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Reading Docks Key To Successful Fall Fishing

Early Friday morning, B.A.S.S released its daily press release containing the current standings of the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship being held on Lake Hartwell this week-end. It’s a bit striking because of the results listed until you drill down and look at who the competitors are. The B.A.S.S... Read More

How To Judge A Shooter Buck

Phillip Gentry Now that firearms season for whitetail deer has opened across the Upstate, deer hunters are looking for cooler weather to move in so some serious deer hunting can take place. It’s always good to have an idea before you get into the stand of what you intend to harvest should the... Read More

Primitive Weapons Season Opens October 1

Other than a handful of WMAs below the fall line, primitive weapons seasons for deer in South Carolina are now and have always been an Upstate thing. Perhaps the proximity to the mountains is what beckons the deer hunter to squeeze in a few days between stick and string and the heavy artillery to... Read More

The South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative

Back in the day of our fathers and grandfathers, the populations of bobwhite quail in South Carolina rivalled that of Texas and Georgia. However, changes in land use and land management practices, couples with other environmental factors, have seen a sharp decline in this most ubiquitous of game... Read More

Beat The Dog Days Of Summer By Chasing Catfish

In the heat of the summer, trying to catch trophy sized blue catfish can be more than challenging. That’s why when the going gets tough, tournament catfish angler Joey Pounders loves to target big flathead catfish. In this part of the world, some folks call them yellow cats while others may refer... Read More

Preparation Is Key To Successful Bow Hunting

Despite the August heat outside, bow hunters who hope to find success in the woods once the season for archery hunting opens in September need to do some preparation before getting in the stand. Matthews Archery technician Steven Disbrow said it makes good sense to have your archery equipment... Read More

Deer Hunting In August

Many outdoorsmen new to the state of South Carolina may not realize that the opening day for deer season in the lower half of the state will open next Tuesday. If that sounds preposterous, also consider that the following week the sun will go dark for 2 ½ minutes during the middle of the day... Read More

One For The Record Books

In order to qualify for the South Carolina White-tailed Deer Antler Records Program, a deer’s antlers must score a minimum of 125 points under the typical classification or a minimum of 145 points under the non-typical classification. For the purposes of scoring antlers, the SCDNR’s antler scoring... Read More