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Okay time for another edition I'm the three big game because seeing you. Yes introducing. Mitt her elbow upload the handsome. Otherwise in his body that can learn pleasure religious in my entire resemble that remark does. And myself how little tequila as in I cannot take a more than a little too yeah as the bartender what happens next Lou good there it is it doesn't otherwise and as a terror from the tears shed your. Yeah. You know what Vince Young have a name. When I might know what I mean that's sly and really L is an idea Soria it gives you you don't have one I was going to Christen it today on the show. Okay but you don't like that's okay were hurt my feelings while what is a much. And we we're gonna call you back and all of our DS. The score who. Excellent how. Luck post girl that the SEK okay hole only wanna let's end I managed to instill when you can't really tell pretty cool when we last saw you running across. The parking lot after a scorer off the. That is pretty clever like bell and he now so what is it LR DO RD NA RD IL. On and off now so Vince is now officially Ella other deal and we do not consultant Bob he did say he had an idea and then when he nor am I actually patient and shelve my idea and go with yours. You like mine better dad's pretty good yeah luckily I wanna just you know our sink in the historical record. For the minutes. Now what was your idea my idea it was going to be cinco Paul I guess because of my birthday. I'm not killed Singtel. Yeah I'm sue and. You are dia cinco going to be legs curled team five I don't know I guess. Right like this yeah. World team trial I'll I can't tell lot of deals sync all. You should Ellison is kind test I noon for me which is when we record this is to sling being a commitment and their like Friendster right that's that's yeah. Well how much has been going on yeah I'm a one up to wanting it fascinates me it doesn't matter how miniscule. The story may actually be in terms of its impact on. No lives of everyday people in America. But to watch the cable news channels. Go absolutely. Well got a new expression for this by the way which is full mill village. This war grinds. Chris give him Jimmie the other day. That allied jets you know where you go totally over the top out of control berserk. When you do that you're going full mill village but two days ago nobody in America. Could have told you who hope hicks was or what she did for a living and now. Four of the last twelve or eighteen hours I have been inundated. Went toe picks this toe picks that. Now I get the out the rationale to pay and then they're using this all they have trouble White House is in disarray again Bob ball ball. All of that stuff but who cares if OPEC's is gone his communications director of the White House she does well he out. We appreciate access triple a does that does that guarantee. Eighteen consecutive hours of coverage John fox and CNN and BS NBC and all the rest I mean give me a break. Wind maybe she couldn't afford the legal and expenses of being associated with trumping army -- says he would trounce around and you can on your at least three congressional investigations of yourself just being associated in any actually happen in any act she sat down with Miller three times you know Muller three times you know that some kind heard legal expenses and an address the only question I want and now. Is is try paying those it is not a person is not. Could not to work for tropical. You don't believe me ask Paul man aboard about legal fees yeah I was very expensive to work for drug. I ask you honestly after watching what has happened drowned. I'm an A re I see how anyone will ever run to really challenge the establishment any significant way. On your had to be a billionaire to do it because just of it geeks you're the leader says and me bodily though just a little expenses of your own party investigating right yeah three separate congressional investigation zest before my. You know I mean that's it's very expensive to do you you'll be legally harassed into. You know the the Popper spurs. What do you guys think about. Trump's. Personal attacks on not the attorney general and Jeff Sessions as you just trying to light a fire under him as he has trying to. Poke the bear and get indebted to do something or is he early just ticked off I mean look I I get that. So there's no filter between big guns. Brain and his mouth you know if it's if it's on his mind it's it's coming out. They invoke a lesser nation. But. No way I mean that's I think that's where the business yesterday. Came from and we record this on Thursday about a lack. Of you know round up against first and then go to court second I think that's a perfect example of his thinking out loud. In Allen and when I heard that I said police and I'll look I like trump but somebody tackle this guy you can it. I'm here just now saying that's your so certainly I can admit to myself since Serra and I'm hard six point six Dinara and I just get there's there's. It if if that's his thoughts. Okay outside nearly do you bat that around in a meeting but you don't say NL well and where the media. Can have a field day where that and where your base. You know immediately and goes berserk. Or full mill village. And you know it is there's there's a diamond blade sword yet have you wanna suggest that OK fine do it but man. When we need good and that kind of environment. You hear of your you're asking for big trouble well I don't know me Sally champion Colin. Because and motorway investigator for obstruction of justice didn't you know I mean he said you know straight Nat got investigate the other side and then I'll lead the Hillary donor team. Com am working for Mueller would flip outs nobody can personally talk to you'll be investigated Simeon way to communicate is smoke signals and Twitter that and that's part of the attack that the media shaking and so well he he's a he's endangering. Via the appearance. They are now lets us sessions does go out of these guys it appears to be political well as if the whole thing is not political so it's okay if a left. I comes up when this whole bogus politically driven investigation. But it is not okay if trump. Wants to encourage Jeff Sessions to do something it appears political by going after the people who attacked jam on the bases of politics watch. Well yeah and then and then there's this I mean why Jeff said they are trying to get rid just set Jeff Sessions like you know come pre approval by the senate because he was a white supremacist. And now know. They're trying to keep many good decision is an. Just just just some kind a whole wide clip from this case it was a white supremacist or Aaron and I no matter how many awards he won for the end from the NAACP Alabama when they're not as bad as these mountain morons Morris Dees and his crowd. Down there at the Southern Poverty Law Center poverty my high need these