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Hunting Mountain Unit Bucks

Phillip Gentry Deer hunting in the Mountain Hunt unit of South Carolina is unlike any other area of the state. The terrain is rugged and the deer population pales when compared with the numbers of deer that roam the state’s coastal and piedmont regions. Because of these and other factors, Mountain... Read More

Christmas Shopping For The Sportsman In Your Life

It is said that men are hard to buy for. You can double the degree of difficulty if that man, or woman, loves to spend their free time in the outdoors. The problem with buying “stuff” for anyone who is deeply entrenched in any given sport or activity is knowing what “level” the gift receiver is at... Read More

Deer Hunting Strategies For December

I would like to propose a new trend among deer hunters heading to the woods during the month of December. Although it’s cold, windy, and hopefully wetter than it has been over the last three months, I’d like for you to stick your left hand out the window of the truck and hold up four fingers, just... Read More

Tips To Sharpen Your Public Duck Hunting Skills

The first segment of the two part 2017 – 2018 Waterfowl season opened at sunrise last Saturday. Early reports indicate early cold temperatures up north have already started pushing a few birds south to mix with resident populations of waterfowl. Most waterfowling that takes place in this area... Read More

Neighborhood Watch 

As an Oconee County Sheriff’s Deputy, Roy McKenzie has long been associated with Neighborhood Watch programs where neighbors keep an eye out for criminal activity. He’s also a big supporter of another kind of neighborhood watch during his off-duty activities, that of watching, and waiting, for big... Read More

Like It Or Not, Hunting Is An Effective Management Tool

Wildlife management is not an exact science. In a lot of ways it’s like growing roses. The gardener works to perfect the plant by shaping and pruning the stems while watering, feeding and shaping the bush. Though the rose is beautiful on the vine, its beauty is also shared by cutting the flower,... Read More

Fall Means Deer On The Move

Earlier this week, local news stations flocked to a branch of BB&T Bank in Seneca after a 6 point whitetail deer crashed through a plate glass window and created havoc in the bank for nearly half an hour. First responders and SCDNR officers managed to subdue the animal long enough to wrangle it... Read More

Reading Docks Key To Successful Fall Fishing

Early Friday morning, B.A.S.S released its daily press release containing the current standings of the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship being held on Lake Hartwell this week-end. It’s a bit striking because of the results listed until you drill down and look at who the competitors are. The B.A.S.S... Read More

How To Judge A Shooter Buck

Phillip Gentry Now that firearms season for whitetail deer has opened across the Upstate, deer hunters are looking for cooler weather to move in so some serious deer hunting can take place. It’s always good to have an idea before you get into the stand of what you intend to harvest should the... Read More