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Hello again sports fans and welcome to another exciting addition all of the these three big egos. That would be neat dynamic duo. But you're surely Bonnie Mac and neat little tequila attract terra survey ships along with yours true way. I am of course Ellen go up bulk. And some could. Think Vince Coakley is we don't know where events as the days off wandering he's he's off the reservation as usual. As so he is not win this this week are great to have you along a lot has been going on we were just talking now as we have began. Of this week's edition of the flurry of big Eagles. Podcast. About Doug great TV shows to watch and now and it is things that really matter yeah and now Juan's own courses our producer for the program was telling us about. Well actually Tara mentioned had that one so had turned her onto. Publisher. Not I thought the publisher was just a movie. Nokia said see now it's a series about today based special forces. Veteran. Also it's different then the punish your movie where was a former FBI agent who spent leave until very very bloody. It's it's again born a lot about this yes right down my Alley. It's very very gritty he was actually introduced in the daredevil series which is also very very gritty and da dat. These things are they're not for kids OK Brent Celek PG. It ain't that guy Hefley. Well that's right MI Alec has now like gritty. Like down and dirty. Kill a mall when god sort sir. Out yet I can't think my favorite line of the whole thing lawns and early years was my favorite line was talking about the pleasure. He doesn't play well with others and he's really not socialized Aaliyah Aaliyah remembered what I with such great description of him of him yes right. Sounds like guessing people he's doesn't exactly have any moral lines. Those have been. Reiterated to us about blows to the hand in any. I know literally took some blows the like he nearly died and it caused some things that we see him miss wired yes and it right now. And on even worse the deep states after a rule it is like perfectly timed of those steep states stuff that's cool yeah. An and I mentioned. Not a great western serious guy named Scott Frank and I had never heard of entrusting government to close at first name's Alice get them back Jesse James saying as they got a Scott Frank. Wrote and directed APU what we used to call on many serious and now they call them. Limited series it's seven episodes. It's a western. Jeff Daniels believe it or not casting against type. Jeff Daniels is the worst bad guy you ever. Salt you know I got to tell you I saw this and I watched the entire thing I thought that's what you were talking about it and I was amazed that. And how I've never. Thought of him in that light in Manny does a great job he will sport evil personified definitely ACLU godless then blondes are you won't get depth look at our policy to the arcane and dog. Many of the other people and cast I was unfamiliar with they're pretty much unknowns except for. I'll be woman rancher he widowed woman rancher. She she had a big role I understand in Downton Abbey right. And and she's an estimate and it's really really terrific it's really. Well written well photographed at it's that's a thing that's amazing to meet. In all movie that's made up nowadays spot Amazon are not push are usually the same studios are usually the same people. As a big Hollywood movie producers and the quality and stuff is amazing I mean it's as good as anything you would see in a movie feel. Yeah and this and I about Islamic show I don't Wear right now at sort of dizziness. Of American like artistic creativity. And far and don't think early act as TP. No it's not it's art Shakespeare's are we get that now run you know what I need to back and it wasn't it was just entertainment and leisure you look at what we're doing now compared to what we were doing before. And I don't what is with with regular old mainline Hollywood they can't produce any thing for the fear anymore for the most part Radek compares to what's on Netflix and I don't know why is it because all the good writers have gone over in Netflix. I think that's part eminent and many of the big producers of gone over there as well but Hollywood. And all they can do is mimic what they've done before I make you don't look at how many remakes seemed not Superman. A number of a different bat man's. You know. Jack Nicholson India or just the Joker Jimmy Bradley went back on some of this stuff and they what were they thinking that. I think the bare their audience that that target audience they have this like eighteen to 24. Year old man. And and a few Chick Flicks along the way. And anybody knocking Chick Flicks while no no I you know there's a big into chick flick either so and there are certainly a place though he's. You know what this is Bob you know how you bit and you know this from your background music now bring a song back after so many years right and the kids here when they're real little and they don't realize that they know it's the same sort of thing when movie yes yes kid may have seen it when