guys they got over 350 million dollars and offshore banks. What are where's the poverty. Are you would excuse they're they're gonna decide what you see on nine Google now are yet they are. Am gonna decide and by the way you know samaritans purse enough Franklin Graham there are much like some producers also you know there's an extremist terrorist you're just an. Edgy font. Now they're OK okay BL around there okay nothing to see here move on. You know but should she's any money that is halfway conservative. Well their out of here and now we see for you know always a YouTube. Access Dan always done a bunch of conservative pastor accidentally kids and then they apologized for it at all my bad. And will won't put him do they say in her room put them back up. I want to re direct a little bit it of nine guys would bear with me on this how much. Off the cuff remark about certain guys are gonna want to get your perspective honestly. When you hear from both of you on this. You know making the comments that he has about due process. About the idea that you know is somebody we think might be unstable. Let's get the gun now taken away from that person and then deal with due process later on what do you guys think. It's always there and progressive agenda and go after the guns first how about if we think. Somebody has mental issues and we know that they own guns we bring that individual. Can. And give them a psychiatric evaluation and not by some shrank appointed by. Obama to you know the Department of Health and Human Services. We need to have somebody that is a neutral observer doing that's so they don't use it at as a way to attack guns and to take him away from conservatives but don't look. Nothing was done with a guy in Florida either in terms of taking his guns are bringing a man for a serious psychiatric evaluation. I'll bring the guy and for 72 hours and examine them and save these are not job or not and if he does the problem is solved. And his is guns don't even become a relevant part of. This year we'll yet and I mean I I know I did when you look at trouncing ally you know get the job guns first NG due process you might. The FBI does when CNN instead threats last month front because that's what they did they get death threats from a guy who's gonna shoot them up and the FBI within a week. Went to his house. Took his guns. And incarcerated and still we are reads do that if it's the right people who are troubled by the way I'm CNN's April Ryan did you see this say got. A we've got the FBI on speed dial. Because we're getting death threats from Speedo why would they return your calls when you'd how much guys can kill you. We only they can do. You do it right to his custody gust lock to not be still locked up. Still unhappy lightly we are you do that it floods it CNN aren't age well so I guess we have nothing to be fair here and and and. Is the fear and I and I think it's it's not a totally. Cynical or can spout conspiracy theory thought because we saw. What the veterans administration had proposed senator under Obama if you came back from from military service. And you have suffered from PG SC should be allowed to buy a gun we've heard people like Feinstein sale veterans are crazy and shouldn't be allowed to buy guns. We've seen the year than previous administration weaponized. Various agencies of government from the IRS and and others not to go after their political enemies so could this be another avenue to do that. And and I think that's something it has to be guarded against and this all becomes very subjective doesn't it yeah does this you know someone making a determination well this person's mentally unstable or what is the criteria for determining that right because one man's freedom fighters the other guys terrorist. Why we're even having this discussion honestly because the few of the flu shooter. Broke the law over and over he broke a lot of toys and school we know it was reported by CBS he was selling nice. At school he has led his mother domestic violent he's threatened to kill other students and their parents at schools show Brian patty me Lee. Then prosecute for those crowds would have been able to by the guns never might Danny held her head a the other guy when they called 911. That's a crime that's another salary dare grinding arrested show. My eyes my answer would be Vince and I mean to sound flippant who cares and about mental health evaluation. Just arrest a guy for what he did any whenever don't get any next. It in I think we need to keep turning the debate back on and we can do about mental health now well well arrest him by the second or third crime that had to do you have because a real issue here is bureaucratic inefficiency yes. We are about out of time for this addition I would know Alonso says we do one more minute so. While parting shots Kara parting shots gushan less sentiment you know. Rehearsing just tell you how handsome you are today. I welcome you and I don't rides again I think adds that that there is nothing else I can say that would be in the match I didn't get a haircut you didn't get her kind of looks great deal a blow dried it out really. So I you know as a would you like some product once what is plan was what's price tried to I think which got cooking. It sounds like he's got no I don't know that I guess I don't do that Al glob on no yields abroad not don't stand. Particularly he. Parting parting thought since I you know the one in the. Parting thoughts I had I was just curious did you think mr. sessions is going to be around her mom boyish good question well we survive this long you know so obviously he's got a pretty thick kind I mean US and in the senate for awhile I thought it was kind of mentioning them they've sent out Leo photo of him what's rose and sign and I can think what some dynamic yeah I heard some analysis on that by the way Korea which is that the message is being communicated here publicly. If you fire me. All of us are going at the same time. Knows he trusts prob know is Grassley senator Grassley says so we're not confirming another attorney general. So what that means is if trump fires sessions read seen is the attorney general and has a dream come Aberdeen you're used to that's a worse because risk Justine head is violated appears at least six federal statutes mean he is a criminal himself and so narration sessions isn't a criminal that we know that this time. Mercy now we're seeing indictments for a combing by the way for Al lying in front of congress on how well does that another dress for that he had nothing to see here move along. That is an that is the a three big egos podcast done for this week. We posted every Thursday about 5 o'clock and knowing let me get your feedback just you know checks to any other us for our email any Imus and let us know I feel like an amendment PF suggestions for things you like to hear us discuss world from that as well parents have again. Douglas Audi also underdogs.