ago I treated this constitution. Amendment. And the woman I talked to Tommy speaker packer fan and military. And a folder you know what you're clicking on the ferry stink. We you don't even believe in our constitutional future ahead in the military that he's gonna shut Monday for something you don't even believe that. So I was looking at the eternally good that would that. And I and that's the thing that really I think is is also scary too many people as what happened Al west. Within the last couple of years I believe always in a state of Washington. Where they wanted to put in Smart meters where essentially. I'd during times of peak power usage that was it at least that was in the operative phrasing that was the optics they gave a daring kinds of lower your thermostat in the summer or raise it. Wanted to be able to control. How much if ASEAN and how much heat you're using in your own private home. Exactly and neat he cannot be allowed all we have got to stand up one day you're gonna be a revolution in that country am terrified at going to be bloody. I can't be coordinated step it makes me not. But this blank thank god president chapter in the White House because we are angry we are absolutely beyond angry now. And we've got to step up if you believe we have to stand strong against. These people they're trying to ensure constitutional amendment we have to argue why wouldn't be Venezuela. And we did that people want that the liberal fascists helpfully once that's complete they aren't they here. But I mean went a step needed earth there is. We're allowing Muslims to come into our nation they packed but not beaten with a mission and they do so many horrible things to us in our country. I mean I my friend had a month a month and get right in her face. But few months ago into the lane and itchy kick off her medal. Of our lord and her flag because that's and get him this is our country. And I can't believe it being God's children are being mutilated. This little girl. And people who wouldn't think that they don't even believe it. Well it's true it's happening and Hyundai these people they don't blow up in our own homes and yet you're going after our constitutional amendment is well. Will dilute this country if we don't pull together right now and stop it. We're gonna lose it and I as someone who terrified could you know we're adult. Well if you hit in the US and extra time on your hands and a on May I make a career suggestion to area yeah yeah you need to get your own radio talk show. Separately because. I you are you are espousing many of the same things that I believe and and many that that our our listeners. But even as well you're right I'm not so much afraid. That we will become on Venezuela. Although that socialist worker's paradise is busily melting down and people are scrambling around in note. Dumpsters trying to find enough to eat I'm afraid. We are going to become the old Soviet Union. Well that's the thing and and the key people are gonna die needlessly once again because that that. Because we contribute to strong here in this country thank god for the NRA. If that ever got taken away from us that we ever look at Second Amendment right. We may you look at the constitution in the fire and killing. Because it'll be gone yup absolutely the only thing protecting not our Second Amendment Rights are utterly protecting a it blows my mind when the so called people that want to lose our right. They have they're they're people they're they're they're bodyguard then they're all these things around them protecting them but I want to take. In a bit defeated. Totally got me crate. I I I got a text message yesterday and a from a guy who's and he just got back from San Francisco they took one of those bus tourist. And the bus went down what the driver referred to as billionaire's row. They went by Nancy Pelosi cells which has a big wall around that and armed guards soul out. 01 set of rules for the elites and another for us out here in flyover country and it's a great call. Thanks very much up for joining us today. Thank you very. Crowded my pleasure hope you have a great weekend for thirty here on the body match up or take a break for the news Annie is standing by ready to go in the new sent Aaron and I'm right back on the other side. Here on 1063. WORG. Welcome back for 39 we are hopman here on a Friday free for all on the body Mac show let me quickly catch up with the text line. Bob airlines now purge all empty tanks and 747 with nitrogen. So that there can be no fire or explosion yes 7472 were grounded. Several other frayed wiring harnesses were found in field tanks and it was the center tank of the explosion happened. That tank was also empty because of flight wasn't going long range. Also they afraid though the plan afraid wire bundle yes wires within the fuel system our name Miller votes Miller vault scale. But other lines in that wire bundle or not. It was found any higher voltage line was shorted to another wire that was supposed to be low voltage that ran through the center tank. Now because it was only a tiny bit of fuel in that tank it was noted that the plane sent on the ramp along time before was allowed to push off. It was very hot conditions on the ramp that day. The little fuel in the tank vaporize and small spark from frayed wires when solitude to detonate well that's that's one theory. But you say that it was not fully fueled 'cause it was not making on rinks why it was going from New York to Paris. But seem to me it was Foley field. Bob Duke Energy has raised rates constantly as far as I can see. As far as I can remember and yet they're cutting their work force they send you CFL blogs bulbs. To save energy and lowered your bill yet every year the bill is higher monthly than the previous year. And you use less a fewer kilowatt hours of energy such a scale. Bob have you tried the week free dairy free sodium free Mac and cheese recipe. Can't say that I have. I can't say that I am not. All likely to Bob and I was an excellent collar I agree with you. She should maybe be a guest host sometime great radio voice chip Bob and and a rather should run for office may I suggest Lindsey Graham's. Our bubble lady makes a makes me laugh about being mad about duke power the problem didn't Smart Witten didn't start rather with Smart meters. The problem started with government being involved in private enterprise utilities. Being one I think that was her. Larger point. Bob the Duke Energy is fining people for opting out could not be construed as extortion. Bobby in honor of Bobby Mac and cheese day I'm enjoying what I'm Mike Shea old Mac and cheese smoothie it's. Good for you too since embellish my next stop and Grady is next up and I apologize for the long waits. Today grainy out there. Well tournament models ready it's never too early to take it that the right. Exactly now I don't. Al are still question remember him in the beginning I was very. Are dampening whatever Hillary Clinton was talking of the well. LC is gonna find her own thing and King Abdullah. Of Saudi