they were you know like two or thirty right and then also there's a familiar rarity and they don't know why it's there but. I don't see yeah and we've seen that kind of imitative behavior in the music presence in the past back in the sixties. I'll win some unknown group would have a big hit record the next one that they put out which sound exactly like it. Aren't very very close because they figure well the first one was and will do it again I'm an idiot told by the oh and sometimes it works and sometimes it didn't make as a follow up may have sounded enough like the first one or Libya have been different enough. From the first one then it's succeeded on its own but. You when you see that kind of a duplicity. Dawned on me and I just it did it points out all lack of creativity. There's not to create changes you're good Netflix budget for the it's between eighteen is is eight billion dollars. GST. Yeah that's how massive an N it is mean he's like just for production and production yes. That's reductions are movies and yes for movies series a whole thing. Eight billion is eight point something billion reasons it's absolutely insane. What you know what they're doing that can make something for everybody now and it's also a point where. And I am limited time with my husband we ever date night on Friday and Saturday and accuse the bedroom we pretend that we're on the date Bryant is we have no one to watch the kids ever since the infant an inning you know axe murders in New York University can't leave anybody right now now there's nobody here till we know we don't even with people who weren't blood and only my half of them to night. You know so of course can come with the kids so I mean this there are TV is everything to license or social life you know right and you get stressed out now. Because there's so many great things coming out a joint commission run. You go on my knee I got it I spend time I mean I am almost every day I'm on Netflix now when I'm working Allen checked now what's new and I missed this time is that no I'm not seeing stuff I don't even know existed like James Madison popped up as a recommendation from media the day that came out in a year ago I didn't play five storage but how does this now. I never heard of I know this is very self and we were talking and we wartime a godless and talking about the westerns. I mentioned shame not motivate our particular agent I'm over seventy so to me I saw ashamed when I was a kid a came we've made and I don't know 1953. FM radio just looked up you know how schools are Alan Ladd. Is a good guy he's he's a reformed gun fighter. I'm trying to. Changes way hasn't become a good guy and Jack Palance. Is another guy and he has the showdown with. Who is the evil gunfire all dressed in black Wilson. Is his neck. And now there's there's there's a great scene another big the big showdown saint. Now where Shane and Wilson Jack Blanton now when lanigan have begun but Allen led by the way are so small. That he was like five foot four center and he had to stand on a box. When they were doing like a scene ran to kiss a woman can liberal talk more than him comments for any but he was greatest as the gunfire and there's a great scene and Elena land does since two collapses on his idea I've heard you two Wilson Wilson Jack voices would be heard Shea. Change since I heard Euro wooed down Yankee liar. And Jack points list. Prove it. At that. And then of course anti gun fight its fiscal restraint I won't tell you how well do you can figure out now and has now been it's it it really is is good. You keep wondering com is registered diversifying in in making so many things now on not just that sort of one mean mine product that Hollywood he sneaked right Hollywood's movies are getting even worse is first political slant I keep waiting for Netflix then you know hang. And in this center right insuring young Kenny makes some sense for us. Lot of politics separate intrigue at that pertussis up I keep wondering you know will they venture a little bit more. Into mainstream America out because they're true believer she's there's a market for it I don't know they don't care about that there ideology has pushed the progressive agenda. And all costs I was looking through the list the other night and I got all the you know HBO and stars in showtime and all that stuff right. I am looking through rendition and lions for a Lance always sings ward gigantic stiff so the box office and never made a nickel. And here they are being recycled by the cable channels so likening Norah. Sick and die right now but eight billion dollars yes for Amazon to budget my production budget I mean that's that's. That's probably easily half as much as we give to a Middle Eastern nations that hate us and wanna see a step. I know but you know you're you're here your we can entertainment is very important about it yesterday I understand you know Santana. So thank you sir yeah but no I'm meg just amazing what's coming out now when in ensor what they have did you hear about how. On the one heels now are going on Netflix and they're able to watch stuff we watched some of that honor to run and they discovered friends. Did you hear about this now Ullman and they were left feels all shaky out right how they couldn't handle it there was. So that's aiming in there. There there was. Transvestite. Who came out. And any other cultural appropriation and there why is a cause in my Oprah yeah we're in a black people. And there was and what actress whose father was Jones was was our transvestite. And Joey didn't immediately except image took a wild ride that apparently was transferring a dry sense or you know show. I'm there absolutely no and Jennifer Aniston hires a man so she can come onto him. Exactly yes they. Absolutely did a good deal here on salons are come freaking out and friends who we moved to from Netflix because it's. Cause liver everywhere else and my friend. Yes same same goal line but don't flip it over I'm on again I'm going through the other channel surf and seeing what's on there. Out west not. Light went on our run across not Cosby show. Allow some cable channel is still showing that cause they show how many women as they have done drug and rape before we show gets pulled all cable. When you know that let Roman Polanski make a whole series if they can get him back in the US you know. Now they would because I don't care well but he's a great RT spray you know nevermind that he sodomized. Fourteen year old girl or whatever was. How important and in Hollywood they don't care about that you know that and in Hollywood. You get charged with sodomy other judge reduces and the following two clubs if happen to anybody you could see how you know great and after months and actually canyons and they just believe. Well it is the three videos podcasts speaking out about entertainment how about those Olympics. This first Olympics rob I haven't watched because I just don't care. Why I care Toniu I don't care how maybe because I Dan hicks announces the winner of the women's super G. While there till still 25 women skiers yet to come down the hill and they pronouncing Austrian gal the winner. And in one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history. Some woman from who knows where. Comes out of nowhere and we're losing it and here's NB CU and egg all over their face Manning is because they got some guy from money University of Illinois there's a good choice. To do the commentary on the opening and he's talking about. How. When they had Japanese team is coming into the stadium while you know there are Jonbenet is actually. Our running things in nine here in Korea over sometime and boy curry and certainly admire the industry essentially Japanese or something along those lines. What should of course inflames. Everybody in South Korea because they hate it. It's happening this. That I mean it's on its one gaffe. After another for these talks. Yeah I just so politicized. And then it completely lost me with you know when. And yeah Kim Jon and sister's turn around and there. Saying she out did parents. People did she kill last week that's what I wanna know why is she being let the polite company should be arrested on international war crimes. You don't human rights violations on this and she's celebrating on television not I generally this letter into this I didn't think it should letter into the year re. Well she was she's ahead of propaganda. Over there so obviously she's dying dog job I bumped into a bang up is the word I would yeah Seattle is currently not true. No we sang a whole thing is just I don't know I'm not into and caring round why don't I just don't I always was so into it and a. I I'll watch the Zamboni driver you know he had a pretty exciting especially when he makes a mistake and runs into a wall. And now. That's still the crowd go straight to. That's just me. We have believe it or not managed to actually burned through the entire contents. On today's podcast and worth mime one. Aberration now. Done a pretty much without. Reference to our politics no I don't well our manager said to do something you wouldn't do on the air so well yeah here we have you know. So like god bless let's let's get to watch upon pressure that's gonna watch chain is a good movie to go back and watch. That's PG about a way to outlander is excellent too much and announced r.s renown and believe and Lewis says the movie. That was on that so. They're they're trying to find out a source of our free energy. And that we at kicks him into another dimension it's. In ninety minute movie has pretty good Noel won't find out what the name of a distant mention that somewhere down the road or not or nods now land and we do well or we won't. So we'll keep you want tender hooks to see if like that. Next time. We may be joined by the a third. Big ego. Vince Coakley when we're back with you next week until then thanks so much for a dropping in and checking out our podcast. We greatly appreciate that and nine and you listening to our radio programs as well because. I keep since leaving. Yes and that's really important it is this kind of in the habit of it now yes. So until next time mrs. cell block well and little sink below saying I also I mean also a class act act passed.