Arabia straight big discussion on the third of our. Campaigning. I do remember that despite the fact that's against federal election law. And you know may not what this whole Russian thing of all well and it sure you know here. You know that they're trying to trying to. 3COM. Campaign post so I don't maliciously. After the Russians. Bearing you know mainly should pull it outright. And that but overall. And and we are so and we also learned now that even before. Donald Trump junior and Jared Kushner and Trump's campaign manager Paul Matta fort meeting. With Moscow attorney in a tally up vests and helmets guy out. That they also had made approaches to other American politicians and house and senate days before. They ever tried to contact the trump campaign so let's. This trend. And arbitrary and at the Democratic National Committee or according polished up. She's that we we shouldn't draw any connection there and ocean wave brain damage their car. Now there's some growing to see hear and when you wanna talk about collusion. There you know. Well yeah lecture. Other things ahead for you today. I was surprised or not what we give them the countless other martial urged. Can't allow. I've been attending pierce. And love who called me. Are also triggered. Like my reservation. We have Barroso. That first day. Specific. Right now under the drifting box. All night. Com man and I got this very nice run in the and into all of my situation and that shirt other. Asia or pay the track and you don't actually do other band warming is 194. Dollars ouch. And I certainly an excellent match. I don't think there should go there and hurt somebody in the background should only entered into college just another American. To use. Now you know they and it's just more American dollars you should have pointed out to him as well. Now let me tell you the schlep Borough where it's pretty. Murray son and his wife. Woke up yesterday in India with the the important. And our job orchestrated right the patience for people coming and Lawrence right through the State Department. Armed and not on target scratch. Now Leon I would I think I think that individual needs and attitude adjustment although if he doesn't like it here. You know he's welcome to rejoin his family and poor job. Yeah I think it could cash out bingo. And they can get ten rupees about it. Well delta is ready when he has. Ordered banks called greatly appreciate it yeah yeah this is the collusion the stuff is ridiculous which is interesting. Funny and it should that happen and which I'm not collusion a phone call because this portion of the show is brought to you Bly. Collusion and now from Calvin Klein and one new fragrance lending to west and we we. Wanting a role model combining our green and DC asks collusion. In collusion. You can smell a conspiracy. When reminded him and civil. York lawyer we'll love. Now available with a six month subscription from the New York Times. Coming soon incrimination. Then. Pain. 446 here on the body Mac show fourteen before five right back to the phones. Coming up momentarily. What we need. More cow bell. We haven't had an opportunity to cal bell and allowing and the first time. And a chance to Israel count for fifty to a taping for five here on the Bobby match up back to the phones we don't thanks for patiently waiting to name Michael. Is a long he's on his cellphone let's talk about the Smart meters hello Mike welcomed the show. Hey Bob are you there Imus so far so good. Allow me to present a hardened. Fan of the Smart meter field for. First of all the conspiracy theories about Smart meter and don't overdo it. And I'm expecting the next one should be. Issued a Smart meter Duke Energy employees will be able to match went drop reload and York oil yeah. And mean he's entered who are all the pure electric use that on dog jobless wondering about that. Now you know work your way. Or semi seriously committed married young right. Look friend who's one of the guys switch it up Smart you're okay. You tell me about some of his experiences. Are doing my. It would be shocked how many houses were especially this time of the year he'll get chill. And the one guy handsome leader but I also called street by experts are right. And read an open guy across the street and gone for the summer could the other guy would be able to take his younger. Commitment could use an electric. Car really helps. He wasn't where it. There was no way to make a profit in this light that's why they gonna Smart meter high school. Meter you'll be anymore yeah that you have your power and all. Not going to be able to go back there take what little I acknowledge you and nick alcohol and and important. What you know the guy comes around to check the electorate are usually when all are occurred when people do. Are you suggesting Michael that people would actually try and not abrogate the system and. Cheat duke power I don't want to write it does not act. Now. Also the lady's trip that they're solidly violation of the Fourth Amendment is a little intrusive duchess. Well that's something open people get confused about this some and so constitution the constitution talk about big government or not there. Example of your retail business and somebody choose just comment a mixed argued in court and they. And you kick without awarding them once they were assembled export quit saying those words. I know you're really saying duck you know you've got to. And then can't carry portable by the First Amendment right to freedom of speech we now own private but that's not the government infringing your right. Well but tell that to the bakery in in the place where than the gay couple. I'll went out and out west don't wanna does cake bake for their gay wedding in the baker refused and now they're out of business. You we don't trend that they created conservative what you can consist. The other thing that I might bring up rise in a final vote centro Smart and bright. This idea that they are going to reach out and be able to enjoy it or corrupt my. Technically that would be possible if you have based Smart thermostat. Would come thermostat by just like my anger and emboldened all of its temperature I want right and the Smart meter cannot physically reach into that now and move it up. And they're out now but mine is a Smart thermostat and it's on Wi-Fi. But eager to have saying if you are Smart or must tell you up or your cell phone yeah I'll. I'd be less worried about Duke Energy adjusting the temperature and more worried about ninety per share of trouble but made greater. Crude and we have a few. Practical joke every how well you're you're right except I used to in my case it would be third and fourth graders. Didn't fifth and seventh I got no I don't yeah I appreciate you're here around the Europe you're brave defense. Of duke energy and Smart meters Michael couldn't adapt we we welcome all sides. Take a break for the news of the top of the hour we kick off the weekend. And the most heavily commuted hour of the Bobby Mack show 85 o'clock follies is on the way.